What’s The Buzz? Tell Me What’s Happening…

Solar Eclipse Of The New Moon In Gemini, that’s what’s a happening. Exact at 19 degrees 47 minutes on June 10th 2021

But wait there is more…

It’s always a new beginning when the Moon conjuncts the Sun. That’s what happens when the two most significant luminaries come together. It’s time to begin a whole new journey. A time to plant some seeds of new goals, ideas, wishes and desires.

This New Moon in Gemini is marked by the Solar Eclipse. The Moon at 19 degrees 47 minutes is conjunct the Sun in Gemini at 19 degrees 47 minutes. The phenomena of the Moon orbiting exactly between the Earth and the Sun is what causes the eclipse.

The vibrational aura of the Eclipse allows us to connect with the parts of ourselves that are hidden in the shadows. Who is the “you” that nobody knows? Eclipse season is a good time to become aware of aspects of yourself that you might not be conscious of. This opens you up to the opportunity to transform qualities that don’t serve while integrating qualities that do. This unmasking of yourself and who you are is made available through the activation of Gemini’s inherent curiosity and inquisitiveness . Time to know thyself.

As Spring keeps busting out all over, the highly charged mental energy of Gemini imbues the world with wonder once again as the flowery fragrance of Mercury fills the air. In a manner of speaking that is.

This is heightened by Mercury, Gemini ‘s ruler being Retrograde. Mercury Rx slows things down so we can keep moving forward with conscious awareness. Gemini and Mercury are Air elements whose focus is mental energy and the mind.

Use this New Moon Solar Eclipse to become aware of the way in which you communicate. The necessary experience of talking and listening is accentuated at this time. It’s through social interaction balanced with moments of peaceful solitude that allows us to assess what is needed in order to move forward with our lives. Give yourself the time and space to be inspired by the potent energies of this moment. Take the time to focus on seeding this moment with new goals, projects, wishes and desires.

By the same token, sometimes a beneficial way to gain clarity about what we do want is to become aware of what we don’t want. Those things or circumstances that are irrelevant and no longer serve us. Then we create the space that provides the clarity for what we do want. In fact the whole kit and kaboodle on how to achieve it can becomes visible to us.


The particular planetary energies of note that are coloring the mood of this moment are the trine Saturn forms to Mercury which is retrograde until June 23rd, 2021. It is what is making this moment buzz. The combination of Mercury which conjuncts the Sun and Moon in Gemini has a busy energizing quality to it. So that in combo with the trine to Saturn in Aquarius it produces the grace that supports clarity through discipline and perseverance. It’s the power that diligent Saturn brings which harmonizes so well with Gemini. The energy of Aquarius’s brilliant mind and forward thinking imbues the trine with many auspicious possibilities. Both signs being Air signs is what creates the trine. The intellectual property of Air signs can become a much needed sword of clarity. Air signs can serve as the edge that has the ability to cut through nonsense so that truth and integrity may rise up. It is good that it does so.


We also have the ever mystical, cosmic and somewhat foggy component of Neptune in Pisces. At the moment of the Solar Eclipse it will be forming a square to the very real and present conjunction of Mercury, Moon, Sun and the North Node in Gemini.

No problem. No worries. This square actually contains the components of the elixir needed for this present time. However, it must be consciously cultivated with great care. That is what the tension of the square to Gemini could create. All this to say keep breathing and be attentive and aware of whatsoever is happening around you. Especially be mindful to respect your own feelings, moods and needs. Be an objective observer of your life and all that is going on around you. Its in this way that you can stay clear of the troubles that sometimes emerge within the Neptunian fog. However, when you are mindful and aware, the door opens to the wondrous creative magic that is contained within the mysterious energy vibration of Neptune in Pisces.

On the other hand, Neptune in Pisces forming a square to Mercury, Moon and Sun in Gemini at the New Moon Solar Eclipse, can be tricky. Feelings, moods and situations can be quite unsettling to say the least. I wholeheartedly suggest that you proceed with utmost caution. Particularly on matters that require agreements and negotiations that demand extreme clarity and deliberation. You can trust that this too shall pass. However, while we’re here, focus straight ahead with clarity and good thinking. Use the jazz adage that says you can’t break the rules until you know how to play the game. Do right by yourself, ‘cause when you do right by you you do right by others.

Be creative and write it out, play music and dance out the words and thoughts that are as yet incomprehensible. In the steady flow of time you shall have a deeper understanding of your self, others around you and the greater community. Neptune and Pisces teaches us to go within. To connect with the heart of compassion and mercy through which understanding comes to light. Mercury and the North Node offers an opportunity to learn something new. A brief glimmer of a glimpse towards a new way of being.

Neptune in Pisces carries with it the fundamental doctrine to “serve or suffer”. This is the time to bring dignity and respect to the heart of compassion as we learn about the right use of our minds and thoughts.


Aries ~ Your creative juices are being stimulated and lighting a fire that encourages you to get out there and play. Air influences work well with Fire. A renewed sense of clarity emerges.

Taurus ~ Take a break out in nature if you can. The Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in your sign could be making things seem out of your control. Moreover you may find yourself being drawn to ways of thinking and being that are a bit out of your purview. Allow yourself to open up to the new and unusual. Particularly at this time of newness offered by the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Gemini ~ Truly this is a moment of endings that is about your new beginning. Enjoy the fascinating energies that the Neptune influence has on you. Quiet your mind so that your Gemini Mercurial thought forms can benefit you with some deeper insights. Let go and pay it forward.You are on your way!

Cancer ~ There may very well be irritations galore at this time. Take heart, you are in the midst of producing some amazing pearls. Great wisdom is emerging for you to integrate. It’s the deepest pearl of wisdom that can only comes through all the challenges you have undergone. Little by little you are arriving!

Leo ~ Look forward to an emerging moment in time of sparkle, glitter and gold. Well would you believe to at least likely to cascade into your life a little bitty way down the road. Still it is a good New Moon moment for you to dream. Like the song says thats how you make it into reality. To dream on while you are living with compassion, kindness and respect.

Virgo ~ Ideas for projects are taking on an unusual twist while under the influence of the Gemini to Neptune square. Use the momentum of this New Beginning in the midst of this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Surrender to this moment which is paving the way for possibilities you have not even ever dreamed of.

Libra ~ “If music was the food of love, play on…” Your logical mind with a predilection towards seeking balance is well served at this powerful New Moon. Perhaps it would be like a homeopathic remedy to allow yourself to get lost in a bit of chaos. It’s in this way that you can systematically find your way back home. Being mindful and connected to your aliveness and vitality is the key.

Scorpio ~ This is your moment to forensically systematically get to the heart of the matter. Uranus in Taurus is in opposition to your Sun sign. Planet Neptune in Pisces is playing with your Watery energy. Creative solutions to whatever is up front and center awaits your foxy cleverness and thorough resolutions. Then take the time to clarify your current needs, wishes and desires. Then just keep on moving forward.

