A Moment Of Exhilaration

New Moon 23 Degrees Sagittarius

Solar Eclipse

December 14, 2020

Can reality be the new normal?

The question above expresses the energy of this moment which is being influenced by Saturn at 29 degrees. Known as the anoretic degree, it indicates the end of the journey where we feel tired, empty and drained. It can be likened to the moment of contraction and expansion as the ocean wave empties back into the sea before it swells the shore with effervescent splashing foam.

Saturn is making its way out of the comfort of its home sign Capricorn. Capricorn is where Saturn’s accentuated focus on traditionally conventional structures and hierarchy will be moving forward on December 17th to 0 degrees Aquarius. This begins the shift that welcomes the innovative genius and humanitarian freedom loving sign of Aquarius. The trend towards the emergence of conscious awareness. The comprehension that our interconnection to each other is linked through the very nature of the extraordinary ordinariness of our humanity. This is but one of the many evolutionary qualities contained within the pantheon of gifts that Aquarius has to offer.

The New Moon which always begins as the dark Moon since it orbits side by side with the Sun at the beginning of its cycle. This cycle on the 14th of December is quite dynamic what with the Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius. This is the moment to open up our horizons and expand our world view. Sagittarius is the Gypsy, teacher and philosopher that triggers an excitement just in the very knowledge of being alive.

The other significant component of this New Moon is that it is marked by the conjunction of the Sun and Moon which then conjuncts the South Node in Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon conjunct the South Node is a Solar Eclipse. The energy of an Eclipse speeds things up. When it’s a Solar Eclipse, as we are having now, it’s about lessons learned or not yet learned. This can manifest as all sorts of events major or minor that are put before us so we can “get it”, as it were.

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is filled with the gifts of exuberance and optimism. It is an auspicious moment to set for yourself a mission statement. To put into motion what you want your life to look like. The way you would like to live as we journey on.

The journey forward through the signs;

Aries; Its been quite an energizing time brought on by squares formed from powerful planets transiting in Cardinal signs as you are. This will mellow out a bit soon enough and form some exciting sextile to your sign. Use this moment of completions and new beginnings to clarify the challenges on your plate so as to set in motion what you will need in order to establish your inner sovereignty.

Taurus; There is great harmonic sound even in the din and clanging tones of dissonance. Use this time to intuitively sense the inner wisdom that allows you to consciously live your deepest desires.

Gemini: Forever this is the moment to clarify what you have already learned. Since you feel through your mind use what you have seen and heard to clarify exactly what you need to know. Do it! Both for the love of it and as a technique to set up your ideal lifestyle.

Cancer; And in the midst of it all, you must be awarded the “pooped” button of the decade. Just for having truly lived through all the years of being in opposition to the Capricorn Stellium. What pearls of wisdom can you carry forward? What must be released into the sea of consciousness? All to guide you towards formulating a clever plan forward or sideways as you are known to travel.

Leo; This is the pregnant pause moment, as an infinite world of possibilities are awaiting you. Set your course for where the love and exaltation is. Acknowledge your talents, resources and gifts in order to clarify and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Virgo; Use logic and practicality in service of establishing a solid path to your most impractical secret yearning. What you set your coherent logical mind to can turn to gold. A time of opening up your mind to something transcendent and beyond your normal scope of seeing.

Libra; The path to justice is within the grasp of your harmonious seeking heart. Meditate on the beauty and balance you desire and your path will follow. There is great poetry in the coming dawn. Be fully present in the here and now in order to hear it.

Scorpio; And what form shall your transformation take at this most auspicious time? The richness of mysteries has the potential to become most clear especially when you allow yourself to be seduced by shimmering opaline beads. Their beauty and magic inspire you to dance. Consumed within the pulsating rhythm and flow you now have the wherewithal and inner wisdom to know what you need and how to achieve it.

Sagittarius; Within the magnified energies of your exuberant sign what’s your plan for your next adventure? Call on your metaphorical bow and arrow in order to focus your intuitive perception. Then follow your path as you perceive it with all of your body, soul, heart and mind.

Capricorn; This is the moment to take a beat. Deep changes are taking hold within you. A by-product of all the hard work accomplished through being present with the experience of squares and oppositions. Capricorn, the star (pun intended), of the Capricorn stellium is reminding you however to take stock. It’s not over yet. The best is yet to come. However, reflect on where this journey has taken you thus far. Use these thoughts and feelings to establish your movement forward. Life goes on and you must with it. So focus on your plan, your mission statement. You will be successful when your plan is congruent with integrity.

Aquarius; Hello Aquarius! Breathe deeply and don’t forget to exhale as this moment of newness unfolds. Being a social oriented sign with an introspective and brilliant mind, use this moment to focus on what you need for your own life. Reflect on what will give you the stability and grounding you need in order to move forward. Then keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on!

Pisces; A real push/pull moment of being thrown into a bit of a tizzy. In part it’s the energy of Neptune in Pisces forming a square to Mercury, the Sun and the Moon. This indicates that real growth, insights and realizations are within your grasp. Use this time to reflect on how the tension and stress of the square is actually opening you up to the ability to communicate more easily with others.

Until next time dear ones.

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, everybody! ๐ŸŒ‘

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A Culmination Of Mist Into Crystal

November 30, 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 8 degrees Gemini

“Vague and nebulous is the beginning of all things, but not their end.

