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October 20,2021

10:57 AM at 27 Degrees

Powerfully dynamic is an accurate way to describe this Full Moon in Aries. The Moon’s opposition to the Sun/Mars conjunction in Libra forms a t-square to Pluto in Capricorn. A configuration that energizes this moment in such a way that it beckons us to pay attention. To focus our awareness on our experience of our own lives and how we are affected by the lives of others. This inclination brought to us through the resolution of this Libra Season.

Particularly potent player is Pluto, playing a prominent role on this Full Moon as we prepare to move into the Scorpio Season.

Action and process are the keywords here. Taking into account that Aries, Libra and Capricorn are Cardinal getting-things-done oriented signs.The way the Cardinal signs connect with the above mentioned planets and the aspects they form imbue a tense yet deliberate quality to this particular cycle as it unfolds.

The tension caused by the Sun Moon opposition in t-square angles to Pluto is ultimately a catalyst that stimulates resounding unbridled change. Here the ultimate goal is to bring about a re-emerging reconnection to Soul. To the heart of humanity.

Pluto is the pinnacle planet in the t-square to the Sun in opposition to the Moon. This strongly evokes a need to examine who we are. Who are we to ourselves and how does that affect our relationship to others. To become aware of the inner truth etched into our hearts. What of that do we want bring into our life moving forward? This moment begs the question.

Pluto in Capricorn at 24 degrees unconditionally destroys and demolishes in order to shake loose that which needs to be let go of. In the long run we are able to become aware of how this bit of trouble eventually serves to give way to a new understanding of how to view our experiences. How to view our lives. A new perspective that we can now bring into our experience. So helping us to make choices that enables us to move forward with purpose and integrity.

This Full Moon in Aries is a culmination of the reckoning that’s been with us for quite some time. Here we are at the precipice of many critical collective concerns. Continuing to make our ascent. that opens our collective consciousness to new concepts and understandings. Making way for a rebirth.

Therefore, take heart and breathe deeply. Albeit, this Full Moon in Aries may very well produce challenges, let us be connected to the life force within us. The awareness that we have access to 24/7 within the calm quiet of our heart and soul. This is the way to behold the gateway of a whole new beginning. A portal that we never knew was there.

We hope this can occur through metaphor and the awareness we glean through meditation, mindfulness and healthy communication. This is very highly recommended in order to prevent a literal brutal wake up call. Right action, real communication and conscious awareness will serve to spare us from the further harsh reality of heartless savagery. I heard a wise person say that “ awareness is the catalyst for powerful change”.

Tea for two or more…why not?

The real and solid possibility of much better things to come becoming our reality is motivated by Mercury, planet of communication transiting thru Libra. This forms a sextile to Venus in Sagittarius. In this aspect it energizes the mind to listen to the heart. This is a time tested path towards the creation and upkeep of healthy relationships as well.

This all works very well within this moment. As Libra, ruled by Venus and Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter are both concerned with justice and the law. Mercury in Libra as the domain of the mind in the planet of justice, peace and harmony forms a symphonic angle to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius imbues new and original concepts about structures being reformed with an innovative sensible understanding of what serves all of us.

It is time, as Mars is in Libra trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, to let the voice of Justice ring out. To take a strong, resonant stand for integrity, truth and the bones of evidenced base reality.

Peace is the way

The masculine energy of the Sun in conjunction with Mars, the warlike planet in Libra forms a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. This trine serves to widen the scope of our perspective, to open our minds to concepts and ideas that serve to imbue our ways of looking at life and making choices with new eyes. It’s with these new eyes to see and understand that gives us a pretty good shot at working through these changing and challenging times. Be mindful that it is through the array of challenges coming our way that we are be able to find the language and ways to do the work to follow through. We can be the change we want to be. Working together to bring about the changes needed to benefit all.

To be refreshed by a life affirming understanding and a with-it world view. What an utterly cool thing for it to be that all of life would acknowledge the satisfaction expressed by Sir Gawain that indeed, “life is good.”

Awareness is the catalyst for powerful change.”

The gifts contained in a moment that presents so much tension, conflict and controversy is actually the key. There is wisdom to be gleaned here to open a new door. That is the point. To be aware of being alive right at this very moment and then each and every moment from this moment on. Being present as we keep on moving forward is our true point of power. We are then able to seek to create new flexible life affirming systems and structures held together by the bones of our own vital integrity.

