The Voice Of The Soul That Sings



October 20,2021

10:57 AM at 27 Degrees

Powerfully dynamic is an accurate way to describe this Full Moon in Aries. The Moon’s opposition to the Sun/Mars conjunction in Libra forms a t-square to Pluto in Capricorn. A configuration that energizes this moment in such a way that it beckons us to pay attention. To focus our awareness on our experience of our own lives and how we are affected by the lives of others. This inclination brought to us through the resolution of this Libra Season.

Particularly potent player is Pluto, playing a prominent role on this Full Moon as we prepare to move into the Scorpio Season.

Action and process are the keywords here. Taking into account that Aries, Libra and Capricorn are Cardinal getting-things-done oriented signs.The way the Cardinal signs connect with the above mentioned planets and the aspects they form imbue a tense yet deliberate quality to this particular cycle as it unfolds.

The tension caused by the Sun Moon opposition in t-square angles to Pluto is ultimately a catalyst that stimulates resounding unbridled change. Here the ultimate goal is to bring about a re-emerging reconnection to Soul. To the heart of humanity.

Pluto is the pinnacle planet in the t-square to the Sun in opposition to the Moon. This strongly evokes a need to examine who we are. Who are we to ourselves and how does that affect our relationship to others. To become aware of the inner truth etched into our hearts. What of that do we want bring into our life moving forward? This moment begs the question.

Pluto in Capricorn at 24 degrees unconditionally destroys and demolishes in order to shake loose that which needs to be let go of. In the long run we are able to become aware of how this bit of trouble eventually serves to give way to a new way of how to view our experiences. How to view our lives. A new perspective that we can now bring into our experience so we can make choices that enables us to move forward with purpose and integrity.

This Full Moon in Aries is a culmination of the reckoning that’s been with us for quite some time. Here we are at the precipice of many critical collective concerns. Continuing to make our ascent. that opens our collective consciousness to new concepts and understandings. Making way for a rebirth.

Therefore, take heart and breathe deeply. Albeit, this Full Moon in Aries may very well produce challenges, let us be connected to the life force within us. The awareness that we have access to 24/7 within the calm and quiet of hearts and our soul. This is the way to behold the gateway of a whole new beginning. A portal that we never knew was there.

We hope this can occur through metaphor and the awareness we glean through meditation, mindfulness and healthy communication. This is very highly recommended in order to prevent a literal brutal wake up call. Right action, real communication and conscious awareness will serve to spare us from the further harsh reality of heartless savagery. I heard a wise person say that “ awareness is the catalyst for powerful change”.

Tea for two or more…why not?

The real and solid possibility of much better things to come becoming our reality is motivated by Mercury, planet of communication transiting thru Libra. This forms a sextile to Venus in Sagittarius. In this aspect it energizes the mind to listen to the heart. This is also the time tested path towards the creation and upkeep of healthy relationships as well.

This all works very well within this moment. As Libra, ruled by Venus and Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter are both concerned with justice and the law. Mercury in Libra as the domain of the mind in the planet of justice, peace and harmony forms a symphonic angle to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius imbues new original concepts about structures being reformed with an innovative sensible understanding of what serves all of us.

It is time, as Mars is in Libra trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, to let the voice of Justice ring out. To take a strong, resonant stand for integrity, truth and the bones of evidenced base reality.

Peace is the way

The masculine energy of the Sun in conjunction with Mars, the warlike planet in Libra forms a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. This trine serves to widen the scope of our perspective, to open our minds to concepts and ideas that serve to imbue our ways of looking at life and making choices with new eyes. It’s with these new eyes to see and understand that gives us a pretty good shot at working through these changing and challenging times. Be mindful that it is through the array of challenges coming our way that we are be able to find the language and ways to do the work to follow through. We can be the change we want to be. Working together to bring about the changes needed to benefit all.

To be refreshed by a life affirming understanding and a with-it world view. What an utterly cool thing for it to be that all of life would acknowledge the satisfaction expressed by Sir Gawain that indeed, “life is good.”

Awareness is the catalyst for powerful change.”

The gifts contained in a moment that presents so much tension, conflict and controversy is actually the key. There is wisdom to be gleaned here to open a new door. That is the point. To be aware of being alive right at this very moment and then each and every moment from this moment on. Being present as we keep on moving forward is our true point of power. We are then able to seek to create new flexible life affirming systems and structures held together by the bones of our own vital integrity.

This Full Moon in Aries which by its very nature is a culminating moment bringing on a rebirth into a new season. The season of Scorpio, a time of transformation, integration and healing. So drink it in and be soaked in the nourishing sweetness and beauty of this powerful harvest time.

Full Moon in Aries through the signs ~

Aries ~ This is your Moon-shine time. Experience your vitality in a way that brings you a deeper understanding of what matters to you in terms of your relationships. In terms of your home. Reflect on what brings you true pleasure and comfort there. A good soul searching moment for you.

Taurus ~ Hold tight! This is a moment to really begin some kind of meditation practice. Breathing deeply, in and out will support you for the next couple of weeks as you might be feeling a bit constricted. It’s actually a good time to not push anything or any situation. Rather, use the next few weeks to take stock of what in your life, home, work and family is functional and what is not. Write it down. Then through the course of the next few months you may begin making changes where needed, Always remember to acknowledge with gratitude the components in your life that are working well and give you pleasure.

Gemini ~ Be the voice of articulation in whatever situation you may find yourself in. The challenges of this moment are really like child’s play for you. And when you bring your burning curiosity to your daily life allow yourself to really explore your experience. Your life offers so many interesting treasures you could never have imagined, just the very fact that you are alive

Cancer ~ It’s as if the resolution of all things lies within the bosom of your nurturing heart. Therein lies the connection to your soul. It’s with that connection you find the wisdom to clarify who you are in the scheme of things as they unfold. A high energy time. If you don’t already journal, you might want to give it a try. Putting it down on paper is a great act of love and kindness towards yourself.

Leo ~ All kinds of fun and fascinating relationships can emerge at this time. Be mindful that they will serve to open the world up to you, if that is what you want. So stay focused on what really matters to you. A bit of humility could help here. That’s the way to move forward. They say, “ in order to be served you must learn how to serve others”. Use this time to see what you can do. Your bright vibrant and creative energy of aliveness is appreciated ever more so at this time.

Virgo ~ The power of this moment might be too close for comfort, however it acts as a great teacher for you. Be mindful and observant. Use your gift of practicality and logic to plot your course. Then observe as the journey of your life continues to unfold even through the madness of this moment.

Libra ~ “Oy vey” comes to mind, my lovable Libras. Your sign is a key player in this awesome t-square constellated moment by the light of the orange-like silvery Full Moon in Aries. So check in with yourself from time to time and be aware of your thoughts and feelings through it all. By checking in with yourself , you are being guided by your deeper needs. Then use your heart to communicate to your mind what that is. Your mind is the navigator to sensibly make sense of your heartfelt needs and how to fulfill them.

Scorpio ~ This Full Moon in Aries squaring Pluto is tapping you on the shoulder. This is a time to get set, get ready and be aware. Do not go! Stay, remain fully present since the wisdom of your sign ruled by Pluto is an important player as this drama continues to unfold. Please make sure you are all the while taking good care of your precious self.

Sagittarius ~ Venus is transiting your sign sextile Mercury in Libra. Relationships are significant to your life right now. Be forewarned however not to get lost in foggy daydreams since Neptune’s square can cloud your perceptions. Still and all allow yourself to revel in this fascinating moment of beauty.

Capricorn ~ Ah Pluto, whose been your traveling companion for quite some time now. Continuing to transit through your sign. Makes even the likes of you, dear Capricorn, feel the need to take a vacation. A little get away from it all. But NO Not for you. It’s about how we all really count on you to keep hanging in there. To value that perseverance is the secret to your success. Albeit, I for one so appreciate and love that about you. The ride might be bumpy and hard, however as you are consistently consistent, what a bunch of fascinating stories you shall have to share. At the same time achieving your goals.

Aquarius ~ Do you feel the power of this moment? It can feel so gigantic that I imagine it can be downright scary. Know that your faith in yourself is being tested. The fabulous thing is that the powerful messages imprinted within the heart of your sign are a necessary part of the conversation. So join with likeminded others along with continuing to be mindful of taking good care of yourself. Try to enjoy if not at least appreciate the quickened pace of it all. Gonna be alright! Keep on.

Pisces ~ Always the last, never the least. This is the continuing saga of the part you are playing by being the transmigrating energy that is transmitting impulses of compassion so to redirect the demolition component of Pluto. So serving to bring into the heart and soul of the collective conscious the necessity to practice compassion, understanding, forgiveness and mercy. How does that song go? “ What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding? It’s the influence of your ruling planet Neptune that serves to inspire such thoughts and music. So stay open, mindful and aware of the music being played through your beautiful soul.

Thank-you All!

