A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Writing This Piece…

Time. Time is a particular phenomena which I will be writing much more extensively about in the upcoming Super Full Moon in Capricorn post for the 13th of July, so stay tuned…

June 28, 2022 ~ Sun Conjunct Moon in Cancer at 7 degrees.

A New Moon Lunar cycle has begun and continues on…..

This New Moon/Sun cycle in Cancer is proving itself to be an inspired call in which to activate in your life those of your needs requiring to be infused with encouragement.

No matter what, it’s about moving forward. Even if moving forward is a kind of side to side strut, 1 +2 + then step forward.

I believe I am describing the beauty of the Cancer Cardinal energy. The Crab mobilizes itself via side to side motion. The metaphor of this phenomena is ; TO JUST DO IT!

Just get to it and get going on whatever needs your attention.

To immerse yourself in living is to energize yourself to do so. The Cardinal Water element of Cancer activates and motivates us, sometimes through fascinating indirect action to do so. That is if we allow it to. And allow it to we must!

To resist by tenaciously holding on to things that no longer resonate or realistically matter won’t do. However, to allow yourself to let go and trust is the way to go. When you do that you just might find you get what you need. (Sounds like a song written by one of our Leo friends.) This way, just start to notice finding yourself with much needed breathing space that lets you find room for the life you want to lead.

Becoming aware of what must be done in order to accomplish the tasks. *Please note your affirmations this month will succeed. The Cardinal quality of Cancer is all about going after what must be in order to nurture it into becoming.

It is rather fascinating that the sensitive yet deeply protective archetype of Cancer is a bit of an oxymoron. With determined persistence, sometimes experienced as being downright stubborn, to what it holds near and dear, yet quite tenderly touched by all of life’s pleasures and pain.

The Cancer journey is all contained within the nurturing nourishment of an organic vibrant hard, sturdy shell. Then within that shell of safety and protection wisdom is born as sand or any other foreign uninvited entity gains entrance. It’s the material and/or situation which transformed becomes beautiful pearls. It’s this most fascinating form of self defense that is a resource of this nuanced Zodiac sign.

Nurturing tenderly in order to establish a sense of safety that is created through a rocking back and forth, rocking within the cradle of consistency.

It’s the epitome of the extraordinariness of the ordinary act of mothering.

That is what Cancer is about. It’s about the nurturing nourishment that is the connection to oneself within the domain of home. When the bright illuminations of the Sun in Cancer are at play, home is where the heart, mind and body is. In the conjunction of the Sun to the Moon in Cancer, home becomes the basis of everything. Quite frankly because in actuality IT IS the basis of everything. That includes our bodies and the relationship we have to ourselves.

This brings into focus the necessity of nourishment. Food as a relationship to our understanding of ourselves. Nourishment and food as fuel that energizes and supports our lives in order to carry on.

“Love made hungry is love made angry. “ An angry man is a hungry man.” Sings Bob Marlow This is especially fortified by the Square aspect that the Sun/Moon Cancer conjunction forms to Jupiter at 7 degrees Aries.

Perhaps the saving grace of this dynamic moment we are living thru is being assisted via the spirited vitality of Eris, the sister of Mars. Now transiting in Aries.

Phantasy image of Eris, sister of Mars ~ fighting for rights and freedom for all!

Being influenced through the mystique of the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, as well. The power, love and caring that is evoked through the wildly strong feminine.

Phantasy image of Black Moon Lilith ~ the wild feminine who embodies freedom to love and give birth as she intuits from the depths of her Soul

The spirit of the soul whose eyes are open, sees what’s what and refuses to be dismissed or diminished. The power of our instinctual impulses to survive, to thrive and to live which is brought to us by Mars, Eris and Jupiter in Aries. Once again crying out to be heard through the power of the feminine principle of heart and intuition made visible and comprehensive through the mind of seasoned wisdom. The embodiment of the metaphor of Black Moon Lilith.

Perhaps we are on the verge of “having our day in court” , as it were. Most significantly, as we, the people must, triggered by this powerful moment.


These components of our existence appear to be at a cross roads as they are constellated in cross purpose square aspects. Squares involving focused sensitive seeking of sustainable forms of stability. That is what the component of the Sun/Moon in Cancer evokes.

The plot gets even more thrilling and exciting as Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus forms a trine to the Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer. To aide and quicken our understanding of truly what it is. To be expounded upon in upcoming post.

Quite amazing, that we are held within the harmony of that trine. It could be, metaphorically, like a drink of cool, clear clean refreshing water. To refresh and replenish our souls journey in the midst of the miasma that is the plight and glorious victory of the current human condition, as we know it.

What with the consistent song of transformation that continues to be sung in the key of Pluto in Capricorn while forming a square to Mars in Aries. More about that in the upcoming post.

Then within this dynamic Summer mix, remembering that in the din of the day to day, Saturn in Aquarius is still continuing its square formation to Uranus in Taurus. Abstract and rifting to us some new concepts. All this while we are all still trying to find the life beat that is as of YET wholly incomprehensible for anyone to understand.

As of yet, is the operative word. All in good time as it must be. So it must be that in good time we shall all know what it all really means. Then the awareness of actions or inactions shall be made clear to us. It’s a process. Let’s affirm it peacefully unfolds even in the throes of war. That higher, sensible, realistically humane driven minds prevail.

