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Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents

March 17, 2018

Forever turning over and through the elemental flow of the power of water. Invariably marking the eternal cycle of change….

Neptune, the solvent of the Zodiac. The ruler of Pisces….the constant ebb and flow of the contraction and expansion of the moving current as it is perceived. Perpetually marking in its eternally slow motion way an ending that eternally opens to a new beginning if we let it happen…if our minds and preconceived notions can get out of the way long enough to let it be.

Surrender is the deepest teaching of Pisces and the planet Neptune.

And when we cannot surrender by not knowing how to or not being aware enough to understand that that is what is being asked of us, the price can be very dear.

Deep debilitating depression, suicidal ideation, drug and alcohol addictions along with  food, sex and other assorted forms of madness can ensue. All needing to be reckoned with so that ones Soul resumes being led through the vague, mysterious journey of surrender that Neptune has set up for our evolutionary growth and the attainment of wisdom.

In its mighty weight of diffusionary mist and confusion lies the crystal clear clarity that is ultimately the beginning of a new journey, the next step.

And we must remember to acknowledge with gratitude the strength, sovereignty and empowerment that is the ultimate gift of the Neptunian challenge.

In the book of Runes, by Ralph H. Blum, he says for the Rune of joy that, “ Joyousness accompanies new energy, energy blocked before now. light pierces the clouds and touches the waters as something lovely emerges from the depths; The Soul is illuminated from within, at the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, the meeting of the waters.”

I wish you all the trust in yourselves to surrender and dive into your own  Neptunian waters to receive the deeper knowledge, wisdom and clarity to begin again.

Happy Daylight Savings Time ✨☺️✨

March 11, 2018

As Spring begins to whisper……..

What lies ahead for your life?

How do you see your own blossoming occurring for this Spring?

I look forward to supporting, guiding  and offering insightful ideas, actions and ways for you to achieve your goals through my fun, enriching and deeply insightful Astrology readings.

As we patiently await Spring!




Splitting; The Eternal Good / Bad Dilemma

January 9, 2018

Not quite sure how to express what I am trying to express accept that I am concerned that women & girls in their “empowerment” are in actuality disempowering themselves from their hearts, their healthy individuation, selfhood and cutting themselves and others out of the feminine principle in its most humane form.

Something to not celebrate in all the  “me too” victim confession.  I believe that In its principle intention and motivation, which is to bring consciousness and right action to those undeveloped, unaware and undignified folks who think that when no one is watching they can exploit must stop. Agreed!  Therefore,  if they cannot stop themselves and do not see the crime in it, well then they must be called out. Called out so as to bring light, healing and a new  conscious understanding to the situation.

I do not condone inappropriate exploitative behavior in anybody, no matter what gender or sexual preference one is incarnating in at any time.

i do love strong, sexy hot gentleman. And I want to live in a world where both men and women share cohabitation on this planet in all countries with dignity, respect and responsible connection to their sexuality. ( BTW, I heard somebody say once that they believed that sexuality is a gift from the Universe!) I can see that.

Such a delicious thing that the patriarchs decided to bottle it in their interpretations of “divine spiritually” and sell it as forbidden. And now in the 21st Century perverse dumbed down presidencies and all manner of barbaric inhumanity seems to reign with all of our advanced technologies and regressed reptilian brains too damn intact to dismantle as of yet thus the decay caused by the hungry ghost syndrome and the impoverishment of humanity.

I am witnessing with concern that this is something that is being seen and understood as liberating and restorative when perhaps it is a mere splitting off of power which then is being acknowledged and applauded since it is comprehended as a taking back of power.  As a woman, Astrologer and practitioner, somehow this display this paradigm shift does not seem in its core as a real shift at all.   Rather it seems  to be replacing one externalized “Power over” with another “Power Ovet”.

I don’t believe this is the way to go, my sisters!      Mostly because I see what is being displayed as a taking  pride in an outwardly but not deeply and sincerely healthy solution to a situation that is in actuality  a symptom of a deeper  problem that has not been fully comprehended in a sensible comprehensive enough way.    I will hope that perhaps these displays of calling out the bad boys in all of their inappropriate bad behavior can be a start towards the revelation and discovery of what is being called upon by all of us that then ultimately shall lead to a transformation in our consciousness that includes, with respect every aspect of our humanity for all people.

As it is, albeit the intention behind these exposes is honorable as in being well intended in trying to bring about a beneficial result.     However, my discomfort with the “calling out events” is that I hear and witness the psyche of an unindividuated being having a temper tantrum because the trusted authority “ big daddy” turned out to be a not so honorable man or worst yet as astonishingly unindividuated as you.     The outcome at this time is that  now you, the proud   alleged “woman”, believe you have now reclaimed your power and that you are at last liberated.       I don’t see your seeming victory as liberation at all.    Rather one  form of tyranny now gets replaced with another.

