The Mists Of Change And Evolution

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Of 6/5/20 This Full Moon in Sagittarius is a culminating moment of reflection on the past where the power of the principles of higher learning, philosophies and ideas are center stage. Along with awareness of the presence of other cultures it is a time to practice respectful curiosity while seekingContinue reading “The Mists Of Change And Evolution”

Full Moon 18 Degrees Libra

April 7th, 2020 Full Moon in Libra, setting the stage for realignment towards balance, inner harmony and beauty. That which is found through the knowledge held within the flowing steady consistency of the everyday. The extraordinary ordinary presence in every moment. Intent on striking a note to resonate with balanced peacefulness. A chord of equilibrium.Continue reading “Full Moon 18 Degrees Libra”

August 30th 2019 New Moon In Virgo; The Comprehensive Logic Of Sanity

The beauty and flow of the logical comprehension of sanity is inspired by this New Moon in Virgo. This business at hand, derived from reason distilled through the energy of the Astrological Sign of Virgo, is merely intent on the fine practice of service for the honor and purity of the grace of service, workContinue reading “August 30th 2019 New Moon In Virgo; The Comprehensive Logic Of Sanity”

The Full Moon; The Culmination In Aquarius

On August 15th, when the Moon is full at 22 degrees Aquarius, this innovative rule breaker designed to bring clever ways of viewing your self, your life and the world shall wake us up and shake us up right out of the morass of deadening mediocrity as it shines its innovative luminosity for all theContinue reading “The Full Moon; The Culmination In Aquarius”

Hello Temple Of The Mind!

The New Moon In Gemini Ambivalence becomes an energizing experience inspiring us to get organized. Empowering us to transmit and receive information. Becoming the messenger. The purveyor of communications. Such is the effective use of the energy of the New Moon In Gemini. Although not really the most comfortable, soothing, nurturing Zodiac sign for theContinue reading “Hello Temple Of The Mind!”

It’s Spring Again! And Birds On Their Wings Again!

Part 1 Start to sing. That timeless, eternal loved song of new beginnings as the light of Spring fosters birth and life unfolding. The inner focus of gestation as the influences of the boundless water sign Pisces and its 12th House occupation inspires us towards reveling in the dreamy meditative awareness of the amniotic fluidContinue reading “It’s Spring Again! And Birds On Their Wings Again!”

Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!

New Moon In Pisces conjunct Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces. All that water and mystical fog perhaps made manifest in your life as tears or misty flowing feelings. As the Pisces watery need for transcendence which requires balance might throw you off balance. This moment of Pisces with its Neptunian penchant for theContinue reading “Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!”

Post Full Moon Orgasm Week

Happy Sunday, July 29, 2018 A new week beginning within a waning Moon phase….. It is time to observe how the powerfully climactic energy of last weeks Full Moon phase has transformed the fruits of our well set intentions. It is time to become aware of the subtle and nuanced harvest of manifestations set beforeContinue reading “Post Full Moon Orgasm Week”