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It’s Spring Again! And Birds On Their Wings Again!

March 23, 2019

Part 1

Start to sing.

That timeless, eternal loved song of new beginnings as the light of Spring fosters birth and life unfolding.

The inner focus of gestation as the influences of the boundless water sign Pisces and its 12th House occupation inspires us towards reveling in the dreamy meditative awareness of the amniotic fluid of consciousness which has just very recently completed its journey through its cycle.

And so victorious we should be as we celebrate our arrival here now.

With the Sun in Aries we are imbued with vitality and the desire to enthusiastically express ourselves in appropriate life affirming ways. Sun in Aries is a time for the instinctual lusting desire towards the awakening vermillion cardinality of the vibrant power of birth and self reclamation as the energy of Aries inevitably rules.

As once again the Sun journeys through Aries ruled by Planet Mars, whose strategy and endpoint is to establish through its courage, chutzpah and daring that I am alive therefore I am.

Expressed through the longer length of days. The time of Earth birth is here. Springing into life with all of its blossom and bloom.

Just A Few Words On Mercury Rx 3/6/19-3/29/19

March 13, 2019

Whenever I inform someone that Mercury is going retrograde I am met with comments like “Mercury is always retrograde” or “oh no”.

Oh yes!

It’s as if this witty gadget oriented mind centered planet of coordination is in a constant state of PMS or some sort of hormonal temporary yet ongoing state of derangement.

As it is often useful and practical to acknowledge the event so as to loosen up expectations and hopes that plans will go as planned.

Never lose hope because in actuality all is well and moving along, just not as you planned it.

However as we begin to let go of things moving along in a foreseen manner we become mindful of and observe that it is through the seemingly backward motion of Mercury we can observe the nuance and sensitivity to time and place that produces its unforeseen situations.

Do take heart for it is through the benefit of the retrograde that there is actually help and support that, unbeknownst to our minds we’ve been needing all along. For it is through the inconvenient rerouting of mundane situations that actually brings us back to opportunities that we might have missed. Opportunities such as possible job or work openings could reopen. In some cases otherwise missed relationship prospects might cosmically materialize right before you. Such necessary events have been known to come into fruition during the time of the retrograde of Mercury.

For this reason I encourage my clients to use the Mercury Rx as a good time to get out and meet people and go for job interviews. It’s seemingly backtrack motion could be returning you to some opportunities that might have been overlooked during its direct motion. I say that’s a good thing indeed.

However the thing to be most aware of and to watch out for is the way Mercury’s movement affects your awareness and perception of how you communicate as in giving communications or receiving communications. Mercury in astrology is symbolic of the mind. It is an important time to be mindful of yourself in relationship to time and space.

Mercury Rx this month is in Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune. This combo can create beautiful music, rhymes and songs within a flow that stimulates depths of sensitivity devoid of any logical reason. On the surface not the best of bedfellows since Mercury the planet of the mind, the communicator, the information gatherer for whom along with the need to share info. just might feel a bit spacey, a wee bit weighted down by the Pisces need to transcend and surrender into the mystical realm of cosmic consciousness.

Mercury ruler of Gemini has duality etched into its DNA as does the sign Pisces whose symbol is of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, however, Virgo also ruled by Mercury can come to the rescue during this time to create a logic to the chaos. This indicates to me that hazy, vague and nebulous as this Mercury Rx in Pisces can be within the inconvenience and unexpected surprises brought on by the Retrograde motion of Mercury, there is within this moment an opportunity to organize, re-evaluate, let go of past chaos, ideas and projects that are stagnant in order to breathe new life into them as we continue to move forward into Spring.

Mercury shall go direct on the 29th of March, moving forward from 16 degrees Pisces to be well on its way towards Aries, the sign of birth, vitality and daring do.

It is useful for you to know where Mercury is placed in your chart. The sign it’s in will indicate how your mind works. The house placement will indicate in what areas of your life your mental capacity and how you receive information or impart information is taking place. The aspects it forms to other planets and significant points in your chart indicates what challenges need to be overcome in order to be a good communicator among other things along with your resources and gifts.

