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The Noir Of The New Moon

February 22, 2020


In Pisces/ 4 Degrees

The magical cosmic mystery of the Piscean cycle once again resumes. Inspiring us towards a sort of misty state of consciousness. A kind of dreamy flow of shadows and light.

A subtle yet mesmerizing tale of mystery imbued with elegance and untold beauty that holds echoes mirroring the somber mood of a kind of Film Noir.

Neptune, ruler of Pisces, transiting in Pisces at 17 degrees adds to the experience of this New Moon moment as Mercury has stationed Rx 12 degrees in Pisces.

The cycle of the energy of this New Moon presents an opportunity for you to reflect on your life. What would you like to create for yourself moving forward. What is the needed component to allow your goals, wishes and dreams to be realized.

Pisces and it’s ruling Planet Neptune stimulates a desire to transcend. To simply surrender into a vast and limitless doorway. To submit oneself to the vague and nebulous shadows and light that live within the heart of consciousness itself. Pisces is motivated to experience this awareness through music and the arts. And in its most malefic form, escapism of many forms.

Pisces being the 12th Sign of the Zodiac marks the end as well as the beginning. Be mindful that it is a significant component of this New Moon as it conjuncts the Sun in Pisces. Presenting us with a beneficial time for clearing away or letting go of someone, something, some thoughts, some attitudes. Pisces carries with it the energy of surrender. In order to foster stability and create logical order as is inspired by its opposition sign Virgo. Eventually this leads the way towards balance, harmony and prosperity. The austerity of Pisces, Neptune and the 12th House is that deep place of heartfelt surrender. To embrace and practice understanding, compassion and mercy as we move forward in our journey.

Included in the equation as well is the Sextile being formed by Uranus in Taurus. This transit offers a bold innovative harmonious way forward. So to energize new beginnings with the persistence of earthy, material Taurus while being tuned into the charged up genius of Uranus.

Pisces/Virgo dynamic is an earthbound watery energy which differs greatly from the previous month’s cycle containing the intellectual Air and Active fire of the Aquarius/Leo dynamic. The sentiment of “let’s get in the game” was the vibe of the Aquarian/Leo dynamic. In Pisces/Virgo it morphs into a slow mellow desire to experience the chaos of life as an element of the natural flow of being. In its hypnotic allure it must be surrendered to with calm observation and study. Eventually to then logically find some practical common sense within it all.

The Pisces/Virgo dynamic is about transcending the “game”. Releasing the “play” and the creative spirit into the essence of the purity and bliss of just being for the sake of being.

Being One with the cosmic consciousness of the Universe.

To embody conscious empathy in order to activate empathetic compassion. To be transformed by the experience of reaching a sympathetic chord based on the knowledge that the interconnection we all have access to is in itself the mellow mystical cosmic chord of Unity.

We are One. That is the journey of Pisces.

As it can be a bit foggy and confusing at times which may bring on heightened moments of anxiety or it can manifest as quite the opposite saturating the moment with a feeling of calm, a deep inner relaxed feeling of trusting, of surrender and of peace.

Could there be within the ethereal vapors some sort of evidenced reality? Along with the intuitive diaphanous experience of consciousness. Pisces Sun and Moon along with Neptune which is also transiting in Pisces are the realms of the mystical and the intuitive felt sense of life.

The marvel of the Ocean as it ebbs and flows in its mellow reverie, contracting and expanding into dreamy rivers of heartfelt desire simply seeking transcendence. Transcending through practices and disciplines whose goal is to touch, explore and dwell in the realm of purity and the light of consciousness.

The Moon begins a new cycle when it’s in the shadow, the darkness, waiting in the wings to emerge. Conjunct the Sun, in the Sun’s shadow charging itself up at this time in the sign of Pisces, in the midst of Mercury Rx in Pisces where the messenger is better able to attune to the watery intuitive heartfelt flow of the nuanced Pisces secrets and its veiled knowledge.

What shall you manifest with the energy of the Pisces New Moon conjunct the Sun in Pisces?

Being caught in the mesmerizing rapture of a deep felt connection to music, the flow of dance and the power of the present moment. To relish this wild gift of life so profoundly expressed within the ebb and flow of endings and beginnings. The eternal cycle of life that just keeps on, keeps on, keeps on, keeps on….