Life and all that lives is conceived in the mist and NOT in the crystal.

And who knows but a crystal is mist in decay.”

These words spoken by The Prophet written by Khalil Gibran sums up this moment so well. The brittle decay of systems and structures in the midst of coming apart through the energy vibration of the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto Capricorn conjunction as it is in its final stages. This precedes the shift in paradigms as Jupiter and Saturn move into the sign of Aquarius towards the last week in December.

But for now the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini opens this Eclipse season with Mercury as an important player. As Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, we can sense its influence through the mystical planet Neptune in Pisces t-squaring the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis. The words of Gibran’s Prophet as he is leaving the island of Orphalese and tells them that, “life and all that lives is conceived in the mist not in the crystal“. This illustrates to me the feeling and perception tone of this Gemini Lunar Eclipse, that consciousness itself is seeking information and clarity through crystallized thought but finds a quantity of fog and mist in the process. To trust that the mist itself contains the seed of the new understanding, once it’s given the quality of time needed in which to unravel and reveal its transmission.

This Full Moon Gemini Lunar Eclipse on the 30th is Mercury ruled. The North Node in Gemini imbues its Mercurial energy as a T-square with Neptune. Neptune being 18 Degrees Pisces, is squaring the North Node 19 degrees Gemini and the South Node 19 degrees Sagittarius This can imbue our experiences with chaos and confusion perhaps, OR we can choose to breathe into the higher octave of Neptune which enables us to relax into our own inner being. The latter enabling us to become consciously aware of truth and reality as it presents itself.

The necessity to do so is illustrated in the words of Dr. Carl Jung in which he says, “When an inner situation IS NOT MADE CONSCIOUS, it happens outside of fate. That is to say, when an individual does not become conscious of his/her inner contradictions, the world perforce acts out the conflict.” In other words, as Jung has also said, “You can’t heal what you don’t feel”.

Neptune challenges us to become conscious of that which is unconscious, ( 12th House issues), or it gets thought of and mistakenly blamed as being at the merciless hand of fate. Take back your power always and breathe your awareness towards the experiences unfolding before you. Allow yourself to create your own fate and destiny. More about that as Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius by December 21st.

We as fellow beings and creatures are the resources of our time as we embody, acknowledge and claim our humanity. This moment marks a time when a phase in our evolution is drawing closed. Take heart and trust that a new door is opening. Albeit we must first revel in the process of the waning Moon which is the natural flow that follows the Full Moon in just a few hours.

*************** *************** *************** ************* *************** *********

This moment through the signs;

Aries awaiting your orders as situations continue to unfold. Action is your MO, so this moment could be a bit stressful as you hold back in order to know strategically what would be the best way for you to move forward. Be patient. Allow this to be the moment to “mend the nets as fishermen do” when they are not able to go out to sea.

Taurus, enjoy this moment. You are encouraged to revel in meditation and finding bliss. This is the time to gather yourself for a renewed awareness and comprehension of what is of most value to you. All will unfold in due time.

Gemini, this is your moment. Take this time to clarify what is needed in your life that would ultimately support your growth. A time to learn as much as it is a time to shine. What with the Sun in Sagittarius shining it’s light upon you, enjoy this moment.

Cancer, needs to soothe and nurture as the friction of Aries and Eris in Aries continues to egg you on and work your nerves. Use this time to clarify what will be the cleverest move you can make that gives you the stability you need and desire.

Leo, loves the energy of Gemini along with the challenging configuration of Neptune thrown in. It fires up your creative juices to play, create and dance with the stars.

Virgo goes well with Gemini energy as you are both Mercury ruled. Virgo could be our logical informant of what the Neptune Pisces T-square is indicating. Neptune in Pisces is in opposition to Virgo so this should be a bit of a charged moment for Virgo folks.

Libra just groove to your love of the depth and beauty of the mystical as you seek balance within all the chaos and change.

Scorpio always open to mystical transformations even of the transcendent kind.

Sagittarius use this moment to assess what you have learned in your life thus far as you are being encouraged to step into the new and unfamiliar. Always an adventure for you.

Capricorn, make way for the new. Your discipline and practices help develop the new structures and systems needed as Aquarian energy emerges to set the color of change in motion.

Aquarius, breathe in deeply and exhale deeper still. Your time is coming to shine as a New Age is being heralded in. Much work ahead. A labor of love as the humanizing of humanity unfolds.

Pisces, last but never least as you plummet into the depths of understanding and awareness, the beauty of your being emerges. The practical application of your cosmic mysticism is finding its place in the pantheon of your life.

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to All! ๐ŸŒ•

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Belated, From My Heart And Soul

As the leaves continue to fall and as the days grow shorter still, we are given this comfort of time to sort out our lives. The axis of the Earth’s orbit helps us to strike a balance by the very nature of this Autumn Scorpio/Sagittarius season as we surrender to this time and open into a moment of introspection and preparation. The waxing Moon which began its cycle on November 15th, keeps turning forward as possibilities unfold.

