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Reckoning Thoughts & Reflections On The Incomprehensible ; a work in progress

October 10, 2017

Obedient driven thwarted anger.

Feeding frenzy profit driven bloated businessmen, stock market traders and military industrial complexities happily and self satisfyingly fire up the fear they use to fool the masses backwards towards suppressed liberty in the name of so called homeland security.

Another mass shooting.

A deranged breathtakingly out of touch ignorant POTUS.

Impoverishment of the “hungry ghost”, sucking the people and the planet dry.

Until it stops this is seriously how it’s playing out.

But it is not play.

Nothing fun here.

On the contrary,

Indeed the rabbit is howling and is crying out for help from,We, The People.

These events must be taken seriously.

I wonder and I hope with all my heart that we are able to bring forth the humility necessary in order to comprehend with clarity the incomprehensible shame & humiliation made manifest daily.

In order to stop this madness that could possibly be coming to a head.

Jung says,” you can’t heal what you don’t feel”.

Feeling distressed.

Deeply concerned.

Utterly overwhelmed.

In expressing it as I see it in terms of physical-biological, psycho spiritual and critical mass manifestations in relationship to the movements of the planets, asteroids and other points, orbiting through the perceived energies colored by the zodiac signs the quest is to perceive that perhaps there can be observed influences, teachings and wisdom through our awareness of these transiting planets as a way to intuitively comprehend some riddle or guidance that can be decoded and interpreted in order to seek to halt such heartless, senseless acts, including acts of inaction induced by the shock and awe lack of humanity being played out.

Before it is too late.

Do we have time?

Good question.

Seems that it has been throughout this catastrophic unfolding the unveiling of evidence hidden or merely incomprehensible yet consistently being presented by investigative journalists seeking truth and reality.

Not what many want to perceive or believe.

Claiming the shadow to create the integration and healing that is needed and necessary, still too taboo for too many.

Yet, that is one of the ways through.

Trying to make sense of this insanity as it consistently unfolds.

Now it is happening, so blatantly and brazenly before our eyes.

While We The People, occupied in our own civilian lives that unbeknownst to many, (at last becoming) rudely awakened to the surreal news that out of ignorance, apathy and just basic concerns of basic ordinarily extraordinary life challenges of daily living that we find ourselves in this truly frightening predicament.

A POTUS, who is so outrageously inappropriate, threatening danger, playing “chicken” with everybody’s lives, who does not seem to have inclination, heart or clue, nor does he seem interested.

Like a madman without any character or inner compass so as to connect to reality or even the vaguest possibility of the Laws Of Cause and Effect, devoid of any wherewithal, dignity or respect, hence does not seem to have any capacity at all to respond like a human being, let alone to execute the office of the Presidency.

The most frightening aspect of this moment, however, is not actually Mr. Trump but rather the folks pulling his strings.

The ones who are relishing that such a dummy, such a heartless maniac is there to do their bidding, having bought the government and all of our sacred government offices through slimy, sleazy exploitation’s and “deals”.

Shortsighted businessmen, smartly dressed sociopaths abusing the pulpit of their puppet in “chief” so to be exploiting and robbing blindly not only the people of this country but the people’s of our global community….and Planet Earth itself.

The major factor connecting us all.

And really All of us are in this together.

The way I see it is that there is only one way through this mess.

Yes, there is hope.

The way through is to wake up.

We all must wake up.

In present time.

Here, now is the point of power.

It is so.

So to nourish and inspire present time awareness I shall bring in to this post my understanding of the movements of the planets at this time, influences of the past and possible implications for the future.

It has always been a point of comfort for me know and to be aware that here on Earth we are in relationship with these heavenly bodies.

As sure as We are Carbon.

As sure as The Quantum Theory Of Physics and the energy of electromagnetic.

It is fascinating then to explore the cryptic and perhaps not so cryptic messages that with study, exploration, intellectual and heartfelt intuitive awareness, interesting insights and wisdom does flow.

So let us see….

Slept In The Night, Day #3 of a 21 Day Reversal

September 20, 2017

Into the nighttime rest last night within the midnight hour of the brand new next day,

Awoke as the clock stroke 5:55 AM EDT…..

Within the beauty and joy of that powerful number out of my bed I arose

Gratefully thrilled yet humbly in the service of the upward hill climb towards a reversal of irrelevant sleep cycle from a past life now gone….

With conscious awareness along with the knowledge of the richness of that past I joyfully thrill to the magnificent adventure of this present moment at this most treacherous though transformative of times.

Having slept.

An amazing thing that I rested and refreshed all my synapses and the miraculous systems that I embody

Awake to the faithful feeling of the light of dawn even as there is still the darkness of the veil of the morning night sky.

Awake however still quite sleepy, albeit somewhat rested enough to witness an awesome lit sky.

An awesome lit sky.

The glorious light of an awesome lit sky

Good Morning!

L’Shona Tovah!

Happy New Year ✨☺️✨

And most importantly Peace on Earth🙏

What It Is, What It Is, What It Is

September 2, 2017

There are no ” white supremacists”.

That term is not based in reality.

Rather the term needs to be changed.

I believe that they would much more aptly be called in actuality what they genuinely are ; “white ignorant racist bigots with delusions of supremacy”.

