Birth Of The New ~ Now More Than Ever!

On January, 2, 2022

5 Degrees Capricorn

At 1:33 PM EST

We have a New Moon in Capricorn conjunct the Sun in Capricorn. This is the perfect time to evaluate what your goals are for this year, moving forward.

Happy New Year/ Happy New Moon

This New Moon in Capricorn is an auspicious time to reflect on what you need in order to transform your dreams and desires into practical goals and actions.

This is so because in Capricorn we are dealing with the Earth element of a Cardinal sign. To utilize this new beginning of the Moon/Sun in Capricorn conjunction is to harness the power of integrity, perseverance, practice and consistency. Use it to map out your plan of actions. Take advantage of the energetic power needed to implement them via this strong configuration.

Its the joy of the Cardinal energy which triggers the activation of actions that are both realistic and achievable. That’s a pretty good way to begin this New Year.

The Moon/Sun conjunction in Capricorn also forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus. This adds fun and ingenuity to the planning process.

It’s about being anchored to something solid, like Saturn in Aquarius. Then finding yourself enveloped by circumstances and situations that ultimately serve to free you from some outdated rut, a constriction no longer necessary. Quite often an intrusive inconvenience that might shake you up a bit. This is significant since we derive stability and a certain amount of comfort from the rhythms of our habits. How habits can become their own form of pleasure.

When in the grips of this letting go process, it’s good to remember that it’s the influence of the placement of Saturn in Aquarius and the square to Uranus transiting thru Taurus that is affecting us. Its this creative yet stressful configuration that we are all still learning to dance with. This square continues to be in play as we move through this most amazing time.

This inspires in a serious yet innovative way, a significant comprehensive method of setting goals based on a renewed focus. A newly reborn and refreshed understanding of what really matters as we continue forward at this new year/new moon beginning moment.

The fabric of systems that have been falling away, specifically as we have reached the end of the beginning of the COVID crisis. Let me repeat, the end of the beginning, which means there is more to process, heal and learn from. The COVID phenomena, perhaps metaphysically serving its own purpose as a catalyst for change and transformation.

Mars in Sagittarius, fiery planet of vitality, forms a square to watery Neptune in Pisces. Neptune with its ability to dissolve our conscious awareness can serve as an attracter of infections, viruses and all manner of troubles. However, in contrast, Mars is all about the vitality and flow of the fiery life force fighting instinctually for its own survival.

There is a balance that is striving to be arrived at caused by the stress and tension of this square. The foggy mists of Neptune in Pisces, with its seductive beckoning, contains within it the possibility of attracting all manner of microbe and infection. The square to Mars in Sagittarius is triggering a correction and reconceptualization of how we deal with health in general. It is a very necessary upgrade in our consciousness that is making it more reasonable and possible to be taking charge of our own health. A conscious awareness of health care, prevention and education based upon respecting our own inner authority.

This is where Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn continues to serve its purpose. As it dismantles structures of authority, we must attune to our inner sense of authority and self dominion, communicating and dialoguing with others as well. To create a democratic agreed upon new way that serves all.

We are here to embody the truth that, “ the only Angel who sees us now, watches through each other’s eyes

“And the only Angel who sees us now, watches through each other’s eyes”

Mars in Sagittarius forms a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius at this time. This aspect enables us to gladly work with all of the changes and ensuing instability. This sextile stimulates our yearning to look at our individual lives and our collective shared reality through the lens of creative ideas that comes from an array of refreshed concepts. To find new ways to move forward and continue to be embodied on this new Earth with respect for evidenced based reality and each other.

Try not to get too bogged down in beliefs that lead to deception and falsehoods. Especially since this is one of many ripe moments to respond realistically in a sensible way to all that is going on. The keywords of this moment are that “the truth will set you free!” The sextile of Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Aquarius serves to inspire being in truth.

The New Moon in Capricorn through the signs~

Aries ~ With all this Cardinal energy stimulating your get-up-and-go, just get to it! Take stock of pending projects to get to. This is the year to accomplish and complete.

Taurus ~ Enjoy the stabilizing factors brought about through the trine this New Moon has on your sign. Capricorn lifts you up and moves you forward. The Cardinal energy helps you connect with tasks in such a way to give you the focus and clarity you need.

Gemini ~ Things may seem a bit stagnant but this will change as the year unfolds. For now go through all your many reserves of networks to categorize and organize yourself. This will open the door to how you need to focus your energies through out this year.

Cancer ~ So simpatico are you, with the Capricorn Sun/ Moon connection, as it balances out the other half of your sign dynamic. This is the perfect time to plant new seeds to fulfill new dreams that are relevant to the self that you are becoming.

Leo ~ This moment imbues you with so much get-up-andgo that you just got to! And so you do. This is a wonderful new beginning for the bright vivacious you. So is it a good time for centered and grounded planning as well. 2022 looks good for you.

Virgo ~ A harmonious time of positive reflection as Jupiter transits through Pisces. This could result in a calming soothing effect with a a bit of extra sensory perception to expand your consciousness. A drug free kind of look-see. Enjoy!

Libra ~ A very good moment to set your plans in motion or to clarify what’s needed in order to do so. This New Moon in Capricorn aligns well with your Cardinal energy that motivates you to take action. So get to it and do it with gusto!

Scorpio ~ As the Nodal axis makes its way to Taurus/Scorpio, use this New Moon moment to focus on yourself. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind for you as you’ve spent most of 2021 adjusting to Uranus in Taurus opposing your sign. Continue to mindfully practice that dance as a new rhythm is about to come into the mix when the Nodal Axis shifts.

Sagittarius ~ This moment you are at the heart of everything as Mars transits your sign forming the interesting aspects mentioned above. So a time of mind expanding growth that supports assertion and connection to the more difficult feelings that ultimately serve to will you forward. To move forward with gusto. To embrace and manage any challenge that comes your way with all the passion and compassion you can give it.

Capricorn ~ 🎶Happy Birthday🎶This birthday is a continuation of all the good work you have been doing. Specifically all the good work ahead. This is a time to clarify who you are in your family, your friends, your community and the public eye. Look at what you value and what matters to you and make that your priority moving forward. Many blessings, health, peace and happiness as you continue on!

Aquarius ~ At this New Moon in Capricorn and moving forward, there is a song playing in your heart that only you can hear. So write it, record it, dance it and/or poetry it. Eventually those around you will get it. Meanwhile, keep your ear to the heart of your soul and keep going, keep working, keep giving, keep living. You are thriving and will thrive some more as you keep on.

Pisces ~ Always last, but never least. You are at the doorway of a brilliant precipice as Neptune continues to transit your sign. As the power and jolly love of Jupiter energizes you to new and brighter depth of compassion, understanding and your personal favorite of Cosmic Consciousness. If you don’t have a meditation/yoga practice already, that would be a good thing to consider. Staying grounded and centered on Planet Earth could be a bit of a challenge during this time. It could also be a productive, lucrative time. So please enjoy in good health, well being and peace.

That’s it for now. Still much more to come! So stay tuned.

For a deeper dive into your astrology, please contact me, Pamela via email @

Happy New Moon 🌚!




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