The Energy Of This Moment

On 11/23/22 Began The New Moon In Sagittarius At One Degree

The first degree of a sign marks a new beginning. This is the beginning of the beginning of a beginning. I say this here now since at the posting of this piece it will be a new beginning that has truly begun.

Preparation to create within a new beginning
What will you be creating?

Sagittarius season is a time to jingle jangle the creative spirit within the key of hope, faith and well being. To integrate our ideals, dreams and desires into a well played symphony. To be played in harmonic resonance using the wisdom gleaned from facing the challenges that life presents us with on a daily basis.

This New Moon which is the beginning of the Sagittarius cycle, heralds in a time of confronting challenges and difficulties with the joyful spirit of adventure. To learn, to know and to find meaning through wisdom gained as we keep going one small step at a time.

If Scorpio season in its energy towards transformation drops us down into “the dark night of the Soul” ~ then Sagittarius is about the experience of embracing life with the spirit of adventure. This serves to energize us and shoot us back out into the light. To seek to find the meaning in the chaos brought about by life’s challenges so we can find a new perspective, a new light, a new angle.

This is an amazingly awesome time to be learning new things. There is an expansion of consciousness that flows in the direction of justice combined with mercy and compassion.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, late Pisces, forms a trine to the conjunction of the Sun/Moon in early Sagittarius. The Traditional ruler of Pisces, being Jupiter, is conjunct the Modern ruler of Pisces, being Neptune. In light of everything, it seems that the New Moon in Sagittarius which took place on November 23rd is about combining the old with the new.

This is a needed transmutation made possible by the sextile Pluto forms within this Grand Trine. So very perfect as we emerge from Scorpio season and just dive right into creative explorations inspired by the fiery vibrant and expansive Sagittarius season.

However, this moment is being influenced by the tension and stress which Mars in Gemini forms with the dynamic energy of Jupiter and Neptune. The gift here is that it allows serious thought to precipitate actions. Mars such a fiery ball of instinctual warring energy is being asked to be mindful of what’s on the game board of the theater we are all in.

A jolly big planet
Powerful little planet….

I wonder what wise and much needed pearls of wisdom might just emerge at such a time as this.

This world, this earth, a planet containing so many creatures, vegetation and human beings. At such a time as this where we are so very interconnected through some electromagnetic cosmic and technological gadgets into a shared raised awareness. I want to hope and have faith that this moment affords us a golden opportunity to connect our own heartfelt humanity with shared concerns about our earth, fellow people and the creatures in it.

Could this be the seed of possibility contained within the influence of the Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus. It very likely is. It’s the energetic influence of the transiting square of Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus to Saturn in Aquarius at work. Doing its job as a catalyst for an emerging deepened vision of changing values. That includes a new relationship to money and finance. (More about that in a later post.)

There is an energy of reflection and looking back as we continue to move forward. The vibrancy of this transit is actually propelling a collective consistent movement onward.

Particularly the trines that Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Pisces has formed to the Moon in Sagittarius when conjunct the Sun at 1 degree Sagittarius.

A new beginning on so many levels. We have begun this Sagittarius season with relief. The moment to finally allow ourselves to enjoy a deeply awaited exhale. With that exhale comes an inspired desire for comprehensive understanding and a willingness to explore new ideas and concepts.

The Sagittarius New Moon conjunct Sun vibe has enlivened a certain kind of jolly, jovial optimism. A sort of joie de vivre. To humbly and happily be grateful and glad that indeed we are here alive and well. We continue to move forward being open to fascinating new adventures as we continue on into the waxing Moon cycle. ~ Stay tuned to hear my interpretation of the culminating moment of the Full Moon in Gemini on 12/7/22~

This Waxing Moon Moment thru the Signs ~


Aries ~ A relatively mellow movement forward based on the need to be mindful of your impulses. The experience of vulnerability that Chiron transiting through your sign brings is a deep understanding of suffering. There is a path towards healing, meditation and some kind of balancing through yoga or tai chi that could serve you very well at this time. Truly you are learning to embrace the Spiritual Warrior that lives within you.

Taurus ~ Your sign is the star character in the story of stability being thrown overboard to allow chaos to have its say. The only way to reclaim stability and calm is to allow yourself to be open to the adventure of no stability. The ultimate goal here however is to shake loose from irrelevant habits, routines and “stuff” that no longer serves you. Lighten up to tighten up and move forward in joy, good health, prosperity and beauty.

