Play It Again…Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, 2021 at 1:55 AM EST

Illumination towards transformation

Getting to the nitty gritty heart of the matter is the motivating force behind Scorpio. There is an instinctual drive towards lifting the veil so as to expose to view, the truth of the good, the bad and the ugly. There is revulsion towards pretense of any kind. This is what inspires Scorpio to catalyze the demolition of facade and disguise. Scorpio seeks to reveal artificially synthesized systems and structures as such. To serve to make room for a new solid beginning.

The inherent natural desire to seek honest bone chilling truth is what gives Scorpio its power to effectuate needed and necessary transformation. This power ultimately serves to enable life to flow in all of its sensuous creativity. Scorpio is the sign of regeneration as it generates from itself the continuous flow of life.

Mars ~ Traditional Ruler of Scorpio

Scorpio, a Fixed, Water sign that evokes powerful feelings. Emotions that are inherently triggered by a deeper connection to a wellspring of longings and needs. Yearnings and aspirations that when brought to conscious awareness become manageable goals. Deeds that are fashioned with the formation of possibilities that results in new opportunities. Scorpio accomplishes this by staying connected to its instinctual creative flow. All this while its Fixed nature supplies the focus needed in order to tend to the tasks at hand.

Pluto ~ Modern Ruler of Scorpio

When we comprehend that there is a method to the madness, we gain access to understanding Scorpio. The mysterious, the sensual, the intensity of Scorpio. The sign we love to hate and hate to love. Promise them anything, just make it profound. It is this very sentiment that earned Scorpio its colorful, sultry and dangerous reputation. Having said all of that, I hope I have still managed to bring to bear a reassuring light about the sign Scorpio. It’s ok for you to trust and to know that ultimately Scorpio seeks to provide learning and healing opportunities for life to proceed.

Take this Scorpio Season for example. This New Moon at 12 degrees Scorpio conjunct the Sun at 12 degrees Scorpio is in direct opposition to Uranus at 12 degrees Taurus. This then forms a t-square to Saturn at 7 degrees Aquarius. In all of this is the formation of a Stellium, what with the New Moon conjunct Mercury, 28 degrees Libra conjunct Mars 3 degrees Scorpio. Bringing about squares to Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn. How extraordinarily powerful and intense! Just the way Scorpio likes it!

Its this bit of pain, tension and stress that brings the necessary light to issues, concerns and challenges that otherwise would have been hidden in darkness. Time now to bring emerging ideas that otherwise would not have been given voice to enter the collective consciousness. Such a stimulation of quite a conglomeration of energies, crying out to be reckoned with heralds in a powerful new beginning. Thus, Happy New Moon in Scorpio! This New Moon in Scorpio can prove to be an auspicious moment that brings about , through patience and understanding, the comprehensive awareness that allows for the necessary components of trust and respect to take it’s rightful place in our society and social discourse.

This is very much in the cards, as it were, in light of the continuing saga of Pluto in Capricorn, ruler of Scorpio, forming a square to Mercury in Libra. Quite auspiciously, Mercury in Libra forms a trine to Jupiter. This, to my mind is the energy elixir needed and necessary at this Scorpio moment. There is an impulse towards thinking things through, processing and discussing.

This New Moon in Scorpio is a definite birthing of something new. Shaking free from something that’s been so stuck to then become loose enough to give way to some new innovative understanding. To bring about the awareness of some new sort of common ground. Some new understanding of our lives that inspires a clarified connection to evidenced based reality.

There is a threefold journey of evolution contained within the journey of the Zodiac sign Scorpio. ~ The Scorpion, the crustacean clinging to the mudflats. Seeking a victim in which to inject its venom. If no one is around the Scorpion will inject itself and die. It brings to mind the notion of the unrealized self. The sense of a cohesive self that has not yet been given birth to. That has not yet learned mastery of its feelings, it’s humanity. In the mismanagement of feelings, venom is formed that must find its way out. Sometimes one must just get down and dirty before awakening to the reality of how connected one must be to oneself, first and foremost. Then to do the work to get there. Or not. Hence, the journey of Scorpio through the three levels of evolution.

The other evolutionary form Scorpio takes on is the Eagle. The regal bird whose elevation is so vast that a mere flap of its wings allows it to cover quite a long distance in flight. The desire and ability to “rise above it’ comes to mind. To fly high and above the fray, so that life, process and transformation happens free from entanglements.

The third level of Scorpio’s evolutionary journey is the mythical flight of the Phoenix. The strategy here, held within the DNA of Scorpio is that when caught between a rock and a very hard place, stay still. Then just ignite yourself into an inferno. As the embers and ashes smolder and die down; lo snd behold, out of your very own ashes, there you are. With the gift of life restored and the capacity to re-emerge and take flight. As Joni Mitchell, a most beloved Scorpio has said. “in flames our prophet witches see the light”. So phantasticaly thus redeemed, energized, and embodied with deeper knowledge and understanding. Onward and upward the Phoenix rises up.