Sagittarius ~ Trust that your current life lessons have truly been learned. Now it’s time to use that wisdom to clarify your next goal. Dream about the next adventure where a whole new range of options shall emerge. Just be sure you follow your fine tuned intuition to where it may lead you.

Capricorn ~ There is a magnetic flow of energy that triggers you through your most somber and quiet moods. As contained as you are programmed to be, even the likes of a creature such as yourself is riding the wave of brilliant innovation and change. Play on you dear and sweet “lonely goatherd“.

Aquarius ~ This New Moon is the height of mystical fun. In your utter exuberance and egomania about the greatness of just being you. Take the time to slow down enough to give gratitude. This paves the way for you to focus on that which really matters. To plant new seeds of creation and to water and encourage those still in gestation. All is well.

Pisces ~ What with your ruling planet Neptune stirring up trouble by the square it forms to all the members of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Use this slightly stressful energy to familiarize yourself with the phenomena of your own consciousness. Then allow yourself to dream shamelessly of the all in all to come. That which ultimately reeks of the good, the true and the beautiful.

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Keep on!

And stay tuned… there is more to come

Love, Pamela

Just Follow The Flow…


At 5 degrees on 5/26/21 at 7:14 AM EDST

This Sagittarius Full Moon held within the energies of a Lunar Eclipse is a jolly jolt. Such as it is when the Moon is full in Sagittarius and forms a whole hearted Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini. This marks a time of shedding what is no longer relevant in your life so as to lightly pivot forward towards situations that are better aligned with your motivations and intentions.

With Gemini ruled by Mercury and the Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, the mind is seeking truth that leads towards some new greater understanding, realization and point of view.

There are currently 4 planets in Gemini transiting through this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. They are the Sun, North Node, Venus and Mercury. Mercury the ruler of Gemini represents our nervous system as it is affected by our mind and vice versa. Therefore however we perceive experience, it is being further illuminated.

Sagittarius represents what we come to realize to be the deeper meaning of our lives. This carries with it a heightened quality of inner reflection. This is further stimulated and intensified by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

To add to the story of this fascinating quality of time, Jupiter’s ingress to Pisces on 5/14/21. Jupiter, the current ruler of Sagittarius is also considered to be the ancient ruler of Pisces. This brings an ebullient high spirited quality into the experience of our lives.

Jupiter in Pisces seriously holds within its energy the elements of real possibility that serves to awaken our collective consciousness to truth, compassion, love and joy.

The deep depths of Jupiter in Pisces contains the seeds of our awakening to truth, compassion, love and joy

This is a beneficial time to unhook from that which no longer has relevance in order to focus on heartfelt wishes, dreams and desires. It is time to explore them as goals that are within our grasp. This is catalyzed via the grounding of the friction of the square angle Jupiter in Pisces forms to the Sun in Gemini and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. In this case it’s the tension of the square that becomes a grounding alchemizing spirited fire that inspires and supports our natural inclination to evolve. This is just the natural flow of life as we expand the depth of our knowledge and awareness.

Dare to dream…

There is another component triggered by this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that deserves attention. As was mentioned above, Gemini also represents the power of the mind via communication. When we pay attention to our heartfelt feelings and as we accurately identify them, they are transmitted up to our minds. Our brain receives the information where they are translated into thought forms for us to logically understand. Then it is up to us to learn how to utilize this inner guidance in order to take care of the need indicated by the feeling. It’s in this process that we gain the skills and wisdom to learn to trust our feelings as they are processed in our minds. Our hearts and feelings are always telling the truth. Our mind or ego is simply “mission control”.

The other fascinating element of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as it is influenced by Jupiter transiting Pisces, is that it is time to know as we begin to practice that when we listen, understand and take actions that are motivated by compassion and truth towards ourselves we can then do the same for others. The necessity of listening to ourselves and others with compassion and understanding is a significantly needed missing link. A link towards a connection that fills in the missing blank particularly when the mind becomes the navigator of the heart and NOT vice versa. The “gray cells” aka the software in our brains must be connected to our feelings, our heart and soul connection. Then connection to our humanity is restored to balance. It is this that is the “pearl beyond price”. It is the gift found within this vibrantly fecund moment.

The mighty power of dialogue and diplomacy, practiced with intentional respect while honoring the other’s point of view is at the heart of this moment. To listen with compassion while considering the point of view of the other, even if it diametrically opposes your own. Even if it makes no sense to you. Since it is so that the moment we make room for another who is other than our own self, we open the door to a world of possibilities governed by compassion, understanding, forgiveness, mercy and joy. This brought to us by Jupiter transiting through Pisces and coming into our mists through the vexing power of the square it is forming to the Sun and Moon at this time.

Now for a specific glimpse through each sign ~~~

ARIES ~ use this moment to express yourself creatively. Chisel away at those skills that use your strength and power. There is great satisfaction in completing projects now in order to set your sights on new horizons.

TAURUS ~ Be mindful of your health as your energy may be wound up frenetically by all the Gemini influence. Particularly as the Uranus in Taurus square to Saturn in Aquarius might still be playing you. Do not spread yourself too thin. Use this powerful moment to learn to practice meditation. If you don’t already do so, do look into it. Music and art are also great places where you can channel your energy at this time.

GEMINI ~ Jazzed up are you at this powerful culminating moment in your signs honor. I do declare a glorious Happy Solar Return to you! Be quite mindful of what no longer serves you that you must leave behind. Then move forward into a New Year that promises to be filled with auspicious new beginnings that are in alignment with your truth.

CANCER ~ There is an amazing almost other worldly haunting sound emanating from deep within your soul. Allow yourself to be bathed in this wondrous moment. By any means possible, please allow your empathic, intuitive nature to glean the music and wisdom being brought to you by the gift of your deep sensitivity.

LEO ~ The heart of the matter is where you like to be. Especially when you are at the center of it all. The Fire element of your sign works quite well with the Air element of Gemini. It serves to help you finagle new and interesting projects which will get you back into your own personal limelight. A place where you are adored and appreciated by all.

VIRGO ~ Continue to skillfully and graciously do your busy work behind the scenes. Can you sense that there are creative bountiful ideas and information being brought to you by this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and your steady consistent perseverance. Be ready to open up to new doors of inspired, innovative good business possibilities.

LIBRA ~ Listen and observe the revelations that may come to you indirectly concerning matters of balance, justice and truth. There is an inner silence that opens the door to information that has been hidden in plain sight. Breathe in and exhale into this fascinating present moment.

SCORPIO ~ So close and yet so far to the world of new possibilities you are dying to know. Take heart that all is moving in the forward direction that you so require. Be advised that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse holds some long awaited answers to questions that have been hiding out even from you. Be ready to take flight as the Eagle in you has the capacity to do. Just be mindful that you are truly letting go of the past in order to be fully present in this luscious here and now.

