The Logical Integration Of The Sublime

The Full Moon in Virgo ~ On March 7, 2023 ~ 16 degrees 40’ ~ at 7:40 AM EST

The Full Moon in Virgo in its opposition to the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a graceful way for us to find the harmonic balance between the sensible logic of practicality and the wondrous inspiration contained within the sublime.

What with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces being conjunct the Sun in Pisces during its opposition to the Moon in Virgo, is what makes the culmination of this Full Moon complete.

It’s the uplifting alliance formed by these energies that supports the middle ground of the topics both of these signs and planets represent. Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces in opposition to the Virgo Moon inspires a practical logic that emerges through an elegant humility. Both require cultivation and practices that are motivated by service. For Virgo it’s service on a visceral mundane level whereas for Pisces it’s the service of surrender to transcendent consciousness and the mystical.

Work, health and service are the areas that Virgo represents. Seeking purification in the interest of perfection. Its a Mutable receptive Earth sign that intentionally follows through to impeccability any task that that must be done.

The energy of the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces on the Moon in Virgo illuminates our experiences towards what can be thought of as “random acts of kindness and untold beauty”.

Mercury ruler of Virgo at 7 degrees Pisces conjunct Saturn at 29 degrees Aquarius motivates mindful contemplation. In square aspect to Mars at 21 degrees Gemini, could very well bring about a holding back of impulsive actions or blurting out thoughts before having time to consider our actions. In the long run this might produce some tension and frustrations being tempered by Mercury and Saturn. This Full Moon in Virgo gives us the grace of modesty that gives us the lens to look at our experiences so we can learn the wisdom contained within them.

These configurations offer us a moment to consider our approach as to to how we act, so to begin with mindfulness. This serves as a first step which can lend a hand towards practical applications that embody a healthier way of being. Health being the significant topic of the Virgo ~ Pisces dynamic.

It’s quite significant that both the Sun and Moon are in square aspect to Mars in Gemini. Stimulating this culminating moment with a certain amount of stress, frustration and tension that could produce circumstances that in actuality can function as ways to help us actively become aware about the mundane and the mysterious. How they permeate our lives in all of their various forms and how to use this awareness as guidance.

A Full Moon that shines a light on questions that one would consider to be “unthought knowns” as Christopher Bollas refers to in his book The Shadow Of The Object. This Full Moon in Virgo brings to light a compassionate view of what we understand to be those parts of ourselves unworthy of our understanding, compassion and mercy. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that many of these “terrible” things are really those parts of ourselves that are seeking help from us.

Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.” – Rainer Marie Rilke-

The magic of this Full Moon is how it’s making way for mindful Mercury to channel its intellectual cleverness and wit through the lens of the mystical via Pisces.

The mystique of the dance itself being played out via the Virgo Full Moon/Pisces Sun dynamic.

The mutable energies of the Sun in Pisces in opposition to the Moon in Virgo creates a flexibility in our perceptive comprehension. This is a supportive way of being able to go with the flow. To be available to be open to the shifts that await us as Saturn’s ingress to Pisces occurs. Then again later in the month on the 24th as Pluto transits into Aquarius.

The opposition of Neptune/Sun/Mercury and Saturn in Pisces to the Moon in Virgo supports the ability to dialogue and negotiate, as we are learning how to hold the tension of the opposites. How to respectfully make room for the dignity of two opposing viewpoints.

To be aware of how the essence of practicality and logic can be intuitively felt through emotions evoked by the Moon. While at the same time we have the opportunity to embody the sacred transcendent creativity and beauty of the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

This Full Moon in Virgo has the capacity to allow the flow of compassion, kindness and understanding to become the language of humanity and our lives. To support us to begin to comprehend the mysterious unknown interchanges that will surely take place as Pluto enters the sign Aquarius.

This Full Moon in Virgo via its opposition to the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces has the capacity to give us a birds-eye view clue. A way for us to preview and get a glimpse of the innovative possibilities that awaits us moving forward as all of these powerful influences of slow moving outer planets changes signs.

The Sun in astrology influences our pursuits in how we quest to attain them by the sign it occupies. So the Sun in Pisces stimulates a reaching forward towards an intuitively motivated connection to the sacred. Collectively this is the sort of experience that lies within the knowledge and understanding that what connects us all is the very real need to be loved, respected, validated and acknowledged.