This Full Moon in Aries which by its very nature is a culminating moment bringing on a rebirth into a new season. The season of Scorpio, a time of transformation, integration and healing. So drink it in and be soaked in the nourishing sweetness and beauty of this powerful harvest time.

Full Moon in Aries through the signs ~

Aries ~ This is your Moon-shine time. Experience your vitality in a way that brings you a deeper understanding of what matters to you in terms of your relationships. In terms of your home. Reflect on what brings you true pleasure and comfort there. A good soul searching moment for you.

Taurus ~ Hold tight! This is a moment to really begin some kind of meditation practice. Breathing deeply, in and out will support you for the next couple of weeks as you might be feeling a bit constricted. It’s actually a good time to not push anything or any situation. Rather, use the next few weeks to take stock of what in your life, home, work and family is functional and what is not. Write it down. Then through the course of the next few months you may begin making changes where needed, Always remember to acknowledge with gratitude the components in your life that are working well and give you pleasure.

Gemini ~ Be the voice of articulation in whatever situation you may find yourself in. The challenges of this moment are really like child’s play for you. And when you bring your burning curiosity to your daily life allow yourself to really explore your experience. Your life offers so many interesting treasures you could never have imagined, just the very fact that you are alive

Cancer ~ It’s as if the resolution of all things lies within the bosom of your nurturing heart. Therein lies the connection to your soul. It’s with that connection you find the wisdom to clarify who you are in the scheme of things as they unfold. A high energy time. If you don’t already journal, you might want to give it a try. Putting it down on paper is a great act of love and kindness towards yourself.

Leo ~ All kinds of fun and fascinating relationships can emerge at this time. Be mindful that they will serve to open the world up to you, if that is what you want. So stay focused on what really matters to you. A bit of humility could help here. That’s the way to move forward. They say, “ in order to be served you must learn how to serve others”. Use this time to see what you can do. Your bright vibrant and creative energy of aliveness is appreciated ever more so at this time.

Virgo ~ The power of this moment might be too close for comfort, however it acts as a great teacher for you. Be mindful and observant. Use your gift of practicality and logic to plot your course. Then observe as the journey of your life continues to unfold even through the madness of this moment.

Libra ~ “Oy vey” comes to mind, my lovable Libras. Your sign is a key player in this awesome t-square constellated moment by the light of the orange-like silvery Full Moon in Aries. So check in with yourself from time to time and be aware of your thoughts and feelings through it all. By checking in with yourself , you are being guided by your deeper needs. Then use your heart to communicate to your mind what that is. Your mind is the navigator to sensibly make sense of your heartfelt needs and how to fulfill them.

Scorpio ~ This Full Moon in Aries squaring Pluto is tapping you on the shoulder. This is a time to get set, get ready and be aware. Do not go! Stay, remain fully present since the wisdom of your sign ruled by Pluto is an important player as this drama continues to unfold. Please make sure you are all the while taking good care of your precious self.

Sagittarius ~ Venus is transiting your sign sextile Mercury in Libra. Relationships are significant to your life right now. Be forewarned however not to get lost in foggy daydreams since Neptune’s square can cloud your perceptions. Still and all allow yourself to revel in this fascinating moment of beauty.

Capricorn ~ Ah Pluto, whose been your traveling companion for quite some time now. Continuing to transit through your sign. Makes even the likes of you, dear Capricorn, feel the need to take a vacation. A little get away from it all. But NO Not for you. It’s about how we all really count on you to keep hanging in there. To value that perseverance is the secret to your success. Albeit, I for one so appreciate and love that about you. The ride might be bumpy and hard, however as you are consistently consistent, what a bunch of fascinating stories you shall have to share. At the same time achieving your goals.

Aquarius ~ Do you feel the power of this moment? It can feel so gigantic that I imagine it can be downright scary. Know that your faith in yourself is being tested. The fabulous thing is that the powerful messages imprinted within the heart of your sign are a necessary part of the conversation. So join with likeminded others along with continuing to be mindful of taking good care of yourself. Try to enjoy if not at least appreciate the quickened pace of it all. Gonna be alright! Keep on.

Pisces ~ Always the last, never the least. This is the continuing saga of the transmigrating energy that is transmitting impulses of compassion so to redirect the destructive component of Pluto. So serving to bring the heart and soul of the collective consciousness towards the necessity to practice compassion, understanding, forgiveness and mercy. How does that song go? “ What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding? It’s the influence of your ruling planet Neptune that serves to inspire such thoughts and music. So stay open, mindful and aware of the music being played through your beautiful soul.

Thank-you All!

Happy Full Moon 🌕

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