A Door Opens……

It’s a New Moon in Aquarius At 1 Degree 32’ 38”

On January 21, 2023

NEW ~ is truly the operative word of this moment.

Aquarius by its very nature is the epitome of original.

Aquarius energizes innovative development that questions convention. To open the door to the unthought known that promises fresh discoveries in order to support humanity and cohesive community.

This New Moon contains the Aquarius Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn. Perhaps “all hell” is in the process of breaking loose.

Or not.

Pluto so close to its ingress into Aquarius stimulates and supports change and transformation in a profound way. Albeit, this is NOT an easy transition. Specifically as we bear witness to the resistance to change being clearly expressed globally.

The prevalence of an antiquated paradigm based on authoritarian power over others is rampant. However, the changes needed for humanity to become humane again and evolve is triggering many more peoples to become conscious and aware.

People know what is needed to create a healthy sustainable society and planet. This New Moon in Aquarius supports a shift towards that consciousness in a way that is the natural unfolding of a people-community-centered society. One that is slowly being birthed.

At this time Mercury at 8 degrees Capricorn in trine aspect to Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus is notable. With Mercury involved and Uranus being the Modern co-ruler of Aquarius, there is a better potential to open doors to the interchange of information.

Uranus, transiting thru Earth bound Fixed Taurus is in harmonious aspect to Mercury in Capricorn. Fostering a way towards dialogue and discussion. This is notable as Uranus in Taurus is triggering changing value systems. This transit has a reassuring component encouraging talking and listening. To disclose necessary information about the truth of what’s happening. This Aquarian moment supports that.

Ultimately, listening, talking and sharing is how we stay connected to each other. It is wise to do so since by our very nature we are social creatures. We are inter-dependent on each other.

It is frustrating and quite sad that often it’s only in the midst of great travesties and tragedies that we come together as a human family. With Aquarius’s influence taking center stage, supportive and consistent inter-connectivity becomes part of the solution as it begins to become a trend to do so.

This New Moon has elements of Aquarian idealism in harmony with Neptune via the Pluto conjunction. This combo influences and inspires feelings, thoughts and actions that go deep into the heart of compassion and understanding. We really do need this to be so, because the alternative would be irrational delusion. History has illustriously shown us how wrong that can go. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail as the healthier influence of Neptune sextile to Pluto conjunct the Sun/Moon in Aquarius succeeds.

Aquarius is a sign of fascinating influence because in modern astrology it’s ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. As a modern astrologer in the foothills of studying traditional astrology, I see that the dual rulership does make sense. Aquarius is able to delve into conceptualizations of original and unconventional thought and ideas as Saturn acts as a supportive anchor. Saturn serves to imbue Aquarius’s energy with a needed sense of duty and responsibility. Saturn’s inherent understanding and respect for the laws of cause and effect holds Aquarius’s “feet to the fire” of rationality and responsibility. This is a good thing. It serves as a system of checks and balances within the Aquarian journey.

Saturn the ruler of Capricorn and the Traditional ruler of Aquarius thrives in the solid stability of earth based reality. How else can there be the necessary and much needed peace, love and understanding if it is not grounded in present time. Time is in the purview of Saturn which actually works quite well with Uranian energy.

Understanding different and unusual ideas must be grounded in evidenced based reality.

I do believe that at the amazing moment we are living thru now, we are in the heart of a steady continuation of a much needed paradigm shift. It’s been happening for quite some time in response to many shifts. This Aquarius New Moon sparkles with the inspiration that contains the encouragement needed to keep pushing through to a better day.

This sort of balance of consciousness is what makes this moment so fertile with many possibilities. Ripe with potential that contains the seeds for a new comprehension of what needs to be transformed. The energy of this New Moon suffuses our consciousness with a much more integrated way of viewing life. A new understanding where we can entertain possibilities that we never imagined or ever thought could be. As long as it serves the good of all with integrity. At the same time acknowledging the unique individuality in all.

What makes things hopeful is the harmonious energy of the Grand Trine that the Aquarius New Moon/Sun/Pluto brings to Jupiter in Aries and then so wittingly to trine Mars in Gemini. Assertive communication is the key.

Telling it like it is in a grand way. Getting in touch with delicious, delightful energizing and resounding vigor that is ultimately motivated towards bringing harmonious relationships into being.

Relationships on every level that respects the I~Thou connection. Rather than the mechanist I-It combo. This is at the heart of the paradigm shift we are all hungering for.

All this while Mercury in Capricorn square to Chiron in Aries brings on questions strangely motivated by an uncomfortable vulnerability. This planetary combo serves us all quite indirectly as it somehow influences us to take responsibility for what we experience as undignified and weak. Perhaps the healing is in the awareness that our weakest link actually contains the link to our deepest most profound strength.

However, good that we have the sugar ‘n spice of Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius at 23 and 24 degrees respectively. Albeit, forming a square to Uranus in Taurus. However, this does have the potential to add a bit of enjoyment into the equation.

Look to where in your life you are bringing love to all the topsey turvey situations that abound. Opening up the new door that this New Moon brings begs the question, what really matters to you?

By bringing love, self awareness, courage and faith into the question, what matters to you can become crystal clear. Allow this New Moon in Aquarius to inspire you into the wonders of innovation that comes from a sensible view of your life.


~ New Moon in Aquarius thru the signs ~

Aries ~ Your vibrant fighting spirit is being implanted with concepts and ideas that are changing your tone. Imbuing you with a sort of wisdom that gives you a new outlook on life. An outlook that will benefit you in the long run.

Taurus ~ Allow yourself to have a kinder understanding of hard edged realities that continue to come your way. Definitely find ways to channel your feelings about some of these challenges through creative outlets. Please be reassured that whatever it is in this moment that is challenging you, will pass. Your knowledge and wisdom will abide.

Cancer ~ A new beginning for you filled with strange exotic impulses of creative change. Time to sort through what appear to be ruts that eat up your oxygen and instead to open up the doors and windows to new possibilities. This could be a time to make some changes that free you up to begin a more satisfying groove.

Gemini ~ This is a great moment to learn how to channel the aggressive impulses of Mars energy into brilliant words. Use this time to be present with energy that might even be keeping you up at night. Try to just breathe into it and express it by writing it, drawing it, dancing it, painting it. Even puttering while meandering will do. In the next few months this energy will begin to let up however take advantage of learning to work with it. You will. Then it will be of great benefit to you.

Leo ~ Let your creative spirit fly. Set yourself free from the past. Do this in order to enter a whole new beginning. This is a most satisfactory moment that triggers your creative potential. See what inspires you that is in your life now. Then follow it through. This is a fertile incubation period that promises to blossom successfully within the fullness of time.

Virgo ~ This is a powerful new beginning for you that can be quite inspiring albeit perhaps a bit unnerving. The key is to be mindful of where you are feeling weak. It’s in that awareness that slowly but surely you will find your deepest strength. Then you will have at your disposal the ability to make the adjustments needed in order to better serve you. As you are better served you may better serve others within a cycle of a bright new beginning.

Libra ~ A time to elegantly embrace the rigors of Saturn and Capricorn while innovation keeps knocking at your door. This might be a trying time and as in all things, this too shall pass. Keep on taking it in stride with all the grace, harmony and balance you can muster. Then in time little by little all will ease up and everything will fall into place.

Scorpio ~ Energized via this moment of transformative impulses. There is a kind of joy at this time that has some dissonance along with some haunting harmonies. Can you let yourself surrender to it? All while remaining quite grounded and focused in the here and now. Then allow yourself to reflect on what new project, goal, wish or dream you want to put your energy towards at this amazing new beginning juncture.

Sagittarius ~ This moment holds the promise of understanding what your experiences and challenges up to now have taught you. Now you can take that knowledge and move forward into this new beginning. So set your goals with the golden wisdom of how much courage, strength and grace is really contained within you.

Capricorn ~ Communication is the key since this moment might trigger some vulnerabilities to your plans. Take heart, since Venus is conjunct Saturn, your ruling planet, things cannot be too bad. In fact, this moment is a stepping stone into a new look at old values that no longer serve. Be open to reassessing what you really hold near and dear to your heart. What really matters to you? To be aware of the values that are in synch with your understanding of yourself and the world around you is what this time is about. So breathe into the awareness of what you truly value. It’s a practical way to move forward into a new beginning.

Aquarius ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday Aquarius! ✨🌞✨ It’s been a long hard few years so indeed this Solar Return is its own gift. Now to stay focused and keep the momentum going as you continue on. Keep going in good faith knowing you can trust your deep promise to carry on. As the poet Tagore so beautifully expressed, To sing even while the dawn is still dark.Remain true to your Aquarian values of creating a better world. All this while at the same time dedicating your time and love to your own beautiful, prospering healthy life. Keep on…..

Pisces ~ There is an expansion of consciousness opening up all around you that is making it quite fun to be you. So many changes that have slowly been happening are emerging in ways that could lead to some new doors opening up for you. So stay present and aware even as you are ensconced in ethereal cosmic consciousness.


Well there it is ~

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~ January 6, 2023 ~ at 16 degrees ~ @ 6:08 pm EST

This moment of the bright culmination of the Cancer Moon emphasizes our sense of comfort, safety and stability. To integrate that with the Sun in Capricorn’s focus on responsibilities, discipline, practice and perseverance. All this works very well with the Cardinal active energy of the Cancer Full Moon in all of her glorious tenacity.

It is significant to be aware that at this bright Full Moon moment a sextile to Uranus/North Node in Taurus is formed with the Sun. This harmonious, creative sextile lightens up some of the stress caused by Saturn square to Uranus. This square has been active to varying degrees from 2021~2023. Currently it is still in aspect but is moving apart. The influence of the sextile eases a bit of the edginess caused by the discomfort of the traditions of Saturn vs the innovation of Uranus. There is now a comprehensive understanding that there is actually something of value in change after all.

The Sun in Capricorn conjunct Mercury forms a trine to the Uranus/North Node conjunction. Such a profound opportunity to communicate about ideas and concepts just coming into being. Perhaps some new comprehension about finances, money and just being a human being embodied on Planet Earth,

As the Cancer Moon is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This allows awareness of the emotions that arise when changes are really upon us to be released.

