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The Neptune Journey; Surrendering To the Extraordinariness Of The Ordinary 

February 22, 2017

The experience of unbridled anxiety of which I am aware of that many people have been experiencing lately is what I would like to reflect on here. via the affect that planet Neptune in its astrological lens supports our lives and or challenges our experience of living.

I myself relate to the experience of  burning pinprick anxiety, fears and concerns coupled with a sense of walking through water, while feeling extremely pressured to reach to the other side…..still somehow moving too slow, impeded by the heaviness of walking through onrushing unexpected water.

One can believe that one is drowning and perhaps even dying a slow death….

Neptune, the solvent as in the disolution of boundaries  and ones own will and the purveyor of all things mystical and  transcendent. That which requires surrender, surrender, surrender and yes relentlessly more surrender.

The question is surrender to what?  I mean let’s face it, if one surrenders to the challenge at hand by fusing, uniting and merging with the problem or challenge then like a dolphin seeking its human master, your life becomes the sacrificed. Then the wisdom and consciousness so needed and indeed required in order to find and create the solution is dissolved along with your selfhood. Not the way to go. Not the ultimate journey Neptune has in store for you. Since the teachings of Neptune ultimately, I do believe, is about falling in love and revelling in consciousness itself. Yes, the love of consciousness for the sake of conscious awareness.

My own experience of Neptune transiting my tenth house, the house of career and Ones place in society, has taught me of this of which I am communicating to you my dear reader of this communication. I wad finding myself making movements forward in my work and business and then like chalk marks in a rainstorm all efforts seemed to disappear, filling me with the painful pinprick anxiety and a lethargy of despair. Fortunately for me my studies in Contemplative Psychotherapy and my refusal to be defeated guided me towards the ultimate deliciously Divine gift offered by Neptune. Hence, I was able to open to hearing the wisdom of Neptune’s boundless teachings, guidance and gentle prodding.

That is to be aware of the challenge, to hold it with love, compassion and mercy. You see that when the detachment to the problem, mood, state of mind or what have you with conscious awareness of the situation present, then Neptune’s misty cosmic guidance becomes available via a thought form that enters your consciousness and becomes the answer.

When worked with in this way, then the  dance of Neptune is allowing a rerouting to occur. Then the anxiety, suffering and pain is not for naught.
Please do believe me when I say that I do not believe in suffering for sufferings sake, however I do suppose that  a Neptune transit seeks to present oneself with the oogeling of anxiety, doubt, fear and pain to open us up to the faith, trust and respect for our own process through which the presence of Neptune either natally or through transit offers or forces us, (however, one chooses to view it), through its misty, foggy, vague journey.

You see as I continued on in spite of feeling discouraged, exasperated  filled with hopeless despair, grief and anger that this kind of experience should even be. That then somehow, some way an awareness came upon me from deep within so that then even then like a dying ember of a flame , I just breathed upon that tiny spark of hopeful ember so that the spark of that  dying glow became enlivened into a glowing bright new flame of awareness.

As the renowned and cherished storyteller and Jungian therapist Clarissa Pinkola Estes speaks of in her tale , “Warming The Stone Child”, it only takes a breath of air or gentle wind to bring a dying ember back to glowing brightly and to become once again that warming creative practical healing fire. With my own experience and my work with others,  I find that that indeed this is so.  The sensitive, compassionate caring concern and wonder does seem to bring about the deep lessons, gifts  and rich wisdom that Neptune empowers us to master.

Through deep compassionate awareness, I am beginning to understand that this damp, misty, heavy yet quite ethereal energy of Neptune is in all actuality opening new pathways of direction and flow….in its heavy misted shadow it is beckoning a shining silver lining almost as a gentle zephyr. In its seemingly all evasive pervasiveness Neptune is always gently guiding and directing  an organization and orientation that One could ever have known had One’s experience not been so clouded and made heavy, vague and nebulous in the veil of doubt and sorrow brought about by  Neptunes influences within the birthchart and upon One’s Soul.

After all as Khalil Gibran so powerfully expressed it ;

“Vague and nebulousis the beginning of all things, but not their end,

Life, and all that lives, is conceived in the mist and not in the crystal.

That which seems most feeble and bewildered in you is the strongest and most determined.

The veil that clouds your eyes shall be lifted by the hands that wove it,

And the clay that fills your ears shall be pierced by those fingers that kneaded it.

And you shall see

And you shall hear.