SAGITTARIUS ~ This Full SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings forth your ability to deepen the frenetic conversation brought about by the Gemini chorale of the Sun, Nodal Axis, Venus, and Mercury. Be the splendid lead singer to the Doo Wop Do Doo charms of this moment. To celebrate this turning of the page and the pivot forward into exciting new adventures.

CAPRICORN ~ Take a break. Use this brief moment to trust that your responsible nature is working hard to keep it together. Your persevering consistent stick to it attitude affords you a moment to relax. Pluto is still blasting away at obsolete systems as Neptune stimulates a new possibility of flexible boundaries to be developed with compassion.

AQUARIUS ~ This New Moon Lunar eclipse involvement by sign is playing your song of brotherhood, sisterhood, compassion, joy, love and truth. There is much work ahead. Set out to do it in the spirit of enjoying bright moments of play, creativity, innovation and fun.

PISCES ~ With Neptune still placed in the heart of your own true cosmic nature and is forming a trine to Mars in Cancer. The perfect combination to guide you to choose to let go of that which no longer serves you. Be aware that many interesting and expansive changes await you, but only if you have the wherewithal to let go and lighten up your load. Be mindful of your needs and intentions. You will be successful.

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Happy Full Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 🌕

“Beauty Is Eternity”


“But you are Eternity and you are the mirror.”


ON MAY 11, 2021 at 21 degrees

The beauty of Taurus, whose symbol is the bull, is that in adamant persistence and stubborn perseverance lies the key to fulfillment of our hearts desire. Taurus and Venus are purveyors of luxury and sensual pleasure. Experiences that are part and parcel to being embodied on this Earth. Taking shameless delight jubilantly celebrating the visceral experience of being in a body on this Earth.

“And so we meet again.”

This New Moon in Taurus reminds us to be aware of our bodies in relationship to our value systems. Venus, who is Taurus’s ruling planet, whose rulership pertains to beauty and pleasure along with how our values and ethics reflect and nourish our self esteem.

This earthy Taurean New Moon cycle is a good moment to be aware of matters concerning territory. Actual land and earth matters along with the symbolic and psychological territory of the boundaries of our lives. How do we delineate our own boundaries. How safe and nourished do we feel within ourselves is a good question to ask yourself during this time.

This does pertain to the critical questions of boundaries between countries as well. This is an opportune time that through the evidenced based reality we are experiencing of which scientists are noting, of the reality of the actual critical climate crisis we are in. Clearly this necessitates the fact that boundaries are needing to be renegotiated. A nudging but vital issue expressed within this quality of time as inspired by Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus. There must surely be much more acknowledgement and discussion of this as we continue forward.

Taurus and Venus also notably stimulates the delight and pleasure we seek to experience through the sensuous enjoyment of food.

Speaking of food, money and the flow of life, how does your experience of it feel? Is it second nature to you or are there feelings of being out of control with these things? Houses and planets in your chart will indicate how these Taurean energies get played out for you.

This is a beneficial moment to become aware of the power that food, pleasures, money, finance and resources plays in your life. To consider these matters for yourself individually and as collective shared experiences with others.

The transit of Uranus in Taurus which is in square relationship to Saturn in Aquarius currently brings up these questions and issues for us as a cultural collective society. Important questions particularly as we cooperatively must continue to grapple with the pandemic.

Throughout the Cardinal energy of the Capricorn stellium into this current moment of the predominantly fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius, the focus is the breaking down of the old to make way for the new. This New Moon marks the movement forward of that which we are well on the way towards. There is also a commensurate stimulation for communication. Venus, North Node and Mercury in Gemini contributes to a myriad of possibilities that opens the door to the healthy co-creation of new ways of doing things.

This is a mainspring moment to acknowledge a shared reality that must be discussed and dialogued. To make logical sense of that which is not yet understood. As we use the mighty power of listening and responding to each other respectfully. Neptune in Pisces trine the Sun/Moon conjunction is truly a good component to add to this story. As such, so it goes that this New Moon in Taurus is an auspicious beginning of a new profound beginning.

How this New Moon in Taurus gets played out through the signs ~~

ARIES ~ Stay connected and aware of your vulnerability as guidance to what your journey has been showing you all along about yourself in relationship to others. Remember that your weakest link is your strongest link. This moment is the time to seek renewal and redemption. A time to be merciful with yourself and others.

TAURUS ~ a lyric, “this is the beginning of what I want to feel forever” is relevant for you now. Keep this in mind even while the rock n’ roller coaster ride of Uranus is transiting your sign. It’s simply encouraging you to explore your experience of stability from an avant garde perspective.

GEMINI ~ Master communicator and listener inspired by your eternal inquisitive mind. A deeper sense of your purpose is unfolding in a way that could become more comprehensive to you this month. Love and partnership are good possibilities for you now as Venus is in Gemini. Please enjoy!

CANCER ~ There is a harmony being played for you during this New Moon in Taurus as it forms a sextile to your Sign. This stimulates your creative imagination. It’s an exciting energy that simultaneously grounds and beckons you towards the simple pleasures of life.

LEO ~ Lovable Lion and Lioness alike. Hang in there and allow yourself to take some comfort in the sensuous pleasures of this New Moon moment. Your energies may feel frustrated by the tension of the square, take heart my dears, this is all in service of inspiring you towards visionary productivity. Shine on!

VIRGO ~ A mellow while being productive New Moon for you. Focus on what you need in order to make your life continue to run smoothly in a logical manner. There is a harmonic pace that lights your way during this New beginning. Enjoy the benefits

LIBRA ~ It’s as if the beauty of harmony and balance that you seek is getting played through the song of Taurus. There is a buzz in the air that serves to inspire you as you continue on through this month. Take the time that you need for yourself in order to maintain your peace of mind.

SCORPIO ~ There is a bit of friction as you enter this New Moon cycle. The art and practice of holding the tension of the opposites as this new beginning unfolds. It’s a growth space of realizing what you need in order to complete some part of yourself. Go easy, but hang tight and strong. A long awaited metamorphosis has begun.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Focus on what is needed in your life now, then take aim and shoot your arrow of intention straight and strong towards meaningful fulfillment. Always remember to connect with the longing in your heart so as to allow what you are yearning for to find you as well.

CAPRICORN ~ Utilize this harmonious beginning to clarify your plans moving forward. It is significant that you have opportunities unfolding that includes time to truly enjoy yourself as well. Remember to use your hard earned communication skills to stay connected to all, including yourself. With still more hard work ahead, be encouraged that the seed of this new beginning is revealing to you new ideas and systems that will ultimately serve you and those around you.

AQUARIUS ~ Enjoy the challenges and tensions getting played out which you are witness to as an active player on this threshold of dreams. Continue persevering and practicing for your goals to be realized. The tensions, tests and responsibilities presented to you at this auspicious time dares your ability to meet challenges with the brilliant, badass rigor the World is as yet coming to know, love and adore.

