The Power Of Focus And Committment

Reflections on the New Moon at 5 Degrees Leo

On July 28, 2022 at 1:55 PM EST the Sun at 5 degrees Leo formed a conjunction to the Moon at 5 degrees Leo.

This New Moon in Leo evokes joy, fun and play driven by excitement and passion. The sort of energy contained within the creative life force of the Sun itself.

Leo Season contains spirited inspiration en route to heart centered creative impulses. The pings of childlike wonder, gambling and risk taking. Yes all in the same sentence. These are some of the many elements at the heart of this New Moon in Leo.

“Nous somme du soleil, We love when we play…”

It’s fascinating when we understand that the action of the Sun itself, is about developing a cohesive functional sense of self, aka a healthy ego.

Developing a healthy sense of self while functioning in a world of boundaries, challenges and limitations is the realm of the Sun in astrology. In a sense the fabulous experience of Leo is contained within the process of coming to terms with the father archetype and authority itself. This then clarifies the reasoning of why Leo is ruled by the Sun.

The conjunction with the Moon in Leo encourages the sense of love, comfort and safety that fires up and allows Leo energy to spread its wings .

For Leo, what matters is applause and approval from others. Everybody wants to love and know that they are loved. Then we know all is well. It is a basic human and creature sentiment alike. It validates the song, “what the world needs now is love sweet love.”

There are some fascinating transits aspecting this New Moon in Leo as well. To balance the bright, vitality of Leo there is an experience of tension, stress and irritating friction brought about by the squares and oppositions formed to the Leo Sun and Moon.

Challenging aspects that require a bit of patience, perseverance and introspection. This is a good thing. Holding the tension of the opposites, finding virtue and wisdom through dealing with the conundrums of uncomfortable adverse combinations is actually a useful way to clarify what’s important. To put in perspective, what really matters.

To begin with, the Sun at 5 degrees Leo, conjunct the Moon at 5 degrees Leo is in opposition to Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn. A powerful out of sign opposition. One that is inducing to labor and eventual birth, if you will, some life and death crisis’ that must be dealt with.

However, take heart, Mercury in Leo is bringing the activity of the mind to observe and perceive the effect of Pluto in Capricorn, particularly in its final degrees. Bringing forth a new understanding of what is needed to assist in the reformation that comes after the Plutonian demolition.

Mercury in Leo at 18 degrees is squaring the phenomenal triple conjunction of the North Node conjunct Uranus at 19 degrees in Taurus, with Mars edging closer to join them at 15 degrees Taurus.

This triple conjunction is about bringing into our consciousness something new based on the seeds contained in the old now ineffective structures. Once again, we have Mercury in Leo squaring this fascinating triplet, bringing mindfulness along with Leo’s brightly lit curiosity and creative love of projects into the mix.

Colored by the sign Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign. This is a good moment to literally rethink our value systems in terms of finances, morality and ethics in relationship to ourselves and others. Taurus is ruled by Venus so love, beauty, peace, harmony, relationships and money factor in quite prominently at this time.

Then there is the matter of Mother Earth, a very Taurean concern. The way I see it in this context is that it represents the Earth as a sustainable system that nourishes life.

The North Node, Uranus and Mars joining together at this time are evoking experiences personally and interpersonally as a collective within the global community. Constellating for us a serious rethink. To earnestly evaluate concerns being presented to us by events, circumstances and scientists.

To ponder with diligence the reality of our very existence, What really matters? What can we learn from this moment, personally and interpersonally? “Are we in it but not of it?” A good question to hold at this time.

Thanks to the square that is formed by Mercury in Leo, communication and dialogue can be triggered as a real valued thing. In my mind, it’s the most precious and valuable tool we have.

To communicate, listen and speak to each other is worth it’s weight in gold.

To really, really, really and truly hear each other. Such a challenging thing in square aspect. However, the square aspect Mercury in Leo forms to the Taurus triplet has a Saturnian element to it and brings to the equation the inconvenient blocks and challenges that make us stop, look and listen. Then to somehow work it through.

Leo, the Lion is open to discuss and dialogue!

Now the T-square constellated by Saturn retrograde (Rx) at 23 degrees Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus, along with how the Mars and the North Node connects with the square to Mercury and the Moon/Sun in Leo serves as the bridge. It’s a bridge towards innovation and evolutionary thinking that eventually will be rising into mainstream thought. It’s the beginning thought forms of the tasks and work needed in order to get it together, while everything is falling apart.

The now familiar feelings constellated by the various challenges and conflicts of Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus has become a familiar dance we are all learning to do in our own way.

This moment is teaching us the benefits of being centered, grounded and anchored to a task motivated by a goal. Quite often, in fact, that’s the kind of thinking needed in order to be free.

It’s the rerouting of our plans and routines brought about via an array of challenges and tasks which can be viewed as divine guidance. That in retrospect becomes the best plan forward towards making progress.

A new pathway towards a new view of our lives puts things in a more cohesive light. It’s just a frustrating experience dealing with everything that comes up and trusting that our various situations can get us there.

The motivations, needs and desires of one component serves to frustrate and challenge the needs, desires and motivation of another. That is how great art along with new effective relevant systems, structures and powerful positive original thought become a fertile breeding ground. This is how livable solutions are born.

So Just hang in there!

The necessary ingredient of movement forward is communication, respect and understanding. This Leo New Moon square Uranus, North Node and Mars accentuates the value of temperance colored by humor, original thought and play.

Creative self expression is Leo!

So be it dance, movement, music, acting, writing, drawing, painting, singing, sewing, design or sketching. Find a way to play and create, as we move forward through this intriguingly charming Leo season.

New Moon in Leo through the signs ~

Aries ~ Being caught between the “devil and the deep blue sea”. Calling into play your warrior nature as a need and desire to develop yourself as a healer, for yourself and perhaps others. This is a time to study and learn topics that hold the answers to some of the questions that weigh heavily on your mind.

Taurus ~ It’s a pivotal moment of revelations and transformations. You have developed the skills and flexibility needed to cope with the restless need to change. To let go even of things that once served you. This unto itself has been a monumental shift in your consciousness. So just keep on going with the flow. Even though it still might be unsettling. Eventually, in time you might just find yourself to be resettled in a most beneficial way.

Gemini ~ Enjoy the excitement and warmth of this fun Leo season. Mutable Air which is Gemini works really well with the Fixed Fire of Leo. So let yourself be social, have fun and play.

Cancer ~ With Venus in your sign the warm glow of radiance, balance and beauty is yours for the taking. Just do not overdo. Balance and moderation will keep you healthy, wealthy and wise.

🎼🎶Happy Birthday Leo! 🎶😌 Some fierce energy inspiring you to grow. This is the time to call on your Leo courage and heart as a mirror to see who you really are. There is a wit and wisdom to be gained as you stay grounded and centered in your core. Core is the English term for coeur the French word for heart. That is the energy you must call upon as you move forward into a brand new year at this most amazing time. Be encouraged to keep on!

Virgo ~ The logic and practicality of the Element of Earth with the flexibility of the inherent quality of mutability is up front and center. This is the time to call on those inner resources to move forward into this moment of new beginnings.

Libra ~ There is a vulnerability that might make things a bit awkward for you at this time. To call on your love of beauty, balance, peace and harmony to ease the way through. Most importantly be bone chillingly honest with yourself about what’s what. Then just focus and write down what you need in order to move forward into a new beginning.

Scorpio ~ Wow! What does it feel like to have Uranus, North Node and Mars in opposition to your sign? Allow yourself to flexibly become aware of your experiences now. There is much learning and new adventures to look forward to, but you must contemplate the components of your life that got you here in the first place. A consequence of the South Node in Scorpio. Then with gratitude and blessings let go of it all. Come through the door to a new beginning. It’s all good!

Sagittarius ~ Think of this moment as one big adventure. In all of the challenging occurrences for you personally and then interpersonally in the world, your love of learning about new cultures, philosophies and unfamiliar circumstances is a preparation to a new beginning. Be mindful, compassionate and caring. Then you can allow yourself to contemplate your new beginning from here.

Capricorn ~ It’s a real push-pull moment, what with Pluto continuing its transit through your sign. Perhaps, might I suggest some kickboxing or martial arts to work some of the stress out? Still and all, Venus is sweetening your journey to kind of sort of help you through the night, if you will. Think of how much you are learning. Contemplate the esteemed heightened position of self reclamation that can be yours, as the plot thickens and we all come out through the other side. The other side of this amazing moment in time. So clarify to yourself, what you need at this New Beginning moment. Then keep on!

Aquarius ~ This is a significant moment for you to put your life in order. Take this time to follow your natural rhythms along with the rhythms of the reality of your daily life. There is important work ahead of you, but it must be tempered with care about your health, your well being and your love of beauty, peace and harmony. Be encouraged to persevere, to get down and find your way through it! Even though it’s the same-old-same-old, you are still in the midst of a very beneficial new beginning. Keep going!

Pisces ~ A very auspicious moment ensconced in a sea of contradictions. Allow yourself to fully indulge in a deep meditation practice, while you can. This is a good time to follow your flowing, meandering nature into dreams waking and sleeping. All this while you make sure you stay grounded in the din of the daily day. That is the teaching and growth space for you at this moment. Staying grounded and centered in day to day living as you allow the time, perhaps in the night to revel in dreams. Then write them down, sing them, dance them or paint them. Having shared that with you, keep in mind that this is a new beginning Moon in Leo. So make a point to set a new intention moving forward.

So there it is!

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Happy New Moon in Leo 🌚!



A Moment Of Resolution And Healing

7/13/22 ~ Full Super Moon in Capricorn

We continue on with Super Full Moon in Capricorn triggering enormous existential question forming conflicts and crisis through its opposition to the Sun. The opposition actually is the Sun illuminating through to the Moon itself. It’s quite amazing when you really grasp the power of that.

For this Super Moon the Sun in Cancer is in total opposition to the Moon in Capricorn. The Moon is orbiting so close to the Earth that it feels as if we can touch it. The close proximity of the Moon to the Earth’s orbit impacts and catalyzes energies in a more dynamic way. Hence, the Super Moon.

This Capricorn Moon/Cancer Sun dynamic emphasizes issues around authority, home and mother/father dynamics. It’s a good time to ponder and try to understand those components of our lives. To become aware of how authority/parental symbolism is an active role motivating our selves and the people in our lives.

While the Sun in Cancer forms a conjunction to Mercury in Cancer, the Moon in Capricorn forms a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. The dynamic of transforming through comprehending the structures of home/housing, mother/father is being constellated here. An awareness about who we are in relationship to ourselves, our community and our social standing. What is that about anyway? That’s a good question to ponder now.


Pluto, planet of transformation, in fact unmitigated transformation, has been transiting through Capricorn for many years now. It’s influence appears to be a severe tight holding on to old structures. In terms of peoples in government and other long standing institutions.