Personally I don’t comprehend anything supreme about that.

How did they get that title anyway?

Did they begin calling themselves that or did other folks with more wisdom and foresight give them that name as a way to label the pathology which that form of bigotry steeped in pathological narcissism is.

In light of the ecological crisis we are in at this time and the utterly distorted backwards economy which I believe is consuming and exacerbating catastrophic events at this moment in time, I believe it is necessary to refer to “white supremacists” as they truly are which is “ignorant white racist bigots with delusions of supremacist-tude”.

Jung says “you can’t heal what you don’t feel”.

I believe my thoughts above are expressing this on the collective interpersonal level reflecting my own experience of hearing that term, “white supremacist” which in reality is quite oxymoronic in light of the actual meaning of the term and the harm that it causes.

Yes, most significantly my concern is the term’s relationship to the harm that it causes.

There is nothing at all supreme about that split way of thinking which is based mostly in fear and greed, albeit there are other nuanced components at work, as well.

Rather than referring to their felt experience of being human these folks have left their bodies, ( which gets devalued, much like the feminine in our culture), so that any aspect of the shadow side of their humanity gets split onto the other.

Disavowed shadow gets projected onto the “other”.

All of this to say I hope the pundits, journalists and the public can begin to name these groups for what they are and not the grandiose delusion they believe themselves to be.

And then as the Eurythmics have said “Welcome to the human race”

And what about the left progressive side of the things, the Antifa?

I will be including an exploration of this side of things, while trying to see if there’s a way to ” hold the tension of the opposites” and seek out, look for or create a bridge of common understanding,

Please stay tuned.

Our Country Is A Place for Humane Thriving People…….

August 30, 2017

As I am moving further into this day, September 1, 2017….the first day of a new month and the beginning of the end of another week along with my own personal grappling, challenges and agenda to keep moving forward….I heard a phrase from the Broadway Musical Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Loyd Weber and Tim Rice….where Jesus is screaming ” My Temple shall be a House of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves! Get out, get out, get out.”

What a metaphor, depicting the sentiment of We, the People concerning the current administration but in my mind and to my knowledge and research a catastrophe, a mega wake up call to all of us that are conscious and aware enough to see it, that has been coming….

On This Day of Solar Eclipse & The New Moon

August 21, 2017

Reflect then on your hearts desire as informed to you by the energy of your Moon’s placement in your chart.

There is a magical wisdom in the Moon eclipsing the Sun that holds the promise of manifestation for all of your needs wants and desires to be realized.

With clarity, focus, discipline, practice and perseverance structures of support, health, prosperity, success and most importantly harmony and peace can and must be made manifest at this most awesome of times we are living.

Something about this longest day……June twenty one 2017

June 21, 2017

This time of life as this day of the brightest light continues to unfold.

This day being the  longest length of time that the light of the Sun which is traveling through the nurturing sign of Cancer lingers on until long into the night.

Such a divinely captivating phenomenon, this time of the evening Sun.

The glorious warmth of Summer that serves to illumine our lives.

This time of year can be such a glorious cycle of warmth and light which almost always, for the most part fills me with wonder.  How it fills me with such delicious pleasurable charms and the beguiling bliss of many delights.

How utterly awesome to be alive at this moment and aware of the Mystery of the Universe just doing its rhythmic consistent dance.

Its thing, if you will.

 It’s own Cosmic thing.

That to my mind is the dance that expresses the eternal play of shadow and light.

Please do take a moment on this longest day of days and breathe into your awareness how you would like this day to unfold…

Acknowledging the presence of your presence within this beginning day of the Summer Cycle and the sweet journey towards Autumn, remember to  ask your inner being, what shall you create for yourself, your life, your heartfelt blissful needs, wishes and desires within your journey on this June 21, on this longest light of day.

Then with awareness, deep understanding and compassion  observing  mindfully and with loving kindness the strength, beauty and  grace of your own intuitive cleverness (ultimately forever seeking balance), that allows you to discover and realize what you have lived, come to realize and are beginning to know of yourself and your life.

Then with gratitude for the gifts, resources ,challenges, puzzles and quests that are all part of a well lived life…then dear reader, become acquainted with your own knowledge and your experience of the consistent rhythm of precious aliveness as you watch with fascination as this longest, longest day of all days slowly, slowly, slowly and ever so slowly closes as it culminates into the cool shadows of night.

Happy Summer to All ✨☺️✨

Uranus, Mars, Aries ; The seed of the new in the shell of the old

April 25, 2017

The shaking away of irrelevant structures does not make Mars by way of the Sun moving through Aries very happy.

Rather it is a vulnerable experience that evokes a kind of irritable defensiveness due to a perception real or imagined of being threatened.

Within the agony & distress of a Uranus Mars contact via transit, one must surrender to the chaos while seeking to allow some deep moment of  self awareness to unfold….And it will.

In seeking the teaching, by means of a magnificently orchestrated conglomeration of disruptive chaos….the chains of inner bondage are broken.

Honoring this process however unattractive it is, will then grant inner communication of the self with the self….

“Just like two primordial lovers, once created our Sun” – Essra Mohawk-