Mystical Musings Thru The Murky Mist, Of It All

New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse~ 10/25/22 ~ 2 Degrees in Scorpio

T’was @ 6:49 AM ESDT

When the Moon in Scorpio conjuncts the Sun in Scorpio and the South Node. A change and transformation is gonna come.

It’s the New Moon conjunct the Sun that is the beginning of a new cycle, yes. However, its the Solar Eclipse that opens up the galactic gates of consciousness. When that occurs it encourages experiences that enables us to move forward while integrating the wisdom of lessons learned from the past. To take stock of how we got from there to where we are now.

This Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in the spirit of rebirth, redemption and transformation. To open the doorway to a creative new beginning. A birthing born out of comprehending the knowledge gleaned from the depths of lived experiences.

The Grand Air Trine with Mars in Gemini at the pinnacle puts the emphasis on actual lived experiences as the operative thought. That is thanks be to the curiosity and natural love of learning that Gemini imbues Mars’s fiery instinctual drive with. This makes Mars transiting thru Gemini fan the flames of voracious curiosity and the knowledge and understanding born out of actual lived experiences.

It is fascinating to ponder the creative enthusiasm of Mars fired up by the Airy intellect of Gemini. There is contained within this some sort of comic relief. It could be quite funny, in fact even silly as Mars imbued with a curious burning hunger is moving forward, becoming quite intrigued, then being motivated to breathe in speculative and utter mindful thoughts.

This has the potential to be emphasized on a whole new level what with Mars in square aspect to Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces could influence. I dare say that huge leap of faith is needed to educate Mars in Gemini in diplomatic communication. Perhaps it could be a long shot, but maybe this square could get into the heads of those folks in positions of “power” to become abruptly aware of the burning need for compassion, mercy and understanding. Let us affirm those concepts and choices become a key part of any and all discussions as opposed to the escapist delusional deceit and fog that Neptune can impose.

That is why it is a saving grace to have Saturn in Aquarius, albeit still square to Uranus in Taurus, as the other pinnacle of this trine. Thru the challenges and blockages Saturn also has the capacity to establish new healthy flexible boundaries. Even if they must be negotiated and renegotiated to get the structure of them right. Saturn becomes the rider on the horse. Serving to tame the fiery impulses Mars in Gemini brings. Saturn in Aquarius brings the stabilizing voice of reason to the impulsive, fiery temperament of Mars in Gemini.

To influence collective motivation towards logical thoughts that will benefit humanity. As we keep on moving forward.

Then it all comes up for mulling over by the committee. That is Mercury, the Moon and the Sun in Libra along with Venus forming a stellium that brings it all back home to personal matters of self and other. Yes, this is the third component of this Grand Air trine New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Peaceful balance, via diplomatic negotiations have real possibilities of being evoked at this New Moon Solar Eclipse juncture.

There is an Air of innovation at the heart of this moment. A new perspective on our lives which is making its way through many, many years of a morass of clouded vision. Now we have a freshly inspired component via the evolutionary influence of the divine discipline of Saturn in Aquarius. Serving to open our minds to a fresh new point of view.

There is a grace and elegance emerging from the painful pangs of labor. As we are collectively birthing a new evolved understanding. A seedling of consciousness that is permeating within all of our collective cultures. So that there must be at this moment in astrological time, an opening of the door. Opening enough of us up. Carrying us even further along. To carry us ever further forward towards the evolutionary paradigm shift that perhaps we have already been in process with for many years heretofore. Only now we are beginning to know it.

What a great time to reflect, breathe snd ask yourself what new seeds are you desiring to plant moving forward?

The vibration of this new moment, this powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. “Tell me what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver~

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio through the signs ~

Aries ~ There you are in plain sight, brilliantly exposed while still coming to terms with vulnerability. As you are beginning to make sense of it all. This moment can prove to be quite enlightening for you as Mars, your ruling planet transits thru Gemini. A really good time to keep a journal, if you don’t already do so. Much to take note of.

Taurus ~ With all of the complications and concerns of the past several years this is the time to just let go. Surrender to the vast beauty and wealth you have to draw on in your life right now. So many pieces of the puzzle are coming into place for you. But only if you surrender to being present each moment. Your value system is being transformed in such a way that will benefit your health and well being with joy. Yes, joy, love, peace and happiness.