It’s the fear that comes up when authoritarian power and age old brittle, irrelevant social structures are failing. The clinging on to that which must change becomes ever more oppressive and invasive. The loud ringing voices of disagreements and demands echoing that the needs of people along with sustainably right uses of our resources must be heard. That is the dynamic of evolutionary change and transformation being constellated by this Full Super Moon in Capricorn.

Indeed, looking ahead with foresight and a bit of clairvoyance, this Capricorn Moon/Pluto conjunction in opposition to the Cancer Sun/Mercury conjunction is giving voice to something innovative that is genuinely new and sensible.

This moment is being brightly illuminated by the Sun in Cancer in opposition to the Moon in Capricorn.

There is a nurturing point of view, a truth that can be spoken of and understood now. At this time we are able to receive within ourselves the language needed to discuss and dialogue about things that heretofore have been hidden in plain sight.

This is the moment to feel into what in your life is unresolved that you now have the wisdom and understanding to communicate about and eventually resolve.

Speaking of which, we must include the influence of Mars in Aries forming a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Intensity of feelings and a need to stand one’s ground must be tempered by the awareness of how to manage anger. Particularly when one’s fear and anger are being triggered.

To hold oneself within the experience of one’s breath. Then to exhale, allowing the awareness of the truth that you are safe, you are courageously present to emerge.That whatever the conflict or upset is, it shall be understood and resolved.

To allow yourself to be soothed, refreshed and released. Then to know, to trust that all is well. That’s one way to deal with the intense feelings triggered by the conflicts and dilemmas that might arise.

It’s actually the influences of Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn along with Saturn in Aquarius, that is imbuing this moment we are in with much, stress, tension, rage and depression.

The voice of Saturn in Aquarius, the ancient ruler of Aquarius is in a fraught relationship of much friction and frustration to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus, the ultra inventive original, the modern ruler of Aquarius. Uranus stimulates change, while logically respecting that the seed of the new which is indubitably contained within the shell of the old.

So you can understand the restless discomfort, we all might be picking up on. Uranus in Taurus in need of coming to terms with the desirous intentions of Taurean’s need for peace, stability and comfort. This puts this configuration at odds with the inconvenience of liberation and invention.

However, do take heart, since at its core Taurus is connected to nature. Loves the natural environment. Something new emerging in that regard about respecting our environment and Planet Earth. So in the long run this is a good thing. In fact it just might be, just the thing needed.

Symbol for Planet Earth

The one thing the two do have in common, I will say, is their Fixed quality. Fixed signs are very useful for getting the “job” done. However, I’ve a notion that these two components have not yet agreed upon what that might be.

Enter, the Nodal Axis.

North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio

The sextile that the North Node conjunct Uranus in Taurus forms to the Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer is paving the way for a new understanding, methods and awareness of what is of value to us. Then as the North Node trine Pluto conjuncts the Moon in Capricorn, there is a tempering of the ambitions of Capricorn. The systems of ambition are replaced with a desire to include valuing what it is to be a human being.

This moment via the Nodal cycle of Taurus /Scorpio is the elixir of learning.

To be face to face with destiny is what this Full Super Moon in Capricorn is bringing our way.

And every moment is precious.

So keep going on your journey….

Full Super Moon in Capricorn thru the signs ~

Aries ~ This moment is a circus of ambition and high energy in contrast to an element of vulnerability that might rear its sensitive head. That sensitivity is what makes this such a powerful learning moment. So keep your eyes and your mind open.

Taurus ~ Consider this moment a bit of a respite from all the restlessness and shakiness you have been experiencing. In fact take advantage of this moment as an opportunity to look at your life from an alternative lens. Then let yourself dream about it.

Gemini ~ Love and relationships are bringing up the most important issues for you at this time. Take advantage of all the love and all the beauty you have in your life right now. Even if the lessons are challenging this moment is such a bright learning experience.

Cancer ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday Cancer 🎉🎶 This moment is for you and the awareness of ambitions realized, perhaps some long awaited dreams coming true. The benediction of this moment is the willingness to be aware of how things in your life are now. What is relevant, what is not and what is needed from this vantage point. Then use the waning Moon energy to plan on creating and bringing in the missing pieces moving forward.

Leo ~ You might find yourself being quite fascinated by all the challenges and inconveniences emerging. Take heart, there is so much growth, expansion and awareness coming your way. It will be like being in the world and viewing life from another sort of perspective.

Virgo ~ Being directed to own your very own ambitions. Of course to be tempered by the elegant practicality and logic of your Virgo nature. Are you not curious to see what will emerge when all the busy work is done? It will be good! I am sure.

Libra ~ This moment is your trigger point to take action. Any action you take at this moment can be done with clarity and good intentions. So just enjoy the river of clarity, this moment offers you. Even in the midst of so much chaos and confusion all around you.

Scorpio ~ This is a brilliant moment to reflect on what brought you to this juncture in your life to date. Become aware of what comes easy to you. Those are your lessons from the past. Then reflect on what is hard, what doesn’t come so easy. The things that do not come so easy are the very things that you must now learn about and master. And so you will!

Sagittarius ~ A somber moment, albeit, not your favorite modus operandi. Holding still during this powerful moment that we are all living through is actually its own adventure for you. So reflect, meditate and intuitively intuit the guidance that emerges from within you. Then set sail on your next escapade.

Capricorn ~ Your sign is the featured energy of culmination. So much is changing in your experience and understanding of your life right now. So go with the flow. Take your time to reassess what really matters and is worthwhile. Then let it all go and see what emerges. No matter what with the resource of your inherent discipline, perseverance and integrity, you will always get to where you need be.

Aquarius ~ This has been an interesting time of contemplating the desire for a partner, a relationship. Or to assess the relationship that you are in. There is a new way of being with others that you are in the midst of learning about. Whatever happens and wherever, you find yourself the gifts of the experiences of this moment in time are worth their weight in gold.

Pisces ~ You are the sweet song of mercy, kindness and compassion that the planet and all the peoples in it are needing. However, it would be beneficial to yourself and those around you for you to focus the power of that merciful healing on yourself. Always better to serve others after you have taken from the well to nourish and care for yourself first.

Well, there it is.

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Happy Full Super Moon in Capricorn 🌕



A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Writing This Piece…

Time. Time is a particular phenomena which I will be writing much more extensively about in the upcoming Super Full Moon in Capricorn post for the 13th of July, so stay tuned…

June 28, 2022 ~ Sun Conjunct Moon in Cancer at 7 degrees.

A New Moon Lunar cycle has begun and continues on…..

This New Moon/Sun cycle in Cancer is proving itself to be an inspired call in which to activate in your life those of your needs requiring to be infused with encouragement.

No matter what, it’s about moving forward. Even if moving forward is a kind of side to side strut, 1 +2 + then step forward.

I believe I am describing the beauty of the Cancer Cardinal energy. The Crab mobilizes itself via side to side motion. The metaphor of this phenomena is ; TO JUST DO IT!

Just get to it and get going on whatever needs your attention.

To immerse yourself in living is to energize yourself to do so. The Cardinal Water element of Cancer activates and motivates us, sometimes through fascinating indirect action to do so. That is if we allow it to. And allow it to we must!

To resist by tenaciously holding on to things that no longer resonate or realistically matter won’t do. However, to allow yourself to let go and trust is the way to go. When you do that you just might find you get what you need. (Sounds like a song written by one of our Leo friends.) This way, just start to notice finding yourself with much needed breathing space that lets you find room for the life you want to lead.

Becoming aware of what must be done in order to accomplish the tasks. *Please note your affirmations this month will succeed. The Cardinal quality of Cancer is all about going after what must be in order to nurture it into becoming.

It is rather fascinating that the sensitive yet deeply protective archetype of Cancer is a bit of an oxymoron. With determined persistence, sometimes experienced as being downright stubborn, to what it holds near and dear, yet quite tenderly touched by all of life’s pleasures and pain.

The Cancer journey is all contained within the nurturing nourishment of an organic vibrant hard, sturdy shell. Then within that shell of safety and protection wisdom is born as sand or any other foreign uninvited entity gains entrance. It’s the material and/or situation which transformed becomes beautiful pearls. It’s this most fascinating form of self defense that is a resource of this nuanced Zodiac sign.

Nurturing tenderly in order to establish a sense of safety that is created through a rocking back and forth, rocking within the cradle of consistency.

It’s the epitome of the extraordinariness of the ordinary act of mothering.

That is what Cancer is about. It’s about the nurturing nourishment that is the connection to oneself within the domain of home. When the bright illuminations of the Sun in Cancer are at play, home is where the heart, mind and body is. In the conjunction of the Sun to the Moon in Cancer, home becomes the basis of everything. Quite frankly because in actuality IT IS the basis of everything. That includes our bodies and the relationship we have to ourselves.

This brings into focus the necessity of nourishment. Food as a relationship to our understanding of ourselves. Nourishment and food as fuel that energizes and supports our lives in order to carry on.

“Love made hungry is love made angry. “ An angry man is a hungry man.” Sings Bob Marlow This is especially fortified by the Square aspect that the Sun/Moon Cancer conjunction forms to Jupiter at 7 degrees Aries.

Perhaps the saving grace of this dynamic moment we are living thru is being assisted via the spirited vitality of Eris, the sister of Mars. Now transiting in Aries.

Phantasy image of Eris, sister of Mars ~ fighting for rights and freedom for all!

Being influenced through the mystique of the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, as well. The power, love and caring that is evoked through the wildly strong feminine.

Phantasy image of Black Moon Lilith ~ the wild feminine who embodies freedom to love and give birth as she intuits from the depths of her Soul

The spirit of the soul whose eyes are open, sees what’s what and refuses to be dismissed or diminished. The power of our instinctual impulses to survive, to thrive and to live which is brought to us by Mars, Eris and Jupiter in Aries. Once again crying out to be heard through the power of the feminine principle of heart and intuition made visible and comprehensive through the mind of seasoned wisdom. The embodiment of the metaphor of Black Moon Lilith.

Perhaps we are on the verge of “having our day in court” , as it were. Most significantly, as we, the people must, triggered by this powerful moment.


These components of our existence appear to be at a cross roads as they are constellated in cross purpose square aspects. Squares involving focused sensitive seeking of sustainable forms of stability. That is what the component of the Sun/Moon in Cancer evokes.

The plot gets even more thrilling and exciting as Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus forms a trine to the Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer. To aide and quicken our understanding of truly what it is. To be expounded upon in upcoming post.

Quite amazing, that we are held within the harmony of that trine. It could be, metaphorically, like a drink of cool, clear clean refreshing water. To refresh and replenish our souls journey in the midst of the miasma that is the plight and glorious victory of the current human condition, as we know it.

What with the consistent song of transformation that continues to be sung in the key of Pluto in Capricorn while forming a square to Mars in Aries. More about that in the upcoming post.

