The New Beginning Of Love On Delay

{New Moon in Libra occurred on September 25, 2022 at 5:45 PM ESDT}

Libra the sign of relationships and partnerships seeks peace, harmony and balance in matters of justice. The adage, “it takes two to tango” is a necessary component of these things. So Libra, ruled by Venus relates to all things that have to do with relationships.

In fact Libra is a sign of duality. It’s a place where we learn to “hold the tension of the opposites.” To learn to work through the anxiety that comes up when we are required to make a choice. To know the intention is to seek balance and harmony even when there is dissonance.

Venus ruler of this New Moon in Libra fills our attention with beauty. To strike a balance within us that resonates and harmonizes beautifully. This is a moment to open our minds and hearts to the beauty around us. To be present with the resonance of harmony, peace and joy. Like a well kept secret which is actually hidden in plain sight. This is the time to take a moment to stop and become aware of your surroundings. Then to become aware of who you are in relationship to it.

To really experience that “Beauty is not a need but an ecstasy.”

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror, but you are eternity and you are the mirror.” – Khalil Gibran from The Prophet-

Beautifully adorable!

However, beauty can only emerge as balance is attained. The kind of balance that comes from the realization of stability. It’s the consistency of our routines and rituals that creates the structures we need to establish reliability. This then allows us to trust our own process of life in relationship to all of existence.

This is where calm happily resides. The kind of serenity that fosters stability and safety. The sort of peace that resonates beautifully with chords of harmony. Its the experience of being held within this cradle of balance which is what makes life worth living.

I love Libra. I love writing about Libra and breathing presence and truth into the experience of beauty. It’s really not a frivolity but rather a joy and a pleasure. It’s one of the feelings that makes living life worthwhile. It’s also the place from which we can start making some realistic sense of our lives. That relaxed place of harmony is what Libra and her ruling planet Venus is about.

The ecstasy of beauty actually serves to inspire practices that require discipline. This is in order to maintain the very balance and harmony necessary for a healthy relationship to ourselves and each other. Beauty then serves as a breath of inspiration. This is very fitting since Libra is an Air sign. A Cardinal Air sign that stimulates activity.

During the season of Virgo there was an impulse towards perfection through the practice of elegant service. Now as the season of Libra unfolds there is a curious enough impulse to enter into the awesome quandary contained within the perfect imperfection of relationships.

For the most part entering into relationship is a great way to experience the divine imperfection of living in an imperfect world. Albeit, we never ever release the need to seek perfection. We never stop, nor should we ever stop doing that.

However, the gift of relationship allow us to enter into chaos so that we can journey back towards a place of equilibrium within ourselves while maintaining our inherent need for partnership. In reality, it’s quite a spiritual growth process. On some level, real or abstract we are all participating in this dance.

This New Moon in Libra is strongly influenced by its opposition to Jupiter in Aries. Creating a desire to seek out the Yang energy of Mars. In a sense stimulating a desire to establish balance. Not so easy since it is in diametric opposition. A challenge that stimulates even more curiosity.

Learning to hold the tension of both sides of this opposition is a necessary component in striking the balance needed. It is fortunate that Mars in Gemini is in trine to Saturn in Aquarius. Allowing some flexibility and mindfulness to check in with what’s going on while imbuing the power of communication so as to entertain the possibility of talk.

To hold the tension of the opposites on many levels is a relatively new and necessary concept permeating our culture. It really seems to be a recently new fluent part of our experience at this time. Albeit, rather progressive, I look forward to it taking hold and becoming quite mundane. Even as we are in the midst of meeting the proverbial “demons at the various gates”.

With Mercury Rx in Virgo, there is the possibility of reckoning through some form of skilled communication. A significantly needed elixir at this time. At any rate, this is a fascinating new beginning on so many levels for all of us as we continue on.

Now, Neptune Rx 23 degrees in Pisces is adding a powerful dose of love, compassion and fog into the mix. Try not get lost in the swirls of hazy mist.

Seeing our way through…….

Neptune believed to be the higher octave of Venus can bring our awareness to a whole new level of understanding of what love is. How it permeates all things. That is if we can allow ourselves to drop down into the actual realistic awareness of our own experience of being alive.

In this way Mars is of great assistance. Mars the embodiment of the body even as Mars is in the mercurial sign of Gemini. Mars forms a T-square to the stellium of this New Moon in Libra via its square to Rx Mercury in Virgo. Just to keep us on our toes.

This creates the atmosphere of some kind of poetic renaissance to help coax truth and Justice out. Since Neptune is engaged there is some tricky interplay involved. There is still so much illusion and delusion abounding everywhere. In light of that, it’s helpful to be aware that we do tend to view it through the lens of our own perceptions and belief systems. That is why communication is worth it’s weight in gold. We must get on the same evidence based reality page. Then as a community we can create the sustainable changes needed for the well being for all.

That is why it’s a good thing that there is also the tightening of the square of Saturn Rx 19 degrees in Aquarius to Uranus Rx 18 degrees in Taurus.

It’s a good growing pain, albeit quite uncomfortable and inconvenient. Still and all, the time has come for us to grapple with some new sets of values concerning money and the ways in which we live in the material world.

Truly, this is a powerful moment in time that encourages a healthy questioning of antiquated traditional systems. The shell of the old needing to be made conscious and processed so that the seed of the new can grow in a relevant life sustaining way.