PISCES ~ Take a dip into the creative sea of earthy delights being brought to you by the New Moon in Taurus. It can be a Bacchanalian moment of bliss if you so desire. A quality you share with the Bull. Be mindful however that your sign does hold a particular point of power as a participator in a trine to this New Moon. A point that serves to facilitate an opening to a vision. The challenge is to stay fully present and allow the journey to flow.

Happy New Moon 🌚

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The SuperMoon In Scorpio ~

~4/26-4/27 at 7 degrees

What’s hidden is revealed thru the brilliant light of the silvery Scorpio Moon. Time to lose your mind. Time to come back to your senses.

Scorpio Moon evokes the time to give yourself the space to become aware of your emotions. Scorpio is a Water element. As our feelings and emotions ebb and flow like the ocean itself allowing us to become aware of felt experiences emulating from our heart.

By focusing your awareness on what you are feeling it enters the perception of your mind. It’s your mind that decodes your feeling experiences into comprehensive, logical means of managing your moods and getting your needs met. Once you understand the language of your feelings, be it anger, sadness, fear or gladness you can flow with the knowledge of what the feeling is indicating that is needed in your life. Awareness of your feelings and learning how to manage them will keep you in synch and harmony with yourself and those around you.

The magic contained within you is there. It just needs to be felt, experienced, identified, translated and decoded by your mind. Getting down to the nitty-gritty heart and soul of what matters is a significant component of this Full Moon in Scorpio.

Suffice it to say that Astrologically this is a “humdinger” of a SuperFull Moon. It’s called a SuperMoon due to its proximity to our Earth’s orbit. This connection then increases the influence it has on our biological and emotional body.

Scorpio’s natural inclination is to evoke heightened experiences of the senses within the parameters of feeling. This is a beneficial time to get to the heart of any matter that is on your mind since the grace of guidance is yours for the taking.

Scorpio’s Fixed Water element is conducive to the experience of feelings. However what makes this a particularly charged Full Moon is the opposition it forms to Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus, all in Taurus. Relentless and persistent Taurus.

Taurus, Fixed in quality with Earth as its element. The Sun indicates our sense of self, our ego aka “mission control”, Mercury represents our minds and the need to transmit information as well as take in information. Venus embodies love, beauty, balance, finance, money and what we desire. Uranus is about freedom, liberation and innovation through brilliant insight. These 4 planets in Taurus opposing the Full Moon in Scorpio fills this moment with an emphasis on what we value. What really matters to us. What enhances our lives vs. what is dragging us down by its irrelevance to our goals.

Scorpio Moon inspires connections to ourselves and our needs based on our true felt experiences and its impact on our lives. Then add to this mix its opposition to the stellium in Taurus which forms a T-square to Saturn at 12 degrees Aquarius. It’s a truly affective geometry that ultimately supports growth and awareness. Specifically concerning issues around our inherent soul journey and the way in which we interact with the material world.

T-squares are triggers of stress caused by the basic misunderstanding and incompatibility of the 3 parties involved. It’s the very nature of this discomfort that becomes the catalyst for growth, healing and progress. For this particular T-square the catalyst is Saturn in Aquarius. Imbuing the desire and need to restructure value systems towards methods and means that have the capacity to serve ourselves and others.

This SuperMoon could be a moving moment of clash and dissonance that is simply seeking an epiphany of transformation and change for the greater good of all.

There is another powerful factor to cite here and be mindful of ~ enter the hero of the story. There is a trine of Mars in Gemini to Jupiter in Aquarius. I see this as a revisioning of our instinctual need to connect and relate through the power of communication. A moment of harmony that brings a ray of hope and light to the humanity of our story.

Mars with its impulsive, instinctual drive to exist is in harmonious aspect to Jupiter. Jupiter, known for its optimism and jolly buoyancy of higher ideals is in Aquarius. Aquarius which is in itself the sign of social justice and equality. The Gemini ~Aquarius trine of Mars to Jupiter has the capacity to open the door into much needed diplomacy and healthy dialogue concerning your own personal matters, social movements and governments. Everybody talking to each other via the influence of Mars in Gemini forming a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius is the necessary component of our evolution towards higher consciousness. The promise of hope and faith made manifest.

Could we be gleaning some of the wisdom earned by having lived through years of stress and strain infused thru the Capricorn Stellium? This trine offers us a chord of reprieve that may serve to ease the clash of dissonance by sounding notes of harmony and ease. Enabling us to become aware of opportunities to create conduits of understanding through communication. To inspire dialogue and respectful negotiations about our different points of view.

Trine awaits the moment to share her point of view.

Take a moment to reflect on where in your life this is needed. Become aware of all the challenges and triumphs that brought you to this moment. Allow yourself to feel into what your next steps are. Then make a wish, affirmation or vision of your plans. I encourage you to use the energy of this Full Moon to reflect on what you no longer need. As you do so, you will have the wherewithal to get to the nitty-gritty of what you actually do need in order to create the life you want.

Suggested use of this Full Moons energy in all of its strongly aspected splendor calls you to value and consider the predicaments and preciousness of your very life.

Let’s open our hearts and minds to this moment of change, transformation and creative forward thinking. Let’s evoke at last a significant connection to our humanity.

Moving forward through it all

Scorpio Super Full Moon through the signs ~

Aries ~ this moment holds a certain kind of vulnerability that brings your passions a bit closer to yourself. Linking you to the healer within in order for you to glean the wisdom of your fighting spirit. A good time to begin a journal of your own creation. A time of self reflection and inner knowledge.

Taurus ~Happy Birthday! It’s a party of personal planets vibrating your love of stability and sensual pleasure. Inviting you to explore new innovative ways of dealing with your needs, wants and desires. This year ahead can surely prove to be fruitful and exciting as you get your bearings. Quite the wilder ride than usual as you continue to be influenced by the electrifying brilliance of Uranus transiting your sign. Happy continuing on and on and on and on!

Gemini ~ Yes, the art of communication is a valued part of your experience. This Scorpio Full Moon imbues you with a continued emphasis on this need to interact and articulate what’s on your mind. This is a two way street as you are quite curious about what’s going on in other people’s minds as well. Moving forward as you sort through it all can prove to be a rewarding part of your journey.

Cancer ~ A bit of fiery intensity for you as Mars has entered your Sign. Particularly powerful what with the Full Moon in Scorpio triggering passions and desires that have been dormant. It is Spring after all! This may be a time where you want to go inward but the journey of Mars through your sign insists that you reconsider. Take heart, use this moment to clarify what your objectives are and how to accomplish them. Remember to nurture, nourish and love.

Leo ~ Full SuperMoon in Scorpio is not your favorite placement for the Moon to be in, particularly with the Sun in Taurus. Still and all you do always enjoy a bit of a challenge. A sensuous time of clarity and creative inspiration triggered by the Taurus/Scorpio dynamic. Actually a time of changing your understanding of many things. As you are inspired by the T of the square formed by Saturn in your opposing sign of Aquarius. Have fun as you are moved to a new and brighter understanding.

