Pisces ~ Such A Funny Thing

New Moon in Pisces

March 2, 2022

At 12:35 pm EST

Such a funny thing that I just don’t know where to begin. It really is just such a Pisces thing. The Fishes swimming in opposite directions. Swimming towards endings that mark new beginnings.

Pisces with Neptune as it’s ruler, heralds in oceans of endless intergalactic flowing rivers of consciousness that are simply just seeking the awareness of being.

Just don’t let yourself get lost in the hypnotic trance of delusion or disillusion since Pisces via Neptune serves as a solvent. A component that dissolves boundaries and our sense of being grounded and centered within a stable cohesive sense of self.

However, this New Moon in Pisces can also be a mellow place of reflection. A creative space to meander through the myriad mazes of your mind. To take a moment to breathe into the light and lilting beauty of sound, sweet love and understanding. As the music of mercy harmoniously is allowed to touch your heart and soul.

This Pisces New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle indeed. An awesome moment of realization and manifestation . When what is above is truly below. So be very mindful and conscious of what you ask for, you will probably get it. This moment of materialization is sparked by the conjunction of Venus/Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. When Venus and Mars are conjunct, a balance is established. Add in Pluto and it’s as if the demolition crew has done their violent dirty work and now the situations get rejuvenated through restoration and transformation. In other words, the remodeling can occur.

The abracadabra of it all is that this stellium is in Capricorn. Capricorn is the solidifying grounding force needed to contain the vast depth of beautifully fluid luminescence contained within this New Moon Pisces pantheon.

The stellium formation of the New Moon/Sun conjunction formed by the long awaited Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces are the stars of this show. The strong energy vibration of this stellium metaphorically provides the liquidity of the flow that allows us to proceed through the birth canal of which we have been laboring to emerge from for many, many years now. Now is the time.

However, while Uranus in Taurus is eliciting a unique stress upon our psyches and visceral infrastructure with its square formation to Saturn, while the North Node is transiting through Taurus, our value systems are going through an upgrade. I say, let it be a(n) r)evolutionary upgrade as Uranus in Taurus is so prominently involved.

There is now within our conscious reach the strength and power of the Saturn/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius to comprehend what this time we are living in is about. This combination serves to hold anchor while a much needed understanding of that which we do not yet understand can be made known to us.

The inherent need for consistency and stability that Taurus requires along with a shockingly refreshing change of view of that Uranus provides must work to supply new and improved versions of doing things. The sextile that the New Moon/Sun in Pisces forms to Uranus along with the North Node in Taurus triggers the creative innovative ideas that we must put into practical use immediately. No pressure. LOL!

Specifically this is the moment to take stock of the things we value. What constitutes our self esteem and experience of being here on this beautiful planet Earth that we share with so many others that is of value to us. That we must not take for granted.

Sun/Moon in Pisces gives us the advantage of opening our awareness to the duality that is inherent in all things. To actually experience the dark and light sides of our nature. To respect the contradictions and love as part of the richness of transcendence that enables us to transform and evolve in peace.

I affirm peace that enables transcendence so we may all continue on.

We are all in this together.

And we are all most certainly in the midst of it now.

So let’s really listen with our hearts and minds of compassion at this most magically imbued moment.

Once again affirming PEACE ON EARTH.

Pisces New Moon through the signs ~

Aries ~ Just look to where you experience your deepest vulnerabilities. It is there that you will find your most vital strongest link. Chiron transiting your sign is enhanced at this Pisces New Moon. So find a beautiful place lit by a cozy fireplace where you can meditate and breathe into the heart of your awareness. There is the treasure trove of all that you must remember and know.

Taurus ~ This New Moon could be your abracadabra moment of manifestation. With your practical penchant for pleasure and the creative cosmic energy of this New Moon in Pisces sextile to your Sun, your wishes are the Universe’s commands. Be wise in what you wish for!

Gemini ~ As you share the experience of duality with Pisces, this is a good moment to take some time to breathe, relax and take a beat. Use this magically charged moment to clarify your direction. This is a good time to really embrace your deepest wishes and goals. To make a plan. Then fly with it, see where you land.

Cancer ~ Perhaps feeling a bit bewildered and not too bothered. This is a harmonious beginning this New Moon in Pisces. The most important benefit being that your need to take action is imbued with an almost fiery like gossamer that enables you to exude beauty as well as see the beauty in all things.

Leo ~ The light of multicolored shimmers of ideas and notions are yours for the taking. So dance, sing, Rock’N Roll into your wildest dreams. Then take a moment to journal about the experience, in order to clarify your goals going forward.

Virgo ~ This Pisces New Moon is your ticket to take a break from your Virgo practicality and inclination to details. Rather, allow yourself to take a ride on the dreamy side as the Oceans of Pisces creative visionary wings invites you to take flight. Then take notes of your experience and think of how you can use this enchanted New Moon in Pisces to make it all real. If anyone can Virgo can and must!

Libra ~ How could I forget you! No way! As you also share the dynamic of duality, Pisces is a good New Moon starting point of a new cycle. But wait, the Moon now moving through Aries conjunct Chiron could be bringing about a more introspective mood. This might feel a bit prolonged with Chiron in Aries which opposes your sign of beautiful Cardinal energy. An energy that seeks to get things done. This moment is asking you to surrender and to be much more flexible. A good time to journal and reflect as you await the signs of Spring!

Scorpio ~ The “detective” in you can take a break from the “beat”, in order to take a beat. A moment to let go of all assumptions and ideas in order to open your mind, body and heart to the divine bliss of this Pisces New Moon. This is the time to really allow yourself to clarify what’s deep in your heart along with reflecting on your life and all your experiences that have brought you here to date. Use the awareness of your past in order to set a goal that will bring you to the kind of life you desire to live now.

Sagittarius ~ The Pisces New Moon energy with Jupiter, your ruling planet, one of the main players in this configuration, puts you in a really good position to manifest your hearts desire. That is in an expansive healthy way you can make happen what is on the tip of your tongue. Feel it, think it, say it and you will find a way forward towards it!

Capricorn ~ Has a new relationship come your way recently? How is the relationship you are currently in if you are involved already? For Capricorn this is a good time to focus on your connection to yourself and the alliances you are forming with others. Please allow yourself a moment to remember to let your hair down and groove to the luminescent path towards manifestation. That is the gift and resource that this Pisces New Moon just might shine on you. So please enjoy!

Aquarius ~ Indeed, this has been a moment of challenges, but my dear Aquarian friends, take a really big deep breath. ‘Cause then on the exhale and deep release take stock of everything that brought you to here. Then from this amazing place you now find yourself in, just jot down loud and clear, what you need, want and desire so you can move forward from here. Then persistently persevere. Just the way you like to do. Then lo and behold all that you want, need and desire shall be yours. Jimmy Durante, another fellow Aquarian used to say, “ After 20 years of hard work an overnight success!” So pay it forward! And keep on!

Pisces ~ 🎼Happy Birthday to you! 🎶 And what a powerfully amazing Solar Return it is. A most lovely pantheon of inner and outer planets transiting your sign, including Neptune, your ruler has shown up to your little party. To grant you whatever your loving compassionate heart could possibly desire. So dream big while you stay connected to the essence of your Soul’s journey and your loving kind hearted being. Remember even when you get angry and/or enraged by the work that lies ahead. You know you love it when you can serve in beauty, grace, strength, good health and prosperity. So onward and upward, as you continue to aspire as only the good, the true and the beautiful do! Keep on….

And peace to you all who are reading this!

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Happy New Moon 🌚



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