Gemini ~ Such a beneficial time to tune into the insatiable curiosity so inherently characteristic to the nature of your sign. This actual moment may be a tense learning time. So many conflictual and opposing ideas about the way you are living your life. A bit of frustration and stress in getting your needs met. I suggest that you be still so you can observe with understanding and compassion what your best responses to this moment may be. Then slowly but surely, going one step at a time, carry on.

Cancer ~ Perhaps this is a moment for you to witness and observe from a certain distance new developments occurring. There is a paradigm shift taking place. Fortunately for you, your sign has a bit of distance from it. The actual New Moon on the 23rd was a harmonious bit of relaxation. A bit of a breather, only to make way for a new cycle of growth that as always requires shifts to occur. However, within the confines of your protective shell you have the choice to allow yourself to be intuitively aware of the adventure of the newness of this time or not. So clarify what you need in order to plan and act accordingly.

Leo ~ This is a good time for a mind expanding journey into ideas, concepts and cultures foreign to you. If traveling is what you like, taking a trip could be beneficial at this time. Upon your return you will have shifted your own perspective along with your point of view on things. Such a thing will potentially “blow your mind” in a good way.

Virgo ~ There is a blending of some new found ideas that you are able to consider as a helpful interweaving with the wisdom of some loved time honored traditions. Thinking of this time as a potential growth period then enables you to reap the sensible knowledge and logical practicality of incorporating the traditional with modern innovations. Intertwined in all of this do stay focused in the present moment in order to clarify what is most important for you in order to be fulfilled now.

Libra ~ It’s as if you have been invited to an event that contains beautiful insights into the nature of justice, balance and harmony. Conflicts may arise, however you have the wherewithal to contain the tension while remaining cool, calm and collected. Then find the place in the middle of the dilemma where you can interweave all components into a fine resolution. Then move forward from there.

Scorpio ~ This moment is a bit of a reprieve from all the ignited growth and transformation brought on during your Birthday season. Growth and transformation is still here for you to enjoy. It’s just happening in a much more subtle nuanced way. The best way to make use of the energy of this moment is to be creative in order to drop down into your senses. It is there that you can become aware of a word, thought or image that will guide you towards what you need. Then run it by your mind in order to navigate how to achieve it. Enjoy.

Sagittarius ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday! ✨🌞✨This birthday is a time of deep soulful inspiration and productive expansion. So keep in mind what it is you most long for. This birthday is a seriously real new beginning. To have the clarity about what in your heart that might be think about your life now. Remember how you got here and where you’d like to see yourself going. This process unto itself is the beginning. In time clarification will appear. All you gotta do then is to get to it!

Capricorn ~ Your sign still remains at the heart of it all. Even while the final vestiges of obsolete outmoded concepts and systems are being torn asunder. Take heart, for this is actually a good thing for you. This makes it a productive time for you to sort through the concepts and systems of your own life that need a rewrite. This is a beneficial time to clear out the old in order to manifest and materialize what relevant, fresh new projects you want to begin. Then organize and set it up to create and manifest it.

Aquarius ~ For Aquarius I say, “ what a long strange trip it’s been!” Now gratefully, you are not dead, you gotta just keep going. This is the perfect time to take a beat, perhaps even retreat a bit in order to collect yourself. As you were coming upon a workable new system of balance, while being overwhelmed and in the midst of the joy and relief of it all, something happened that just knocked the wind right out of you. Is that so?!? Perhaps it was a sort of mild setback?!? Remember that sometimes even a delay may prove to be beneficial. So take heart and take good care. All is fine, well and good as you keep on keepin’ on. ♥️

Pisces ~ The luminosity of some old and new luminaries conjunct in your sign is imbuing the greater collective with the hope of a wave of mercy and compassion to ride on. Dear Pisces, what a perfect time to express the misty depths of the potential of the cosmic beauty that is simply the most significant component of your DNA. At the same time, do remember to breathe and stay connected to the earth keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Most importantly be mindful of your daily routines. Our daily rituals and routines serve to keep us centered and connected. Perhaps some of your routines need a rethink. If so let them go and replace with something better for you now. Pisces, being a mutable sign does well to change things up from time to time.


Well, there it is!

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Love, ♥️


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