This Full Moon in Cancer is also a moment of dreams being brought into the realm of the practical as Neptune in Pisces forms a trine relationship to the Moon in Cancer.

We hold the capacity to transform the old and dying value systems illustrated by the sort of suffering we witness frequently. To have our eyes open and put words to what we see moves us towards ways to change what is toxic and obsolete. These powerful planetary transits influence our experience and awareness of the world around us. This Full Moon in Cancer is a culminating moment where there is a shift towards practical change that is in keeping with the needs of the time we are living in now.

There is also a fun psychic boon for those intuitive folks sensitive to the Neptune/Pisces trine formed with the Full Moon in Cancer. If you look and feel deep enough you could have a sense perception of how the amazing extraordinary is quite present within the ordinary. It’s a moment where miracles and magic are fully present to be perceived.

Let us first and foremost be aware that the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn calls on the use of the logical mind to find a way to connect diplomatically during conflict. Especially while being in opposition to the Moon in Cancer. This is what a Full Moon is actually about, a culmination brought on by a crisis. To be consciously resolved.

The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn trine to the Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus is fascinating. It works visceral practical reality into dilemmas while the Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus encourages moving forward towards progressive innovative change. All this as the chaos of Pluto in late Capricorn stirs things up in its continuing occupation with demolishing the obsolete. It might be hard to imagine, but the antiquated brittle structures are really being gutted to make room for relevant life affirming systems and structures.

Pluto is still lingering in sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This relationship could be just the thing required for conjuring up some merciful motivation. This aspect affects generations from 1945-2035. To inspire the heralding in of creative compassionate ways. To implant a paradigm shift that stimulates and encourages awareness of the reality that we are all living beings with a soul journey to live out and learn from.

All this as Jupiter continues its ingress into Aries. It began December 20, 2022 and will remain until May 16, 2023. Aries, fiery, bombastic warrior making its energy known via the expansive energy of Jupiter. We must be aware of our own limitations and boundaries during a time when the influence of Aries transiting Jupiter insists on expanding them. Jupiter is the planet of expansion as in enthusiastically boosting itself sometimes way beyond what logically can be held in reality. However this could be quite the time for widening one’s scope in the form of new adventures. Just make sure you are checking in with visceral reality from time to time.

Good to be aware that this transit also offers an opportunity to learn how to to utilize the fiery anger and conflict that might emerge more than usual.

Anger is an organizing force.

Anger and any spinoff of anger is the energy we feel that pushes us towards speaking up! To express our disagreement or disapproval of something is to distinguish our selves as begging to differ. When we learn how to identify the feeling of anger as an emotion that is expressing a need, it can be a constructive, rich in learning experience. When channeled appropriately anger can serve to open the dialogue as opposed to shutting it down or instilling violence.

It is also a necessary requirement to respect the differing points of view being expressed. When we understand how to manage our feelings, particularly anger, life becomes an adventure. Then anger is used as our own guiding force especially when we understand how to manage it constructively. Then there is the possibility that we “can study war no more.”

Jupiter in Aries conjunct Neptune in Pisces and sextile Pluto in Capricorn asserts confidence. Confidence that thru the awareness of a felt sense of fierce and fiery passions, to dialogue, respectfully communicating, allows resolutions and solutions that supports all life.

A question of balance….

The most fun thing that makes this all possible is Venus in Aquarius forming a sextile to this Jupiter in Aries equation. A little Venus never hurt anybody! Don’t you think?

Albeit Venus in Aquarius can be somewhat cool and detached. However, if you are patient and persevere, then on some level this moment can be filled with “sugar ‘spice and everything nice”.The thing is that ultimately it’s just Venus seeking beauty, balance, peace and harmony. Its just that when it’s in Aquarius it’s for the good of all.

This can complicate things in one on once relationships. Then the key to Aquarius is brilliant logic. Of course this all depends on where Venus is in your chart. If you know where Aquarius is in your chart you will know how Venus in Aquarius will bring its fascinating joy into your life. If not just watch and observe how you are experiencing your life along with your perception of beauty.

Venus in Aquarius sextile to Jupiter in Aries stimulates adventurous exploration. At the same time, Venus in Aquarius forms a trine to Rx Mars in Gemini. It’s the dance of desire towards striking the balance of yin /yang harmony.

So let yourself dream.

Let yourself imagine from the imagery of your dream. What is guiding you?

What have you learned that brought you here to this culminating moment in terms of what your motivations and goals are?

Do you have a sense of the kinds of actions you need to do in order to realize your dream? Your goal?

Then allow yourself to persevere, slowly but surely to where you need to be in order to realize this goal.

Remember that sometimes it’s through taking action that your dream goal changes.

Then just trust it. Sometimes it’s in following our dreams that a new desire emerges. Opening us up to a new calling we didn’t even know was there. To somehow trust that we are actually being led to exactly where we need to be. 🕊

✨☺️✨ The Full Moon in Cancer through the signs;

Aries ~ A month of love, it could be a most pleasing way to get to know yourself. So if you are in a relationship it could become more romantic, fiery and passionate than usual. If you are not, then this is a good time to keep your eyes open and take a look around. Perhaps someone is taking a good look at you. Either way, the path is energized for connection. So go with the flow.

Taurus ~ Some things that have been hard to gain clarity about just might become perfectly clear now. Venus, your ruling planet is in Aquarius, the ruler of Uranus ~ stimulating you to make some changes. Now with one touch of Venus in Aquarius some rough edges can get smoothed over. The ability to understand what your needs are and the awareness of how to get them met is a good way to work with this moment.

Gemini ~ It’s a good time to be out and about. To enjoy the energy of attraction that this time brings your way. To feel a portal opening for fun, for romance and maybe love. Albeit, this Cancer Full Moon also inspires you to balance the practical. Either way this period can be quite fascinating for you. So breathe, remember to exhale and go one step at a time.

Cancer ~ This Full Moon has been radiating in your honor. Emanating the stabilizing nurturing quality contained within your sensitive nature is now catalyzed. There might be some challenges that emerge. Allow yourself to just surrender to making the necessary adjustments. In the long run it could all be beneficial. Music, candles and relaxing movement in the form of dance could also be a good elixir for you at this time. A way for you to bring more light to your days at this darker time of year.

Leo ~ A stimulating moment to fall in love with the unique and unusual in your life. This could even be in the form of another person. After all as Venus in Aquarius opposes your sign, opposites do attracts. This is also a good moment to tune in to how your projects and goals are coming along. Do it now since it can all be subject to many changes in the coming months. Specifically do solidify the components of your life that you know work now.

Virgo ~ The Full Moon in Cancer/Sun in Capricorn has your back. So to use this moment well it’s good to clarify what in your life needs doing in order to achieve your objectives. Then you can revel in just letting yourself be. With Neptune in Pisces continuing to oppose your Virgo Sun you can surrender and relax into just being. It’s a good opposition that balances you. This is a charmed moment to pay attention to your dreams. Some word, thought or idea could come through. Some journey may unfold via a dream that could open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and your life.

Libra ~ In the midst of this Cancer Full Moon its a conducive time of balance for you. This is also a time where you might suddenly discover some new person in your life. A person who makes you aware of a new perspective on things. Just go with the flow while staying centered within your truth and integrity. Then reflect on what you have learned.

Scorpio ~ It’s a harmonious Full Moon in Cancer for you, dear Scorpio. Particularly with Mars Rx in Gemini. It’s a conundrum that fills you with a new kind of desire as it stimulates your mind and your body. Therefore a good way to use this time is to figure out what is most important in your life now that require your attention. Both logical and intuitive insights could emerge. In a way this can be a productive period for you.

Sagittarius ~ So necessary for you to find a task or goal to focus on at this time. You may find yourself fully loaded with physical energy that can become nervous pent up feelings. Jupiter in Aries and Mars Rx in Gemini are firing you up now. So it’s a good time to go through your to do list and get stuff done. If you are an artist, author or musician these transits could fill you with a deep intelligence that will inspire you. In order to contain and calm your energy, it is highly recommended that you cultivate a mediation/breath work practice. Be mindful, grateful and enjoy this boon of energy!

Capricorn ~ ✨🌞✨ Happy Birthday✨🌞✨ This is the year that you are able to implement some new ideas about what really matters to you. Particularly in the realm of money and finance. So be ready to innovate your understanding of your relationship to money. In your career be ready to reimagine what being “on top” really means to you. Relationships take on a new significance to you. This is a good thing because in the long run it will bring you a deeper understanding of who you really are . Self awareness is a valuable Birthday present unto itself! Keep on….

Aquarius ~ If any moment in time can catalyze a breakthrough moment for you, this is it! Venus in Aquarius trine Rx Mars in Gemini. This serves to support your work, because it enhances your well being and energizes your mind. It also makes you quite attractive to a potential partner. So if a relationship is what you desire, get our there! If you are in a relationship now, this moment will make it electrically amorous! So enjoy this awesome time ‘cause no matter what you do or where you are at ~ the best is yet to come!

Pisces ~ To “study war no more”. Will the understanding of that permeate your consciousness as Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet transits through the sign of war, being Aries. However, it’s also the sign of creativity and a very distinguished sense of self. Elements that indeed are somewhat unfamiliar to Pisces and planet Neptune, your Modern ruling planet. To disappear and be dispersed into consciousness itself, might not be on the menu at the moment. At least not until May of 2023 when Jupiter enters Taurus. For now, consider your experience as a preview of Neptune’s ingress to Aries. Are you more fired up with creativity? Are you more anxious than usual? Then do take care of that part of yourself. Please let yourself be and just observe. You might find yourself moving into the most marvelous renaissance of profound artistic imagination and productivity ever!

There it is!

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The promise of Spring!

Ascent Through The Somber Season Of Capricorn ~ Towards The Light

NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN AT 1 DEGREE 32 Minutes ~ On December 23, 2022 ~ At 5:17 AM EST ~ The Sun and Moon met in a conjunction as they do every month. Establishing the date 12/23/22 as the moment of a new beginning, going forward.

At 1 degree of Capricorn it is a time to seriously assess our objectives, goals and plans towards our success.

