About Lotus In Full Bloom ~ Pamela Joy

Hi there!

My name is Pamela Joy.

My being is contained within the heart and soul of the creative. My creative juices are channeled thru my work as an Astrologer and Life Coach. Creative impulses are what motivate everything I do. Being innately curious about life and people, I am quite motivated by my fascination and love of humanity.

My creative inspirations are tempered with my studies of psychotherapy, philosophy and the healing arts. I have certifications from two programs; the Helix Training Program For Psychotherapy And The Healing Arts and The Center For Intentional Living.

Therefore my astrology readings are infused with these skills along with the knowledge of how to translate and interpret the cryptic symbolism of the birth chart.

I offer this to you in a well articulated, easy to comprehend manner that validates and gives you the inspiration to keep moving forward.

The readings are here to support you in your life.

The readings are here to inspire you to live your life to its fullest potential.

Your astrology chart is a sound mystical backdrop of energetic trends that motivate you, or not.

Sometimes there may appear to be so many challenges in your life. Challenges and blockages that slow you down or distract you. I have the insight and skills to guide you to transform that block of energy into an opportunity. Issues become the divine door into a new perspective. A new perspective that contains the answers and solutions you seek.

To my way of thinking, astrology does not dictate your fate, rather it offers insight and wisdom about you and your journey. You are always the “captain of your ship” and the “Master of your fate”. My work is to translate the map of your chart into a practical tool of navigation.

In my 30 years experience working as a Life Coach I have become seasoned with the skills, knowledge and insight with which to guide others. I offer my services based on my experience, along with my constant dedicated study and the depth of my caring. I offer a safe environment free of judgement and criticism.

Life is an amazing journey and I am so happy to be here to tell you your story. The story I see hidden in the messages awaiting to be revealed within your chart.

I aspire to inspire you.

To keep on moving forward towards a creative, productive and satisfying well lived life…

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