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Post Full Moon Orgasm Week

July 29, 2018

Happy Sunday, July 29, 2018

A new week beginning within a waning Moon phase…..

It is time to observe how the powerfully climactic energy of last weeks Full Moon phase has transformed the fruits of our well set intentions.

It is time to become aware of the subtle and nuanced harvest of manifestations set before us.

Resulting from the intentions we have previously set in motion at the time of the New Moon which had been on Thursday, July 12th, 2018, and a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer at 20 degrees.

Beaming at us for our glorious utilization.

So it is in these next two weeks while we are at the waning Full phase of the Moon Cycle that our focus is best used to center around sorting through and organizing so that we clearly once again set in motion our forward movement.

When two weeks from now on August 11th, once again at the dark phase of the moon along with another Solar Eclipse, which is in actuality the beginning of the New Moon. And the story of our relationship to our lives and all that we nurture and all that we care about continues on.

Once again colored by the energy, rhythms and melodies of the Zodiac Signs, aspect configurations and more.

The Moon’s energy and phases are so much more about the part of our being that feels deeply in an intuitive way. When we listen with our hearts and our inner sight, we are always led to the place of our true guidance and clarity. Then right in front of our minds eyes is the knowledge as to what is needed and necessary for whatever it is that we must do. Our inner instruction guide booklet on how to carry through our intentions. And get what we need.

All of the phases of the Moon and their different cycles supports us in our humanity when we learn how to listen, reflect and respond to ourselves and our lives from our hearts. So that in this way we know what’s going on and where we are going to. And how to get there. Patience, consistency and trust are what is being developed and is what is needed.

Then we are able to grasp by holding in our minds reality based circumstances, our connection to our hearts and our intuitive truthful authentic self.

Ready to keep on.

The week ahead is influenced by the Moon moving into Pisces later today, Sunday, 7/29/18 at 7:28 PM EDT.

The beginning of this week may prove to slowly get going in a bit of a spacey unenthusiastic way at first, but hang loose as they say and continue to go with the flow. The energy of six planets retrograde reminds us to slow down and chill so that there can be a wiser use of our will, time and energy.

Through the rhythm and movements as each day unfolds and we fine tune our goals which propels our movement  forward. The adrenalin rush, subtle as it may seem, is the juice and the fire needed and necessary so that our clear minded thinking as our “mission control” is set in motion.  All that must get done gets accomplished.

Wishing everyone a cohesive, cool creative week ahead!


FullMoon/ Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

July 27, 2018

This configuration marks the deep possibility and fulfillment of  a creative, innovative moment in time supporting and bringing forth the voices and wisdom of humanity to reverse the current manifestation of a reversed humanity as we bear witness to a dire, deranged chaotic topsey turvey spiral downwards.

All this mastered into being by folks who carry too much financial power and an antiquated narcisstically insecure value system. Aquarius Full Moon is about questioning unapologetically the current values that have neither value nor connection to most people, let alone any relevance, common sense, beauty or earthbound reality.

This moment in time which is so very rich in retrogrades, challenging aspects as well as a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius calls out to our vibrant brightly  Soulful need for conscious connection to a sustained luscious mouthful of wet and savory integrity, grace, strength, balance and stabilizing healing soothing trust and respect fostered by consistent coexistence amongst all peoples and nature as it is expressed between us All on our Beloved Mother Earth.

Our Beloved Mother Earth.

The one Mother we all share, no matter what part of her we inhabit.

Oh how our Beloved Mother Earth dances and as she is dancing, She is calling out to All of Us to keep on caring!

So She and all of Us may keep on dancing within the spheres and orbits of this Divine and reality based Universe.

keep on.

Peace on Earth.


New Moon✨☺️✨Solar Eclipse

July 13, 2018

The words from the music of the band Yes resonate succinctly, at this moment in time, “the strength of the moment lies with you”.  I am thinking of the Cardinal qualities of the Cancer New Moon and the Sun in Cancer. Nurturing, seeking comfort and stability of ones Self is one of the many suggested meanings and applications at this time

But it is only through mindful awareness of ones experience and an honest assessment of it all that manifestation of ones wishes, dreams and desires are realized.  Safety within oneself via the comfort of consistent stability in the form of   activities that support caring for ones body, ones home, ones work. Family obligations are another consideration.

Yet still and all, once again  in the words of Yes, “ Nous Somme de soleil, We love when we play”  Summer and this moment of  Cancerian  influence is a resting place that is setting the stage for events to unfold in a cohesive balanced way.  We must not forget we are all invited to  Earth School to learn and create.

Affirming mindful movement forward as we navigate the current waters of this most powerful transformative moment in time.

Movement forward.🎶💃🏼🎶

The Mindful Possibility Marches On

June 18, 2018

The experience of tensions mounting as the wheels of creativity, crafting of ideas and realistically executing them are put into motion.

Earth/Virgo Moon and Air/ Sun in Gemini learning to take clues from each other’s frictional impulses. If these felt senses are heeded accurately enough through a focused intuitive motivated intention….miraculous yet simple solid structures both literally and metaphorically are made manifest.