Funny Valentine In A Weird Sort Of Way

February 10, 2020

Leo Full Moon, Sun in Aquarius.

The vibrant heart at the core of this Full Moon, which is invigorated by the sign of Leo, is to live and to be the center at the center of the heart of it all. In fact happiness and bliss for Leo is for it to be the brightly applauded and acknowledged shining center itself.

On the contrary, the energy vibrational allure and motivation of Aquarius is to see beyond itself. To use its energy and influence to move forward towards progressively needed change. To be a part of the shifting sands of time and change veered towards freedom, liberation, dignity and equality. Aquarius is motivated by how to best affect the community towards positive revisions. Revisioning which serves to open up to new pathways making possible ways of being that supports the good of all. The symbol of Aquarius as the Water-bearer expresses the benign, compassionate humanitarianism of this sign rather well.

The opposition of the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius is a scintillating setting of exhilaration hellbent on imagination, artistry, freedom and creative self expression.

Aquarius and Leo are both people oriented, friendly and out going signs. Let’s sing a song and do a dance just because! Because you never know. Perhaps we’ll just come up with a few solutions for World Peace or something. Something really valuable and worthwhile or else maybe we’ll just have fun. Aquarius and Leo are always game.

Such is the magnetic expression of this Leo Full Moon during this Aquarius Sun Cycle.

This moment, this Full Moon is the creative impulse intuitively and freely expressed.

So much so that it may very well come to pass that sometime within this Full Moon period one just might find one’s self being reflected within the admiring desirable eyes of a mysterious captive audience. Just then the profound lyric from that evergreen classic tune “Makes me smile with my heart.” Softly touches Soul with heart.

Truly makes me smile with my heart.

So low and softly breathing in and breathing out

To hear within the profound silence of your gently beating heart.

The center of your magnificent aliveness.

Woke with wonder and brilliant awareness.

Happy Full Moon in Leo!

Happy Valentines Day!

Onward and upward we continue on.

Peace. ♥️

Meet Aquarius And The Gang; Saturn And Uranus

February 3, 2020

Pardon, but I missed entering a post for the New Moon in Aquarius this past 1/24/20, however the Aquarian Season continues on…..

Saturn and Uranus, the dual rulership of Aquarius

Creative, innovative, electric.

Original non-traditional fluent in the avant garde.

Aquarius heralds the pathbreaking trailblazing freedom that honors thinking out-of-the-box

Uranus releases old worn out irrelevant structures so as to bring about an opening where the seeds of new beginnings may emerge.

Aquarius and Uranus are the creative impulse of a new beginning as it inspires the genius of invention, innovation and humanitarian ideals.

Saturn, the stabilizing force of destiny sets the stage for the solidification of pioneering movement forward.

As a co-ruler and friend to Aquarius, Saturn is a necessary anchor for Uranus and therefore the sign Aquarius. As co-ruler Saturn enables the Uranian erratic and sudden impulses to be tempered by the discipline of concentration along with Saturn’s appetite for tangible reality. Ambitious desire towards elevation and prominence is a fascinating balance the feeds the Spirit of Aquarius.

There is a tension and stress that you might be feeling at this time through movement forward that is activated within the duality of Uranus and Saturn. This is especially stimulated by Planet Uranus currently transiting two degrees in Taurus. The Square it forms during this Aquarian cycle can bring about a certain uneasiness.

A kind of vexation may emerge as it activates the need to liberate oneself from relationships and situations which have outgrown their usefulness. All of this can be tempered and supported by the stabilizing quality of Uranus itself in the mellow peace, harmony and beauty seeking sign of Taurus.

It seems that the metaphor of the ancient adage, “as above so below” is most certainly being evoked at this time.

The moment we are in most certainly calls for a reverence and honoring of tangible reality, that which we abide by in our lives to be integrated with an awareness of mystery and spirituality. That which is based on a felt sense within ones own experience.

A good time to start, if you do not already have a practice of daily mindful breathing, meditation and loving kindness. This can calm the tense restlessness brought about through this Aquarius Season and work with the genius and inspiration of this moment with greater clarity and good intentions. As we evoke the adage, ” as above so below”, we may evoke the very necessary ingredient of our humanity.