Yet you shall not deplore having known blindness, nor regret having been deaf.

For in that day you shall know the hidden purposes in all things,

And you shall bless darkness as you would bless light.”

So seems to be the prophetic journey of Neptune.

Smooth, happy sailing and delightful deep diving All!

I am my real mother….

November 20, 2016

I am the one giving birth to my self…

I am the Soul of my journey

All through my life seeking that which was never available from friend or family…..

The good news is that the Truth is that it is, and that I know it.

Oh yes it is, always has and always will be within my self, my own precious self…..

Living a life as I labor to give birth to my own precious self….

Yes, there are still more contractions and releases to go….

And so grateful to be surrounded by others,

Wonderful  Souls who reflect back to me .

As I mirror and reflect back to them.

Reflecting and mirroring back visions and validations of the healthy reality we all seek.

Yes, I am already home…..and all that I do to create structure and stability to meet goals is a necessary part of living and my life.

And still and all even with many of the losses there are so many gains.

An oxymoron I experience much more as an inconjuct as opposed to the squaring tensions of a conundrum.

And so it makes sense to be of service to others ultimately serving to guide, and astrologize….

All along with the feeling tone awareness of  music, the dance and the colors ………..

The Actress Reflecting In Astrological Overtones

November 15, 2016

A Jungian therapist friend of mine who also studied astrology made the observation that sometimes due to inadvertent inadequate caregiving  the baby, toddler or small child might not incarnate enough to embody their own astrological map.
In trying to understand Donald Trump, with all due respect, I wonder is this the case with him?

In his rhetoric and speech one hears blatant arrogance devoid of any sense of guilt or care, which he expresses in degrading, threatening inflammatory statements. 

I find this alarming and it deeply concerns me that this Electoral  President, elected by the Electoral College, but not the popular vote of the people of this country, has no sense of awareness of the presence of the other.

A definite overlay of Narcissism with unresolved borderline disorder issues at its core. And so my thoughts and concerns about Donald Trump as President of these United States, is that the hurts and vulnerabilities cloistered behind a wall of arrogance is a much deeper complexity than narcissisum.

Perhaps not receiving the necessary emotional holding that infants need & must have so that they develop the ability to empathize with another may then be lost there. 

Then healthy and necessary human connections and relationships are not possible. Respect, honor and considerations of the other are not possible. ( Albeit with hard and good work this dilemma can be healed.)

Donald Trump  along with many others  who hold jobs that hold great power and yet lack the maturity, trust and connection to realities shared by caring humane peoples and understood by most is concerning to me.

 So I ponder, how do I as an astrologer use his chart to find that missing piece towards compassion, understanding and awareness of the other?

I don’t have the knowledge yet that would give me the insight and answers to those questions, however I look forward to delving into it and getting some ideas about it.

It is such a good rich question to be reflecting on via the vehicle of astrology at this profoundly transformational and challenging time we are journeying through.

What planetary influences inner & outer would support the transformation of insensitive, indifferent cruelty into  empathy, mercy, compassion, understanding and kind heartedness.

The way I see it the answers do reside within.

However, should it be that Trump and many others like him are not interested in healing, growth and transformation.  Well then, “…the only Angel who sees us now watches through each other’s eyes…..”as Ricky Lee Jones has so succinctly  said in her wise Scorpionic way.

I see that by using the placements of planets along with the transits that then  astrology acts as a revealing , insightful tool and can be a source of comfort as if it were a note in a musical symphony serving to harmonize into humanization humanity via  the reconnection to Soul via the emotional part of our being hood so as to be held within a healthy body & healthy mind within a stable, comforting  wakeful aliveness of just being.

As far as Mr Donald Trump goes, I like what Edward Snowden had to say.  The way I heard him so eloquently express it is that it is not about  the President Elect or anyone external to ourselves, but rather it is about each and every one of us. 

And that it is through our caring about, yearning for and respecting ourselves and our other fellow beings that this along with being fully awake and fully present aligns us to that with which we then begin to embody. 

It is the sweet deliciousness of life. 

It is that which we need, want and must create for our selves and others. 

This then brings into creation that which we need and design and create for ourselves. New relevant structures needed  and necessary and quite efficient that supports a sustainable life via sustainable incomes, enabling with integrity the blessing of  liberty, the reality of equality and joy in our respectful pursuit of happiness.


October 22, 2015

As we move into the Sun’s energy  in Scorpio, be mindful of ;

“Secrets that are hidden in plain sight….”

