Ascent Through The Somber Season Of Capricorn ~ Towards The Light

NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN AT 1 DEGREE 32 Minutes ~ On December 23, 2022 ~ At 5:17 AM EST ~ The Sun and Moon met in a conjunction as they do every month. Establishing the date 12/23/22 as the moment of a new beginning, going forward.

At 1 degree of Capricorn it is a time to seriously assess our objectives, goals and plans towards our success.

As does the Mountain Goat, symbol of Capricorn suggests, this is a time to practice patience and to persevere with dedicated discipline towards the top of whatever mountain is being climbed in your life.

It can be a journey of solitude when Capricorn is involved. Since success for Capricorn encompasses becoming one’s own sovereign inner authority. It’s a form of self mastery based on integrity and moral effort. That is Capricorn at its best.

However, the shadow side of Capricorn is dishonesty and deceit of one’s self to one’s self and to others. Corruption in the interest of personal gain. Sadly, it was Richard Nixon who set an example of what not to do, if you are a Capricorn. Which, btw, he was.

To get the most out of the powerful resource that Capricorn is, it is necessary to be willing to be bone chilling honest with ourselves. Stick to the facts in any situation. They are the bones of the story. Then emotions and the various components of nuanced reality can be worked with effectively towards beneficial outcomes.

Capricorn has gained its somber reputation from this serious quest for reaching the top in solitude. As such when Capricorn and Saturn are involved we might find ourselves meeting detours and challenges as if put there to test us. Well they probably were.

In actuality we come up against difficulties in order to learn about life and ourselves. In the process we are developing ethics, honor, virtue and character. The bones that form the structures that we can build our lives on.

Being confronted with what may appear to be a hardship is in actuality an opportunity. An opening for a possibility to unfold. A potential gateway where we are given a chance to develop inner strength and grace.

To meet the challenge and to get through it gives us a sense of well being. Self esteem is the feeling of vibrancy and peace we acquire from having met the hardship and dealt with it to the best of our ability.

That is truly how we develop faith, trust and respect in ourselves. It is also the way to create healthy partnerships with others, such as a significant other along with all friendships and good relationships with people in most situations. Seen in this light it’s understandable that the challenges Capricorn and Saturn put before us are really detours to direct us to the path that is our destiny.

I suggest trying a useful experiment.

Particularly at this distinct time. The beginning of Capricorn season and the Holiday’s which contain the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.


Just become aware of how you are being challenged in your life now.

Rather than getting down on yourself for the hardships, shortfalls or whatever else that might be frustrating you ….

Just take a moment…

Take a beat ~

Let yourself be aware of when you inhale and exhale.

While just being present with your breath,

Take a moment to assess your situation.

What is your desired outcome?

What is the nature of the challenge you are coming up against?

What is needed to achieve your goal?

Then, take a moment to give yourself the time and space to reflect on it, to just be present with yourself, your breath and with it.

Don’t look for solutions or ways to fix it. Those will come to you as you just take a moment to be with it.

To just hold it within this moment of your breathing in and breathing out ~

This is the space where the presence of clarity and reassurance is found~

Sometimes in the most surprising way, when you feel calmer you may receive some kind of understanding that serves to give you the wherewithal you need to just keep going.

So just keep going! You will make it through to the other side of whatever it is. Fortified with self confidence and self esteem.

You have just entered into one of the facets of Capricorn and Saturn which is its ultimate gift and resource. To be fully present in the moment actively inactive is an effective way to gain direction and stay the course.

The Sun/Moon conjunction in Capricorn is such a Yin/Yang combo of Father, conditional love, systems and structures and Mother Moon. It is she who holds boundless unconditional love. This is the moment to integrate obligations and responsibilities with the sublime experience of the divine unconditional intuitive Mother Moon.

It is fascinating that the Sun/Moon conjunction in Capricorn is forming a square to Jupiter at 0 degrees Aries conjunct Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces.

It’s energy is stimulating impulses and ideas towards integrating expansive spiritual concepts. The square indicates that it’s not quite happy with the connection. This suggests that we are in need of a way to diplomatically negotiate with ourselves and others a new way to integrate our experiences of spirit and matter. To integrate real material reality with the felt sense of heart and soul.

To find a balance between the intuitively divine experience of spirit while being mindful of the stability of solid evidenced based reality as we are here on Planet Earth to experience.

With the Sun/Moon in Capricorn squaring Jupiter at 0 degrees Aries/ Neptune at 22 degrees Pisces, there is a resistance that resonates with the tension of Saturn at 21 degrees Aquarius square to Uranus at 15 degrees Taurus conjunct the North Node at 12 degrees Taurus. Literally this is the time to “Ring out the Old and Ring in the New”.

I believe the 1 degree Capricorn New Moon/Sun cycle as it has been aspected by the square to Jupiter/Neptune is the true beginning of a needed comprehensive awakening. That it is fundamentally glimmering with the integration of sprit and matter.

This is a birth not just of the Sun, but of a new paradigm, a new shift in consciousness. If we stay open to it, there is the potential to catalyze this time into a transformative moment. To make sense of the chaos we have been living through for many years now. All this as we move towards valuing and respecting feminine principles that include compassion ,understanding, mercy and forgiveness .

This is accentuated by the aspect the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction forms harmoniously with Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn.

When Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn are involved in a harmonious way there is a capacity to find truth in the beauty of dissonance.

To become aware of some conflict, disagreement or strife and to work it through by communicating beautifully. Somehow articulating feelings into thoughts in some form or another.

