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Money Matters And Planet Earth

May 7, 2019

New Moon In Taurus

The exchange of energy enacted within the fluidity of money.

Compelling is the experience of having or not having it, which is one of the ways alliances are formed. This need for goods and services is what connects us to each other.

The earthy sign Taurus is very much about money, values, stability and self esteem.

Venus, the ruling planet of the sign Taurus seeks the higher ground of acquisition as a way to develop stability and more.

Through the knowledge of how we ourselves hold power gives clarity that helps us to focus on what really matters. In this way, we can set up a practical plan on how to get what we need.

The issue of money, finance, self esteem and self worth matters. Self worth and the way it constitutes stability gets played out through issues around money, etc. There is an ability to form and sustain healthy relationships when the Taurus connection to Venus serves to foster profound connection within the ability to sustain work that is meaningful.

Planets in Taurus when placed prominently in a chart or forms powerful aspects to other points and planets in the chart, presents opportunities towards growth in the direction of loving oneself realistically and respectfully. Sometimes nothing could be more focusing and stabilizing as the power of a finite set of reality based situations that requires our perseverance, discipline, practice and patience.

The Moon as a nurturing soulful place of unconditional love gets played out through personal subjective experience. This is indicated by the sign and house placement of the Moon within one’s birth chart. The Moon in Taurus may be expressed through steady good work, good stable finances which allows for sublime sensual pleasure or the beauty and elegance of sustained simplicity.

This New Moon In Taurus offers guidance towards steady consistency in order to practice and persevere so as to become successful. This is a good time to reflect on life experiences in practical matters as it serves you in some practical way. How to get from point A to point B can flow more easily into our minds when we connect with this soulful sense of being. To use the Taurean energy to become aware of what matters. I suggest that this is good time to reflect and meditate on things of that nature that touch and soothe your Soul. Give yourself a moment to write, journal, draw or treasure map that which you want to affirm and create for this Taurean season.

”As the river runs wild through the canyons,

So does Peace run wild through your Soul

For no matter what stands tall around you,

Deep within,

You are free,

You are whole.”

—Herban Harper Nilhult—



A Question Of Balance

April 19, 2019

The effects of the Libra/ Aries dynamic in the midst of catalytic transits

Seeking balance and beauty,

Peace and harmony,

Amidst uncertainty and instability as a result of conflict and fury.

Libra, the Seventh house along with Planet Venus indicate areas concerning marriage and business partnerships.

The relevance of finance and money has proven that the energy of money and the reality of it’s significance and its flow into and out of our lives seems to reflect as it can also indicate the way in which people interact with each other.

Libra is seeking balance through justice, fairness and in service of the integrity of the law. Libra is in opposition to the sign Aries on the Wheel so that there is a compelling tension between them both. It is magnetic how the stress and tension of this opposition in actuality constellates the chemistry of attraction which is at the heart of love and relationship.

This dynamic can be felt much more apparently at this moment what with Saturn and Pluto transiting in Capricorn. Almost acting like an allegorical volcano or earthquake or perhaps both. The suggestion I will say is for us to take things in stride. To go slow and breathe deep so we can find the higher ground as our Inner Guidance is guiding us to do.

At this writing the Moon has left its degree of fullness of 29 degrees Libra, then went v/c and is now 3 degrees Scorpio. The Sabian symbol for 3 degrees Scorpio is ; ” A house-raising party in a small village enlists the neighbors’ cooperation.” I read this to be expressing that at this powerful transformational “collective” hour, as the one that we are in now, perhaps this symbol offers a hopeful humanizing healing insight. That when we reach out and help build something as grand as a new home even and especially when it is not necessarily our own, that the metaphor indicated by the Sabian symbol is that there is a need for reflecting on a renewed sense of reality that ultimately serves to open up minds and hearts. This serves to bring into consciousness the reality of how we are interconnected as well as how we are also quite separate albeit quite whole as free individuals.

I believe this particular Full Moon in Libra is the beginning of an expansion of our social and interpersonal consciousness. A consciousness towards an experience of cooperation. The Aries Sun, Libra Moon dynamic is the current yet fleeting symbolic validation of the eternal need for interconnection with our partners that continuously forces us to learn to love, lust, come together and break apart so we can come together in such a way that enriches our understanding and compassion of self and other.

Perhaps this passage in time is a doorway through to some such understanding. For then out through the merciless madness of pathological narcissism, which is I believe to be one of the most destructive antiquated structures of all time could benefit from the unapologetic destructive power of this Saturn/Pluto transit time. The birth of a new paradigm so a healthier society can come into being.