Heart & Mind : The Jolly Of The Sun In Leo

July 26, 2015

” Let The Sunshine In” a beautiful love rock musical….getting it all out there the Leo way….at the same time proposing questions about our social values, ethics, and the customs of our collective community….

Fun, creative colors of delight  all part of the Leo inspired repertoire of experience which serves to establish  a brightly felt sense of “I” for those born during the time when the energy of the Sun traverses  through this sign. Quite often it does seem to be that our Leo friends truly do require viscerally & at times quite literally an acknowledgement & recognition of themselves as the Sun itself and therefore the Center of the Universe and it is those of us around them serving as their “subjects”.   For the most part this seems to be so, albeit expressed in so many different styles.

Speaking of style, a concept practically interchangeable with Leo…..What fun to express through dress….Hence many Leos are Fashion Designers such as Coco Chanel or trendsetters such as Madonna.

What is the evolutionary purpose of this?

How does it serve & heal them & our Collective Consciousness…since this is what we are all part of whether we acknowledge it or not?

For without the warmth & fiery nutritional glowing brightness of the Sun…without the light of conscious awareness, tempered with compassion, harmony, beauty, music, dance & love, acknowledgement, dignity, trust & respect we could not & would not grow, heal & thrive…..

Hence, Leo you regal, royal adorable lion of courage, faith & dignity…do play on…

Let the Sunshine….

….and the rain in balance, but more about that later.

Stay tuned.

Cancer & Capricorn ; Moving towards the dynamic development of selfhood

July 17, 2015

Sovereignty the ultimate goal of the Sun moving through Cancer with it’s oppositional energy of Capricorn…..



To make a spiritual conscious choice to embody one’s self in ones life….to move forward and create something greater and healthier, sustainable & founded in reality…..

The dynamic of authority—the father principle in balance modified and softened by virtue of the mother principle is  one of the ultimate designs & uses of these energies.

President Obama’s visit to El Reno, the prison in Oklahoma yesterday and his focusing his attention & awareness towards the hope and possibility of rehabilitating a toxic dehumanizing prison system, is in part an expression of the  Moon/Saturn energies. Perhaps this action is a  beginning that holds the much needed and necessary fostering & creating of a new nurturing structure (Moon/Saturn) which holds the possibility of offering a  greater, healthier and far more sustainable humanizing system than what has and tragically is still currently the practice in this country. His concern and attention through his presence there along with  his words & thoughts questioning the way “we” do things ( He noted that in other countries they penalize and imprison less people, particularly less young people) is something I hope we can hold him to accomplish.

Albeit he didn’t say it, what I believe must and is being said by many others is how the focused implementation of understanding mercy & compassion fosters and truly allows for true rehabilitation. Thus paving the road to respectful honoring of the sovereignty of humanity for humanity…..

The life affirming possibilities are endless….

Still and all it fascinates & imbues with wonder how this all shall get played out as Uranus goes retrograde on the 26th of July and the Sun moves from the nurturing energy of the sign of Cancer into the dynamic playful, unencumbered, brightly highly spirited sign of Leo….

Stay tuned.

The 4th of July 2015

July 4, 2015

A day of reflection…even as the clouds have lifted to the glorious sparkling bright light of the magnificent Sun……the Cancerian aspect of reflection brought about by the influence of the Moon’s subjective yet so nourishing cool light is calling on us to honor this present time and what this time is asking for from us.

Perhaps based on that time in the past….this time at present is asking from us now to renew in order to restore heartfelt humanity in respecting, mindfully and sincerely the honoring of all of us.

Ethical agreements kept & ethical behaviors towards all. Hence healing governments…..allowing correct, clean, lawful, moral and principled governments that recognize the rights and needs of people to thrive in dignity and peace of mind…

A bit of recognition, acknowledgement, compassion, understanding and forgiveness of self & other sure goes a long way and serves so well to give us all peace of mind….

All of US and the Whole Planet Earth of us….and then some….after all we are still a budding consciousness…..

Do lets celebrate and hold in high esteem this precious moment this present day…let us acknowledge & celebrate the divine diversity that is the We that is the people along with the healthy individuated self that is I.

I feel, sense, believe, perceive and acknowledge all of the above as just some of the influences, images & expressions conjured up at this time as the Sun journeys through the sign of Cancer with it’s Capricornian influence ….

And as always…..

Have an awesome day!