I am available for readings if you’d like to know your chart and your inherent challenges, harmonies, resources and gifts.

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Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!

March 6, 2019

New Moon In Pisces conjunct Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

All that water and mystical fog perhaps made manifest in your life as tears or misty flowing feelings.

As the Pisces watery need for transcendence which requires balance might throw you off balance.

This moment of Pisces with its Neptunian penchant for the dissolution of boundaries is a fascinating point in time.

The New Moon is the time to begin.

To contemplate how you would like to use this point of the Moon’s darkness before it reaches its full waxing.

This is the moment in time to gestate and seek to create.

A time of mapping out your next steps to take.

The dreamy ebullient flow of Pisces and it’s ruling planet Neptune at this moment in time can surely be woven into your inmost deep profound version of reality.

So dream on.

To meander within a flowing phantasy of what is truly hidden in your precious, sacred heart. Both dark and light coexist together within the Neptunian dissolution of boundaries.

Well then, how do I make it real, you wonder?

The suggestion is that since Pisces being the Zodiac sign who diametrically opposes the sign Virgo indicates that in the Wheel of the Zodiac indeed they are in actual opposition to each other.

The dynamic is a somewhat tense one.

However, in actuality it offers a beneficial practice.

In order to balance the ethereal Pisces energy one can call upon the earth bound and practical orientation of Virgo. Holding the tension of these opposites can create and support true realization of your wishes, desires, dreams and goals. Virgo and its ruler Mercury can give to Pisces and its ruler Neptune the grounded foothold needed in order to leverage all those visions into an embodied realistic well organized solidified and stabilized creative formulation.

Then the spacey, hazy and sometimes crazy flowing experience of Pisces and Neptune in it’s wisdom can remember the earthbound practicality and connection to the glorious detail of mundane things since Virgo can be used as an ally in its oppositional relationship to Pisces.

It is just as well since at this triple Pisces moment there is also outer planet influences occurring by transit as well. There is the constellating of oppositions and squares which triggers all manner of subtle nuanced and/or shatteringly powerful disruptions whose sole purpose is to bring into consciousness new forms and expressions of awareness. Nothing can wake us up and ground us so that we are forced to grow up more than forcing us to learn how to manage the various sorts of challenges, detours and possible conundrums that these outer planet transits could and would bring our way.

Uranus which had entered Taurus in mid May of 2018, had then gone retrograde back in August, then going direct in November has been making its way back through Aries is now once again making its way into Taurus at this very moment of this New Moon In Pisces day of March 6th, 2019. What possibilities of disruption and heavenly harmonies this momentary combination can bring.

Uranus in Taurus is not the most comfortable fit, thus offering many challenges, however this placement can support a good grounding into learning about the process of using the practical to inform and allow for the innovative genius of the planet Uranus to realize itself. Among many other possibilities, my suggestion here is to use this moment in time to remain conscious and aware that if your chart is being transited either through opposition, square, trine or conjunction, do try and use your experience and wisdom to focus on the vision . There is a manifestation of some new practical thing that is offering choices and possibilities you might not have seen before. New innovative ideas and pathways that can serve to make your life better.

Perhaps there has been some rut or situation that has been frustrating you. Some sort of difficulty and challenge. The energy of Uranus in Taurus can serve as a growth catalyst which operates through disruptions in order to ultimately help to make it all make sense.

Doesn’t that make sense.

There is a possibility that as you might find yourself in some sort of repetitive stagnancy in some area of your life, whether it be through a relationship, work, health or money situation that the Uranus Taurus ingress will bring about some sort of disruption in order to force you to shake this thing off. In fact it will force you to by creating disruptions that brings you face to face with having to create some new pathway. Whether it might be to shake up or to pull the rug out from under you these events are being constellated in order to serve to guide you towards reorienting and re-establishing yourself en route to a new, innovative and relevant lifestyle.