When Venus and Mars are doing their dance, I am always hopeful!

Keep On To keep Moving On

April 6, 2019

New Moon In Aries

The Dance Of Aries

The New Moon in Aries should supply you with some high octane energy to propel you forward so you can effectively accomplish whatever you are setting your mind on to do.

Willpower and a deep driven instinct to survive is the quality that the Aries Sun and Moon offers.

Fearless and creative.

Bombastic and critical. Aries is known to “go where Angels fear to tread”.

This can be a very good thing when it’s focused and tempered with intelligence, wit and heart. The Ram which is the symbol of Aries as it rams on towards some sort of affinity for humanity. Leaving its soulfully creative mark of a cool clever creative impulse. A passion for life, for justice and a respectful abiding of laws what with the Libre influence which is its diametric opposite.

Aries thrives in conflict and battle. Ruled by Mars, known as the God Of War. Aries people can have a kind of Don Quixote sort of energetic need which metaphorically can propel them to battle windmills or seek some sort of conflict, that is if no other battle or conflict is at hand.

This moment indicates a birthing moment within our collective consciousness as this dark, gestating New Moon is for a moment conjunct Uranus in Taurus. A birthing moment of a commitment to innovative creations of new structures that support a sustainable thriving renewed community and culture.

At this time of this New Moon it is the moment to focus on what you want to create for yourself. The New Moon in its movement forward, still in shadow as her waxing begins is the moment of gestation. The glimmer of nurturing creation.

Let your creative life affirming affirmation begin with the knowledge and trust that it is all a mysterious adventure about to unfold in its own way. Let the dance of your life continue to unfold.

And it will.

I Know It’s Aries But…..

March 31, 2019

Spring Again Part 2

In part it feels like Pisces.

With its spacey, mysticism.

With its slowing of the flow that serves to bring about a nebulous yet well patterned rhythm.

With its working in its foggy mystical way serving to transform the way in which time is perceived and arranged.

Seeming to be walking through an ocean or a river just to get to the simple everyday mundane things that just must get done.

I see this experience as one of the gifts of this moment. As Mercury is in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces, the communication from this mystical combo is to help us become cognizant that if we surrender to it, rather than insist on working our will, or worst succumb to feeling like a failure cause we can’t accomplish the thing we are seeking to do. But rather to surrender and let it go. To follow the flow the spirit is moving you towards. While at the same time staying focused on your intention. As you open up to letting go while at the same time remaining focused on your task at hand, you will find that you are actually being led towards an elevated new rhythm in which to find a better way of flowing through your daily routines, your work, your life.

Mercury has gone direct albeit still in the midst of Pisces. Take heart for Pisces shall reach the blooming bright energy of Aries around mid April. This transition from Pisces energy to Aries, from Winter into Spring, with its vital and invigorating pulsations of life can seem to be a bit chaotic and create a certain amount of resistance in moving projects and intentions forward. Even as the Sun is in Aries now. Always the transition of Pisces to Aries is a powerful yet subtle nuanced birthing process.

It is useful to remember that Mercury is an Air Planet which indicates a propensity of mental and tactile qualities. Mercury can therefore act misty and dreamy in Pisces compounded currently with being conjunct to Neptune the Planetary ruler of Pisces. Getting things done requires much more focus, forgiveness and compassion than usual.

Take heart for the beneficial news is that with the Sun now traveling through Aries and Mercury to soon follow suit, we shall be able to truly feel the return of life force and energy sparking your power and will. Feel the awakening from Winter into Spring as the driving fire and fury of the Ram and Planet Mars with its Springtime inspiration gives the focus needed to set goals and with the self instructors sharp and tender love in the form of Planet Saturn, strengthening us to consistently keep at them. Eventually all will all be well synchronized into an awesome symphony of your life flowing creatively towards your fulfilling moment.

Always remember that as the beauty of Pisces rocks and rolls on as only Neptune and Pisces with its artistry in harmony of music can do, keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

Happy Spring Everybody!

It’s Spring Again! And Birds On Their Wings Again!

March 23, 2019

Part 1

Start to sing.

That timeless, eternal loved song of new beginnings as the light of Spring fosters birth and life unfolding.

The inner focus of gestation as the influences of the boundless water sign Pisces and its 12th House occupation inspires us towards reveling in the dreamy meditative awareness of the amniotic fluid of consciousness which has just very recently completed its journey through its cycle.