Happy Full Moon 🌕

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What The World Needs Now

Is love sweet love

Declares the New Moon in Libra

On 10/6/21 at 13 degrees 25 minutes

It’s the beginning where ends finally meet.

Its the two halves becoming one.

Libra New Moon conjunct the Sun is a Cardinal Air sign of action and connection via well organized thought. Relationships, marriage, business partnerships and even people we have conflicts with are part of the Libra/Venus pantheon.

Beauty, comes about through the intention of establishing a harmonic balance. A symmetry that clicks into place through conscious awareness and desire. Venus, ruler of Libra is the connecting planet that nourishes the balance needed to navigate relationships.

Venus, born of the sea, attended by Graces.

The vitally powerful life energies of beauty and truth set the stage and inspire a striking chord that resonates and brings us into a consistent stability. This is astrologically supported by the trines of the Sun, Moon and Mars to Jupiter in Aquarius. At the same moment we have the Sun, Moon and Mars trine Saturn. Creating a reassuring calming of tensions for a while that clears the air. Bringing about fascinating conversations that open up ideas and ways to envision a new path we might not have seen before.

Enjoy and savor every moment of this New Moon.

What a grand time to be setting some new intentions that you can carry through for the next 6 months. As indeed this sweet October month heralds the Direct stationing of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto out of Retrograde. This can serve to foster the clarity needed to comprehensively understand the vague quandaries brought on through the Rx. The Direct motion of these spheres inspires and guides objectively significant thoughts and ideas into actions.

The Cardinal influence of Libra encourages the grace and strength that brings about an inner balance played out in behaviors and deeds that are well thought out with clear intentions. The energy of this influence can make itself known even in the midst of emerging dichotomies.

Then as we move through time, the plot will thicken. There can be some familiar stresses and tensions which may be experienced around the time of the Full Moon on October 20. More about that in another post, so stay tuned. As our experiences of this New Moon unfolds let us make good use of this precious time. As Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury go Direct become aware of the clarity you may well experience.

For the most part this is a harmonious New Moon A good opportunity to use it as a resting place. A space in time to reflect on creating the reality you so desire.

New Moon in Libra through the signs ~

Aries ~ This marks the beginning of a significant growth period. What with the Sun, Mars, Moon and Mercury in Libra, your dynamic other half . This is a good time to meet someone if that is your inclination. This moment can also lend itself to having a breakthrough in a current partnership. Perhaps a breakup that would ultimately enable you to have a needed breakthrough. The point is that relationship to yourself and others is a significant part of this moment for you.

Taurus ~ An existing relationship might feel a wee bit shaken at this New Moon. Communication is the key. This is not the moment to hang back and hope others will “get you” or understand. As challenging as it is this is the perfect moment to learn and practice good tools of communication. Then you will not feel all alone as all that sweet love comes your way.

Gemini ~ This could prove to be a moment where you satiate your burning curiosity about many things. Gemini is in harmonizes well with the New Moon in Libra. As your nature so desires, so that as you hungrily gather data and information, you are better able to discern what matters to you. Then you have a better sense of what actions to take if action need to be taken at all. Enjoy the relaxed vibe of this sweet New Moon in Libra.

Cancer ~ The Libra season might be a somewhat challenging moment for you but not unpleasant. The Libra charm catches your interest as it becomes apparent that the kindness and caring of your nurturing impulses are deeply appreciated. Still and all, a little acknowledgement goes a long way. How can you allow yourself to receive it?

Leo ~ Allow yourself to be the most charismatic person in the room! While this moment has a mellow tone for many, it’s a stimulus for inspired creativity, clarity and manifestation. Follow your hearts desire and you will be fulfilled.

Virgo ~ As there is a flow of clarity that is emerging throughout the course of this month, be mindful of your needs. There is much tension that will be constellated towards the middle to end of this month. Use this brief reprieve to “set your ducks in a row. Keep in mind your values and priorities. Then make your plans and press forward.

Libra ~ 🎼HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎶 May your Solar Return, return you to the elements of your life that bring you the most fulfillment. This is your time to transform and change that which is within your grasp to change. To then liberate yourself by just letting go of things and ideas irrelevant to your life now. With your newfound open space the doorway opens your life to relevant opportunities.

Scorpio ~ Time to take a nice deep breath and a powerfully life enhancing deep exhale. For a time of deep learning, process and transformation is upon you. So to question what you think you know and stay open to new ideas. Ideas and values that challenge your way of understanding the world. Seeing things from a new point of view.And as always stay true to what is in your heart and what is true to your instinctual nature. Be aware that fascinating moments do await you.

Sagittarius ~ This is a moment where you may find yourself truly captivated by the harmonious flow of relaxed centered peace. Even if if it is just a brief short lived moment. It’s your creative ability to focus which is being stimulated naturally by the Cardinal Air energy of Libra. So take actions that enable you to stay aligned to your Soul’s journey.

Capricorn ~ Now there is an innovative newfound mission that is emerging and finding its way to your heart and mind. There is a kind of freeing up of psychic space for new ideas. Concepts that you might be finding necessary to consider quite seriously. New ideas that your managerial skills can make great use of. Keep open and persevere consistently since you have an important part to play in the journey of your life.

Aquarius ~ What a delightful moment this is. Bathe in the energizing wisdom of the Saturn and Jupiter Trine. Use this New Moon to gather your stamina and strength. Be mindful that there is some heavy lifting that lies ahead. Remember that as messy and murky things might become, please be encouraged that things are still getting better. The time to emerge from chrysalis is drawing near.

Pisces ~ Continue to drink up the power of the Grand Trine that your ruling planet Neptune forms with Venus and Pluto. A time to meditate in earnest as a way to contact the Divine and write, paint, dance and sing about it. However, do take the time to lovingly ground and center yourself in the extraordinary ordinary joys of just being. The day to day connection to the mundane. So heaven and earth becomes a part of your every day experience. A gift. A treasure.

Happy New Moon. 🌚

Remember to set your new intention moving forward….

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With love,


The Morphing Of Mist Into Crystal

When the Full Moon in Pisces Opposes the Sun in Virgo

September 20, 2021

This Full Moon marks a profound culmination that heralds in a transition. When Pisces Moon, the Sprit component diametrically opposes Virgo Sun it’s a relationship that transforms the ethereal and the earthy into being. The integration of making sense of matter along with the dreamy ethereal element of spirit serves to harmonize logic into compassion. Bringing into being manifestations of grounded reality. It is in this way that we once again stand at the doorway of a new beginning.

It’s the misty sensitive energy of Pisces transmitting its intuitive impressions towards the Sun in Virgo that logically materializes it into actions and practices that serve to make it all real.

This is even more profound when the Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. It’s a double whammy. The effect of the energy of Planet Neptune’s cosmic consciousness along with the deep felt sense of the Moon in Pisces becomes magnified many times over.

However, as the Moon/Neptune conjunction vibrates and we come upon the Sun at 27 degrees Virgo which is conjunct Mars at 3 degrees Libra, a whole new dynamic is formed. As Virgo serves to ground and make visible the ethereal it is strengthened by the fiery energy of Mars in Libra. This imbues this whole dynamic with the creative juices employed through relationships of collaboration. These combinations provide the tension and inspiration that produces an alchemical moment. The mists of Pisces in opposition to pragmatic linear Virgo is able to metamorphosis mist into crystal. Wishes, dreams and desires materialize into perceived experiences made clear and recognizable.

Do not be like the fabled milk maid lost in daydreams.

The significance of this is that in your own life it’s a metaphor of the formula and guidance needed to reach your own wishes, dreams and desires. Use this Pisces Full Moon to meditate and reflect on what your heart desires. Then use your mind to support navigating how to create it. No matter what happens you will always be guided towards what you really need. The powerful element that allows you to be present for the adventure that is you life.

Integrate dreams into an empowered reality

Jupiter Rx at 23 degrees Aquarius forms a trine to Mercury at 23 degrees Libra. Expansive communication is the key that moves us through to the next level of growth and evolution. There is something to be said about the harmony available to us through this transit and the aspect it forms.

It’s the voice of belle canto, crying for justice and fair dealings. The melodious chords and rhythms that gives voice to the heart of compassion. The sentiment of understanding and the ability to be aware of the messages communicated even in the most discordant, cacophonous way. What a blessing and gift as Mercury gets ready to station retrograde on the 27th of September until October 17th.

Venus 11 degrees Scorpio in opposition to Uranus retrograde at 14 degrees Taurus forms a fascinating T-square to Saturn retrograde at 7 degrees Aquarius. Indicating that the power of creativity is being juiced up to meet challenges as they are presented to us. This does require a certain need for freedom and independence. Self agency in a vast expansive field of creative inspiration is the catalyst for any healthy individuation.

Relationships and intimacy must be given air to breathe. If a partner and relationship is desired, this could be the very moment that it can be made manifest. Stay mindful and fully present at this powerful moment in time.

