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Having The Courage To Begin….

August 18, 2020

Is to have the courage to succeed.

8/18/20 New Moon 26 Degrees Leo

In the midst of this dynamically aspected moment we begin again as the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 26 degrees Leo.

Twenty six degrees is nearing the end. Twenty six degrees is moving towards a new beginning.

But for now; be playful, be creative

Let yourself have an adventure.

Do take a risk and a gamble, just for the hell of it.

It’s time to reflect on your hearts desire. Leo, the Lion represents the heart of it all.

As the Sun, it’s ruling planet reflects brightness and the nourishment of light. We are imbued with the fire of courage.

Courage is the gift we attain as we experience the victorious conquering of our fears through facing challenges right on.

[Those challenges include facing ugly truths as we must. In fact, I have found it to be true and quite effective that the best way to manifest and become beautiful is to face the parts of ourselves we consider ugly and unattractive. But I digress, more about that at a later Moon cycle.]

This enables the eternal flame of bravery, the chutzpah that comes from the heart to be filled with the grace of wisdom and strength.

The confidence of the bright Leo Sun fills our lives with vigor, energy and bright moments.

What do you wish to create with the luminous energy of the 26 degree Leo New Moon’s inspirational glow?

To enjoy the summery sweetness of the playful and creative heart of Leo as we are surely making our way towards the Virgo Season.

β€œEquality, Liberty And Justice For All”

August 2, 2020

The Full Moon In Aquarius

Intention, focus, energy and consciousness

On August 3rd 2020 the Moon, being brightly lit by the Sun brings us to the monthly culminating point.

It is fascinating to me that the crescendo of the Full Moon is always at the beginning of the month. Whereas, the New Moon, which marks the cycle of a new beginning is towards the middle-end of the month. Metaphysically seems to be the never ending rhythmicity of a metaphor played by the infinity of time.

Beginning, ending, beginning, ending and on and on like that.

In the astrological reckoning of time the Full Moon is the heart of the process. A process begun six months prior on January 24th, when the Sun and Moon were conjunct in Aquarius, enveloped in each other’s shadow.

Reflect on what was going on your life then. Try to get a sense of which wishes, desires and goals have come to fruition. What lessons have you learned as you journeyed through your life within the past six months?

And here we are.

On August 3rd when the Sun and Moon actually face each other, albeit 180 degrees apart, (I must say that I find myself always staring in awe and wonder at its glowing bright fullness). This Full Moon is a dynamic moment imbued with the charismatic electrified energy of the Fixed Air sign Aquarius. With all of its fondness for fascination.

Innovative, unique, free spirited and individualistic.

Always to serve the greater good.

This Aquarius Full Moon is a time when hope and right action must be implanted into our collective consciousness.

This is a Summer of introspection, challenges and growth as we continue to learn how to mindfully manage the COVID pandemic personally and interpersonally.

This Full Moon in Aquarius energizes the dynamic spark of creative light that serves as a beam emanating from a watchtower as we are awakened and learn how to weather the storm.

The continuation of four outer planets in retrograde motion;

Jupiter Rx 19 degrees Capricorn

Saturn Rx 27 degrees Capricorn

Neptune Rx 20 degrees Pisces

Pluto Rx 23 degrees Capricorn

Eris, the Dwarfed Planet Rx 24 degrees Aries

All this as Mars in Aries, enlivens our instinctual drive to survive and will fearlessly go where Angels fear to tread. Forming a T-square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and to Mercury in Cancer.

Social and civic unrest continues to inspire the energy, awareness and activities needed to expose the corrupt and corroded structures that do not serve the greater whole of the people.

This Full Moon in Aquarius imbues us with a healthy sense of skeptical optimism while seriously igniting our perception forward.

We are currently in the “birth canal”of a process that has been ongoing for many years. It’s within the next five months that we shall be laboring the birth of the changes needed and necessary to support the sustainable life we all must have.

Be patient, courageous, brave and persevering through the next five months. Something of value for all must come of it.

