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The Full Moon; The Culmination In Aquarius

August 16, 2019

On August 15th, when the Moon is full at 22 degrees Aquarius, this innovative rule breaker designed to bring clever ways of viewing your self, your life and the world shall wake us up and shake us up right out of the morass of deadening mediocrity as it shines its innovative luminosity for all the world to see.

The originator of new ideas seeking to build an awareness of how the way your relationship to your life is but a part of a greater collective. Aquarius is imbued with the need to support the dignity and well being of humanity, whereas Leo, its opposite is concerned with the nourishment and nurturing of its own shining light.

Aquarius inspires us to view life in ways that we might never have thought of. The influence of its ruling planet Uranus through a modicum of disruption serves to break us free of old outmoded habits towards relevant, refreshing new and pioneering systems of thought and structure.

“To learn from yesterday, to live for today and hope for tomorrow” Thus spake Albert Einstein.

Enjoy the glow of the Full Moon In Aquarius and seek to revel in the waning moment that follows to reflect, rejuvenate and rethink where to from here.

Still more to come.

A Teeny Tiny Tune For The New Leo Rising Moon 7/31/19

July 31, 2019

Today Bringing bright moments.

Of visions that contain elements of cleverness that fill us with inspiration, glamour and fun.

Hello, as we just might find ourselves entertaining notions of taking playful risks.

Gambling, love affairs and children.

Joyful jolly greeting to this Leo lit conjunction of Moon to the Sun

Leo is symbolized by the Lion, this august, stately, splendidly sublime creature of bold brilliance. Commanding our attention towards its power and might.

To have faith as we hold ourselves with humility, honor and integrity journeying through the heart of Leo’s majestic magnificence beyond its instinctual yet symbolic fearsome hunger in service of a thriving place of its own beaming brilliance and light.

It is nourishing and nurturing to be moving through the sign of Leo at this time while we are still very much in the process of breaking down old outmoded structures, via the still magnetic influence of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

The pervasive need to construct new relevant and flexible structures as the old ones no longer serve our time and life.

Yet, Leo with its colorful power of creative conceptions opens the door.

Inviting us towards inspiring ways of being that contain previously unthought of playful fun and fresh innovative ways of walking through time.

Revel, delight, enjoy and be amused as this lovely little moment of Leo energy adds a touch of creative inspiration and encouragement to the daily din as we carry on.

“Nous Somme du soleil.”

“We love when we play”

Happy Leo New Moon!

What goal shall you put forward beginning on this very day?

Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on with faith in your own selfhood, courage and hope in your heart.

Full Moon In Capricorn, Partial Lunar Eclipse 7/16/19

July 16, 2019

The Moon’s fullness of light, shines when it reaches it’s position in its cyclic orbit where we are actually seeing the Moon itself lit up by the Sun, just shining its light as a spotlight would upon it.

In Astrological and metaphorical thought it is the feminine intuitive nature of the Moon when in opposition to the masculine result oriented Sun fosters a power which manifests as a kind of madness. This tension and potency of the Full Moon is experienced and acknowledged as a time of high emotions reflected in the high tides that accompany it.
  • Management of our emotions brings about opportunities for new understanding of ourselves. Awareness unfolds during the Full Moon. However this Full Moon is marked by a partial Lunar Eclipse, which means that a portion of the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. This is all occurring with five Planets in Retrograde.
  • They are;

  • Mercury Rx In Leo having to do with communication and gadgetry

    Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius known to be in the realm of expansive joviality, hope, and justice of the law