And so victorious we should be as we celebrate our arrival here now.

With the Sun in Aries we are imbued with vitality and the desire to enthusiastically express ourselves in appropriate life affirming ways. Sun in Aries is a time for the instinctual lusting desire towards the awakening vermillion cardinality of the vibrant power of birth and self reclamation as the energy of Aries inevitably rules.

As once again the Sun journeys through Aries ruled by Planet Mars, whose strategy and endpoint is to establish through its courage, chutzpah and daring that I am alive therefore I am.

Expressed through the longer length of days. The time of Earth birth is here. Springing into life with all of its blossom and bloom.

Just A Few Words On Mercury Rx 3/6/19-3/29/19

March 13, 2019

Whenever I inform someone that Mercury is going retrograde I am met with comments like “Mercury is always retrograde” or “oh no”.

Oh yes!

It’s as if this witty gadget oriented mind centered planet of coordination is in a constant state of PMS or some sort of hormonal temporary yet ongoing state of derangement.

As it is often useful and practical to acknowledge the event so as to loosen up expectations and hopes that plans will go as planned.

Never lose hope because in actuality all is well and moving along, just not as you planned it.

However as we begin to let go of things moving along in a foreseen manner we become mindful of and observe that it is through the seemingly backward motion of Mercury we can observe the nuance and sensitivity to time and place that produces its unforeseen situations.

Do take heart for it is through the benefit of the retrograde that there is actually help and support that, unbeknownst to our minds we’ve been needing all along. For it is through the inconvenient rerouting of mundane situations that actually brings us back to opportunities that we might have missed. Opportunities such as possible job or work openings could reopen. In some cases otherwise missed relationship prospects might cosmically materialize right before you. Such necessary events have been known to come into fruition during the time of the retrograde of Mercury.

For this reason I encourage my clients to use the Mercury Rx as a good time to get out and meet people and go for job interviews. It’s seemingly backtrack motion could be returning you to some opportunities that might have been overlooked during its direct motion. I say that’s a good thing indeed.

However the thing to be most aware of and to watch out for is the way Mercury’s movement affects your awareness and perception of how you communicate as in giving communications or receiving communications. Mercury in astrology is symbolic of the mind. It is an important time to be mindful of yourself in relationship to time and space.

Mercury Rx this month is in Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune. This combo can create beautiful music, rhymes and songs within a flow that stimulates depths of sensitivity devoid of any logical reason. On the surface not the best of bedfellows since Mercury the planet of the mind, the communicator, the information gatherer for whom along with the need to share info. just might feel a bit spacey, a wee bit weighted down by the Pisces need to transcend and surrender into the mystical realm of cosmic consciousness.

Mercury ruler of Gemini has duality etched into its DNA as does the sign Pisces whose symbol is of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, however, Virgo also ruled by Mercury can come to the rescue during this time to create a logic to the chaos. This indicates to me that hazy, vague and nebulous as this Mercury Rx in Pisces can be within the inconvenience and unexpected surprises brought on by the Retrograde motion of Mercury, there is within this moment an opportunity to organize, re-evaluate, let go of past chaos, ideas and projects that are stagnant in order to breathe new life into them as we continue to move forward into Spring.

Mercury shall go direct on the 29th of March, moving forward from 16 degrees Pisces to be well on its way towards Aries, the sign of birth, vitality and daring do.

It is useful for you to know where Mercury is placed in your chart. The sign it’s in will indicate how your mind works. The house placement will indicate in what areas of your life your mental capacity and how you receive information or impart information is taking place. The aspects it forms to other planets and significant points in your chart indicates what challenges need to be overcome in order to be a good communicator among other things along with your resources and gifts.

I am available for readings if you’d like to know your chart and your inherent challenges, harmonies, resources and gifts.

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Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!

March 6, 2019

New Moon In Pisces conjunct Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

All that water and mystical fog perhaps made manifest in your life as tears or misty flowing feelings.

As the Pisces watery need for transcendence which requires balance might throw you off balance.

This moment of Pisces with its Neptunian penchant for the dissolution of boundaries is a fascinating point in time.

The New Moon is the time to begin.

To contemplate how you would like to use this point of the Moon’s darkness before it reaches its full waxing.

This is the moment in time to gestate and seek to create.

A time of mapping out your next steps to take.

The dreamy ebullient flow of Pisces and it’s ruling planet Neptune at this moment in time can surely be woven into your inmost deep profound version of reality.

