Let’s Just Get On With It

There is a New Moon in Virgo On August 27th 2022

To develop a clear energized, vibrant work and life schedule.

To work with joy, coming from the Leo Season into the Virgo Season.

This New Moon in Virgo is of the Earth. This inspires a sensible realistic use of logical practicality. A down-to-earth, no nonsense predilection towards service. There is a desire to serve that fosters a heightened elegance through a quiet humility. That is the quality of this Virgo New Moon.

There is a balance to be found in this moment as it marks the transition from the bright, warm and fiery creative impulses of the Leo season to the mellow elegance and cooling energy of the Virgo season.

Leo and the Summer was fun and filled with play now the mood shifts into the Virgo season and the serious sobriety of the coming of Autumn.

This moment is best understood by how the purity and elegance of Virgo is at odds in square aspect to Mars in Gemini. Mars in Gemini is a pinnacle player at this time. It is not only in square aspect to the Sun and Moon, Mars in Gemini is at the zenith of a Grand Trine to Mercury and Pluto.

This could be conducive to some serious communication and messaging that can emerge transforming the way we understand events and issues in our personal lives as well as within our society. This is because Virgo and Gemini both have Mercury in common. Having access to the mind as a navigator of communication is a significant component of this New Moon.

There is a potential to be motivated towards practical constructive ways of working through conflicts. To build something new out of that which no longer serves. Discussion and dialogue must be the way. This moment contains many possibilities towards that end.

Do we choose to manage and understand what’s going on or do we get carried away by frustration and stress? Reflecting on these questions supports using these energies as a time to expand our ways of dealing with challenging experiences. This way we can allow this moment to support creating good connections that actually serve to fulfill our goals.

Virgo ruled by Mercury has recently been understood to be co ruled by Chiron, The Wounded Healer. It’s through being aware of our vulnerabilities that we can knit together the fragmented pieces of our lives.

At the time of this New Moon in Virgo, Chiron is Rx at 15 degrees Aries. This ties in to the theme of the Moon conjunct the Sun in Virgo that forms a square to Mars in Gemini. The archetype of the Wounded Healer becomes a subtle energy that could make itself known as part of the dialogue. This energy activated through vulnerability while in the midst of much conflict works well with Virgo. A summit of healing energy getting down and dirty while trying to formulate a new way of dealing.

Venus at 19 degrees Leo in opposition to Saturn at 20 degrees Aquarius squaring Uranus Rx at 18 degrees Taurus is certainly adding some love to the equation along with its own challenges.

All this while Pluto Rx at 26 degrees Capricorn is sextile to Neptune Rx 24 degrees Pisces. Neptune then forms a sextile to Uranus Rx at 18 degrees Taurus as Pluto trines Neptune. Something so profoundly new knocking on the door of our consciousness turning us on to a whole new perspective of life we need to know about now.

To acknowledge that if the journey of Virgo is about the need to integrate and put together many fragmented bits of ourselves then this New Moon in Virgo is a fascinating place to start.

Reflect on your life as it is now. Then allow yourself to reflect on what feels good, workable and harmonious about it. Then consider the parts of your life that seem to be chaotic and cause you anxiety. That is a good place to start to begin to explore what that part of your experience is needing from you.

To explore and understand what the anxiety and chaos is asking of you in order to create balance and work better is to be honest with yourself. This opens your mind to a new perspective of looking at things. This practice can serve to bring in new possibilities you might never have conceived of before.

I believe this New Moon in Virgo with all of the many multi layered aspects is what this New Beginning moment is about. To keep going, following through to serve your goals, your life and the world around you. With joy and elegant humility.

There is a calming peaceful serenity that takes us in as we gather into the New Season attentive to the tasks at hand and taking the time to be tending to them,

The New Moon In Virgo Through The Signs ~

Aries ~ A moment of expanding your horizons. For the most part you are all for it however you might find yourself encountering some challenges. The resistance is concern for the need to trust the authenticity of your thoughts and ideas. Always a love/hate relationship with the simple and the mundane. Use this time to put your vitality towards activities that require your physical energy, through work or recreation.