Then within this dynamic Summer mix, remembering that in the din of the day to day, Saturn in Aquarius is still continuing its square formation to Uranus in Taurus. Abstract and rifting to us some new concepts. All this while we are all still trying to find the life beat that is as of YET wholly incomprehensible for anyone to understand.

As of yet, is the operative word. All in good time as it must be. So it must be that in good time we shall all know what it all really means. Then the awareness of actions or inactions shall be made clear to us. It’s a process. Let’s affirm it peacefully unfolds even in the throes of war. That higher, sensible, realistically humane driven minds prevail.

This moment is a Cardinal crossing over into a greater consciousness and understanding, that although we are all so separate and apart each rocking ‘n rolling to a different rhythm, beat and vibration. We are all still in this together at this most magnificent moment in the greatest dance of our lives ~ the present moment. This point of power that in actuality is available for all.

So let’s keep going!

New Moon chart 6/28/22

This moment in time through the signs ~

Chart of this moment 7/2/22

Aries ~ The Ram and the Crab are running up against each other making life for Aries a bit vulnerable and frustrating. For your well being, please express frustrations through sport and physical activities. Then take some quiet time to journal about it. The awareness and acknowledgement of your beautiful aliveness is validated in this way. Then just keep moving forward.

Taurus ~ This continues to be a profound moment of ambivalence about many things. However, one thing is for certain, you are living through the biggest growing pain of your life. Therefore it hinges upon you to call on your creative Taurean need for comfort and delight, almost to be used as a non narcotic-non- habit forming soothing relief. This should relax you enough to feel safe to gain the clarity you need to get to where you need to be.

Gemini ~ To enjoy the ease with which opportunities, people and finances find you. This is an auspicious time even amidst the large quantity of stress and uncertainty that the global community is experiencing. Allow yourself to be mindful of the dichotomies that are just an inherent Gemini trait. This awareness will be most useful when challenging moments emerge.

Cancer ~ 🎉🎼🎶Happy Birthday to you! 🎶☺️ As always your Birthday is the perfect time to assess what is good and effective in your life. To acknowledge and keep going with those things. While at the same time become aware of your dissatisfactions. Places where your needs are not getting met. To write it all down puts things in perspective and offers insights as to how to proceed in the coming year. This is especially relevant in the face of whatever push/pull ambivalence might have a grip on you.

Leo ~ At this moment, the Moon, which is in your sign Leo, is in direct opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. Whatever plans that you thought you were making, listen hard and listen strong. Through inconvenience, you will be detoured onto a much more relevant trajectory that will make much more sense. Your gift of vibrant creativity and your Leo imagination must be harnessed for a bit of time while you must focus your concentration on processing the proper management of anger. The most powerful organizing force. Use it to get to the heart of what really matters to you.

Virgo ~ Let the ease of Summer and the Sun in Cancer which forms a sextile to your Sun be an easy inspiration. The time to get back into full gear motion will be happening soon enough. Use this time to be creative and have fun in a meandering sort of way. Perhaps that is the sort of challenging work of service that this moment is beckoning to you.

Libra ~ Being the important connecting point of this moment. It’s the Libra need for relating harmoniously, diplomatically and respectfully that is the critical ingredient necessary to work through the equation we are globally currently in. Relationship is what it’s all about right now. On an interpersonal level, for you, this is a good time to assess all relationships in your life. To understand the nature of your relationships will give insight to the relationship to yourself. Be especially mindful that you may be called upon as the harmonious go between to assuage conflicts that might occur around you. Then take time to heal and beautify in order to replenish yourself.

Scorpio ~ Transformation is the name of the game. However, Scorpio’s natural response is to hold tight. With Mars in Aries forming a tight 27 degree square to Pluto, your ruling planet, in Capricorn, you might be feeling a bit more frustrated than usual. Like your nerves are being worked. If you find yourself feeling stressed, tense or unusually vexed in any way, please just stop, take a nice deep breath in, then deeply exhale. As a Scorpio you do have the choice to come from a place of self awareness and love. So make like the eagle, let your breath be what expands you and allows you to rise above it!

Sagittarius ~ Creatively this is an inspiring moment as the sensuous, nurturing Cancer Sun season causes you to pause. Take a moment to ponder about your next adventure. There is so much going on right now, that in all likelihood, you will not have to travel very far. It’s all happening here in your own backyard.

Capricorn ~ Little Devil, you are dancing up a storm fired up by Mars in Aries forming a square to Pluto, whose been transiting through your sign for some time now. I imagine you have become the best of friends! At any rate, if you’ve felt blocked or unable to get things going and move in any way, this Mars in Aries to Pluto gonna get you going. Remember to breathe, that means to exhale too. The best is yet to come, as long as you move forward with your eyes open and staying connected to present time.

Aquarius ~ There is so much insight that is emerging within you at this powerful crossroads that we all are in. A new comprehension of authority, family and the values concerning money, loss and gain. The nurturing energy of the Cancer season serves as a time to reflect on all those things. The pinnacle of change and transformation is upon us. At the zenith where Uranus/ North Node in Taurus holds its place in this magnificent T-square is a need and desire for peace. For global world peace as Aquarians do strive for. So keep going forward in the glorious deliciousness of your day to day life. As you endeavor to aspire staying connected to your heart and soul, inspiring others to do the same.

Pisces ~ Do you sometimes feel like you are the character in the story who is playing the part of the elixir, itself? Being the merciful voice of understanding trying to hold all things together via compassion and transcendence? All this while being challenged to try to find the right words to say? It’s kind of sort of like that for you right now. The saving grace is the beautiful resonance you form with the Sun moving through Cancer. A Water sign that harmonizes and resonates within you. So relax, surrender into some summer pampering in order to revitalize yourself. Some fiery times of good work await you. But not to worry, all in good time!

So at long last there it is.

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To Be Informed By The Mystical

Not fooled by the mythical.

A Super Full Moon in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces. On June 14, 2022 at 7:51 AM EDST at 23 Degrees.

The significant component of this Full Moon in Sagittarius is to remember where it’s coming from.

It was not so long ago that we had Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. That transit occurred from mid April to the end of May. That energy was a song of compassion, creativity and mercy. At least that was the possibility offered to those able to remain conscious and aware enough in present time to receive it.

However, the other side of the Pisces equation is where the depths of Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces would bring on foggy clouds of deception and depression. One must simply be aware of the nature of the journey as it is being experienced. Then to process and work with it. Some fascinating new component of your life and what it’s all about for you will always emerge.

With all that being said, here we are at this lunation with Jupiter’s ingress to Aries as Mars in Aries conjuncts Chiron in Aries. So much more for us to learn about. This time in matters of strength , weakness, fragility, love and war.

Perhaps this is the moment to recall the wisdom gleaned from last months transit’s. To call on that energy in order to walk centered and grounded in logical practicality with strength and grace. The values of respect and integrity while working towards peace even while being in the midst of confusion, chaos and conflict. That is what I see as being at the heart of this lunation.

It seems to me that this brightly lit Super Full Moon in the buoyant, optimistic justice loving sign of Sagittarius gives meaning to this moment. Then in its opposition to the Sun in Gemini the experience becomes communicated. It is in this way that through discussing our understanding of common reality that we can make sense of things. Then we are able to create positive needed changes.

It brings to my mind an image. I see the invincible significant power of the voice of truth, as shouted out from the precocious little girl. The one who in all her vibrant alive innocence incredibly bright, clear eyed and advanced for her years sees through it all. She says, “ NO YOU WON’T!”.

This is the little girl Liz Greene talks about in her brilliant book “The Astrology Of Fate”. This aware precocious child asserting herself and saying NO!

No, you cannot fool me. No you cannot hide from the truth of what I know!

No you cannot be deceptive or deceitful!

It is the gentle unrelenting power of the voice of truth. With the bones of precocious integrity that says NO to cruelty, lies and deceit.

I mean it’s one thing to have the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius lit up by its opposition to the Sun in Gemini. However, when you add Neptune in to the equation constellating a square to these “up close and personal” luminaries of the Sun and the Moon we should heed the energetic vibration of it.

So be wary and awake. It is critically necessary to remain quite cognizant of illusions and delusions. The kind that might lead to disappointments and despair.

The square is about components that don’t necessarily groove together. Thus, there is a tense friction felt. The purpose being to find a way to work with it. From that, wisdom, grace and strength emerge. Like a butterfly breaking free from its chrysalis.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is a good time to so see what areas of your life feel more challenging than usual. Then stop and take a moment to breathe, clear your mind and body. Ask your intuitive self aka the voice of the inner child, what she/he needs. Your answer may come in a word, thought or image. Write it down, draw it, sing it or dance it. Eventually the clarity needed to manage what otherwise seems insurmountable will reveal itself to you.

On the other hand, see what happens when you allow yourself to take a deep breath in and deep breath out as you behold in all its glorious beauty the bright illuminations emanating from this Full Super Moon. This is the culminating moment where letting it shine a light and just being there without any agenda, might just reveal the truth and the nature of the reality that is actually here. The support and answer is there within you!

To drop down and surrender to this moment so that this Full Moon can inspire and motivate you to move forward with the simple and the profound.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is the culminating moment serving as a backdrop. Just go with the flow.

If the square to Neptune produces situations and circumstances that might resemble a comedy of errors. Be aware that humor and comedy is how we awaken to compassion. It’s the benign and very heavy at times albeit quite watery gift of Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps the Mutable signs of communication and philosophy are teaching the Neptune within us to talk.

To communicate at last, that which our antiquated systems had deemed unacceptable. Now not only acceptable but wholly necessary.

I believe this is particularly potent since it can act as the solvent to comprehend and unravel the active Saturn/Aquarius in square relationship to Uranus in Taurus. But more on that in a later post.

The Full SuperMoon in Sagittarius thru the signs ~

Aries ~ So much charged energy this Full Moon. Charged and being programmed to find the deeper meaning behind your instinctual drives. This moment is about using your inner resources to master the parts of you that have been in the shadow. Time to shine a light.

Taurus ~ It is rumored that love is in the air. However, if already partnered, issues may come to light. Always a good time to communicate and clear the air. Perhaps the two of you have come to a standstill, a fork in the road and a parting of ways could be the greatest gift for each of you. “If you love somebody, set them free,” sings Sting.

Gemini ~ This is your moment to create and express yourself. Your resonant energy, steeped in talking and listening is the most important ingredient of this moment. Gemini gets to facilitate the narrative. So reflect and respect what comes to mind

Cancer ~ This is the moment of actively participating in whatever life is dealing you. There is a wisdom fueled by your ambitions that can open the door to lovely manifestations of many kinds. Be clear and take the actions that can get you there.

Leo ~ The kundalini charisma which is your calling card is being activated to the max. This is due to the Taurus Stellium and Saturn in your opposing sign Aquarius.Things might be a wee bit stressful, but definitely not boring. Like Mr. Spock allow yourself to be fascinated by it all.