How true the reality that indeed we are all interconnected. What happens to one affects another and so on and so forth. The climate crisis is a crystal clear example of that.

Aquarius with its ruler Uranus and co-ruler Saturn breaks down and tears away systems and structures that no longer serve a harmonious purpose.

Albeit, while within the same instant, containing and allowing the innovative, relevant seed of the new to flourish and grow. The intention being that necessary and relevant systems must support a healthy sustained flow of life.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is giving us an opportunity to align ourselves with Aquarian individualistic life affirming values.

Even as we are living in the midst of tension and stress, it’s the Aquarian future oriented vibration that inspires us. And will continue to do so as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto transit into Aquarius. It’s life affirming influence points us towards a way of thinking and being that supports, honors and guides us towards the value of integrity.

To establish the value of respecting one another no matter what the differences are. Aquarius enthusiastically enjoys learning from those with differences. Not having to agree or even like it, but to acknowledge their presence and their right to exist.

Teaching us to know and to trust that in evidence based reality there is providence for all.

The Aquarian vibration inspires our collective consciousness to honor all of humanity including Mother Earth herself, our main source of sustenance and life. And our fellow creatures who are a necessary and needed part of our own survival as we are of theirs.

Remember that even amidst the clash, clamor and challenges of these times, we are held within the sweet, warmth of the delightful Summertime. Allow yourself to take pleasure in every moment where you may.

This brief moment of Summer where the heart of the Leo Sun illumines the mind of the soulful Aquarian Moon and allows you to be inspired by your own creative call to keep on.

In peace and good health, keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

Happy Full Moon πŸŒ•

Love to All.

-Pamela πŸ•Š

Writing To Know; The Astrology Of This Remarkable Time

July 19, 2020

New Moon 28 Degrees Cancer

July 20th, 2020

The New Moon is always heralding in a new beginning. It’s when the Sun and Moon meet in conjunction to each other.

Stimulating an opportunity to create.

A time to bring awareness towards meeting a goal, wish or intention.

This New Moon conjunct the Sun in Cancer forms a Grand Cardinal Cross with the dwarfed planet Eris transiting in Aries.

Eris in Aries squares the epoch Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. This then opposes the New Moon/Sun conjunction in Cancer.

The Goddess of discord is how we interpret Eris. Her Apex position which forms the Grand Cardinal Cross at this New Moon is where she carries the truth.

Truth and reality as it is lived through the vibration of the precocious innocence and clarity of the sign Aries. Given the opportunity of expressing itself through the energy of the planet Eris.

Fired up through the friction Eris constellates by the squares formed to the Mother Moon and Father Sun and Saturn. As represented by the New Moon conjunct the Sun in Cancer (Mother), which opposes the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, (Father).

Unconditional love as represented by the nurturing nourishment of the Cancer Mother Moon in opposition to Father Saturn Capricorn. Hellbent towards result and success oriented driven love.

At its best driven by integrity and hard earned respect and trust. At its worst we are witness to it being played out in catastrophic histories including this very current critical moment.

The Astrology of each moment gives us an opportunity to be aware of how the movement and electromagnetic energy of the planets and other cosmic astronomic objects influence our own electromagnetic energy.

Yes, we do interpret based on our own subjective journey, however the wisdom of a well traveled Soul understands the value we all bring. We are all interconnected parts of creation in one way or another.

I trust that Eris in Aries is making herself known through her discord provoked by the dire need for integrity, respect, trust and the restoration of right action that supports the whole of life.

Living in this powerful moment where blatant critical situations; a result of consequences based on shortsighted decisions are affecting all of us. The powerful demanding voice of the truth must be told. Eris is inspiring us to do so.

It’s the spoken words and actions of peoples who are motivated by unrest and dissatisfaction. It’s the deep inner impulses of life force compelled by the precocious “eternal inner child” beginning to make itself visible.

