A bit of my story……

Since early childhood and throughout my entire life to date people intrigue me.

Astrology, Psychotherapy and the healing arts contain techniques and skills that can be used to take the mysterious and translate it into practical reality.

I have studied and received certifications from the Helix Training Program for Psychotherapy & The Healing Arts along with The Center for Intentional Living. These were two programs which deepened my intuitive understanding of empirical psychological systems.

At Center For Intentional Living my studies focused on the theory of object relations. This theory founded by psychiatrists working in the orphanages during WW 2, observed that infants had a psychological consciousness. These studies work quite well and prove to be useful in decoding an Astrology chart.

With these valuable sets of tools and knowledge I bring my love of working with people. With the gifts of my psychic and intuitive genius I offer a very well spent use of your time and resources to give you what you need.

Astrology indicates the position of the planets, constellations and stars at the time of your birth which then becomes the map of your Soul’s pathway. Your story.

Like a good detective, I get to the heart of your chart’s story. This brings to you the meaning and direction you are looking for in order to find love, relationship, money, finance, health and beauty. Along with other specific questions you may bring to the reading.

My readings become your path towards your own inner knowledge and understanding. The compass to encourage you to keep on moving forward towards the best well lived life you desire.

I began this work in December of 1989 and I keep on. With this much experience and insight I look forward to working with you.

Contact me via email ; lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com


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