Letting Go To Keep On Going

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon In Scorpio At 25 Degrees 18 minutes

May 16, 2022

“The Moon’s North Node and South Node are not planets but are the two points at which the Moon’s monthly path crosses the Sun’s annual path (ecliptic) around the Earth. These are abstract points, but astrology accords them the power and effective status of planets.” So states Nick Campion, Astrologer.

The Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon conjuncts the South Node as it orbits closer towards the Earth’s shadow in opposition to the Sun.

Quite naturally as the South Node descends to the North Node it enables us to integrate past challenges and lessons. The South Node indicates past experiences that serve to help us develop knowledge and skills. This is an assimilation point of learning and growth.

The Eclipse evokes a sense of something critically important and necessary that tends to emerge before, during and after the cycle completes.

The quality of this Eclipse as the Moon in Scorpio conjuncts the South Node evokes lessons about letting go. To let go of heavy unnecessary baggage in the form of material objects, relationships or ideas and/or irrelevant attitudes that no longer serve . This letting go can be painful but often it is quite relieving and life enhancing. Freeing up energy, the time and the space to be used for the better. To allow us to channel our energies into a form that opens the door towards relevant pursuits in present time.

As with the Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node, we are moving forward towards new unfamiliar territory. Opening the door to new horizons. We are being aroused towards new experiences colored by the stabilizing, comfort seeking safety of Taurus.

Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node entices us towards awareness of what we value and how that plays out regarding issues around self esteem. Taurus imbues us with matters of finance, money and income.

This Lunar Eclipse occurs while the Sun forms a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus. Intensifying the effective meaning of what originality means along with the uniquely fresh experiences that the novelty of the North Node adds to the equation.

By its very nature the planet Uranus’s modus operandi is to break free of old outworn structures in order to awaken the seeds of creative innovative and genuinely brilliant ideas and concepts. These may be newly formed or not yet formed concepts. No matter, the more aware we become of newly formed ideas as they appear the more we can explore and experiment. To eventually implement them for our divine utilization.

That is once we can figure out what they are.

Taurus seeks stability, comfort, control and acquisitions of value. Taurus wants to be at peace in comfortable familiar surroundings even as Uranus insists on not doing no such thing!

The conundrum formed by this combo can bring about anxiety provoking frustrations. Particularly as Mercury has stationed Retrograde from 5/10/22~ 6/3/22.

Therefore, I highly recommended that you entertain the possibility of allowing yourself to commit to being patient and to practice perseverance. To be mindful and to breathe deeply. To just go with the flow whenever possible. Perhaps establishing a yoga/ meditation practice would be good idea, for now and into the future.

This Lunar Eclipse, the Moon and South Node in Scorpio, forms a Sextile to Pluto as the Sun in Taurus forms a Trine to Pluto. This makes this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse particularly consequential as two slow moving Outer Planets are aspecting this lunation so closely.

Pluto and Uranus, the two Outer Planets of change, of transformation and causal evolution are important players energizing this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Pluto being the ruling Planet of Scorpio conveys powerful dynamic energies that generates unmitigated unconditional demolition in order to make way for repair, restoration and renewal.

Become aware of the wracking wrecking and knocking down of decayed and irrelevant systems and structures that no longer serve the sustained perpetuation of life. Perhaps age old mindsets that in reality really have no wisdom anymore. Maybe once they did but not now. This moment contains energies that serves to break them down.

In actuality it truly seems to be that through awareness of our human frailties that we can ultimately comprehend the process that forces change. As Carl Jung so succinctly has said, “ you can’t heal what you don’t feel.”

This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio supports feeling from the heart in order to heal.

Perhaps through this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the rebirthing of the I – Thou concept that Martin Buber speaks of might just emerge.

As the dross and rubble are cleared away, we have the opportunity to clear away our own mind and body. It is within these moments that something new is being given birth to. This is the Scorpio/Taurus’s Nodal Axis’s energies giving way.

The Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node in Taurus stimulates this birthing of something new. A new value system. Our evolution, the evolution of humanity to a heartfelt consciousness that supports life. To let go of the destructive desire for “power over”. Transformed into valuing the embodiment of self contained power from within. Remember peace is one of Taurus’s quests.

The Sun, represents the masculine principle of engaging with the world. With the Sun’s energy we are roused to our life force so as to exert our focus towards goals of achievement.

The Sun in Taurus is seeking to achieve peace, harmony and stability. The process is being aided by the trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

Capricorn concerns itself with systems, structures and the executive orderly implementation of such things.

Pluto, in its final phases of transiting through Capricorn continues to peel away at defenses. Systemic structures that have become corrosive, insecure and obsolete have been keeping integrity and truth out. Integrity, truth, communication, compassion and understanding MUST make a comeback. To support a sustainable peaceful life of dignity and justice for all.