As does the Mountain Goat, symbol of Capricorn suggests, this is a time to practice patience and to persevere with dedicated discipline towards the top of whatever mountain is being climbed in your life.

It can be a journey of solitude when Capricorn is involved. Since success for Capricorn encompasses becoming one’s own sovereign inner authority. It’s a form of self mastery based on integrity and moral effort. That is Capricorn at its best.

However, the shadow side of Capricorn is dishonesty and deceit of one’s self to one’s self and to others. Corruption in the interest of personal gain. Sadly, it was Richard Nixon who set an example of what not to do, if you are a Capricorn. Which, btw, he was.

To get the most out of the powerful resource that Capricorn is, it is necessary to be willing to be bone chilling honest with ourselves. Stick to the facts in any situation. They are the bones of the story. Then emotions and the various components of nuanced reality can be worked with effectively towards beneficial outcomes.

Capricorn has gained its somber reputation from this serious quest for reaching the top in solitude. As such when Capricorn and Saturn are involved we might find ourselves meeting detours and challenges as if put there to test us. Well they probably were.

In actuality we come up against difficulties in order to learn about life and ourselves. In the process we are developing ethics, honor, virtue and character. The bones that form the structures that we can build our lives on.

Being confronted with what may appear to be a hardship is in actuality an opportunity. An opening for a possibility to unfold. A potential gateway where we are given a chance to develop inner strength and grace.

To meet the challenge and to get through it gives us a sense of well being. Self esteem is the feeling of vibrancy and peace we acquire from having met the hardship and dealt with it to the best of our ability.

That is truly how we develop faith, trust and respect in ourselves. It is also the way to create healthy partnerships with others, such as a significant other along with all friendships and good relationships with people in most situations. Seen in this light it’s understandable that the challenges Capricorn and Saturn put before us are really detours to direct us to the path that is our destiny.

I suggest trying a useful experiment.

Particularly at this distinct time. The beginning of Capricorn season and the Holiday’s which contain the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.


Just become aware of how you are being challenged in your life now.

Rather than getting down on yourself for the hardships, shortfalls or whatever else that might be frustrating you ….

Just take a moment…

Take a beat ~

Let yourself be aware of when you inhale and exhale.

While just being present with your breath,

Take a moment to assess your situation.

What is your desired outcome?

What is the nature of the challenge you are coming up against?

What is needed to achieve your goal?

Then, take a moment to give yourself the time and space to reflect on it, to just be present with yourself, your breath and with it.

Don’t look for solutions or ways to fix it. Those will come to you as you just take a moment to be with it.

To just hold it within this moment of your breathing in and breathing out ~

This is the space where the presence of clarity and reassurance is found~

Sometimes in the most surprising way, when you feel calmer you may receive some kind of understanding that serves to give you the wherewithal you need to just keep going.

So just keep going! You will make it through to the other side of whatever it is. Fortified with self confidence and self esteem.

You have just entered into one of the facets of Capricorn and Saturn which is its ultimate gift and resource. To be fully present in the moment actively inactive is an effective way to gain direction and stay the course.

The Sun/Moon conjunction in Capricorn is such a Yin/Yang combo of Father, conditional love, systems and structures and Mother Moon. It is she who holds boundless unconditional love. This is the moment to integrate obligations and responsibilities with the sublime experience of the divine unconditional intuitive Mother Moon.

It is fascinating that the Sun/Moon conjunction in Capricorn is forming a square to Jupiter at 0 degrees Aries conjunct Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces.

It’s energy is stimulating impulses and ideas towards integrating expansive spiritual concepts. The square indicates that it’s not quite happy with the connection. This suggests that we are in need of a way to diplomatically negotiate with ourselves and others a new way to integrate our experiences of spirit and matter. To integrate real material reality with the felt sense of heart and soul.

To find a balance between the intuitively divine experience of spirit while being mindful of the stability of solid evidenced based reality as we are here on Planet Earth to experience.

With the Sun/Moon in Capricorn squaring Jupiter at 0 degrees Aries/ Neptune at 22 degrees Pisces, there is a resistance that resonates with the tension of Saturn at 21 degrees Aquarius square to Uranus at 15 degrees Taurus conjunct the North Node at 12 degrees Taurus. Literally this is the time to “Ring out the Old and Ring in the New”.

I believe the 1 degree Capricorn New Moon/Sun cycle as it has been aspected by the square to Jupiter/Neptune is the true beginning of a needed comprehensive awakening. That it is fundamentally glimmering with the integration of sprit and matter.

This is a birth not just of the Sun, but of a new paradigm, a new shift in consciousness. If we stay open to it, there is the potential to catalyze this time into a transformative moment. To make sense of the chaos we have been living through for many years now. All this as we move towards valuing and respecting feminine principles that include compassion ,understanding, mercy and forgiveness .

This is accentuated by the aspect the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction forms harmoniously with Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn.

When Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn are involved in a harmonious way there is a capacity to find truth in the beauty of dissonance.

To become aware of some conflict, disagreement or strife and to work it through by communicating beautifully. Somehow articulating feelings into thoughts in some form or another.

When we tell our story and feel heard and respected then hope and faith return. This kind of engagement has the potential to ease some of the chaos that has been a part of the virtual landscape we have been navigating through for quite some time now. Communication is key and Mars Rx in Gemini as Mercury goes Rx in Capricorn holds the possibility to teach us just that.

Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus trine Venus Conjunct Mercury in Capricorn could be a blending of the material world with the awakening of new innovative changes that supports sustainability on Earth and a good life for all. Taurus ruled by Venus supports this feminine principle via its desire to embody life sustainably in a luscious thriving world.

With continued movement forward into Capricorn season this New Moon in Capricorn is reassuringly hopeful that it’s gonna be ok. To focus on our goals and to stay true to ourselves down to the bones. We are on our way into a New Year. A new chapter is unfolding. Let’s see where it goes.

Capricorn New Moon through the signs ~

Aries ~ This is a time of expansion in terms of your ideas and understanding about your self. It may be a bit overwhelming at times. Try to allay some of the powerful energy coming your way with fun physical activity you can get into to. It’s helpful to release the expansion of your energy in a way that you enjoy. This will give you the energy, grace and strength to deal with the vulnerabilities brought on by the transit of Chiron through your sign.

Taurus ~ There is a sweet soothing energy of love and ease in connecting with others. This is a good time to be around people. New ideas and ways of looking at things are starting to grow on you

Gemini ~ Being assertive only really works when you know what your intentions are. With the waxing Moon you can have a component of clarity what with Mercury your ruling planet going Rx in Capricorn. Perhaps challenges will present themselves however,”Nothing lights a fire like a dream deferred!” So get to it and plan on getting the manifestation of your dreams going forward into the New Year!

Cancer ~ This is a point of dynamic activation. The balance needed to get things done and establish the stability you require is accessible to you. This will be even more apparent when we reach the Full Moon in Cancer on 1/6/23. More about that then. So stay tuned. For now use this Capricorn season and this waxing Moon to put in motion the projects that are most necessary to get things to where you want them to be.

Leo ~ Time to turn your play and creative work into lucrative business ventures. This is the time to put in place the systems and structures you need in order to do so. It may not seem like it now, but the best is yet to come. So hang in there, get creative and get serious about your business.

Virgo ~ Be ready to be inspired to “up your gamein terms of your work and career. This Capricorn New Moon now full speed ahead in its waxing phase harmonizes with what your sign values. Good work, well done that has integrity and dignity to it. Be open to some innovative ways to approach your work that can greatly benefit you in your life.

Libra ~ Beauty and truth are being realized at this dynamic new beginning moment for you. Venus in Capricorn is a favorable sign for your ruling planet,Venus to be moving through. To plan from an elegantly uplifted point of view, your goals moving forward. Be ready to offer your inherent diplomatic skills to harmoniously maintain balance when conflicts arise. As can happen during such a dynamic time as this.

Scorpio ~ Go easy, albeit not necessarily in your nature. As you might be experiencing a bit more anxiety than usual. Still, there is much to learn at this moment. Keep your natural inclination to uncover the truth sharpened as Mars the Traditional Ruler of your sign transits through Gemini Rx. With that awareness as Mercury stations Rx on the 29th, keep moving slow but sure. Stay in present time and all will be well.

Sagittarius ~ Such a growth space for Sagittarius coming out of a brilliant Birthday season. Now, your sign is at the heart of a square catalyzing a growth process of expansion and integration between spirit and matter. Do take this time for yourself, as we move into a New Year jumping off the ambitions of the New Moon in Capricorn. Give yourself the space to reflect on how you, yourself are aware of the split between spirit and matter in your own life. How can the two be integrated if you don’t already do so? If you are aware of integrating the split between spirit and matter, how do you see yourself doing that in your daily life? Explore this fascinating moment where you get to find the meaning of it all.

Capricorn ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday!✨🌞✨ This is your shining moment to lead the way. At such a new beginning this can be a year of dreams, ideas, goals and ambitions to be realized. The wind is blowing your sails to move forward. So that this is a great time to clarify your goals for this new beginning Birthday season. Many happy returns, dear Capricorns!

Aquarius ~ Moving forward with the reassurance that perhaps living in the “material world” is not such a bad thing. As long as it’s sustainable. This Uranus in Taurus conjunct North Node transit has been a bit of a mindblower. I mean, what’s all this about integrating the spiritual with the material in an evidenced based reality. This reality where we all have to learn to live together on one planet. This beautiful planet that we must sustain. Hey, isn’t that what we’ve been saying? Aquarius, at last your voice is in the midst of being heard. Keep bringing your vision of a sustainable well integrated world into the collective consciousness. ‘Cause that’s what you do! While remembering to get down to what is important to you personally. So gather your thoughts and set your goals list in order. Be patient, all will be realized in good time!

Pisces ~ To keep your feet on the ground as Planet Jupiter is expanding your already expanded cosmic consciousness. If you are a creative or practicing artist allow yourself to create. To create BIG, what with Jupiter affecting your sign so powerfully. Then brace yourself for a strong awakening of some sort as Jupiter has entered the realm of Fire at Zero degrees Aries. It should be an interesting new beginning for you. However, I hope in the duality of your native nature that your penchant for peace and the cosmic flow of compassion will inspire Jupiter in Aries. Vice versa, let the fierce creative energy of Aries inspire you to move forward with your life and your goals. This is the time of new beginnings where you may live your dreams into reality. This time of integrating the spiritual with the material world is your moment to experience your aliveness in a very new way.