There is within each and every one of us a creative impulse that desires to integrate towards a viable form of living that utilizes all that we have learned and all that we know. It’s a product of tangible insights and wisdom that resonates with reality. This past year has been so thick and rich with growth and opportunities to embrace our inner power that I know for myself it has been a bit overwhelming. So many discordant chords as crises galore continue to unfold. Certainly the old adage ” life happens as you are making other plans” carries with it much truth and reassurance on some level. It feels reassuring to allow oneself to trust and respect the process while respecting and granting yourself a way to meet your own needs.

Still and all this moment is a time to embrace one’s individual humanity as a felt sense of something really good and vibrantly alive is about to unfold. This is the resting place where we may affirm through our inner vision that we are living into some sort of an auspicious moment. The significance of this time is actually a breather space in which to consider what we attained through our journey to date that can be applied to our lives and circumstances as we continue to move forward now. There is also a way to understand what our attained knowledge and real needs are based on an always available intuitive felt sense which sparks from within. Through their pulsing vibrations, these felt sense glimmers rise up to our minds as thought forms which ultimately are beckoning us towards reaching our goals. The inner felt sense helps us to clarify new intentions which ultimately aims us towards luscious success and sweet accomplishment.

Even as the orbiting Moon and as the oceans rhythmic pulse are in a never ending cycle of expansion and contraction, as a result of the affect of the movements of the Earth’s orbit, geological inner shifts and the vibration of the transiting Planets and other objects has on it, so we are affected as well. It’s through the rocking and rolling of these energies and influences that we create our lives. It is the journey of our Soul and the experience of how our aliveness is being influenced by it all that serves to open the door within us to let us find a groove to an inner felt sense of knowledge. It is here now in this present moment where there is an awareness of the changes that are needed in order to create what we want.

Sometimes it is so that only when we are in the midst of the dark emptiness of contraction that then and only then do we see the light. Its one of the gifts that the transiting Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, painstakingly driving their sharp and tender teachings into the very fabric of our lives, that ultimately enables us to distill and process its action into the heart of our being. Its singular purpose is to clarify what we need to realize in order to evolve and grow.

Jupiter and Saturn’s ingress from Capricorn’s hard earned structures and esteemed positions of authority towards the Aquarian qualities of benevolence, compassion, mercy and kindness becomes the new vibrational journey that leads to new patterns of behavior. New conversations. New outlooks. The benign energy shift into Aquarian energy that at long last gets us to rock’ n roll into the innovative updated paradigm revisions that many of us are yearning for.

Aquarius, being a Fixed Air sign comes to embark on a task of bearing new ideas and practices into our lives. It’s influence through the expansive fiery Planet Jupiter and the Earthy grounded discipline and practices of Saturn, it’s co-ruler, allows Aquarius to weave a spell of positive groundbreaking changes. Realignments granted and sustained once consummated and established support the humanitarian values of honor, respect and support for all life forms and life styles. This is further supported via Uranus, co-ruler of Aquarius which is now transiting in earthy Taurus. Peace and prosperity is the goal that comes out of the upheaval we are currently in the midst of.

All this to say, pay your attention forward always aware of the past and breathing into the gift of the present moment. And remember this too shall pass.

Stay tuned for my impressions of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring on November 30, 2020 at 8 degrees Gemini for more.


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The Taurean Full Moon Of Halloween


8 degrees Taurus in opposition to Scorpio Sun

A culminating point of transformation and change. As Uranus in Taurus is doing its job of shaking things loose. Not the usual Taurean earthy sensuous seeking out of pleasure and desires fulfilled. More from a place of upheaval triggered by Uranus in Taurus.

Usually Taurean style promotes a practicum that prioritizes stability. However a bit stressful and not as much fun when growth, innovation and liberation are insisted upon by Uranus. Something I believe on some level we are all experiencing and becoming aware of in our daily lives as of late.

The Taurus Full Moon stimulates our ability to consistently endure and to keep on. That is a good thing. The emphasis with Taurus concerns value systems, Particularly pertaining to money and finance along with issues around ethics and integrity. The journey of Uranus, the planet of change and liberation transiting through Taurus is quite influential. While forming a conjunction with the Full Moon, it’s having an exquisite effect on our consciousness at this moment in time.

The Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto forming a Trine by element. It’s allowing us to harmonize in the key of change. Inspiring us to let go of that which is no longer needed, sustainable or relevant. Uranus in Taurus holds the possibility to realize that the seed of the new is in the shell of the old.

The climaxing highly charged and stimulating Full Moon marks the beginning of a relaxed exhale as we move into the waning, darkening of this Moon. With it this Autumn season. We go deeper into the rich and fecund darkness. A moment to assess and take stock of what has been accomplished during the past two weeks. It’s the energy and brightness of the Full Moon where we can see and feel where to go from here.

Trending through the signs;

Aires- the tension and friction of unrest, indicating breaking free from beliefs that held you back. So much power and so much energy to be channeled into physical activity that allows you to let off steam. To think clearly and wisely so you may go where “angels fear to tread”

Taurus- with the Moon in your sign, this is the moment to reflect and intuitively open up to what is in your heart that you desire. A whole new way of dealing with finances in terms of your genuine newfound understanding of yourself

Gemini- Be observant and be aware. The Gemini/ Sagittarius Nodal axis is triggering the need to follow a path that is unfamiliar but is necessary for you to evolve and grow. Reflect on all you have experienced in your life to date. The challenges, lessons learned, things that come easy to you. Then look at the challenges currently put before you. Embrace and learn, which happens to be your favorite thing to do.

