Talking Thru The Haze Of The Dream

There is a harmonious vibration that emanates thru the beginning of this Pisces season, specifically at this moment which allows for us to peer into some new possibilities .

The first thing I notice about this New Moon in Pisces, this wondrous new beginning, which occurred on 2/20/2023 at 1 degree @ 2:05 AM EST, is the conjunction to Saturn at 28 degrees Aquarius.

This to me indicates a time of integrating the ideals of healthy individuation with the Pisces allure of merging into cosmic consciousness. This suggests a door opening towards positive evolutionary change. To embody the dignity of hearty individuated selfhood with the awareness of how interconnected we all truly are. So we may continue to move forward perhaps more consciously than before with this subtle awareness taking hold.

At this lunation where Saturn at 28 degrees Aquarius joins in as part of the Sun/Moon conjunction. There is an inclination towards opening up to new ideas and concepts that are integrated and centered in logical sensibility and practicality. This is brought to us via the Pisces opposition to Virgo. Saturn being the solidifying Earth bound ruler of Capricorn quite ambitiously veers towards grounded logical thinking as well. This New Moon combination with Saturn in conjunction to the beginning moments of the Sun/Moon at 1 degree Pisces promises to plant the seeds of hope and faith.

Pisces and her modern ruler Neptune opens our hearts towards the real need to be merciful, understanding and compassionate with ourselves and with each other. Jupiter, on the other hand, being the ancient ruler of Pisces forms a sextile to Mars in Gemini as Mars trines Mercury in Aquarius. This then interconnects to Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries. There is the potential of a much needed door to open collectively within hearts and minds towards communication, dialogue and negotiation. This does not come without a hiccup of anxiety. Pisces and it’s modern ruler Neptune can produce anxiety, be aware of that. However, “anxiety is the experience we all have as we are about to embrace our freedom.” I am paraphrasing something one of teachers told me. The point is that by facing our fears and shadows we develop faith in ourselves and life itself. Pisces helps impart that lesson to us.

It’s also useful to be aware of the reality that conflict is part of life. That’s as sure as we are all here to grow and evolve. All this to say that we must learn how to work through conflicts as a natural part of life. This is correlated to the new found awareness that we become conscious of the reality that we are all, in some way, interconnected to each other. Consequently it is imperative that we seek to find a way to respect each other’s presence. Respectful communication is the way. We don’t have to like, love or agree with the other. We just must learn to respect their right to be .

So this New Moon constellates a beautiful possibility of expanded consciousness as Jupiter being the Ancient ruler of Pisces generates a much needed evolution of consciousness.

This New Moon in Pisces also gives us a comprehensive taste of things to come with Saturn’s ingress to Pisces on 3/7/2023. Saturn which has been in its traditional rulership of Aquarius since mid December of 2020 has shaken things up in a way that has created a kind of pull back into the old shallow ways of the past.

During times of change, the winds of upheaval tend to rock and roll. There is usually a clinging to power that is pernicious when much needed change and transformation is knocking at the door. This is evidently displayed as we see it getting played out in world affairs. Still and all it is helpful to be mindful that the shift in consciousness towards greater understanding via dialogue is very much an achievable probability catalyzed with the movement of Saturn’s upcoming transit thru Pisces.

Saturn in Pisces can soften the ground we are walking on, in service of planting something sensibly vibrant and quite relevant. In this transit there is the potential for a newfound sensibility that has the potential to color the thinking of our global consciousness.

Then as Pluto will “dip it’s toe” as it were, into Aquarius at 0 degrees on 3/24/2023. The shifting tides will truly become apparent. Keep in mind that Aquarius’s focus is for the good of All. Pluto, ruler of the underworld, is commander of unfettered demolition. Pluto’s density and intensity is hellbent on clearing away the brittle decay. Pluto unconditionally demolishes thru death.