There it is!

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Happy New Beginnings! ✨🥂✨



Intentional Diplomacy ~ Let’s Talk Mutable!

The culminating Full Moon in Gemini

On December 7, 2022 at 16 degrees

Be mindful of a very real need to be aware of your body and mind connection. This is necessary because this Full Moon is conjunct Mars in Gemini. There could be a tendency to think before feeling and then moving without being aware of where your body is. The corrective is to feel where you are and then use your mind to be aware and navigate your body through.

Slapstick comedy was born from such a dilemma. So just be aware of where your feet are, where you are moving to and what is around you. Specifically during this brilliant Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars.

All this while remembering to have fun! After all it is curious Gemini we’re talking about. A social butterfly motivated to move from one situation to another in the interest of gathering information to share and to impart. Then to just do it all over again.

In this way we are being fiercely energized by the light of this particular silvery Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars.

The Moon and Mars brightly illumined by its opposition to the Sun at 16 degrees Sagittarius. This Mutable fired up opposition then forms a square to Jupiter at 29 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune at 22 degrees.

So what does this all mean? How might it affect us here on Planet Earth?

The Moon motivates our subjective felt sense experiences. Whereas Mars is body motivation in terms of vitality, life force and instinctual needs. Mars’s fight for survival can sometimes be expressed as a forceful willfulness. The challenge with this combo is to keep focused on intentions. Focused intentions help to not become scattered by the Mutable Airy qualities of the Gemini duality along with its insatiable curiosity.

Gemini’s curiosity and desire to learn, to know and to understand must be afforded the space to tell. Moon/Mars in opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius brings a profound meaning to this moment of culmination.

Particularly potent is the square angle it forms at the time of this lunation to Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Creating a challenging dynamic that questions the desire to seek adventure, to know other philosophies and cultures along with justice in terms of the law. It enriches the Gemini curiosity with meaning and focus while setting up a healthy questioning of assumptions.

This Full Moon marks a time of summing it all up while happening within the midst of so many new beginnings. Adding to the mix is Jupiter at 29 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune at 22 degrees. The abrasive challenge of the t-square to the Sun’s opposition to the Moon /Mars combo offers some interesting insights and opportunities for expanding one’s perspective.

Mutable qualities during this lunation in these planetary combinations indicates the possibility of diplomacy. A way of moving forward that is receptive and flexible enough to navigate. This sets the stage to negotiate along with a willingness to come up with diplomatic solutions.

At this time as we are in a dangerous turning point globally that certainly diplomacy is the most significantly sensible way forward. Probably the only way to go forward at this time. At its best these planetary formations can serve to stimulate a path forward towards global higher consciousness. At least that is one lens to look at it through.

The Full Moon in Gemini in this t-square is itself the pearl beyond price. Probably this moment has been formed during the past two years or more of dealing with many unprecedented challenges. It’s time for compassion and understanding as influenced by Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces to give way.

It’s time for many more to see, sense and experience that there are benign practical sensible possibilities to work with. Opportunities that implement alternative prudent and clever options. Traditional and innovative gallant ways that will serve to transform this critical moment. To transmute old choices into a meaningful centered and well grounded point of dialogue that offers the flexibility to do things differently. To do better for everybody. To really know that we have within our grasp solutions that support and honors the integrity of safety, stability and the truth. We are ready. It is time.

However, for this to be truly effectivethis must be done while respectfully empathizing with the ones you disagree with. This is the moment, that very rare moment where we do not have to agree, understand or like what the other is saying. However we must give opposing views the respect of being heard and acknowledged.

The healing potential contained within the intrinsic essence of Gemini is to listen and then to communicate. This is the prominent and most promising factor of this Full Moon in Gemini.

Duality is a strong dynamic at play at this Full Moon. Once again being played out through the t-square that the Moon/Sun opposition forms to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Indeed this is a moment when adversely opposing sides to a dire disagreement must be spoken.

Communication is golden! Put it into words. Let’s talk, Let’s speak freely. No judgement is the way. It’s how to allow adverse misunderstandings to be put on the table. That’s the start of working it all through. Then let it be. Just for the sake of being present with all the duality and adversity. That is where diplomatic solutions are found.

Empathy from the depths of the truth about the memory of our history must ring out. This Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars held within the compelling t-square to the Sun in Sagittarius connecting to Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, has the potential to evoke ideas such as these along with the compelling need to understand them.

So let’s talk to each other. Let’s be heard. And then let’s co create something new and wonderful!


Full Moon in Gemini through the signs ~

Aries ~ Divine wisdom is yours for the taking at this pivotal time close to the edge of doom and gloom. Here you are, fearless Aries in the midst of the influence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer however, Mars your ruling planet is connecting with the insatiable curiosity of Gemini conjunct the Moon in all of its challenging connections. Enjoy the stimulating motivation of it all. Remember to look very mindfully before you leap.

Taurus ~ This is an educational moment for you as you experience the ability to break free from some irrelevant habits. The reward is replacing them with purposeful current ideas and new rituals based on who you are now. Enjoy the new!

Gemini ~ This Full Moon is in your honor. The emphasis of your sign as the crescendo of this cycle could be experienced a bit more intensely than usual. Go with the flow. Perhaps your attention can be much more focused than usual on outer events. Still remember to bring the focus back to you with care, compassion and mercy. This is a critical moment which means growth and expansion of your understanding of your life is at hand. This is the perfect time to become aware of what you are wanting and needing to bring into your life moving forward.

Cancer ~ A thoughtful time of reflection as you mindfully commence to assess what your goals are moving forward. So much is continuing to be broken down with Pluto in diametric opposition to your Cancer Sun. However, do take heart, it’s making way for cultivating new opportunities that will be far beneficial in the long run. Hang in there!

Leo ~ This is a melange of creative cosmic flow with a somewhat sobering philosophical bent. So be mindful, of the mix of energies. This is a good moment for reflecting on what is coming to fruition and what is still in the midst of development. Just keep moving forward, all that is desired will emerge in good time.

Virgo ~ This is a beneficial time to talk things over with your partner. Issues and dilemmas past and present could arise. Take heart, the influence of Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury in Capricorn along with the Mercury ruled Full Moon opens the door to some seriously productive discussion. A good time for working through issues if you are in a relationship. If not in a relationship this is a good time to seriously nurture the relationship to yourself. That is the best way to bring in the perfect partner.

Libra ~ This might be a stressful moment but that’s because there is so much push/pull creating friction. The ultimate goal is your integrity along with the willingness to deepen your understanding of yourself and in relationship to others. No matter what, you will be embodied in the grace and strength that Venus, the ruling planet of your sign, has to offer. It’s all good.

Scorpio ~ The pain of transformation and change that has been a part of your life for many years is itself in the process of changing. At this moment some reasonable elements of wisdom through compassion are seeping through. It’s as if this is the time to step back and observe all the demolition that had to occur making way for a clearer, clean new space where you can now create something new. Enjoy!

Sagittarius ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday✨🌞✨ In the heart of a challenging moment, your vitality and enthusiasm is contagious. A necessary affliction as it were. Life keeps sending you opportunities for excitement and adventure. Well now you get a chance to apply what you have learned. The energy of this Full Moon in your opposition sign Gemini suggests the necessity for you to be open to listen to all sides of an argument. Then hold the reality that there are two valid sides of the same coin. This is where the magic unfolds. As you stand in the center of a paradox you can comprehend with clarity the understanding needed. It is then that a solution becomes evident.

Capricorn ~ This is a moment of manifestation for you. The trine Saturn forms to Mars in Gemini and the sextile to the Sun brings the necessary clarity, energy and communication needed to complete or embark on any project now. Just keep going, you are on a roll!

Aquarius ~ Albeit, there is still resistance and some struggle there are pathways opening up for your own deliverance. Saturn in your sign in harmonious aspect to this Full Moon/Mars conjunction in Gemini clarifies your thinking. The sextile to the Sun in Sagittarius energizes the mandate to move forward, all systems go, with feeling and meaning. The square of Uranus to Saturn adds the spice of resistance and challenge that so inspires you. Remember, “ Nothing lights a fire lime a dream deferred.” Just do it!

Pisces ~ The Cosmic dreaminess that is a natural part of your life experience is being fired up by necessity. Truly this is the moment for you to be arguing the case expressed by Elvis Costello, “What’s so funny about peace love and understanding?” This is the moment that perhaps you can write a new song or poem. Maybe choreograph a dance or make a movie/documentary based on the push and pull you might be experiencing at this time. The tension is a necessary component that is part of your journey of evolution that could feed into the much needed evolution of humanity at this time. Remember to have a sense of humor, truly the best is yet to come.


So there it is.

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The Energy Of This Moment

On 11/23/22 Began The New Moon In Sagittarius At One Degree

The first degree of a sign marks a new beginning. This is the beginning of the beginning of a beginning. I say this here now since at the posting of this piece it will be a new beginning that has truly begun.

Preparation to create within a new beginning
What will you be creating?

Sagittarius season is a time to jingle jangle the creative spirit within the key of hope, faith and well being. To integrate our ideals, dreams and desires into a well played symphony. To be played in harmonic resonance using the wisdom gleaned from facing the challenges that life presents us with on a daily basis.

This New Moon which is the beginning of the Sagittarius cycle, heralds in a time of confronting challenges and difficulties with the joyful spirit of adventure. To learn, to know and to find meaning through wisdom gained as we keep going one small step at a time.

If Scorpio season in its energy towards transformation drops us down into “the dark night of the Soul” ~ then Sagittarius is about the experience of embracing life with the spirit of adventure. This serves to energize us and shoot us back out into the light. To seek to find the meaning in the chaos brought about by life’s challenges so we can find a new perspective, a new light, a new angle.

This is an amazingly awesome time to be learning new things. There is an expansion of consciousness that flows in the direction of justice combined with mercy and compassion.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, late Pisces, forms a trine to the conjunction of the Sun/Moon in early Sagittarius. The Traditional ruler of Pisces, being Jupiter, is conjunct the Modern ruler of Pisces, being Neptune. In light of everything, it seems that the New Moon in Sagittarius which took place on November 23rd is about combining the old with the new.