Virgo ~ This Full Moon in Scorpio is trining your Sun and offers some peace and harmony. A glimmering moment of sweetness for you amid the tension and pressure coming at you from others. All is well. Just keep connected to your rhythms, rituals and practices to maintain your balance.

Libra ~ This is a moment of possibilities which are yet to reveal themselves to you. A moment of reckoning that holds vague yet quite real potential. However, this is just a minuscule part of your journey that will ultimately lead to crystal clear clarification as this cycle of the Moon moves forward. And so shall you.

Scorpio ~ This is your moment to shine by the glow of it all. Think of this cycle as an educational moment of letting go of how you assumed things were supposed to be. To relax into what the reality of your life and the circumstances around you are in actuality. There is a richness of energy enveloping you like a chrysalis. The chrysalis is the womb that contains the exquisite butterfly living into the moment of its flight. Even as the Phoenix rises up out of its own ashes so shall you yet emerge out of the flames.

Sagittarius ~ A moment of logical reflection as you philosophically ponder the parameters of your next adventure. Perhaps a book or a journal to codify all the learning from your past. All this to encourage you to keep moving forward towards new horizons as you release the old.

Capricorn ~ All the changes and transformations are taking hold so that now is the time to get your bearings. There is a seat at the table even as Pluto continues to transit your sign. There is a comfort for you during this Full Moon cycle since the sextile Scorpio forms to your Sun sign is stimulating and creative. Factor in Saturn, your ruling planet in Aquarius and you be in the groove. Even Capricorn gets to play and have fun from time to time.

Aquarius ~ Full Moon in Scorpio has fascinating elements of wonder and delight. The stress it brings on, like your Leo friends holds a challenge. Challenges that heighten your natural curiosity that serves to inform you of new ideas. Along with new ways to implement them. Getting closer to fulfilling your goals, keep on moving forward as you make your way out of the forest into the light of day.

Pisces ~ A harmonious full moon for you since Scorpio forms a trine that reverberates from the depths of your being. The heart of your desire for Cosmic Consciousness. The square to Mars will relax as Mars continues to make its way through the sign Cancer. Take the time to make music, art and love. So much inspiration triggered by the sextile the planets in Taurus form. Vibe on.

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Happy Full Moon 🌕!



Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls Of Fire!!

And so the New Moon in Aries is fiercely on the rise…

On 4/11/21 at 22 degrees Aries

As we Ram on…

An encouraging beginning moment filled with the instinctually driven vitality of Aries. There is an honorable determination sparked within this Aries New Moon both in quality and quantity. We are resplendent in Planets transiting through Aries. What with the Sun 21 degrees Aries, Moon 15 degrees Aries, Mercury 13 degrees Aries, Venus 25 degrees Aries and Chiron 9 degrees Aries.

What a luscious Spring Season of this New Moon moment! We are ablaze with yearning and determination stimulated into action via all of the Aries fiery vibration. We are being inspired by impulses via our dreams, passions and desires to pursue our goals and plans. Then stirring our will into purposeful movement making manifest the realization of our heartfelt intentions to successful completion.

And so it is time to get cracking and commence moving forward. This is made easy through the significantly charged emphasis of Aries planets forming a sextile to Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius. Aries, Cardinal in its quality suffuses this New Moon with an impulse towards actively motivating us towards focusing on what tasks must be accomplished. Aquarius, Fixed in its quality galvanizes the discipline and perseverance needed to follow through what the Aries emphasis has made known.

When you set an intention at this time and follow it through it will come to fruition. Within Aries is a willful stubbornness, which is a resource and a challenge. To glean the gifts and benefits of this New Moon in Aries it is necessary to connect to the instinctual impulses of your heart.This Aries New Moon is the magic that ignites the soul into action and gets things done.

Living intentionally through the signs;

ARIES, speaking of the devil, as it were. Getting fired up with ideas while being pulled in the direction of relationship? And/or are you reveling in the passionate fire of inspiration. No matter it should be a vibrant year ahead and an even more fascinating 2 weeks forward. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

TAURUS, slowly but surely becoming aware of concepts and ideas way out of your usual purview of thinking. Use this time to try on new ways of looking at life differently from your normal range of perspective. Check out some unique innovative ideas. This freshens up your world view and breathes a new understanding into your world.

GEMINI, this is the moment to make a good case in favor of talking and listening. There is a powerful shift in consciousness that we are in the midst of. There is a battle within the placement of Mars in Gemini forming a square to Neptune in Pisces that may bring about a heightened level of anxiety. However, this becomes transformed into harmonious energy when Mars shall transits into Cancer on the 22nd of April. For now meditation combined with fun sport such as Martial Arts or some such is a good way to go. It could help taper anxiety at the same time it offers wisdom within the present moment.

CANCER, when there is such a strong stellium in Aries it hits the sign Cancer forming a square. This stress inducing trigger of growth and knowledge is upon you. Use this waxing Moon moment to clarify what is most needed and necessary in your life that enhances your stability. To be sustained as a kind, caring and nurturing beacon of light, holding steady in the midst of a stormy sea.

LEO, Leo the Lion LOVES Aries the Ram. This could prove to be a super creative time of accomplishment. Let yourself be fired up by the inherent need to express original ideas supported by actions. Actions that are congruent with inspired energies originating from your Soul.

VIRGO, hold tight! Aries is a hard yet quite fascinating sign for you to navigate through. Take heart my elegant Virgo readers this is the moment to slow down. Hold the reigns steady of this onrushing flow of energy. Absolutely trusting the wisdom of your Soul to think things through. So to be the “rider on the horse” guarantees you an amazing journey through this exciting rising Moon stellium in Aries. Pay attention to the inspired impulses guiding you towards where you desire to be in your life.

LIBRA, feeling a bit sizzling hot, but in a good way. The opposition of Libra to Aries is the formation of the perfect yin/yang to attract romance, partnerships of all kind, be it marriage or business. So keep your intentions clear and your eyes wide open for opportunities and ventures coming your way,

SCORPIO, meet this moment of complexity to your sign with the transformative creative power of your sign. This is the time to allow the dice to fall where they may so as to rebirth yourself. To rebirth yourself into the fire of your deepest gifts of passion for life, love and the sensuous pleasure of just being embodied on Planet Earth. Allow yourself to reinvent your life the way you dream it to be.

SAGITTARIUS, moving forward with fired up philosophies and impulses that leads towards social justice and freedom. An exciting moment of harmonization triggered by your intrinsic need to seek the meaning in all things. The fiery Aries Stellium is feeding your Soul, mind and body with creative thoughts and ideas beyond your wildest imagination. Enjoy this ride now. Process it out through writing, painting or singing it all down later.