Virgo ~ Mutable is in! This Super Full Moon in Sagittarius aligns with the resourceful gift you have that enables you to adjust to all situations. So whatever conundrums life is throwing your way, give it your all. You have the ability to throw yourself into whatever you need to. You will always figure it all out.

Libra ~ The need for closeness and partnership is very prominent now. However, its practically encoded in a very nuanced way. It all might seem so far away and removed from you, but if you relax and focus on your own needs the other will find their way to you.

Scorpio ~ Transition and transformation is the name of the game. Time to be a deep sea diver. To get to the heart of the hidden mysterious secrets that you may unfold at this Full Moon.

Sagittarius ~ Once again at the heart of the matter with so much delicious understanding and meaningful information to take in. The illuminating Sun in Gemini, shining a light in the midst of frustration which triggers the kind of Soul searching that in time will harvest the answers you are questing to know.

Capricorn ~ What with Pluto transiting the last remnants of its journey through your sign, in harmonious aspect with Neptune and Mercury, could indicate a much needed breakthrough. Stay open to your innate mystical vision as you continue to incorporate workable and quite adequate methods to cope with all the changes coming your way.

Aquarius ~ All the good stuff you are striving to bring into your life is requiring even more patience and perseverance. Take heart to “chop wood and carry water”, many more times, with feeling. Do it, do it, just do it. At the same time stay true to your deepest heartfelt dreams along with the sensible comprehension of what you know is true! Gonna be O.K.

Pisces ~ The depth, power and magic of this moment must be realized by you NOW. The energy will change, but for now revel in the bounty of beauty, mystery and creative flow that is here for you. At the same time, be mindful of how you communicate with others and your self to your Self. This will keep you grounded and centered as the plot thickens as it is bound to do.

And there it is just in time for the brilliantly, bright Rising Moon, a bit late, but better late than never.


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Happy Full Super Moon 🌕!



Start Making Sense!

New Moon in Gemini. 9 Degrees 3”

May 30, 2022 @ 7:30 AM ESDT

Of war, peace and communication, this New Moon in Gemini has it all.

While the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 9 degrees Gemini, a sextile is made to Mars at 4 degrees Aries.

This along with Jupiter conjunct Mars at 3 degrees Aries imbues this moment with expansive notions. I hope that they are comprehensive enough to support justice and diplomacy.

However as we are all evolving on so many different levels and ranges being at this precipice must be where the basic goodness of humanity emerges. So we all must walk in peace, to support, affirm and allow humanity to emerge in all of us.

One would only hope that current events must strongly influence the very dire need for true diplomacy abroad. Meanwhile seriously making sure to implement sensible legislative regulations and actions that must secure good healthy boundaries here . Laws that serve to protect all of us on demand here in the US of A.

I must say, it’s enough to keep a soul awake at night particularly since Neptune’s nocturnal energy is part of the equation at 25 degrees Pisces. I am comprehending this as it surely appears to be the juncture we collectively find ourselves in at this moment. Kind of a bleak state of affairs that we still must keep moving forward from.

So let’s just keep going and remember to meditate, reflect and care for ourselves and each other. Be mindful to call upon the heart and soul of kindness, compassion, understanding and love as we are ever moving forward into a New Moon cycle. As is occurring right now in Gemini.

Still we must take heart. The New Moon conjunct Sun dynamic in its very essence contains components of the nurturing comfort of Mother/Moon along with the sharp and tender unyielding conditional love of the Father/Sun. This is the essence of any New Moon cycle.

This New Moon in Gemini ruled by planet Mercury is an Air sign that involves the territory of the mind. After all, it is the mind which is what must be utilized to navigate our lives. That includes listening and hearing what is emanating from our hearts to be managed and navigated by mind.

The mind can be the most finely tuned navigational component within our being. However, only if fueled via the power of communication.

Gemini loves to listen and to tell.

To share and to know in order to be effective and functional.

This Gemini dynamic by its very nature lightens things up a bit at this time, especially as we continue to move forward past the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus that occurred two weeks ago. Gemini breathes much needed oxygen to clear the cobwebs out from Winter. Then leaves room to impart the clarity needed to process lessons learned as the warmth of Spring blossoms and blooms and beckons our need to keep moving forward.

Yet we must keep in mind that at this Gemini New Moon we begin anew amidst Aries influenced conflict. This is played out with Aries’s love of conflict and war. I see Aries energy, instinctual, willful and sometimes bombastic and egotistical as part of its love of being alive.

However, what with Gemini, being an Air sign whose realm is the mind itself, there is contained within this moment, the hope and the capacity to bring forward the powerfully priceless elixir contained in the simple yet oh so complex action of listening and imparting informed feedback.

Here we begin anew with Gemini as the “above” part of the equation. Yet in harmonious stimulating aspect to Mars and Jupiter respectively at 4 and 3 degrees in Aries. The warring “below” part of the equation while Neptune is harmonically playing along at 25 degrees Pisces.

This is the instinctual quest for life. Mars is the warring planet of conflict whose ultimate goal is life. Jupiter here in Aries whose ultimate goal is to thrive. To expand the parameters of a well lived life.

All this while Neptune in Pisces is tempering the warring needs of the Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Aries. Neptune offers surrender to an unconscious desire to reach deeply towards peace, compassion and understanding.

To my mind, this indicates that we, as a collective are in the midst of a huge and painful growing pain. A growing pain that supports new clarity and perspectives on how we move forward from here. To value earned trust, respect, understanding and compassion. And to play and have some fun while we are doing it. Why not?

I see this as simple magic contained within the mystery of this moment. Holding our newly established New Moon in Gemini intentions. Consistently to persevere as we center and ground ourselves within our daily mundane tasks. The lively Mutable Gemini energy inspires us to keep moving forward towards a sensible agenda.

War, conflict, violence, destruction and death are not what the Gemini season has in mind. Not really. After all, is it not so that these tragic foibles are senseless on every level imaginable? Don’t you think?

Au contraire, this Gemini Season is a social evocation of talk, parlance, fun and play that celebrates metaphorically the lighthearted beauty of the short lived life of the butterfly.

Flitting from one flower to another in its fragile fleeting life. Carrying the contagion of spontaneous connection and disconnection while procuring and registering it all away for future reference. Such is the purview of Gemini.

This is accentuated via the Moon’s vibrant creative sextile to Mars in Aries. Mars ruler of Aries enjoys challenge and conflict. Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries becomes an expansive instinctual urge to live to do battle if need be. However, Gemini Moon says let’s talk about it. Gemini’s curiosity is peaked and wants to learn more.

As we are all here in Earth School, evolving on so many levels, this New Moon moment of Gemini sextile to Aries can get played out in some interesting ways. To support and guide making sense of challenging feelings such as anger and frustration. The influence of Gemini energy allows the mind to find the truth of what’s needed. Violence or hurting another or oneself is never needed. Mind hearing the passion of aliveness has the capacity to find sensible life affirming solutions to painful feelings. Then the Will of Aries fire can be used in a life affirming way.

Yes, it’s true that here we are in the season of Gemini all a buzz and socially seeking like a butterfly emerging from chrysalis. Finding ourselves enjoying the back and forth banter of conversation. For sure, Spring is busting out all over and there is a vibrant buzz in the air.

Gemini loves life and being in the world, learning, acquiring information and knowledge. Aries loves war and conflict. Aries loves to push the envelope and go where Angels fear to tread. Who will win out? Perhaps a fascinating collaboration will make itself manifest.

It’s a fascinating moment in time to see the way it all can go. Echoes of an evolving energy as Pluto forms a very wide sextile to Mars and Jupiter. Mercury Rx at 26 degrees Taurus is in Trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn at 28 degrees. They both form a sextile to Neptune at 25 degrees Pisces. Connectivity must reign through with Mercury Rx in Taurus, seeking peace and stability.

The point is that we must listen deeply so we can know the nuanced underpinnings of what is needed. Then to feel into how we can meet that need.

Venus at 2 degrees Taurus forms a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Relationships are imbued with intensity. The kind of intensity that requires good clear well intended communication. And here we go again.

Gemini New Moon conjunct Sun is putting light to where there was dark and destruction.

Saturn in Aquarius continues to square Uranus/North Node/ and Mercury. There is a saving grace at work here. A new language emerging that we are beginning to embody. That very many are learning to speak. A language that values and respects diplomacy and partnership. A language of the heart. Truly this New Moon in Gemini is making us all more aware that we are all in this together. And so together we will find a way thru.

Here we go….

Aries ~ Perhaps it would be helpful to hold this moment as the journey of healing the wounded warrior. Taking this time as an opportunity to heal yourself and others. To be aware that your vulnerabilities are actually the links to your deepest strengths and wisdom. Should you keep carrying on in this way you will get to where you want to be in your life.

Taurus ~ A time of some heavy lifting via the stress and tension you’ve been experiencing. This is understandable as a natural response to a time in your life where what you assumed and took for granted is no longer the case. At times perhaps your experience may feel a bit chaotic. However, using your Taurus resource of slow but sure perseverance you will find yourself living the life you desire to lead. Just make sure you clarify what that is.

Gemini ~ 🎼Happy Birthday to you! 🎶 ✨🌞✨ Become aware of your strengths and the power of sovereignty over your self. This is a year ahead of embracing an energized ability to set an intention and follow it thru. This is brought to you by the Aries stellium forming a creative sextile to your Sun. A very auspicious time ahead. Be sure to take some time to meditate or practice yoga so to stay relaxed and centered.

Cancer ~ With the exception of the usual stress that is just part of the natural flow of life. That includes the powerful configurations at play, but still you are able to enjoy this New Moon in Gemini. This makes it an excellent time to reflect on what your goals and aspirations are moving forward.

Leo ~ Perhaps feeling a bit constricted, if ever so slight, which is making things a bit more challenging than usual. This month there will be a sense of a lift since you play rather well during Gemini season. Enjoy the back, forth, to and fro of the delightfully social energy of Gemini! It works well for you

Virgo ~ A very active month for you as Virgo has Mercury in common with you as the ruler of your sign. Your sign being the logical application, as it were. Gemini being open and curious, wanting to check everything out. Could be a very busy time ahead. Enjoy!

Libra ~ A time of coming to terms with your own vulnerabilities. Perhaps as a result of feeling confronted by others. Take heart, it is all in service of self awareness. The best panacea for creating good healthy relationships with others.

Scorpio ~ This could possibly be a time of great whimsy for you. Gemini is one of those signs that you can’t live with but most certainly can’t live without. One thing is for certain there is much change in the air for you. Just go with the flow and see how change can be a good thing.

Sagittarius ~ A time to reflect on everything that brought you to where you are in your life now. A new beginning that reverberates brightly. Your energy is revitalized and stimulated with Jupiter, the ruling planet of your sign in Aries. A sort of fired up season of adventure is in store for you. Just make sure you are mindful of your health.