Our work and the money we earn through our work is in the realm of a shared reality that is a significant concern. Much change and transformation in terms of our value systems collectively and individually are needing to be restructured at this amazing time of transformation that we are living through. More on that in the next post. So stay tuned.

However, Saturn’s transition to Pisces before Pluto transitions into Aquarius brings a sort of user-friendly logical way to respond to situations that facilitates moving forward into “this air that we can not yet breathe”, as Marge Piercy expresses it. This opening up to the affect of Saturn changing signs the day after this Full Moon in Virgo is an exciting adventure.

Consider holding the awareness that at the pinnacle of this Full Moon/Sun opposition we have Mars in Gemini. Motivating us to understand how to use our aggression and assertions. To respect, honor and value the instinctual connection to our vitality. As we remain connected to the rhythm of life. Mars confronts discord and disharmony as a means towards expressing its own instinctual need to fight for its own survival.

Yet the thing about this Full Moon in Virgo that is specifically fascinating is the harmonizing energy of how Pluto sextile to Neptune gets played out in this configuration. It’s energy serving to reassure us that change and transformation is a good thing. While Saturn in Aquarius is trine to Mars in Gemini illuminating high energy genius towards clever groundbreaking structures becoming normalized possibilities.

Mercury in Pisces is sextile to Uranus in Taurus giving a glimpse into what really matters in terms of our value systems, pertaining to finance and economics. All this while Uranus in Taurus is trine to the Virgo Moon. Offering a bit of harmonizing humility towards evolving humanity concerning health and sustainability.

Keep in mind how Fiery Mars has been challenged thru its transiting the highly charged Airy nervous system of Gemini. It is useful to note this since Mars in Gemini is now the focal point of the Sun/Pisces opposition Moon/Virgo square. All this to say we might be experiencing a bit of stress and tension.

So for this reason I adamantly suggest we all stop for a moment. Remember to take a beat. To breathe and gather the guidance that resides within.

There is a kind of insight that can be found through the wisdom of your very own felt experience. It is the mysteries that are contained within your very own DNA.

Listen to the wisdom that this Full Moon in Pisces is inspiring in you. Just allow yourself to observe free of judgement what the voice of your very own inner being is guiding you towards.

How is this playing out for you?

What have you been cultivating in your life that is now coming into fruition?

If your goal, project, wish or desire has not yet come to fruition, what is your next step towards realizing this matter into manifestation?

Remember every moment contains challenges and gifts that are here to open up new doors to your understanding of yourself, your life and the world around you!

So keep on!

The Full Moon in Virgo thru the signs ~

Aries ~ There is great opportunity at this time to have a full bodied awareness as to how the experiences of the past several years have served you. This is especially auspicious with the sextile that Mars in Gemini forms to Venus in Aries. There is a kind of vulnerability that you have learned to embrace that eases up some of your Mars fearlessness. The door is opening for you now that attracts the sorts of people who find you quite desirable as you do them.

Taurus ~ Brace yourself for a “kick ass” moment, if you will. Your ruling planet Venus in Aries is quite energizing. However, this Full Moon in Virgo trines your sign along with Uranus in Taurus, the planet that has been shaking things up for you for the past 4 years and remains there for at least another 3. So this moment is like a reprieve from the unexpected surprises insofar as you are being steadied and balanced by the trine to the Moon in Virgo and stimulated to inspiration by the Sun and Mercury in Pisces. This is a very benign preview for you of some of the steadying benefits that Saturn’s ingress to Pisces holds for you. Enjoy the richness of this moment.

Gemini ~ There is an affluence to this moment that lends itself to new ways of knowing and telling of your experience of duality. The duality inherent in your sign Gemini along with Mercury in Pisces and the square it forms to Mars in Gemini. So much duality for you to be aware of, I hope you are keeping a journal! It’s the stress and tension perhaps triggered by this moment that can be channeled as a lens through which to see issues and dilemmas concerning you and the world in a whole new light. It’s the gift of your insatiable curiosity that will be igniting some new ideas to give you direction about moving forward. This will be an exciting and productive month ahead for you.

Cancer ~ Nothing too earth shattering for you at this time accept the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn “dipping its toe” into Aquarius at the end of the month, March 24 – June 23, when Pluto turns Rx, then re-enters Aquarius in January 2024, where its impact will be felt in other ways. No matter the Pluto opposition to your sign in the degree of 29, the degree of mastery supports your ability to decipher some divine wisdom from the experience. This is especially made sweet by the Sun in Pisces and its opposition to the Moon in Virgo. So use this moment of alignment to reflect on what you feel good about in your life now and what wishes, desires and projects you would like to fulfill moving forward.