Cancer- The clever yet subtle wit and wisdom of this sensitive nurturing sign does well during the Scorpio season. You may find comfort swimming through the depths of the many challenges and opportunities put before you. There is a richness to be found in the innermost center of it all. Particularly as you continue to journey through the Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn stellium in Capricorn opposing your Sun. It all works itself out in the long run. It’s just been a very long run. Take heart, the times are a changing.

Leo- Such a creative time for you. And create you must or you will surely get a headache, if you don’t let it out. Take time to meditate, paying close attention to your breathing, your body and your mind. Allow yourself an hour of creative play time. Painting, art, dance and music. As a fixed sign in the midst of square formations please be aware that you are receiving your “cosmic” assignment that will enable you to be an active player in your life. Attuned to your audience and admirers, whom ever they may be.

Virgo- Harmonizing in the key of perfected service. Finding peace as your logic and stabilizing sensibilities are called upon to strike the balance between discord and serving with humility and elegance. The journey is vibrant, warm and resplendent in opportunities to serve with integrity. Service for the sake of service.

Libra- A striking moment of non stop stimulation. Your inspired understanding, love of justice, integrity and balance have been and will continue to be challenged. Necessary to take time to assess and take stock of where you are and how you feel about your life and your circumstances. What can you do for yourself that will support yourself and those around you? Libra, you hold the key.

Scorpio- Dark, sexy warmth of the hidden secrets and mysteries in a moment of revelation. All in the interest of transformation and rebirth. Pluto, your ruling planet ensconced in the Capricorn stellium will soon be left standing on its own towards the end of this year. Then you may find yourself taking a deep breath of relief. Stand strong. Owning the part of you that like the Phoenix, brilliantly rises up out of its own ashes.

Sagittarius- Positioned with utter enthusiasm at the mere adventure of it all. Your greatest resource. That along with your love of knowledge, understanding and differing cultures and philosophies is feasting on this outrageously rich and scary moment of time we are living in. Allow the journey to unfold as you would consciously choose to sail through it.

Capricorn- It’s still a hot and heavy moment for you. What with the Capricorn stellium in your sign. Offering you a front and center moment to assess what systems and situations in your life are relevant. What no longer serves you or makes sense in your life. This Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus offers you a moment to revolutionize and transform in a harmonious manner that which needs change. A sometimes painful but always beneficial prospect. Remember, the seed of the new is in the shell of the old.

Aquarius- What an eventful time in terms of stress, tension and challenges. Let us stand by all Aquarians, whose main endpoint is equality, dignity and justice for all. Sung in the key of innovation and avant-garde genius. Always the outsider in how far ahead into the future your highly charged mind works. The time to bring your refreshing humanitarian spin for the greater good is in its dawning phase. But none too soon. By mid to late December, Saturn and Jupiter transit into Aquarius. Your voice, ideas and eccentricities shall be joyfully welcome. To put a light of creative and necessary dignity to the matters at hand. “Looking forward to the dawn…”

Pisces- The mystical cosmic flow that Pisces brings to the equation is a necessary part of the journey we are on. For Pisces, your Neptunian flow is enriched by the powerful Cardinal moment of change and transformation we are in. At least for the next two weeks take comfort in the creative spark of stimulation the Scorpio season has to offer you. Pay attention to your dreams. Your dream life is where you are treated to the truth of what lies hidden in your Soul. Pisces need to learn to be specific about your dreams, wishes and desires. Otherwise you get lost in the fog. Stay connected to earthbound visceral reality in order to make your dreams come true. This is a favorable moment to learn and know how to do it.

These are some of my thoughts and impressions of each sign through this Full Moon in Taurus. I hope it is helpful.

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Happy Full Moon in Taurus ๐ŸŒ•

-Pamela Joy

Astrologer & Astrological Life Coach

LOVE And Other Potent Components

Nothing like a little bit of Libra Sun conjunct the Moon at 23 degrees to shed some light, love and beauty onto the matter.

The focus is on balance, harmony, justice and the beauty contained within and without. So to be conscious of maintaining those fleeting precious moments of peace of mind. While being mindful and taking pleasure in the luscious delight of your very own aliveness. A worthy and challenging subject even at this very moment in time when life is so outrageously out of balance.

This New Moon in Libra is the moment to focus on what brings you bliss, harmony and serenity. Libra and it’s ruling planet Venus encourages focus on the creation and the steady consistent work that is needed to maintain healthy partnerships.

As Libra follows Virgo on the Zodiac wheel I have found Libra to carry the flow of practice in the practical desire of stability geared towards productivity and accomplishment. Included in this equation is the ardor of a romantic, sweet connection as well. As beauty is a necessary and needed aspect of the Libra cycle.

The potent component of this moment, however is that Mars and Eris in Aries at 23 degrees is in direct opposition to the New Moon and Libra Sun conjunction. Thus creating a tension rife with conflict and passion. Triggering birthing like labor pains, metaphorically speaking, as we are birthing ourselves into a new cycle. No doubt to be continued and worked on in the coming Scorpio cycle.