Uranus shakes us up to release that which is no longer relevant and useful.

What one must look out for with a Uranus transit is how and in what way are you being asked to let go? Please do watch for those disruptions and interruptions. So to know and be able to use this moment to create the life you really need in order to grow and thrive, to be healthy and free.

To let go so that the seed of the new which is contained within the shell of the old can be realized and put into practical form and good rightful use. For since Uranus is transiting through the sign of Taurus which seeks the comfort of safety and security along with the delightful beauty of the experience sensual pleasure, there might very well be a real earthbound healing opportunity offered by this placement at this amazing moment in time.

Therefore reflect and meditate on your present circumstances. How is your present situation different from the last New Moon a month ago. How is it the same? What serves you and is in alignment with the way you want your life to be. What do feel is needed to bring you into a more satisfying realized life. This 15 degrees Pisces New Moon is one of the moments to affirm it into being so.

Write it down, perhaps using a bank note to make a prosperity check.

Then just let it go.

Let it go with love and non attachment and observe with curiosity and wonder where this New Moon leads you to.

Happy New Moon.

Please let me know in the comments below of any questions you might have for I shall be happy to answer them.

And do stay tuned as I touch base with everyone and tell of all of the particular qualities wisdom, fun and healing brought about via the culmination of this New Moon waxing forward into the bright fullness of the Full Moon at zero degrees Libre.

Full Moon In Virgo Opposing Pisces Sun

February 20, 2019

Microscopic focus, centered on issues related to health, work and service in direct opposition to the alluring, enthralling and at times psychedelic calling to seek immersion with pure consciousness just for the sake of its compelling fascination.

Service performing service in honor of service indicated by the Virgo Moon.

Consciousness seeking awareness and connection to consciousness out of a deep need to surrender and let go of consciousness indicated by the Pisces Sun.

This is my interpretation of the mood that is suffused and colored by way of the Full Moon In Virgo which occurred on 2/19/19. It suggests precision and practicality as the sun begins its cycle of journeying through Pisces and the hazy mist and oceans of foggy uncertainty.

I see the Virgo impulse towards perfection via study, focus and concentration as an ego driven inclination. And when I use the term “ego” here, I am referring to it’s function as mission control therefore a healthy expression of ego. It is about being in service for the sake of service. Its goal is to achieve the perfection of service itself. This is in sharp contrast to the Pisces inclination whose pull is driven to let go of ego in order to allow for the surrender into pure consciousness. The surrender to consciousness so as to allow the experience of consciousness itself to unfold into pure experience of consciousness. Therein is a vague nebulous sense of a greater mystical union.

Serve or suffer colors the journey of Pisces. Pisces is being asked to serve this mystical connection to consciousness. When this impulse is felt acknowledged and understood compassion, mercy, forgiveness and understanding clarifies the mist of confusion into an expression of heartfelt humanity seeking to serve, help and restore dignity, balance and harmony. This being without any attachment to outcome or even acknowledgement. Pisces people quite often find themselves performing extreme acts of service when the service is to one less fortunate. The Pisces heart of compassion rings out quite often as the Soul of Pisces remains invisible.

In Pisces if this connection to the mystical is not surrendered to or even acknowledged it is then that one can feel as if they are caught up in a tidal wave. A beneficial time to seek the counsel of an Astrologer in order to help find that understanding in order to work effectively with the Pisces energy and contain it so as to be channeled in a healthy, harmonious balanced way.

The Full Moon is the moment in time of heightened awareness. It may also feel as if one is being forced into awareness through some sort of crisis. Perhaps some kind of critical charged situation arising out of nowhere.

In actuality it’s the essence, energy and light of the Full Moon which allows for the culmination of affirmations, goals and actions which were sparked at the time of the New Moon two weeks prior.

It is after all the brightly lit and charged electromagnetic pull which is created by the fullness of the Moon, which is at that very moment of fullness when it reaches its peak and then within the very lit glow and energy of the Full Moon that we are able to see where we are.

