Culminations ~ The Full Moon In Cancer

January 17, 2022 ~ 27 Degrees Cancer

The Wolf Moon ~ The First Full Moon Of The Year

This Full Moon in Cancer evokes heightened sensitivity, feelings rising close to the surface. That is why this Full Moon is a time of self knowledge and self awareness. The sensitive feeling side of Cancer offers insights as we allow ourselves to drop down into the part of our being that holds the truth. The substantial actuality of our felt feelings allows us to connect with what we need in synch with the reality of what’s possible.

Need, nurture and nourish is the name of the game when the Full Moon is in Cancer.

The voice of vulnerability is contained within the deepest awareness of our feelings. An experience, metaphorically speaking of the voice of the child, the eternal “creatura” that must be listened to. Our feelings both good and bad are our own inner voice of heart and soul. It’s a shared connection to what gives us vitality and connects us to our humanity.


Dr. Carl Jung said, “ you can’t heal what you don’t feel” . This Cancer Full Moon invites us to be aware of our feelings so we may comprehend our needs. To be able to identify the feeling as either mad, sad, scared or glad which then contains common sense knowledge of how to get our needs met. When we utilize our mind to manage and navigate our feelings we can usually get our essential desires met. To quote Mick Jagger, “ You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you get what you need.”

January of 2020 was the year intuitive consciousness and scientific evidence forced us to become aware of the dangerous vulnerabilities we found ourselves in. A conglomeration of conundrums filled with conflicts and adversity that we are still in the midst of dealing with today.

The ongoing transit of Pluto in Capricorn inspiring the continuing breakdown of systems and structures is in part being played out through the COVID pandemic.

This January Full Moon of 2022 is an energetic reckoning of the Capricorn Stellium that has been activated within the past couple of years. The COVID Pandemic is, as it continues, serves as a catalyst that for some evokes deeper questions about how we live.

“It is not for nothing that our age cries out for the “redeemer” personality. For the one who can emancipate himself from the grip of the collective psychosis and save at least his/her own Soul, who lights a beacon of hope for others, proclaiming at least one man/woman who has succeeded in extricating him/herself from the fatal identity with the group psyche.” Said quite eloquently by Dr. Carl Jung. If I were to describe one of the benefits of Saturn in Aquarius as we move into the Season of Aquarius within the next few days, I would say that quote holds the most benign sentiment of its most needed and profound possibility.

Jupiter entered Pisces on 12/28/21, just recently in fact and will stay there until 5/10/22. This placement can serve to smooth out some of the rough edges that naturally arise in times of great transformation and upheaval. Expansive expressions of compassion and elegant humility that supports random acts of kindness are a lark, with this transit. Jupiter in Pisces encourages long sighted actions amid communities of people to dialogue on bettering conditions based on shared values.

This is particularly significant as the Nodal Axis shifts from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio on 1/18/22. We’ve been evolving through the Gemini/Sagittarius’s themes of the mind and the meaning of life. The shift to Taurus/ North Node/Scorpio South Node evokes themes concerning our deep core values as reflected in our relationships to sexuality and power.

At this time we must also consider Uranus in Taurus, which shimmies direct on 1/18/22. As it continues its process of intrusive inconvenience in the interest of liberation and transformation, let us take heart and keep moving forward, relaxing into the flow.

Uranus forms a trine to Venus Rx in Capricorn, perhaps creating changes in established relationships for the benefit of all. Neptune in Pisces trines the Cancer Full Moon as it forms a sextile to the Sun. Time to call upon transiting Jupiter in Pisces to meditate, meander and let the voices of creativity support, inspire and soothe you in a time when to maintain your spirit, health and wellness of being is of utmost importance.

There is a slow but steady chipping away of obstinate and primitive outmoded systems.They are structured belief systems based on punishment and reward. This gets played out through the Full Moon in Cancer in opposition to the Sun in Capricorn. This can be interpreted as the classic metaphor of the Mother/Father dynamic. To incorporate the unstructured maternal nurturing feminine principle with the masculine, achievement oriented father principle. To find a healthy balance between the two is essential for a good well lived life.

In light of events that have transpired prior to this Full Moon, it is a good thing that there are many more people becoming aware of how basic systemic structures and components of our lives have not been working as effectively as we need them to. This Full Moon/Sun opposition in Capricorn along with the gravity of this present moment stimulates thinking about these systems with redesigns that must serve all of humanity.

“Here and now, be that as it may, as individuals we must cope with the groups we inhabit. We must speak their language, if not to agree, then to question”, I quote Astrologer Jessica Murray.