Gemini ~ Dear Gemini, if there was ever a time to pick up on kick boxing, Kung Fu or Tai Chi, this is it! Mars is slowly but surely transiting your sign. It’s fierce physically fiery spirit could imbue you with many more notches of high octane energy than you are accustomed to. I mean, your sign is already quite Mercurial and highly charged. However, now you’ve got even more. So many more octanes of energy and willfulness running through your psychic center. So be cool. You must remember to remain the rider on the horse. This will definitely be a time of many adventures. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences of this from any of you out there. Do let me know.

Cancer ~ This is a dynamic time to get things done. Libra planets moving into Scorpio is a good time for Cancer. As things around might feel a bit destabilizing, during this fascinating moment we are collectively moving through, Cancer has the resource of establishing inner stability through creating home base and the nurturing hearth wherever you go. Use this time to consciously observe yourself claiming that wonderful part of yourself while in the midst of much change.

Leo ~ It’s a fascinating challenge for you to find your bright warmth and light, even as you stand across from cool Saturn, dynamically in opposition to your sign. Still and all, no reason to be concerned over fear of being invisible. Not you! Mars in Gemini could definitely put some pep back into your step if you need it. Along with your kind of dynamic relationship with Scorpio. Just keep clarifying what you ultimately desire. Clarify your goals. Then use your charm and charisma to reach them.

Virgo ~ “With a song in my heart” would be a great way to bring some balance to your often analytical logical mind. This is a good moment for you, as Scorpio season is for Virgo. Take advantage of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio to really allow yourself to drop down into your deepest wishes, desires, hopes and dreams. Music and song is always a good way to get there.

Libra ~ Moving forward to keep on building healthy relationships that bring you the necessary chaos needed. This then strengthens your skills to reestablish peace, balance and harmony. The grace and beauty you bring to this endeavor imbues you with inner strength, wisdom and the courage to commit random acts of kindness and untold beauty.

Scorpio ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday! ✨🌞✨ This birthday is a celebration of all the lessons and education that the whole of your life has brought you to. Be aware of what the most challenging thing you went through was. Remember how you got through it. know that the gift of this moment is the knowledge that you can get through anything. The second phase of Scorpio’s evolutionary experience is that of the Eagle. Think of yourself as the powerful eagle who has the capacity to glide through the heavens with a few flaps of its wings. To rise above it is a healing reflection to take with you as you continue on… health, wealth and fulfillment.

Sagittarius ~ Your intuition will be well employed at this time to allow you to become aware of things otherwise taken for granted. This is a time of heightened energy for you triggered by Mars in Gemini which is in opposition to your Sun. This makes it a good time to develop healthy ways of dealing with aggression, anger and frustration. Whether it be your own or others. Remember, anger is an organizing force that supports good healthy actions that supports life. I also highly recommend channeling your energy into sports, dance, martial arts or active adventures that requires exerting physical energy. Just be sure to balance it out with a swim, a steam, a sauna, massage and/or meditation.

Capricorn ~ Being pulled in so many directions. Finding a certain kind of peace and harmony amidst new ideas and philosophies. On the other hand, mundane affairs are presenting challenges that could be working your nerves as you focus on finding a balanced compromise. The mysticism and maturity of your sign will come in quite handy as things unfold for you in this next bit of time. Just stay focused on your priorities, then play and improvise the rest if you will. A fascinating season awaits you.

Aquarius ~ Life is getting good for Aquarius as the proverbial plot continues to thicken. Having learned to dance in pirouettes through the amassing boulders of challenges has made you well practiced in such things. It will make the work ahead easier. Even fun! So you just go and get yourself right down to it. There is a light at the end of the long dark tunnel you’ve been traveling thru for quite some time now. Keep going! You are definitely getting there.

Pisces ~ Always the beginning never the end. Just a steady flow of cosmic delights and breathtaking beauty. This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio aligns quite well with your ability to enchant and be enchanted. Just be sure to stay grounded, centered and mindful of yourself and others in every possible way in every present moment.

There it is!

For a deeper dive into your astrology chart and really good Life Coaching, contact me, Pamela via email @

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 🌚



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