Just Follow The Flow…

FULL SUPER MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN SAGITTARIUS At 5 degrees on 5/26/21 at 7:14 AM EDST This Sagittarius Full Moon held within the energies of a Lunar Eclipse is a jolly jolt. Such as it is when the Moon is full in Sagittarius and forms a whole hearted Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini. ThisContinue reading “Just Follow The Flow…”

New Moon 4 Degrees Aries

Happy Spring As a whopper of a new beginning unfolds. A new beginning always is preceded by an ending. I propose that as we are experiencing one of those endings through the form of the Pandemic. The Coronavirus/COVID19 Pandemic affecting societies globally, nationally and locally. The ongoing Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which is beginning toContinue reading “New Moon 4 Degrees Aries”

The Devil Of Desire And Disorder

Finding balance through listening to the call of your Soul. What is it that inspires a careful mild mannered fine upstanding citizen on a well thought out and planned diet to have it slowly turn into an ugly orgy of binge and bloat? OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I know and understand theContinue reading “The Devil Of Desire And Disorder”


EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES CHANGES” New Moon 4 degrees Scorpio This is a Scorpio Season where the vibrational influence of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn conjunct keeps bringing forth obstacles and challenges that collectively and personally serve as the signposts towards the changes needed in order to revision, rethink and rebuild ways of being. This seemsContinue reading ““SHE CHANGES EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES””

The Practicality Of Sublime Transcendence

Full Moon In Pisces – Sun In Virgo Sun in Virgo opposing the Moon In Pisces imbues this Full Moon cycle with the deep richness of the sacred. It is veiled in mysterious subtle beauty. Pisces Full Moon illuminates the vibrant crescendo of mystical shimmery resplendence in its misty way, bringing about the inherent resourcesContinue reading “The Practicality Of Sublime Transcendence”

The Full Moon; The Culmination In Aquarius

On August 15th, when the Moon is full at 22 degrees Aquarius, this innovative rule breaker designed to bring clever ways of viewing your self, your life and the world shall wake us up and shake us up right out of the morass of deadening mediocrity as it shines its innovative luminosity for all theContinue reading “The Full Moon; The Culmination In Aquarius”

A Teeny Tiny Tune For The New Leo Rising Moon 7/31/19

Today Bringing bright moments. Of visions that contain elements of cleverness that fill us with inspiration, glamour and fun. Hello, as we just might find ourselves entertaining notions of taking playful risks. Gambling, love affairs and children. Joyful jolly greeting to this Leo lit conjunction of Moon to the Sun Leo is symbolized by theContinue reading “A Teeny Tiny Tune For The New Leo Rising Moon 7/31/19”

Full Moon In Capricorn, Partial Lunar Eclipse 7/16/19

The Moon’s fullness of light, shines when it reaches it’s position in its cyclic orbit where we are actually seeing the Moon itself lit up by the Sun, just shining its light as a spotlight would upon it. In Astrological and metaphorical thought it is the feminine intuitive nature of the Moon when in oppositionContinue reading “Full Moon In Capricorn, Partial Lunar Eclipse 7/16/19”

New Moon In Cancer Solar Eclipse

Mystery unfolds. The power of two heavenly bodies conjoin in such a way that they effectively interact with our energies on Earth to beckon and influence. At this moment in time the New Moon in Cancer held within the dynamic of a Solar Eclipse along with opposing by sign, not yet by degree, the SaturnContinue reading “New Moon In Cancer Solar Eclipse”

Money Matters And Planet Earth

New Moon In Taurus The exchange of energy enacted within the fluidity of money. Compelling is the experience of having or not having it, which is one of the ways alliances are formed. This need for goods and services is what connects us to each other. The earthy sign Taurus is very much about money,Continue reading “Money Matters And Planet Earth”