Libra’s area of concern being about relationships, marriage, balance, beauty and stability begins with a healthy relationship to the self. The Mars opposition is forcing the matter forward, as it should. Specifically allowing to emerge a new healthy meaning of individuated healthy selves working cooperatively towards the establishment of dignified living conditions for the whole and many. This is down the line as the Capricorn stellium of Jupiter and Saturn transits into Aquarius. Saturn transits into Aquarius on December 17, 2020. Then Jupiter follows suit on December 20, 2020. Pluto will transit into Aquarius in 2024.

Be reassured that there is a method to the madness of this moment. As we are swimming in the hot soup of transformation via the unfolding multi tiered crises of this juncture. The Mars energy is serving to give rise to courageously heroic, well individuated instinctually driven and consciously aware selves. Surely it’s with the equilibrium that Libra with its predilection towards balance, peace and harmony provides. To encourage a successful transformation. This is where Mars in Aries comes in. It’s the yin/yang necessary for completion of the connection towards transformation.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that the New Moon in Libra which is in opposition to Mars in Aries, is forming a T-square to the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto stellium in Capricorn. This is creating quite the vortex of energy. Allow yourself to experience the oomph brought on by the high frequency of the Cardinal energies of Capricorn, Aries and Libra. The tension of the Cardinal square at this New Moon in Libra continues to encourage us to grow. The crises are here to hasten the painful but necessary dismantling of brittle structures and destructive belief systems that are preparing the way for sustainably realistic, humanitarian, and relevant systems. To flourish, thrive and grow.

Growing pains are fierce which is why the Libra New Moon inspires us towards peace, balance and a beautiful well lived life.

If I were an ….

  • Aries, This is your moment. Your inherent love of new beginnings. So revel shamelessly in consciously connecting with one now. Focus more than ever on what you want to create and make it manifest going forward.

  • Taurus, allow yourself to “hang loose”, as it were, and learn to dance with the new and innovative. Particularly as Uranus is transiting through your sign. Remember to focus your awareness on simple pleasures that inspires your sensuous love of beauty and passion. All is well.

  • Gemini, what fun this powerful moment of transformation is having with you. That Capricorn stellium can really fire you up and stimulate your love of learning. This New Moon in Libra might invite some romance and the introduction of a new partner or some lovely loving in an existing relationship.

  • Cancer, this is the moment to clarify what you want and need. The Cardinal square is directly affecting your experience. Therefore allowing you to make it very clear. Use this moment to harness the energy to build the life you want to lead.

  • Leo loves Libra. Venus’s glow contained within the Cardinal energy of Libra helps to clarify your tasks at hand. Inspiring you to plans of action that move you forward. To shine in the radiant warmth of balance and beauty. Giving you the time and space to get going and get moving on whatever it is that needs to be done.

  • Virgo, being the parlor Libra moves from after having embraced the joys of logic and perfection. Those with Virgo Sun are experiencing a harmonious connection with the Capricorn stellium. Allowing for a depth of understanding within to ensue. This New Moon is a good time to acknowledge what’s working in your life now. Then using that as knowledge to clarify how to make other parts of your life work towards the perfection you seek. With understanding and compassion.

  • Libra, this is your starting point. Your Lunar return and Solar return. Manifestation of what you are seeking now is enhanced. Imagine the one thing your heart desires. Then focus your attention on having it. Congratulations! You are now ready to achieve it.

  • Scorpio, enjoy the excitement of the demolition of old structures in service of resurrecting a transformed version based on your deepest desires. This moment harmonizes with your detective side. Ensconced in figuring out the nitty gritty of it all.

  • Sagittarius, deeply enthusiastic about the adventures before you while at the same time noting it all. There is a book to be written and students to teach. This moment is feeding you well with new ideas, concepts and an expansive consciousness. Very interesting.

  • Capricorn, you mountain climbing little devil, you! As traditions and assumptions are being disbelieved. Hold on tight. As you practice discipline, integrity and respect for the bones that hold relevant structures together, your presence will always be needed. This moment you are the main player. As you have been for many years now. So slowly but surely play it well and with dignity.

  • Aquarius, the dawning is here upon you. Indicated by how dark, troubled and muddled the moment has become. “It’s always darkest before dawn.” Keep on, keepin’ on. Your time is surely coming when you must be the main player.

  • Pisces, ruled by Neptune. Being the higher octave of Venus, the ruling planet of Libra. Use this New Moon in Libra to celebrate the beautiful soothing nature of consciousness itself. Being mindful of receiving impressions of how to make materially manifest your deepest dreams.

  • These are my thoughts and impressions of each sign through this New Moon in Libra. I hope it is helpful.

  • For a deeper in-depth specific look into your Astrological questions, hopes, wishes and desires, please contact me @ lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com and we can set up a Zoom Astrological consultation.

    Happy New Libra Moon ๐ŸŒš

    -Pamela Joy

    Astrologer & Astrological Life Coach

    Focusing On The Intention Of The Aries Full Moon

    October 1st, 2020

    9 degrees Aries

    Shared and privately personal conflicts arising from the tensions and stresses of the moment we are living through. To be aware of how they have the potential to awaken and inspire visions and creative ideas coupled with a reverence for life and the rhythm of logic.

    Allowing doors of our consciousness to open.

    Beckoning us towards billowing breakthroughs.

    Manifesting as insights.

    That are being illuminated within the darkness.

    It is only from the depths of blackness through which the glow of a teeny tiny pinprick of light becomes visible.