Being present at that moment is the opportunity to assess where we are in our process towards reaching our goal so we can figure out our strategy for achievement from there.

As this Full Moon was at zero degrees, it indicates leaving the old behind and continuing on in order to move forward towards something new.

Use this time of Sun in Pisces to surrender in meditation and reflection on what you are wanting to move forward towards.

Always with gratitude.

This Serendipity DooDah Of The New Moon In Aquarius

February 6, 2019

Arriving here perhaps not so fashionably late yet quite intact. Recovering myself from the fascinating challenges of the Zero degrees Leo Moon intensity. That was some powerful opposition I must say, as it triggered powerful forces in my own chart and my life personally as well as in the National and Global community. The affects of which will probably not even begin to be made apparent or understood at present yet shall unfold in their due course of time.

Personally for myself in my own life, that zero degree point of Leo opposed Chiron in my natal chart which is zero degrees Aquarius located in my eighth house. This opposition sent remarkable challenges whose soulful purpose, it seems, was to challenge my own resolve to so strongly affirm my commitment to fight through and learn from whatever the challenges were that were set before me.

Being an Astrologer & Astrological Life Coach I was able to catch myself, ground myself and center my Qi. It was the only thing that I was able to do as I was reeling through some seemingly serious setbacks I was able to know that it would calm down. I also knew that all those seemingly insurmountable challenges were was just a detour. Seems to be the initiation process that one must undergo as one is about to take a step forward.

Yes it was the “Demon at the Gate”.

The “Demon at the Gate” is that shadow part of our own inner teacher & guide whose energy, usually in the form of various intense challenges and setbacks, gets set in motion as one is about to move forward towards new horizons and growth. It’s an initiation process that tests us.

It is through the process of undergoing these challenges and coming out the other side which causes us to summon up our inner steadfast persistence and commitment so that we develop strength and wisdom. We establish faith in ourselves and faith in our process, becoming healthier, wealthier and wise.

It good to be aware of ” the self instructors sharp and tender love”.

However I have witnessed and became aware of a gradual yet markedly noticeable shift in energy which I am attributing to this New Moon. The darkened New Moon has begun its journey into light and a new cycle on the 4th of February at 15 degrees Aquarius. That brief but potent moment of the Moon/Sun conjunction in Aquarius, the Cosmic disrupter, and liberator which is in the service of seeking dignity and wholeness of being. A being realized as a respected individual.

Ultimately Aquarius is seeking to bring into being the development of a healthy sustainable “I” that supports a healthy dignified well nourished and balanced “We”.

This New Moon in Aquarius has in it an electromagnetic glint of the potent inventive energy of the planet Uranus grounded and supported by the earthy elevation of Saturn. Throw into the mix the delightful influences of the manifestations of dreams, hopes and desires coming into fruition as Jupiter, the planet of buoyant expansive hope, faith and optimism formed a sextile angle to the New Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius, along with the Sun and Mercury. Even as the Moon has since moved on, the Sun and Mercury have still been forming a sextile to Jupiter.

“Breathe in deep, you’re not asleep, open your eyes”.

The New Moon brings to us a moment in time of possibility.

It is rich in fecund growth and possibilities.

I encourage you to make a wish, an affirmation that supports focusing on what you want in order to create, strengthen or begin anew.

I encourage giving yourself the time to reflect on the month before. Ask yourself what was your journey like last month. Then beginning anew at this moment what would you like to create?

What in your hearts desire needs the light of your resolve and commitment?

Write it down.

I am suggesting a practice that is a way to become in synch as the Moon alights and unfolds as she does in her never ending infinite cycle in relationship to the Sun and Earth. In this way you too can use the energy of this Moon to bring into your life what you would like to manifest for this month.

Write it down.

Then watch it unfold.

Super Lunar Full Moon Eclipse 1/21/19

February 4, 2019

Leo/Aquarius dynamic interplay of endings and new beginnings.

