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A bit of my story……

Since early childhood and throughout my entire life I have spent studying Astrology, Psychotherapy and the healing arts.

Having studied and received certifications from the Helix Training Program for Psychotherapy & The Healing Arts along with The Center for Intentional Living I was encouraged to practice. I have been in private practice now since 1989 to date and I am happy to continue to help, guide and support others.

My love, respect and appreciation for people is what truly inspires the way I understand and interpret Astrology charts.  I find Astrology to be powerfully poetic in an electromagnetically charged kind of way. My understanding, skills, knowledge and experience as an Astrologer along with my work and study in the fields of Psychotherapy as well as the compassion, empathy and understanding inherently part of the well intuited  depths of my Soul as an artist, I do believe is what ultimately serves the work.

Like a good detective, I do get to the heart of whatever the matter is. Which I can then offer as well understood clear guidance and insight.

Since knowledge and awareness  gives birth to the understanding which leads to the wisdom and clarity that holds the answers that most people seek….

That glorious  moment of self reclamation….

Movement forward into a beautiful well lived life….

Then it is so that it is through my work as an Astrologer, Teacher & Guide, that I seek to encourage positive growth and successful development  in order to build a prospering, healthy Community and Global Village.

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