To Be Informed By The Mystical

Not fooled by the mythical.

A Super Full Moon in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces. On June 14, 2022 at 7:51 AM EDST at 23 Degrees.

The significant component of this Full Moon in Sagittarius is to remember where it’s coming from.

It was not so long ago that we had Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. That transit occurred from mid April to the end of May. That energy was a song of compassion, creativity and mercy. At least that was the possibility offered to those able to remain conscious and aware enough in present time to receive it.

However, the other side of the Pisces equation is where the depths of Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces would bring on foggy clouds of deception and depression. One must simply be aware of the nature of the journey as it is being experienced. Then to process and work with it. Some fascinating new component of your life and what it’s all about for you will always emerge.

With all that being said, here we are at this lunation with Jupiter’s ingress to Aries as Mars in Aries conjuncts Chiron in Aries. So much more for us to learn about. This time in matters of strength , weakness, fragility, love and war.

Perhaps this is the moment to recall the wisdom gleaned from last months transit’s. To call on that energy in order to walk centered and grounded in logical practicality with strength and grace. The values of respect and integrity while working towards peace even while being in the midst of confusion, chaos and conflict. That is what I see as being at the heart of this lunation.

It seems to me that this brightly lit Super Full Moon in the buoyant, optimistic justice loving sign of Sagittarius gives meaning to this moment. Then in its opposition to the Sun in Gemini the experience becomes communicated. It is in this way that through discussing our understanding of common reality that we can make sense of things. Then we are able to create positive needed changes.

It brings to my mind an image. I see the invincible significant power of the voice of truth, as shouted out from the precocious little girl. The one who in all her vibrant alive innocence incredibly bright, clear eyed and advanced for her years sees through it all. She says, “ NO YOU WON’T!”.

This is the little girl Liz Greene talks about in her brilliant book “The Astrology Of Fate”. This aware precocious child asserting herself and saying NO!

No, you cannot fool me. No you cannot hide from the truth of what I know!

No you cannot be deceptive or deceitful!

It is the gentle unrelenting power of the voice of truth. With the bones of precocious integrity that says NO to cruelty, lies and deceit.

I mean it’s one thing to have the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius lit up by its opposition to the Sun in Gemini. However, when you add Neptune in to the equation constellating a square to these “up close and personal” luminaries of the Sun and the Moon we should heed the energetic vibration of it.

So be wary and awake. It is critically necessary to remain quite cognizant of illusions and delusions. The kind that might lead to disappointments and despair.

The square is about components that don’t necessarily groove together. Thus, there is a tense friction felt. The purpose being to find a way to work with it. From that, wisdom, grace and strength emerge. Like a butterfly breaking free from its chrysalis.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is a good time to so see what areas of your life feel more challenging than usual. Then stop and take a moment to breathe, clear your mind and body. Ask your intuitive self aka the voice of the inner child, what she/he needs. Your answer may come in a word, thought or image. Write it down, draw it, sing it or dance it. Eventually the clarity needed to manage what otherwise seems insurmountable will reveal itself to you.

On the other hand, see what happens when you allow yourself to take a deep breath in and deep breath out as you behold in all its glorious beauty the bright illuminations emanating from this Full Super Moon. This is the culminating moment where letting it shine a light and just being there without any agenda, might just reveal the truth and the nature of the reality that is actually here. The support and answer is there within you!

To drop down and surrender to this moment so that this Full Moon can inspire and motivate you to move forward with the simple and the profound.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is the culminating moment serving as a backdrop. Just go with the flow.

If the square to Neptune produces situations and circumstances that might resemble a comedy of errors. Be aware that humor and comedy is how we awaken to compassion. It’s the benign and very heavy at times albeit quite watery gift of Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps the Mutable signs of communication and philosophy are teaching the Neptune within us to talk.

To communicate at last, that which our antiquated systems had deemed unacceptable. Now not only acceptable but wholly necessary.

I believe this is particularly potent since it can act as the solvent to comprehend and unravel the active Saturn/Aquarius in square relationship to Uranus in Taurus. But more on that in a later post.

The Full SuperMoon in Sagittarius thru the signs ~

Aries ~ So much charged energy this Full Moon. Charged and being programmed to find the deeper meaning behind your instinctual drives. This moment is about using your inner resources to master the parts of you that have been in the shadow. Time to shine a light.

Taurus ~ It is rumored that love is in the air. However, if already partnered, issues may come to light. Always a good time to communicate and clear the air. Perhaps the two of you have come to a standstill, a fork in the road and a parting of ways could be the greatest gift for each of you. “If you love somebody, set them free,” sings Sting.

Gemini ~ This is your moment to create and express yourself. Your resonant energy, steeped in talking and listening is the most important ingredient of this moment. Gemini gets to facilitate the narrative. So reflect and respect what comes to mind

Cancer ~ This is the moment of actively participating in whatever life is dealing you. There is a wisdom fueled by your ambitions that can open the door to lovely manifestations of many kinds. Be clear and take the actions that can get you there.

Leo ~ The kundalini charisma which is your calling card is being activated to the max. This is due to the Taurus Stellium and Saturn in your opposing sign Aquarius.Things might be a wee bit stressful, but definitely not boring. Like Mr. Spock allow yourself to be fascinated by it all.

Virgo ~ Mutable is in! This Super Full Moon in Sagittarius aligns with the resourceful gift you have that enables you to adjust to all situations. So whatever conundrums life is throwing your way, give it your all. You have the ability to throw yourself into whatever you need to. You will always figure it all out.

Libra ~ The need for closeness and partnership is very prominent now. However, its practically encoded in a very nuanced way. It all might seem so far away and removed from you, but if you relax and focus on your own needs the other will find their way to you.

Scorpio ~ Transition and transformation is the name of the game. Time to be a deep sea diver. To get to the heart of the hidden mysterious secrets that you may unfold at this Full Moon.

Sagittarius ~ Once again at the heart of the matter with so much delicious understanding and meaningful information to take in. The illuminating Sun in Gemini, shining a light in the midst of frustration which triggers the kind of Soul searching that in time will harvest the answers you are questing to know.

Capricorn ~ What with Pluto transiting the last remnants of its journey through your sign, in harmonious aspect with Neptune and Mercury, could indicate a much needed breakthrough. Stay open to your innate mystical vision as you continue to incorporate workable and quite adequate methods to cope with all the changes coming your way.

Aquarius ~ All the good stuff you are striving to bring into your life is requiring even more patience and perseverance. Take heart to “chop wood and carry water”, many more times, with feeling. Do it, do it, just do it. At the same time stay true to your deepest heartfelt dreams along with the sensible comprehension of what you know is true! Gonna be O.K.

Pisces ~ The depth, power and magic of this moment must be realized by you NOW. The energy will change, but for now revel in the bounty of beauty, mystery and creative flow that is here for you. At the same time, be mindful of how you communicate with others and your self to your Self. This will keep you grounded and centered as the plot thickens as it is bound to do.

And there it is just in time for the brilliantly, bright Rising Moon, a bit late, but better late than never.


For a deeper dive into your astrology chart, please email me, Pamela for a reading.

@ lotus77

Happy Full Super Moon 🌕!



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