Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents

Forever turning over and through the elemental flow of the power of water. Invariably marking the eternal cycle of change…. Neptune, the solvent of the Zodiac. The ruler of Pisces….the constant ebb and flow of the contraction and expansion of the moving current as it is perceived. Perpetually marking in its eternally slow motion wayContinue reading “Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents”

What It Is, What It Is, What It Is

There are no ” white supremacists”. That term is not based in reality. Rather the term needs to be changed. I believe that they would much more aptly be called in actuality what they genuinely are ; “white ignorant racist bigots with delusions of supremacy”. Personally I don’t comprehend anything supreme about that. How didContinue reading “What It Is, What It Is, What It Is”