CAPRICORN, keep going with the flow towards change and transformation even though it might be a wee bit challenging. What with Pluto still continuing to slowly transit through your sign. However some new insights are beginning to make their way via your Soul towards your mind and body. They are being carried on the wings of Saturn, your ruling planet, transiting through Aquarius. The original genius of Aquarius energy gives Capricorn glimmers of exciting movement forward into some new innovative thought. Tearing down old irrelevant structures just got fun, bright and colorful.

AQUARIUS, what a brilliant time to get things moving along and bringing it all on home. The Aries New Moon Stellium, currently in operation, activates your energy to keep persevering up that slow giving mountain. Keep on and don’t stop until had enough. Use the Aries stellium to continue providing vitality to a diligence that will pay you back in health, prosperity and good fortune. The good fortune you are creating with your good work.

PISCES, Neptune, your ruling planet transiting through the sign Pisces is triggering a deep growing pain that has been a part of your experience for the past few months. Who knows, perhaps this powerful moment is the doorway towards a shift in consciousness that brings humanity to a logical understanding of the song, “to study war no more”. The logical current of Mars in Gemini brings forth an impulse to communicate, fired up by the Aries stellium makes real the Pisces ultimate higher octave of Venus. This lands us into the heart of compassion. This song gets stronger and more real as Mars makes its way into the watery, sensitive sign Cancer. In the meantime, use this bountiful moment of wind and fire to play music, dance and revel in gratitude for your life and health.

As always, for a deeper dive into your specific astrological configurations contact me, Pamela Joy via email @ lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com

Happy New Moon 🌚

Conflict, Communication And Connection



3/28/21, 8 degrees, at 2:48 pm EST

Happy Spring!

The juxtaposition of the brightly lit Full Moon in Libra culminating within the seedlings of the new astrological year sings of awakening possibilities.

The New Astrological year heralds in the Spring season. The wondrous joy of more light, more warmth and rain. Bringing forth flowers, foliage and the presence of love, beauty and balance.

This Full Moon in Libra ruled by the influence of Venus is forming a yin/yang vibrancy with Sun/Venus and Chiron conjunct in Aries. The vulnerability felt with these combinations rings out with the need for communication and connection.

Planet Mars in Gemini, currently in square aspect to Mercury in Pisces, brings about its own version of confusion and anxiety. Mars being the opposing dynamic complementary to Venus, transiting through Gemini, gets restless in that placement. The fiery energy of Mars through the Air sign of Gemini with its propensity towards thinking is a bit disorienting to the Martian instinctual pulsations of libido, impulse and instinct. Add to this soup Planet Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini in the water sign of Pisces. The Mercurial planet of communication wearing the ethereal garments of compassion. Could this be the elixir needed as we continue on through such a transformative time?

This clearly is to be a year ahead where relationships are an accentuated part of the equation. All in the service of finding balance within ourselves and the relationships that we form with others.

This Full Moon in Libra, with its Venus/Mars dynamic focuses the moment and the year on relationships. The element of Air operates through the meeting of minds. The ultimate intention must be to make an integrated connection with mind to heart and body.

We are transiting out of an Earth element accentuation where the focus has been on material reality. We must now integrate the Earth’s visceral experience with the mind centered Air element dynamic. To move forward towards valuing the connection to body and mind. When the mind is connected to shared evidenced based reality there is a restoration of balance and harmony. This supports and nourishes good relationships, communities and a good life.

The significance of this Full Moon in Libra at this particular time is to shine a light on the need to remain mindful of sacred divinity, joy and pleasure along with our shared material reality. Let us value the elements of good health with the wisdom, reason, logic and care of our creative higher mind. To procure and develop practices that embody compassion, kindness and understanding.

~ Full Moon in Libra through the signs ~

ARIES ~ this is quite the creative moment for you. And create you must! The powerful energies culminating in your sign Aries at this Full Moon offers you opportunities to process your deepest darkest woes into conscious possibilities. Take heart this is a grand finale to a hardworking chapter completing itself. This is a cycle that ultimately makes way for you to begin again.

TAURUS ~oh how bizarre these Uranian energies are on your sleep and digestion. Becoming aligned to a whole new paradigm and orientation is not easy. So use your resource of reveling in sensuous healthy pleasures. In other words, “lose your mind and come back to your senses!”

GEMINI ~ feeling the need to assert your will as Planet Mars transits your sign can actually be quite invigorating for both sides of your dual nature. Keep in mind that the Nodal Axis, also transiting through your sign stimulates moving forward as with the “collective”. You are creating new realities based on new lessons learned. It’s a profound time to be born under the Sun sign of Gemini.

CANCER ~ Becoming an expert in high intensity anxiety for a few years now, you think! Relax and take comfort in the Trine energy to your Sun via the transit of Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. To be held within the oceans of consciousness and sweet surrender. Good work is coming to fruition.

LEO ~ This moment must continue to be channeled ultra creatively. Growing pains season continues and you are doing so well. This Full Moon in Libra forms a sextile to your Leo Sun, so be mindful of your relationships now. Clarity around existing relations and/or a fortunate unfolding of a new one.

VIRGO ~ So much cosmic communication going on with you lately. Neptune and Mercury vibe you in a powerful way as they diametrically oppose your Sun. A good time to practice mindfulness meditation and listen to your inner voice of spirit that can ground and center into your outer voice of logic. Keep on!

LIBRA ~ Your time to shine by the “light of the silvery moon”. This powerful moment concerns the relationship to yourself catalyzed by the triple planetary opposition of the Sun, Moon and Chiron in Aries. As you yearn and long for balance be aware that the anxiety of past woundings and rejections coming to your mind are only here to teach you about yourself. To learn to love and accept yourself is the greatest gift on Earth. This is the journey forward towards the healthy, balanced partnerships you so deserve.

SCORPIO ~ All shook up as Uranus in Taurus is in opposition to Sun in Scorpio. Time to embrace the 21st Century inner technology available to you 24/7. First take some time to inhale and exhale in a quiet peaceful place where you can reconnect with your heart, your 4th Chakra. This is the door to your higher mind. Use this moment to allow yourself to integrate your physical experience with the innovative genius of Uranus. Mind and body yearning to become one. You must do this and so you will.

Sagittarius ~ Energized by Mars opposing your Sun. You may find yourself reflecting on past knowledge and systems. Perhaps soul searching for some new philosophy, Reflect on gifts of knowledge from the past in order to be inspired as you are stimulated to open up to more meaningful comprehension and awareness of the present.

~ CAPRICORN ~ This is your moment of exaltation as you share similar ideals of Libra. This Full Moon illuminates and clarifies the need to stand up for social causes you care about. This is a beneficial time to deal with all legal matters. Your intention is to find justice and fairness. Your understanding, clarity and commitment will see you through.

~ AQUARIUS ~ If there is anyone who can take the brilliance of Uranian innovative genius and transpose it into Saturnian flexible systems that support and sustain collective humanity, Aquarius can! So much work ahead but it is such a delicious labor of love with the Zodiac aligned to your energy. Play on!