Therefore let us continue on, in spite of what the Uranian, Pluto, Saturn or Neptunian flavors of disruptions might serve up. To trust that ultimately it is all to test our endurance, grace strength and courage.

Let us keep on…..

💕Pamela Joy

Astrologer & Astrological Life Coach

New Moon in Taurus

May 17, 2018

Once the Aries warring nature has conquered conflict and reestablished individuation, well then Venus which rules the sign Taurus invites itself to a calm peaceful resting place of delight and sensual pleasure. Seeking nourishment and the sweet validation that life is good.

Life is really good when money is consistently present. It serves to ground, soothe and stabilize the instinctual hungry beast within.

Money and  finance is an area of deep significance for Taurus. These are also inherent priorities for the planet Venus and the Moon which is exalted in Taurus. Stability and security are values that are part of the Taurean portfolio. This need puts an emphasis on creating a safe haven so to establish sovereignty along with a sense of peaceful harmonious shelter.

Music and sensuous pleasures serve as validating that life is good. Since music is the food of the Soul along with the food of love, well then play on, play on, play on play on 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵♥️.

Waning Moon

May 4, 2018

Always a story waiting to be told as the Moon keeps on cycling through the ethers shining upon us and then concealed in its dark veil. Always touching us mysteriously with our shared electromagnetic fields as we continue on cycling through our lives.

I offer a very brief note about being mindful to remember that though we cannot see the Waning Moon, its necessary receding into darkness is what enables its return to a new beginning. A rebirth into a renewed cycle. A new opportunity. A time for setting goals and intentions. Time to focus our energy forward in order to continue our movement forward. In synch with our awareness of co-creating with the New Moon.

At this moment still gestating in darkness we are experiencing the Moon’s waning cycle.

The Waning Moon time is a good time for turning your energies inward. Reflecting on current situations and relationships. A good time for feeling into and looking at  what is working in your life and what is not.  Taking the time to feel into what can be made more effective and relevant and what has become dead weight and must be let go of.

The intention at the Waning Moon is to assess and reassess so that you may unfold a better way to manage. As you are sorting through you may notice that you  are also recharging your health and wellness of being and finding that you are becoming focused once again.

Get ready to set your goals and intentions in keeping with the New Moon. It is  coming on May 15, 2018. At which time The Moon begins her new cycle rising and moving forward in the sign of Taurus @ 7:48 am at 24 degrees 36 minutes Taurus.

Stay tuned.

Full Moon in Scorpio ♏️

May 4, 2018

First level, the Scorpion itself….clinging to the earth flats, hungering to release its poison weapon that lies within its prehistoric tail. Seeking and searching out that orgasmic release, if not from some unsuspecting victim, then  it goes for its own body. It is the most primitive and destructive expression of Scorpio. It does seem to be that sometimes the vulnerability of being alive and embodied and being encrypted with the need to seek out and understand the wisdom and responsibility of being alive has not yet become a conscious part of the Scorpion’s evolutionary journey. Perhaps they want to destruct or be self destructive so as to incarnate next as a Sagittarius?!?! Some Souls or perhaps some moments, for in fact we are reflecting upon it here in terms of the brief, usually no more than 3 day passing, of the Full Moon in Scorpio, so perhaps there is an indication that aborting some, not such great idea’d plan or project is at hand. Then as those of us who believe that the Soul is Eternal, can then understand that this destructive Scorpion like behavior is an attempt to be reborn, only to return in order to try again. Such is the painfully seductive journey of the Scorpio Scorpion.

Second level, the Eagle, mighty creature of power and awesome beauty as with one flap of its wings, we watch in spellbound awe as it moves through time and space. I believe that the wisdom and teaching of the symbol  of this splendid and very real creature is to rise above troubles, fears, frustrations & morbid gloom/ doom compulsive rumination of delusional  ideations.  Yet to just allow yourself to take  a deep breath in and a nice deep exhale out, slowly you are becoming free yourself of whatever troubling entangling web you may find yourself in, suddenly experiencing yourself  rising above it all. Such as the Eagle does with the flapping of its exhilaratingly powerfully expansive wings. Our breath becomes our wings.

Rising above it and flying forward using all manner of awareness, knowledge and understanding from within the energy of the truth seeking Scorpio. This is then what compels us to uncover stunning life affirming ideas with which to renew ourselves, along with rebirthing ourselves forward. Moving forward towards a calm reassurance which is the encouraging inspiring inner knowledge that we are vitally, vibrant, dynamic and awake. And it is so very good to be.

The Third and final level is The Phoenix, a mythological bird embodying the wisdom of rejuvenation, for as the myth indicates that when this fascinating and mysteriously immortal creature senses its approaching death it’s inner life force flares up and bursts into a blazing fire. Then arising out of its own ashes, it emerges. Reborn, renewed and very much alive.

And so when the Moon is Full in Scorpio, I know it can feel and seem to bring on rather intense experiences. Remember that it is a time passing which fosters a sorting through and clearing out. Be like the Phoenix and learn to rise above it. Let yourself behold a birds eye view of where to from here. And as the mysterious Phoenix does, light the fire of your creativity and intuition so as to re-emerge reborn, renewed and very much alive.

Onward & upward we keep on……

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