The Waning Moon Is A Momentary Pause

Having moved through the lunacy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8 in Taurus, there is a sobering calm. The calm after the storm.

The Moon is the luminary of unconditional love.

The Sun invigorates our energies to quest.

One of the meanings of the Sun in Astrology is the masculine father principle. The power of self dominion along with respect. To acknowledge the place of authority without domination. Since accomplishment is the motivation here the love is quite conditional.

Just to recap. The Moon at 16 degrees Taurus was sandwiched into a conjunction with Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Being brightly lit by the Sun at 16 degrees Scorpio sandwiched into a tight conjunction with Mercury and Venus. This powerful culminating point was being mediated and facilitated by Saturn in Aquarius at the pinnacle of this t-square.

That particular combination of Planets and signs has the potential to bring into view, if we choose to be aware of it, accustomed ideas and behaviors. To examine our experience of familiar played out patterns. Some of these past ideas and ways of thinking contain wisdom. Uranus in Taurus is shaking out the old, antiquated and irrelevant systems in order to make space for the seeds of the new to come into being.

So if it’s been a bit of a rough and shaky ride, just trust that wisdom and a newfound clarity is being brought about through facing challenges.

Challenges, pain, conundrums and contradictions that might have emerged during Scorpio season are in the process of being sort thru.

Allow yourself to be aware that this moment is still vibrating with the octave of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. The North Node in Taurus is illuminating the path towards a new found stability that can be seen, sensed, touched and felt. Thanks to the richness of Taurus.

Apologies that indeed this is a very brief post. I wanted to share some of my thoughts and reflections as we move forward. It is a good breathing place to stand still and to acknowledge the mist of the waning Moon. Such a great time to sort through what the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has evoked for you.

This is the fourth quarter of the waning Moon. A time to relax and reflect on where you are right now. At this moment Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces is trine to the stellium of the Sun/Mercury/Venus beckoning the adventures and lighthearted search for what it all means. This is our preview to Sagittarius season.

More about that including the New Moon in Sagittarius through the signs.

Looking ahead……

So do stay tuned.




Published by pjlivingsolutions

From knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of Self and Soul. It is with insatiable curiosity that I wonder about so many aspects of being alive and fully present here on planet Earth. I love studying the phenomena of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, weather patterns, the oceans and the formation of mountains. All this along with the awareness of Outer Space. The worlds beyond our Earth. I am in unquenchable awe about our galaxy and the galactic phenomena that surrounds our galaxy. I mean, how did we get here?!?! The IS-ness of it all is quite mind-blowing to me. And then there is Astrology. Yes, astrology defined, “ is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.” Astrology nourishes our imagination. It connects us to the creative, non linear side of our brain. Our intuition and heart to our mind. The awareness that we vibrate through the electromagnetic elements contained in our own bodies along with the electromagnetic elements of the celestial bodies, aka the planets. It’s with intuitive psychic understanding as well as my studies in psychotherapy and the healing arts that I bring to astrology consultations. It is my deep desire to serve and help folks realize their full potential through the map of the soul, the astrology chart. It is from knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of self and soul. And that is a sexy way of being fully embodied, fulfilled and being alive at this magnificent moment in time.

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