  • Saturn Rx In Capricorn concerned with obligations, boundaries, discipline and elevation of one’s position in Community and Society at large.
  • Neptune Rx in Pisces the realm of Cosmic Consciousness, the Mystic and the dissolving of boundaries, spiritual and material
  • Pluto Rx In Capricorn can be experienced as the “wrecking crew” leading to transformation:and the power of birth through death
  • This indicates that there may be some delays or perhaps the paradoxical quickening of life events as things are slowed down a bit so as to bring about an opening to opportunities that might have been missed.
  • The Retrograde can be experienced as a slowing down of a prior flow of a once steady rapid rate. This can be experienced as frustrating or if you have well cultivated patience it can bring about sheer amazement as the slowing down of energy brings what is needed in order to allow situations to come to fruition.
  • This Retrograde moment can serve to allow for the arranging of a brilliant rearrangement of situations.
  • Retrograde movements actually support growth and change. Retrogrades may quicken some kind of inner revisionist of circumstances which then become clarified.
  • Be patient and persevere.
  • Breathe and be mindful of being here now.
  • Meditation practices are a good idea during these cycles serving to support calm. Nurturing human beings to be present just as they are. It’s is a good way to ride the wave of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy as it moves through the constellation of Capricorn.
  • Our past accomplishments, inner resources along with patterns we no longer need are illumined during this cycle by the very nature of the Sun In Cancer and Moon in Capricorn. It colors our experience metaphorically of the safe warmth of mothering and home which must lead to moving out into the world with integrity, focus, grace and strength, the realm of father.
  • Unconditional mother love diametrically opposing the conditional love of father
  • The Past development within home vs. Being out in the world accomplishing future high ambitions
  • This Capricorn Full Moon moment allows us to become aware of judgments, thoughts and feelings, for us to meet them face to face or not. As the Retrograde, particularly Neptune and Mercury’s influences in Rx unfolds. The suggestion here is to try to be consciously aware of your experience, with kindness and care of yourself.
  • Definitely a good moment to reflect and look with compassion, seeking to clarity your present circumstances based on what was going on six months ago during that Full Moon Cancer Eclipse cycle, and just two weeks prior on July 2nd during the Lunar Eclipse In Cancer.
  • The Full Moon, happens when it is in opposition to the Sun. The opposition forms stress, as if it were a rubber band being pulled apart. As Marion Woodman states, ” we must learn to hold the tension of the opposites”. This is a particular powerful moment of ripening. Allow yourself to become aware of opposing forces in your own life or deep within you.
  • I also recommend a bit of self love talk.
  • Words of caring, kindness, creativity and love felt from your inner most being.
  • This could be the beginning of a whole new perspective and understanding for you as your wants, needs and desires can become conscious, which is the first step in manifesting your goals.
  • What ever intentions had been set into consciousness at the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago is the forefront moment of this Full Moon. We must be patient as Mother love and Father reason are being met within the orbits of many challenges and boulders to overcome as Mercury Rx and the aforementioned five other planets which are in Rx colors our passage at this time.

    Keep on keeping on with clear intentions and conscious awareness so as to harness the power of this Lunar Eclipse moment to then let yourself move forward in harmony through this amazing journey as it continues to unfold.


    New Moon In Cancer Solar Eclipse

    July 2, 2019

    Mystery unfolds.

    The power of two heavenly bodies conjoin in such a way that they effectively interact with our energies on Earth to beckon and influence.

    At this moment in time the New Moon in Cancer held within the dynamic of a Solar Eclipse along with opposing by sign, not yet by degree, the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

    This powerful dynamic combination being quite transformative in its potential catalytic significance fills me with wonder and curiosity to see how it shall affect and touch our lives.

    This surely stirs up many things as these influences unfold and expand as we journey through our lives and perceive nuanced indications of change within our journey of living.

    Astrology serves us well when we objectively follow the symbols, the planets, the houses and the aspects, feeling into them intuitively, then using our minds to study the knowledge found in texts and with good teachers.

    The Moon In Cancer conjunct the Sun In Cancer allows for deep felt feelings to flow. Protective of its Soul, Cancer hides a powerful sensitivity. Water is its element from which emotions can emerge in a streaming strong kind of way. A nurturing sign that can serve to manifest as a mothering moment or the need to be mothered.

    A flow of sensuality and colors of experience, as we have transitioned from Gemini into the watery flow of Cancer.

    The Solar Eclipse becomes constellated when a significant Astrological point called the Nodes is in conjunction with either the Moon or the Sun. As it is today, July 2nd and now the Moon is new in Cancer. Since this New Moon on July 2nd is at 10 degrees Cancer it conjuncts the North Node at 17 degrees Cancer. Being at the North Node which indicates that this is a good time to focus on what is needed in your life which tends to be unknown to you and therefore unfamiliar.

    It is truly a time of new beginnings.

    As this North Node conjuncts the Moon In Cancer, it is a prodding moment of transformation where we experience the sweetness and power of the Feminine. By acknowledging, honoring and respecting the value of the power of the Cancer attributes of care, nurturance and soothing we evolve to own the feminine principle as a nurturing quality that supports life.

    Cancer Moon connected to the home and household.

    The household.

    What an amazing word, thought and idea.

    Cancer indicates home and home is where the heart and the household is.

    Capricorn is what is needed to hold that house together via structures that are strong, flexible and supportive.

    Through Centuries to date, we have gotten away from the feminine as a power whose validity. and necessity of nurturing and caring for oneself or others has lost its esteemed place of balance as equal but different than the masculine principle.

    Viva le difference!

    However, by diminishing the power of the feminine we as a species have lost the necessary component to our humanity. I believe the Pluto-Saturn Conjunction along with the New Moon In Cancer is guiding us towards retrieving the power of the feminine which, as it is happening now, is in the process of messaging us to restore the balance.