    And so that is how this moment goes. To be aware that this Full Moon in Aries along with other challenging configurations continuing their ebb and flow are merely serving to open the door to our very own rebirth canal.

    The rebirthing of an innovative shift in our understanding which is affecting how our perceptions of reality and evidenced based shared tangible factuality intertwine.

    The Full Moon in Aries is all about the fearless flight to freedom. To challenge the territory “where even Angels fear to tread”.

    At this very moment it is the transit of Mercury in Scorpio which is getting ready to go Rx as it forms an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Thus adding to the restlessness and heightened energy all around us. Even in the midst of the chaos and confusion brought about through the as yet still quite festering Pandemic among other crises.

    Mercury then forms a t-square to the Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn stellium in Capricorn. As Mars and Eris in Aries opposes Mercury.

    This is a critical mass moment brightly lit by the Sun in Libra. Beaming its spotlight upon the Aries Moon. Triggering knowledge and perceptions about the burning conflicts making themselves so unmistakably visibly felt and known.

    Crying out to be dealt with via dialogue and communication. Brought to you by the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodal Axis.

    I believe that if we play it right, we can ride the power of this Cardinal Full Moon like a rocket fueled jet soaring into consciousness just as the Phoenix in flight does. With its vast wing expanse gliding towards its own freedom and rebirth.

    Triumphantly out of its own consumed ashes.

    Take heart, dear ones.

    The best is yet to come.

    Happy Full Moon ๐ŸŒ•

    Losing Your Mind To Come Back To Your Senses

    September 17th 2020

    New Moon At 25 Degrees Virgo

    4:00 AM PST/ 7:00 AM EST

    This Virgo New Moon conjunct the Sun in Virgo are in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Seducing us to surrender to the depths of the mystical while keeping our minds open to the awareness of what we are actually experiencing.

    The Mercurial Virgo energy opens the way to making sense out of the chaos and confusion we might find ourselves in.

    Seeking perfection while being in the heart of imperfection. It’s a brilliant way to come to terms with the conundrums and paradoxes we might find ourselves in.

    This New Moon in Virgo allows for a grounded congruent connection to ourselves as it forms a trine to the transiting stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

    The moment of the New Moon in Virgo inspires us to come to terms with some of the tensions still quite active via the square of Mars and Eris in Aries formed to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

    It’s the resounding harmony of the Trine formed by the New Moon in Virgo to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that imbues us with the gift for creating a new beginning.

    A new beginning that has elements of cooperation as it is presided over by a clear headed, sensible place of Earth bound clarity.

    To comprehend what we need personally and collectively as we continue to move forward. Then formulate a plan, short term and long term to follow it through.

    Even amidst this shaky unsettled ground that promises to manifest in upheaval as irrelevant authority structures obstinately pull every trick in and off the books to not let go. We are centered and grounded in our intentions.

    This Virgo New Moon marks a profoundly powerful point in time which benefits most of us via the soothing harmony of the trine.

    It’s the predilection towards purification that the New Moon in Virgo energizes. Virgo incorporates health as part of her realm. Health and healing that connects with the Earth and the holistic resources of the wisdom of Ancient healing.

    This heralds in an auspicious time that can give us the vision to focus on new ways of understanding and managing this moment of Pandemic. The Pandemic on many levels that we find ourselves in.

    This could be the time to open up to new and ancient innovative concepts. The wisdom derived from Planet Earth herself.

    Happy New Moon

    Heart Of Compassion/Frozen Shadow Of Confusion

    Full Moon 10 Degrees Pisces

    September 1st, 2020

    Sun in direct opposition to the Pisces Moon imbues its shadowy mystical Neptunian influence on our experience. The Chiron/Mercurial Virgo emphasis of service and work becomes colored by an equal amount of nuanced meandering dreaminess.

    The Pisces Full Moon is a moment to surrender to its Cosmic spaciness while encouragingly staying grounded to tasks and goals in sustained systematic manner. Then applaud yourself for trying. Pisces works in a subtle fashion within the humble side of invisibility.

    With Moon in Pisces and its Neptune influence, the challenge is to hold tight to Earth bound ego concerns and common sense reality in order to allow transcendent cosmic consciousness to envelop your senses with a connection to divine compassion and inspired creativity.

    A centered and grounded sense of self allows for our healthy ego to function effectively. Ultimately it’s healthy self esteem which enables us to glean the compassion, love, beauty and the mystical magic of the Full Moon in Pisces.

    There is also a message to humanity and it can be delivered through the interpretations and synthesis held within the symbolic meanings we attribute to planetary combined movements.

    The current epoch stellium for example of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in the latter degrees of Capricorn squaring Mars and Eris in Aries. The Eris energy of discord conjunct the fearless instinctual drive of Mars in Aries. We are witnessing crumbling systems and structures shake, rattle and roll that no longer hold relevancy for our societies and communities to thrive in.

    It’s a stressful process on Earth when an evolutionary awakening is in progress, as we are in now.

    It’s the potently significant and integral vocalizations by masses of organized people. Loudly and clearly demanding that basic needs which are essential for the dignity and life of the whole of humanity be met.

    The ability and necessity to speak truth to power is a fundamental requirement at this time. As deceptions come to light, along with brazen outright crimes against humanity committed within our very own streets fueled by fear and bigotry. The effects of Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter in Capricorn squaring Mars/Eris in Aries are just doing their electromagnetic thing.