It was understood to be a “Super” Moon due to its proximity and relationship to the Sun and Earth. The event of the Moon passing directly between the Sun and the Earth is what makes it appear brighter and larger than it would otherwise have appeared to be in other Full Moon cycles.

Astrologically the Moon was at zero degrees and 52 minutes Leo opposing the Sun at zero degrees Aquarius. I interpret this as a creative fixed powerful Kundalini kind of energy shaking out old irrelevant matter in order to open up to a new evolution of conscious awareness. This full Moon Eclipse which has passed just about two weeks ago could possibly serve as an awakening. Perhaps with a bit of disruption a new learning and understanding is being put into place. There is a yearning and deep heartfelt need for the necessary embodiment of a moral well integrated ethical and whole individuated Self. A liberated being. A celebration of selfhood, creative self expression and a deep gestalt that all men, women & creatures are created equal with certain inalienable rights.

This Lunar Eclipse event has brought into the collective consciousness the comprehension that there is an inner collective knowledge. The realization that as we are interconnected to others so must we respect, honor and understand that we are also separate unto our own individual selves. A paradox long awaiting realization and the reformation of a new paradigm grid.

The Leo~Aquarius energies of the Sun-Moon opposition serves to implant our collective consciousness with an understanding which can now be felt and shared among many. It is an awareness that there is an urgency for peoples to come together supported by respectful good communication.

The Leo Moon~Aquarius Sun shines a light enabling the dynamic of fact based reality. This is a creative intuitive felt sense which opens the doors to let right actions to put forward a renewed code of ethics and morality. It is a kind of knock at the door sort of slow giving of a tall steep mountain kind of healing and transformation that once again can occur. The kind of anger that can lead to right actions to undo that which has been put in motion for too, too many years ago which threatens endanger all.

To know and be aware of how the energies of these astrological movement influences us so we can have the wits, tools and power to counter the trajectory we are on. We can reverse course and reset our orbital direction towards a forward progressive movement of virtuous upright morality with renewed practices of ethics that serves to “turn the tables” to bring us back into a well integrated prospering, thriving and evolving society and culture for all.

The affects of the Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun serves as a doorway to creative self expression and liberation of self.

It does seem that at this very moment of high pitched level of anxiety and stress, which is exacerbated both cosmically and consequentially due to obstinate corporate fear driven presidencies, administrations and foreign regimes. This state of affairs would seem to indicate a brittle emotionally developmentally arrested plethora of desperation fueled by irrational insecurities. Clinging to a society and culture that is losing its relevance quicker and almost as certain as the Arctic glaciers are sadly melting. An emergency crisis we must heed the call to stop.

However, these are actually the catalysts which is creating the perfect “storm” needed. This seems to be the time when We, the People are being called upon to challenge and to stand strong for Truth. For reality in all its valid evidence based shared comprehensions and felt understandings.

This seems to be flying us towards the needed trigger to get us fired up to create movements that push us towards healing and an integrated commitment to claim our sovereignty of being human with rights,privileges and justice for all.

Is it not demanding as it creates within us a felt sense that manifests itself as a deep intuitive knowing? A knowledge that there is a silent yet strong crying out for a much needed return to a straight backed flexible bunch of structures. A harmonious well-ordered life built on integrity and truth which supports and enables there to be via the manifestation of the sword of clarity, good clear communication. A challenge that rightfully supports letting go at last of irrelevant antiquated dictatorial modes which do not serve the collective but rather with no mercy is recklessly destroying it.

Consuming it.

Melting it.

Aquarius Sun~ Leo Moon shines a light on it.

As awareness of it is brought into view, it provides for those who are attuned to it the needed insight which inspires movement forward. Moving us towards simple right actions and life based governance and economies designed to create and inspire a good life for all.

The new consciousness of morality, dignity and respect fosters justice and a reverence for all peoples and creatures and soon it becomes the trend. A trending lifestyle based on a foundation of elegant integrity and flexible clear boundaries respecting all.

