The Ramifications Of The Full Moon In Aries~

Pun intended!

‘Twas 10/9/22 ~ the Astrologer here is in the midst of learning a WHOLE new OLD traditional language. However, the heart and soul of this piece is still true to my name ~ Thank-you

The fury, fire and rage of this powerful Full Moon in Aries, which just passed resonates with the basic life loving instinctual need to survive.

It’s the gift of this moment. Truly, since the Sun at 16 degrees Libra conjunct Venus trine Saturn in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini brings with it some yearning sentiments of peace, love and understanding. The light of higher consciousness must find a way to break through. It must.

There is the connectivity of the Sun/Venus conjunction in Libra through its opposition to the Moon/Chiron conjunction in Aries having its effect on relationships. Relationships that are imbued with a slightly uncomfortable vulnerability would do well to be seeking balance through striking some kind of harmonious stability. I know this is easier said than done. However, what with the light of truth being illumined by the brilliant energy of this opposition amidst the light of the silvery Moon, why not?

In other words this Full Moon in Aries could be heralding in the much needed communicative and diplomatic way to embody the raging fire and fury of change that mankind has been laboring under for many years now. There is a way to channel the creative passion contained within the tension that is actually a metaphorical labor pain seeking the integrity of its own individuation. A glimmer somewhere within our collective psyche is expanding towards this understanding.

On many levels this would be a natural response to an increased notch of stress and uncertainty. The result of the square between Saturn at 18 degrees Aquarius with Uranus at 18 degrees Taurus. This is the final chapter in a trilogy of this particular tight square. I would suggest using this moment, especially as we are in the foothills of Eclipse season, to focus on staying centered and grounded within yourself. Doing breath work, yoga, martial arts or Pilates as an act of self love.

In reflection this powerful square brings to my mind the quote from Marion Woodman in her book Addiction To Perfection, “We live in a predominantly Christian culture that has lost its connection to wafer and wine.” That statement describes to me the conflict and stress being expressed via the energy of Saturn in Aquarius in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. A shaking up of the old while implanting the seeds of the new. The awareness of which we are still not yet conscious enough to live into just yet.

The hope and prayer of eliciting cooler minds and open minded compassion and understanding must be added to the equation. As we continue on living through such amazing times. Here I am reflecting on world affairs. This Full Moon in Aries is activating a needed breakthrough moment into higher consciousness, but only if we are aware of it and only if we can allow it to be spoken about out loud.

“You gotta row on both sides of the canoe, or you’ll just keep going in circles.” That’s some Native American wisdom I heard today spoken by the teacher, singer and activist Buffy Saint Marie. Are we in the process of understanding how to hold paradox? The movement through the heavenly spheres could be prodding and influencing us along such lines. Along with those people who understand and know. They are enlightened beings who choose the wisdom of love, compassion and understanding. Even in the face of fear. Courage is the sentiment we are growing into. The courage to love and the courage to communicate and share

Played by ear and the beating of my heart and soul ~ welcome to my understanding of this moment in time ~ through the signs ~

Aries ~ In the center stage of the hot seat of vulnerability and conflict. A relatively familiar place for you to be. Perhaps it’s because through conflict and adversity you get to express yourself. However, now you are being asked to explore your fiery energy from a perspective of subdued humility and wisdom. Just make sure you are clear with yourself about your intentions and goals. No matter what, indeed you are in the midst of opening your horizons to the new and innovative.

Taurus ~ Gotta love this moment in time, my dear Taurean friends! Yes your passion and feelings might be running quite strong. No matter, allow yourself to trust in your process of change and innovation that has overtaken your life for the past several years. This is the moment where what has grown obsolete can be let go of. So let it go so that something far more satisfactory emerges to take its place.

Gemini ~ Feeling a bit “hot under the collar lately”? Not to worry! As you are having an educational moment. Learning to manage an instinctual need to not only survive but to thrive. Seek the joys of beauty, peace, love and harmony through Venus conjunct the Sun in Libra. Then allow yourself to be held within the cool discipline of Saturn in Aquarius. Not a bad time to enter into a relationship or make some good headway in the one you’re in. Maybe even just groove on all this amazing energy that’s playing you.

Cancer ~ Sometimes, perhaps you feel all alone in the world. Fear not. Consider this a resting place. A time to regroup and gather yourself. In fact reflect on the past three years so you can move forward in time with the clarity you so love and appreciate towards a newfound stability.

Leo ~ Libra is a good season for Leo. Your fiery energy is much appreciated especially during this Full Moon in Aries. It’s so warming and comforting to be fired up and then balanced out by the peace loving energy of Libra Sun. All this while you are being tempered and refined by Saturn in Aquarius. This is a good time to write your memoir or start a podcast. The mellow energies are a good place to explore just being a more low key elegant light of love.

Virgo ~ There is a kind of stress eliciting the kind of tension that could be compelling you to communicate some ideas you have. It is not an easy experience to be aware of, however being aware of it opens you up to choices. The most helpful thing to do is to use this moment to assess your situation, clarify what you need and move forward from there. Even if you don’t have the most satisfactory outcome you will definitely learn and grow.

Libra ~ ✨🌞✨ Happy Birthday! This is a very magical Birthday year for you. On October 22, 2022, there is an exact conjunction of Venus, your ruling planet with the Sun in Libra. A powerfully sweet bunch of energies to herald in your coming year. Still at this moment the culminating energy of the Full Moon just passed has been another extra boon for you moving forward this year. It’s a Grand Trine of balanced Yin~Yang, tempered with the challenging power of Saturn at home within itself. This is a great time to get to your work, your ideas and your beautiful self out there. Enjoy!

Scorpio ~ It’s time to assess what might not be working for you in your life. Time to let go. To establish a healthy flow of your energies. To take in the new lessons and new found understanding coming in. There are some fun times ahead, but first the clearing out and the letting go. A process you are quite familiar with.

Sagittarius ~ Some might think you be too outspoken and opinionated, while others utterly appreciate your upfront way of communicating. Finding the balance between the two is what this time is about for you.

Capricorn ~ This has the potential to be a gestalt aha moment for you. The way to harmonize with it is to meditate and breathe into this very present moment. The Full Moon in Libra with all of its good fortune is making you question all that you thought you knew. What you thought was real and solid is not, while what you thought was powerless and inconsequential is actually proving to be quite visceral, tangible and useful.

Aquarius ~ Take this time to tune into harmonious powerful energies that really love you. Such as those that the Grand trine this Full Moon has brought in. Remember that along with some stress and discomfort that are actually huge growing pains, to hang in there, check your temper, stay calm and pay it forward. Time will tell, however the Universe agrees that you are on the right track.

Pisces ~ Neptune your ruling planet is prodding you towards assertion of some kind. Perhaps journaling would be a good thing to do right now. This way you can become conscious of what is trying to make itself known to you. Along with being able to communicate it to others, especially a significant other, if you are so blessed to have one. With all of the stresses of this moment, love compassion, forgiveness and mercy are the goals.


Well, there it is. Writing from my heart while learning some new astrology techniques. No matter, I hope this was helpful.

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