So dream on.

To meander within a flowing phantasy of what is truly hidden in your precious, sacred heart. Both dark and light coexist together within the Neptunian dissolution of boundaries.

Well then, how do I make it real, you wonder?

The suggestion is that since Pisces being the Zodiac sign who diametrically opposes the sign Virgo indicates that in the Wheel of the Zodiac indeed they are in actual opposition to each other.

The dynamic is a somewhat tense one.

However, in actuality it offers a beneficial practice.

In order to balance the ethereal Pisces energy one can call upon the earth bound and practical orientation of Virgo. Holding the tension of these opposites can create and support true realization of your wishes, desires, dreams and goals. Virgo and its ruler Mercury can give to Pisces and its ruler Neptune the grounded foothold needed in order to leverage all those visions into an embodied realistic well organized solidified and stabilized creative formulation.

Then the spacey, hazy and sometimes crazy flowing experience of Pisces and Neptune in it’s wisdom can remember the earthbound practicality and connection to the glorious detail of mundane things since Virgo can be used as an ally in its oppositional relationship to Pisces.

It is just as well since at this triple Pisces moment there is also outer planet influences occurring by transit as well. There is the constellating of oppositions and squares which triggers all manner of subtle nuanced and/or shatteringly powerful disruptions whose sole purpose is to bring into consciousness new forms and expressions of awareness. Nothing can wake us up and ground us so that we are forced to grow up more than forcing us to learn how to manage the various sorts of challenges, detours and possible conundrums that these outer planet transits could and would bring our way.

Uranus which had entered Taurus in mid May of 2018, had then gone retrograde back in August, then going direct in November has been making its way back through Aries is now once again making its way into Taurus at this very moment of this New Moon In Pisces day of March 6th, 2019. What possibilities of disruption and heavenly harmonies this momentary combination can bring.

Uranus in Taurus is not the most comfortable fit, thus offering many challenges, however this placement can support a good grounding into learning about the process of using the practical to inform and allow for the innovative genius of the planet Uranus to realize itself. Among many other possibilities, my suggestion here is to use this moment in time to remain conscious and aware that if your chart is being transited either through opposition, square, trine or conjunction, do try and use your experience and wisdom to focus on the vision . There is a manifestation of some new practical thing that is offering choices and possibilities you might not have seen before. New innovative ideas and pathways that can serve to make your life better.

Perhaps there has been some rut or situation that has been frustrating you. Some sort of difficulty and challenge. The energy of Uranus in Taurus can serve as a growth catalyst which operates through disruptions in order to ultimately help to make it all make sense.

Doesn’t that make sense.

There is a possibility that as you might find yourself in some sort of repetitive stagnancy in some area of your life, whether it be through a relationship, work, health or money situation that the Uranus Taurus ingress will bring about some sort of disruption in order to force you to shake this thing off. In fact it will force you to by creating disruptions that brings you face to face with having to create some new pathway. Whether it might be to shake up or to pull the rug out from under you these events are being constellated in order to serve to guide you towards reorienting and re-establishing yourself en route to a new, innovative and relevant lifestyle.

Uranus shakes us up to release that which is no longer relevant and useful.

What one must look out for with a Uranus transit is how and in what way are you being asked to let go? Please do watch for those disruptions and interruptions. So to know and be able to use this moment to create the life you really need in order to grow and thrive, to be healthy and free.

To let go so that the seed of the new which is contained within the shell of the old can be realized and put into practical form and good rightful use. For since Uranus is transiting through the sign of Taurus which seeks the comfort of safety and security along with the delightful beauty of the experience sensual pleasure, there might very well be a real earthbound healing opportunity offered by this placement at this amazing moment in time.

Therefore reflect and meditate on your present circumstances. How is your present situation different from the last New Moon a month ago. How is it the same? What serves you and is in alignment with the way you want your life to be. What do feel is needed to bring you into a more satisfying realized life. This 15 degrees Pisces New Moon is one of the moments to affirm it into being so.

Write it down, perhaps using a bank note to make a prosperity check.

Then just let it go.

Let it go with love and non attachment and observe with curiosity and wonder where this New Moon leads you to.

Happy New Moon.

Please let me know in the comments below of any questions you might have for I shall be happy to answer them.

And do stay tuned as I touch base with everyone and tell of all of the particular qualities wisdom, fun and healing brought about via the culmination of this New Moon waxing forward into the bright fullness of the Full Moon at zero degrees Libre.

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