Intentional Diplomacy ~ Let’s Talk Mutable!

The culminating Full Moon in Gemini

On December 7, 2022 at 16 degrees

Be mindful of a very real need to be aware of your body and mind connection. This is necessary because this Full Moon is conjunct Mars in Gemini. There could be a tendency to think before feeling and then moving without being aware of where your body is. The corrective is to feel where you are and then use your mind to be aware and navigate your body through.

Slapstick comedy was born from such a dilemma. So just be aware of where your feet are, where you are moving to and what is around you. Specifically during this brilliant Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars.

All this while remembering to have fun! After all it is curious Gemini we’re talking about. A social butterfly motivated to move from one situation to another in the interest of gathering information to share and to impart. Then to just do it all over again.

In this way we are being fiercely energized by the light of this particular silvery Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars.

The Moon and Mars brightly illumined by its opposition to the Sun at 16 degrees Sagittarius. This Mutable fired up opposition then forms a square to Jupiter at 29 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune at 22 degrees.

So what does this all mean? How might it affect us here on Planet Earth?

The Moon motivates our subjective felt sense experiences. Whereas Mars is body motivation in terms of vitality, life force and instinctual needs. Mars’s fight for survival can sometimes be expressed as a forceful willfulness. The challenge with this combo is to keep focused on intentions. Focused intentions help to not become scattered by the Mutable Airy qualities of the Gemini duality along with its insatiable curiosity.

Gemini’s curiosity and desire to learn, to know and to understand must be afforded the space to tell. Moon/Mars in opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius brings a profound meaning to this moment of culmination.

Particularly potent is the square angle it forms at the time of this lunation to Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Creating a challenging dynamic that questions the desire to seek adventure, to know other philosophies and cultures along with justice in terms of the law. It enriches the Gemini curiosity with meaning and focus while setting up a healthy questioning of assumptions.

This Full Moon marks a time of summing it all up while happening within the midst of so many new beginnings. Adding to the mix is Jupiter at 29 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune at 22 degrees. The abrasive challenge of the t-square to the Sun’s opposition to the Moon /Mars combo offers some interesting insights and opportunities for expanding one’s perspective.

Mutable qualities during this lunation in these planetary combinations indicates the possibility of diplomacy. A way of moving forward that is receptive and flexible enough to navigate. This sets the stage to negotiate along with a willingness to come up with diplomatic solutions.

At this time as we are in a dangerous turning point globally that certainly diplomacy is the most significantly sensible way forward. Probably the only way to go forward at this time. At its best these planetary formations can serve to stimulate a path forward towards global higher consciousness. At least that is one lens to look at it through.

The Full Moon in Gemini in this t-square is itself the pearl beyond price. Probably this moment has been formed during the past two years or more of dealing with many unprecedented challenges. It’s time for compassion and understanding as influenced by Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces to give way.

It’s time for many more to see, sense and experience that there are benign practical sensible possibilities to work with. Opportunities that implement alternative prudent and clever options. Traditional and innovative gallant ways that will serve to transform this critical moment. To transmute old choices into a meaningful centered and well grounded point of dialogue that offers the flexibility to do things differently. To do better for everybody. To really know that we have within our grasp solutions that support and honors the integrity of safety, stability and the truth. We are ready. It is time.

However, for this to be truly effectivethis must be done while respectfully empathizing with the ones you disagree with. This is the moment, that very rare moment where we do not have to agree, understand or like what the other is saying. However we must give opposing views the respect of being heard and acknowledged.

The healing potential contained within the intrinsic essence of Gemini is to listen and then to communicate. This is the prominent and most promising factor of this Full Moon in Gemini.

Duality is a strong dynamic at play at this Full Moon. Once again being played out through the t-square that the Moon/Sun opposition forms to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Indeed this is a moment when adversely opposing sides to a dire disagreement must be spoken.

Communication is golden! Put it into words. Let’s talk, Let’s speak freely. No judgement is the way. It’s how to allow adverse misunderstandings to be put on the table. That’s the start of working it all through. Then let it be. Just for the sake of being present with all the duality and adversity. That is where diplomatic solutions are found.

Empathy from the depths of the truth about the memory of our history must ring out. This Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars held within the compelling t-square to the Sun in Sagittarius connecting to Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, has the potential to evoke ideas such as these along with the compelling need to understand them.

So let’s talk to each other. Let’s be heard. And then let’s co create something new and wonderful!