It’s about clarifying what we must let go of in order to make the space for creating something new.

All this while at the same time acknowledging and respecting the wisdom contained within the shell of the old. To learn from the past then to release and move forward.

The past might have elements that contain the seeds of some new possibilities. This is a good time to acknowledge all the experiences of our lives that have brought us to this moment. To then let it go with gratitude. Then to step through to the doorway of a new beginning.

To have clarity, even within the fog and stresses of challenges. To participate in the ecstatic awareness of being alive. To be aware and grateful that as a result of toiling with difficulties and challenges, we are now filled with wisdom. The wisdom and strength to move forward. Self esteem emerges as we take responsibility for ourselves along with the grace of self confidence. Now, to my mind that is the embodiment of beauty, balance and harmony.

To value the healthy awareness of being at the center of the creation of our lives. To make a commitment to live in balance, peace and harmony, that then reverberates all through our global village and all through time. That is what this New Moon in Libra holds as a possibility. To be mindful of these ideas and anything else you might want to set as your goal as the Moon continues to wax towards the culmination of fullness on October 9th at 16 degrees Aries. Stay tuned.

L’Shana Tovah ~ Happy New Year!

The New Moon in Libra through the Signs ~

Aries ~ There is a continuing need to settle into yourself and breathe. This helps as you may be experiencing some restlessness. Take care to do some inner reflecting. This could serve to give you the grounding and centering that is called for as Jupiter transits your Sun. The wisdom of the saying, “be careful what you ask for” is good wisdom for you to be aware of now.

Taurus ~ The Grand Trine that directly involves Taurus is a great opportunity to make sense of what it’s all about for you. There might be a needed gentling of some of the anxiety you have been experiencing. So take the time to relax, reflect and take note of what you are beginning to comprehend from the past couple of years. This could bring some meaning and understanding to the experiences you have been having lately. Experiences involving unusual wants, needs and desires that might seem a bit out of character for you.

Gemini ~ There is a fiery surge of assertive energy that is with you now. A really good time to begin yoga or a good martial arts class. Physical activity is a good way to channel this extra oomph of energy. So you can be cool and not find yourself to be the pinnacle of much ado about nothing. Whatever you do, be mindful of breathing out after you take a nice deep breathe in. Then use your vibrant curiosity to create a language that gives expression to the amazing new experiences this moment keeps providing.

Cancer ~ Continue to adjust to this new season by making yourself at home within it. In many ways this is a harmonious movement forward for you. Perhaps you are experiencing a silver toned lull to the din of the day. In other words, focus on the sound of any sweet harmonic that brings you to a place of comfort and rejuvenation.

Leo ~ There is a lightening up happening. Leo loves Libra. Even amidst challenges and the somber Saturn influence right opposite you. Allow yourself to get dressed up, to be out and about and to play. To bring your own special brand of brightly lit fun energy into whatever venue you find yourself in. To shine and be loved!

Virgo ~ To bring the knowledge and wisdom of the past season into all of your relationships now. Make sure to give yourself time to be physically active. Movement right now is necessary for your health. The ease and release of energy that movement provides will give you the clarity to deal with whatever might b coming your way.

Libra ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday Libra!🎶🎶 Many happy returns! Use the gift and blessing of this moment to clarify your direction moving forward. Feel into your hearts desire. Know that you are in the midst of facing some life changing experiences that could be quite fruitful to your goals moving forward. So reflect on this past year, acknowledge all that you love about your life now. Then think forward and become aware of what is next. What are your goals moving forward. Then keep on!

Scorpio ~ This is quite an illuminating time for you. That is inasmuch as you can value putting words to what you have learned through the course of your life to date. Much of what you want to accomplish can be done. It’s through the obsessive perseverance inherent to your sign along with all of the powerful planets playing with you right now. So let it be. To be open to see what will unfold.

Sagittarius ~ A major rush of energy to move you into the flow of this present moment. Towards whatever adventure you are setting your intentions on now. Whatever it might be, I hope good healthy physical activity is a part of it. The other serendipity of this moment is to communicate about it. Whatever it might be. So write it or speak of it somewhere. The assertive energy of communication is an organizing energy of healthy individuation. Use it well!

Capricorn ~ There are some hard realities that you have been confronted with lately. Now there are influences that are affecting your perspective on things in a whole new way. Situations that might have felt solidified and settled may be seen in a whole new light. Allow yourself to surrender to some new ideas that might have seemed far fetched in the past. New possibilities abound. Let yourself be open to exploring them.

Aquarius ~ This is one of those moments where it’s very necessary to get all your “ducks in a row”, as it were. Otherwise, like the psychic Cassandra, no one will believe you. So this is a bit of a stressful time however a wonderful time to get your house in order and tend to your business. All of your hard work is starting to pay off. Just keep focused on what your goals are and how you want your life to look.

Pisces ~ On some level feeling beguiled to make yourself known is the question of this moment. To step out of the veil. It’s actually the cosmic energy of your ruling planet Neptune playing a prominent role during this waxing Moon. Most significant for you is the gift and resource of compassion and understanding. Perhaps needing to be put to good use moving forward through this time. Just make sure you apply that needed mercy to yourself as well!

Well, there it is!

For a deeper dive into your astrology chart and some really good Life Coaching, email me, Pamela

@ lotus77


Happy New Moon 🎶!



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