    The energy of Capricorn which is opposing the sign of Cancer in its position as the South Node is the structure, the bones that holds it all into place. It is, so it would seem what is in the process of changing, as we are moving away from building structures for the sake of it, now we must build to sustain life as indicated by the North Node currently placed in Cancer.

    Capricorn leads us to our destiny as eventually we must acknowledge the boulders, boundaries and limitations facing us that we must meet and deal with responsibly. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is about elevation, esteem and maturity.

    Yet it is within the welcoming warmth and comfort of the nurturing home where we are cherished unconditionally. Building us up, so we meet the world in our work and career with integrity and healthy boundaries.

    It is in home and house where we can revel, relax, refuel and get ready to begin again.

    So to create a structure of systems that enables us to enter into our community and the world which enables us to move forward and elevate ourselves, our stature in society through the work we do knowing that it can serve as some contribution to the Public.

    There is a spark of hope that a tide could be turning within our Earth and human culture towards the equal inclusion of the practices of the feminine principle.

    From a personal self care and self enhancement point, this New Moon is a fertile and fecund time of focusing on what you want to bring into your life that supports the feminine nurturing principle within you. It is time to move forward within a position of conscious connection to your feelings and desires in order to make happen in practical ways what is needed and necessary to create a healthy and thriving life.

    The Cancer Moon in conjunction with the North Node is a flowing movement forward towards a practical reformation of structures.

    Breathe into the comfort and significance of your home.

    Reflect on what you love, what you cherish about it.

    Then reflect on what you are longing for.

    Make a wish.

    And hold that desire and see where the wish takes you within the next 6 months.

    Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer.

    The Gypsy, The Philosopher And The Teacher

    June 15, 2019

    The Full Moon In Sagittarius

    Seeking an esoteric deeper meaning of the moment through a deep driving hunger for adventure. Building a philosophy which inspires the teacher to teach.

    The optimistic expansive energy of Sagittarius, journeys through, in the midst of turmoil and madness which then gets recycled and is then used as a flowing fuel in order to reach an understanding of the meaning of it all.

    Transforming mystery into sacred knowledge.

    Speaking philosophy as the poetry of principles, viewpoints and ideas.

    When the Moon is Full, brightly lit through its opposite position to the Sun, there is a culmination taking place by the very nature of the dynamic of the 180 degree angle formed.

    This Full Moon shall conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, which opposes the Sun in Gemini. A buoyant sense of expansion fills us with hope and optimism even as things around us appear dark and foreboding. This Full Moon acts as a wish fulfilling gem beckoning us towards an awareness of our deepest desires. Desires and needs translated into thoughts. Thoughts into words which then become comprehensible as ideas. Ideas which are able to be made manifest as a visceral blossoming of dreams into reality.

    The power of this Full Moon is so, because of the mutable, malleable energy of Sagittarius and Gemini which triggers an intuitive need to seek meaning.

    The meaning of this moment then gets to be translated into logic which nourishes as it feeds the mind. The final vestige of the influence of Gemini as this Gemini Sun season makes itself ready to ingress into Cancer. This time can emerge as a deeply felt impulse from your heart and soul.

    A phenomena, as it transpires even amidst the cardinal opposition of Mars to Saturn and Pluto. This certainly can prove to be a powerful moment of transformation and transitions towards healthy individuation as Mars which triggers our instinctual need to survive opposes the traditional structural constructs and ideas of which Saturn indicates along with its potential towards an epoch life changing potent conjunction with Pluto, aka, “the demolition crew”. Wrecking and reeking havoc towards that which is withering into decay.

    That which must die supported to do so via the transformative energy of Pluto. All in service of making way for the gestation of a relevant life affirming flexible humanitarian structure to be designed and reestablished.

    The good news is that eventually when Saturn moves into its own sign of Aquarius in late 2020, the concept of true humanity can be acknowledged as a valid and necessary experience for life in all of its being and resourcefulness to unfold.

    So take heart as this challenging moment too shall pass.

    Breathe and be present, with gratitude, if you will.

    As we are living at a transformative time of challenging moments with powerful power plays amidst boulders of challenges which are challenging us to truth or dare.

    A leap of faith kind of moment.

    “Nothing lights a fire like a dream deferred” kind of moment.

    With all of its frustrations, challenges and boulders, this moment colored by this Full Moon energy invites you to remember that the point of power is always in the present moment.

    So to be here now.


    Hello Temple Of The Mind!

    May 28, 2019

    The New Moon In Gemini

    Ambivalence becomes an energizing experience inspiring us to get organized. Empowering us to transmit and receive information. Becoming the messenger. The purveyor of communications.

      Such is the effective use of the energy of the New Moon In Gemini.