    However, in this moment where there is so much outright acrimony. Even as both sides are in dire discord and conflict, there are some rays of hope.

    For instance, consider the North Node transiting through Gemini. Opening up to real communication as the key. The transmission and receiving of information, amidst and amongst ourselves and each other.

    Discussion, discourse and dialoguing is Gemini‘s principle motivation. It’s a positively necessary component that enables us to find the bridge needed to respectfully allow ideas and innovation to emerge that could result in a realized sustainable way forward.

    Gemini North Node energizes the needed voices of truth and justice to continue to speak out. To shed light on that which has been covert and hidden in deception.

    There is an exposure which is fostering an awareness of how confused and chaotic attempts to deceive are. Deceptions which have been going down for quite some time. This moment forces us to look the deception, cruelty and ignorance straight in the eye and adamantly declare, no more!

    I reiterate once again that in part it is the affect of the energies of Mars 26 degrees Aries conjunct Eris in Aries. In a tension building square to Pluto Rx 22 degrees Capricorn, Saturn Rx 26 degrees Capricorn and Jupiter Rx 17 degrees Capricorn. The tensions of unrest and discord mount as authoritarian leaders fearfully and offensively attempt to cling on to brittle structures protective of the systemic inequality caused by their own dire insecurities.

    This is the moment to respond loudly, clearly, wisely and strongly, NO MORE!

    Gemini North Node, the Mercurial sign of communication and curiosity inspires us to call it out.

    To be aware is to be mindful that the transiting planetary electromagnetic influences play upon our biology and consciousness. Opening us up to validation of the integrity of our witnessed experience.

    Ultimately it’s somewhat reassuring to know that all these challenges and situations must serve as an awakening. Where the focus and goal is the restoration of balance that Neptune, the higher octave of Venus is seeking.

    Neptune, ruler of this Full Moon can serve as divine elixir to mellow out the stress, if we allow her to.

    To breathe into the heart of compassion combined with the heroic courage that the Mars/Eris conjunction in Aries evokes. All these gifts and treasures of the mind, body and soul to carry us through.

    These power packed energies are creatively influenced by the exciting sextile of Neptune in Pisces to the profound triple conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn as aforementioned.

    It’s the Neptunian dissolution of structures operating through the driving discord of the Mars/Eris conjunction in Aries inspiring public movements at this critical moment in time.

    The dreamy bright culminating moment of this Full Moon in Pisces serves to charm and ease our way towards the essential element of compassion.

    Ruthless compassion along with merciful compassion.

    Love, an energy that can neither be created or destroyed.

    The heart of compassion is held within the power and grace of love. This Full Moon in Pisces can serve to evoke that during this powerfully tense moment we are living in.

    As I was walking through the bright, warm and sunny Summer streets in New York City the other day, there were so many folks out playing so much beautiful music. Music from so many varied and multiple cultures. It seemed to be the energy vibration of the beauty and mercy of Neptune in Pisces and the coming Full Moon. Music and dance are some of the charming gifts in the Neptune/Pisces domain.

    This Full Moon in Pisces highlights the playbook on service, sacrifice, and the mystical. However, be aware and and be forewarned that you must remain conscious and fully present since Neptune can drown you in delusion and deception, compliments of its shadow side.

    This Full Moon in Pisces is the moment to really and truly pay attention. To watch, witness and participate whenever possible in the continuing critical mass mobilizations. As indeed they are the logical and required response to the consequences of events that are being played out.

    Through the evidence of mad displays of power grasping for their dying breath as folks are grossly and unjustly being lynched, executed and put to death. We must take part by calling it out.

    Let’s be speaking clearly and vibrantly well thought out words of integrity. Let’s use the North Node transiting in Gemini to communicate. To speak and share with clarity our feelings thoughts and ideas. This is the way to envision and truly gain access to what it is that we desire our world and shared reality to be.

    To work within this wild and crazy time so we can focus on bringing about clear intentions and actions. Resulting in endeavors that support our requirements for good and balanced living. A world where all must thrive and flourish in good health and well being as we keep on moving forward.

    In your own life and chart, in order to know in what areas of your life transformation and growth are being triggered. Look to see what house and planets are between 17-26 degrees in Capricorn in your chart. To become aware of where stresses are stimulating the energy of discord and growth, see where 26 degrees Aries is in your chart. To become aware of places in your chart and your life that can ease the stress and allow for creative expression. See where 20 degrees Pisces falls in your chart. To become aware of the area of your life where you are inspired to communicate and grow through the experience of sharing and receiving information see where 26 degrees Gemini is.

    If you want guidance and support through navigating these fascinating times while continuing on towards creating a thriving, flourishing life, I am available to give readings & Astrological Life Coaching sessions via Zoom.

    Please contact me @ lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com for more info.


    Peace and health to all!


    Having The Courage To Begin….

    Is to have the courage to succeed.

    8/18/20 New Moon 26 Degrees Leo

    In the midst of this dynamically aspected moment we begin again as the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 26 degrees Leo.

    Twenty six degrees is nearing the end. Twenty six degrees is moving towards a new beginning.

    But for now; be playful, be creative

    Let yourself have an adventure.

    Do take a risk and a gamble, just for the hell of it.

    It’s time to reflect on your hearts desire. Leo, the Lion represents the heart of it all.

