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At 5 degrees on 5/26/21 at 7:14 AM EDST

This Sagittarius Full Moon held within the energies of a Lunar Eclipse is a jolly jolt. Such as it is when the Moon is full in Sagittarius and forms a whole hearted Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini. This marks a time of shedding what is no longer relevant in your life so as to lightly pivot forward towards situations that are better aligned with your motivations and intentions.

With Gemini ruled by Mercury and the Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, the mind is seeking truth that leads towards some new greater understanding, realization and point of view.

There are currently 4 planets in Gemini transiting through this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. They are the Sun, North Node, Venus and Mercury. Mercury the ruler of Gemini represents our nervous system as it is affected by our mind and vice versa. Therefore however we perceive experience, it is being further illuminated.

Sagittarius represents what we come to realize to be the deeper meaning of our lives. This carries with it a heightened quality of inner reflection. This is further stimulated and intensified by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

To add to the story of this fascinating quality of time, Jupiter’s ingress to Pisces on 5/14/21. Jupiter, the current ruler of Sagittarius is also considered to be the ancient ruler of Pisces. This brings an ebullient high spirited quality into the experience of our lives.

Jupiter in Pisces seriously holds within its energy the elements of real possibility that serves to awaken our collective consciousness to truth, compassion, love and joy.

The deep depths of Jupiter in Pisces contains the seeds of our awakening to truth, compassion, love and joy

This is a beneficial time to unhook from that which no longer has relevance in order to focus on heartfelt wishes, dreams and desires. It is time to explore them as goals that are within our grasp. This is catalyzed via the grounding of the friction of the square angle Jupiter in Pisces forms to the Sun in Gemini and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. In this case it’s the tension of the square that becomes a grounding alchemizing spirited fire that inspires and supports our natural inclination to evolve. This is just the natural flow of life as we expand the depth of our knowledge and awareness.

Dare to dream…

There is another component triggered by this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that deserves attention. As was mentioned above, Gemini also represents the power of the mind via communication. When we pay attention to our heartfelt feelings and as we accurately identify them, they are transmitted up to our minds. Our brain receives the information where they are translated into thought forms for us to logically understand. Then it is up to us to learn how to utilize this inner guidance in order to take care of the need indicated by the feeling. It’s in this process that we gain the skills and wisdom to learn to trust our feelings as they are processed in our minds. Our hearts and feelings are always telling the truth. Our mind or ego is simply “mission control”.

The other fascinating element of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as it is influenced by Jupiter transiting Pisces, is that it is time to know as we begin to practice that when we listen, understand and take actions that are motivated by compassion and truth towards ourselves we can then do the same for others. The necessity of listening to ourselves and others with compassion and understanding is a significantly needed missing link. A link towards a connection that fills in the missing blank particularly when the mind becomes the navigator of the heart and NOT vice versa. The “gray cells” aka the software in our brains must be connected to our feelings, our heart and soul connection. Then connection to our humanity is restored to balance. It is this that is the “pearl beyond price”. It is the gift found within this vibrantly fecund moment.

The mighty power of dialogue and diplomacy, practiced with intentional respect while honoring the other’s point of view is at the heart of this moment. To listen with compassion while considering the point of view of the other, even if it diametrically opposes your own. Even if it makes no sense to you. Since it is so that the moment we make room for another who is other than our own self, we open the door to a world of possibilities governed by compassion, understanding, forgiveness, mercy and joy. This brought to us by Jupiter transiting through Pisces and coming into our mists through the vexing power of the square it is forming to the Sun and Moon at this time.

Now for a specific glimpse through each sign ~~~

ARIES ~ use this moment to express yourself creatively. Chisel away at those skills that use your strength and power. There is great satisfaction in completing projects now in order to set your sights on new horizons.

TAURUS ~ Be mindful of your health as your energy may be wound up frenetically by all the Gemini influence. Particularly as the Uranus in Taurus square to Saturn in Aquarius might still be playing you. Do not spread yourself too thin. Use this powerful moment to learn to practice meditation. If you don’t already do so, do look into it. Music and art are also great places where you can channel your energy at this time.

GEMINI ~ Jazzed up are you at this powerful culminating moment in your signs honor. I do declare a glorious Happy Solar Return to you! Be quite mindful of what no longer serves you that you must leave behind. Then move forward into a New Year that promises to be filled with auspicious new beginnings that are in alignment with your truth.

CANCER ~ There is an amazing almost other worldly haunting sound emanating from deep within your soul. Allow yourself to be bathed in this wondrous moment. By any means possible, please allow your empathic, intuitive nature to glean the music and wisdom being brought to you by the gift of your deep sensitivity.

LEO ~ The heart of the matter is where you like to be. Especially when you are at the center of it all. The Fire element of your sign works quite well with the Air element of Gemini. It serves to help you finagle new and interesting projects which will get you back into your own personal limelight. A place where you are adored and appreciated by all.

VIRGO ~ Continue to skillfully and graciously do your busy work behind the scenes. Can you sense that there are creative bountiful ideas and information being brought to you by this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and your steady consistent perseverance. Be ready to open up to new doors of inspired, innovative good business possibilities.

LIBRA ~ Listen and observe the revelations that may come to you indirectly concerning matters of balance, justice and truth. There is an inner silence that opens the door to information that has been hidden in plain sight. Breathe in and exhale into this fascinating present moment.

SCORPIO ~ So close and yet so far to the world of new possibilities you are dying to know. Take heart that all is moving in the forward direction that you so require. Be advised that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse holds some long awaited answers to questions that have been hiding out even from you. Be ready to take flight as the Eagle in you has the capacity to do. Just be mindful that you are truly letting go of the past in order to be fully present in this luscious here and now.

SAGITTARIUS ~ This Full SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings forth your ability to deepen the frenetic conversation brought about by the Gemini chorale of the Sun, Nodal Axis, Venus, and Mercury. Be the splendid lead singer to the Doo Wop Do Doo charms of this moment. To celebrate this turning of the page and the pivot forward into exciting new adventures.

CAPRICORN ~ Take a break. Use this brief moment to trust that your responsible nature is working hard to keep it together. Your persevering consistent stick to it attitude affords you a moment to relax. Pluto is still blasting away at obsolete systems as Neptune stimulates a new possibility of flexible boundaries to be developed with compassion.

AQUARIUS ~ This New Moon Lunar eclipse involvement by sign is playing your song of brotherhood, sisterhood, compassion, joy, love and truth. There is much work ahead. Set out to do it in the spirit of enjoying bright moments of play, creativity, innovation and fun.

PISCES ~ With Neptune still placed in the heart of your own true cosmic nature and is forming a trine to Mars in Cancer. The perfect combination to guide you to choose to let go of that which no longer serves you. Be aware that many interesting and expansive changes await you, but only if you have the wherewithal to let go and lighten up your load. Be mindful of your needs and intentions. You will be successful.

For a deeper dive into the specifics of your astrological map, contact me, Pamela Joy via email ~ lotus77fullbloom@icloud.com


Happy Full Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 🌕

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