This Cancer Full Moon in opposition to the Sun, Pluto snd Venus Rx in Capricorn as Mercury Rx forms a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. All this as Saturn faithfully squares Uranus in Taurus. While in the midst of Neptune squaring Mars in Sagittarius, is one helluva culminating moment.

We must utilize the end of this cycle as a plea for everybody to keep mindfully listening, communicating and staying present.

Cancer Full Moon thru the Signs ~

Aries ~ This Full Moon cycle aligns with the action oriented impulses and instincts of your sign. So get to whatever plans and goals you have set out for yourself to do. Let this serve as a template moving forward into 2022.

Taurus ~ So much tension and stress that is being invited to be channeled creatively via the trine Uranus in your sign is forming to Venus Rx in Capricorn. There is great inspiration at this moment in time where you may expect the unexpected. To open the doors to your mind to a whole new vision of your life moving forward.

Gemini ~ Just a mellow month that holds the promise of an awesome Spring. In the meantime draw upon the magic of meditation where you may glimpse some new assignments, goals and tasks being assigned to you via this culminating Cancer Full Moon.

Cancer ~ The power of this Full Moon in your sign brings with it a need to come to terms with the ongoing transformations within yourself to yourself. That is the deal when the Full Moon is in your sign. It’s so powerfully stimulating as it evokes a stronger sense of need and far more powerful feelings than usual. However, with Planet Neptune in Pisces at play in harmony with you, like a genie with a magic lantern, focus on a wish so the creative sextile to the Sun can make it manifest and come true.

Leo ~ A time of soul searching, perhaps a good time to write or express your experiences at this moment. Your thinking is being filtered through the broad and structured lens of Saturn in Aquarius conjunct Rx Mercury in Aquarius. This makes your vibrant Leo energy resonate to a very different beat. Just go with the flow and allow something quite amazing to emerge.


Virgo ~ What an uplift of energy this culminating Moon moment is for you. The sweet harmonious energies of Neptune in Pisces in the trine to the Cancer Moon as it sextile the Capricorn Sun. This can bring clarity. A reprieve from Virgo practicality, to let go for a while and surrender to the flow of consciousness with no agenda. Just for a while.

Libra ~ This Full Moon moment of Cardinal delights aligns beautifully with you. Making plans and taking actions that put you on the right track as this year continues to unfold. Keep healthy and well so to stay focused, balanced and beautiful.

Scorpio ~ Stop, look snd listen as the Nodal Axis, particularly the South Node enters your sign. It’s time to assess all that your life has brought you to learn and know. To stretch yourself towards Taurean concepts and ways that requires you to learn something new. Your natural detective eye shall find this mysteriously exciting and challenging. But you are one to never shrink from a challenge. Enjoy! Then tell us all about it.

Sagittarius ~ There is still a bit of an ongoing battle between the Mars energy transiting your sign while forming a square to Neptune in Pisces. The assertion and vitality that Mars inspires is a good thing. The square is just presenting a real dilemma for you to resolve pertaining to surrender vs. holding on with gusto. Meditation and slowing your life down will help you find solutions. Right under your nose, it’s all there.

Capricorn ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday to you, dear Capricorn! 🎶 There is a balance to be found in the moments ahead where you have relationship prospects. Relationships where change growth and transformation are sure to occur. It is good you understand the value of patience and perseverance as you enter into a new year.

Aquarius ~ As you are forever up for a challenge so this moment in time will not disappoint. For sure, breathe, pay attention to all that goes on around you. These growing pains should be undergone with a clear head, so do tend to your health as top priority. Be patient and persevere as you continue on in your journey where you are asked at times to look the Devil straight in the eye. Not afraid that perhaps, the devil is just trying to show you the other part of the dance. It’s all good when you can sift through it all and find the common thread to it all that brings it altogether in peace, harmony and love. Shine on silvery Aquarian friends.

Pisces ~ So ensconced in wondrous meanderings particularly during this Full Moon in Cancer. Neptune, your ruling planet chimes in harmony with the Cancer Full Moon so very well that you fill yourself with gorgeous tones of music . Music that serves to soothe your soul, yet there may be a sudden jolt to get things done, later in the day perhaps as you are energized via the sextile Neptune forms to the Sun in Capricorn. So finding the balance between your inner world of consciousness and actively being in the world motivated by a healthy ego. So to navigate any complexities is what this culminating Full Moon moment brings you. Its all good as you continue on. Keep on!

That is it for now.

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Happy Full Moon 🌕!



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