Taurus ~ The journey of transformation and self change continues. Venus, your ruling planet is squarely involved along with Saturn to temper and balance any extremes that are too hard to handle. The peace and stability you require and so desire seems to be thwarted by your attempts to establish it. Then learning the art of surrender could help and support you at this time. Allow yourself to indulge in music, painting, dance. Establishing breath work and a meditation practice could also help. This is a fruitful time on a growth soul level. Allow yourself to be open to it all. Eventually as with most things, this too shall pass.

Gemini ~ A time of much communication in the form of listening and sharing. Your easygoing social persona could be imbued with a bit of pushiness as Mars transits your sign. A good time to take a pause and/or maybe put your thoughts down in writing before divulging them. A good time for energized physical activity, exercise or creative dance. It will help to channel and release all of this awesome energy brewing in you. Other than that, Virgo season works well for you since it is ruled by Mercury, your shared ruling planet with Virgo.

Cancer ~ A good time to collect yourself and tend to the tasks at hand. Simple mundane work especially pertaining to home, favors you with a sense of calm. The stability you require is held within the humility of basic everyday tasks. To experience the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Leo ~ A time of beauty filled creativity even amidst challenges, stresses and strains. The t-square Venus forms in your sign to Uranus, North Node in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius is requiring a great deal of growth. The growing pains you might be feeling now can prove to be quite beneficial in the long run. So hold steady, try to find the joy and creativity in this fascinating moment of time.

Virgo ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday, dear Virgo! 🎶 This Birthday New Moon must be putting a great deal of oomph in your step. So use this challenging energy to explore all things of curiosity that are on your wish list. This is a wondrous time where you will be able to solidify those projects that seemed elusive before. Particularly as the month progresses. To handle the extra energy brought on by Mars in Gemini square to your Sun, focus on good fun physical activity, play, dance and meditation. If you have not established some kind of meditation practice, this is a good time to do so.

Libra ~ A rather busy social time of conversation, chatting and even debate. It is all good as you are a part of the community that is seeking to find balance, peace and harmony. As things go awry you are supported to harmoniously foster dialogue to move things along, peacefully and constructively. Within all of that take the time to focus on your own needs as you live into the elegance of this New Moon.

Scorpio ~ At the heart of it all, yet quite distanced in opposition. This is a good time to gather your energies and focus on what your goals are as you continue on. Virgo season works well to calm your need for transformation and your penchant for change. Within all of that use the wisdom you have gleaned from the past to guide and support you moving forward. Clarify what needs to get done then just do it. Do it with the passion that is so part of your natal predilection.

Sagittarius ~ A time to focus your mind as you mend what needs mending in preparation for your next adventure. This is a good time for logical and practical planning on the mundane level. It will give you a good runway to take flight from. Pay special attention to channel the extra energy you have in physical activity such as sports or creative movement aka dance!

Capricorn ~ There is a wisdom and knowledge that you have access to now via the Grand Trine that Pluto in your sign forms to Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Libra. Kind of like a preview of what could possibly lie ahead as Pluto transits out of your sign into Aquarius. Use this New Moon in Virgo moment to organize yourself and help others to do the same. Be mindful of your needs based on your experience in the present moment. Trust and respect your process moving forward. By the same token, trust and respect others in their journey. Truth, integrity, wisdom and mercy are good mantras to hold in your mind and heart as you move forward.

Aquarius ~ Feeling a bit constricted even with liberation at hand. Use the elegance and simplicity of this Virgo New Moon to organize, organize, organize. It’s a good moment to get it together moving forward. True freedom must be anchored, centered and grounded in earthbound reality. So use this moment to get yourself there. Little by little, after a while so much will start to make sense.

Pisces ~ A serious moment for the mercy and compassion so inherently native to your sign. I speak of the little Grand Trine of Neptune in your sign being sextile to Uranus/North Node in Taurus in trine to Pluto as Pluto is sextile to Neptune and your Sun. There is so much juicy wisdom and powerful experiences to be had with all of those influences coming on home to your sign. However, your thoughts and experiences must be reality tested and evidenced based. If you are so moved, it would be good to write it all down. There is much to be gained by putting your experiences, thoughts and feelings on paper, particularly at this Virgo New Moon. Let this moment help to clarify some goals you have for your life moving forward!

There it is!

I hope it’s helpful.

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Happy New Moon 🌚!



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