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New Moon in Gemini. 9 Degrees 3”

May 30, 2022 @ 7:30 AM ESDT

Of war, peace and communication, this New Moon in Gemini has it all.

While the Moon conjuncts the Sun at 9 degrees Gemini, a sextile is made to Mars at 4 degrees Aries.

This along with Jupiter conjunct Mars at 3 degrees Aries imbues this moment with expansive notions. I hope that they are comprehensive enough to support justice and diplomacy.

However as we are all evolving on so many different levels and ranges being at this precipice must be where the basic goodness of humanity emerges. So we all must walk in peace, to support, affirm and allow humanity to emerge in all of us.

One would only hope that current events must strongly influence the very dire need for true diplomacy abroad. Meanwhile seriously making sure to implement sensible legislative regulations and actions that must secure good healthy boundaries here . Laws that serve to protect all of us on demand here in the US of A.

I must say, it’s enough to keep a soul awake at night particularly since Neptune’s nocturnal energy is part of the equation at 25 degrees Pisces. I am comprehending this as it surely appears to be the juncture we collectively find ourselves in at this moment. Kind of a bleak state of affairs that we still must keep moving forward from.

So let’s just keep going and remember to meditate, reflect and care for ourselves and each other. Be mindful to call upon the heart and soul of kindness, compassion, understanding and love as we are ever moving forward into a New Moon cycle. As is occurring right now in Gemini.

Still we must take heart. The New Moon conjunct Sun dynamic in its very essence contains components of the nurturing comfort of Mother/Moon along with the sharp and tender unyielding conditional love of the Father/Sun. This is the essence of any New Moon cycle.

This New Moon in Gemini ruled by planet Mercury is an Air sign that involves the territory of the mind. After all, it is the mind which is what must be utilized to navigate our lives. That includes listening and hearing what is emanating from our hearts to be managed and navigated by mind.

The mind can be the most finely tuned navigational component within our being. However, only if fueled via the power of communication.

Gemini loves to listen and to tell.

To share and to know in order to be effective and functional.

This Gemini dynamic by its very nature lightens things up a bit at this time, especially as we continue to move forward past the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus that occurred two weeks ago. Gemini breathes much needed oxygen to clear the cobwebs out from Winter. Then leaves room to impart the clarity needed to process lessons learned as the warmth of Spring blossoms and blooms and beckons our need to keep moving forward.

Yet we must keep in mind that at this Gemini New Moon we begin anew amidst Aries influenced conflict. This is played out with Aries’s love of conflict and war. I see Aries energy, instinctual, willful and sometimes bombastic and egotistical as part of its love of being alive.

However, what with Gemini, being an Air sign whose realm is the mind itself, there is contained within this moment, the hope and the capacity to bring forward the powerfully priceless elixir contained in the simple yet oh so complex action of listening and imparting informed feedback.

Here we begin anew with Gemini as the “above” part of the equation. Yet in harmonious stimulating aspect to Mars and Jupiter respectively at 4 and 3 degrees in Aries. The warring “below” part of the equation while Neptune is harmonically playing along at 25 degrees Pisces.

This is the instinctual quest for life. Mars is the warring planet of conflict whose ultimate goal is life. Jupiter here in Aries whose ultimate goal is to thrive. To expand the parameters of a well lived life.

All this while Neptune in Pisces is tempering the warring needs of the Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Aries. Neptune offers surrender to an unconscious desire to reach deeply towards peace, compassion and understanding.

To my mind, this indicates that we, as a collective are in the midst of a huge and painful growing pain. A growing pain that supports new clarity and perspectives on how we move forward from here. To value earned trust, respect, understanding and compassion. And to play and have some fun while we are doing it. Why not?

I see this as simple magic contained within the mystery of this moment. Holding our newly established New Moon in Gemini intentions. Consistently to persevere as we center and ground ourselves within our daily mundane tasks. The lively Mutable Gemini energy inspires us to keep moving forward towards a sensible agenda.

War, conflict, violence, destruction and death are not what the Gemini season has in mind. Not really. After all, is it not so that these tragic foibles are senseless on every level imaginable? Don’t you think?

Au contraire, this Gemini Season is a social evocation of talk, parlance, fun and play that celebrates metaphorically the lighthearted beauty of the short lived life of the butterfly.

Flitting from one flower to another in its fragile fleeting life. Carrying the contagion of spontaneous connection and disconnection while procuring and registering it all away for future reference. Such is the purview of Gemini.

This is accentuated via the Moon’s vibrant creative sextile to Mars in Aries. Mars ruler of Aries enjoys challenge and conflict. Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries becomes an expansive instinctual urge to live to do battle if need be. However, Gemini Moon says let’s talk about it. Gemini’s curiosity is peaked and wants to learn more.

As we are all here in Earth School, evolving on so many levels, this New Moon moment of Gemini sextile to Aries can get played out in some interesting ways. To support and guide making sense of challenging feelings such as anger and frustration. The influence of Gemini energy allows the mind to find the truth of what’s needed. Violence or hurting another or oneself is never needed. Mind hearing the passion of aliveness has the capacity to find sensible life affirming solutions to painful feelings. Then the Will of Aries fire can be used in a life affirming way.