As the Season changes and the cycles keep turning so we keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

Reap the harvest of well integrated work

Full Moon in Pisces through the signs ~

Aries ~ A spiritual reawakening as the tide turns encouraging you to tie up loose ends. Very soon the spotlight will shine on you

Taurus ~ A relaxing, encouraging moment for you to focus on matters near and dear to your heart.

Gemini ~ Duality for you is the most friendly face in the room. So even though Pisces is not your closest companion, you do get the drift and jive of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Enjoy this most curious moment. Allow it to fill you with wonder and awe.

Cancer ~ A moment of rewriting some of your ideas and preconceived assumptions into a journal of fact based experiences. The experiences that you are about to live through during the continuation of self transforming transformations.

Leo ~ Perhaps a bit of a trifling up of your energies as the business of health, work and service is taking center stage. Therefore hone in on using your way with people and your great gift of gab to bring you the warmth of validation and acknowledgement.

Virgo ~ Once more with feeling as the Virgo Season concludes. Keep moving forward. The best is yet to come.

Libra ~ This is a good time to sort through all of your relationships. To make amends where possible and release and let go when needed. There will be new horizons opening up for you just around the corner.

Scorpio ~ The sign of letting go. With Venus in your sign as an active player in the T-square to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, restlessness and the need for freedom takes on a whole new meaning. Time to clear the decks and make room for something new. Enjoy the creative challenges coming your way.

Sagittarius ~ Communicating effectively by understanding what your own needs are. This is the quiet moment for you to do that. Then when the time is right, embrace the opportunity. Take aim to meet your goal with love and non attachment.

Capricorn ~ High on the hill is the lonely goatherd. That is the position of power for you as the demolition crew of Pluto transiting your sign continues on until 2024. Keep things organized and efficiently cleaned up as you continue to move through chaos with grace and strength. It will all work out in the end.

Aquarius ~ The song never ends.Keep singing and dancing as change and evolution continues to shine on. Be aware of your friends and most importantly remember to be friend to yourself. All the right people are coming your way. Keep your head down, focus and get the work done. Really good things are coming your way.

Pisces ~ The fishes swimming in opposite directions is a lovely way to be. However, what is it really all about? The journey you are about to embark on will surely bring insights that serve to help you find out. Enjoy the charmed magic of this moment as your sign lights up in its mystical brightness in the sky.

Happy Full Moon 🌕

May it be a bright moment that brings clarity and wisdom to All!

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The Elegant Humility Of Logical Practicality

The New Moon in Virgo ~ 14 degrees

September 6, 2021 at 8:52 AM EDST

A New Beginning moment is what occurs when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction.

The New Moon is a meeting of Yin/Yang energy inviting us to reflect on what we desire or require in order to balance and harmonize our lives.

The Sun focuses our life energy. It shines its initiating light on the Moon.

The energy that inspires, fires us up and lights the way

The Moon reflects back to us the essence of our being through felt experiences. Aka feelings. By listening and becoming aware of your feelings you glean the guidance that informs your needs.

The Moon reflects the experience of heart and soul.

In light of this, it’s crystal clear that the New Moon is the time to set some new goals, plans and wishes. Creating a sort of treasure map that lights the way in the coming months ahead.

Virgo is the season we are in and as such influences the energies we are working with. Virgo imbues it’s earthy mutable splendor via logical practicality. Virgo inspires the embodiment of a sobering level headed experience. To hasten the accomplishment of tasks. To aim towards perfection and purity. Virgo is the part of our experience that toils to gather the harvest.

Virgo’s quest for perfection gets channeled through acts of service. Purposeful practices of diligent doings of deeds. Service for the sake of serving the act of service itself. In reflection, there is a grace, elegance and humility that Virgo brings to this transiting moment.

Use this Virgo New Moon to ponder and contemplate on experiences in your life that have left you speechless and wonderstruck. That brought you to a state of surrender. That served to ground and center your inner being with the felt presence of kind humility. These are some of the elements of Virgo. Its the transition and the turning tide of Summer into Autumn.

This New Moon/Sun in Virgo forms a Trine to Uranus in Taurus. A sparkly generating of grounded energy. To implant and integrate innovative practical pathways pertaining to work, finance and the mechanics of technology.

The Sun/Moon in Virgo forms an Opposition to Neptune in Pisces. To enable and allow a surrender to compassion and understanding. To give a merciful understanding of yourself and others. Mercury in Libra Trining Jupiter in Aquarius seeks to add balanced beauty and harmony to the sometimes somber sobering energy of Virgo.

Virgo in practicality and logic is the season that precedes Libra. A season which imbues us with affairs and matters that pertain to a desire for balance, beauty and harmony. Virgo inspires sorting through, clearing away and cleansing. The concept of sanitizing has the word sanity within it. This Earthy Grand Trine moment with this New Moon conjunct Sun in Virgo invites us to evoke healing and health in our lives as we continue to move forward. It’s the Virgo process that enables the reaping of the harvest to occur.

Moving forward through the signs~

Aries ~ With all due respect, this logical sobering Virgo moment works quite well with the power of your fiery driven energy. Surrender to the logical input of this moment as a faithful rider on the horse, whose intention is to steer you in a purposeful direction. Enjoy this skillful blend of power and flow.

Taurus ~ Balance, beauty, peace and harmony continues to imbue your life moving forward. Relax into this moment so you can work with all of the innovative stirrings of your innate intuitive gifts. Still being influenced by Uranus in your sign. Perhaps causing some disruptions to be used as learning opportunities to broaden your scope and viewpoints.

Gemini ~ This is a moment of reckoning and focusing your highly charged nervous system and intellect towards grounded, well thought out possibilities. To stay focused in realistically logical methods of achieving your goals leads to more doors opening for you.

Cancer ~ To revel in the creative energy the Grand Earth Trine imbues the Watery Cardinality of your sign with. This is a good way to slowly prepare for the seasonal shift from Summer to Autumn. Gather your resources and all things that you love and bring you bliss as you continue on.

Leo ~ There is a calming and slowing down of your bright fiery energy as we move from the Leo season to Virgo. Inasmuch as you love being in the limelight there is also a respect and regard within you for the right time to take stock of your journey. This is that moment to do that. To serve this time and let this time serve you as you assess what it is that is necessary and needed in your life. Then continue on to new opportunities that come your way.

Virgo ~ 🎶Happy Birthday🎶 This Solar Return/New Moon moment in the heart of a Grand Earth Trine suggests an easy harmonious pathway towards achieving your wishes, dreams and desires. Service and work is part of your innate makeup. What’s different now is that there is much more knowledge and understanding about events and situations that might have left you confused in the past. Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on. With confidence and love in your heart.

Libra ~ As Venus, your ruling planet has been transiting right next to you, balance, beauty, harmony and even finances have been flowing well. This trend shall continue along with opening your mind to new and innovative concepts that brings harmony and better finances to the many. Enjoy the new and exciting innovative flow.

Scorpio – Please continue to enjoy the creative sextile brought to you via the Grand Earth Trine currently in view. Allow it to color your thinking and feeling with the patience, compassion and understanding needed to work with the erratic yet brilliant impulses available to you at this time. Give credit to the opposition formed by Uranus transiting through Taurus. A treasure chest rich in continued knowledge and learning. Please enjoy!

Sagittarius ~ There is a continued expansive element to your thinking that makes just being alive at this time an adventure. Enjoy the ride which is also imbued with the harmony of the Grand Earth Trine. For you, life is an enthusiastic enterprise. This is the time to especially keep your eyes wide open to new ideas that come to you as they are triggered just by this very moment of being alive.

Capricorn ~ This is the moment to learn about the issues that you are required to harmonize and balance. As an Earthy Cardinal Capricorn that is what is required of you. To resonate with, as you are listening to the ways in which your executive resources suggests you best serve this moment. You are encouraged at this powerful New Moon in Virgo to meditate, relax and clarify what in your life brings you pleasure and what brings you bliss.

Aquarius ~ The energy of this moment reverberates within your avant-garde heart and soul that is seeking a new beginning. Here is that moment. The Virgo New Moon is just the thing that affords you the time to stop, look and listen. To check out what is needed and most importantly how to step by step go about implementing the thing. Do it, do it, do it now!

Pisces ~ It’s a real coming home kind of New Moon moment for you as your partner in opposition, Virgo is here. Inspiring you towards the logical practicality that centers your mystic beauty into harmoniously healing wisdom. The ultimate gift of balance. Use this moment to ponder what is most important and necessary for your life on earth to live. Then with consistency and perseverance strive to bring it into being. Yes you can and will.

And there you are.

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Day Of Peace As The Storm Cycles Through

There was a Full Moon In Aquarius 8/22/21 at 8:02 AM EDST 29 Degrees. Albeit the exact moment of the Sun/Moon opposition has passed at the time of this publishing. However, we are still in the energy field of the Full Moon. Particularly since this has been a Blue Moon in Aquarius.