Capricorn ~ It might be a good time to strategize as things continue to shift around you in an unexpected way. Keep holding firm to good ethics and what you believe in. Then continue on with focus and perseverance. Then everything will come together as you please.

Aquarius ~ A vibrant lighthearted New Moon to take a good breathing space. A space and time to check in with your mind and body in order to recalibrate, rest, and renew. Clarity, focus and following your intention via your motivations is a most beneficial way to enter into this New Moon cycle.

Pisces ~ Feeling a bit fired up these days? A most unusual experience to explore. It’s the sensations and motivations triggered by the presence of fiery Jupiter in Aries conjunct Neptune. Neptune the ruling planet of your sign. Just make sure your meditation and yoga practice is consistent. Be prepared to be inspired in ways even you might never have dreamed of.

There it is for now!

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Happy New Moon 🌚!



Letting Go To Keep On Going

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon In Scorpio At 25 Degrees 18 minutes

May 16, 2022

“The Moon’s North Node and South Node are not planets but are the two points at which the Moon’s monthly path crosses the Sun’s annual path (ecliptic) around the Earth. These are abstract points, but astrology accords them the power and effective status of planets.” So states Nick Campion, Astrologer.

The Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon conjuncts the South Node as it orbits closer towards the Earth’s shadow in opposition to the Sun.

Quite naturally as the South Node descends to the North Node it enables us to integrate past challenges and lessons. The South Node indicates past experiences that serve to help us develop knowledge and skills. This is an assimilation point of learning and growth.

The Eclipse evokes a sense of something critically important and necessary that tends to emerge before, during and after the cycle completes.

The quality of this Eclipse as the Moon in Scorpio conjuncts the South Node evokes lessons about letting go. To let go of heavy unnecessary baggage in the form of material objects, relationships or ideas and/or irrelevant attitudes that no longer serve . This letting go can be painful but often it is quite relieving and life enhancing. Freeing up energy, the time and the space to be used for the better. To allow us to channel our energies into a form that opens the door towards relevant pursuits in present time.

As with the Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node, we are moving forward towards new unfamiliar territory. Opening the door to new horizons. We are being aroused towards new experiences colored by the stabilizing, comfort seeking safety of Taurus.

Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node entices us towards awareness of what we value and how that plays out regarding issues around self esteem. Taurus imbues us with matters of finance, money and income.

This Lunar Eclipse occurs while the Sun forms a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus. Intensifying the effective meaning of what originality means along with the uniquely fresh experiences that the novelty of the North Node adds to the equation.

By its very nature the planet Uranus’s modus operandi is to break free of old outworn structures in order to awaken the seeds of creative innovative and genuinely brilliant ideas and concepts. These may be newly formed or not yet formed concepts. No matter, the more aware we become of newly formed ideas as they appear the more we can explore and experiment. To eventually implement them for our divine utilization.

That is once we can figure out what they are.

Taurus seeks stability, comfort, control and acquisitions of value. Taurus wants to be at peace in comfortable familiar surroundings even as Uranus insists on not doing no such thing!

The conundrum formed by this combo can bring about anxiety provoking frustrations. Particularly as Mercury has stationed Retrograde from 5/10/22~ 6/3/22.

Therefore, I highly recommended that you entertain the possibility of allowing yourself to commit to being patient and to practice perseverance. To be mindful and to breathe deeply. To just go with the flow whenever possible. Perhaps establishing a yoga/ meditation practice would be good idea, for now and into the future.

This Lunar Eclipse, the Moon and South Node in Scorpio, forms a Sextile to Pluto as the Sun in Taurus forms a Trine to Pluto. This makes this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse particularly consequential as two slow moving Outer Planets are aspecting this lunation so closely.

Pluto and Uranus, the two Outer Planets of change, of transformation and causal evolution are important players energizing this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Pluto being the ruling Planet of Scorpio conveys powerful dynamic energies that generates unmitigated unconditional demolition in order to make way for repair, restoration and renewal.

Become aware of the wracking wrecking and knocking down of decayed and irrelevant systems and structures that no longer serve the sustained perpetuation of life. Perhaps age old mindsets that in reality really have no wisdom anymore. Maybe once they did but not now. This moment contains energies that serves to break them down.

In actuality it truly seems to be that through awareness of our human frailties that we can ultimately comprehend the process that forces change. As Carl Jung so succinctly has said, “ you can’t heal what you don’t feel.”

This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio supports feeling from the heart in order to heal.

Perhaps through this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the rebirthing of the I – Thou concept that Martin Buber speaks of might just emerge.

As the dross and rubble are cleared away, we have the opportunity to clear away our own mind and body. It is within these moments that something new is being given birth to. This is the Scorpio/Taurus’s Nodal Axis’s energies giving way.

The Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node in Taurus stimulates this birthing of something new. A new value system. Our evolution, the evolution of humanity to a heartfelt consciousness that supports life. To let go of the destructive desire for “power over”. Transformed into valuing the embodiment of self contained power from within. Remember peace is one of Taurus’s quests.

The Sun, represents the masculine principle of engaging with the world. With the Sun’s energy we are roused to our life force so as to exert our focus towards goals of achievement.

The Sun in Taurus is seeking to achieve peace, harmony and stability. The process is being aided by the trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

Capricorn concerns itself with systems, structures and the executive orderly implementation of such things.

Pluto, in its final phases of transiting through Capricorn continues to peel away at defenses. Systemic structures that have become corrosive, insecure and obsolete have been keeping integrity and truth out. Integrity, truth, communication, compassion and understanding MUST make a comeback. To support a sustainable peaceful life of dignity and justice for all.

There is a blooming necessity for clean clear Truth, even if it is lowdown and dirty crying out to be heard. Integrity and well implemented laws that uphold honor and dignity via ethical values must be restored. Truth forges the respect, decency, strength and grace that allows for a sensible relationship with reality. New foundations reeking of sound humane values is the change that’s gonna come.

Seems to be the very elixir required right at this very moment!

Just the right medicine for this moment we are in.

Pluto and Uranus are the exact planetary players needed right here, right now.

It’s actually quite amazing that they are such critical players at work at this Lunation.

These are the exact elements needed to get the job done.

Could this be the moment when the curtain is pulled back allowing us to glimpse at illusions, secrets and deceptions we no longer need?

Time to expose what’s hidden behind the curtain.

To take a look at who we might perceive to be a “big” man behind the curtain. Who is really there?

Perhaps just a fellow human being who got a little carried away with just too much distorted self esteem. That needs some attention.

No matter, it sure seems to me that in the long run it’s up to each and every one of us to stay connected to ourselves with respect, dignity and compassion. I see this as the road forward to be able to clearly and respectfully communicate with each other.

Like Dorothy and her three traveling companions we all need to reach within and embody courage, a heart and a brain .

Courage to have faith in our journey and to signal when we are in danger so as to effectively dismantle it.

Heart as in the courage to have compassion, understanding and to care to.

Brain. To impart the wisdom of the mind. Our brain is “mission control” that navigates our lives here in Earth School. The wisdom to integrate the impulses from our heart and soul. The courage to feel it and be present with it. The wherewithal to put it altogether.

That is what this moment is calling for.

So let’s do this!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio through the signs ~

Aries ~ This is the moment to communicate to yourself and to others love, peace and harmony. But do it in the Aries, gladiator Rock’n Roll way. This is the moment to feel into what really turns you on and brings you peace and harmony. This is especially significant at this Lunation. Let go of old grudges and open the door to new knowledge found in new relationships, new friends.

Taurus ~ To let yourself let go of preconceived perceptions. Rather to see, sense and experience the depths of your heart. This is the moment when new ideas and possibilities appear to make sense. Manifesting like some notion on the tip of your tongue, but at last is comprehensive as a solidified real thing.

Gemini ~ Stop, look and listen! There are some very stressful energies by way of constrictions. They are re-routing opportunities. Be mindful of challenging circumstances that are actually nudging you to find a better way. Then keep going.

Cancer ~ This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio harmonizes with you on many levels.The motivation and insights are yours for the taking just make yourself available to them. It is also necessary to let go of preconceived notions. This way you can be available to new possibilities. Gonna be ok.

Leo ~ This is a pinnacle turning point for you. The particular tension you are experiencing is a mighty growing pain. However this may be manifesting in your life, stick with your motivation and purpose. In a few weeks a misty fog of tension should be clearing away and you shall have a far reaching view.

Virgo ~ This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is playing your song, as it were. This is a validating time for you even in the midst of some stress and turmoil. You know you are on the right path and that many of your past decisions are proving to be good ones. So keep focusing on what you want for your life. Use the next two weeks to reflect on that. Then with the New Moon on the 30th set your plans in motion.

Libra ~ There is a deep calling for you to embody peace and Spirtual pursuits. To know beauty, balance, peace and harmony from within in order to allow it to flow all around you. To rise above the tumult and to settle any residual imbalances from the past. This will enable you to move forward free and clear into the next phase of your life.

Scorpio ~ As your sign is emphasized at this lunation, it would be useful to reflect on the past. To ponder on how you got to where you are now in your life. To integrate the past into your experience of the present. Of what you value in your life now. Then let it all go as you enter into a brand new day of challenges to learn from along with gifts that surprise and delight you.

Sagittarius ~ There is a pearl of knowledge and wisdom to be gleaned from some of the stresses that might have been coming up in the past few weeks. As things begin to work themselves out take notes on what resonates the most. These realizations will serve to support you as you enthusiastically move forward.

Capricorn ~ This is a lunation filled with pleasant surprises that activates your appreciation of a good story. This moment has the elements of your life as if it were a fascinating narrative. As you fully experience your life become aware of the story you are living.The beauty of this moment is you get to choose what to focus on. To be empowered to decide what makes sense for you to carry forward.

Aquarius ~ The gift of detached fascination is your richest resource and asset during this lunation. This is a good moment to observe with captivating and curious interest events as they unfold in your life. Daunting and challenging as this moment may be, the growth and mind expansive understanding continues to serves to liberate you. To live your life more fully.

Pisces ~ This lunation is an opportunity to ground your energy towards what actually does give you bliss. The kind of bliss that is nourishing and inspiring. Be wary of overindulgences that take you out of your body and the experience of living. Strive always to be alive, well, healthy and beautiful. Then focus on the tasks at hand.

There it is for now.

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Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 🌕!



Back To Your Senses ~ While Losing Your Mind

In order to set your sights on sensible new beginnings

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

April 30, 2022

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun.

That is a short version of the astronomy of it.

The astrology of it is a bit more involving.

The Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon conjunct the North Node. The North Node is the point of ascendancy from the South. As such it is a movement forward towards an auspicious new heartfelt beginning that supports integrating learning, growth and wisdom.