Full Moon in Gemini through the signs ~

Aries ~ Divine wisdom is yours for the taking at this pivotal time close to the edge of doom and gloom. Here you are, fearless Aries in the midst of the influence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer however, Mars your ruling planet is connecting with the insatiable curiosity of Gemini conjunct the Moon in all of its challenging connections. Enjoy the stimulating motivation of it all. Remember to look very mindfully before you leap.

Taurus ~ This is an educational moment for you as you experience the ability to break free from some irrelevant habits. The reward is replacing them with purposeful current ideas and new rituals based on who you are now. Enjoy the new!

Gemini ~ This Full Moon is in your honor. The emphasis of your sign as the crescendo of this cycle could be experienced a bit more intensely than usual. Go with the flow. Perhaps your attention can be much more focused than usual on outer events. Still remember to bring the focus back to you with care, compassion and mercy. This is a critical moment which means growth and expansion of your understanding of your life is at hand. This is the perfect time to become aware of what you are wanting and needing to bring into your life moving forward.

Cancer ~ A thoughtful time of reflection as you mindfully commence to assess what your goals are moving forward. So much is continuing to be broken down with Pluto in diametric opposition to your Cancer Sun. However, do take heart, it’s making way for cultivating new opportunities that will be far beneficial in the long run. Hang in there!

Leo ~ This is a melange of creative cosmic flow with a somewhat sobering philosophical bent. So be mindful, of the mix of energies. This is a good moment for reflecting on what is coming to fruition and what is still in the midst of development. Just keep moving forward, all that is desired will emerge in good time.

Virgo ~ This is a beneficial time to talk things over with your partner. Issues and dilemmas past and present could arise. Take heart, the influence of Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury in Capricorn along with the Mercury ruled Full Moon opens the door to some seriously productive discussion. A good time for working through issues if you are in a relationship. If not in a relationship this is a good time to seriously nurture the relationship to yourself. That is the best way to bring in the perfect partner.

Libra ~ This might be a stressful moment but that’s because there is so much push/pull creating friction. The ultimate goal is your integrity along with the willingness to deepen your understanding of yourself and in relationship to others. No matter what, you will be embodied in the grace and strength that Venus, the ruling planet of your sign, has to offer. It’s all good.

Scorpio ~ The pain of transformation and change that has been a part of your life for many years is itself in the process of changing. At this moment some reasonable elements of wisdom through compassion are seeping through. It’s as if this is the time to step back and observe all the demolition that had to occur making way for a clearer, clean new space where you can now create something new. Enjoy!

Sagittarius ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday✨🌞✨ In the heart of a challenging moment, your vitality and enthusiasm is contagious. A necessary affliction as it were. Life keeps sending you opportunities for excitement and adventure. Well now you get a chance to apply what you have learned. The energy of this Full Moon in your opposition sign Gemini suggests the necessity for you to be open to listen to all sides of an argument. Then hold the reality that there are two valid sides of the same coin. This is where the magic unfolds. As you stand in the center of a paradox you can comprehend with clarity the understanding needed. It is then that a solution becomes evident.

Capricorn ~ This is a moment of manifestation for you. The trine Saturn forms to Mars in Gemini and the sextile to the Sun brings the necessary clarity, energy and communication needed to complete or embark on any project now. Just keep going, you are on a roll!

Aquarius ~ Albeit, there is still resistance and some struggle there are pathways opening up for your own deliverance. Saturn in your sign in harmonious aspect to this Full Moon/Mars conjunction in Gemini clarifies your thinking. The sextile to the Sun in Sagittarius energizes the mandate to move forward, all systems go, with feeling and meaning. The square of Uranus to Saturn adds the spice of resistance and challenge that so inspires you. Remember, “ Nothing lights a fire lime a dream deferred.” Just do it!

Pisces ~ The Cosmic dreaminess that is a natural part of your life experience is being fired up by necessity. Truly this is the moment for you to be arguing the case expressed by Elvis Costello, “What’s so funny about peace love and understanding?” This is the moment that perhaps you can write a new song or poem. Maybe choreograph a dance or make a movie/documentary based on the push and pull you might be experiencing at this time. The tension is a necessary component that is part of your journey of evolution that could feed into the much needed evolution of humanity at this time. Remember to have a sense of humor, truly the best is yet to come.


So there it is.

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Love, ♥️


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