It’s the voice of awareness making itself known and heard. The adamant power of the voice of the child of reason and sensibility seeing out of its own innocent eyes of clarity. Now demanding that “no you won’t!” to outrageous cruelty ignorance and disrespect. This is the child of whom Liz Green speaks of in her powerful book, “The Astrology Of Fate”.

Challenging the authoritative “powers that be” in order to get them to acknowledge reality based concerns and to remember their own ” inner child” held within.

Eris in Aries flashes her dissatisfaction and deep concerns that can lead to corrective helpful choices for the real children and adults that are here now. In this way the imbalance makes itself known and can be brought into the light.

In this way the necessary transformation towards life affirming stability and equilibrium for the many is able to emerge.

It is a profound truth Dr. Carl Jung speaks of when he states, ” you can’t heal what you don’t feel.” I believe dwarfed planet Eris held within the activated power of this sweet Cancer New Moon Cardinal Cross is ultimately supporting our journey towards life.

This New Moon energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross is opening us up to actions needed and necessary in order to bring us back into balance, health and harmony.

To understand how it’s affecting your own life personally and if you have access to your chart, look to see in what house 28 Degrees Cancer, Capricorn or Aries falls in your chart, give or take 5 degrees.

It’s the house/cusp placement that can indicate in what areas of your life action is needed around matters pertaining to the nurturing centering of home vs. themes around being out there in your career, business and work. What action is needed in order to achieve and accomplish successfully? And what is triggering it?

I am available for readings via Zoom where I can explore with you these kinds of issues along with encouragingly interpret your chart and how to work with the themes of your chart in order to inspire you towards health, balance and success.

Please email me, Pamela Joy at:

Happy New Moon 🌚


β€œUp A Steep And Very Narrow Staircase…” Song Of The Capricorn Full Moon

July 5, 2020

Lunar Eclipse 13 Degrees Capricorn

July 5th 2020

This culminating energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a significant moment in which to reflect upon the past.

The sentiment of reflection is especially strong this season as it is charged with a quantity of Rx planetary motion; Mercury Rx in Cancer, until July 12th, Saturn Rx in Capricorn conjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn.

Neptune Rx, which imbues us with cosmic surrender and who is the teacher of compassion, mercy and understanding is in the sign she rules, Pisces.

Marking this as a particularly beneficial time in which to reflect on what you experience as relevant to your life now that you would choose to carry forward. Along with that which no longer serves you. From the material to the spiritual, in terms of stale outmoded attitudes and beliefs.

Equally potent is that this is a favorable time in which to focus your awareness on life lessons learned. There is priceless wisdom and strength to be gleaned from what you might have considered to be disappointment and failure. In actuality it is our blunders and disappointments that serve as the source of our most vivid learning. Granting us wisdom and strength that becomes a beaming source of clarity, serving to sharpen our vision.

Secondly, this Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a time to be encouraged and inspired. A moment in time to revel in the joy of acknowledging our success and victories.

This is a juncture where we can also pause and be nourished by inspiration that comes as a result of acknowledging our accomplishments, acquisitions and lessons learned.

Do take the time to embrace and be thankful for the pleasant, healthy and resourceful attributes in your life now. Matters which must not be taken for granted. In doing so you receive the heart of abundance, health and prosperity itself.

During the Eclipse Season when the Moon is Full, it is in opposition to the Sun. This positions the Moon to be in conjunction to the South Node.

This is what influences our energetic focus on past matters. With the South Node, now at 29 degrees Sagittarius and the North Node at 29 degrees Gemini, there is a yearning for integrity and justice that is lawful and balanced. The coming moments are calling us to find a way to bring this about through respectful communication that has integrity and truth. As opposed to “truthiness” a term referred to by actor/comedienne Stephen Colbert.

North Node in Gemini relates to matters of communication and networking. The way we gather information and the way we share information is emphasized. This Nodal Axis is a moment to listen with a head and heart chakra-awareness. By doing so we establish respect, trust, integrity and understanding.

