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Cancer & Capricorn ; Moving towards the dynamic development of selfhood

July 17, 2015

Sovereignty the ultimate goal of the Sun moving through Cancer with it’s oppositional energy of Capricorn…..



To make a spiritual conscious choice to embody one’s self in ones life….to move forward and create something greater and healthier, sustainable & founded in reality…..

The dynamic of authority—the father principle in balance modified and softened by virtue of the mother principle is  one of the ultimate designs & uses of these energies.

President Obama’s visit to El Reno, the prison in Oklahoma yesterday and his focusing his attention & awareness towards the hope and possibility of rehabilitating a toxic dehumanizing prison system, is in part an expression of the  Moon/Saturn energies. Perhaps this action is a  beginning that holds the much needed and necessary fostering & creating of a new nurturing structure (Moon/Saturn) which holds the possibility of offering a  greater, healthier and far more sustainable humanizing system than what has and tragically is still currently the practice in this country. His concern and attention through his presence there along with  his words & thoughts questioning the way “we” do things ( He noted that in other countries they penalize and imprison less people, particularly less young people) is something I hope we can hold him to accomplish.

Albeit he didn’t say it, what I believe must and is being said by many others is how the focused implementation of understanding mercy & compassion fosters and truly allows for true rehabilitation. Thus paving the road to respectful honoring of the sovereignty of humanity for humanity…..

The life affirming possibilities are endless….

Still and all it fascinates & imbues with wonder how this all shall get played out as Uranus goes retrograde on the 26th of July and the Sun moves from the nurturing energy of the sign of Cancer into the dynamic playful, unencumbered, brightly highly spirited sign of Leo….

Stay tuned.

The 4th of July 2015

July 4, 2015

A day of reflection…even as the clouds have lifted to the glorious sparkling bright light of the magnificent Sun……the Cancerian aspect of reflection brought about by the influence of the Moon’s subjective yet so nourishing cool light is calling on us to honor this present time and what this time is asking for from us.

Perhaps based on that time in the past….this time at present is asking from us now to renew in order to restore heartfelt humanity in respecting, mindfully and sincerely the honoring of all of us.

Ethical agreements kept & ethical behaviors towards all. Hence healing governments…..allowing correct, clean, lawful, moral and principled governments that recognize the rights and needs of people to thrive in dignity and peace of mind…

A bit of recognition, acknowledgement, compassion, understanding and forgiveness of self & other sure goes a long way and serves so well to give us all peace of mind….

All of US and the Whole Planet Earth of us….and then some….after all we are still a budding consciousness…..

Do lets celebrate and hold in high esteem this precious moment this present day…let us acknowledge & celebrate the divine diversity that is the We that is the people along with the healthy individuated self that is I.

I feel, sense, believe, perceive and acknowledge all of the above as just some of the influences, images & expressions conjured up at this time as the Sun journeys through the sign of Cancer with it’s Capricornian influence ….

And as always…..

Have an awesome day!

Checkin’ Time

June 12, 2015

Waxing Sun, Waning Moon….Mercury goes direct….

Summer is here.

Light is long and getting longer still….

Life is sweet in the melting golden butter of the Sun’s radiant heat….

New Moon rising coming very soon,

and in fact almost just about within the breath of a long relaxed & gentle heartbeat….

As the Sun travels through the dazzling duality of Gemini….soon to enter the desiring safety stability & love of the journey of Cancer…the self as home….roots as connective history….and self knowledge; the self awareness that arises out of the mysteriously inconsistent consistency & consistently oh so very constant reflective Moon….

Meeting challenges, joys, delights and sorrows…

As we body forth & keep on…..

Gemini; The Nature Of Living In The Midst Of Duality

May 25, 2015

…..when I say I love food, it is the having of it as opposed to the not having of it……

With money it is the same as in the having of it as opposed to the not having of it…..

Gemini loves to experience everything.

The experience and  lessons of lack along with the experience of abundance actually eases the pain of ambivalence.  Indecision soon resolves. That is until the next longing & need is inspired into consciousness.

And on & on it goes…..

Seems to me that Gemini via it’s brilliance of thinking and it’s hunger & curiosity about everything imbues us with the ability to fathom & manage being alive and so very human…..always helpful to have the wit and wherewithal of the blessing of a bright  and vibrantly clever sense of humor.

Enjoy the delightful lightness of the Sun passing through this lighthearted and most fascinating sign.

Pisces—-Aries—-Taurus—Cycles Of Becoming

April 23, 2015

In Pisces merging with Consciousness……becoming Consciousness itself…

In Aries lusting for embodiment via conflict and sometimes danger….for the sake of aliveness itself…

Then as the Sun moves through Taurus seeking stability via tranquility and peace, harmony and enjoyments. Sensual pleasures and solidity….

New Moon Focus, Wish & Requirement

March 19, 2015

To rest assured in the evening light

The light of home and the soothing peaceful darkness of the dark night sky..

Still and all she goes to bed, to sleep in the wee morning light  thus conjuring the angst of overwhelm & fright….

And yet to rest assured by the midnight light (thereabout),

Opens the way to a far, far better life….

Awakening quite rested, quite refreshed & bright….

To discover the way to a far, far better life

I shall happily comply

And so thus to live into an awesome lit sky….

Impressions of Pisces

March 3, 2015

Journeying through the vexation of cloudy discontent….as one rallies and reels against feelings of defeat. If with conscious awareness this woe may be so articulated to the witness within….There may emerge the release of tears  through which an opening to the heart of mercy none other than a deeply yet oh so very real felt sense.

The key Pisces offers then and only then comes forth and is revealed….

The heart of mercy, compassion & forgiveness for ones self & others is here to set you free….

The path to the solutions unfolds with misty clarity and deep relief….

Pisces has done her job as you were here to listen….

Onward movement into a brand new day….

Thankfully with gratitude….that is the Pisces way…