When we tell our story and feel heard and respected then hope and faith return. This kind of engagement has the potential to ease some of the chaos that has been a part of the virtual landscape we have been navigating through for quite some time now. Communication is key and Mars Rx in Gemini as Mercury goes Rx in Capricorn holds the possibility to teach us just that.

Uranus conjunct the North Node in Taurus trine Venus Conjunct Mercury in Capricorn could be a blending of the material world with the awakening of new innovative changes that supports sustainability on Earth and a good life for all. Taurus ruled by Venus supports this feminine principle via its desire to embody life sustainably in a luscious thriving world.

With continued movement forward into Capricorn season this New Moon in Capricorn is reassuringly hopeful that it’s gonna be ok. To focus on our goals and to stay true to ourselves down to the bones. We are on our way into a New Year. A new chapter is unfolding. Let’s see where it goes.

Capricorn New Moon through the signs ~

Aries ~ This is a time of expansion in terms of your ideas and understanding about your self. It may be a bit overwhelming at times. Try to allay some of the powerful energy coming your way with fun physical activity you can get into to. It’s helpful to release the expansion of your energy in a way that you enjoy. This will give you the energy, grace and strength to deal with the vulnerabilities brought on by the transit of Chiron through your sign.

Taurus ~ There is a sweet soothing energy of love and ease in connecting with others. This is a good time to be around people. New ideas and ways of looking at things are starting to grow on you

Gemini ~ Being assertive only really works when you know what your intentions are. With the waxing Moon you can have a component of clarity what with Mercury your ruling planet going Rx in Capricorn. Perhaps challenges will present themselves however,”Nothing lights a fire like a dream deferred!” So get to it and plan on getting the manifestation of your dreams going forward into the New Year!

Cancer ~ This is a point of dynamic activation. The balance needed to get things done and establish the stability you require is accessible to you. This will be even more apparent when we reach the Full Moon in Cancer on 1/6/23. More about that then. So stay tuned. For now use this Capricorn season and this waxing Moon to put in motion the projects that are most necessary to get things to where you want them to be.

Leo ~ Time to turn your play and creative work into lucrative business ventures. This is the time to put in place the systems and structures you need in order to do so. It may not seem like it now, but the best is yet to come. So hang in there, get creative and get serious about your business.

Virgo ~ Be ready to be inspired to “up your gamein terms of your work and career. This Capricorn New Moon now full speed ahead in its waxing phase harmonizes with what your sign values. Good work, well done that has integrity and dignity to it. Be open to some innovative ways to approach your work that can greatly benefit you in your life.

Libra ~ Beauty and truth are being realized at this dynamic new beginning moment for you. Venus in Capricorn is a favorable sign for your ruling planet,Venus to be moving through. To plan from an elegantly uplifted point of view, your goals moving forward. Be ready to offer your inherent diplomatic skills to harmoniously maintain balance when conflicts arise. As can happen during such a dynamic time as this.

Scorpio ~ Go easy, albeit not necessarily in your nature. As you might be experiencing a bit more anxiety than usual. Still, there is much to learn at this moment. Keep your natural inclination to uncover the truth sharpened as Mars the Traditional Ruler of your sign transits through Gemini Rx. With that awareness as Mercury stations Rx on the 29th, keep moving slow but sure. Stay in present time and all will be well.

Sagittarius ~ Such a growth space for Sagittarius coming out of a brilliant Birthday season. Now, your sign is at the heart of a square catalyzing a growth process of expansion and integration between spirit and matter. Do take this time for yourself, as we move into a New Year jumping off the ambitions of the New Moon in Capricorn. Give yourself the space to reflect on how you, yourself are aware of the split between spirit and matter in your own life. How can the two be integrated if you don’t already do so? If you are aware of integrating the split between spirit and matter, how do you see yourself doing that in your daily life? Explore this fascinating moment where you get to find the meaning of it all.

Capricorn ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday!✨🌞✨ This is your shining moment to lead the way. At such a new beginning this can be a year of dreams, ideas, goals and ambitions to be realized. The wind is blowing your sails to move forward. So that this is a great time to clarify your goals for this new beginning Birthday season. Many happy returns, dear Capricorns!

Aquarius ~ Moving forward with the reassurance that perhaps living in the “material world” is not such a bad thing. As long as it’s sustainable. This Uranus in Taurus conjunct North Node transit has been a bit of a mindblower. I mean, what’s all this about integrating the spiritual with the material in an evidenced based reality. This reality where we all have to learn to live together on one planet. This beautiful planet that we must sustain. Hey, isn’t that what we’ve been saying? Aquarius, at last your voice is in the midst of being heard. Keep bringing your vision of a sustainable well integrated world into the collective consciousness. ‘Cause that’s what you do! While remembering to get down to what is important to you personally. So gather your thoughts and set your goals list in order. Be patient, all will be realized in good time!

Pisces ~ To keep your feet on the ground as Planet Jupiter is expanding your already expanded cosmic consciousness. If you are a creative or practicing artist allow yourself to create. To create BIG, what with Jupiter affecting your sign so powerfully. Then brace yourself for a strong awakening of some sort as Jupiter has entered the realm of Fire at Zero degrees Aries. It should be an interesting new beginning for you. However, I hope in the duality of your native nature that your penchant for peace and the cosmic flow of compassion will inspire Jupiter in Aries. Vice versa, let the fierce creative energy of Aries inspire you to move forward with your life and your goals. This is the time of new beginnings where you may live your dreams into reality. This time of integrating the spiritual with the material world is your moment to experience your aliveness in a very new way.

There it is!

For a deeper dive into your horoscope and some seriously good Life Coaching, please contact me, Pamela, via email:

Happy New Beginnings! ✨🥂✨



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