To respectfully and mindfully listen as we hear each other. If we don’t agree or understand what we are hearing then we must have an equal opportunity to state that clearly with respect. Then to speak our understanding of what we are hearing. As we feel safe to speak and share our truth. And on and on like that.

Fascinating to note that at this Full Moon moment there is a predominance of Planets in Cardinal signs. Beginning with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Mars in Aries, Eris, dwarfed planet of discord in Aries and Chiron in Aries. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn.

Cardinal energy is about taking action. Planets and points in Cardinal signs hold dynamic strength and power. They indicate significant starting points in which to have a goal and a plan. Then to take action and move forward with it.

This year has been rich with significant starting points and shall continue to be so for the duration of 2020.

In 2021 some of the Planets shall transit into fixed signs. Such as Saturn and Jupiter which will transit into the Fixed sign Aquarius.

The quality of Fixed signs and Planets are imbued with stabilization, as in matters that require perseverance, discipline and practice.

However we must also be aware that Fixed energy can swerve towards being frozen in an obsessive compulsive kind of way. (Definitely not a good thing when that happens!) Fixed energy must be tempered with heart, soul and mindful awareness in order to bring itself back into balance. To correct itself from becoming inflexible or rigid.

Remembering then to keep the focus on heart energy, clear benign intentions, motivations and the task at hand. Along with love and sensuous pleasure.

More about that as we move closer to that time.

Meanwhile we must acknowledge that we are at a rich moment of new beginnings as folks allow themselves to feel the natural outrage evoked by the dire injustices of outmoded systems that must be dismantled and transformed. To make way for the existentially needed and necessary systemic changes that supports all of life.

This is the phase in our evolutionary development where we are becoming aware of what actions are needed and necessary in order to focus our attention on the direction we must be moving towards.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a bright light of encouragement. Inspiring us towards our own inner rhythmicity and harmony.

We are traveling onward even as Planets Rx backwards. Planets always station Direct at some point and they will soon enough.

As the Cardinal influences move into Fixed signs we are in preparation for the work that lies ahead in our personal lives and collectively within our community. This inward Rx moment is a needed rejuvenating point to become nourished, nurtured and empowered.

As time moves forward indeed, we shall find ourselves in a steady flow of perseverance, discipline and practice.

With focused clear intentions.

Be patient.

Peace πŸ•Š

0 Is The End 0 Is The Beginning

June 21, 2020


New Moon Solar Eclipse

0 Degrees in Cancer

A new beginning on so many levels, what with the Moon and Sun in conjunction with the North Node of the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodal Axis. A time to become aware of the changes you want to bring into your life.

The Cancer New Moon influences our need for stability, home, safety and comfort. Family and ones relationship to family is another component of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

The sign Cancer ruled by the Moon holds the experiences of our early life and early environment. The concept of family, one of those established structures being influenced by the powerful intrinsic changes being brought about via the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, warrants a rethinking of the experience of family based on truth and the reality of one’s own experiences. Allowing us to bring integrity to our understanding of family by differentiating between ones relatives by birth and those people in our lives that we are familiar with and who are familiar with us. Those people who acknowledge and respect us.

This is the beginning of the awareness that we are all connected to each other and that this is the moment of recognition that we are the family of man.

An ending opening to a new beginning.

Two weeks ago during the culminating influence of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, as Full Moons do, it was the South Node which was conjunct the Moon.

Stimulating issues pertaining to unfinished business. The heavy energy of a quantity of Rx planets also adds to the awareness of old patterns and issues returning to reflect on and learn from. As of now, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all retrograde.

Neptune will join the others going Rx on the 23rd of June as Venus goes direct the day after. It’s the perfect combination during this powerful Eclipse season for us to drop down into reflection about the journey of our lives up to this point. This is beneficial for needed clarity that empowers us to feel into where to from here.

Be encouraged that as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer occurs conjunct the North Node, the energetic dynamic of evolutionary growth is upon us.

To know that in the midst of so much change this is an auspicious moment to follow your dreams. To focus your awareness on what you want and need in order to fulfill your North Node evolutionary developmental goal.