Water Bearer

Blue Moon, kind of sounds like a song of long ago.

This Blue Moon in Aquarius at 29 Degrees marks the end that opens the door to adventure. This is brought to us by the conjunction Jupiter in Aquarius forms to the Moon. This powerful conjunction animates the Aquarian “outside the box” kind of thinking. Aquarian energy allows us to perceive thoughts and ideas in unthought of ways. This serves to change our point of view. A view that expands our understanding of our experience of being alive.

Can you imagine feeling a tingly glow through the experience of your aliveness? Just take some time to breathe into this moment. See, know and experience what you feel. Be present with the awareness that no matter what you are feeling the glow of your being outshines every star. Sounds like another song!

On a clear day

Still and all, this culminating cycle of the Moon plays out the continued friction caused by the square to Uranus in Taurus. Tension put on our collective systems and structures no longer relevant to the world we are currently inhabiting continue to reverberate. The push/pull of this dynamic shall be part of our journey for a while longer as Saturn in Aquarius is in square angle to Uranus in Taurus through this year into 2022. While Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024.

Squares that form challenging transits and aspects are invitations to become aware of issues in order to support growth, freedom and empowerment. NOT to create more suffering. Such is the case at this moment as it has been for quite some time.

Where in your life do you feel challenged? How are you taking care of yourself in light of the matters being brought up? Let yourself take a deep breath in and on the exhale feel into how you are transforming your knowledge and awareness into wisdom because of this. By doing so, you are receiving a gift that comes when you take responsibility for your life. It’s actually a good feeling that can prove to be liberating as you continue on.

As of 4:20 PM EDST 8/22/21

Saturn in Aquarius continues to be influenced by the square formed to Uranus in Taurus. The continuing saga of the 2021 theme sings on as it opens the door ever more widely on the necessary and desired need to be open to breaking free from the status quo. To unlock your instinctual desire for fresh creative original and expansive outlooks.

We have a Grand Earth Trine ~ It’s a harmonious influence of the interplay of Pluto in Capricorn ~Trine Uranus in Taurus ~ Trine Mars/Mercury conjunct in Virgo.

Transformations triggered by Pluto in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus can be brought into healthy practical dialogue. Communications being stimulated through the Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo as we are in heavy retrograde territory now.

It’s this energy that is influencing media and how we take in information, or not. It’s fascinating that on alternative news media there is a questioning of WTF were we doing going to war with Afghanistan anyway? That’s the outer planets influencing and stimulating the dire need to talk about the point of view that must examine motivations and actions. Actions and policies that were not agreed upon by many. That brought about even more needless destruction and suffering with far greater negative consequences for all countries and all the people involved.

The trine of these significant outer planets with two powerful personal planets fosters these necessary questions of great magnitude. This moment is the time to speak up and talk about it from a place of compassionate inquiry.

Looking at the demolition inspired by the Plutonian impulse is a necessary prerequisite to be open and ready to await the planting of the seed of the new. The Uranian impulse. The seeding of a relevant understanding that supports formulating new systems based on our sensible awareness. Looking through the lens of Earthy integrity at consequences as revealed through the lens of evidenced base reality allows us to form new ways of moving forward. This Earthy Grand Trine could serve as the doorway through.

Albeit, on mainstream media the talking point is to get the troops back into Afghanistan. As Neptune in Pisces which can unnecessarily promote the fog of war in opposition to Mercury/ Mars conjunct in Virgo fosters the other side of the story. The Grand Earth Trine encourages the substantive questions of this moment to be discussed. Openly on mainstream and alternative media these conflicts of thought and reason must be discussed.

Not to see which point of view dominates, but rather to encourage there to be a needed permitting of thoughtful and respectful dialogue of the two opposing views. I hope this moment opens the door to transparent communications at last for all sides and points of view to talk to each other. I believe that is a good thing to emerge from all the squares, oppositions, agita and suffering of the past twenty years or even more.

Blue Moon 🎶

The Full Moon in Aquarius has brought the inspiration that energizes us towards the creativity of harmonious play. Aquarius and Uranian energy motivates us towards the unique and original so much so that it rings out with vibrant operatic rock n roll dissonance. The unforgettable rhythms and tones that sing out in voices, words and concepts celebrating the eternal futuristic original. The unique within the healthy individuated soul. The utter glorious reality of being present in the here and now with vibrant gusto.

Let’s Talk About Your Sun Sign At This Time ~

Aries ~ A coming to terms with human frailties, with just being human. Through the course of the next couple of weeks, the humble awareness that life is a gift relieves you of a burden you are more than ready to let go of. Use your abundant fiery energy to create your hearts desire.

Taurus ~ At home with the current Grand Trine in Earth. Use this harmonious moment to allow yourself to claim what’s in your heart and soul. There is a growing flame inside of you that comes through facing your fears. Use this harmonious moment to take back your power by taking charge of your life. Then your relationships with your finances and people will start to sing.

Gemini ~ At home with all the Mercurial energy being played out as we move full force into the Virgo season. To study some kind of Martial Art out of curiosity and a good channel for some of the Mars influence inspiring you.

Cancer ~ The Grand Earth Trine stimulates, inspires and energizes you to get down to the nitty gritty of something. That something will reveal itself to you as we move forward in time.

Leo ~ The Saturn/Uranus square has been a moment of revelation and knowledge. Stay within the center of your deeper understanding and continue to learn about yourself. The constrictions of this time paves the way for you to emerge as the shining bright Leo star that you are. Keep on.

Virgo ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday!🎶 Your first gift is the Grand Earth Trine, with your Sun, Mercury and Mars at the pinnacle. Allow yourself to be influenced by the powerful energies that may be transmuted into great wisdom of practicality. To give yourself a good foothold into creating more income, creative projects and whatever else your heart desires.

Libra ~ Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. Honey, you are in the money! This is an auspicious moment of power through the ability to elegantly embrace the virtue of your own integrity. The Virgo season is a time of organization and preparation. So set your house in order and clarify your goals. The next couple of months have the potential to be a turning point for you.

Scorpio ~ You be in the groove this time around. Scorpio and Virgo sextile each other and work rather well together. Logic and passion goes a long way to grease your wheels and get you where you need to be. Just take some time to clarify where that might be!

Sagittarius ~ There is a slight constriction at this time that will soon pass. There is a need to use the power of communication as an indirect route towards the exploration of unexplored territory that you seek. There is a nourishment that replenishes you within the logical, pragmatic confines of the Virgo season. Take advantage of this time to clarify your goals so in a few weeks you may take aim and reach your goals.

Capricorn ~ The Grand Earth Trine of which you are an active member serves to focus the Plutonian influence transiting, ever so slowly through your Sun and other planets placed in Capricorn. It’s almost time, though not quite yet for the wrecking crew to complete the demolition. So take heart, and many deep breaths and walk mindfully through the process your life is taking you through now. Slowly but surely down the line, the clean up, new design and renovation shall transpire.

Aquarius ~ Good work! You are making your point and inspiring movement towards the original and innovative. Now the work is applying it to your own life personally. Use the next couple of weeks to clarify your goals as you continue to do the work taking steps to create and bring in what you need. This is including an increase in your finances. Even flirtations have a good chance to bring in a good possibility in afew weeks. Just keep moving forward singing your song, dancing your dance and walking your walk!

Pisces ~ All of that Neptunian fog gets focused and clarified as we move through the Virgo season. This is your moment of balance, peace and harmony as you feel the friendly and exciting sextile energy of the Grand Earth Trine. Relish this moment. Use this time to take good care of yourself so you can serve others in a real way. Remember present moment is a wonderful moment.

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Happy Belated Full Moon 🌕

Keep moving forward in health, well being and peace

Looking Into The Heart Of Inspiration~ To Find Courage And Wisdom

The New Moon in Leo at 16 degrees

On August 8, 2021 at 9:51 AM EDST


The New Moon in Leo marks a breathing space. A point in time to bask in the light. To sense the warmth. To be encouraged by glimmers of inspiration. To ignite the flames of creative self expression. To be the source of energy that insures moving forward through what seems to be the growing pains of our evolution. It sure does appear to be a strong component of this amazing era that we are living through.

The Sun/Moon Leo conjunction heralds in a new cycle. A new beginning. There is a softening of stress and tension since Leo embodies the energy of re-creation. To frolic, play and amuse. Amuse being the operative word here.

I mean really!

Leo imbues our experience with fascinating enticements. Captivating our desires towards taking chances on whims and ideas. Ventures, whose sole purpose is to bring delight and/or even applause whenever possible. There is nothing like the hot Sun influence of Leo to warm and bring the light of love to the cool and intellectual Aquarian. Aquarius being the shaping principle that is influencing the energy we are traveling through now.

It’s an invitation to enjoy the spirit of the Summer. To play as a way of experiencing the heart and soul of your life. To move forward in courage and strength towards meaningful goals.