This moment is a Cardinal crossing over into a greater consciousness and understanding, that although we are all so separate and apart each rocking ‘n rolling to a different rhythm, beat and vibration. We are all still in this together at this most magnificent moment in the greatest dance of our lives ~ the present moment. This point of power that in actuality is available for all.

So let’s keep going!

New Moon chart 6/28/22

This moment in time through the signs ~

Chart of this moment 7/2/22

Aries ~ The Ram and the Crab are running up against each other making life for Aries a bit vulnerable and frustrating. For your well being, please express frustrations through sport and physical activities. Then take some quiet time to journal about it. The awareness and acknowledgement of your beautiful aliveness is validated in this way. Then just keep moving forward.

Taurus ~ This continues to be a profound moment of ambivalence about many things. However, one thing is for certain, you are living through the biggest growing pain of your life. Therefore it hinges upon you to call on your creative Taurean need for comfort and delight, almost to be used as a non narcotic-non- habit forming soothing relief. This should relax you enough to feel safe to gain the clarity you need to get to where you need to be.

Gemini ~ To enjoy the ease with which opportunities, people and finances find you. This is an auspicious time even amidst the large quantity of stress and uncertainty that the global community is experiencing. Allow yourself to be mindful of the dichotomies that are just an inherent Gemini trait. This awareness will be most useful when challenging moments emerge.

Cancer ~ 🎉🎼🎶Happy Birthday to you! 🎶☺️ As always your Birthday is the perfect time to assess what is good and effective in your life. To acknowledge and keep going with those things. While at the same time become aware of your dissatisfactions. Places where your needs are not getting met. To write it all down puts things in perspective and offers insights as to how to proceed in the coming year. This is especially relevant in the face of whatever push/pull ambivalence might have a grip on you.

Leo ~ At this moment, the Moon, which is in your sign Leo, is in direct opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. Whatever plans that you thought you were making, listen hard and listen strong. Through inconvenience, you will be detoured onto a much more relevant trajectory that will make much more sense. Your gift of vibrant creativity and your Leo imagination must be harnessed for a bit of time while you must focus your concentration on processing the proper management of anger. The most powerful organizing force. Use it to get to the heart of what really matters to you.

Virgo ~ Let the ease of Summer and the Sun in Cancer which forms a sextile to your Sun be an easy inspiration. The time to get back into full gear motion will be happening soon enough. Use this time to be creative and have fun in a meandering sort of way. Perhaps that is the sort of challenging work of service that this moment is beckoning to you.

Libra ~ Being the important connecting point of this moment. It’s the Libra need for relating harmoniously, diplomatically and respectfully that is the critical ingredient necessary to work through the equation we are globally currently in. Relationship is what it’s all about right now. On an interpersonal level, for you, this is a good time to assess all relationships in your life. To understand the nature of your relationships will give insight to the relationship to yourself. Be especially mindful that you may be called upon as the harmonious go between to assuage conflicts that might occur around you. Then take time to heal and beautify in order to replenish yourself.

Scorpio ~ Transformation is the name of the game. However, Scorpio’s natural response is to hold tight. With Mars in Aries forming a tight 27 degree square to Pluto, your ruling planet, in Capricorn, you might be feeling a bit more frustrated than usual. Like your nerves are being worked. If you find yourself feeling stressed, tense or unusually vexed in any way, please just stop, take a nice deep breath in, then deeply exhale. As a Scorpio you do have the choice to come from a place of self awareness and love. So make like the eagle, let your breath be what expands you and allows you to rise above it!

Sagittarius ~ Creatively this is an inspiring moment as the sensuous, nurturing Cancer Sun season causes you to pause. Take a moment to ponder about your next adventure. There is so much going on right now, that in all likelihood, you will not have to travel very far. It’s all happening here in your own backyard.

Capricorn ~ Little Devil, you are dancing up a storm fired up by Mars in Aries forming a square to Pluto, whose been transiting through your sign for some time now. I imagine you have become the best of friends! At any rate, if you’ve felt blocked or unable to get things going and move in any way, this Mars in Aries to Pluto gonna get you going. Remember to breathe, that means to exhale too. The best is yet to come, as long as you move forward with your eyes open and staying connected to present time.

Aquarius ~ There is so much insight that is emerging within you at this powerful crossroads that we all are in. A new comprehension of authority, family and the values concerning money, loss and gain. The nurturing energy of the Cancer season serves as a time to reflect on all those things. The pinnacle of change and transformation is upon us. At the zenith where Uranus/ North Node in Taurus holds its place in this magnificent T-square is a need and desire for peace. For global world peace as Aquarians do strive for. So keep going forward in the glorious deliciousness of your day to day life. As you endeavor to aspire staying connected to your heart and soul, inspiring others to do the same.

Pisces ~ Do you sometimes feel like you are the character in the story who is playing the part of the elixir, itself? Being the merciful voice of understanding trying to hold all things together via compassion and transcendence? All this while being challenged to try to find the right words to say? It’s kind of sort of like that for you right now. The saving grace is the beautiful resonance you form with the Sun moving through Cancer. A Water sign that harmonizes and resonates within you. So relax, surrender into some summer pampering in order to revitalize yourself. Some fiery times of good work await you. But not to worry, all in good time!

So at long last there it is.

For a deeper dive into your Astrology chart and/or some Life Coaching, please contact me via email~

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