~ PISCES ~ This Full Moon in Libra accentuates your Neptunian connection to health and beauty. The square of Mercury and Neptune in your sign forming a square to Mars and the North Node in Gemini could trigger some anxiety. However, be aware that “anxiety is the experience we have as we are about to embrace our freedom”. So breathe deeply and exhale. Go one step at a time and always stay mindful of your intentions. This is your moment of self empowerment.

If you wish to take a deeper dive into your birth chart and for a full reading please email me at lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com.



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The New Moon In Pisces

The mists of Pisces consciousness moving between seasons, between journeys

On March 13th, 2021 when the Moon in Pisces conjuncts the Sun in Pisces it marks the beginning of a Rising Moon cycle . A Mutable Pisces Moon moment of a fresh new start as we continue to move forward in that yearly transition from Winter into Spring.

March and the Pisces season combines the energy of the mundane with the creativity of the extraordinary contained within the ordinary.

The Pisces/Virgo dynamic focuses on the joys and pleasures to be found in simple, basic ordinary moments of living. The kinds of phenomena that enables us “to see eternity in a grain of sand”. Such is the influence of Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces.

The horizon of inspiration and imagination are expanded during this time. Earthbound Virgo, diametrically opposing Pisces on the Zodiac wheel, is dancing within the transcendentally attuned consciousness of the seductive and ethereal Pisces.

This New Moon in Pisces is a charmed interval. It’s a changing harmonic that beckons us to enjoy some sort of a sense of relief. We are emerging from the prior periods of fierce squares and oppositions to now be able to just let go and reflect on some of the new found wisdom and strength we are able to gather.

What a difference a day makes with the harmonious aspects of trines and sextiles. With the Sun in Pisces forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn triggering influences changes, transformation and upgrades which are being brought about through the lens of process, understanding and compassion.

Be aware that this New Moon is just the beginning not the end. So dream on. Imagine the world you want to live in.

The Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus being all conjunct in Pisces serves to color our vision within the mist of reverie and dreams. This New Moon is a sweet moment to go with the flow of your heart’s desire. Just be very careful of what you ask for since this is the New Moon where your wish may very well come true.

Dreaming the New Moon in Pisces through the signs;

Aries “you are the promised kiss of Springtime”. Awaiting as you must, backstage in the foothills, seeking the “promised land” of your long awaited fiery entrance. In the meantime allow yourself to become familiar and friendly with unusual concepts about health and healing. This is an exciting time for you to be building something new in your life.

Taurus be at peace with those erratic sleep patterns you have been struggling with for the past couple of years. This month supports finding some creative joy in your approach to life via the Pisces Sun forming a sextile to your Sun. Bring your innate intuitive sensibility to challenges that may arise. You may very well emerge with a whole new outlook on life by the time you have your Solar Return this year.

Gemini, this is a moment where you might be feeling much more energized than usual. Duality is a quality you share with Pisces so it could be a bit confusing or totally clarifying depending on your perspective and point of view. This is so particularly if you are needing to formulate a new approach to your life.Hang in there! It’s all good.

Cancer you are in the midst of a long awaited breather that you have absolutely earned. Pisces trines your Sun so use this time for clarity to move forward on some brand new idea or just give yourself the time to meander and dream. All is well.

Leo stimulated by the Jupiter/Saturn opposition in Aquarius. This dynamic inspires your creativity to new heights in a very unusual sort of way. Follow it through and please know and trust that the best is yet to come.

Virgo where would Pisces be without you? Your earthy logic and elegant intelligence that serves to put pieces of any fragmented dream into realized reality. Your services serve us very well this Moon cycle. It takes your energy to make manifestations of Pisces inspired ideas to become real.

Libra this is a moment of essential beauty, harmony and inspiration for you. Neptune, ruler of Pisces being the higher octave of Venus, the ruler of Libra invites you to bask in the aura of flowing cosmic consciousness. Be inspired and move forward in peace, beauty and harmony.

Scorpio you are at odds with Uranus in Taurus opposing your Sun. This could be causing some restless stirrings and strain. Focus on self care and creative meanderings to help give meaning and purpose to this moment of powerful internal transformation.

Sagittarius the meaning of your life is becoming clarified through the influence of Mars and the Nodal axis transiting through Gemini. Clarity of your intention and purpose is revealing itself to you along with the stamina needed to follow through.

Capricorn this is a harmonious and creative time for learning some new ways of being and dealing. These past several years of living under the influence of the life changing Capricorn stellium clarifying to you that the old no longer relevant ways must be transformed. This Pisces New Moon gives you the opportunity to update to new outlooks on life. All this to enable you to stay connected to your community. The Pisces New Moon is perfect for this. Let it’s cosmic creative consciousness inspire you forward. Be an active participant in the upcoming conversations all around you.

Aquarius take a little Pisces journey into the wondrous inspiration of transcendence of this moment. A reprieve and much needed time to take stock of where you’ve been and where to from here. The best is yet to come along with your innovative genius being put to good work. To keep on keeping on in order to move forward. Time to live, learn and love.

Pisces, a happy and harmonious Solar Return to you! 🎶 This moment is a pinnacle moment for you. This is the year that energizes and empowers you to complete any and all projects that were begun months or even years before. There is a gathering of inner resources to be called upon that will enrich you and bring you profound success and satisfaction. Be sure to look the truth straight in the eye.

For a deeper dive and understanding of your birth chart please contact me, Pamela @ lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com



Love, Pamela

During The Cycle Of The Waning Moon

Learning to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Loving The Waning Moon Cycle

Through the culminating energetic wave of the Full Moon in Virgo the Moon enters its waning cycle

The waning Moon cycle offers the clarity needed to focus on opportunities presented. This is the time when ideas, concepts and goals can be formulated so that by the time we reach the New Moon in Pisces on 3/13/21 there is within your psyche an idea of what you want to affirm and bring into your life.

Glimmers of your ideas are held within the reflective resting place of the waning Moon. The soulful energy of the Moon holds the keys to gifts and resources which are deep felt sense clues to your inner mysteries.

Begin by sorting through what you focused on at the time of the New Moon in Aquarius on 2/11/21. What was your intention? Did you follow it through? Reflect on what your experiences of that time were. What was going on during those 2 weeks that has remained in your heart and mind? What seemed comfortable and easy? What were some of the challenges, stresses and frustrations you experienced? Now you can sort through your thoughts and feeling while clarifying what is needed now. The question must be experienced within your heart so it can be made known to your mind.

The ebbing flow of this Moon cycle is a reflective point from which to begin again. To have a logical creative life affirming focus as the riding wave of new beginnings marked by the New Moon in Pisces on 3/13/21 occurs.

Use this brief disappearing Moon moment to rethink new strategies and/or check in to see how you are doing. This is an opportune time to focus on what you need in order to carry you closer towards the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations.