This is a needed transmutation made possible by the sextile Pluto forms within this Grand Trine. So very perfect as we emerge from Scorpio season and just dive right into creative explorations inspired by the fiery vibrant and expansive Sagittarius season.

However, this moment is being influenced by the tension and stress which Mars in Gemini forms with the dynamic energy of Jupiter and Neptune. The gift here is that it allows serious thought to precipitate actions. Mars such a fiery ball of instinctual warring energy is being asked to be mindful of what’s on the game board of the theater we are all in.

A jolly big planet
Powerful little planet….

I wonder what wise and much needed pearls of wisdom might just emerge at such a time as this.

This world, this earth, a planet containing so many creatures, vegetation and human beings. At such a time as this where we are so very interconnected through some electromagnetic cosmic and technological gadgets into a shared raised awareness. I want to hope and have faith that this moment affords us a golden opportunity to connect our own heartfelt humanity with shared concerns about our earth, fellow people and the creatures in it.

Could this be the seed of possibility contained within the influence of the Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus. It very likely is. It’s the energetic influence of the transiting square of Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus to Saturn in Aquarius at work. Doing its job as a catalyst for an emerging deepened vision of changing values. That includes a new relationship to money and finance. (More about that in a later post.)

There is an energy of reflection and looking back as we continue to move forward. The vibrancy of this transit is actually propelling a collective consistent movement onward.

Particularly the trines that Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces has formed to the Moon in Sagittarius when conjunct the Sun at 1 degree Sagittarius.

A new beginning on so many levels. We have begun this Sagittarius season with relief. The moment to finally allow ourselves to enjoy a deeply awaited exhale. With that exhale comes an inspired desire for comprehensive understanding and a willingness to explore new ideas and concepts.

The Sagittarius New Moon conjunct Sun vibe has enlivened a certain kind of jolly, jovial optimism. A sort of joie de vivre. To humbly and happily be grateful and glad that indeed we are here alive and well. We continue to move forward being open to fascinating new adventures as we continue on into the waxing Moon cycle. ~ Stay tuned to hear my interpretation of the culminating moment of the Full Moon in Gemini on 12/7/22~

This Waxing Moon Moment thru the Signs ~


Aries ~ A relatively mellow movement forward based on the need to be mindful of your impulses. The experience of vulnerability that Chiron transiting through your sign brings is a deep understanding of suffering. There is a path towards healing, meditation and some kind of balancing through yoga or tai chi that could serve you very well at this time. Truly you are learning to embrace the Spiritual Warrior that lives within you.

Taurus ~ Your sign is the star character in the story of stability being thrown overboard to allow chaos to have its say. The only way to reclaim stability and calm is to allow yourself to be open to the adventure of no stability. The ultimate goal here however is to shake loose from irrelevant habits, routines and “stuff” that no longer serves you. Lighten up to tighten up and move forward in joy, good health, prosperity and beauty.

Gemini ~ Such a beneficial time to tune into the insatiable curiosity so inherently characteristic to the nature of your sign. This actual moment may be a tense learning time. So many conflictual and opposing ideas about the way you are living your life. A bit of frustration and stress in getting your needs met. I suggest that you be still so you can observe with understanding and compassion what your best responses to this moment may be. Then slowly but surely, going one step at a time, carry on.

Cancer ~ Perhaps this is a moment for you to witness and observe from a certain distance new developments occurring. There is a paradigm shift taking place. Fortunately for you, your sign has a bit of distance from it. The actual New Moon on the 23rd was a harmonious bit of relaxation. A bit of a breather, only to make way for a new cycle of growth that as always requires shifts to occur. However, within the confines of your protective shell you have the choice to allow yourself to be intuitively aware of the adventure of the newness of this time or not. So clarify what you need in order to plan and act accordingly.

Leo ~ This is a good time for a mind expanding journey into ideas, concepts and cultures foreign to you. If traveling is what you like, taking a trip could be beneficial at this time. Upon your return you will have shifted your own perspective along with your point of view on things. Such a thing will potentially “blow your mind” in a good way.

Virgo ~ There is a blending of some new found ideas that you are able to consider as a helpful interweaving with the wisdom of some loved time honored traditions. Thinking of this time as a potential growth period then enables you to reap the sensible knowledge and logical practicality of incorporating the traditional with modern innovations. Intertwined in all of this do stay focused in the present moment in order to clarify what is most important for you in order to be fulfilled now.

Libra ~ It’s as if you have been invited to an event that contains beautiful insights into the nature of justice, balance and harmony. Conflicts may arise, however you have the wherewithal to contain the tension while remaining cool, calm and collected. Then find the place in the middle of the dilemma where you can interweave all components into a fine resolution. Then move forward from there.

Scorpio ~ This moment is a bit of a reprieve from all the ignited growth and transformation brought on during your Birthday season. Growth and transformation is still here for you to enjoy. It’s just happening in a much more subtle nuanced way. The best way to make use of the energy of this moment is to be creative in order to drop down into your senses. It is there that you can become aware of a word, thought or image that will guide you towards what you need. Then run it by your mind in order to navigate how to achieve it. Enjoy.

Sagittarius ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday! ✨🌞✨This birthday is a time of deep soulful inspiration and productive expansion. So keep in mind what it is you most long for. This birthday is a seriously real new beginning. To have the clarity about what in your heart that might be think about your life now. Remember how you got here and where you’d like to see yourself going. This process unto itself is the beginning. In time clarification will appear. All you gotta do then is to get to it!

Capricorn ~ Your sign still remains at the heart of it all. Even while the final vestiges of obsolete outmoded concepts and systems are being torn asunder. Take heart, for this is actually a good thing for you. This makes it a productive time for you to sort through the concepts and systems of your own life that need a rewrite. This is a beneficial time to clear out the old in order to manifest and materialize what relevant, fresh new projects you want to begin. Then organize and set it up to create and manifest it.

Aquarius ~ For Aquarius I say, “ what a long strange trip it’s been!” Now gratefully, you are not dead, you gotta just keep going. This is the perfect time to take a beat, perhaps even retreat a bit in order to collect yourself. As you were coming upon a workable new system of balance, while being overwhelmed and in the midst of the joy and relief of it all, something happened that just knocked the wind right out of you. Is that so?!? Perhaps it was a sort of mild setback?!? Remember that sometimes even a delay may prove to be beneficial. So take heart and take good care. All is fine, well and good as you keep on keepin’ on. ♥️

Pisces ~ The luminosity of some old and new luminaries conjunct in your sign is imbuing the greater collective with the hope of a wave of mercy and compassion to ride on. Dear Pisces, what a perfect time to express the misty depths of the potential of the cosmic beauty that is simply the most significant component of your DNA. At the same time, do remember to breathe and stay connected to the earth keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Most importantly be mindful of your daily routines. Our daily rituals and routines serve to keep us centered and connected. Perhaps some of your routines need a rethink. If so let them go and replace with something better for you now. Pisces, being a mutable sign does well to change things up from time to time.


Well, there it is!

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The Waning Moon Is A Momentary Pause

Having moved through the lunacy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8 in Taurus, there is a sobering calm. The calm after the storm.

The Moon is the luminary of unconditional love.

The Sun invigorates our energies to quest.

One of the meanings of the Sun in Astrology is the masculine father principle. The power of self dominion along with respect. To acknowledge the place of authority without domination. Since accomplishment is the motivation here the love is quite conditional.

Just to recap. The Moon at 16 degrees Taurus was sandwiched into a conjunction with Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Being brightly lit by the Sun at 16 degrees Scorpio sandwiched into a tight conjunction with Mercury and Venus. This powerful culminating point was being mediated and facilitated by Saturn in Aquarius at the pinnacle of this t-square.

That particular combination of Planets and signs has the potential to bring into view, if we choose to be aware of it, accustomed ideas and behaviors. To examine our experience of familiar played out patterns. Some of these past ideas and ways of thinking contain wisdom. Uranus in Taurus is shaking out the old, antiquated and irrelevant systems in order to make space for the seeds of the new to come into being.

So if it’s been a bit of a rough and shaky ride, just trust that wisdom and a newfound clarity is being brought about through facing challenges.

Challenges, pain, conundrums and contradictions that might have emerged during Scorpio season are in the process of being sort thru.

Allow yourself to be aware that this moment is still vibrating with the octave of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. The North Node in Taurus is illuminating the path towards a new found stability that can be seen, sensed, touched and felt. Thanks to the richness of Taurus.

Apologies that indeed this is a very brief post. I wanted to share some of my thoughts and reflections as we move forward. It is a good breathing place to stand still and to acknowledge the mist of the waning Moon. Such a great time to sort through what the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has evoked for you.

This is the fourth quarter of the waning Moon. A time to relax and reflect on where you are right now. At this moment Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces is trine to the stellium of the Sun/Mercury/Venus beckoning the adventures and lighthearted search for what it all means. This is our preview to Sagittarius season.

More about that including the New Moon in Sagittarius through the signs.

Looking ahead……

So do stay tuned.




Mystical Musings Thru The Murky Mist, Of It All

New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse~ 10/25/22 ~ 2 Degrees in Scorpio

T’was @ 6:49 AM ESDT

When the Moon in Scorpio conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio and the South Node. A change and transformation is gonna come.

It’s the New Moon conjunct the Sun that is the beginning of a new cycle, yes. However, its the Solar Eclipse that opens up the galactic gates of consciousness. When that occurs it encourages experiences that enables us to move forward while integrating the wisdom of lessons learned from the past. To take stock of how we got from there to where we are now.

This Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in the spirit of rebirth, redemption and transformation. To open the doorway to a creative new beginning. A birthing born out of comprehending the knowledge gleaned from the depths of lived experiences.

The Grand Air Trine with Mars in Gemini at the pinnacle puts the emphasis on actual lived experiences as the operative thought. That is thanks be to the curiosity and natural love of learning that Gemini imbues Mars’s fiery instinctual drive with. This makes Mars transiting thru Gemini fan the flames of voracious curiosity and the knowledge and understanding born out of actual lived experiences.