There is a blooming necessity for clean clear Truth, even if it is lowdown and dirty crying out to be heard. Integrity and well implemented laws that uphold honor and dignity via ethical values must be restored. Truth forges the respect, decency, strength and grace that allows for a sensible relationship with reality. New foundations reeking of sound humane values is the change that’s gonna come.

Seems to be the very elixir required right at this very moment!

Just the right medicine for this moment we are in.

Pluto and Uranus are the exact planetary players needed right here, right now.

It’s actually quite amazing that they are such critical players at work at this Lunation.

These are the exact elements needed to get the job done.

Could this be the moment when the curtain is pulled back allowing us to glimpse at illusions, secrets and deceptions we no longer need?

Time to expose what’s hidden behind the curtain.

To take a look at who we might perceive to be a “big” man behind the curtain. Who is really there?

Perhaps just a fellow human being who got a little carried away with just too much distorted self esteem. That needs some attention.

No matter, it sure seems to me that in the long run it’s up to each and every one of us to stay connected to ourselves with respect, dignity and compassion. I see this as the road forward to be able to clearly and respectfully communicate with each other.

Like Dorothy and her three traveling companions we all need to reach within and embody courage, a heart and a brain .

Courage to have faith in our journey and to signal when we are in danger so as to effectively dismantle it.

Heart as in the courage to have compassion, understanding and to care to.

Brain. To impart the wisdom of the mind. Our brain is “mission control” that navigates our lives here in Earth School. The wisdom to integrate the impulses from our heart and soul. The courage to feel it and be present with it. The wherewithal to put it altogether.

That is what this moment is calling for.

So let’s do this!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio through the signs ~

Aries ~ This is the moment to communicate to yourself and to others love, peace and harmony. But do it in the Aries, gladiator Rock’n Roll way. This is the moment to feel into what really turns you on and brings you peace and harmony. This is especially significant at this Lunation. Let go of old grudges and open the door to new knowledge found in new relationships, new friends.

Taurus ~ To let yourself let go of preconceived perceptions. Rather to see, sense and experience the depths of your heart. This is the moment when new ideas and possibilities appear to make sense. Manifesting like some notion on the tip of your tongue, but at last is comprehensive as a solidified real thing.

Gemini ~ Stop, look and listen! There are some very stressful energies by way of constrictions. They are re-routing opportunities. Be mindful of challenging circumstances that are actually nudging you to find a better way. Then keep going.

Cancer ~ This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio harmonizes with you on many levels.The motivation and insights are yours for the taking just make yourself available to them. It is also necessary to let go of preconceived notions. This way you can be available to new possibilities. Gonna be ok.

Leo ~ This is a pinnacle turning point for you. The particular tension you are experiencing is a mighty growing pain. However this may be manifesting in your life, stick with your motivation and purpose. In a few weeks a misty fog of tension should be clearing away and you shall have a far reaching view.

Virgo ~ This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is playing your song, as it were. This is a validating time for you even in the midst of some stress and turmoil. You know you are on the right path and that many of your past decisions are proving to be good ones. So keep focusing on what you want for your life. Use the next two weeks to reflect on that. Then with the New Moon on the 30th set your plans in motion.

Libra ~ There is a deep calling for you to embody peace and Spirtual pursuits. To know beauty, balance, peace and harmony from within in order to allow it to flow all around you. To rise above the tumult and to settle any residual imbalances from the past. This will enable you to move forward free and clear into the next phase of your life.

Scorpio ~ As your sign is emphasized at this lunation, it would be useful to reflect on the past. To ponder on how you got to where you are now in your life. To integrate the past into your experience of the present. Of what you value in your life now. Then let it all go as you enter into a brand new day of challenges to learn from along with gifts that surprise and delight you.

Sagittarius ~ There is a pearl of knowledge and wisdom to be gleaned from some of the stresses that might have been coming up in the past few weeks. As things begin to work themselves out take notes on what resonates the most. These realizations will serve to support you as you enthusiastically move forward.

Capricorn ~ This is a lunation filled with pleasant surprises that activates your appreciation of a good story. This moment has the elements of your life as if it were a fascinating narrative. As you fully experience your life become aware of the story you are living.The beauty of this moment is you get to choose what to focus on. To be empowered to decide what makes sense for you to carry forward.

Aquarius ~ The gift of detached fascination is your richest resource and asset during this lunation. This is a good moment to observe with captivating and curious interest events as they unfold in your life. Daunting and challenging as this moment may be, the growth and mind expansive understanding continues to serves to liberate you. To live your life more fully.

Pisces ~ This lunation is an opportunity to ground your energy towards what actually does give you bliss. The kind of bliss that is nourishing and inspiring. Be wary of overindulgences that take you out of your body and the experience of living. Strive always to be alive, well, healthy and beautiful. Then focus on the tasks at hand.

There it is for now.

For a deeper dive into your astrology chart please contact me, Pamela

@ lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com


Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 🌕!



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