Keep in mind that this is a process, a cycle built on many cycles that allows us to have clarity about what we really need at this point in our lives. Inspiring us to continue on.

What is true to your heart. Where is your bliss?

Emphasis on home.

Home is the heart of our being.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Cancer infuses our awareness with a sense of coming home.

The calling towards that which is familiar, comforting and stabilizing.

Particularly at this moment in time as we experience unprecedented changes caused by the breakdown of systemic structures. Reflecting the effects of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.

Systemic structures requiring our human response to be motivated by ingenuity and integrity which establishes a validating understanding of home as a basic human need.

The Sun which represents the self along with the Moon which represents the subjective essence of ones inner being are inhabiting the same electromagnetic space. This is where they affect and influence each other. The Moon is conjunct the North Node and is opposing the South Node. This is what makes this New Moon in Cancer so highly charged and motivational towards new endeavors, ideas, projects and goals.

If you know in your chart in what house 0 degree Cancer lies then you have an idea about which area in your life contains opportunities for new possibilities and development.

Bringing your awareness to what you want to create.

Bringing your breath to it you will get a felt sense of what your Soul is guiding you towards through a word, thought or image.

This is the moment where actions motivated by heart, soul, mind and body are the most effective. As they are authentic to your inner truth.

“To thine own self be true” said Shakespeare as we ponder and reflect during this most amazing time.

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse

Peace πŸ•Š

The Mists Of Change And Evolution

June 5, 2020

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Of 6/5/20

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is a culminating moment of reflection on the past where the power of the principles of higher learning, philosophies and ideas are center stage. Along with awareness of the presence of other cultures it is a time to practice respectful curiosity while seeking understanding of the meaning of it all.

The Moon 15 Degrees Sagittarius in opposition to the Sun at 15 Degrees Gemini forms a 180 degree angle. It is what gives the Full Moon it’s brightly lit glow, (when we have clear skies to behold it with).

The Full Moon imbues us with the gift and/or crisis of intensified feelings along with illuminated realizations. It is a good time to acknowledge what goals have been accomplished and what steps need to be taken to complete the process of fulfilling them.

To be in harmony with the cycles of the Moon and the other planets allows for compassionately finding your inner rhythm within your own process of living.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned within the Moon’s orbit around the Ecliptic. The Moon conjunct the South Node of the Nodal Axis is the Lunar Eclipse.

At the time of the New Moon 2 weeks ago, when the Moon and Sun were conjunct in Gemini had marked the time of a New Beginning. That was the moment of the dark Moon at its inception.

This Full Moon is the critical moment of culmination colored by the energy of the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the Sagittarius South Node being in opposition to the Sun and North Node in Gemini, is a moment of reflection on the past.

It’s a time of letting go and releasing that which no longer serves or is relevant to the person you are and the life you want to create for yourself now.

This is a beneficial moment to focus awareness on ideas and philosophies which are in harmony with authentic, relevant beliefs and experiences that we are living in now.

There is a comfort in the waning mellowing Moon energy of the next two weeks to become aware of what does resonate with who we are now and how we are living our lives.

Then with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 21st of June, which is when the Moon at 0 Degrees Cancer will be conjunct the North Node in Gemini we will be moving forward towards new ideas, solutions and ways of being.

The light from the Sun shining on the Moon illuminates its fullness which triggers heightened energy for us to have access to deeper intuitive knowledge and wisdom. It’s the Moon that holds the power and essence of our Soul.

The Fullness of the Moon’s energy has earned its reputation for inciting creative crisis.

The effervescent enthusiasm and meditative energy of the Moon in Sagittarius seeks the deeper meaning and purpose contained in the very fabric of life itself.

It is motivated by exuberance while being in awe of its own aliveness.

The vast Universe.

The immensity of BEING.