The Solar Eclipse occurs in conjunction with the New Moon. This Solar Eclipse is occurring when the New Moon in Taurus conjuncts the Sun in Taurus at 10 degrees. It’s a powerful new beginning made especially vigorous and piquant as it conjuncts Uranus in Taurus at 14 degrees.

A shaking up of control and stability in order to establish a new perspective to balance what is out of whack. To reestablish balance, peace and harmony. It’s a learning curve that we are all experiencing on all sorts of different levels. Particularly with the involvement of the North Node.

What with the North Node at 22 degrees Taurus which then is widely conjunct Mercury at zero degrees Gemini. This allows for a comprehensive flowing movement to venture forth mindfully. A time to become aware of what we value in our own lives and the life we share with others on this planet Earth.

Say hello to this adorably amazing creatura!

This New Moon in Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. Taurus energy thrives in the calm stability of a peaceful, blissful environment. Preferably, an environment ensconced in nature.

Can be a bit of a Bacchanalian/ Dionysian sort of energy that finds its pleasure and safety surrounded by sensual pleasures and aesthetic beauty. After all Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. This is Venus in its monetary implications and its harmonious need to be beautiful as well as being surrounded by beauty. Add to this mix, the au current quite activated transit of Jupiter/Neptune and Venus conjunct in Pisces. We now have a conglomeration of elements that are truly divine, on so many levels.

Being a sign of the senses, Taurus wants to feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Of course being well taken care of could very well be in the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless this is a good moment to become aware of what being well taken care of for you is in your life. This sorts through and creates clarity about what you truly do value and what you need.

Does it require money and finance?

Then allow yourself to know, are you finding, receiving or creating the energy and manifestation of it?

Letting yourself, with mindful compassion, be with these thoughts and questions brings to you information that you need. Information that opens your heart and mind to your new intention and goals as you move forward with your life.

This New Moon/ Solar Eclipse conjunct Uranus in Taurus imbues us with a need to reflect on what we value. To acknowledge what we understand to be the foundations of our morality. That is our own code of ethics, along with the integrity of the principles we choose to live by.

Along with the way in which we are intertwined with each other is the influence of Uranus. The teaching and resource of this Uranus influenced New Moon Solar Eclipse is its leaning towards being aware that the seed of the new is usually contained within the shell of the old.

Still and all, what really makes this New Moon Solar Eclipse a harmonic shift in consciousness is the conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune in Pisces. Now adding Venus to this equation bringing this spiritually buoyant, benign stellium to a new interpersonal height. The resonance of Venus as an active player in Pisces serendipitously forms a sextile to Taurus. Love and relationships could be busting out all over.

So set your intentions for what you are ready to bring into your life!

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus is a “genie in the bottle who insists that our wish is it’s very command. However, in reality albeit metaphorically, we, ourselves are the “genie”, the magician and the master of our own lives. Letting us know that our wishes and desires embodied within our own Souls is truly at our command. Therefore let yourself know, if you will that indeed you are

This is the time to allow yourself to listen to the heart of your Soul. This New Moon in Taurus imbues you with the power to do so.

Allow yourself to dream it, dance it, paint it or sing it.

Just open up to your heart and soul.

Then begin anew.

To revel in the new adventures ahead of you as a process of consistent perseverance and practice, in order to make them manifest. We can all do this using the incredible harmonics of this truly awesome New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus through the signs ~

Aries ~ Keep going with the flow. That is the most beneficial way to ride this fascinating wave of energy that affects you in an unusual way. So use this powerfully asymmetrical time to tie up loose ends so you can see what’s what moving forward. Your time to be lit up is on the horizon.

Taurus ~ This is your show! 🎼Happy Birthday to you 🎶🎶 Enjoy the vigor of Mars’s bright Fire to inspire you to move forward with projects that have been on the back burner for all too long. Time to bring them forward with yourself. Time to get to it!

Gemini ~ If you are feeling stagnant, fear not. Ride the wave of this Solar Eclipse ~New Moon energy into a balanced adventure that may very well serve to fill in the blanks about questions that you have been struggling so hard to get answers to. Keep questing, the answers you seek will be granted soon enough.

Cancer ~ This moment is a lark. Enjoy the inspiration the sextile this Solar Eclipse New Moon forms to your sign. This is a very good moment to persevere and stubbornly pursue the goals that have seemed to elude you. Now is the time to focus and do what needs to be done.

Leo ~ It might just feel like there is challenge when Taurus constellates your sign. Be Brave, dear Leo. Challenges being set before you now are serving to test your virtue, strength and integrity. Perhaps, not the most amusing moment in your life. Please know you will be victorious. One step at a time, you will get through whatever stresses or obstacles are before you. And with bright shining colors.

Virgo ~ Enjoy the complete and total harmony this Solar Eclipse and New Moon grants your sign. The possibilities and wishes granted can be endless. Just be sure to focus on what you really want, need and desire. You’ve got to name it to create it!

Libra ~ In a very fascinating way this Solar Eclipse New Moon resonates so beautifully with your life, your plans and your goals right now. Even challenges and difficulties can be smoothed over with the grace of diplomacy and your natural inclination towards harmony, balance and peace.

Scorpio ~ How can you use this moment to gather clarity to continue on with the plans you are just beginning to hatch? This dynamic moment is a gift to you, albeit in a bit of a challenging way. Nonetheless keep pursuing that which might seem just out of reach. As you persevere you will be successful.

Sagittarius ~ Good fortune is the promise of this moment. Particularly if you allow yourself to dream along while practicing meditation. This is such a dynamic opportunity to glimpse the miraculous in action. Remain doubtful and cynical, if you must, but do stay focused in present time to really begin to embrace your inner power. To enjoy the bliss of self sovereignty.

Capricorn ~ If there was ever a time to climb to the top of whatever proverbial mountain you seek to climb, this is it, dear Capricorns. The harmonics of Taurus and Pisces inspire, stimulate and open up doors easily. Stay focused and you will find yourself exactly where you wish to be.

Aquarius ~ It’s a moment to witness and be present with all that frustrates you. Be aware that there is necessary information to be gathered via all the boulders and blockages that appear. Whether it was your own actions that created them or through outside circumstances, keep focused on your dearest intentions. Then with slow but steady practice, perseverance along with your love of life, you will achieve creating the life you so desire to lead.

Pisces ~ An especially potent new beginning for you. It contains the ability to manifest materially and mystically what you desire. Whatever you focus your energies on to create, be aware that in order to embrace the deeper connection to consciousness you so desire you must also connect with the material world. This is especially significant since it is understood you cannot transcend the body until you are grounded and well anchored in your own body in a healthy way. This Solar Eclipse New Moon stellium in Taurus makes that very possible. Enjoy!

Even though that’s it for now, there is still more to come.

Stay tuned

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Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse 🌚!



It’s About Taking A Deep Breath

To Keep Going..


T’was April 16, 2022, however the effects of this powerful Full Moon will carry through for afew days more

Sun in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra forms a t-square to Pluto in Capricorn.

Deep transformation is at the pinnacle of this Full Moon. The kind of growth that in its heart and Soul has the capacity to expand one’s outlook on life. Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn brings to the forefront the sort of tension and anxiety that occurs as we are about to embrace our freedom.

It is a powerful growth space indeed as the tension of the t-square of this Full Moon in Libra occurs in the midst of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Making this Full Moon in Libra an uplifting celebration, that is paying homage and reverence to the reality that we are all inextricably interconnected.

Libra is about relationships, harmony, balance, beauty and justice. The Moon is akin to the essence of our feelings, from within the core of our heart and soul. The Moon in opposition to the Sun in Aries with its fire and fury and willful assertions brings about a desire to incorporate a healthy connection to others, but most significantly to one’s self.

The Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra is making the tension of a tight stress even tighter by the T-square it forms to Pluto in Capricorn. This could explain much heightened tensions being dramatized in our lives personally and politically within critical mass events.

Allowing dysfunctional and toxic relationships to fall away.

When these sorts of events happen a new doorway of opportunities begins to emerge. To inspire us to keep going. To have the clarity to remain on the path led by our intuitive felt sense and the integrity of our genuine inner truth. Bringing us closer towards healthy life affirming relationships to others and to ourselves.

It is good, even as it can be a bit painful and a little bit unsettling.

Makes it even more necessary to establish, if you don’t already have a daily meditation and movement practice to set yourself up with a clear head. To move forward with confidence, joy and very intact self respect and trust in your process.

The combination of all of these energies serves to raise our awareness as a universal interconnected collective consciousness moving forward towards balance.

It is said by some that the planetary movements, some of which I have mentioned here, are actually recalibrating our aura and biological energy to a higher level of vibration and cognition.

Perhaps this is the moment that Elvis Costello can finally get the answer to his question, “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?”

There is in the midst of these planetary influences a sensible way to establish some sort of Universal harmony that compels truth and reality to the table.

There is a light of truth that must be heard. That must be acknowledged. We are being influenced, perhaps some more than others to expose corruption, lies and deception. Slowly but surely the truth shall be uncovered and it will serve to transform antiquated systems with the new, the relevant, the fresh and the sensibly realistic.

Trust and respect must be earned. However for that to happen a healing crisis usually emerges. A crisis that must serve to evoke compassion, care and understanding in the hearts and minds of enough people. The kind of thing that has the power to affect a most unusual type of shift in consciousness.

A shift in consciousness that supports the greater good of all. It sure seems that we are actually living through this shift as a collective whole society even with all the interspersed fragmented bits now.

I hope and affirm it to be so.

To allow the healing that needs to happen to occur. To truly establish the integrity and ethical mores and habits that is the bedrock of trust and respect. The goal is to keep moving forward, to keep going as you value your own life while in reverence of those around you.

Let this Full Moon in Libra illuminate the reality of how intertwined and interdependent we really are. Truth is that we are all seeking a fresh approach to create a new way to thrive. To create in a sustainable manner relevant methods and systems that supports a good life for all.

Be aware that the Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces tight conjunction that took place on the 12th is serving to support the above ideas. This is due to the power of Neptune in Pisces.

This Planet in its own sign brings about a felt sense of deep cosmic reach. One that inspires the surrendering of one’s boundaries, ones ego identity in order to serve a greater purpose in one’s life.

Be aware that healthy ego function, psychologically is our “mission control”. This is why Neptune transits can bring about a fog of anxiety. This is why meditation, yoga and/or creative movement is so highly recommended to practice at this time.

The grace and healing that the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction promises to evoke is compassion and mercy. The sort of kindness and understanding that opens the door to forgiveness and random acts of kindness.

Not to worry! There will always be plenty of cynical hard edged despair to go around. I know how difficult it can be to let go of that sort of thing. However, what is significantly amazing is that I believe we all shall be vibrating at a higher octave, more than we have ever known before. We just must hang in there and keep moving forward.