The New Moon in Aquarius on 2/11/21

Now that we are officially well into the season of Aquarius, our energy veers towards finding innovative solutions to situations that we comprehend as unacceptable.

There is in the making a creative push towards understanding conflictual issues involving others that is about a process of listening to others. Even if we don’t necessarily agree or understand what they are saying. We acknowledge their right to express what’s on their mind.

Aquarian energy influences us to take the road that leads to understanding and respect. As in those tense moments when no agreement or understanding of the other persons point of view can be found. However, when we choose to hear someone out and then check in within ourselves to see; do they make sense? Does their reasoning resonate or is it a complete turn off? By acknowledging our experience of the other and giving their point of view audience we are establishing trust and respect. This is what negotiation and diplomacy is about.

This is the Aquarian way.

Diplomacy even in the midst of conflict is what this New Moon in Aquarius is calling for.

It does beg the question, but what if their point of view puts my life at risk? A question I personally ponder and have not yet found a viable answer to.

As we are still traveling through a tense moment in time being triggered by Mars at 16 degrees Taurus and Uranus at 7 degrees Taurus forming a square angle to the Sun, Moon, Mercury,Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The square metaphorically and psychospiritually feels like abrasive sandpaper rubbing the wrong way against our skin. Ouch! Two conflicting needs, wants and desires having to negotiate impossibility into that which is good enough and possible.

As a character builder squares are actually a good thing. They serve to help us become aware of what we must let go of in our personal lives and in our lives collectively. As we do the work they suggest we build our self esteem knowing we can get through challenges. We also open to the hidden guidance being presented through the experience of the tension of the square. We are ultimately rewarded by being able to move forward, continue and carry on.

One of the main resources and qualities of Aquarian energy via the Saturn/Uranus ruling planets of the sign is the teaching of integrity and the necessity to be bone chillingly honest with oneself. It’s the experience of living life out of a reality, evidenced based lens that opens the door to bring forth inventive outlooks and innovative ideas.

This moment of the Aquarian stellium squaring Uranus and Mars in Taurus invites us to let go of irrelevant earthbound energy that has become like heavy chains of bondage. The need to be liberated and released from outmoded obsolete structures is the task at hand. While at the same time we have the opportunity to choose to find and/or invent healthy aspects of the material world that serves us within the greater good.

Planting a seed on this New Moon in Aquarius is an understatement of newness in every sense of the word. This is so because at this moment there are 6 planets in Aquarius. They are the Sun, Mercury Rx, the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Aquarius ruled by Uranus is about inspiring breakthroughs in the interest of freedom and well being for all.

This New Moon in Aquarius makes for an opportune moment on so many levels. Think of it as the beginning of a personal and collective journey towards manifestation of a goal inspired by the inventive genius of the Aquarian stellium.

It’s through empowering elements of creativity and play into the equation that this New Moon can reflect back to you moments of brilliance, inner revelation and wisdom.

Success and accomplishment is in the air. Remember Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign. This makes for concentration, steadfastness and focus which enhances our ability to carry through and complete tasks and projects.

The predilection to use logic and thought in order to restructure outmoded stale dynamics which instead serves humanity within healthy communities is in the purview of Aquarius. Aquarius brings forth the necessary process of understanding that builds on relevant, innovative possibilities that supports one and all.

And that means YOU, You and you!

New Moon in Aquarius through the signs;

Aries get your sketch pad and charcoals out to draw the ideas of what you shall create as you make it through this moment. With still some challenges ahead, however take heart, the sextile Aquarius forms to your Sun can prove to be quite stimulating and exciting.

Taurus, perhaps feeling sorrow and pain via the square to the Aquarian stellium. Use this Mercury Retrograde to begin to take stock and sort through your life and your possessions. Hold onto that which serves your life. Be prepared to release those things and ideas which have you tethered down. Let it go. And then enjoy the peace that is on its way.

Gemini this is your New Moon filled with harmonies that insure your success no matter what you do. Set your mind to focus on what matters to you the most. Then listen to the musings of your divine duality to make a reasonable plan to carry it all through.

Cancer in the bosom of Winter where you dream of comforting things. In the deep wisdom of your purposeful Cardinality, clarify through the intuitive intelligence of this New Moon your plan towards good health and ways for you to thrive and prosper.

Leo in opposition to the Aquarian stellium and this New Moon is a good time to reflect mindfully on how you can shine. To shine and glimmer in order to bring creative charm and joy to yourself and others.

Virgo, loved by Aquarius energy. To imbue your desire to serve with a logical creative purpose. This is a moment of inspiration for you. Practice creative writing or some interest that might have been dormant. This is a moment of awakening to new ideas, concepts and world views.

Libra this New Moon is about walking through the chaos all around you. Keeping your eyes wide open and maintaining your balance. It’s a fascinating journey that is teaching you about harmony and beauty from a new perspective. Stay tuned in and keep on. The best is yet to come.

Scorpio has the wherewithal and wisdom to rise above it all as the Eagles do. New Moon in Aquarius stimulates your energy that opens doors to otherwise tightly locked inner sanctums. So allow yourself to be the brilliant detective that your heart and soul is so drawn to. Solving the mystery in your mind creates the healing salve of the transformation you so desire.

Sagittarius, this is your moment to find nourishment showering down upon you from the sextile of the Aquarian stellium to your Sun. Oh esoteric one, enjoy the experience of innovative genius the Aquarian influence has on your heart, mind, body and soul. This works well for you in issues concerning money, finance and relationships. So find where you are drawn to and bring your clever wit to make manifest what it is.

Capricorn, albeit you might still be feeling a bit rock ‘n rolled, or have you not gotten used to the Plutonian dance yet? This still is a good moment to lighten up since Saturn your ruler and the co ruler of Aquarius is part of the stellium that is bringing new ideas to help you restructure. To elevate your purpose to serve the many, not just the few. A really fun time to lighten up your somber heart. This is the time to feel into what really matters to you.

Aquarius, happy birthday to you! In every sense of the word. Isn’t it so very lovely to feel comfortable being in the world on planet Earth? I ask you? Six planets in Aquarius indicates to me that the language of humanity, understanding, equality and liberty for all is in the process of becoming established. Persevere, practice and work towards achieving getting your needs met and living your dream into well established goals that have a significant process of being met.

Pisces, the place to let it all go. Go with the flow of your cosmic Neptunian trance, but stay focused on grounded reality as well. Pisces is a journey of service along with your opposition sign Virgo. However, your service is to a higher calling within you that you can get to through either very precise, skilled work and craftsmanship or through music, dance and the arts. The choices are yours. The Aquarian stellium is inviting you to make a conscious choice as you enter into the joy of consciousness itself.

Happy New Moon Everybody 🌑

For a deeper dive into your own personal birth chart and a useful decoding of its meaning and further support and guidance, email me at lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com

Thank-you, With love, Pamela

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