What The World Needs Now

Is love sweet love

Declares the New Moon in Libra

On 10/6/21 at 13 degrees 25 minutes

It’s the beginning where ends finally meet.

Its the two halves becoming one.

Libra New Moon conjunct the Sun is a Cardinal Air sign of action and connection via well organized thought. Relationships, marriage, business partnerships and even people we have conflicts with are part of the Libra/Venus pantheon.

Beauty, comes about through the intention of establishing a harmonic balance. A symmetry that clicks into place through conscious awareness and desire. Venus, ruler of Libra is the connecting planet that nourishes the balance needed to navigate relationships.

Venus, born of the sea, attended by Graces.

The vitally powerful life energies of beauty and truth set the stage and inspire a striking chord that resonates and brings us into a consistent stability. This is astrologically supported by the trines of the Sun, Moon and Mars to Jupiter in Aquarius. At the same moment we have the Sun, Moon and Mars trine Saturn. Creating a reassuring calming of tensions for a while that clears the air. Bringing about fascinating conversations that open up ideas and ways to envision a new path we might not have seen before.

Enjoy and savor every moment of this New Moon.

What a grand time to be setting some new intentions that you can carry through for the next 6 months. As indeed this sweet October month heralds the Direct stationing of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto out of Retrograde. This can serve to foster the clarity needed to comprehensively understand the vague quandaries brought on through the Rx. The Direct motion of these spheres inspires and guides objectively significant thoughts and ideas into actions.

The Cardinal influence of Libra encourages the grace and strength that brings about an inner balance played out in behaviors and deeds that are well thought out with clear intentions. The energy of this influence can make itself known even in the midst of emerging dichotomies.

Then as we move through time, the plot will thicken. There can be some familiar stresses and tensions which may be experienced around the time of the Full Moon on October 20. More about that in another post, so stay tuned. As our experiences of this New Moon unfolds let us make good use of this precious time. As Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury go Direct become aware of the clarity you may well experience.

For the most part this is a harmonious New Moon A good opportunity to use it as a resting place. A space in time to reflect on creating the reality you so desire.

New Moon in Libra through the signs ~

Aries ~ This marks the beginning of a significant growth period. What with the Sun, Mars, Moon and Mercury in Libra, your dynamic other half . This is a good time to meet someone if that is your inclination. This moment can also lend itself to having a breakthrough in a current partnership. Perhaps a breakup that would ultimately enable you to have a needed breakthrough. The point is that relationship to yourself and others is a significant part of this moment for you.

Taurus ~ An existing relationship might feel a wee bit shaken at this New Moon. Communication is the key. This is not the moment to hang back and hope others will “get you” or understand. As challenging as it is this is the perfect moment to learn and practice good tools of communication. Then you will not feel all alone as all that sweet love comes your way.

Gemini ~ This could prove to be a moment where you satiate your burning curiosity about many things. Gemini is in harmonizes well with the New Moon in Libra. As your nature so desires, so that as you hungrily gather data and information, you are better able to discern what matters to you. Then you have a better sense of what actions to take if action need to be taken at all. Enjoy the relaxed vibe of this sweet New Moon in Libra.

Cancer ~ The Libra season might be a somewhat challenging moment for you but not unpleasant. The Libra charm catches your interest as it becomes apparent that the kindness and caring of your nurturing impulses are deeply appreciated. Still and all, a little acknowledgement goes a long way. How can you allow yourself to receive it?

Leo ~ Allow yourself to be the most charismatic person in the room! While this moment has a mellow tone for many, it’s a stimulus for inspired creativity, clarity and manifestation. Follow your hearts desire and you will be fulfilled.

Virgo ~ As there is a flow of clarity that is emerging throughout the course of this month, be mindful of your needs. There is much tension that will be constellated towards the middle to end of this month. Use this brief reprieve to “set your ducks in a row. Keep in mind your values and priorities. Then make your plans and press forward.

Libra ~ 🎼HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎶 May your Solar Return, return you to the elements of your life that bring you the most fulfillment. This is your time to transform and change that which is within your grasp to change. To then liberate yourself by just letting go of things and ideas irrelevant to your life now. With your newfound open space the doorway opens your life to relevant opportunities.

Scorpio ~ Time to take a nice deep breath and a powerfully life enhancing deep exhale. For a time of deep learning, process and transformation is upon you. So to question what you think you know and stay open to new ideas. Ideas and values that challenge your way of understanding the world. Seeing things from a new point of view.And as always stay true to what is in your heart and what is true to your instinctual nature. Be aware that fascinating moments do await you.

Sagittarius ~ This is a moment where you may find yourself truly captivated by the harmonious flow of relaxed centered peace. Even if if it is just a brief short lived moment. It’s your creative ability to focus which is being stimulated naturally by the Cardinal Air energy of Libra. So take actions that enable you to stay aligned to your Soul’s journey.

Capricorn ~ Now there is an innovative newfound mission that is emerging and finding its way to your heart and mind. There is a kind of freeing up of psychic space for new ideas. Concepts that you might be finding necessary to consider quite seriously. New ideas that your managerial skills can make great use of. Keep open and persevere consistently since you have an important part to play in the journey of your life.

Aquarius ~ What a delightful moment this is. Bathe in the energizing wisdom of the Saturn and Jupiter Trine. Use this New Moon to gather your stamina and strength. Be mindful that there is some heavy lifting that lies ahead. Remember that as messy and murky things might become, please be encouraged that things are still getting better. The time to emerge from chrysalis is drawing near.

Pisces ~ Continue to drink up the power of the Grand Trine that your ruling planet Neptune forms with Venus and Pluto. A time to meditate in earnest as a way to contact the Divine and write, paint, dance and sing about it. However, do take the time to lovingly ground and center yourself in the extraordinary ordinary joys of just being. The day to day connection to the mundane. So heaven and earth becomes a part of your every day experience. A gift. A treasure.

Happy New Moon. 🌚

Remember to set your new intention moving forward….

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With love,


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From knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of Self and Soul. It is with insatiable curiosity that I wonder about so many aspects of being alive and fully present here on planet Earth. I love studying the phenomena of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, weather patterns, the oceans and the formation of mountains. All this along with the awareness of Outer Space. The worlds beyond our Earth. I am in unquenchable awe about our galaxy and the galactic phenomena that surrounds our galaxy. I mean, how did we get here?!?! The IS-ness of it all is quite mind-blowing to me. And then there is Astrology. Yes, astrology defined, “ is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.” Astrology nourishes our imagination. It connects us to the creative, non linear side of our brain. Our intuition and heart to our mind. The awareness that we vibrate through the electromagnetic elements contained in our own bodies along with the electromagnetic elements of the celestial bodies, aka the planets. It’s with intuitive psychic understanding as well as my studies in psychotherapy and the healing arts that I bring to astrology consultations. It is my deep desire to serve and help folks realize their full potential through the map of the soul, the astrology chart. It is from knowledge and understanding comes the clarity that supports the integration of self and soul. And that is a sexy way of being fully embodied, fulfilled and being alive at this magnificent moment in time.

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