It is fascinating to ponder the creative enthusiasm of Mars fired up by the Airy intellect of Gemini. There is contained within this some sort of comic relief. It could be quite funny, in fact even silly as Mars imbued with a curious burning hunger is moving forward, becoming quite intrigued, then being motivated to breathe in speculative and utter mindful thoughts.

This has the potential to be emphasized on a whole new level what with Mars in square aspect to Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces could influence. I dare say that huge leap of faith is needed to educate Mars in Gemini in diplomatic communication. Perhaps it could be a long shot, but maybe this square could get into the heads of those folks in positions of “power” to become abruptly aware of the burning need for compassion, mercy and understanding. Let us affirm those concepts and choices become a key part of any and all discussions as opposed to the escapist delusional deceit and fog that Neptune can impose.

That is why it is a saving grace to have Saturn in Aquarius, albeit still square to Uranus in Taurus, as the other pinnacle of this trine. Thru the challenges and blockages Saturn also has the capacity to establish new healthy flexible boundaries. Even if they must be negotiated and renegotiated to get the structure of them right. Saturn becomes the rider on the horse. Serving to tame the fiery impulses Mars in Gemini brings. Saturn in Aquarius brings the stabilizing voice of reason to the impulsive, fiery temperament of Mars in Gemini.

To influence collective motivation towards logical thoughts that will benefit humanity. As we keep on moving forward.

Then it all comes up for mulling over by the committee. That is Mercury, the Moon and the Sun in Libra along with Venus forming a stellium that brings it all back home to personal matters of self and other. Yes, this is the third component of this Grand Air trine New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Peaceful balance, via diplomatic negotiations have real possibilities of being evoked at this New Moon Solar Eclipse juncture.

There is an Air of innovation at the heart of this moment. A new perspective on our lives which is making its way through many, many years of a morass of clouded vision. Now we have a freshly inspired component via the evolutionary influence of the divine discipline of Saturn in Aquarius. Serving to open our minds to a fresh new point of view.

There is a grace and elegance emerging from the painful pangs of labor. As we are collectively birthing a new evolved understanding. A seedling of consciousness that is permeating within all of our collective cultures. So that there must be at this moment in astrological time, an opening of the door. Opening enough of us up. Carrying us even further along. To carry us ever further forward towards the evolutionary paradigm shift that perhaps we have already been in process with for many years heretofore. Only now we are beginning to know it.

What a great time to reflect, breathe snd ask yourself what new seeds are you desiring to plant moving forward?

The vibration of this new moment, this powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. “Tell me what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver~

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio through the signs ~

Aries ~ There you are in plain sight, brilliantly exposed while still coming to terms with vulnerability. As you are beginning to make sense of it all. This moment can prove to be quite enlightening for you as Mars, your ruling planet transits thru Gemini. A really good time to keep a journal, if you don’t already do so. Much to take note of.

Taurus ~ With all of the complications and concerns of the past several years this is the time to just let go. Surrender to the vast beauty and wealth you have to draw on in your life right now. So many pieces of the puzzle are coming into place for you. But only if you surrender to being present each moment. Your value system is being transformed in such a way that will benefit your health and well being with joy. Yes, joy, love, peace and happiness.

Gemini ~ Dear Gemini, if there was ever a time to pick up on kick boxing, Kung Fu or Tai Chi, this is it! Mars is slowly but surely transiting your sign. It’s fierce physically fiery spirit could imbue you with many more notches of high octane energy than you are accustomed to. I mean, your sign is already quite Mercurial and highly charged. However, now you’ve got even more. So many more octanes of energy and willfulness running through your psychic center. So be cool. You must remember to remain the rider on the horse. This will definitely be a time of many adventures. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences of this from any of you out there. Do let me know.

Cancer ~ This is a dynamic time to get things done. Libra planets moving into Scorpio is a good time for Cancer. As things around might feel a bit destabilizing, during this fascinating moment we are collectively moving through, Cancer has the resource of establishing inner stability through creating home base and the nurturing hearth wherever you go. Use this time to consciously observe yourself claiming that wonderful part of yourself while in the midst of much change.

Leo ~ It’s a fascinating challenge for you to find your bright warmth and light, even as you stand across from cool Saturn, dynamically in opposition to your sign. Still and all, no reason to be concerned over fear of being invisible. Not you! Mars in Gemini could definitely put some pep back into your step if you need it. Along with your kind of dynamic relationship with Scorpio. Just keep clarifying what you ultimately desire. Clarify your goals. Then use your charm and charisma to reach them.

Virgo ~ “With a song in my heart” would be a great way to bring some balance to your often analytical logical mind. This is a good moment for you, as Scorpio season is for Virgo. Take advantage of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio to really allow yourself to drop down into your deepest wishes, desires, hopes and dreams. Music and song is always a good way to get there.

Libra ~ Moving forward to keep on building healthy relationships that bring you the necessary chaos needed. This then strengthens your skills to reestablish peace, balance and harmony. The grace and beauty you bring to this endeavor imbues you with inner strength, wisdom and the courage to commit random acts of kindness and untold beauty.

Scorpio ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday! ✨🌞✨ This birthday is a celebration of all the lessons and education that the whole of your life has brought you to. Be aware of what the most challenging thing you went through was. Remember how you got through it. know that the gift of this moment is the knowledge that you can get through anything. The second phase of Scorpio’s evolutionary experience is that of the Eagle. Think of yourself as the powerful eagle who has the capacity to glide through the heavens with a few flaps of its wings. To rise above it is a healing reflection to take with you as you continue on…..in health, wealth and fulfillment.

Sagittarius ~ Your intuition will be well employed at this time to allow you to become aware of things otherwise taken for granted. This is a time of heightened energy for you triggered by Mars in Gemini which is in opposition to your Sun. This makes it a good time to develop healthy ways of dealing with aggression, anger and frustration. Whether it be your own or others. Remember, anger is an organizing force that supports good healthy actions that supports life. I also highly recommend channeling your energy into sports, dance, martial arts or active adventures that requires exerting physical energy. Just be sure to balance it out with a swim, a steam, a sauna, massage and/or meditation.

Capricorn ~ Being pulled in so many directions. Finding a certain kind of peace and harmony amidst new ideas and philosophies. On the other hand, mundane affairs are presenting challenges that could be working your nerves as you focus on finding a balanced compromise. The mysticism and maturity of your sign will come in quite handy as things unfold for you in this next bit of time. Just stay focused on your priorities, then play and improvise the rest if you will. A fascinating season awaits you.

Aquarius ~ Life is getting good for Aquarius as the proverbial plot continues to thicken. Having learned to dance in pirouettes through the amassing boulders of challenges has made you well practiced in such things. It will make the work ahead easier. Even fun! So you just go and get yourself right down to it. There is a light at the end of the long dark tunnel you’ve been traveling thru for quite some time now. Keep going! You are definitely getting there.

Pisces ~ Always the beginning never the end. Just a steady flow of cosmic delights and breathtaking beauty. This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio aligns quite well with your ability to enchant and be enchanted. Just be sure to stay grounded, centered and mindful of yourself and others in every possible way in every present moment.

There it is!

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Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 🌚



The Ramifications Of The Full Moon In Aries~

Pun intended!

‘Twas 10/9/22 ~ the Astrologer here is in the midst of learning a WHOLE new OLD traditional language. However, the heart and soul of this piece is still true to my name ~ Thank-you

The fury, fire and rage of this powerful Full Moon in Aries, which just passed resonates with the basic life loving instinctual need to survive.

It’s the gift of this moment. Truly, since the Sun at 16 degrees Libra conjunct Venus trine Saturn in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini brings with it some yearning sentiments of peace, love and understanding. The light of higher consciousness must find a way to break through. It must.

There is the connectivity of the Sun/Venus conjunction in Libra through its opposition to the Moon/Chiron conjunction in Aries having its effect on relationships. Relationships that are imbued with a slightly uncomfortable vulnerability would do well to be seeking balance through striking some kind of harmonious stability. I know this is easier said than done. However, what with the light of truth being illumined by the brilliant energy of this opposition amidst the light of the silvery Moon, why not?

In other words this Full Moon in Aries could be heralding in the much needed communicative and diplomatic way to embody the raging fire and fury of change that mankind has been laboring under for many years now. There is a way to channel the creative passion contained within the tension that is actually a metaphorical labor pain seeking the integrity of its own individuation. A glimmer somewhere within our collective psyche is expanding towards this understanding.

On many levels this would be a natural response to an increased notch of stress and uncertainty. The result of the square between Saturn at 18 degrees Aquarius with Uranus at 18 degrees Taurus. This is the final chapter in a trilogy of this particular tight square. I would suggest using this moment, especially as we are in the foothills of Eclipse season, to focus on staying centered and grounded within yourself. Doing breath work, yoga, martial arts or Pilates as an act of self love.

In reflection this powerful square brings to my mind the quote from Marion Woodman in her book Addiction To Perfection, “We live in a predominantly Christian culture that has lost its connection to wafer and wine.” That statement describes to me the conflict and stress being expressed via the energy of Saturn in Aquarius in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. A shaking up of the old while implanting the seeds of the new. The awareness of which we are still not yet conscious enough to live into just yet.

The hope and prayer of eliciting cooler minds and open minded compassion and understanding must be added to the equation. As we continue on living through such amazing times. Here I am reflecting on world affairs. This Full Moon in Aries is activating a needed breakthrough moment into higher consciousness, but only if we are aware of it and only if we can allow it to be spoken about out loud.

“You gotta row on both sides of the canoe, or you’ll just keep going in circles.” That’s some Native American wisdom I heard today spoken by the teacher, singer and activist Buffy Saint Marie. Are we in the process of understanding how to hold paradox? The movement through the heavenly spheres could be prodding and influencing us along such lines. Along with those people who understand and know. They are enlightened beings who choose the wisdom of love, compassion and understanding. Even in the face of fear. Courage is the sentiment we are growing into. The courage to love and the courage to communicate and share

Played by ear and the beating of my heart and soul ~ welcome to my understanding of this moment in time ~ through the signs ~

Aries ~ In the center stage of the hot seat of vulnerability and conflict. A relatively familiar place for you to be. Perhaps it’s because through conflict and adversity you get to express yourself. However, now you are being asked to explore your fiery energy from a perspective of subdued humility and wisdom. Just make sure you are clear with yourself about your intentions and goals. No matter what, indeed you are in the midst of opening your horizons to the new and innovative.