Leo ~ This lunation is feeding your spirit, heart and soul while at the same time giving you the space and wherewithal to ground the energy in a productive, lucrative manner.There is the possibility of great inspiration coming to you via your dreams. So try to note your dreams in the morning after you have awakened. Dreams are the mysterious passage way to your soul and the truth of what is most pressing for you to know right now. So dream on and then take actions that supports you and others in a life affirming way,

Virgo ~ What a brilliant Full Moon in your name and honor. The stress and tension that may arise are powerful growing pains inspiring you to new ways of asserting yourself. Along with that there is a passageway unfolding for you to have connection to an inner vision. An inner vision via the opposition of the Sun in Pisces to the Virgo Moon that imbues you with the capacity to translate mystical musings into an inspired fluent comprehensive creation.

Libra ~ This moment is colored with an expansively energized connection to your power and your vulnerability. Simultaneously, in synch with Venus, your ruling planet, conjunct Chiron and Jupiter in Aries. A chance to learn about how to work with your life force in the midst of understanding some deeper woundings that are just about the places where you ultimately have the ability to master your own healing process. This serves to help you to help others along the way. There is also the possibility of igniting a spark of romance. So allow yourself to be open, aware and always remember to breathe and to be here now.

Scorpio ~ This Virgo Full Moon in opposition to Pisces always promises to soothe and harmonize with you. This is particularly helpful since Uranus transiting through Taurus has been shaking things up for you in its opposition to your sign. This moment affords you the time and space to dream so that using your Scorpio intuitively instinctual felt sense, you can translate it all into a grounded language that has the potential to solidify your hearts desires.

Sagittarius ~ This moment continues to be an adventure in health and the grace of strength and courage. The Virgo Moon opposition to the Sun in Pisces evokes some deep ancient callings to new methods of understanding some of the issues that have been coming up for you. This moment is offering you a microscopic lens through which to view certain seeming conundrums whose solutions could be right under your nose. So take a moment to drop down into your breath. Then allow your awesome intuition to be fed on the energies of this lunation. Allow your mind to receive the transmission that holds the answers. These answers to solutions which in actuality are originating from your very soul. Trust is your mantra during this cycle.

Capricorn ~ This Moon cycle is about fine tuning your awareness to mundane reality and the mystical. Particularly this is significant because on March 8, Saturn transitions into Pisces. As Saturn is your ruling planet this could prove to be quite beneficial since it forms a sextile to your sign. That aspect could inspire a creative reimagining of how you would like to arrange your life moving forward. So be clear with yourself about what of your wishes and ambitions have come to fruition and what work is left to be done. Then set about to systematize a new set of tasks and objectives to materialize those.

Aquarius ~ As a lover of all signs with an inherent desire to understand them all, this is a very interesting lunation cycle. For the most part it can be a mellow culminating moment. However, it is “pregnant with possibility” and adamant you must be that those possibilities must serve to benefit you. There is a wisdom that you have gleaned via all the challenges met that were confronting your sign. Now with Saturn, your ruling planet making its ingress into Pisces, the landscape is about to shift. I believe it will be a very positive shift as it will inspire a focus and concentration steeped in the creative flow of cosmic consciousness. However, that is just one felt impression, coming from one Astrologer. Who knows what lies ahead and how all of this will manifest. I do know that the strength, grace and wisdom gleaned by the trials and tribulations of the past 10 years or so have clarified your vision and steadied your focus. So Aquarius, sail on!

Pisces ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday! ✨🌞✨ This moment has so many challenges and so many gifts. One of them is that this is the time to find your voice, to know your mind and to create what you desire moving forward from that place. This Full Moon in Virgo that engages your Sun in Pisces square to Mars in Gemini, makes it so. It can be a bit unsettling but when you surrender yourself to just settle into it, it begins to make so much sense. It will make even more sense when Saturn transits into Pisces. Then the magical mysticism that is an inherent component of the Pisces experience can be expressed in ways that formulates new and better ways to co-create and collaborate. So dear Pisces, the best is yet to come. Keep on…..

So there it is.

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Happy Full Moon in Virgo 🌕

Love, ♥️


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