Thus replacing the old way of self aggrandizement, cruelty, bigotry and greed, which is a byproduct of folks who in all actuality never were valued themselves. Never seen, cherished loved, honored and valued for their own precious being early on as infants and children.

That is why with a flow of fine healthy embodied peoples whose consistent stabilized movement forward towards a reality evidence based truth which i have a notion, a hope and an affirmation that it is being seen, validated and experienced by many. A cold and dim but still hazy way way for us to follow unfolds.

However as we are being seriously moved forward towards our destiny as only Saturn does demand in Capricorn conjunct Pluto . Still we must awake ourselves and continue to become aware of the beginning of a newly found presence, power and understanding that the dawn is here. We are awakened fully present, fully alive and embodied.

If we choose to be.

These are some of the ideas that come into my mind as I interpret the possibilities contained within this moment of Leo~Aquarius Lunar Eclipse cycle.

As it is the completion of a cycle as we are in foothills of a new one unfolding.

Let this be a time to reflect on your own journey. Acknowledging your accomplishments and the people and situations that you have passed through that have brought you to where you are in your life now. Bless it all.

Now reflect on what new goals you want to focus on. Note them. Literally by writing them down.

Now you are ready to step through the door towards conscious manifestation and continued becoming.

Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

Reflections And Conceptions Of New Moon Eclipse 1/6/19 In Capricorn

January 6, 2019

The image and the thought for the Sabian symbol for 15 degrees Capricorn is , “ In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.” The Sabian symbols are channeled communications given to Marc Jones which are interpretations for each degree of the zodiac. They were received in 1925 through the intermediary of Elsie Wheeler, a clairvoyant woman.

I find the Sabian symbols useful as a way of using Astrology for the purpose of deepening the metaphor and reflecting on the influences of the movement of the planets through the zodiac

Within the Sabian thought forms there are interesting insights to reflect on that offer insights towards some kind of intuitive awareness of healing and an integration towards self realization.

On January 5th, 2019, just yesterday at the time of this writing, we have passed through the powerful energy of this New Moon Eclipse. It is an occurrence that is when the Moon stands between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon is at its darkest moment now as it begins the transition from a waning cycle to a waxing cycle towards brightness and fullness.

The New Moon is a beginning time and so it is a useful time to reflect on what you want to create and affirm for your life. With the New Moon conjunct the Sun in Capricorn it is a good time to solidify your standing with others out in the World, be it your community your job, your Nation and if need be the whole World. Capricorn is the symbol of the Mountain Goat who seeks to climb to the top of the Mountain. Capricorn seeks height so as to be visible, to be seen as a fine upstanding person. Responsibility, commitment and integrity are the gems of wisdom along with good solid grounding with one’s self in relationship to reality. These are some of the gifts and blessings of this taskmaster of a sign Capricorn and its ruler Saturn.

A strongly placed Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, and/or should you have planets in Capricorn in your chart, they shall imbue you with boulders and challenges of varying degrees that serves to bind you towards your destiny. There is something sweet and wonderful taking place amidst the “pain in the butt” nonstop layers of tasks and commitments and never ending cycles of the need to show up for it all. Strength, grace and endurance which adds beautifully to self esteem via the commitment to taking responsibility for one’s self.

It is useful to refer to the Sabian symbol for 15 degrees Capricorn since the symbol’s keynote pertains to “the responsibility of society to ensure the welfare and health of a new generation.” This indicates to me that this New Moon in Capricorn conjunct the Sun 15 degrees is echoing the call to be mindful of policies and actions that are harmful to the folks that are coming of age now. Along with reflecting on the children cruelly and barbarically separated from their parents for whom out of desperation chose to come to this country seeking asylum from danger. The response from the U.S. reflects the enactment of claims to socio-Political power as suggested by the 15 degree Sabian symbol as interpreted by Dane Rudhyar. Here is where the tender care, wit and skills are needed to neutralize this most disturbing and dangerous situation. This New Moon Eclipse is setting the tone for this year to get those children and babies reunited with their families into a safe comfortable environment. That is what the Sabian Symbol said to me in the image of a children’s hospital ward filled with toys.