For in a very brief moment from now all of this shall culminate with the Leo Full Moon on the 9th of February, just around the corner let’s see how Leo Full Moon energy illumines movement forward.

Stay tuned.

1/10/20 Hello Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer

January 10, 2020

Hello to being at home while being in the World

Sun in Capricorn– Moon opposing Sun– Moon in Cancer

The rhythm, practice and discipline of keeping ones home clean and orderly gives birth to the anchoring of good grounded confidence and support. The kind of reassurance that inspires the clarity and wherewithal to vibrantly, wisely and creatively solidify the foundation that supports a consistent good solid career. Particularly for those who are self employed and/or independent contractors of any kind.

Cancer, the home, Capricorn, the career.

Cancer symbolizes home sweet home. Home symbolically and literally is the significant multi faceted diamond that propels us towards a healthy positive alignment in order to bring about a sound thriving social standing within the community, society and the world. Capricorn energizes ambition towards upright position consistently seeking to be held in high esteem with integrity and respect.

Particularly significant is the impact of how this Full Moon is a conjuring point of vocal vibrant energies.

People standing strong against oppression caused by historical past cultural dynasties and hierarchies now destructive in their utter irrelevant authoritarian structures lacking in humanity, integrity and practical purpose.

This is the moment when the angst and distortion of misplaced patriarchal authority irrationally clutching onto a false sense of power triggered by mismanaged pain, anger and panic leads to impulsive and dangerous actions. Deeds and policies that destructively break down basic premises of trust and respect which compound further confusion and chaos.

This is an echo of the influence of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which is energizing and activating an inherent need to enlighten us towards evolution. As inconvenient and uncomfortable as that might be. Our awareness and outrage is cordially being invited.

Viewing it this way allows us to become aware and conscious of what irrelevant structures are meeting with Pluto’s own special brand of demolition. When we are conscious of it we can then decode on some level for what purpose. Using Saturn to glean the wisdom as to what is now required. What is relevant to reestablish and replace the old outmoded way in order to create a place to thrive in a sustainable and dignified form.

The goal and specific tools of Astrological knowledge gives us the understanding and wherewithal needed for us to become conscious of what is necessary in order to metaphorically and literally build steadying foundations and structures that vibrantly support life.

Saturn stands by, challenging us towards our destiny with its boulders, boundaries and limitations. Allowing us to rebuild relevant systems and structures that have integrity through their recognized updated relevancy.

All this occurring as the innovative logic of Uranus in Taurus goes direct at this Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse. Such is the exciting moment in time of this unique day.

Be aware and mindful of your own personal experience as the dynamic opposition of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is being illumined by the Sun in Capricorn.

What are your current focus points of interest?

If you know your chart, in what house or houses do the signs Cancer and Capricorn occupy?

The house and planet gives insights as to what area of your life is being triggered.

Where is change and transformation required for your growth and fulfillment?

What area of your life needs observation, attention and possible action?

This is the moment to notice how things in your home and career are being played out.

Now is a good time to observe and make a note of it so as to understand how to focus your time and energy as we enter into the Waning Moon Cycle.

Then turning as it must towards a new beginning on the 24th of January as the New Moon begins its waxing phase at 4 degrees in Aquarius. What shall be good for you to focus your energies on then?

Stay tuned.

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On Your Mark, Get Set To Go Go Go

December 26, 2019

The New Moon 12/26/19

A Solar Eclipse is occurring at the time of this Capricorn New Moon at 4 degrees in Capricorn.

A convergence of receptive and productive Planets, the Moon and the Sun meeting as one for a brief moment triggering powerful opportunities for seriously following through with our hardworking dreams, projects and goals in the making.

This end of year, end of decade cycle holds excitement and auspicious possibilities as Jupiter chimes in with its jovial song of expansion as it forms a conjunction to this Eclipse moment.

We are at an ending point that leads to a door opening which holds the promise of resplendent possibilities that are available to us only if we are available to them via our focus and intentions.