The Sun/Moon conjunction is a cycle that happens every month. It’s what defines this moment as a new beginning. It’s the New Moon which begins the waxing cycle. The waxing cycle leads to the culminating Full Moon. The Full Moon flows into the waning Moon cycle. The waning moon cycle marks a period of inner reflection. An opportunity to ponder goals and tasks accomplished or not. The Waning Moon affords us a valuable resting place. It’s the ebbing of the Waning Moon that turns the cycle once again towards the New Moon. It’s the Waxing Moon that then offers us an opportunity to set a new intention. Which is where we are now.

This New Moon in Leo is influenced by Mercury at 22 degrees Leo. The conjunction to the Sun and Moon encourages communication of all kinds. Particularly via the arts and creative pursuits. There is a Renaissance feeling held within this time. The Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunct in Leo offers a flowing river of creativity. It’s just the thing that’s needed to light the fire of the heart and soul of passion. To begin to awaken the quintessence of fundamental compassion. To let it go and ring it out in breathtaking melodies waiting to be heard.

Do allow yourself to be inspired as you are being offered the opportunity this moment brings. To take a chance on pursuing what is communicated from your heart to your mind. This is where courage and wisdom are born.

Inspiration of the New Moon in Leo through the signs ~

Aries ~ It’s specifically the experience of conflict, stress and discord that the essence of your fighting spirit is inspired by. This point in time is one of those compelling moments. You are being presented with an opportunity to learn about the skill and wisdom of your inner Spiritual warrior. The moment where you come face to face with yourself. Do so with compassion and mercy. Heartfelt wisdom is the ultimate gift.

Taurus ~ the torture chamber of the classic quandary within the pain of the ambivalent push and pull. One side freedom, the other the status quo. The ultimate goal is your liberation. Time to let go of the old outmoded ways. Time to learn a new way. To hold in balance the paradox of both. Remember, the seed of the new is in the shell of the old. So take a deep breath in and a good exhale out to face your fears head on. You will get through it! Be courageous and confidence will be yours.

Gemini ~ allow yourself to be the radar screen for all the glorious communications and cosmic messages you are privy to. The North Node in your sign along with the brilliant fiery Leo Moon/Sun/Mercury conjunction is a real boon to your insatiably curious mind. Stay tuned in and journal this fascinating time.

Cancer ~ The dazzling Leo energy combined with Pluto in Capricorn playing your energy is calling for you to center yourself. The natural inclination you have towards nourishing and nurturing others is of great value during these chaotic times. Let’s face it, having the Moon as your ruler has its moments. The depth of sensitivity, the ability to see and experience the extraordinary in the ordinary. What is it like to be touched by every cycle of the Moon? I suggest for this New Moon in Leo, take time to paint, dance, sing, write, whatever your heart desires. Just allow yourself to be creative. Perhaps a cooking adventure is a good way to bring in a new intention. Bon appetite!

Leo ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday🎶 to you! Isn’t it amazing how you are influenced quite regularly by the Moon cycles. This one is your powerful new beginning since Mercury in Leo enables you to clarify what sensible goals you need to set this time around. The Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus is adding a bit more stress to the sweetness of this moment. Take heart, it’s all in service of enabling you to connect with the most grounded, centered heartfelt person that you can be. Once more with feeling and all of the bright creative joy you can bring!

Virgo ~ Love and relationship is still influencing this cycle for you. Mercury, a significant player at this New Moon cycle enhances your clarity of mind. Let this serve to set your intention for your goals. Whatever it is be aware that Mars transiting through your sign is energizing you to get to where you need to be

Libra ~ the challenge of keeping your balance as your ability to keep your balance has become a bit of a challenging thing right now. This dynamic has become a familiar friend you have needed to come to know lately. Take heart, this fiery Leo New Moon conjunct Mercury is enriching you with the wit and wisdom that Venus, your ruler wears very well. Carry this moment with you as you continue to move upward and onward towards the good, the true and the beautiful.

Scorpio ~ Sex, money and death have given your sign quite a fascinating reputation. The lessons of these powerful issues is at the heart of your wisdom. Use it to support you as the tension of this Leo New Moon stimulates more expansive self awareness. Within all matters there are other planetary influences that can assist you now. This is a time to reset your intentions. To focus on your goals in order to set a comprehensive new strategy.

Sagittarius ~ Take this time to play and amuse yourself. It can serve as a restorative path towards a new found inspiration. It’s the enjoyment of these pleasures which relaxes your mind. This then enables you to come back to your senses. Thus connecting you to your heart. It’s from here, this place, that your intuition brings to your conscious mind what you need to set as your new intention. Have fun!

Capricorn ~ This is the moment to let your spirit fly free. Even just for a brief moment. Then set the plans you need in order to keep your focus. Within the rough and tumble of these fascinating times, you have the resources within that support you. Let go of old inflexible obsolete ways so new relevant systems become the path to your liberation and fulfillment.

Aquarius ~ a most delightful time where your inherent creativity meets your heartfelt practicality. Forming an integrated whole that becomes just the right instrument you need to keep moving forward. This empowers you to focus and fulfill your goals. This is especially true as tensions and challenges are inspiring new levels of realizations. Things are shifting, albeit at a seemingly slowed down rate. Sometimes a delay can prove beneficial. So go with the flow. Bring all your energy and good intentions to every present moment. Keep your eye on the prize. However, please use this moment to clarify what that is. Then go to it!

Pisces ~ What a glorious cosmic soup for your sign! Neptune sextile Pluto. Pluto trine Venus. Venus trine Uranus. This is a good time to assess your values, ethics and ideas. To question all that you have known as you step into this New Moon in Leo. This new cycle of the waxing Moon already in progress. Connect with the parts of your life that already stabilize you. The places that bring you joy. It’s from here that you glean the heart of courage to set a clear new intention. Keep moving forward with your life one step at a time. Little by little your dreams can become a real thing.

~ So that’s it for now. I hope this was helpful, inspiring and encouraging.

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Happy New Moon 🌚

Love, Pamela

This Moment And Then Some

The Full Moon 1 degree 26 Minutes In Aquarius

The Full Moon by its very nature is a brightly lit moment of culmination and completion. The cycle having begun two weeks ago when the Sun and Moon formed a conjunction while in the season of Cancer. So began the waxing cycle of energy towards fullness. In the past two weeks of its becoming phase, we have witnessed the Moon grow in brightness to its peak moment of full illumination.

The moment of completion has come and gone. And here we are, held within the beauty and grace of this powerful moment. With the energy of Aquarius in all of its innovative distinction. Aquarius and its Uranian influence is carving out a path towards truth, love and understanding.

There is a deeper urgent calling at this existential moment in time. A dire need for a complete revamping of corrupted and criminal systems that we need to replace with new ways and means. With systems and structures that consider the needs, wants and desires of all people.


To establish new flexible systems and structures that hold as precedence honor, respect and integrity at the heart of its foundation. Desperately needed is a vast and deep respect for evidenced base science and reality. We must insure that we shall keep moving forward towards a sustainable planet.

The power of planetary movements and positions as we continue on through time is helping us to let go of ego oriented narcissistically motivated ways and means. Divorced from reality, we are living in an existential climate crisis that begs itself to be transformed for our very own survival.

This Full Moon in Aquarius heralds in ideas and actions that supports a new, vital and necessary paradigm shift. A paradigm that honors with esteemed regard the need for a sustainable planet Earth that sustains a thriving culture of life for the living. Containing all of its stories of varied shapes, colors, sizes and predilections.

Still and all this moment sounds the dissonant yet soulful chord for humanity to become gloriously humanized. This Full Moon is a paradigm shifting moment that marks a new and evolutionary juncture. I believe and truly would like to affirm that this Full Moon in Aquarius marks a significant growth point of no return.

To learn to trust the process of life as we continue to be gifted with the extraordinary awareness found through the power of knowing without doubt that endings are actually new beginnings. And lo and behold, here we are.

These poetic cacophonous rumblings within our lives as they shatter old habits and patterns actually are serving as the Maestro who is orchestrating the cryptic choreography that soon shall mark the lifting of the veil.

Some of the influences coloring the energy of this moment are the Sun at 2 degrees Leo in opposition to Saturn at 10 degrees Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius is in conjunction with the Moon in Aquarius.

Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn is joining the party conjunct Saturn. Offering just the perfect amount of stress, challenge and frustration to ultimately create the proper amount of crumbled delusions. It could be just the thing to hasten the needed awakening. The required growth processes to facilitate devising systems that become viable solution.

A do or die kind of thing.

Furthermore, Aquarian energy which is here to stay, serves to open our awareness to the depth and breath of issues hidden in plain sight. Such as how corrupted and ineffective “status quo” structures are. It is a healthy thing for people to become mindful of how our institutions have not been functioning like the working democratic systems that we need. We need functionally relevant good working systems in order to maintain health and balance for all people. The Saturn /Uranus square along with the electromagnetic influence of the culminating Full Moon in Aquarius is stimulating the lifting of the veil.