The symbol also speaks to two major existential issues we are needing to confront and deal with now and that is Global Warming and the Economy. The symbol as interpreted by Dane Rudhyar where he states, “the sociocultural process must look to the future as well as to the past. It has created conditions which may harm the children who will carry forward its work, and must try to repair these negative conditions through love as well as through physical care.” He goes on to say, “In personal life, the individual should take great care of his fresh intuitions and his dreams of future growth. They are often fragile developments which the pressures of everyday life can easily distort or destroy.”

Dane Rudhyar speaks of this symbol as “the last stage of Scene Nineteen, which began with a powerful claim for socio-Political power”. He goes on to say that, “the exercise of such a power can indeed produce social conditions which endanger the healthy and spiritual unfoldment of a community, and-especially its children”. He then goes on to recommend, ” There is therefore constant need for TENDER CARE as well as skill to neutralize the destructive tensions of social living.”

Skill to neutralize the vast imbalances and serious crazy we are living through now. There is such a need right now for good clever wit and solid embodied people with integrity. We must focus, guide and support bringing about the trend of tender care while being utterly aware of the realities created by careless minds who are lacking skills and care for humanity. I would like to add the crisis and fight for a vibrant free press. It is our responsibility to make it be so. Capricorn and Saturn playing out at its best.

This is what I believe is possible to find, using the understanding that might be gleaned from time tested empiric knowledge. The wisdom of intuitive impressions received from many years of working with the symbols of planets, signs, aspects, transits, etc. in astrology.

I, myself along with many others seek to sense and understand how to interpret and learn from these cycles in terms of their effects on our lives. How to work with those energies in order to make understanding, integration and healing the trend. We, collectively experience the effects of the eternal cycling of major outer & inner planetary transiting activity. The subtle and sometimes not so subtle wake up calls triggering the “self instructors sharp and tender love”, beckoning our awakening and awareness.

The need for TENDER CARE as well as skills on how to go about messaging into the collective a consciousness that serves to neutralize the destructive tensions of social living.

When Dane Rudhyar wrote the above reflecting on the meaning of the Sabian symbol for 15 degrees Capricorn it was 1944, thereabout. It was at the beginning of World War Two. Hitler was in power and creating hell on earth among other barbaric shortsighted situations occurring. Not far removed to what is going on at this present time in the 21st Century. He tells us that 15 degrees Capricorn is the last stage of Scene Nineteen which began with a powerful claim for socio-political power. When I think of the barbaric unnecessary humanitarian crisis in Yemen or the children here in the U.S. suffering torture as they are recklessly torn away from their parents and trusted caregivers, being kept like criminals in cages. And let us remember the existential crisis of global warming we are actually in the midst of now along with the huge financial bubble waiting to burst due to greed, lack of emotional and spiritual development and an antiquated financial system that must be transformed to a dignified integrity that supports All. This is Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn calling all humanity to have courage and heart as the system in its fragility quite possibly might fall apart. Calling to be replaced with relevant structures of operation and currency that enables humanity in all variations of evolution, consciousness and political affiliation to evolve.

The folk rock singer Melanie sings about the Earth and it’s inhabitants that, “it’s too soon to die”. And with Jupiter moving through its home sign in Sagittarius among other lovely aspects there is hope. There is help. There is a strong need for tender care. With Neptune in Pisces, Chiron late Pisces along with Uranus the planet of change and innovation going direct, albeit 28 degrees Aries however shortly beginning its journey through Taurus, seeking peace, sensuality, stability and beauty. These current placements suggest to me the ability to create and set up a fertile ground for the creation of the needed skills to allow movement forward towards a new level of understanding enhanced by the Piscean and Neptunian need to dissolve boundaries allowing compassion, understanding, mercy and forgiveness to unfold. The necessary healing to create sustainable living unfolds.

In harmony, grace and strength let us continue moving forward in peace.


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