This rich moment in time is colored with elements of karmic energy suggesting that what we give we receive back. As this dynamic Capricorn Season ruled by Saturn suggests that through having faith in our process to keep going even when coming up against challenges and resistance that through our determination, perseverance, practice and discipline we shall prevail.

This is how we build trust within ourself and with others. By meeting the challenges, difficulties and conflicts that are the natural by product of being alive we develop the strength, grace and wisdom that encourages us to keep going.

It is within this very Eclipse moment that our new projects and goals have the capacity of being accelerated to further serious focus and growth.

Most pointedly is the level of mutual cooperation being fostered by the outer planetary movements of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron during this New Moon Eclipse cycle.

For example, we must talk about the spicy Square of Venus in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. This holds the possibility of joy filled fun and unique entanglements of the most inexplicable kind made manifest through this placement.

It can also trigger great restlessness in relationships or some kind of potential strain since Aquarius and the Planet Uranus seek freedom to flow as they will.

Venus Planet of harmony and peace being in Aquarius, a sign of innovative inventive unusually unique energy is stimulated and beguiled in a challenging yet curiously fascinating way particularly since at this very moment it is being rubbed the wrong way, as it were, via the energy of the 90 degree angle that forms the Square with Planet Uranus transiting through the sign of Taurus, ruler of Venus. Taurus seeks creature comforts of sensual delights, pleasure and beauty and a sense of peace through the consistency of stability.

Fascinating to imagine what could possible be evoked at this moment of time with this bit of challenge thrown into the mix.

In light of this little tidbit, if you know your chart and have any planets, Midheaven or Ascendant within 2 – 5 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio be aware of any significant developments in relationships or with issues around money and finance. And if you are Astrologically savvy and know in what house any of these fixed points are then you could know and have a clue about the area in your life where you might be having some unexpected changes or disruptions.

Do let me know in the comments below what you are aware of experiencing in light of all of this and if you have any questions, observations or thoughts about it.

On a bit of a somewhat somber note the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which draws nearer to exact degree on January 12th, keeps on triggering the coming apart of obsolete structures via the exposure of toxic criminal intent, lack of basic integrity along with a plethora of serious deficit in life supporting systems and infrastructure that is needed to keep us all alive. Additionally issues that have long since been denied concerning the reality of our economic system might begin to rear their heads.

Please keep in mind however that there is a dim but steady ember of hopeful bit of light. This is the moment to be mindful of a consciousness emerging that supports and values feelings that originate from the heart, soul, body and mind that have been labeled as weak or crazy are being acknowledged and valued as part of being human. Specifically being human in the best possible way by honoring and respecting vulnerability. Could this be the moment of revelation of the simple truth that there is an interconnected solidarity shared among all of the family of man?

Heart, Soul and intuitive understanding dance with the energy of the masculine Saturnian Archetype of Father’s conditional love, needing to be solid in its integrity and elegant in its position in society. It is these qualities which are being activated as the South Node and North Node respectively are currently in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer. It is the power of the Moon which holds the energy and vibration as the feminine Archetype of the Mother, as a source of creative unconditional love which serves to complete the vibrational dichotomy of balance and harmony on this dynamic Solar Eclipse New Moon Cycle.

And so we carry on. Taking seriously the reality that feelings, thoughts and ideals are the birth point of innovative, creative, life affirming tools serving as building blocks to be utilized for envisioning and rethinking the way We, as a Global Community do things.

We must carry on and follow through even at those moments when we are visited by fear of the unknown and the less than certain assurance that all will be well no matter what. Do take heart and know that any such anxiety is but a brief moment of the experience of Uranus doing it’s work as it guides us to know and understand just what the past can teach us. Then we can take it as a planting seed that enables us to continue to work by integrating that which is relevant to our journey as we continue on.

Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus is a strong player during this Eclipse Season as it carries with it the knowledge and awareness which teaches us to trust and be aware that the point of power is in the present. Uranus is the great teacher that shakes out sometimes by shaking us up so we know, trust and become aware of how within the shell of the old is the seed of the new.