      Although not really the most comfortable, soothing, nurturing Zodiac sign for the Moon to be moving through, I suggest that through the practice of being fully present using the tools of mindful meditation and the mercy of loving kindness, the scintillating sparkling wings of Mercury can brighten, lighten and even add some zing to your life.

      Gemini, being an air and mind oriented sign ruled by the planet Mercury stimulates our journey by arousing our curiosity.

      It triggers our hunger to seek the gleaning of knowledge and information. Assorted trivia and anecdotes, to be stored away. To be called upon at some later date.

      Gemini ruled by the planet Mercury, is about the function of listening to and transmitting information, knowledge, fictitious stories and tales of adventures. Relating via communication. To discern information in order to register the data and file it away. The motivation and intention is to pass it on to others or to refer to it for oneself.

    The symbol of Gemini is The Twins.

    The essence and nature of duality.

    This experience of duality serves to guide us towards a repertoire of references that upholds the constructs which orientates us to our experience of the world and our relationship to it. In this regard, the Twins can be seen as two strong pillars holding up the weight of the Temple for the purpose and necessity of keeping together the structure itself. The Temple here being used as a metaphor for the mind. The mind which when aligned in a healthy way serves as the navigational go-between from our Soul to our brain, which is then organized by our ego, in the psychological sense of the word.

    Gemini Moon ambassadors in the beginning cycle of Gemini which ushers in a busy time, resplendent with ample social and traveling opportunities.

    However do keep in mind that this Moon In Gemini moment accentuates the significant basic need to listen, respond and to be fully present and aware.

    One of the important teachings of Gemini and Mercury is to focus.

    Begin by becoming aware of your breath.

    Then breathing in become aware of what your heart desires.

    Exhale deeply, allowing the flow of your breath to transmit the feeling of this desire to your mind, the Mercurial part of your psyche.

    Become aware of receiving a thought, an image or just some kind of felt sense which your mind as the messenger is beginning to transmit to you.

    Reflect on it so you can translate it.

    Then from there you move forward.

    To manifest

    To create

    Gemini encourages you to focus, focus, focus…and to keep on!

    Full Moon in Scorpio

    May 18, 2019

    Critical mass made manifest as more questions pop up seeking answers.

    Pressure to meet goals opposed by the challenge of delays.

    For Scorpio, there is a kind of adrenalin rush that is created through craftily seeking solutions that transforms challenges into the rebirth of new ideas and opportunities.

    Scorpio knows the igniting fire of truth can set you free. Awareness and knowledge of this wisdom has a calming effect as the Sun in Taurus get ready to ingress into the sign of Gemini on May, 21st.

    This Full Moon at 27 degrees Scorpio holds the energy of resolution, being at the tail end of Scorpio’s three fold journey. The brightness of the glow of this Scorpio Full Moon is the spark that lights the fire of transformation through which the Phoenix triumphantly rises up out of its own ashes. With renewed vitality, brightness and faith as it sparkles towards ingress to Sagittarius.

    A playful social time ahead…..

    But first this moment of energized moon lit brightness being centered within the depths of feeling as only Moon in Scorpio could.

    The Sabian symbol for twenty-seven degrees Scorpio was channeled as ” A MiLITARY BAND MARCHES NOISILY ON THROUGH THE CITY STREETS.” This Scorpio Moon comes to completion with pomp and arrogance. The tense noise of domineering Western “civilization” in defense of its waning relevance seeks to stealthily establish its identity. The image expressed indicates a defensive stance. A moment of vulnerability whose terrified and fearful response to change is to shut down. With shut down heart, shut down connection to humanity, to then march on, like an automaton. Unaware of how pernicious it becomes as it opposes its own call to life through its own instinctual nature.

    It brings to mind a resonance and indication of how this transit of Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn is being made manifest. Every draconian law, every criminal act committed against country, society and humanity is a manifestation of holding on to old irrelevant structures. The influential power of Pluto, ruler of Scorpio is knocking these outworn structures down. Trusting that this moment while filling many of us with angst and pain is the time of clearing out decaying structures by allowing us to see how destructive they are. This then serves to make room for healthy sustainable relevant and life affirming new structures.

    (The key is to stay awake and aware. To listen and to say.)

    Reflect on your own life now and how you might be working your will to uphold a tradition, habit or routine to no avail. Let it go for in all likelihood it is Pluto/ Saturn transiting that part of your life. Use this time then to release and let go of that which no longer serves you. Then allow yourself the adventure of living into what does.

    Enjoy this wild and wonderful moment of your life.

    “Planting your feet good and solid on the ground,

    Being willing to have it be so,

    Because by being aware of the worst and perhaps even accepting it,

    We then have everything to gain to improve upon”


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