Take heart my dear readers, for it’s significant to note that we also have an activation of mercy, compassion and the creative ardor and oomph of the Leo Sun which is conjunct Mercury in Cancer. This provides some relaxing and gentle guidance. Guidance and awareness brought to us by sensations of feelings generated within our heart and soul.

When we are aware of our feelings and needs we have access to the guidance needed that supports life, health and well being. Mercury in Cancer makes available the transmission of our feelings to our minds.

The thoughts and ideas formed in our minds, having been accurately identified in terms of what the feelings are is where sensible and profound guidance is found.

When we allow ourselves to come back to ourselves and be, we become centered within ourselves in the present moment. It’s in present time where we are able to return to peaceful mind. Being centered within ourselves in present time returns our being to the heart of mercy. This is the inner technological path that supports us to just get out of our own way.

There are two more elements at work at this time that can serve to take the edge off. The early two degree Leo Sun is forming a trine to late 22 degrees Neptune in Pisces now stationed retrograde. This gifts us with needed compassion and the desire to luxuriate in creative self expression. Imbuing our experience with moments of fun and joy.

This along with the Moon in Aquarius forming a trine to the North Node in Gemini brings forth the ability to perceive our lives right now as a learning adventure.

So upward and onward I dare you all to go.

Stay connected and become aware of the truth and integrity contained within your very bones. Let us continue on. Let us revel in the extraordinary magic of an ordinary adventure that this amazing moment in time has to offer.

Adventure through the signs ~

Aries ~ this is a very harmonious moment for Aries with the trine formed to the Leo Sun and the sextile to the Moon in Aquarius. Bright, vibrant, sexy and creative. So don’t you pay no never-mind to Chiron gone retrograde 12 degrees in your sign. Use the awareness of that vulnerability to become mindful of what too often gets taken for granted. Own your strength from a flexible place of humility.

Taurus ~ Hang loose, easy and comfortable even as your energy is being buzzed in such a fascinating way. The gift of this moment lands right on your front door inspiring you to continue to question familiar habits and patterns. Perhaps the quote from David Byrne of Talking Heads, “how did I get here?” comes to mind. It’s a profound moment for you to let go and try some new relevant ideas and concepts on for size. Speaking of which, a good time to clean out your closets and drawers of all matters and thingitudes that could be blocking your Qi from flowing easily and with health and flourishing prosperity.

Gemini ~ Enjoy this moment as you would a beautiful day at the beach. Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius are good friend of yours. Aquarius trines you and Leo sextile’s. What with the Nodal Axis moving through the dynamic of your sign so that even a day at the beach does not let anyone ever forget you.

Cancer ~ Here we are, held within the warm, relaxed glorious days of Summer. Just give yourself this brief moment in time to surrender to your paradise of dreams and meanderings of bliss. It will serve to nourish and restore you back to the energy and vibrancy that you love to operate in.

Leo ~ Happy Birthday! The lovable Leo season of fun, joy and delight is upon us. Breathe and focus on manifesting your hearts desires as your new Solar year unfolds. As the Leo season evolves there will be many opportunities coming your way. The object is to allow yourself to be cognizant of what is of relevance and value to your life now. What would you wish your life to look like one year from now?

Virgo ~ A particularly powerful theme of love, partnership and connectivity at this time. What with planet Venus at 3 degrees Virgo and Mars conjunct at 26 degrees Leo. All this forming a powerful opposition to Jupiter stationed Retrograde at 0 degrees Pisces. This powerful configuration to your Sun in Virgo could play itself out via cosmic mysterious expanded consciousness. The kind of visions, feelings and thoughts that reassure you that your inner fulfillment is beginning to come to fruition. A beautiful time to enjoy the love. So make time for it.

Libra ~ Time to play and have fun. Libra does well during Leo season. It’s a time that jives with your love of people and social interactions within the warm glow of this beautiful interval. Be mindful that Chiron, albeit stationed Retrograde in Aries opposing your Sun might imbue some of your delightful joy with brief moments of vulnerability. Use these sentiments as moments to explore the inner workings of your own psyche. No worries, just part of the journey of life.

Scorpio ~ Perhaps being played a bit by Uranus in Taurus opposing your Sun. The inner detective contained within the complex triple evolutionary cycles of your sign, actually relish and take great delight in all of this. A mystery to unfold. An unraveling to behold. Enjoy the smorgasbord of paradoxical complexities to feast on at this most adventurous time.

Sagittarius ~ It’s a moment of excitement for you whenever we hit the Leo season. There is an extra added helping of expanded consciousness that can support healing any part of your life now that may very well be in need of it. There is so much truth becoming clear during this juncture for you. Do take some quiet inward moments. Opportunities for you to take notes. Perhaps think about writing a book or teaching a class. It is a natural inclination for you to share the wisdom of your experiences and adventures.

Capricorn ~ Still in the heart of this grand transitional moment, what with the powerfully intense Pluto taking it’s sweet slow journey through your sign. It brings to my mind the old cliche, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings”. I hear the vocalizing and the composing of the grand finale that has us all singing. Oops, I beg your pardon as I digress. My dear Capricorn friends, use this magnificent moment to take a relaxing walk on the beach or to hike that mountain you so lust after. Even with all of the delays, disruptions and trespasses the best is yet to come. So hang in there and keep going one glorious step at a time.

Aquarius ~ A moment of validation and energy well spent is upon you. This particular moment calls upon the depth of your wisdom as it connects with the heart of your creative, loving spirit. Health and well being seem so elusive but they are not. There is within your psyche a depth of intelligences tempered by your voracious curiosity. Use this powerful moment of transition and transformation to dig deep within yourself. While at the same time remember to beautify, pamper and care for your body. Aquarius revels in being charismatic and beautiful. Enjoy this moment as you evoke all the sacred directions of life.

Pisces ~ “Sugar and spicethat’s what comes to my mind for Pisces at this moment. In light of Planet Neptune being in late Pisces forming a trine to Mercury in Cancer. Evoking wisdom and communication concerning matters of psyche and soul. Then Jupiter retrograde at zero degrees Pisces. Forming a square aspect to Mars in Leo, 26 degrees conjunct Venus at 3 degrees Virgo. Learning lessons concerning love, relationship, boundaries and the finer things in life. Wants, needs and desires can be a confusing bunch of matters for Pisces who struggles with entitlement issues. Particularly when there is an abundance of confusion often needing clarity about too high and/or too low self esteem. A fecund and fertile time of self reclamation via bone chilling honest self awareness. Remember to breathe snd be fully present with the precious miracle that is your life.

That then there just about raps it up for now.

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Enjoy the powerful adventure of your amazing life! 🌕



New Moon in Cancer 7/9/21

The New Moon in Cancer happening 7/9/21, is when the Sun, the energizer of accomplishments is conjunct the Moon, the essential energetic key that motivates the Sun. Transiting through the sign Cancer.

Cancer is the sign the Moon rules in the first place. Hear now, within the misty midst of it all, there is an amazing story about to unfold….

Its your own inner awareness of your own empowerment about to reveal to you your own inner purpose.

So let us begin.

The Moon is the planet closest to the Earth and closest to the heart of our Soul. The sign Cancer is a Cardinal sign, a leading, primary energy with its own powerful penchant towards taking action when needed.

This New Moon is a needed and necessary New beginning. The resource of this New Moon in Cancer is that we get to begin again by renewing and refreshing ourselves in the oceanic wondrous waters of the nurturing Cancer womb held within the seductive lullaby of a well supported relaxed presence.

This is further expressed and must be celebrated as the harmonic energy of the Trine to Neptune in Pisces is formed along with a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. By its nature the sextile is a creative sparkly inspiration. The triggering of innovative ideas and notions can be the result of such a combo. Concepts become expressed in ways that perhaps long ago had made no sense. Now fully relevant and obvious in meaning and solution. So simple as if we all always knew these new concepts all along.

There are two more points to make note of this New Moon. The dynamic of growth and healing is an eternal part of the journey here on “Earth School”. It is so that even at this very moment there is so much to learn and understand. So much so that this New Moon in Cancer also is forming a T-square. That being the square angle formed by Venus and Mars 15 and 17 degrees Leo which opposes Saturn at 11 degrees Aquarius. This opposition forms the square to Uranus 14 degrees Taurus.

All this to say that something within each of us is ultimately moving towards creative expression even through the confines of contradictory needs, wants and desires. Even as they are creating frustrations, friction and obstacles. These are the growing pains that actually lead us to breakthroughs. This is the part of the journey whereupon the long awaited light at the end of the quest shall soon start to appear.

What does that light look like in your life?

New Moon in Cancer through the signs;

Aries; there is a creative stress that gets triggered when two Cardinal signs are activated. As is the case at this New Moon in Cancer lending itself to be a good moment to clarify the most important objectives to be accomplished within the next 6 months.

