Finding The Extraordinary In the Ordinary

The New Moon in Aquarius at 12 degrees

February 1, 2022

This New Moon in Aquarius is like a song that’s hauntingly familiar held within a deja vu. Perhaps it’s the retrograde motion of Mercury or just the need to harmonize and get in synch with the timing of the rhythm and the particular melody of this present moment.

As always we begin this new cycle as an opportunity for setting new intentions and goals. Auspiciously, we have the discipline, support and prominence of Saturn to light the way. Saturn who is the somber co-ruler of Aquarius. The anchor to the genius energy of Uranus.

A new cycle begins

Aquarius conjunct Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn offers a desire to persevere and stick to whatever may be our intention. This New Moon in Aquarius offers the motivation and the spirit needed in order to accomplish the tasks ahead. It’s an imaginative pioneering energy source within that guarantees success.

There is a sweetness abounding as Uranus in Taurus is sextile Jupiter in Pisces. A harmonious aspect which can serve to reinstate faith within ourselves and towards each other.

This is particularly fascinating as the cycle of the North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio is transiting. Taurus seeks to establish peace and stability. A logical necessity to focus on as we move forward through these transformative times. To decipher the South Node lessons of Scorpio played out continuously through chaos and disorder. Time to move through the teachings of the past.

Now we have the opportunity to move forward learning new life lessons that supports life sustaining structures. Structures and systems relevant to our lives on this planet now. This is the scope and range of the Taurus North Node.

This particular unprecedented moment in time opens our minds and bodies towards shifts in consciousness. Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn imbues us with an awareness of issues otherwise hidden in plain sight. Communication, accentuated with Mercury in Capricorn is an important player here and can clarify ideas coming into awareness along with coaxing the necessary dialogue about it to happen.

This New Moon is splendidly a rocking ‘n rolling in a vibrant stellium of light and dark. The time has come for us to be able to see that there must be changes to the systems of the past. There are solutions now available to us that supports moving forward into a thriving sustainable life of dignity for all.

That is the critical missing piece, truth be told, of the story of the United States. The “ powers that be” along with the citizens of the USA and consequently the whole world must begin to face the truth. The establishment of true democracy, a real inclusive democracy informed by an honest look at our history. Really democratically checking in with the moment we are living in now. It’s the energy of the Pluto return of the USA that will show the reality of what our country has wrought.

This is especially significant as we are in the midst of the Pluto Return of the United States. The prognosis I would like to propose is that the Uranian influence on the North Node in Taurus while Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn opens the door to the possibility of earning respect through courageous dialogue.

Pluto may very well herald merciless destruction to structures that are obsolete. It’s important to be aware that it is not senseless suffering, though that may very well be how it could feel. Rather it is about rebirthing into life something new, something better than before.

Not to punish or reward, but to bring a level of mercy, compassion and understanding to the hearts and minds of folks who have a bare minimal comprehension of such necessities. The dire need for a true ethical integrity based on mindfulness and loving kindness.

Time to feel, so we can heal

A society that bends towards Justice. People do seek to create harmony, peace and stability. We are drawn to love, beauty, balance and a certain amount of things that shine with a numinous glow. From a mind, heart, body connection these are necessary values that supports life.

Time to let go and release the mindless illogical campaigns of endless war and heartless unnecessary suffering. Time to value the practice of compassion, love, joy, truth, and integrity, which supports life itself through establishing trust and respect.

This Aquarian season just by its very nature holds the motivational intention of creating a society based on preserving and insuring a dignified good life for all. The Taurus/Scorpio Nodal Axis enables us to take actions that supports such values as these.

~ What makes it even more fun, creative and sexy is the trine Uranus in Taurus forms to the Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn. The Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces points it’s arrow towards some loving kind sweetness ahead. ~ But more about that at the Full Moon post. So stay tuned ~

~ New Moon in Aquarius through the signs ~

Aries ~ Allow your Fiery energy to get charged up and ready to go, since Aries loves Aquarius. The innovative unpredictability of this fun yet heady sign opens you up to the new! So adventure and explore as you find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Taurus ~ Oh you Venus ruled sign, this is a hot month for you moving forward. All the Uranian energy driving you on, perhaps even making you restless and fidgety can mellow you out just a bit. Enjoy the beauty of the trine to Jupiter in Pisces that trines the Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn. This is the moment to solidify business plans or any dealing with finances. It is especially good for enjoying an existing relationship or to be open to meeting someone new. Either way allow yourself to revel in the magical beauty of this moment.

Gemini ~ There is great charisma to be found between Gemini and Aquarius during this New Moon in Aquarius and ahead. The ability to navigate socially and enjoy every moment of it is at your Gemini fingertips. So take advantage of reaching out to people as well as being open to people reaching out to you!

Cancer ~ Make a wish for something sublime and beautiful. Love is knocking at your door. Albeit, only if you are willing and ready to let it in. On the other hand this could just be a creative whimsical time that contains many outlets for you to express your fanciful notions of delight. Not to worry, eventually you will find yourself reordering your time to the stabilizing rhythm and fashion you so desire.

Leo ~ The dynamic element of this moment and especially this New Moon in Aquarius, eternally in opposition to you is here now. So meditate and reflect deeply on what you desire, what are your goals as you proceed brightly moving forward. Then use this time to strategize and plan actions you need to take in order to fulfill that intention.

Virgo ~ An irresistible moment to make things happen. The energies that are with you now are impacting you in such a powerful way. Envision your life right now as if getting on a wild horse of opportunity and taming it to work for you in such a way, that you both prosper. Then just keep going….

Libra ~ Just go and get yourself all spruced up! Get yourself out there into the world and throw your Libra energy around. This is the time to establish yourself among some new constituents as you schmooze the ones you are already acquainted with. The art of harmonious relating is you. It’s the valuable resource of your sign. Rest assured that it is quite well activated with this New Moon in Aquarius.

Scorpio ~ It’s a hot and sweet New Moon in Aquarius for you. Let your sensuous Soul imbue you with its deep wisdom and knowledge. It’s from this feeling that your mind can clarify what you really want and need. Then practice surrendering to what unfolds. You are on the road to manifesting it.

Sagittarius ~ Allow yourself to revel in the sweetness of the Aquarius season, since it resonates with that soulful calling within you to seek the deeper meaning of situations and events. The configuration of this New Moon in Aquarius is a “lucky charm” of sorts, if you believe in such things. Practice meditation and reflect on what you truly desire and long for. Then take aim as your archer nature deeply reveals itself. Then just follow that arrow!

Capricorn ~ This is the moment of balance and harmony in all you do as Venus and Mars are conjunct in your honor. Being in Capricorn, things that you’ve been working on can come to fruition. Do not be too surprised if your existing relationship gets turned up a notch or if you are not partnered yet some interesting someone could come along.

Aquarius ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday🎶 And a charmed Birthday it is. Whatever it is that you need and want, you have the clarity and strength to bring it into your life now. Never give up! Keep moving forward! “Walk on, Walk on, with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone” Stay connected to yourself so you may connect with others. Enjoy the celebration of your Solar Return and then it’s time to get back to work, with love and fury.

Pisces ~ The gifts of your Cosmic flow and love of consciousness itself is greatly charged in a very harmonious and enjoyable way. I suggest you practice the art of communication as love and partnership may come your way, if you are not there yet. This is also a good time to clarify your goals particularly around finances and other earthly matters. Then enjoy the awesome journey that this New Moon in Aquarius promises.

There it for now, folks!

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Happy New Moon 🌚



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