As buoyant Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius wants to know the meaning of it all.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is a beneficial time to reflect on what purpose and meaning you need your goals and desires to fulfill.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is a marker between the fast moving inner personal planets and the outer slow moving planets that indicate generational and evolutionary process.

The Nodal Axis at its beginning journey in Gemini/Sagittarius can prove to be a most fascinating time.

Open your awareness and your mind through your breath to be fully present to see, sense and experience the journey of change and mutability within your own life and the Collective Consciousness as it unfolds.

πŸ•Š Pamela

Critical Mass Ascends

June 3, 2020

“Thus spake Zarathustra”.

Silent outrage expressing itself.

The symbolic Phoenix has set itself on fire.

Exploding from within layers of suppressed imploded despair.

There is change and transformation afoot.

The cries of humanity getting played out through our Collective Cultural story.

Crisis in need of action triggered by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

Manifesting as the death and transformation of irrelevant structures and belief systems that are no longer able to sustain our lives.

Emerging as the message of the Soul to humanity.

Responding to crimes against the people

The resounding cacophony of dissonance as influenced by Eris in Aries, the Goddess of Discord demanding out of necessity that People’s voices must no longer be silent.


Here we are at a significant turning point which was set off by the blatant and lawless lynching murder of George Floyd, the looting of our economy and a Global Pandemic.

Systemic structures that result in dire inequality stuck in authoritarian beliefs gripping fearfully tight to that which is inevitably crumbling.

Uranus in Taurus serves as the catalyst to inspire energies of innovation towards constant and evolving movement forward. Letting ourselves be imbued with a newfound sense of strength, grace and wisdom that courageously activates fresh and creative new paths toward better ways of living our lives. All of which shall be slowly unfolding.

However, do take heart for we are still within the painful midst of decay, death and rebirth. Pluto in Capricorn.

Still and all, be aware of the shifts in energy slowly emerging as the refreshing Springtime for the mind inspired by the Nodal Axis in Gemini along with the reasoning perception of innovative Saturn in Aquarius suggests that a strategy can be formulated to support and focus the desired changes for where they are needed.

For the Commons of We the People.

The influence of Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is doing its Scorpio Phoenix burning thing.

It’s the slow steady heavy movement of Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, through which the flight of the Phoenix bursts forth miraculously alive.

The proper accoutrement of environment and home along with the consistent flow of necessary supplies fosters dignity, respect, stability, compassion and equality. Number one on the Aquarian list of favorites. When all are being served then balance is restored.

I affirm that that is what we are heralding in at this powerful moment of transition.

Moving humanity forward evolving towards a sustainable respectful way of being.

Such a wondrously powerful moment to be here now.

Courage and heart my dear ones.

As we keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

Emerging From Chrysalis

May 22, 2020


This is a new beginning.

Hope is in the air.

MAY 22nd 2020

So much change unfolding in a sea of mutability.

The wings of Mercury alight upon the value of active listening and hearing.

Along with a respectful responsive imparting of thoughts, ideas and information to each other.

Just for the love of it.

As the North Node in Gemini brings a new fresh start to our minds.

This is the moment to celebrate the reality that communication is worth its weight in gold.

The ability to communicate or receive a communication is one of the components of a satisfying well lived life. We require being interconnected even within a healthy separation that gives us the space to see each other and ourselves with better clarity and understanding.

This New Moon heralds in a moment that is offering an opportunity to be aware of the value of sharing, by saying what it is that is on your mind. Ever more importantly to be willing to listen to others and hear what they are actually saying.

Even if you don’t agree or find it lacking in harmony with your World view.

To acknowledge what someone says respectfully and beg to differ is a new beginning of affirming each other’s right to exist.

Then we dialogue with the understanding that we all have the right to exist.

This moment Astrologically, environmentally and psychologically requires us to find a better way.

We must.

And so we shall.

It’s too soon to die.” Says singer/songwriter Melanie Saftka

Let us acknowledge the fun to be had with Venus Rx in Gemini conjunct Mercury 20 degrees.

Mars entering a new cycle in Pisces adds a heightened duality imbued within a mystical bent.