    As the Sun, it’s ruling planet reflects brightness and the nourishment of light. We are imbued with the fire of courage.

    Courage is the gift we attain as we experience the victorious conquering of our fears through facing challenges right on.

    [Those challenges include facing ugly truths as we must. In fact, I have found it to be true and quite effective that the best way to manifest and become beautiful is to face the parts of ourselves we consider ugly and unattractive. But I digress, more about that at a later Moon cycle.]

    This enables the eternal flame of bravery, the chutzpah that comes from the heart to be filled with the grace of wisdom and strength.

    The confidence of the bright Leo Sun fills our lives with vigor, energy and bright moments.

    What do you wish to create with the luminous energy of the 26 degree Leo New Moon’s inspirational glow?

    To enjoy the summery sweetness of the playful and creative heart of Leo as we are surely making our way towards the Virgo Season.

    โ€œEquality, Liberty And Justice For Allโ€

    The Full Moon In Aquarius

    Intention, focus, energy and consciousness

    On August 3rd 2020 the Moon, being brightly lit by the Sun brings us to the monthly culminating point.

    It is fascinating to me that the crescendo of the Full Moon is always at the beginning of the month. Whereas, the New Moon, which marks the cycle of a new beginning is towards the middle-end of the month. Metaphysically seems to be the never ending rhythmicity of a metaphor played by the infinity of time.

    Beginning, ending, beginning, ending and on and on like that.

    In the astrological reckoning of time the Full Moon is the heart of the process. A process begun six months prior on January 24th, when the Sun and Moon were conjunct in Aquarius, enveloped in each other’s shadow.

    Reflect on what was going on your life then. Try to get a sense of which wishes, desires and goals have come to fruition. What lessons have you learned as you journeyed through your life within the past six months?

    And here we are.

    On August 3rd when the Sun and Moon actually face each other, albeit 180 degrees apart, (I must say that I find myself always staring in awe and wonder at its glowing bright fullness). This Full Moon is a dynamic moment imbued with the charismatic electrified energy of the Fixed Air sign Aquarius. With all of its fondness for fascination.

    Innovative, unique, free spirited and individualistic.

    Always to serve the greater good.

    This Aquarius Full Moon is a time when hope and right action must be implanted into our collective consciousness.

    This is a Summer of introspection, challenges and growth as we continue to learn how to mindfully manage the COVID pandemic personally and interpersonally.

    This Full Moon in Aquarius energizes the dynamic spark of creative light that serves as a beam emanating from a watchtower as we are awakened and learn how to weather the storm.

    The continuation of four outer planets in retrograde motion;

    Jupiter Rx 19 degrees Capricorn

    Saturn Rx 27 degrees Capricorn

    Neptune Rx 20 degrees Pisces

    Pluto Rx 23 degrees Capricorn

    Eris, the Dwarfed Planet Rx 24 degrees Aries

    All this as Mars in Aries, enlivens our instinctual drive to survive and will fearlessly go where Angels fear to tread. Forming a T-square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and to Mercury in Cancer.

    Social and civic unrest continues to inspire the energy, awareness and activities needed to expose the corrupt and corroded structures that do not serve the greater whole of the people.

    This Full Moon in Aquarius imbues us with a healthy sense of skeptical optimism while seriously igniting our perception forward.

    We are currently in the “birth canal”of a process that has been ongoing for many years. It’s within the next five months that we shall be laboring the birth of the changes needed and necessary to support the sustainable life we all must have.

    Be patient, courageous, brave and persevering through the next five months. Something of value for all must come of it.

    How true the reality that indeed we are all interconnected. What happens to one affects another and so on and so forth. The climate crisis is a crystal clear example of that.

    Aquarius with its ruler Uranus and co-ruler Saturn breaks down and tears away systems and structures that no longer serve a harmonious purpose.

    Albeit, while within the same instant, containing and allowing the innovative, relevant seed of the new to flourish and grow. The intention being that necessary and relevant systems must support a healthy sustained flow of life.

    This Full Moon in Aquarius is giving us an opportunity to align ourselves with Aquarian individualistic life affirming values.

    Even as we are living in the midst of tension and stress, it’s the Aquarian future oriented vibration that inspires us. And will continue to do so as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto transit into Aquarius. It’s life affirming influence points us towards a way of thinking and being that supports, honors and guides us towards the value of integrity.

    To establish the value of respecting one another no matter what the differences are. Aquarius enthusiastically enjoys learning from those with differences. Not having to agree or even like it, but to acknowledge their presence and their right to exist.

    Teaching us to know and to trust that in evidence based reality there is providence for all.

    The Aquarian vibration inspires our collective consciousness to honor all of humanity including Mother Earth herself, our main source of sustenance and life. And our fellow creatures who are a necessary and needed part of our own survival as we are of theirs.

    Remember that even amidst the clash, clamor and challenges of these times, we are held within the sweet, warmth of the delightful Summertime. Allow yourself to take pleasure in every moment where you may.

    This brief moment of Summer where the heart of the Leo Sun illumines the mind of the soulful Aquarian Moon and allows you to be inspired by your own creative call to keep on.

    In peace and good health, keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on.

    Happy Full Moon ๐ŸŒ•

    Love to All.

    -Pamela ๐Ÿ•Š

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