Back To Your Senses ~ While Losing Your Mind

In order to set your sights on sensible new beginnings

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

April 30, 2022

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun.

That is a short version of the astronomy of it.

The astrology of it is a bit more involving.

The Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon conjunct the North Node. The North Node is the point of ascendancy from the South. As such it is a movement forward towards an auspicious new heartfelt beginning that supports integrating learning, growth and wisdom.

The Solar Eclipse occurs in conjunction with the New Moon. This Solar Eclipse is occurring when the New Moon in Taurus conjuncts the Sun in Taurus at 10 degrees. It’s a powerful new beginning made especially vigorous and piquant as it conjuncts Uranus in Taurus at 14 degrees.

A shaking up of control and stability in order to establish a new perspective to balance what is out of whack. To reestablish balance, peace and harmony. It’s a learning curve that we are all experiencing on all sorts of different levels. Particularly with the involvement of the North Node.

What with the North Node at 22 degrees Taurus which then is widely conjunct Mercury at zero degrees Gemini. This allows for a comprehensive flowing movement to venture forth mindfully. A time to become aware of what we value in our own lives and the life we share with others on this planet Earth.

Say hello to this adorably amazing creatura!

This New Moon in Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. Taurus energy thrives in the calm stability of a peaceful, blissful environment. Preferably, an environment ensconced in nature.

Can be a bit of a Bacchanalian/ Dionysian sort of energy that finds its pleasure and safety surrounded by sensual pleasures and aesthetic beauty. After all Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. This is Venus in its monetary implications and its harmonious need to be beautiful as well as being surrounded by beauty. Add to this mix, the au current quite activated transit of Jupiter/Neptune and Venus conjunct in Pisces. We now have a conglomeration of elements that are truly divine, on so many levels.

Being a sign of the senses, Taurus wants to feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Of course being well taken care of could very well be in the eye of the beholder. Nonetheless this is a good moment to become aware of what being well taken care of for you is in your life. This sorts through and creates clarity about what you truly do value and what you need.

Does it require money and finance?

Then allow yourself to know, are you finding, receiving or creating the energy and manifestation of it?

Letting yourself, with mindful compassion, be with these thoughts and questions brings to you information that you need. Information that opens your heart and mind to your new intention and goals as you move forward with your life.

This New Moon/ Solar Eclipse conjunct Uranus in Taurus imbues us with a need to reflect on what we value. To acknowledge what we understand to be the foundations of our morality. That is our own code of ethics, along with the integrity of the principles we choose to live by.

Along with the way in which we are intertwined with each other is the influence of Uranus. The teaching and resource of this Uranus influenced New Moon Solar Eclipse is its leaning towards being aware that the seed of the new is usually contained within the shell of the old.

Still and all, what really makes this New Moon Solar Eclipse a harmonic shift in consciousness is the conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune in Pisces. Now adding Venus to this equation bringing this spiritually buoyant, benign stellium to a new interpersonal height. The resonance of Venus as an active player in Pisces serendipitously forms a sextile to Taurus. Love and relationships could be busting out all over.

So set your intentions for what you are ready to bring into your life!

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus is a “genie in the bottle who insists that our wish is it’s very command. However, in reality albeit metaphorically, we, ourselves are the “genie”, the magician and the master of our own lives. Letting us know that our wishes and desires embodied within our own Souls is truly at our command. Therefore let yourself know, if you will that indeed you are

This is the time to allow yourself to listen to the heart of your Soul. This New Moon in Taurus imbues you with the power to do so.

Allow yourself to dream it, dance it, paint it or sing it.

Just open up to your heart and soul.

Then begin anew.

To revel in the new adventures ahead of you as a process of consistent perseverance and practice, in order to make them manifest. We can all do this using the incredible harmonics of this truly awesome New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus through the signs ~

Aries ~ Keep going with the flow. That is the most beneficial way to ride this fascinating wave of energy that affects you in an unusual way. So use this powerfully asymmetrical time to tie up loose ends so you can see what’s what moving forward. Your time to be lit up is on the horizon.

Taurus ~ This is your show! 🎼Happy Birthday to you 🎶🎶 Enjoy the vigor of Mars’s bright Fire to inspire you to move forward with projects that have been on the back burner for all too long. Time to bring them forward with yourself. Time to get to it!

Gemini ~ If you are feeling stagnant, fear not. Ride the wave of this Solar Eclipse ~New Moon energy into a balanced adventure that may very well serve to fill in the blanks about questions that you have been struggling so hard to get answers to. Keep questing, the answers you seek will be granted soon enough.

Cancer ~ This moment is a lark. Enjoy the inspiration the sextile this Solar Eclipse New Moon forms to your sign. This is a very good moment to persevere and stubbornly pursue the goals that have seemed to elude you. Now is the time to focus and do what needs to be done.

Leo ~ It might just feel like there is challenge when Taurus constellates your sign. Be Brave, dear Leo. Challenges being set before you now are serving to test your virtue, strength and integrity. Perhaps, not the most amusing moment in your life. Please know you will be victorious. One step at a time, you will get through whatever stresses or obstacles are before you. And with bright shining colors.

Virgo ~ Enjoy the complete and total harmony this Solar Eclipse and New Moon grants your sign. The possibilities and wishes granted can be endless. Just be sure to focus on what you really want, need and desire. You’ve got to name it to create it!

Libra ~ In a very fascinating way this Solar Eclipse New Moon resonates so beautifully with your life, your plans and your goals right now. Even challenges and difficulties can be smoothed over with the grace of diplomacy and your natural inclination towards harmony, balance and peace.

Scorpio ~ How can you use this moment to gather clarity to continue on with the plans you are just beginning to hatch? This dynamic moment is a gift to you, albeit in a bit of a challenging way. Nonetheless keep pursuing that which might seem just out of reach. As you persevere you will be successful.

Sagittarius ~ Good fortune is the promise of this moment. Particularly if you allow yourself to dream along while practicing meditation. This is such a dynamic opportunity to glimpse the miraculous in action. Remain doubtful and cynical, if you must, but do stay focused in present time to really begin to embrace your inner power. To enjoy the bliss of self sovereignty.

Capricorn ~ If there was ever a time to climb to the top of whatever proverbial mountain you seek to climb, this is it, dear Capricorns. The harmonics of Taurus and Pisces inspire, stimulate and open up doors easily. Stay focused and you will find yourself exactly where you wish to be.

Aquarius ~ It’s a moment to witness and be present with all that frustrates you. Be aware that there is necessary information to be gathered via all the boulders and blockages that appear. Whether it was your own actions that created them or through outside circumstances, keep focused on your dearest intentions. Then with slow but steady practice, perseverance along with your love of life, you will achieve creating the life you so desire to lead.

Pisces ~ An especially potent new beginning for you. It contains the ability to manifest materially and mystically what you desire. Whatever you focus your energies on to create, be aware that in order to embrace the deeper connection to consciousness you so desire you must also connect with the material world. This is especially significant since it is understood you cannot transcend the body until you are grounded and well anchored in your own body in a healthy way. This Solar Eclipse New Moon stellium in Taurus makes that very possible. Enjoy!

Even though that’s it for now, there is still more to come.

Stay tuned

And if you’d like a deeper dive into your astrology, please contact me via email;


Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse 🌚!



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