Here I go, here I go, here I go 🎶🎵🎶

Scorpio has a tendency to remind us that it’s always darkest before dawn. That should sit well with us at this profound moment. Rife with fascinating situations that serve as tests and teachings. As we are reminded to open us up to the reality that, “the truth will set you free”. I suggest to be mindful through awareness of your breathing. To breathe into this moment your new and renewed intentions. Then follow them through to wherever they take you.

New Moon In Scorpio thru the Sun signs ~

Aries ~ In ancient traditional astrology, Aries shared a ruler with Scorpio, so making this New Moon a powerful influence on you. Use this moment to set for yourself a new intention . Let it emerge from the deepest core of your fiery, creative consciousness. From deep within the profound depths of the coeur of your being. Think heart, mind, soul and body.

Taurus ~ This is an electrifying moment of exhilaration along with frustration. Learning to make room for both. My suggested solution to move you through this amazing time is to journal. Write it down. The most important thing to focus on are the things in your life that bring you bliss and comfort. The other significant component of this month is to explore new ideas and projects that you never even thought of. Trying something new and out of your comfort zone is another good strategy to check out. This is a powerful moment for you on every level. So write it down and acknowledge gratitude for the things in your life that you are grateful for now.

Gemini ~ A good New Moon for you to focus your awareness on what new knowledge and tools of being in the world you now have at your disposal. Scorpio Season is a curious time for Gemini. Use this moment to bathe in the sensuous energies ignited all around you.

Cancer ~ Enjoy the luscious colors, flavors and warmth of the Scorpio Season. This is a, go with the flow, kind of New Moon for you. Making it the ideal time to seek enjoyments and pleasures in all the wondrous delights this moment in time has to offer.

Leo ~ There is a strong bit of tension, stress and pressure that serves to trigger your jovial spirit to come out and play even more. While others may have anxiety, you serve as the beaming light of laughter, love and creativity. Shine on…

Virgo ~ A creative time of productivity and satisfaction. The tension, stress and challenges of this moment serve as beacons of organizing and practically. Scorpio Season offers you the creative clarity to assess your treasure map towards realizing your goals and deepest dreams.

Libra ~ This month is filled with sugar, spice and a little bit of the naughty and a pinch of nice. That’s the way to proceed. Drink up the ideas and notions that have been until recently out of your purview. Enjoy the creativity this New Moon brings. Take a brisk walk or play some music that touches your soul, mind, heart and body. Celebrate the very miracle of your life.

Scorpio ~ 🎵Happy Birthday Scorpio! 🎶 May the power of this moment be the beginning of realizing whatever your heart desires. As the “Sherlock Holmes” of the Zodiac, pay attention to the clues that are being revealed to you via the power and intensity of this moment. At the same time do remember to honor and celebrate the year that has passed, it’s highs and lows. Reflect and take note of what you want to create in the year ahead. Then keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on….

Sagittarius ~ Time to plot your next adventure. Where would you like to go? What yearning that lies deep within your heart are you longing to fulfill? This is a benign time for reparation and preparation. The reparation precedes the completion that enables you to open to a new beginning. Always a good thing to do whether your journey is about traveling on visceral Earth or a journey of travel through your mind via the inner workings of your heart and soul. The choice is yours.

Capricorn ~ “Billy goat, Capricorn lover, my friend”, is a song I heard a long, long time ago. It pays homage to the symbol of Capricorn being a mountain goat . The earthy ambition of Capricorn to climb the mountain to get to the highest point. This New Moon in Scorpio creates an exciting bunch of fun for you to revel in and explore. A time to feed your senses with a plethora of sensual pleasures and many powerfully intense mystical musings. Scorpio season for Capricorn is a reprieve from the somber seriousness which is characteristic of your terrain. So go with the flow and follow your dreams.

Aquarius ~ Charisma and a unique comprehension of understanding the world around you, is cordially invited to express yourself. Aloud. This is the moment to communicate what in your heart and mind is the truth of what you see, know and experience. The configuration of tensions that have been building up to this very moment calls upon you to speak up along with many others. So to take the needed steps to create the changes we all need to see. “ Nothing lights a fire, like a dream deferredwrote Langston Hughes. BTW, please remember to take good loving care of yourself during this time. Do remember to set a new intention for your life moving forward. As you keep on!

Pisces ~ What is it like to hold the instinctual connection to compassion and mercy? Scorpio works well with Pisces for this reason. With so much square and opposition occurring between signs and planets at this time, Pisces can provide a resting place, a peaceful oasis. So revel on, with mindful compassion and merciful comprehension. This for you is a creative time and if you let it be, a moment where you can be privy to much powerfully needed information. Perhaps write some music or poetry, maybe a painting or choreograph a dance. Or just dance for the love of it. Within all of this be mindful of setting a clear intention of what you yourself desire moving forward.

Happy New Moon 🌚

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