Death becomes the doorway to the process which seeks to stimulate the necessary gestation which makes way for the birth of something new. The birth of new life emerges when the dross of decay transforms into the fertilizer that supports life. The birth of sustainable life.

Aquarius energy is about the new and the innovative concentrating on freedom and liberation. A reverence for life that supports a realistically viable world populated with flourishing individuated people.

Pisces desires compassion for the good of all as a path towards transcendence. Loves to merge into oneness. To be aware of the way in which we are all interconnected. This Pisces season has the potential to suffuse our consciousness with that understanding. We merge and separate, merge and separate.

Like a heartbeat. Like the ebb and flow of the tides in response to the motion of the earths flutterings in relationship to the Moon. This is what the energy of Aquarius creates with the energy of Pisces.

It’s as if this New Moon in Pisces is configuring for all fellow human travelers, a moment to revel in the brilliance of just being alive. To be aware of being alive with gratitude even in the midst of conflict and aggression. It is most useful to be fully present with it and experiences it from the lens of mindful awareness. With Mars in Gemini trine to Mercury in Aquarius we have here the combo that lends itself towards dialogue and communication. It’s the “glue” that allows it to all come together.

There is potentially at hand, a breakthrough in growth, expanding our awareness of who we are to ourselves and in relationship to each other. A potential evoked as Mercury in Aquarius forms a square to Uranus in Taurus. There is friction and discomfort where the “old” and the “new” must learn to compromise and find a negotiable solution to enable both to exist. A perfect opportunity to communicate towards negotiations that supports coming up with a feasible solution. To find some sort of agreed upon accommodation that results in mutual compromise which establishes something better for all concerned. That’s the direction this moment, this season of Pisces has the profound potential to procure.

There is also a square formed by Mars in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces. I interpret this as the status quo of split consciousness which tends to be resistant to peace, love and understanding for fear of losing one’s sense of self. This sort of anxiety is needing to somehow trust the process. Still and all, this tension and stress is eased up and supported by Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. A brilliantly creative love fest somewhere is at hand to open hearts and minds.

What is useful to note is that as this Pisces season unfolds particularly with Saturn’s ingress to Pisces from Aquarius and later in the month Pluto’s short “toe dip” into Aquarius, change towards a higher consciousness is unfolding, even as I put these thoughts down here. “Just give peace a chance.” This moment couldn’t agree more with John Lennon.


New Moon in Pisces through the signs ~

Aries ~ This could truly be a breathtaking moment of a whole new life unfolding for you. There is a clarity coming into focus as to what makes sense about what it is you desire and how to go about getting it. Even self doubts that may arise can be given credit and credence. Ultimately doubts are there to help you to understand how to work with your love of conflict along with learning how to love.

Taurus ~ A kind of dreamy moment moving forward. In fact be quite aware of your dreams now. If you can work with the metaphorical symbols contained in your dreams you will have access to some very deep and useful insights. Insights that have innate wisdom to get you on the right track towards your goals, wishes and desires.

Gemini ~ This season promises to grant you much success as the interplay of active expansive influences inspires you to focus on your goals. The Art of communication is the key. To effectively and respectfully dialogue and negotiate with others, while at the same time remaining mindful of your own wishes via connecting intuitively with your own inner guidance. Then assess all that is being presented to you and work with that.

Cancer ~ It can be reassuring for you to know that there are some new developments occurring that could prove to be supportive of your life moving forward. As Saturn is conjunct your ruling planet, the Moon and as we continue to move forward into the Pisces season, structure and systems that are relevant to your life now begin to slip into place. Setting you up for a certain kind of stability within a still uncertain world. So set your sights on what you most value and then patiently with steady perseverance continue on.

Leo ~ There is a newfound inner strength that is yours for the taking. Saturn has been opposing your Sun for the last 2 years and soon shall be on its way as its ingress into Pisces occurs next month. The constrictions you might have experienced these past 2 years will soon drop off and your bright Leo energy will be your own. Enjoy the liberation, however do reflect on what difficult challenges have been presented to you in the past 2 years. Consider how you have dealt with them. Review and contemplate what gems of learning you have gleaned. How shall you bring the golden wisdom you now possess forward into your life? Then keep on.