Yes, it’s true that here we are in the season of Gemini all a buzz and socially seeking like a butterfly emerging from chrysalis. Finding ourselves enjoying the back and forth banter of conversation. For sure, Spring is busting out all over and there is a vibrant buzz in the air.

Gemini loves life and being in the world, learning, acquiring information and knowledge. Aries loves war and conflict. Aries loves to push the envelope and go where Angels fear to tread. Who will win out? Perhaps a fascinating collaboration will make itself manifest.

It’s a fascinating moment in time to see the way it all can go. Echoes of an evolving energy as Pluto forms a very wide sextile to Mars and Jupiter. Mercury Rx at 26 degrees Taurus is in Trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn at 28 degrees. They both form a sextile to Neptune at 25 degrees Pisces. Connectivity must reign through with Mercury Rx in Taurus, seeking peace and stability.

The point is that we must listen deeply so we can know the nuanced underpinnings of what is needed. Then to feel into how we can meet that need.

Venus at 2 degrees Taurus forms a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Relationships are imbued with intensity. The kind of intensity that requires good clear well intended communication. And here we go again.

Gemini New Moon conjunct Sun is putting light to where there was dark and destruction.

Saturn in Aquarius continues to square Uranus/North Node/ and Mercury. There is a saving grace at work here. A new language emerging that we are beginning to embody. That very many are learning to speak. A language that values and respects diplomacy and partnership. A language of the heart. Truly this New Moon in Gemini is making us all more aware that we are all in this together. And so together we will find a way thru.

Here we go….

Aries ~ Perhaps it would be helpful to hold this moment as the journey of healing the wounded warrior. Taking this time as an opportunity to heal yourself and others. To be aware that your vulnerabilities are actually the links to your deepest strengths and wisdom. Should you keep carrying on in this way you will get to where you want to be in your life.

Taurus ~ A time of some heavy lifting via the stress and tension you’ve been experiencing. This is understandable as a natural response to a time in your life where what you assumed and took for granted is no longer the case. At times perhaps your experience may feel a bit chaotic. However, using your Taurus resource of slow but sure perseverance you will find yourself living the life you desire to lead. Just make sure you clarify what that is.

Gemini ~ 🎼Happy Birthday to you! 🎶 ✨🌞✨ Become aware of your strengths and the power of sovereignty over your self. This is a year ahead of embracing an energized ability to set an intention and follow it thru. This is brought to you by the Aries stellium forming a creative sextile to your Sun. A very auspicious time ahead. Be sure to take some time to meditate or practice yoga so to stay relaxed and centered.

Cancer ~ With the exception of the usual stress that is just part of the natural flow of life. That includes the powerful configurations at play, but still you are able to enjoy this New Moon in Gemini. This makes it an excellent time to reflect on what your goals and aspirations are moving forward.

Leo ~ Perhaps feeling a bit constricted, if ever so slight, which is making things a bit more challenging than usual. This month there will be a sense of a lift since you play rather well during Gemini season. Enjoy the back, forth, to and fro of the delightfully social energy of Gemini! It works well for you

Virgo ~ A very active month for you as Virgo has Mercury in common with you as the ruler of your sign. Your sign being the logical application, as it were. Gemini being open and curious, wanting to check everything out. Could be a very busy time ahead. Enjoy!

Libra ~ A time of coming to terms with your own vulnerabilities. Perhaps as a result of feeling confronted by others. Take heart, it is all in service of self awareness. The best panacea for creating good healthy relationships with others.

Scorpio ~ This could possibly be a time of great whimsy for you. Gemini is one of those signs that you can’t live with but most certainly can’t live without. One thing is for certain there is much change in the air for you. Just go with the flow and see how change can be a good thing.

Sagittarius ~ A time to reflect on everything that brought you to where you are in your life now. A new beginning that reverberates brightly. Your energy is revitalized and stimulated with Jupiter, the ruling planet of your sign in Aries. A sort of fired up season of adventure is in store for you. Just make sure you are mindful of your health.

Capricorn ~ It might be a good time to strategize as things continue to shift around you in an unexpected way. Keep holding firm to good ethics and what you believe in. Then continue on with focus and perseverance. Then everything will come together as you please.

Aquarius ~ A vibrant lighthearted New Moon to take a good breathing space. A space and time to check in with your mind and body in order to recalibrate, rest, and renew. Clarity, focus and following your intention via your motivations is a most beneficial way to enter into this New Moon cycle.

Pisces ~ Feeling a bit fired up these days? A most unusual experience to explore. It’s the sensations and motivations triggered by the presence of fiery Jupiter in Aries conjunct Neptune. Neptune the ruling planet of your sign. Just make sure your meditation and yoga practice is consistent. Be prepared to be inspired in ways even you might never have dreamed of.

There it is for now!

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Happy New Moon 🌚!



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