My Work ~ Astrology and Life Coaching

The way I work with Astrology provides you with the insights and tools that help you achieve the goals you are seeking to accomplish. Realizing the themes and patterns of your life enables you to make things happen. My Astrology consultations provide the help you need to actualize what what you are aspiring to. The yearning needs that reside within the heart of your innermost longings.

Let’s plot it out together. The plot that is the adventure of your life that inspires you to get moving, if you are stuck. To focus if you are scattered. To practically embrace that which seemed otherwise elusive. So to move forward to wherever within you that your dream of your goals resides. The consultations I offer support and provide that.
Insight, understanding, truth, respect, clarity, joy and creativity in a safe environment is what you will receive in my sessions. Zoom and FaceTime sessions are offered as well.
With two certifications from the Helix Training Program For Psychotherapy And The Healing Arts along with the Center For Intentional Living, I am well trained as a Life Coach. I have been delving into Astrology and studying it since I was a child. In light of that, my readings are imbued with my psychic and intuitive clairvoyance along with my knowledge of the metaphysics that Astrology is.
If you would like to know more about my work I am offering free 10 minute phone consultations. This is for a limited time only.
Please email me, Pamela @

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