To Know What Matters

The New Moon occurred on 5/19/2023 at 11:53 AM EDT. The New Moon is in the sign of the Bull, Taurus. The Sun conjunct the Moon at 28 degrees Taurus offers a time to reflect and take stock as Taurus tends to. When the Sun and Moon are conjunct it’s the beginning of a newContinue reading “To Know What Matters”

Fueling The Pump ~ Greasing The Wheels ~ Time To Move Forward~ Feeling The Change

How about you? Deeply intense, it was on the 5th of May 2023 that there was a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Scorpio. It was exact at 1:34 PM EDT The astronomy of the Lunar Eclipse is that it happens when the Moon orbits in the shadow of the Earth. The MoonContinue reading “Fueling The Pump ~ Greasing The Wheels ~ Time To Move Forward~ Feeling The Change”

The End Is The Beginning ~ So Here We Are

New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred at 12:12 AM EDT on April 20,2023 @ 29 Degrees Aries The Sun and Moon conjunct 29 degrees Aries, indicates this moment as a time of mastery. Mastering the energy vibration of Aries. The issues and topics pertaining to Aries include the assertion of one’s will with an inherent courageContinue reading “The End Is The Beginning ~ So Here We Are”

New Beginnings As Shifting Sands Of Time…

The New Moon in Aries On March 21st, 2023 @ 1:23pm EST is at zero degrees Aries. Zero degrees is the end, zero degrees is the beginning. The Aries Equinox point heralds in the New Season of Aries. It is also the entry into Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. On the other side of ourContinue reading “New Beginnings As Shifting Sands Of Time…”

The Logical Integration Of The Sublime

The Full Moon in Virgo in its opposition to the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a graceful way for us to find the harmonic balance between the sensible logic of practicality and the wondrous inspiration contained within the sublime. What with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces being conjunct the Sun in Pisces during itsContinue reading “The Logical Integration Of The Sublime”

Is The Lion Really Real? I Mean Really!

Comments, thoughts and ideas about the Full Moon in Leo written on 2/5/2023, published on 2/6/2023. Full Moon in Leo ~ 2/5/2023 ~ @ 1:29 PM The most important thing about the Full Moon in Leo is the Sun in Aquarius. The best way to understand a misunderstood sign like Aquarius is to explore andContinue reading “Is The Lion Really Real? I Mean Really!”

A Door Opens……

It’s a New Moon in Aquarius At 1 Degree 32’ 38” On January 21, 2023 NEW ~ is truly the operative word of this moment. Aquarius by its very nature is the epitome of original. Aquarius energizes innovative development that questions convention. To open the door to the unthought known that promises fresh discoveries inContinue reading “A Door Opens……”

Home Is Heart ♥️

FULL MOON IN CANCER ~ January 6, 2023 ~ at 16 degrees ~ @ 6:08 pm EST This moment of the bright culmination of the Cancer Moon emphasizes our sense of comfort, safety and stability. To integrate that with the Sun in Capricorn’s focus on responsibilities, discipline, practice and perseverance. All this works very wellContinue reading “Home Is Heart ♥️”

Ascent Through The Somber Season Of Capricorn ~ Towards The Light

NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN AT 1 DEGREE 32 Minutes ~ On December 23, 2022 ~ At 5:17 AM EST ~ The Sun and Moon met in a conjunction as they do every month. Establishing the date 12/23/22 as the moment of a new beginning, going forward. At 1 degree of Capricorn it is a timeContinue reading “Ascent Through The Somber Season Of Capricorn ~ Towards The Light”

Intentional Diplomacy ~ Let’s Talk Mutable!

The culminating Full Moon in Gemini On December 7, 2022 at 16 degrees Be mindful of a very real need to be aware of your body and mind connection. This is necessary because this Full Moon is conjunct Mars in Gemini. There could be a tendency to think before feeling and then moving without beingContinue reading “Intentional Diplomacy ~ Let’s Talk Mutable!”