The other significant Planet to be aware of is Chiron at 1 degree Aries. Chiron is very connected to the Archetype of the Healer, the Maverick, the One who has journeyed and has had to learn about compassion, mercy and understanding which is needed in order to heal oneself and others. I believe that at this powerful moment in time when we have the consciousness, energy and presence of the Planet Chiron who is at one degree Aries, we are being helped by the necessary energy vibration which is influencing us as we continue on into the New Year and the beginning of a new decade.

Chiron in Aries holds the promise that in order for life on Planet Earth to be sustained we must value vulnerability and learn to assert the power of grace, strength and wisdom with mercy and compassion in order to make certain steady life sustaining forces of vitality, creativity and reason shall prevail.

So be it.

And so must it be.

Blessings to All.

Let us adventure forward and carry on.

With peace within our hearts to flow from within and throughout.

Winter Solstice 2019

December 21, 2019

Yes, that’s what’s next.

The Full Moon which occurred on December 12th 2019, brought with it, as Full Moons do, critical mass energy colored by the communicative sign of Gemini within a flurry of activity.

We continue to move through time and descend into shorter daylight hours, into the cold of the darkest night. The longest day of the year, the Winter Solstice.

Awaiting the birth of the Sun with a sigh of relief. As we acknowledge with gratitude the glorious vibrant continuation of life as it rises up. The light of day emerging as the Sun appears upon the horizon.

Marking the time of the beginning of our upward spiral into rebirth. To eventually delight in the warmth of the return of the light and the lengthening of days. Even as it is that the Season Of Winter has officially begun.

It is the fallow pall of Winter that teaches us to be patient and persevere through the paradoxical cycle of this powerful season. In faith, trust and with dignity we continue on our journey, upward and onward although cold and darkness abound.

It is good we do so since we are moving into the Season of Capricorn with its Saturnine seriousness encroaching upon us the manner and ways of the disciple.

Discipline and boundaries, the double edged sword to be gleaned within this Season as Saturn ruler of Capricorn serves to lead us towards our destiny.

Did you not enjoy the Season of the Sun’s journey through Sagittarius?

I know you did. Delighting in its brightly lit point of power illumined by the glowing flames of the Sun’s reflection on the Silvery Moon, as it moved in its brief transit through the sign of Gemini donning its gregarious social butterfly buzz.

And now we are within the cycle of the phase of the waning Moon, a good time to be utilized as breathing space. A momentary cycle in which to reflect and reevaluate. The waning Moon Cycle is a good time to sort out and take stock of what you’ve been working on within the past month. What has your focus been and where are you at about things?

Even more significantly at this particular December juncture it’s a good time to reflect on the passing year as we move forward towards not only a new year but a new decade.

‘Tis a good time to reflect on how this passing year has been for you.

In 2019 what gifts and resources along with what challenges and boulders to overcome were put before you.

Did you overcome them or have you yet to go through them?

What have you learned?

What have you received?

What to let go of?

What’s the next step you need to take in order to fulfill yourself ?

What will bring you closer to where you want to be?

Astrologically what lies ahead is a very powerful time of culmination, transformation and evolution. Most Astrologers are quite excited by the fascinating infrequent transits and planetary movements that are about to transpire. Albeit we have been feeling their potent affects for quite some time.

January 12th 2020 will be the date when Saturn and Pluto shall be in exact conjunction by degree in Capricorn as Jupiter ingresses to Capricorn.

Jupiter being the Planet of expansion, that is the expansion of all possibilities, both positive and negative. Remember to be mindful of your thoughts during this time, so you can reap the benefits and opportunities this energy can bring.

Jupiter is a mind expanding Planet pertaining to matters of justice, philosophy, meaningful thoughts and ideas which can enliven and bring forth the louder voices of reason, faith and hope to help overcome challenges.

Saturn in Capricorn is about structures with integrity while Pluto in Capricorn tears down irrelevant structures making way for transformation and rebirth to occur. That is what makes the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020 such an anticipated event.

I must confess to you that my thinking and hope is that perhaps this Capricorn stellium with its need for integrity and solid foundations of stability is a powerful moment in our humanity that could be responsible for bringing about the needed evolutionary healing of split-off narcissistic thinking with its mechanistic antiquated paradigm leanings that erroneously place unrealistic value on concretized material reality as a measure of ones value and entitlements as a human being.