There must be another way.

I know that there is or I don’t believe I’d find this all so unsettling.

I see and vision another way as being the journey of finding your inner sovereignty via embodying a healthy sense of selfhood. Yes an embodied sense of healthy selfhood thus embracing your own dominion and therefore easily and effortlessly working your power through  sensible, clever, intelligent humanity, using wit, love and communication. BTW, rage and anger when worked with and expressed appropriately is a form of love that the Buddhists call ruthless compassion.

I see this moment in time as this issue is being exposed and played neither about Feminism nor Masculinism but rather about Humanism.  Becoming human. Embracing our humanity.      The Heart, Soul, Mind and most importantly the Body of all beings at this time needs to become aware conscious, caring and responsible for their matter.  It all matters, (the Latin word for mother, btw).

Humanism, in the form of aware conscious and yes understanding, compassionate humanity is the direction we all must be going in.   I truly believe we get there by embracing our humanity in healthy connection to our senses, our sensate needs, our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our Souls.

The Power Of Self Awareness and Boundaries

October 27, 2017

I won’t!

Two little words that hold the key to the establishment of boundaries and sacred space.

Stating out loud or even to ones self evokes the presence of aliveness and Qi is restored….

Even if laws prohibit sexual harassment, until people who are vulnerable to such things can with conviction state, “No I won’t !”,

“Don’t you touch me”

Loud and clear, like they really mean it….

Not enough is accomplished.

I believe that the importance of appropriate respectful behavior is ultimately up to each and every one of us.

If we have came from a background of disrespect and dysfunction, then we must acknowledge the truth of that situation within ourselves.

“We can’t heal what we don’t feel.” Carl Jung states.

It is only through acknowledging our feelings and experiences that we transform ourselves and move forward.

Now more than ever it is so very clear to me that it is up to all of us to create the life we need, within a True democratic collective, as a Nation and Global Community.

It is so very necessary that we all commit to learn, heal and reintegrate a new understanding of what feels appropriate, healthy, safe and respectful.

In contrast, if indeed we have come from a healthy enough background so that the unforeseen inappropriate demand which can seem to appear out of nowhere is then experienced as a traumatizing shocking experience; a rude awakening that we did not sign on for. Perhaps then it is an opportunity to learn about other aspects of life. The darkness unveiled.

The shadow side being presented for the first time is always a scary outrage.

Anger and rage is the appropriate response to such actions, harassments and exposures.

Powerful alive appropriate feelings that must be channeled in a constructive, life affirming manageable way in order to reinstates the light, energy and being of ones presence.

How to do this since without consent there has been a forced feeding from the tree of knowledge?

A knowledge you didn’t care to necessarily know about.

A coach or guide can help acting as witness, support and validator to dilute the trauma and re-establish sovereignty within.

Laws and legal actions must have their place as a source of protection to uphold our rights and as statements of what we, the collective validate as ethical, fitting and just.

Still and all, nothing works better than the conscious awareness within the present moment which is where we have access to our feelings in that time as it is occurring that allows us to become aware of a sense of knowing which is the voice of our inner guidance that can lead us towards the right appropriate actions that shall reinstate our sovereignty and create the necessary safe space.

The conscious awareness of ourselves and our surroundings along with the wherewithal to take care of ourselves with wisdom, grace and the knowledge that “ I won’t” “No!” is the place of self reclamation and self sovereignty.

I see that as the challenge before us.

It is getting played out by our sisters and mothers coming forth and stating the truth of their past and present experiences.

“And the only Angel who sees us now, watches through each other’s eyes.” sings Rickie Lee Jones

I am a Humanist, and I believe that until we reclaim our humanity by valuing our feelings and experiences much more than our intellect and technologies we will never be secure or liberated.

…..Some thoughts as the Sun and Jupiter journey through Scorpio.

Reckoning Thoughts & Reflections On The Incomprehensible ; a work in progress

October 10, 2017

Obedient driven thwarted anger.

Feeding frenzy profit driven bloated businessmen, stock market traders and military industrial complexities happily and self satisfyingly fire up the fear they use to fool the masses backwards towards suppressed liberty in the name of so called homeland security.

Another mass shooting.

A deranged breathtakingly out of touch ignorant POTUS.

Impoverishment of the “hungry ghost”, sucking the people and the planet dry.

Until it stops this is seriously how it’s playing out.

But it is not play.

Nothing fun here.

On the contrary,

Indeed the rabbit is howling and is crying out for help from,We, The People.

These events must be taken seriously.

I wonder and I hope with all my heart that we are able to bring forth the humility necessary in order to comprehend with clarity the incomprehensible shame & humiliation made manifest daily.

In order to stop this madness that could possibly be coming to a head.

Jung says,” you can’t heal what you don’t feel”.