Taurus; take this moment to see what matters to you most, the growth of a will and strong sense of self or the need to focus your time and energy on partnership. Both romantic, marriage and/or business or both.

Gemini; mutable, flexible and insatiably curious Gemini is delightfully fascinated at this relaxed yet very poignantly pregnant moment filled with a myriad of possibilities. An endless array of choices and options opens before you. At such a relaxed time, why not try everything on just for the fun and play of it all.

Cancer ~ Happy Birthday to you! This is your time to shine. Upon your perfectly pretty seashell, attended by graces. You have earned your commensurate “pooped button”. Having successfully emerged from the depths of some profoundly rough sea. Wear the newly presented Pearls of Wisdom you have gleaned so well as time and your life continues to unfold.

Leo; this moment marks a conflict between your adamant need for freedom and coming to terms with growing a will based on your inner sense of integrity. The courage to “dream the impossible dream” is the theme for you moving forward. Take heart, you still get to play and do it all in your own unique way.

Virgo; there is a continued sense of expansion in your consciousness that carries over into the mundane practical workings of reality and the basic mechanics of living. As you are usually ruled by the logical flow of the ordinary, this particular New Moon in Cancer beckons you towards an avante garde turn and twist of the screw. Serving to ultimately sharpen and refocus your world view.

Libra; loves Cardinal energy, more than life itself. So this New Moon in Cancer works very well in the Libra/Venus playbook. This is a time to take a break, take a spa day. Indulge in all the glories that July has to offer. Then from this place of renewed health and beauty your focus and direction becomes clear. Follow the flow, on your merry way!

Scorpio; a bit of stress and release since Scorpio is the sign that has the power to resolve the T-square so sweetly constellated by Mars/Venus in Leo in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. So masterfully brought to its proverbial “knees” via Uranus in Taurus. That’s a whole lot of serious growth going on. It’s also the kind of character building that is part of the Scorpio’s evolutionary process.

Sagittarius; this New Moon in Cancer is about being receptive to the articulations and communications that are needing to be heard. Amidst the subtle nuance of day to day mundane reality as it unfolds each moment, there is a new voice of compassion, understanding and humanity that wants to be told. Sagittarius has a unique capacity to listen and learn as the Nodal Axis in Gemini/Sagittarius continues to transit your sign. Stop, look and listen! Then write your book.

Capricorn; still rocking and rolling trying to shake loose old outmoded systems that are no longer relevant or viable. It’s happening. It’s unraveling. So your integrity, discipline and perseverance must be tempered with foresight, clarity, mercy and compassion. To allow and enable the truth to set you free.

Aquarius; in the heart of the T-square with no real space to breathe and move around in. It’s a good moment to follow your soulful impulse, take out your keyboard and just play and sing. Play the music and the song that runs so deep it sets free what spirits need to be heard. Let your heart sing it out or it will eat you alive. Not an option. Time to come back home to your soul, mind and healthy body. Use the month of July to heal and bring yourself back into balance. Happy Summer!

Pisces; the concept of hanging out at the beach and building sandcastles in the sand is a definite way to go. This New Moon in Cancer is a needed moment of rest and relaxation as Jupiter and Neptune continue to transit your sign. July and the Cancer New Moon is needing you to beguile them with your wondrously cosmic poetry of a reality that thrives in a land of mercy, compassion, gratitude and magical gardens filled with the clear clean scent of a healthy planet Earth.


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“Up A Steep And Very Narrow Stairway”

A lyric from the Broadway musical Chorus Line describes the feeling of this Full Moon.

Full Moon In Capricorn ~ 3 degrees 28 minutes ~


The Full Moon is a component of the Moon’s cycle that marks a culmination ~ some sort of completion. The beaming glow reflected by the fiery bright golden Sun illuminates and lights up the Moon. Shining a spotlight for us to observe and see ourselves. This explains why Full Moons are usually fraught with tension and heightened emotional experiences.

As we continue to move through the season of Cancer, there is a need to establish some sort of emotional security. To create stability as a way to nourish, nurture and grow. The Cancer season brings into focus issues concerning home with all of its fundamental structures and systems.

The Capricorn Moon helps to solidify what necessary actions and experiences fulfills making manifest what the Cancer Sun focuses on. Capricorn, the “cosmic manager” formulates actions and plans ways to get things done.

Establishing stability and emotional comfort is the realm of the Cancer Sun. Whereas Capricorn ruled by Saturn, evokes challenges and limitations that requires integrity, due diligence and unwavering perseverance in order to deal. We rest, rejuvenate and gain strength in the nurturing sea of Cancer’ s comfort. So we are fortified to face up to and participate effectively with the challenges Capricorn sets before us.

Capricorn Moon has the capacity to inspire solidified commitments that puts us on the path to make sure we reach our destination. Even if it means going one disciplined step at a time to achieve it. Up that steep and very narrow stairway. Slowly but surely, upward and onward.

This Full Moon in Capricorn/Sun in Cancer is forming a trine to Jupiter in Cancer. The buoyant optimism of Jupiter in Pisces imbuing this Full Moon with an exuberant glow. In the flow of meditative Pisces this powerful Full Moon brings into play the heart of compassion. To let go of our doubts and worries so we can keep moving forward in good faith that we shall get there.

The other dynamic that is of active and significant influence is the Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus square. Uranus is the planet of liberation while Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. This transit is liberating our understanding of the Earth we inhabit along with our value systems and our relationship to material reality including money, finance and wealth.

The Square angle it forms to Saturn in Aquarius is creating an experience of friction and stress. This is to insure that the desire to relieve our frustration inspires us to seek better, innovative and cohesive ways to deal.

The Aquarius part of the equation motivates our embrace of the human condition as a whole. This has the capacity to transform antiquated belief systems into consistent interconnected ways and means that ultimately supports the world which we are moving into now.

The Uranus influence in Taurus is shaking loose stale and brittle earth bound solidified belief mechanisms. Saturn in Aquarius supports new innovative structures that are relevant to what is needed and available now.

We are held within this process of evolution in action now. Frustration, triggered by the square is what influences us to find new ways. And so we are.

Pluto, still slowly transiting its way through Capricorn, serves to reveal truths that must no longer be concealed. We must be informed. We must be aware so we can have the knowledge to make evidenced based decisions. This is the current conflict we are in the midst of, however this too shall pass. However I do affirm that the light of wisdom and truth triumphs

All of this as we continue on.

Full Moon in Capricorn And YOU ~

Aries~ take the lead in your current endeavors so you have clarity about what needs to be done. Then get it done. The moment before you is filled with challenges that you so adore using your energy to meet and be victorious.

Taurus ~ this is a harmonizing Moon for you. Use the sweet energy of the trine to relax and reflect on your life now. The journey that got you here and the way forward.

Gemini ~ the challenges of the moment require your inherent desire to learn by being aware of everything before you that contradicts everything else. Remember to breathe as you unravel the key to your freedom.

Cancer ~ Happy Birthday! What a turning point this Solar return is for you and your sign. Jupiter in Pisces trining your Sun restores your faith in your love of life, home and balance. So at this auspicious Solar moment reflect forward towards what you want to create within the next 6 months.

Leo ~ try not to engage in power struggles. There is a powerful impulse to break free from what you perceive as constricting situations. They are merely detours that are calling upon your inherent creativity to paint yourself into some genius innovative solutions.

Virgo ~ what a delightful feast this Full Moon in Capricorn brings to you. The perfect platter of possibilities for you to utilize your proclivity towards practicality. A vibrant time for you to make adjustments and corrections wherever you are aware that they are needed. Enjoy!

Libra ~ stimulated into action by the Cancer Solstice, the continued cycling of the Grand Cardinal Cross. The energy of which your Sun sign plays such a grand part. Actions of self care and self love are good ways to utilize this moment. It’s the sure fire way to bring pleasing relationships into your life. To be appreciated while fulfilling your ultimate desire to please others.

Scorpio ~ reflect, relax and meditate so you can become aware of what this Full Moon action oriented moment is asking of you. This is the time to become aware of what your next steps are. There is a definite plan that is being evoked out of your awareness of the point you are at now. What feels successful and complete? What didn’t work out so well that you can learn from? This is the time to clarify the precious lessons learned from your experiences and to move forward.

Sagittarius ~ this is one of those moments where the answers to your questions seem to be on the tip of your tongue. Frustrated, perhaps that you cannot get to them. Take heart and take time out to just enjoy the amazing journey of your life. See what adventures come your way as you slowly move forward into the answers that you seek.

Capricorn ~ this is your time to bring into focus your dreams, hopes and desires that reside within your soul. The Sun/Moon connection is a time to balance your Qi. Within you is the heart of the yin/yang equilibrium. From here begin to plan for what your goals are within the next 6 months.