Saturn, albeit Rx crowning this Mercurial moment with the beginning of a new era of equality, dignity and understanding even amidst the most stubborn of conflicting factions.

A new era indeed, as the metaphorical symptom of CV19 continues to plague us.

There is a higher mind contained within us all that is being activated via the blending Trine of the New Moon conjunct the Sun in Gemini to Saturn in Aquarius.

Along with the bright minded curiosity and information seeking energy of the Nodal Axis at 29 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius.

This is the moment to be aware and conscious of the dire need for recognizing the integrity of truth, reality, science and the benign brilliant use of knowledge to foster the changes needed. Changes and transformations that support life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness along with healthy living on a healthy sustainable planet Earth.

Happy New Moon Everybody!

There is more to say.

And I will say it in my post for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th.

However for now, suffice it to say that at the moment of this New Moon and within the two days thereafter, it is a beneficial time to reflect on and acknowledge what you desire.

Allow yourself to know what it is that you need and want. When you can specifically put your dreams, wishes and desires into specific thoughts, it is a powerfully self empowering way for you to make it become manifest. Realized right into your life.

This is the moment to clarify your goals not only for this month, but for the next 6 months. So that in November you may behold and revel in achieving your goal.

If things don’t manifest as you had hoped and planned then you have the opportunity for gleaning wisdom, insight and a deeper awareness of what you really need in order to be on your path towards fulfillment.

It’s all good.

And you always win.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

Thank-you πŸ•Š


The Healing Power Of Empathy

May 7, 2020

The Full Moon Of May Seventh 2020

17 Degrees Scorpio

The Scorpio Triad

The Scorpion creeping and crawling along the earth flats in need of injecting its deadly poison if not to another than at least into itself

Transforming into the Eagle who rises above it all.

Soaring through the majestic sky, observing.

Detached so far and away using its Eagle eye to know all it needs to know.

Then surrendering itself willingly within the mythical metaphor of the Phoenix

Setting itself ablaze in order to triumphantly rise up and out of its own ashes.

Embracing freedom, liberation and resurrection out of its morbid yet miraculous transition into the most beautiful creature

The brilliantly colorful Phoenix

Flying high and empowered within its established new found form.

This is the moment we are living in.

These are the unconscious deeper choices we get to explore at this time.

However there is another element, another metaphor to keep in mind at this pivotal time in our humanity.

There were two sisters, one named Inanna, The Goddes of the Heavens which embodied love, beauty, the bounty of all good and nourishing things.

And there was Ereshkigal, The Goddess of the Underworld.

Ereshkigal represents all that is disgusting, decaying, dead and dreadful.

The shadow side of our experience.

It is said that when Ereshkigal‘s husband was killed in battle, Inanna decided to go down into the Underworld to pay respects to her dear sister.

Ereshkigal was not all pleased, for a myriad of mysterious reasons, to have a visit from her sister…so she commanded her sister to return to the entrance way where Inanna would have to pass through each of the Seven Veils, taking off some piece of her finery and her beautiful garments at each passage.

Only then, completely naked and bare would Ereshkigal agree to see her.

But even then, Ereshkigal who carried much negativity and pain, who was suffering even more than that with the loss of her husband, took her pain, rage and grief and turned it on the lovely Inanna, by turning her into a rotting piece of meat.

Inanna, who knew that her sister Ereshkigal had anger issues among other things, made sure she had a good back-up plan. Just in case she would not be able to return.

So after three days and nights when Inanna had not returned, Enki, Innana’s servant, got hold of the mourners and entered the underworld to retrieve Inanna.

In seeing the situation Enki’s mourners gathered around Ereshkigal and empathized deeply with kindness, care and compassion.

That was all that Ereshkigal needed in order to touch the heart of her own compassion

Inanna was returned to her beautiful vibrantly alive self

Like the Phoenix.

Please know that there are many versions of this story that hold power and learning metaphors. However it is this version that I believe resonates with the energy of this culminating moment in time.