The combination of both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at this particular moment in our evolutionary growth could be the catalyst that brings about a needed opening for humanity to be able to value and cherish the reality of instinctual heart and soul consciousness which serves to transform and heal the destructive tendencies of a fractured society.

A fractured society so blinded to its own humanity that its peril is being motivated by a deceitful devaluation of evidence-based-reality, hellbent in its dedication to a toxic fiction that falsely upholds delusions of grandeur based on well defended insecurities.

So while the antiquated systems of the up-down, good-bad, punish-reward vertical hierarchy is in the foothills of its own destruction, the beat goes on.

However, there is now a calling that fiercely inspires the necessary and needed raging voices and actions of many enlivened woke outraged people.

This powerful moment serves as a source of inspiration and hope. People are becoming more aware. The energy and movements of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is resonating with an awareness, a kind of unthought known, that is making way for a cultural shift.

Our eco-systems, economy and collective global community are desperately needing to evolve forward towards an Earth loving level of humanizing balance and harmony.

This nourishing kind of stability supports life to unfold in harmony so that we begin to remember the benefits of a horizontal grounded civilization that nourishes all peoples and creatures with respect and dignity upon the grounding of a healthy evolving sustainable Planet Earth.

It is OK to be optimistic and hopeful once we are aware that this current Capricorn massive conjunction slowly but surely makes its way into the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius a hopeful note, which serves to imbue our consciousness with genius and a deep commitment to an equal society that recognizes the right to a life of dignity for all.

Aquarius is devoted to a society and culture that supports sustainable systems of living that benefit all.

This Winter Solstice marks an ending of a year, a decade and a cycle as surely as it marks a time of new beginnings.

A new portal to enter and explore.

Take the power of this longest night to reflect on new goals so you can map out your path as the New Year and New Decade unfolds.

Jung says, ” and when you’re on the path you’re at the goal”.

Stay tuned.

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The Devil Of Desire And Disorder

December 2, 2019

Finding balance through listening to the call of your Soul.

What is it that inspires a careful mild mannered fine upstanding citizen on a well thought out and planned diet to have it slowly turn into an ugly orgy of binge and bloat?

OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I know and understand the pain, shame, humiliation and fright of those addictive impulses.

I deeply understand the journey of healing them. I truly am aware of the power of learning to live with these impulses in a respectful and honorable way. A way that recognizes how to bring your life back to health, beauty and balance.

I have lived it, worked with it and tamed it during the course of my own life so that I am now the rider on the horse and I would love to teach you to do the same.

It can be a helpful insight for those who struggle with such things to understand that on a deeper less conscious level it is the voice of your Inner Being, your heart and your soul, just trying to break free from feeling shut down and sadly deprived of knowing itself.

Jung says, ” You can’t heal what you don’t feel”. The binge which is a disordering of your life force becomes a compelling obsession, a kind of “gorgy-orgy” as a way of making that part of your hungry self seen, felt and heard. It’s what Tommy of The Who was asking for when he sang, “See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me” Sometimes the binge is the only way the voice of your inner being can be heard.

The question is are you able to listen so you can hear that part of you calling out. To understand that indeed it is your hungry soul which is the heart of you just asking to be known and helped.

As an Astrological Life Coach I am able to listen to what your heart and soul is trying to express. I am able to decode the pattern so that I can guide you towards reality based luscious life affirming solutions.

I have over 30 years of skill and experience in understanding and compassionately translating what disordered behavior is communicating. I have helped many people with these kinds of issues.

As a Certified seasoned and experienced Life Coach who uses Astrology as a tool to get insights about what inherently supports your journey, I am happy to provide you with the guidance and support that serves to benefit and boost your life’s journey.

Let me help you become aware of what your heart and soul are longing for so that you may nourish and feed your self in a consistent enjoyable and balanced way.

After all, would it not be wonderful to just have your precious time spent on focusing your brilliant creative energy towards living the life you want to lead?

I will gladly help you to decode those encrypted disordered chaotic binge messages into a comprehensive symphony of balance and deliciousness.

With skillful intuitive knowledge I support and guide you to embody your lovely self towards becoming a joyful nurturing realized happy beautiful self.


Let’s chat!

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