This is greatly pronounced via the said conjunction Neptune is forming with Jupiter. Expansive, ebullient and buoyant Jupiter in Pisces. A simply divine combination, since they both work so well together. Jupiter being the ancient traditional ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered.

The third observation I’d like to impart here is the way to receive this cosmic boon is to stay focused, grounded and centered.We can do that by focusing on its opposite sign Virgo. Virgo is a grounding Earth sign of practical persuasion.


Be fully present in your life as you practice and perform practical mundane tasks with love and mindfulness. There is great benefit to being fully present in your life with gratitude for every component of your life. To be mindful of these things will serve you and those around you very well. Particularly with the powerful planetary energies vibrating their music to us and through us at this time.

This Full Moon in Libra moment through the signs ~

Aries ~ 🎼Happy Birthday🎶 Fiery energy of your sign with Chiron the “Wounded Healer”, continuing to reveal and support a new understanding of power and assertion. One in which you may embody and claim your power with the grace and strength of humility and heathy sense of selfhood in relationship to others.

Taurus ~ A good time to feel into a new endeavor or project that has been on your mind for a couple of years now. It could present challenges that you now have the clarity to overcome.

Gemini ~ Many inspiring relationships in your midst for you to explore. You bring your quick and clever mind into the picture, only to find more and more to explore. It’s a smorgasbord of fascinating variations that you can open up to.

Cancer ~ If there was ever a time to take action to get things done, this is it! So get to those things that you’ve had to put on the back burner. Bring them to the front and enjoy the process!

Leo ~ For a stressful moment this Full Moon with all of its powerful influences is a lark for you. Use this time to be triggering a creative explosion that could give you the key to the fun and joy, you so desire.

Virgo ~ This moment could imbue you with some mystical tinglings of the Cosmic kind. Being a primary recipient of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which opposes your sign. Make sure you meditate and set aside time to creatively dance around your living room. Either that or yoga. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down. Good to look at later when things ease up.

Libra ~ Your relationships now more than usual are sources of fascinating challenges. These are the kinds of situations that are forcing you to become aware of vistas of new ideas and thinking that you might not have entertained before. Enjoy the new landscape you find yourself in.

Scorpio ~ At this writing, the Moon has moved into Scorpio. The tension it is inviting is one in which the new and the old are in a kind of clash dialogue. It’s actually very sexy and breathtaking in how this is an opportunity to let go of that which is cluttering your life that you no longer need to hold onto. Then go forward filled with the lightness of letting go.

Sagittarius ~ This moment has your name written all over it. Such is the nature of Jupiter your ruling planet, in its ancient sign of Pisces. This is a good time to clarify your feelings, thoughts and ideas. Then write them down. Epoch philosophies and concepts might just emerge.

Capricorn ~ You might be feeling like you are,”under the influence”, without being under the influence of the substance itself. Old ideals and concepts are slipping away. Take heart and be aware of glimmers of new ideas and concepts that fascinate and inspire you.

Aquarius ~ Meditate, dance, sing and make love! So important to stay calm in the midst of so much growing pain. With your innate gifts specific to perseverance, practice and creatively finding better ways to do things. This is a very curious time for you. A mixed bag for you to be figuring things out in.

Pisces ~ This is the time to clarify what you really desire in your heart and soul. At the same time paying strict attention to your daily tasks. The mundane routines ground and center you as you reach for the heavenly moments of bliss so inherent to your Pisces nature. Revel in you divine aliveness!

And there it is!

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Happy Full Moon in Libra 🌕

Keep on…



“Where Angels Fear To Tread”

The New Moon In Aries ~ April 1st, 2022 ~ 11 Degrees

Aries New Moon enlivens action oriented energy that motivates setting goals. Then doing whatever needs to be done in order to achieve them.

This New Moon in Aries, on the heels of the Aries Equinox marks a rebirthing of the flow of life. Spring has begun to be sprung!

Astrologically, it is the beginning of a New Year as the Sun in Aries resumes its journey through the wheel of the Zodiac. Sun in Aries marks movement forward through another yearly cycle around the Zodiac. The 12 signs, the 12 Houses and their empiric affiliations to the planets, as we understand, rule them. This New Moon truly is a new beginning. So be sure to set your intention.

Aries is the Cardinal starting point. Mars, ruler of Aries, bursts forth with an instinctual desire to survive, to be alive and to thrive. Instinctual, being the operative word here and it is the significant felt sense behind what motivates Aries. This is what imbues Aries with the zest and passion towards creative pursuits, it’s desirous nature and a deep love of being the purveyor of heroic acts.

You may find Aries stimulating conflict if none is going on out of its own need for that kind of challenge. Sometimes their energy as fierce as the life force itself, so vibrantly makes its way through the proverbial birth canal. Crying out to itself, the world and the Universe, I Am, I am, I really and truly am!

We begin this New Moon and this Aries Spring with the input of the energetic grace of Chiron, the wondrous wounded healer. Chiron in a tight conjunction with the Sun in Aries takes this Aries season to a whole new level. Being the metaphor of the archetype of the Wounded Healer, it is an unequivocal dynamic that is coloring this moment.

To use the Chiron factor wisely, first let yourself become conscious of any wounds of abandonment that might get played out in your life.

This could be felt as experiencing yourself being rejected by another in some way. To be dismissed and forsaken by another, especially by someone of significance in your life is excruciatingly painful. Be aware of how you might even do this to yourself.

Usually there is a guilty sense of feeling unwanted and therefore ashamed of oneself, as if you have no right to exist. However it’s the acknowledgement of those kinds of painful experiences that sheds light as an indication for us to find and/or create a doorway. A much more aligned and appropriate doorway that serves as passage towards the light.

Even though we may know better. That on some level being well assured that ultimately we are alright, the need for self acceptance and owning our darkest pain is the beginning. Chiron guides us to the vulnerability of our shadow. It’s only in the shadow that we can begin to see the light.

Self love and self acceptance supports the beginning of a new understanding. This surrender and letting go opens a new door.

Then moving through that door we meet the teacher. We can study and learn about many aspects of healing. Applying knowledge helps us to develop the compassion and understanding to actually embrace the gift contained within that hurting.

We have transcended the bounds of split off thinking and have become liberated to see beyond the limitations of our mind. The Chiron process becomes our greatest link and most valuable resource.

It is said that your weakest link, when it becomes conscious becomes your strongest link. So this stands as true for Chiron. Specifically when Chiron appears in the places of wounding and vulnerability indicated through the aspects and transits it forms in your birth chart. Make room for the experience and trust that the pain and vulnerability contains within it your greatest gifts and treasure.

The time has come for Chiron to be valued as a necessary component of our lives as we continue to move forward thru this most transformative time.

I see this as a good thing.

In addition Mercury conjunct the Sun and the Moon in this planetary packed stellium contributes to the necessary mindful awareness tools needed to navigate our experience of this moment. A reverent moment of reflection this is. To then keep moving forward and through this time while the Sun and Moon is in Aries is an amazing starting point, indeed.

I will say, as a citizen of the United States, a country who is now in its Pluto Return, herein lies the solution. Albeit, the grace of humility is a vastly needed component of this moment. I would hope that the Chiron element of wisdom and compassion to be reflected in a change of attitude spreading through out the land.

That would be a good thing, as well.

Reflecting on these thoughts and sentiments I have spoken of here, see what new intentions you want and need to set moving forward. Specifically as the season continues to blossom and bloom and becomes delightfully warmer with each passing day, week and month.

If anything this moment can offer you, is a desire to delve into your own awareness and experience contained within the knowledge and understanding of your own wounding. Your own shadow that is there to guide you into the light. To uncover the resources and gifts contained within you. That is the fascinating richness of this Aries New Moon and the start of a whole new cycle.

New Moon in Aries through the signs ~

Aries ~ 🎼 🎶 Happy Birthday to you! 🎶🎶🎶! This is a celebration steeped in self reflection. A bit more introspection can actually be a way to value and acknowledge your journey. This is the time for you to focus and clarify your goals as they pertain to your needs. See how you can move to the next level of useful knowledge about yourself and where to from here.

Taurus ~ This is a moment where meditation and yogic breathing can serve you well. This is a time where you are being given the opportunity to learn how to deal with conflict. Peace and stability are at the heart of what you value the most. However, this moment is testing your ability to be cool, calm and collected as what you understand to be your reality is being questioned by circumstances being presented to you. Hang in there and open your mind and heart to something new and innovative.

Gemini ~ Just a perfect time to really get those long awaited projects off the ground. Goals which might have been hard to get to, you can get to them now. This Aries New Moon is the Fire your Mutable energy needs to ignite you into action. Organized well thought out action is the gift of this moment to you.

Cancer ~ This Aries Season serves as a rushing flow of Spring wind to hasten you on your way. To focus your attention on your already loaded docket of to-do lists. Allow yourself to swim with the flow of this rush of Cardinal Fire that energizes you. Energizing you as it fills you with desire. Then enjoy the coming blossom and bloom as it all unfolds and fills you with delight. The joy and delight of accomplishment and a lighter list of to-dos.

Leo ~ This is a moment where you can be clearly “lit up” by the Aries stellium along with the Aquarius triad of Venus/Saturn and Mars. All powerful configurations. Nevertheless, be mindful that this all comes with a bit of a twist. The vulnerability of Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Aquarius makes this moment of being “lit up” contrasted with somber sobriety of a soul seeking process. You might just find your relationships to contain the sorts of challenges that have the capacity to open you up to greater wisdom and therefore greater fulfillment.

Virgo ~ Growth that comes through being compelled to explore parts of your life in a way that you have never had to before. So this New Moon holds gifts and blessings for you disguised in challenges. Puzzlements and dilemmas that have come to support you to become more of who you really and truly are. All you have to do is to persevere in the unraveling of it all. All is well as you continue on.

Libra ~ From quite an indirect angle the spotlight is on you. As it always is at this Aries time of year. Take heart, via the Chiron influence conducive to soul searching. It is one of the best beauty and harmonizing secrets going. So use this moment as a “spafor your Soul. Relax into the health and healing of it all. Enjoy the gifts of beauty and peace as you open up to the truth contained within your experience of this moment.

Scorpio ~ As with Aries, this is an energizing moment for you, albeit made mellowed by all the powerful configurations touching upon you now. Particularly the Venus/Saturn/Mars stellium in Aquarius squaring the Nodal Axis of which your sign is playing a part. Deep digging into your Soul comes naturally to you on many levels so you are quite at home with the demands of the moment. I do recommend giving yourself quiet time to meditate and breathe deeply. Allow your breath to give you the momentum that will enable you to soar like an Eagle. To rise above it all.

Sagittarius ~ A many faceted moment for you. It would be quite beneficial for you to take the time to find what it’s meaning is for you. Give yourself the time to open up to the secrets and treasures hidden within the domain of your own vulnerability. Remember, how the adventure unfolds as one door closes and another one opens. It’s the wisdom contained within you and the deepest parts of your soul that always holds the key to unlock any door.