Feeling distressed.

Deeply concerned.

Utterly overwhelmed.

In expressing it as I see it in terms of physical-biological, psycho spiritual and critical mass manifestations in relationship to the movements of the planets, asteroids and other points, orbiting through the perceived energies colored by the zodiac signs the quest is to perceive that perhaps there can be observed influences, teachings and wisdom through our awareness of these transiting planets as a way to intuitively comprehend some riddle or guidance that can be decoded and interpreted in order to seek to halt such heartless, senseless acts, including acts of inaction induced by the shock and awe lack of humanity being played out.

Before it is too late.

Do we have time?

Good question.

Seems that it has been throughout this catastrophic unfolding the unveiling of evidence hidden or merely incomprehensible yet consistently being presented by investigative journalists seeking truth and reality.

Not what many want to perceive or believe.

Claiming the shadow to create the integration and healing that is needed and necessary, still too taboo for too many.

Yet, that is one of the ways through.

Trying to make sense of this insanity as it consistently unfolds.

Now it is happening, so blatantly and brazenly before our eyes.

While We The People, occupied in our own civilian lives that unbeknownst to many, (at last becoming) rudely awakened to the surreal news that out of ignorance, apathy and just basic concerns of basic ordinarily extraordinary life challenges of daily living that we find ourselves in this truly frightening predicament.

A POTUS, who is so outrageously inappropriate, threatening danger, playing “chicken” with everybody’s lives, who does not seem to have inclination, heart or clue, nor does he seem interested.

Like a madman without any character or inner compass so as to connect to reality or even the vaguest possibility of the Laws Of Cause and Effect, devoid of any wherewithal, dignity or respect, hence does not seem to have any capacity at all to respond like a human being, let alone to execute the office of the Presidency.

The most frightening aspect of this moment, however, is not actually Mr. Trump but rather the folks pulling his strings.

The ones who are relishing that such a dummy, such a heartless maniac is there to do their bidding, having bought the government and all of our sacred government offices through slimy, sleazy exploitation’s and “deals”.

Shortsighted businessmen, smartly dressed sociopaths abusing the pulpit of their puppet in “chief” so to be exploiting and robbing blindly not only the people of this country but the people’s of our global community….and Planet Earth itself.

The major factor connecting us all.

And really All of us are in this together.

The way I see it is that there is only one way through this mess.

Yes, there is hope.

The way through is to wake up.

We all must wake up.

In present time.

Here, now is the point of power.

It is so.

So to nourish and inspire present time awareness I shall bring in to this post my understanding of the movements of the planets at this time, influences of the past and possible implications for the future.

It has always been a point of comfort for me know and to be aware that here on Earth we are in relationship with these heavenly bodies.

As sure as We are Carbon.

As sure as The Quantum Theory Of Physics and the energy of electromagnetic.

It is fascinating then to explore the cryptic and perhaps not so cryptic messages that with study, exploration, intellectual and heartfelt intuitive awareness, interesting insights and wisdom does flow.

So let us see….

Slept In The Night, Day #3 of a 21 Day Reversal

September 20, 2017

Into the nighttime rest last night within the midnight hour of the brand new next day,

Awoke as the clock stroke 5:55 AM EDT…..

Within the beauty and joy of that powerful number out of my bed I arose

Gratefully thrilled yet humbly in the service of the upward hill climb towards a reversal of irrelevant sleep cycle from a past life now gone….

With conscious awareness along with the knowledge of the richness of that past I joyfully thrill to the magnificent adventure of this present moment at this most treacherous though transformative of times.

Having slept.

An amazing thing that I rested and refreshed all my synapses and the miraculous systems that I embody

Awake to the faithful feeling of the light of dawn even as there is still the darkness of the veil of the morning night sky.

Awake however still quite sleepy, albeit somewhat rested enough to witness an awesome lit sky.

An awesome lit sky.

The glorious light of an awesome lit sky

Good Morning!

L’Shona Tovah!

Happy New Year ✨☺️✨

And most importantly Peace on Earth🙏

Lunar Solar Self Awareness Astrology Class ☺️🌖

September 8, 2017

A weekly gathering to honor and support setting goals and accomplishing them.

Hi Folks

I am offering an ongoing class about becoming self aware through learning the very basics of astrology as we experience cycling through the movements of the Moon in all of her phases in relationship to the movement of the Sun.

The key to understanding ourselves in a helpful effective way is to become aware of our experience of the Moon in relationship to the Sun as it is colored by the signs of the Zodiac Wheel.

The class shall be a safe, comfortable and respectful place for experiential astrological exploration that serves to provide you with the tools and the ways to work with the information presented.

The discussions shall be geared towards using the knowledge to formulate  rituals, projects and plans that support meeting goals and creating the life you wish to lead.

For more information please email;


phone: 212-475-1906