Aquarius ~ this is a topsey/turvey turn of a time. Hang in there and be honest and true to yourself as you seek out with all your might wtf is the truth anyway. Who knows? I hope you will know soon enough. Remember to share it, at least express it when you do know. Gonna be OK…

Pisces ~ there you go. Resounding resonant reverberations of gorgeous harmonies to heal and soothe the exhausted traveler, including yourself. This is a sweet Full Moon for you as it plays out in so much trine and sextile. You are cordially invited to surrender to your cosmic fog, however please be informed that this is only in service of your coming up with some kind of plan. Some sort of solidified clarification of what you want your life to look like in the next 6 months. So sing your song and dance your dance. Then see your creative ideas bequeath you with the answers.

I hope that speaks to some of you with encouragement and insights to light your way forward.

Do stay tuned for my understanding and analysis of the New Moon in Cancer on the 9th of July.

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Happy Full Moon 🌕

Love, Pamela

What’s The Buzz? Tell Me What’s Happening…

Solar Eclipse Of The New Moon In Gemini, that’s what’s a happening. Exact at 19 degrees 47 minutes on June 10th 2021

But wait there is more…

It’s always a new beginning when the Moon conjuncts the Sun. That’s what happens when the two most significant luminaries come together. It’s time to begin a whole new journey. A time to plant some seeds of new goals, ideas, wishes and desires.

This New Moon in Gemini is marked by the Solar Eclipse. The Moon at 19 degrees 47 minutes is conjunct the Sun in Gemini at 19 degrees 47 minutes. The phenomena of the Moon orbiting exactly between the Earth and the Sun is what causes the eclipse.

The vibrational aura of the Eclipse allows us to connect with the parts of ourselves that are hidden in the shadows. Who is the “you” that nobody knows? Eclipse season is a good time to become aware of aspects of yourself that you might not be conscious of. This opens you up to the opportunity to transform qualities that don’t serve while integrating qualities that do. This unmasking of yourself and who you are is made available through the activation of Gemini’s inherent curiosity and inquisitiveness . Time to know thyself.

As Spring keeps busting out all over, the highly charged mental energy of Gemini imbues the world with wonder once again as the flowery fragrance of Mercury fills the air. In a manner of speaking that is.

This is heightened by Mercury, Gemini ‘s ruler being Retrograde. Mercury Rx slows things down so we can keep moving forward with conscious awareness. Gemini and Mercury are Air elements whose focus is mental energy and the mind.

Use this New Moon Solar Eclipse to become aware of the way in which you communicate. The necessary experience of talking and listening is accentuated at this time. It’s through social interaction balanced with moments of peaceful solitude that allows us to assess what is needed in order to move forward with our lives. Give yourself the time and space to be inspired by the potent energies of this moment. Take the time to focus on seeding this moment with new goals, projects, wishes and desires.

By the same token, sometimes a beneficial way to gain clarity about what we do want is to become aware of what we don’t want. Those things or circumstances that are irrelevant and no longer serve us. Then we create the space that provides the clarity for what we do want. In fact the whole kit and kaboodle on how to achieve it can becomes visible to us.


The particular planetary energies of note that are coloring the mood of this moment are the trine Saturn forms to Mercury which is retrograde until June 23rd, 2021. It is what is making this moment buzz. The combination of Mercury which conjuncts the Sun and Moon in Gemini has a busy energizing quality to it. So that in combo with the trine to Saturn in Aquarius it produces the grace that supports clarity through discipline and perseverance. It’s the power that diligent Saturn brings which harmonizes so well with Gemini. The energy of Aquarius’s brilliant mind and forward thinking imbues the trine with many auspicious possibilities. Both signs being Air signs is what creates the trine. The intellectual property of Air signs can become a much needed sword of clarity. Air signs can serve as the edge that has the ability to cut through nonsense so that truth and integrity may rise up. It is good that it does so.


We also have the ever mystical, cosmic and somewhat foggy component of Neptune in Pisces. At the moment of the Solar Eclipse it will be forming a square to the very real and present conjunction of Mercury, Moon, Sun and the North Node in Gemini.

No problem. No worries. This square actually contains the components of the elixir needed for this present time. However, it must be consciously cultivated with great care. That is what the tension of the square to Gemini could create. All this to say keep breathing and be attentive and aware of whatsoever is happening around you. Especially be mindful to respect your own feelings, moods and needs. Be an objective observer of your life and all that is going on around you. Its in this way that you can stay clear of the troubles that sometimes emerge within the Neptunian fog. However, when you are mindful and aware, the door opens to the wondrous creative magic that is contained within the mysterious energy vibration of Neptune in Pisces.

On the other hand, Neptune in Pisces forming a square to Mercury, Moon and Sun in Gemini at the New Moon Solar Eclipse, can be tricky. Feelings, moods and situations can be quite unsettling to say the least. I wholeheartedly suggest that you proceed with utmost caution. Particularly on matters that require agreements and negotiations that demand extreme clarity and deliberation. You can trust that this too shall pass. However, while we’re here, focus straight ahead with clarity and good thinking. Use the jazz adage that says you can’t break the rules until you know how to play the game. Do right by yourself, ‘cause when you do right by you you do right by others.

Be creative and write it out, play music and dance out the words and thoughts that are as yet incomprehensible. In the steady flow of time you shall have a deeper understanding of your self, others around you and the greater community. Neptune and Pisces teaches us to go within. To connect with the heart of compassion and mercy through which understanding comes to light. Mercury and the North Node offers an opportunity to learn something new. A brief glimmer of a glimpse towards a new way of being.

Neptune in Pisces carries with it the fundamental doctrine to “serve or suffer”. This is the time to bring dignity and respect to the heart of compassion as we learn about the right use of our minds and thoughts.


Aries ~ Your creative juices are being stimulated and lighting a fire that encourages you to get out there and play. Air influences work well with Fire. A renewed sense of clarity emerges.

Taurus ~ Take a break out in nature if you can. The Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in your sign could be making things seem out of your control. Moreover you may find yourself being drawn to ways of thinking and being that are a bit out of your purview. Allow yourself to open up to the new and unusual. Particularly at this time of newness offered by the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Gemini ~ Truly this is a moment of endings that is about your new beginning. Enjoy the fascinating energies that the Neptune influence has on you. Quiet your mind so that your Gemini Mercurial thought forms can benefit you with some deeper insights. Let go and pay it forward.You are on your way!

Cancer ~ There may very well be irritations galore at this time. Take heart, you are in the midst of producing some amazing pearls. Great wisdom is emerging for you to integrate. It’s the deepest pearl of wisdom that can only comes through all the challenges you have undergone. Little by little you are arriving!

Leo ~ Look forward to an emerging moment in time of sparkle, glitter and gold. Well would you believe to at least likely to cascade into your life a little bitty way down the road. Still it is a good New Moon moment for you to dream. Like the song says thats how you make it into reality. To dream on while you are living with compassion, kindness and respect.

Virgo ~ Ideas for projects are taking on an unusual twist while under the influence of the Gemini to Neptune square. Use the momentum of this New Beginning in the midst of this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Surrender to this moment which is paving the way for possibilities you have not even ever dreamed of.

Libra ~ “If music was the food of love, play on…” Your logical mind with a predilection towards seeking balance is well served at this powerful New Moon. Perhaps it would be like a homeopathic remedy to allow yourself to get lost in a bit of chaos. It’s in this way that you can systematically find your way back home. Being mindful and connected to your aliveness and vitality is the key.

Scorpio ~ This is your moment to forensically systematically get to the heart of the matter. Uranus in Taurus is in opposition to your Sun sign. Planet Neptune in Pisces is playing with your Watery energy. Creative solutions to whatever is up front and center awaits your foxy cleverness and thorough resolutions. Then take the time to clarify your current needs, wishes and desires. Then just keep on moving forward.

Sagittarius ~ Trust that your current life lessons have truly been learned. Now it’s time to use that wisdom to clarify your next goal. Dream about the next adventure where a whole new range of options shall emerge. Just be sure you follow your fine tuned intuition to where it may lead you.

Capricorn ~ There is a magnetic flow of energy that triggers you through your most somber and quiet moods. As contained as you are programmed to be, even the likes of a creature such as yourself is riding the wave of brilliant innovation and change. Play on you dear and sweet “lonely goatherd“.

Aquarius ~ This New Moon is the height of mystical fun. In your utter exuberance and egomania about the greatness of just being you. Take the time to slow down enough to give gratitude. This paves the way for you to focus on that which really matters. To plant new seeds of creation and to water and encourage those still in gestation. All is well.

Pisces ~ What with your ruling planet Neptune stirring up trouble by the square it forms to all the members of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Use this slightly stressful energy to familiarize yourself with the phenomena of your own consciousness. Then allow yourself to dream shamelessly of the all in all to come. That which ultimately reeks of the good, the true and the beautiful.

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Keep on!

And stay tuned… there is more to come

Love, Pamela

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