Compassion Permeates Planet Earth

The Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces on September 10, 2022, occurred at 5:59 AM ESDT ~

The Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces illuminated by its opposition to the Sun at 17 degrees Virgo is about blending the ethereal with the practical.

To find focus, by being grounded and centered with practical tasks that keep our mundane daily living running smoothly, via the Virgo Sun. To then allow ourselves to surrender to the misty elegant gossamer experience of transcendent cosmic consciousness, as illuminated by the Full Moon in Pisces.

Pisces asks us to surrender. To let go, with compassion, of increased frustrations and tensions we might be experiencing. To then process what those frustrations and tensions are by bringing them to our attention in a calm logical way. Then we have Virgo, to ground, center and bring the balance of Earthy practical Virgo into the equation.

What makes this Full Moon in Pisces so particularly potent is the conjunction it forms to Neptune in Pisces. Planet Neptune being the ruler of Pisces and of this Full Moon.

So much Neptune.

So much Pisces.

Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune is about forgiveness, compassion, mercy and surrender.

Ultimately the quality of the Moon in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces encourages us towards the release of ego. That’s not ego, in its healthy function as “mission control”. Rather, false sense of self ego. The deceitful tricky delusional notions of ourselves and our lives. Could be a painful process of surrender, albeit the reward is quite valuable.

To surrender a false sense of self in order to become embodied as your own authentic self is a necessary ingredient with which to have a fulfilled life. That would be the healing component of this Full Moon in Pisces.

The Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces can also serve as a pathway to merge into a sea of oneness.To become aware, beyond judgement, of how interconnected we all really are.

The other feature and resource contained in this Full Moon is an element of service. Elegant service, via Virgo, along with the service of healing implied through the Pisces experience.

It is one of the elements that Pisces Moon and Virgo Sun have in common. That is the ultimate motivation to serve. As Bob Dylan has said, “You gotta serve somebody.” This is a good moment to reflect on where you are being served and/or where you serve others in your own life. To note the experiences of serving and being served. To be aware and grateful, and/or to forgive and let go.

This Full Moon forms a square to Mars in Gemini. Gemini is a curious sign hungry for experiences that supplies information and answers to questions. Mars, being instinctually driven is bold, fearless and willful. As we are now in the midst of Mercury Rx this could bring about some serious, “foot in mouth” communications.

Be somewhat assured that the square it forms to the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces can actually serve to temper any possible verbal atrocities. Such is the elegance of the Pisces/Virgo dichotomy. So the prescription here is to be aware and work with this energy as you remember to breathe and focus on your best intentions.

To be mindful with understanding of yourself and others in order to navigate your interactions in loving kindness.

“You better believe it, this thing is real!” says Talking Heads

This Full Moon in Pisces through the signs ~

Aries ~ Continuing to learn to live life with a humbling awareness of your deepest vulnerability. At the same time feeling fired up to make some new lasting changes. Learning to experience your strengths through an internal sense of power, as opposed to externalities.

Taurus ~ Change does not come easy, however at this point it’s becoming a familiar friend. There is a certain sense of surrender that evokes a desire in you to let go of the past and to see what comes your way. The Universe is saying, “it’s alright, gonna be ok”

Gemini ~ Being perhaps a bit more rambunctious than usual as you are experiencing Mars in Gemini energizing your mind and body. However, please be gentle with yourself and others. Your mind and body are operating on a more fiery energetic field than usual, with Mars in your sign. A good time to study Martial Arts or join a kick-boxing class. To just embark on any project that involves a creatively fun and healthy release of energy. Energy that brings joy, is always a good thing!

Cancer ~ A sensitive feeling time for you. A good time to let go and just be creative. Perhaps put on music and dance or just groove to whatever strikes your fancy. Being reassured, not to worry, since what’s needed is actually being accomplished. This is a good time to just surrender and relax. To be prepared for when the time to be very active and involved emerges once again.

Leo ~ This moment is profoundly serious growing pain. A pain that is leading you to a new path of understanding about yourself, your relationships and your life. Hang in there! This moment is worth every bit of your precious attention.

Virgo ~ This moment is a grand finale. A completion of a fruitful Virgo season. Relax and enjoy this culminating period. So that you will be available to take on new projects that will support you by the time of the next New Moon in Libra on 9/25/22.

Libra ~ An expansive moment to gather knowledge. Your mind is open towards a deeper understanding of ideas and situations that have previously been foreign or unavailable to you. This moment helps you to become aware of where you belong in the grand scheme of things.

Scorpio ~ A relatively relaxed time for you to focus on your deepest wishes and desires. Then see what of them has come to fruition. Know that eventually you will create something that you truly need from what you have already made manifest. That is a more perfect understanding, respect and connection to who you really are.

Sagittarius ~ This is time to become bone chilling honest with yourself. This way you are able to become aware of everything you have experienced in your life, so far. All based on your first hand experiences. So many blessings along with so many challenges have brought you to this very moment. Now it is time to let go and release it all. To await with patience the deeper profound meaning of it all for your life. Then you’ll know how to move forward from here.

Capricorn ~ Movement forward is slow and steady. Patience and perseverance as you steadily climb up that mountain towards your hearts desire. All in good time shall be granted to you, particularly as you envision your goal and desired outcome. This moment is harmonious with all of your natural inclinations, such as patience and perseverance.

Aquarius ~ Be mindful and careful of your health right now. There is an extra zip of energy combined with the need to continue to heed the challenges as they present themselves to you. Everything in moderation as you move forward into many new and fascinating developments.

Pisces ~ Such a teaching and learning moment. To consciously choose to stay grounded in the mundane as you are swept away into the ocean waves of blissful relaxation and inspiration. Remember it takes great strength and forbearance to have mastery of both worlds. This is your greatest gift and resource. Allow yourself to consciously claim it.

There it is!

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Happy Full Moon 🌕!



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