Catalyzing Love With The Lion Of The Leo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Leo at 27 degrees

February 16th, 2022

at 11:56 AM EST

This Full Moon in Leo is in direct opposition to both, the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius. This potent luminosity illuminates our path in order for us to carry through with our intentions and goals. The intentions we decided to focus on at the time of the New Moon in Aquarius two weeks ago.

This Leo Full Moon is the very essence of heart energy. Being loved, feeling loved and loving another is how we thrive. This Leo Full Moon is royally at home in its domain when there is adoration, validation, warmth and love. Be aware of how you experience love and the warmth of adoration in your life and how you impart your love to others. It could be in a very subtle, very nuanced, very mundane way. That is where the power usually lies.

Venus and Mars is conjunct in Capricorn!

Just that unto itself is magnificent. The Yin/Yang of the balance between masculine and feminine via the conjunction in operation together is very good for love, for relationships and for social endeavors.

There is an interaction with Neptune in Pisces forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn that inspires sensual energy of the divinely delicious as well. Capricorn has a sexy, mystical side of which this Mars/Venus conjunction serves to cajole. We may find ourselves drawn inexplicably towards many pleasurable delights, of course within reason. ( After all, it is Capricorn we’re talking about). So savor its sweetness and delight in the joy of pleasure while being mindful of maintaining your balance.

What makes this Full Moon in Leo even more creative and exciting is the way in which Uranus in Taurus forms a trine to the Mars/Venus conjunction. What powerful chemistry that has the potential to trigger.

The fact that the Venus/Mars conjunction is sextile to Jupiter and Neptune is an extra added component that expands our sphere of relationship to the mysticism of the cosmic mind. The cosmic mind being some ethereal divine mysterious power greater than our own linear comprehension.

This placement brings into our awareness the need for opening up our horizons towards exploration and adventure. To explore other cultures and the big wide world around us through the eyes of compassion and understanding. To comprehend and integrate the reality that we are indeed all one.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces helps us to know that love, compassion, kindness, peace and understanding is the way. These planetary placements can serve to bring that into our hearts and minds in a much more far reaching expansive way than at any other time.

Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus vibes the soul, spirit and mien with unthought knowledge of brilliance. Evoking ideas and notions not yet brought into conscious thought. It is helpful that Saturn, its co-ruler, presents challenges in order to anchor this genius to some semblance of being on planet Earth.

Aquarius may seem cold, most definitely not as warm and bright as it’s Leo counterpart. Nonetheless, fun and friendship are still deep seated values that moves Aquarius forward. Hence the adage, “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world”. ♥️ Aquarius knows this well.

Then let’s explore the ramifications and impacts of Uranus, co ruler of Aquarius as it is transiting through Taurus. Taurus, ruled by Venus illuminates our connection to Earth and matters of the body. Financial matters, issues of self worth and self esteem are topics of the Taurus/Venus domain.

Uranus in Taurus supports being embodied with a refreshed comprehension of what that is really all about. Taurus’s perception and awareness of itself comes through an intuitive knowing. Uranus imbues Taurus with an electrified current which can trigger an innovative understanding of what it means to be alive, well and healthy in a body on planet Earth at this time. Among other fascinating possibilities.

There is a harmoniously exciting and stimulating sextile which Jupiter in Pisces forms to Uranus in Taurus. This has the possibility of evoking a trend of fresh original collective ideas and insights moving forward. A group-think with a multi -cultural collective of many people from many demographics becoming aware of thought forms that make sense to implement and with ways and means to do it.

These planetary energies can affect communities by inspiring people to reinvent sensible ways of perpetuating healthy new environments. To support healthy ways of being with others. We really can experience higher consciousness through staying centered and connected to mundane and realistic experiences that cherishes a good life for all.

Full Moon In Leo through the signs ~

Aries ~ What a beautiful period ahead for you Aries, as the Mars/Venus conjunction arouses in you the desire for love. There is a playfulness that abounds. So bring your love of beauty and brilliant sense of humor to the party and have fun!

Taurus ~ A mixed bag moment of love possibilities being requited, while at the same time issues with power and restriction. So go nice and easy as you use this time to reclaim sovereignty of your selfhood while being mindful of others in authority who are just doing their jobs.

Gemini ~ It’s as if the pressure is off since the Nodal Axis has shifted out of your sign. So have fun and allow the social butterfly of your nature to flit and flirt hither and thither. Remember to take note, there is much for you to keep in mind of as we move into the reflective waning Moon cycle.

Cancer ~ Allow this time within the next couple of months to be filled with the possibility of love, connection, relationships and enjoyable social interactions. Love is in the air for you. Just breathe it in and open your eyes on the exhale.

Leo ~ With this Full Moon in your honor, milk this moment for every drop of attention and adoration you can get. Some challenges, some stress, nothing you have not yet already seen. The key is to stay focused and concentrate on what matters to you the most. Then just follow it through.

Virgo ~ You may feel bewitched by the magnificence of love present in partnership and in social interactions. The Venus/Mars Capricorn conjunction creates a sense of harmony when it comes to your dealings with others. All this at a time when there is great expansion in your point of view about things you might have taken for granted. Just breathe and stay aware of your thoughts about new concepts and ideas. Then journal it. It will serve as useful information in the coming months.

Libra ~ Lover of love, these next two months can be filled with so many wonderful possibilities. Just make sure you clarify for yourself what your goals, wishes and desires are so you can choose wisely as to where you want to focus your attentions.

Scorpio ~ It’s as if your life is being played out before you. This is a fascinating growth space for you, as it usually is during this season. Hang in there, for the reward is the possibility of love and pleasure. It usually helps to clarify your goals and strategies along with how to achieve them. It might be a trying time but certainly NOT a boring one, so keep yourself together. Get your affairs in order and you will emerge victoriously.

Sagittarius ~ A heavenly moment of reprieve as there is so much activity happening all around you. To be aware of how you are being impacted or not can serve to oogle your mind with thoughts and ideas as to where or with whom your next adventure might be. Then just get to it!

Capricorn ~ I bet you are having an exceedingly magical moment. How utterly delightful to have Venus and Mars traipsing through your sign! What a reprieve from all of the stress and solemnity that is a characteristic of your sign along with all the outer evolutionary planets having shaken things up, good and loose these past years. Now you get to play, a little bit. So please make sure that you do! Enjoy ♥️

Aquarius ~ Is this really the dawning of the Age of your signs namesake or just business as usual? I will affirm with you that indeed it is the former and absolutely NOT the latter. This is the time to keep following the flow to the world you so desire to create. Keep on, dear Aquarian friends, keep on! ♥️

Pisces ~ Your sign is being played out in a most compelling way that is imbuing our world with the energy of compassion, love and understanding. There is a ringing out with the desire to create peace, balance and harmony. You must make it a practice to come back to yourself, dear Pisces and follow your own hearts desire. This is a wonderful time to be displaying your charms reveling in all this moment has to offer. Have fun!

And so it goes…

For a deeper dive into your Astrology chart please email me, Pamela;

Happy Full Moon 🌕



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