Taurus ~ Gotta love this moment in time, my dear Taurean friends! Yes your passion and feelings might be running quite strong. No matter, allow yourself to trust in your process of change and innovation that has overtaken your life for the past several years. This is the moment where what has grown obsolete can be let go of. So let it go so that something far more satisfactory emerges to take its place.

Gemini ~ Feeling a bit “hot under the collar lately”? Not to worry! As you are having an educational moment. Learning to manage an instinctual need to not only survive but to thrive. Seek the joys of beauty, peace, love and harmony through Venus conjunct the Sun in Libra. Then allow yourself to be held within the cool discipline of Saturn in Aquarius. Not a bad time to enter into a relationship or make some good headway in the one you’re in. Maybe even just groove on all this amazing energy that’s playing you.

Cancer ~ Sometimes, perhaps you feel all alone in the world. Fear not. Consider this a resting place. A time to regroup and gather yourself. In fact reflect on the past three years so you can move forward in time with the clarity you so love and appreciate towards a newfound stability.

Leo ~ Libra is a good season for Leo. Your fiery energy is much appreciated especially during this Full Moon in Aries. It’s so warming and comforting to be fired up and then balanced out by the peace loving energy of Libra Sun. All this while you are being tempered and refined by Saturn in Aquarius. This is a good time to write your memoir or start a podcast. The mellow energies are a good place to explore just being a more low key elegant light of love.

Virgo ~ There is a kind of stress eliciting the kind of tension that could be compelling you to communicate some ideas you have. It is not an easy experience to be aware of, however being aware of it opens you up to choices. The most helpful thing to do is to use this moment to assess your situation, clarify what you need and move forward from there. Even if you don’t have the most satisfactory outcome you will definitely learn and grow.

Libra ~ ✨🌞✨ Happy Birthday! This is a very magical Birthday year for you. On October 22, 2022, there is an exact conjunction of Venus, your ruling planet with the Sun in Libra. A powerfully sweet bunch of energies to herald in your coming year. Still at this moment the culminating energy of the Full Moon just passed has been another extra boon for you moving forward this year. It’s a Grand Trine of balanced Yin~Yang, tempered with the challenging power of Saturn at home within itself. This is a great time to get to your work, your ideas and your beautiful self out there. Enjoy!

Scorpio ~ It’s time to assess what might not be working for you in your life. Time to let go. To establish a healthy flow of your energies. To take in the new lessons and new found understanding coming in. There are some fun times ahead, but first the clearing out and the letting go. A process you are quite familiar with.

Sagittarius ~ Some might think you be too outspoken and opinionated, while others utterly appreciate your upfront way of communicating. Finding the balance between the two is what this time is about for you.

Capricorn ~ This has the potential to be a gestalt aha moment for you. The way to harmonize with it is to meditate and breathe into this very present moment. The Full Moon in Libra with all of its good fortune is making you question all that you thought you knew. What you thought was real and solid is not, while what you thought was powerless and inconsequential is actually proving to be quite visceral, tangible and useful.

Aquarius ~ Take this time to tune into harmonious powerful energies that really love you. Such as those that the Grand trine this Full Moon has brought in. Remember that along with some stress and discomfort that are actually huge growing pains, to hang in there, check your temper, stay calm and pay it forward. Time will tell, however the Universe agrees that you are on the right track.

Pisces ~ Neptune your ruling planet is prodding you towards assertion of some kind. Perhaps journaling would be a good thing to do right now. This way you can become conscious of what is trying to make itself known to you. Along with being able to communicate it to others, especially a significant other, if you are so blessed to have one. With all of the stresses of this moment, love compassion, forgiveness and mercy are the goals.


Well, there it is. Writing from my heart while learning some new astrology techniques. No matter, I hope this was helpful.

To contact me for a reading or some really good Life Coaching ~

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Peace and love, ♥️


The New Beginning Of Love On Delay

{New Moon in Libra occurred on September 25, 2022 at 5:45 PM ESDT}

Libra the sign of relationships and partnerships seeks peace, harmony and balance in matters of justice. The adage, “it takes two to tango” is a necessary component of these things. So Libra, ruled by Venus relates to all things that have to do with relationships.

In fact Libra is a sign of duality. It’s a place where we learn to “hold the tension of the opposites.” To learn to work through the anxiety that comes up when we are required to make a choice. To know the intention is to seek balance and harmony even when there is dissonance.

Venus ruler of this New Moon in Libra fills our attention with beauty. To strike a balance within us that resonates and harmonizes beautifully. This is a moment to open our minds and hearts to the beauty around us. To be present with the resonance of harmony, peace and joy. Like a well kept secret which is actually hidden in plain sight. This is the time to take a moment to stop and become aware of your surroundings. Then to become aware of who you are in relationship to it.

To really experience that “Beauty is not a need but an ecstasy.”

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror, but you are eternity and you are the mirror.” – Khalil Gibran from The Prophet-

Beautifully adorable!

However, beauty can only emerge as balance is attained. The kind of balance that comes from the realization of stability. It’s the consistency of our routines and rituals that creates the structures we need to establish reliability. This then allows us to trust our own process of life in relationship to all of existence.

This is where calm happily resides. The kind of serenity that fosters stability and safety. The sort of peace that resonates beautifully with chords of harmony. Its the experience of being held within this cradle of balance which is what makes life worth living.

I love Libra. I love writing about Libra and breathing presence and truth into the experience of beauty. It’s really not a frivolity but rather a joy and a pleasure. It’s one of the feelings that makes living life worthwhile. It’s also the place from which we can start making some realistic sense of our lives. That relaxed place of harmony is what Libra and her ruling planet Venus is about.

The ecstasy of beauty actually serves to inspire practices that require discipline. This is in order to maintain the very balance and harmony necessary for a healthy relationship to ourselves and each other. Beauty then serves as a breath of inspiration. This is very fitting since Libra is an Air sign. A Cardinal Air sign that stimulates activity.

During the season of Virgo there was an impulse towards perfection through the practice of elegant service. Now as the season of Libra unfolds there is a curious enough impulse to enter into the awesome quandary contained within the perfect imperfection of relationships.

For the most part entering into relationship is a great way to experience the divine imperfection of living in an imperfect world. Albeit, we never ever release the need to seek perfection. We never stop, nor should we ever stop doing that.

However, the gift of relationship allow us to enter into chaos so that we can journey back towards a place of equilibrium within ourselves while maintaining our inherent need for partnership. In reality, it’s quite a spiritual growth process. On some level, real or abstract we are all participating in this dance.

This New Moon in Libra is strongly influenced by its opposition to Jupiter in Aries. Creating a desire to seek out the Yang energy of Mars. In a sense stimulating a desire to establish balance. Not so easy since it is in diametric opposition. A challenge that stimulates even more curiosity.

Learning to hold the tension of both sides of this opposition is a necessary component in striking the balance needed. It is fortunate that Mars in Gemini is in trine to Saturn in Aquarius. Allowing some flexibility and mindfulness to check in with what’s going on while imbuing the power of communication so as to entertain the possibility of talk.

To hold the tension of the opposites on many levels is a relatively new and necessary concept permeating our culture. It really seems to be a recently new fluent part of our experience at this time. Albeit, rather progressive, I look forward to it taking hold and becoming quite mundane. Even as we are in the midst of meeting the proverbial “demons at the various gates”.

With Mercury Rx in Virgo, there is the possibility of reckoning through some form of skilled communication. A significantly needed elixir at this time. At any rate, this is a fascinating new beginning on so many levels for all of us as we continue on.

Now, Neptune Rx 23 degrees in Pisces is adding a powerful dose of love, compassion and fog into the mix. Try not get lost in the swirls of hazy mist.

Seeing our way through…….

Neptune believed to be the higher octave of Venus can bring our awareness to a whole new level of understanding of what love is. How it permeates all things. That is if we can allow ourselves to drop down into the actual realistic awareness of our own experience of being alive.

In this way Mars is of great assistance. Mars the embodiment of the body even as Mars is in the mercurial sign of Gemini. Mars forms a T-square to the stellium of this New Moon in Libra via its square to Rx Mercury in Virgo. Just to keep us on our toes.

This creates the atmosphere of some kind of poetic renaissance to help coax truth and Justice out. Since Neptune is engaged there is some tricky interplay involved. There is still so much illusion and delusion abounding everywhere. In light of that, it’s helpful to be aware that we do tend to view it through the lens of our own perceptions and belief systems. That is why communication is worth it’s weight in gold. We must get on the same evidence based reality page. Then as a community we can create the sustainable changes needed for the well being for all.

That is why it’s a good thing that there is also the tightening of the square of Saturn Rx 19 degrees in Aquarius to Uranus Rx 18 degrees in Taurus.

It’s a good growing pain, albeit quite uncomfortable and inconvenient. Still and all, the time has come for us to grapple with some new sets of values concerning money and the ways in which we live in the material world.

Truly, this is a powerful moment in time that encourages a healthy questioning of antiquated traditional systems. The shell of the old needing to be made conscious and processed so that the seed of the new can grow in a relevant life sustaining way.

It’s about clarifying what we must let go of in order to make the space for creating something new.

All this while at the same time acknowledging and respecting the wisdom contained within the shell of the old. To learn from the past then to release and move forward.

The past might have elements that contain the seeds of some new possibilities. This is a good time to acknowledge all the experiences of our lives that have brought us to this moment. To then let it go with gratitude. Then to step through to the doorway of a new beginning.

To have clarity, even within the fog and stresses of challenges. To participate in the ecstatic awareness of being alive. To be aware and grateful that as a result of toiling with difficulties and challenges, we are now filled with wisdom. The wisdom and strength to move forward. Self esteem emerges as we take responsibility for ourselves along with the grace of self confidence. Now, to my mind that is the embodiment of beauty, balance and harmony.

