Keep On To keep Moving On

New Moon In Aries The Dance Of Aries The New Moon in Aries should supply you with some high octane energy to propel you forward so you can effectively accomplish whatever you are setting your mind on to do. Willpower and a deep driven instinct to survive is the quality that the Aries Sun andContinue reading “Keep On To keep Moving On”

I Know It’s Aries But…..

Spring Again Part 2 In part it feels like Pisces. With its spacey, mysticism. With its slowing of the flow that serves to bring about a nebulous yet well patterned rhythm. With its working in its foggy mystical way serving to transform the way in which time is perceived and arranged. Seeming to be walkingContinue reading “I Know It’s Aries But…..”

It’s Spring Again! And Birds On Their Wings Again!

Part 1 Start to sing. That timeless, eternal loved song of new beginnings as the light of Spring fosters birth and life unfolding. The inner focus of gestation as the influences of the boundless water sign Pisces and its 12th House occupation inspires us towards reveling in the dreamy meditative awareness of the amniotic fluidContinue reading “It’s Spring Again! And Birds On Their Wings Again!”

Just A Few Words On Mercury Rx 3/6/19-3/29/19

Whenever I inform someone that Mercury is going retrograde I am met with comments like “Mercury is always retrograde” or “oh no”. Oh yes! It’s as if this witty gadget oriented mind centered planet of coordination is in a constant state of PMS or some sort of hormonal temporary yet ongoing state of derangement. AsContinue reading “Just A Few Words On Mercury Rx 3/6/19-3/29/19”

Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!

New Moon In Pisces conjunct Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces. All that water and mystical fog perhaps made manifest in your life as tears or misty flowing feelings. As the Pisces watery need for transcendence which requires balance might throw you off balance. This moment of Pisces with its Neptunian penchant for theContinue reading “Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!”

Full Moon In Virgo Opposing Pisces Sun

Microscopic focus, centered on issues related to health, work and service in direct opposition to the alluring, enthralling and at times psychedelic calling to seek immersion with pure consciousness just for the sake of its compelling fascination. Service performing service in honor of service indicated by the Virgo Moon. Consciousness seeking awareness and connection toContinue reading “Full Moon In Virgo Opposing Pisces Sun”

Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents

Forever turning over and through the elemental flow of the power of water. Invariably marking the eternal cycle of change…. Neptune, the solvent of the Zodiac. The ruler of Pisces….the constant ebb and flow of the contraction and expansion of the moving current as it is perceived. Perpetually marking in its eternally slow motion wayContinue reading “Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents”

The Power Of Self Awareness and Boundaries

I won’t! Two little words that hold the key to the establishment of boundaries and sacred space. Stating out loud or even to ones self evokes the presence of aliveness and Qi is restored…. Even if laws prohibit sexual harassment, until people who are vulnerable to such things can with conviction state, “No I won’tContinue reading “The Power Of Self Awareness and Boundaries”

Slept In The Night, Day #3 of a 21 Day Reversal

Into the nighttime rest last night within the midnight hour of the brand new next day, Awoke as the clock stroke 5:55 AM EDT….. Within the beauty and joy of that powerful number out of my bed I arose Gratefully thrilled yet humbly in the service of the upward hill climb towards a reversal ofContinue reading “Slept In The Night, Day #3 of a 21 Day Reversal”

Merry Present Moment

The month of December marks the time of the year prior and the coming of the year ahead. December is a time of acknowledging ones rootedness. Enabling us to becoming aware of the deeper meaning of life as we continue on into the journey of the darkest night and here in the  North East colderContinue reading “Merry Present Moment”