Capricorn ~ This is a moment of reflection but from a place of innovation. This has been a very powerful couple of years. Even so, with the beginning of this new Astrological year the metaphorical winds of change are beckoning. Requiring you to shake it loose, and just let it rattle and roll. Therein lies the key to the door of your own vulnerability that only you can open up to, Please note that when you do, the gifts, resources and treasures that await you are vast and beyond your wildest mystical dreams.

Aquarius ~ It is said, “Life happens as you are making other plans”. Yes, it’s been like that for quite some time, has it not?!? So rather than trying to make your life and practices fit some sort of equation of which Uranus, one of your ruling planets among other Aquarian factors keep sabotaging. Rethink the “plan”. You must stop, look and listen! Clarify what is most needed and desired. Remove obstacles with bone chilling honesty. Then slowly with steady loving ruthless compassion, forge ahead. You will be successful. I affirm it to be so.

Pisces ~ It is a very useful and necessary practice for you to pay attention to all the mundane goings on in your life. There is much richness and beauty in your life via allowing yourself to really be present with the seemingly trivial and mundane. The practices and rituals you have designed or happened upon thru just living your life serve as an anchoring springboard at this particular juncture in time for you. Of all the signs, it is Pisces who truly knows how extraordinary the ordinary really is. So keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

And that is it for now!

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Happy New Moon 🌚



“Even As The Dawn Is Still Dark”

Full Moon In Virgo

On 3/18/22

At 3:18 AM ~ 27 Degrees

“Faith is the bird,

That feels the light

And sings

Even while the dawn is still dark” ~ Rabindranath Tagore ~

That is what the message of this Full Moon in Virgo is about.

That is what the power of the magnetic pull of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces opens the door for us to perceive.

The Virgo Moon in opposition to the Sun/Neptune/Jupiter stellium in Pisces effectively integrates the ethereal creative flow of Pisces. To be fully present with the extraordinary elements of being alive that is contained within the stability of the mundane.

To establish stability even within chaos. To have faith in the journey of life even in the midst of war, turmoil and crisis.

To experience a remarkable flow of life that can be perceived through the din of daily tasks. The simple pleasures, simple accomplishments that ground and center our experience of being alive, here on Earth, must be acknowledged consciously with gratitude.

Reality is the best phantasy” which needs to truly be experienced as a real and valuable thing as it is imbued within the energy of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Brought to us through the illuminating energy of the earth bound grounded and centering of the Full Moon in Virgo.

By its very nature the Full Moon marks a culmination. A climax that is an ending which opens the door towards a new beginning. See if you can become aware of what has been resolved and/or what you are now aware of that needs resolution in your life. This moment, as we are about to step into the Aries/Spring Equinox is a good time to reflect on that.

Virgo involves the energy of work, health and service. Service is emphasized since it is the way Virgo perfects itself. That is the key to the experience of the powerful energies constellated through this moment of the Pisces Season, now completing its cycle. The extra added electromagnetic vibration of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces is perfectly balanced via the grounding beauty of the mundane callings of Virgo.

It’s the linear practical impulses of this Virgo Full Moon that balances and forms beautiful harmonies with the non linear mystical flow of Pisces. This then has the potential to imbue this moment with an understanding of how the need for stability and peace is so necessary for healing and must be established for all.

Virgo ruled by both Mercury and Chiron has the ability to transmit ideas and concepts through the humdrum steady rhythm that is the dance of life. The beauty of practice and consistency in all the ordinary daily routines we do every day becomes imbued with the extraordinary. You can allow yourself to become mindful and aware of it in the rhythms of your own life.

This moment with Pisces ruled by Neptune forms a noteworthy stellium with Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury. These particular planets in Pisces can bring forth the magic within the abracadbra. We just must be conscious and aware of the beauty and magic of this moment by turning our focus inward through our breath. Breathing in and breathing out and returning to our self awareness fully in present time will get you there. Then focus on your wishes and deepest desires and longings. Jot them down somewhere, including the date.

Hello, you just set your intention moving forward.

This Full Moon in Virgo begs for a dynamic reckoning of an integration towards finding the balance between service for the good of all and dancing with the sublime. Grounding ourselves through accomplishing practical mundane acts of service and tasks. Tasks and visceral deeds in direct contrast to surrendering one’s self into waves of dreamlike experiences of delight and bliss.

However it may be that the borderline irrational place of boundless bliss could be luring us to surrender to the bare instinctual impulses of consciousness itself….

Only to reflect on those moments of magical madness to be made sense of at a later date.

A rational return to the breathing space that supports embodying the logical practicality of sensible boundaries. This is the most necessary ingredient this Virgo Full Moon is seeking to impart. The ability to come to terms with the dynamic of the Divine Mystery in its relationship to Earth bound reality.

Keep in mind, that there is a doorway opening within the grasps of the depth and breath of conscious awareness itself. A doorway to a method and manner of thinking that is steering our collective comprehension towards a changed view of things.

This Full Moon in Virgo heralds in a heartfelt realization of how everything that we’ve all been experiencing is actually serving a purpose, necessary for our evolutionary growth and understanding.

The pandemic, the all too many years of endless war, tragically still in effect. All this along with profoundly crooked levels of inequality. Just one of the many components perpetuating the current climate crisis wholly putting us right up close and personal with the grim reaper itself.

At the same time I wonder if it is that the purpose of all the needless suffering, plundering and squandering of our planet’s resources and each other is actually some enactment of our human need for evolution. That it’s something helpless that wants help from us. We just must become awakened and aware of it.


Perhaps as the Moon in Virgo is trine Pluto in Capricorn in sextile to Neptune in Pisces, that these energies are activating our psyches. That this moment holds the doorway open for us to “lay down our burden” especially since, “the dragon doesn’t live here anymore”. Really and truly does not live here anymore!

Perhaps at long last we get to become aware that in fact it’s the dragon who dwells within all of us. By the same token, we too are the heroes of our lives and each other as well. In the immortal words of Rilke, “ Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princes and princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us, is in its deepest essence something helpless that wants our love.” Something helpless that needs help from us.

Could this be the moment when a larger than usual collective of peoples in our communities in our societies must be becoming aware?

Is this Full Moon in Virgo serving as a culminating moment in your own life? Can you allow yourself to open up to the vast remarkable energy of this moment. To make random acts of kindness and untold beauty be a significant component to your life moving forward?

The concepts of kindness, compassion, understanding and the absolute value and need for healthy ethics along with unmitigated integrity is being lit up brightly by the light of this silvery Moon.

So let us keep on. In peace, love and understanding.

I am not meaning to be vague or cryptic in my writing. I invite you to reflect on your life experiences and how you perceive yourself along with those around you. Astrology is the tool that provides a way to do that. Astrology and what I write here is a way to encourage your full potential through awareness of your own humanity in all of its magnificent being.

What this moment has in store for you, through the signs ~

Aries ~ This moment is like being at a train station awaiting your train to arrive. By now you are sensing and even feeling the vibration of it coming your way. So get your belongings together. Time to get on board! All this to say the Aries Equinox and the coming Spring Season promises to be a fruitful one in terms of growth and divine expansion.

Taurus ~ For a mellow earthy sign these days moving forward should prove to be filled with planned and quite unplanned activity. Both modes of being are a part of your life now. So keep on taking good care of yourself especially your health. Enjoy nature where ever you might find it. Watch as Spring continues to unfold.

Gemini ~ Your sign is no stranger to duality. That is a shared energy you experience via the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at this time in Pisces. Pisces being a sign of duality as it’s symbol suggests. Making this a very fortunate time for you which will continue to unfold. Take this auspicious moment to meditate, relax and go with the magical flow of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Clear your head as you would if you were at the ocean. Let the pulsating waves of this moment uplift you. Then reflect on what is most significant in terms of what you value, what you need and what you desire. Then just go with the flow, trusting that your Soul will lead you to where you need to be.

Cancer ~ There will be a fascinating time of self discovery awaiting you beginning in April. Your awareness of what you specifically need and how to get it will be thoroughly tested as this year progresses. However, for now being simpatico with the Water element of Pisces and this powerful Full Moon in Virgo, take a breather to prepare for some high action times that await you. So I would suggest using this moment to reflect on the basics of what absolutely needs to be done, while at the same time use this time to let go and relax. Finding the balance is key.

Leo ~ What a dichotomy you might just find yourself in. There is a powerful desire to surrender into the blissful spell that the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces creates. Yet, on the other hand your love of being organized finds its way to your mind. Why not have both? No matter what you decide, it is all good!

Virgo ~ There you are right in the heart of it all. The Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces conjunction imbues you with the energy of hope and faith in your journey. So clarify your goals as the wind in your sails catches an extraordinary windfall of power. Then sail on.

Libra ~ A beautiful harmonic trine is just now forming that allows an inner felt sense of intuitive understanding to enter your mind. If you allow yourself to be receptive to it. The charm of this moment for you is the uncanny ability to have the awareness and wherewithal to facilitate necessary actions needed. To be able to get the most out of your life and circumstances moving forward from here.

Scorpio ~ There is great beauty, inspiration and creativity for you to revel in. The Jupiter/Neptune Pisces conjunction trines your sign in the most uplifting way. To motivate you to a new understanding of yourself, your values as well as those around you. Use this time to create what your heart desires. You have the imagination and know how to do it.

Sagittarius ~ The continued theme of hope and faith continues to be a part of your journey now, as it has been for the past month. Now is the time. Albeit, you might be called to stop, look and listen first. So then take your time so you can meditate and reflect on making wise choices that will take you where you want to be in the long run. Then aim yourself towards that goal.

Capricorn ~ “When love comes knocking at your door…” Dear Capricorn, you are riding strongly within that possibility. So breathe and pay attention to all that is around you. These days there are good potential situations for business, finance and your position in your community. This is such a boosted moment for you with the Venus/Mars conjunction in Capricorn, be open to love and/or to enhance in a positive way an existing relationship. So breathe into this fascinating moment and see what unfolds…

Aquarius ~ It’s as if there is a little party going. One that is stimulating your creative juices to get things done. BTW, be open to meeting a new love possibility. If you are already partnered, you can find comfort and joy in that relationship especially enhanced right now. Like the Spring this is your moment of opening up to new possibilities. Remember as well that with perseverance and practice keep cultivating what you’ve got going already.

Pisces ~ Your season of cosmic gifts, creative insights and foggy perceptions is nearing completion. Still and all, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction shall continue on for a month or two,at least. The magic of that energy will reverberate within your psyche and your life for a long time thereafter. As you revel in gifts and resources at your disposal, along with several other energies, you might just find yourself inspired with the sort of clarity needed to illuminate your ultimate goals and achieve them.

There you have it for now!

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Happy Full Moon 🌕!

And a Happy Aries Equinox

Birth of the new, hello!




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