To value the healthy awareness of being at the center of the creation of our lives. To make a commitment to live in balance, peace and harmony, that then reverberates all through our global village and all through time. That is what this New Moon in Libra holds as a possibility. To be mindful of these ideas and anything else you might want to set as your goal as the Moon continues to wax towards the culmination of fullness on October 9th at 16 degrees Aries. Stay tuned.

L’Shana Tovah ~ Happy New Year!

The New Moon in Libra through the Signs ~

Aries ~ There is a continuing need to settle into yourself and breathe. This helps as you may be experiencing some restlessness. Take care to do some inner reflecting. This could serve to give you the grounding and centering that is called for as Jupiter transits your Sun. The wisdom of the saying, “be careful what you ask for” is good wisdom for you to be aware of now.

Taurus ~ The Grand Trine that directly involves Taurus is a great opportunity to make sense of what it’s all about for you. There might be a needed gentling of some of the anxiety you have been experiencing. So take the time to relax, reflect and take note of what you are beginning to comprehend from the past couple of years. This could bring some meaning and understanding to the experiences you have been having lately. Experiences involving unusual wants, needs and desires that might seem a bit out of character for you.

Gemini ~ There is a fiery surge of assertive energy that is with you now. A really good time to begin yoga or a good martial arts class. Physical activity is a good way to channel this extra oomph of energy. So you can be cool and not find yourself to be the pinnacle of much ado about nothing. Whatever you do, be mindful of breathing out after you take a nice deep breathe in. Then use your vibrant curiosity to create a language that gives expression to the amazing new experiences this moment keeps providing.

Cancer ~ Continue to adjust to this new season by making yourself at home within it. In many ways this is a harmonious movement forward for you. Perhaps you are experiencing a silver toned lull to the din of the day. In other words, focus on the sound of any sweet harmonic that brings you to a place of comfort and rejuvenation.

Leo ~ There is a lightening up happening. Leo loves Libra. Even amidst challenges and the somber Saturn influence right opposite you. Allow yourself to get dressed up, to be out and about and to play. To bring your own special brand of brightly lit fun energy into whatever venue you find yourself in. To shine and be loved!

Virgo ~ To bring the knowledge and wisdom of the past season into all of your relationships now. Make sure to give yourself time to be physically active. Movement right now is necessary for your health. The ease and release of energy that movement provides will give you the clarity to deal with whatever might b coming your way.

Libra ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday Libra!🎶🎶 Many happy returns! Use the gift and blessing of this moment to clarify your direction moving forward. Feel into your hearts desire. Know that you are in the midst of facing some life changing experiences that could be quite fruitful to your goals moving forward. So reflect on this past year, acknowledge all that you love about your life now. Then think forward and become aware of what is next. What are your goals moving forward. Then keep on!

Scorpio ~ This is quite an illuminating time for you. That is inasmuch as you can value putting words to what you have learned through the course of your life to date. Much of what you want to accomplish can be done. It’s through the obsessive perseverance inherent to your sign along with all of the powerful planets playing with you right now. So let it be. To be open to see what will unfold.

Sagittarius ~ A major rush of energy to move you into the flow of this present moment. Towards whatever adventure you are setting your intentions on now. Whatever it might be, I hope good healthy physical activity is a part of it. The other serendipity of this moment is to communicate about it. Whatever it might be. So write it or speak of it somewhere. The assertive energy of communication is an organizing energy of healthy individuation. Use it well!

Capricorn ~ There are some hard realities that you have been confronted with lately. Now there are influences that are affecting your perspective on things in a whole new way. Situations that might have felt solidified and settled may be seen in a whole new light. Allow yourself to surrender to some new ideas that might have seemed far fetched in the past. New possibilities abound. Let yourself be open to exploring them.

Aquarius ~ This is one of those moments where it’s very necessary to get all your “ducks in a row”, as it were. Otherwise, like the psychic Cassandra, no one will believe you. So this is a bit of a stressful time however a wonderful time to get your house in order and tend to your business. All of your hard work is starting to pay off. Just keep focused on what your goals are and how you want your life to look.

Pisces ~ On some level feeling beguiled to make yourself known is the question of this moment. To step out of the veil. It’s actually the cosmic energy of your ruling planet Neptune playing a prominent role during this waxing Moon. Most significant for you is the gift and resource of compassion and understanding. Perhaps needing to be put to good use moving forward through this time. Just make sure you apply that needed mercy to yourself as well!

Well, there it is!

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Happy New Moon 🎶!



Compassion Permeates Planet Earth

The Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces on September 10, 2022, occurred at 5:59 AM ESDT ~

The Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces illuminated by its opposition to the Sun at 17 degrees Virgo is about blending the ethereal with the practical.

To find focus, by being grounded and centered with practical tasks that keep our mundane daily living running smoothly, via the Virgo Sun. To then allow ourselves to surrender to the misty elegant gossamer experience of transcendent cosmic consciousness, as illuminated by the Full Moon in Pisces.

Pisces asks us to surrender. To let go, with compassion, of increased frustrations and tensions we might be experiencing. To then process what those frustrations and tensions are by bringing them to our attention in a calm logical way. Then we have Virgo, to ground, center and bring the balance of Earthy practical Virgo into the equation.

What makes this Full Moon in Pisces so particularly potent is the conjunction it forms to Neptune in Pisces. Planet Neptune being the ruler of Pisces and of this Full Moon.

So much Neptune.

So much Pisces.

Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune is about forgiveness, compassion, mercy and surrender.

Ultimately the quality of the Moon in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces encourages us towards the release of ego. That’s not ego, in its healthy function as “mission control”. Rather, false sense of self ego. The deceitful tricky delusional notions of ourselves and our lives. Could be a painful process of surrender, albeit the reward is quite valuable.

To surrender a false sense of self in order to become embodied as your own authentic self is a necessary ingredient with which to have a fulfilled life. That would be the healing component of this Full Moon in Pisces.

The Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces can also serve as a pathway to merge into a sea of oneness.To become aware, beyond judgement, of how interconnected we all really are.

The other feature and resource contained in this Full Moon is an element of service. Elegant service, via Virgo, along with the service of healing implied through the Pisces experience.

It is one of the elements that Pisces Moon and Virgo Sun have in common. That is the ultimate motivation to serve. As Bob Dylan has said, “You gotta serve somebody.” This is a good moment to reflect on where you are being served and/or where you serve others in your own life. To note the experiences of serving and being served. To be aware and grateful, and/or to forgive and let go.

This Full Moon forms a square to Mars in Gemini. Gemini is a curious sign hungry for experiences that supplies information and answers to questions. Mars, being instinctually driven is bold, fearless and willful. As we are now in the midst of Mercury Rx this could bring about some serious, “foot in mouth” communications.

Be somewhat assured that the square it forms to the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces can actually serve to temper any possible verbal atrocities. Such is the elegance of the Pisces/Virgo dichotomy. So the prescription here is to be aware and work with this energy as you remember to breathe and focus on your best intentions.

To be mindful with understanding of yourself and others in order to navigate your interactions in loving kindness.

“You better believe it, this thing is real!” says Talking Heads

This Full Moon in Pisces through the signs ~

Aries ~ Continuing to learn to live life with a humbling awareness of your deepest vulnerability. At the same time feeling fired up to make some new lasting changes. Learning to experience your strengths through an internal sense of power, as opposed to externalities.

Taurus ~ Change does not come easy, however at this point it’s becoming a familiar friend. There is a certain sense of surrender that evokes a desire in you to let go of the past and to see what comes your way. The Universe is saying, “it’s alright, gonna be ok”

Gemini ~ Being perhaps a bit more rambunctious than usual as you are experiencing Mars in Gemini energizing your mind and body. However, please be gentle with yourself and others. Your mind and body are operating on a more fiery energetic field than usual, with Mars in your sign. A good time to study Martial Arts or join a kick-boxing class. To just embark on any project that involves a creatively fun and healthy release of energy. Energy that brings joy, is always a good thing!

Cancer ~ A sensitive feeling time for you. A good time to let go and just be creative. Perhaps put on music and dance or just groove to whatever strikes your fancy. Being reassured, not to worry, since what’s needed is actually being accomplished. This is a good time to just surrender and relax. To be prepared for when the time to be very active and involved emerges once again.

Leo ~ This moment is profoundly serious growing pain. A pain that is leading you to a new path of understanding about yourself, your relationships and your life. Hang in there! This moment is worth every bit of your precious attention.

Virgo ~ This moment is a grand finale. A completion of a fruitful Virgo season. Relax and enjoy this culminating period. So that you will be available to take on new projects that will support you by the time of the next New Moon in Libra on 9/25/22.

Libra ~ An expansive moment to gather knowledge. Your mind is open towards a deeper understanding of ideas and situations that have previously been foreign or unavailable to you. This moment helps you to become aware of where you belong in the grand scheme of things.

Scorpio ~ A relatively relaxed time for you to focus on your deepest wishes and desires. Then see what of them has come to fruition. Know that eventually you will create something that you truly need from what you have already made manifest. That is a more perfect understanding, respect and connection to who you really are.

Sagittarius ~ This is time to become bone chilling honest with yourself. This way you are able to become aware of everything you have experienced in your life, so far. All based on your first hand experiences. So many blessings along with so many challenges have brought you to this very moment. Now it is time to let go and release it all. To await with patience the deeper profound meaning of it all for your life. Then you’ll know how to move forward from here.

Capricorn ~ Movement forward is slow and steady. Patience and perseverance as you steadily climb up that mountain towards your hearts desire. All in good time shall be granted to you, particularly as you envision your goal and desired outcome. This moment is harmonious with all of your natural inclinations, such as patience and perseverance.

Aquarius ~ Be mindful and careful of your health right now. There is an extra zip of energy combined with the need to continue to heed the challenges as they present themselves to you. Everything in moderation as you move forward into many new and fascinating developments.

Pisces ~ Such a teaching and learning moment. To consciously choose to stay grounded in the mundane as you are swept away into the ocean waves of blissful relaxation and inspiration. Remember it takes great strength and forbearance to have mastery of both worlds. This is your greatest gift and resource. Allow yourself to consciously claim it.

There it is!

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Happy Full Moon 🌕!



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