The energy and vibration of this Full Moon in Scorpio, lit by the Sun in Taurus. Forming a Trine via Neptune in Pisces to the Moon and a sextile to the Sun in Taurus influences, guides and invites us to practice care, kindness, understanding, compassion and respect of ourselves and others.

Practicing empathy.

Through being aware of our human vulnerabilities we are able to transcend the dreadful decaying numbness of apathy.

And rise up out of the ashes of our own dilemmas towards renewal and healing.

Let us keep on.

Happy Full Moon.



The Microcosm In The Macrocosm

April 21, 2020

Earth Day 4/22/20

New Moon 3 degrees Taurus

Nurturing earthy sensuality expressed through the Taurus New Moon conjunct innovative Uranus on this Earth Day.

The visceral touch of our connection to Planet Earth nourishing life towards a soothing durable stability.

Persevering stubbornly as only Taurus does.

In the name of peace, beauty and harmony as Venus, it’s ruler reminds.

The creative inspiration of this New Moon in Taurus is imbued with the influence of Venus, Ruler of Taurus. What with Venus currently transiting in Gemini there is a need for intelligent transmission and receiving of information as Uranus in Taurus adds an electrified jolt of techno butterfly buzz.

The dynamic of these components is making for a breakthrough moment of monetary and technological originality as ideas are being seen through awaited visions of development and design. Such is the genius foresight and influence of Uranus in the Earthy sign of Taurus. However, whatever form the innovation takes, it is most important that it benefits humankind and all of life on Earth.

Consider all of this during the structural transformations slowly becoming realized as the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn keeps on keepin’ on.

Quite a fascinating time we are living in as the influence of Taurus reminds us that we are human after all. Since the reality of our mortality reminds us of the necessity for health, well being and stability for all.

These electromagnetic planetary cosmic energies influencing us while we are empowering ourselves to be practicing our humanity respectfully while sheltering in place.

This New Moon in Taurus evokes a time when you can clarify in your mind what brings you comfort, pleasure, peace and stability. What is needed, so that you can focus in the coming weeks on what enables you to achieve your goals, wishes, dreams and desires.

This is the most synchronistic time to become aware of our real needs vs. false needs. Our true self vs. our false self. It is the influence of Venus, ruler of Taurus which illumines for us what lights us up. Taurus and it’s ruling planet Venus is a grounding solidifying influence based on our inner sense of ethics, values and awareness which contributes to our self esteem.

Our feelings such as mad, sad, scared and glad are actually the necessary emotions that serves to guide us to where we need to be and towards what we need in order to be fully present and available to our lives. Ultimately it is the awareness of these basic feelings, the needs they are connected to which are guiding you. Learning how to manage and work with them enables you to have sovereignty over your own life and to own all the precious gifts a healthy well lived life can offer.

This is a powerful moment of transformation and self realization. This New Moon in Taurus marks the beginning of the season of Taurus. It is the influence of the continuing transit of Saturn and Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, as demolition crew, tears down our decaying structures so something new relevant and functional can be built. It seems that the demolition tool is being made manifest through this Pandemic. Certainly it is giving us an opportunity to clear away antiquated unrealistic ways in order to begin to restructure and build healthy, life affirming and sustainable evidence based ways and means of living and making income. Topics quite relevant to Venus and Taurus.

This moment brings to mind the resonant words of Mary Oliver when she states, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

In Astrology we believe the Soul is eternal and evolves through a myriad of many lives. Each individual life being laid out via the placement of Planets in the Zodiac. The signs in their degrees contributing to the various angles and aspects that they form as reflected in the persons chart of this current lifetime.

Still and all this sensuous and rich moment of the coolness of this Spring heralds a moment of sweet new beginnings to ponder your wild and precious life.

What form of the seeds of new beginnings do you want to bring about with this New Moon Cycle in Taurus?

Feel free to write them in the comments section.

I would love to know.


Happy New Moon in Taurus 🌚

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