Just Follow The Flow…

FULL SUPER MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN SAGITTARIUS At 5 degrees on 5/26/21 at 7:14 AM EDST This Sagittarius Full Moon held within the energies of a Lunar Eclipse is a jolly jolt. Such as it is when the Moon is full in Sagittarius and forms a whole hearted Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini. ThisContinue reading “Just Follow The Flow…”

Writing To Know; The Astrology Of This Remarkable Time

New Moon 28 Degrees Cancer July 20th, 2020 The New Moon is always heralding in a new beginning. It’s when the Sun and Moon meet in conjunction to each other. Stimulating an opportunity to create. A time to bring awareness towards meeting a goal, wish or intention. This New Moon conjunct the Sun in CancerContinue reading “Writing To Know; The Astrology Of This Remarkable Time”

Time To Get Back…

To Earth. Super Moon 19 Degrees in Virgo as Mercury Stations Direct. 3/9/20 When Mercury stations Direct it sheds much energy and as Virgo is ruled by Mercury this moment stimulates the earthy practicality of getting things done. Additionally with Mars being in Capricorn there is an extra added focus and rush of energy towardsContinue reading “Time To Get Back…”

On Your Mark, Get Set To Go Go Go

The New Moon 12/26/19 A Solar Eclipse is occurring at the time of this Capricorn New Moon at 4 degrees in Capricorn. A convergence of receptive and productive Planets, the Moon and the Sun meeting as one for a brief moment triggering powerful opportunities for seriously following through with our hardworking dreams, projects and goalsContinue reading “On Your Mark, Get Set To Go Go Go”

Winter Solstice 2019

Yes, that’s what’s next. The Full Moon which occurred on December 12th 2019, brought with it, as Full Moons do, critical mass energy colored by the communicative sign of Gemini within a flurry of activity. We continue to move through time and descend into shorter daylight hours, into the cold of the darkest night. TheContinue reading “Winter Solstice 2019”