Virgo ~ This is a moment of revelation for you! Allow yourself to breathe in and out as you open your awareness to a deeper comprehension of how to make your dreams come true. As we continue to move into Pisces season your opposing sign, don’t fight the spacey dreaminess of this moment. Your ruling planet, Mercury forming a trine to Mars, warring planet of aggression is in the process of learning to use logic. Jupiter the ancient ruler of your opposing sign, Pisces, imbues this season with so much beneficial insight. To keep your heart and mind open along with paying attention to your dreams will be very worthwhile for you at this time.

Libra ~ This is a “sugar ‘n spice” moment for Libra. So much enchanting mystical uplifting sort of sparkle and shine. It’s all there for your enjoyment while simultaneously you are being asked to grow by dealing with the shadow within you. By getting to know those parts of yourself you have judged as unworthy but in reality actually have a certain value. Your shadow is the key that can open doors that you previously did not have access to. It’s all there within you just awaiting your love and acceptance.

Scorpio ~ Such a fascinating time to be you. Your modern ruling planet, Pluto is about to make its ingress into Aquarius on 3/24/2023. While your ancient ruling planet, Mars is in the sign of Gemini, pertaining to communications received and given. This can very engaging while enhancing the energy of all of your relationships. The funny thing is that there is a slight dissonance to the qualities of these differing energies affecting you. It’s that sort of dissonance which your Scorpio sensibility rather enjoys.

Sagittarius ~ Within the deepest experience of your vulnerability there is a beacon of light that is ultimately setting you on your course. Your understanding of your true direction unfolds this New Moon. However, be sure to drop down into a surrendered relaxed place where you can receive the awareness of what that is. The intuitive clarity will come to you, just make some space within your life in order to be able to hear it. Then aim your arrow into that place if knowledge and let your Sagittarius love of adventure take you there.

Capricorn ~ Power and how you handle it is what this moment is offering you. The many phases of Capricorn’s predilection towards ambition is in the process of being transformed. So it goes as Saturn your ruling planet is making its ingress to Pisces. The visceral knowledge of how there is more power generated from within than from external sources will enable you to rethink the way you have set up systems prior to this moment. Now you will have a new understanding and respect for setting up and managing systems from a place of intuitive surrender to what is being presented to you. Then gently applying your awesome Capricorn perseverance and discipline create a new found way of doing things. All guaranteed to serve you well as you continue on.

Aquarius ~ So engaging, bewitching and curious to be you right now. It’s as if some serious renovations to the way you go about your life are shifting their positions giving you a whole different perspective. So get ready to have your understanding of yourself be transformed into whatever you would wish it to be in order to fulfill your goals. Of course it must be grounded in an understanding of what got you to this moment in the first place. To Bless it all, by acknowledging it all allows you to let go of the past. To claim your power by being fully present in the now. Being free of the past enables you to glean the riches of all the interesting transitions that your sign will undergo as Saturn’s ingress to Pisces and Pluto’s ingress to Aquarius unfolds. Looking forward…

Pisces ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday! ✨🌞✨ This could prove to be a Solar Return of great value. As Saturn makes its way into your sign, it supplies an anchor that can provide the grounding and centering you need in order to surrender into the seductive fog of consciousness where transcendence is found. Then as you return to your awareness of the Earth plane and the material world you will have within your psyche the intelligence and wisdom with which to serve others. So happy re-birth day! And many, many happy returns!


♥️♥️♥️ Trine ♥️♥️♥️

This post is dedicated to my heart girl, Trine, who passed away on 2/14/2023 at 16 beautiful pussycat years of age. Her adorable Soul resonates onward. ♥️

Well, there it is!

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Love, ♥️


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