Is The Lion Really Real? I Mean Really!

Comments, thoughts and ideas about the Full Moon in Leo written on 2/5/2023, published on 2/6/2023.

Full Moon in Leo ~ 2/5/2023 ~ @ 1:29 PM

The most important thing about the Full Moon in Leo is the Sun in Aquarius. The best way to understand a misunderstood sign like Aquarius is to explore and learn about what it’s diametrically opposed to. That being Leo. The serious genius of Aquarius is sparked into the love of creative play thanks to its opposition sign Leo.

The Leo Full Moon shines a bright hot fiery light on the cool austere Saturnian demeanor that defines Aquarius in Traditional Astrology. This combined with the wizardry genius that the Modern Uranian influence provides, imbues Aquarius with sparkle and a fascination for life and all of creation. It’s this wondrous amalgam of creative energies that colors this Leo Full Moon.

Leo, by its very nature energizes its creativity thru play. Leo shines its warmth and glows. It’s this joy of feeling connected that overflows in Leo when seen and recognized by others.

Leo, ruled by the Sun brings the warmth of humanity to Aquarius thru the experience of a recognized need for connection to others. It is the bright, shining Leo energy that shines a warming light into the creative impulses of the energy of Aquarius .

There is a cliche parable which says that until you are anchored to something you will never be truly free. Saturn, traditional ruler of Aquarius serves as that anchor. The stabilizing leverage of Saturn sets the Uranus energy free. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius imbues Aquarius with the energy of genius, invention and innovation.

It is useful to understand how the Leo Full Moon has served as a jumpstart to catalyze growth. How that culminating moment occurred at a time when there was a considerable amount of stress and creative tension being constellated.

Saturn 26 degrees in Aquarius, widely conjuncts the Sun at 16 degrees Aquarius. The t-square constellated by its opposition to the Leo Moon is formed by both points being in square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. These combined energies shines a light on the structures and systems that hold the integrity of our values in place. As money markets, finances and the economy of the whole world is made vulnerable by choices based on antiquated values, the t-square triggers the necessity of questioning the status quo.

I am writing about this here, at this time, because of the possible shifts in consciousness that Pluto transiting into Aquarius promises to bring.

I am also writing this to bring a new lens and perspective to the energies opened up by Aquarius and it’s oppositional sign Leo. Yes, Uranus and Aquarius is affiliated with electricity, the energy as it circulates and runs our world. However, for Aquarius that energy that genius is in the interest of serving life for all people. To then uphold that within that life there must be liberty, justice and dignity for all.

This is serious business that requires the pulse of joyful, well individuated, vibrant, life affirming juices. The kind of energy and delicious juiciness that a Sun ruled Zodiac sign like Leo provides. That is what motivates most Aquarians and most Leo natives.

Collectively, there is a bright potential originating from the heart and soul of humanity that gets evoked through the Moon in Leo.

It’s hard to remember that while we are in the tense frustrating aspect the Leo Moon forms to Uranus in Taurus that there is a wellspring of wild, bright creative original responses being conjured up.

Perhaps these planetary positions are triggering reality based concepts that are serving to inform our relationship to the material world. The stress, frustrations and tensions caused by this t-square is arousing new questions about the Earth itself. Perhaps serving to make us really and truly question our environment and the way we experience our needs, wants and desires for MONEY.

The clincher of the moment is that the last vestiges of this Aquarius season is overflowing with the evidence of a psychological split that runs rampant among us. If you follow world events, it is clearly tearing apart our societies as the paradigm must be made to shift. There is a paradigm shift needed in order to create a valued and mutually sustaining society that is based on supporting and valuing power from we all have access to from within.

To shift from a power over based society which has been perhaps the way it has been from even before long recorded time as we know it. Perhaps the chaos and uncertainty of the time we are living through now is due to the magnificent shift needed in order to birth a society and culture that values, nourishes and nurtures individuals to be self empowered from within.

Alright, I’m listening!

To allow for dialogue and communication from that self empowered place as we interconnect,interdependently to each other. To be embodied in a paradigm that values life and our precious humanity. This is the significant shift that Aquarian consciousness promises. To value life and all beings. To encourage healthy individuation and creative connection to all colors and stripes as part of this amazing equation that is our lives.

I believe this is strongly being echoed by Pluto conjunct Mercury in Capricorn, 28 degrees and 22 degrees respectively sextile to Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces. Sparkling the way towards discussion and dialogue that entertains the possibility of compassion that is born out of a heartfelt comprehension of how interconnected we all really are.

The really awesome thing that is quite fascinating is Mercury trine to Uranus in Taurus helping us to understand these new concepts and perspectives that this Full Moon is shining a light on. A kind of harmonious look-see is happening now, if we can open our eyes, hearts and minds to it.

To make this moment even richer, Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries is sextile to Mars in Gemini sextile to the Leo Moon in opposition to said Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries. This has the potential to awaken new understanding of what the wounding is. Then to start the healing process by being open to new ways of perceiving and dealing with conflicts. Ways that involve brilliant diplomacy and navigation through dialogue that is founded in mutual respect.

I want to believe with all of my heart that when Saturn transits into Pisces the shift of the I-It dynamic, which is what the above mentioned splitting brings about is transformed to the I-Thou relationship. That would be late March of 2025. Vice versa when Neptune transits into Aries, in late March 2025.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one….” sang John Lennon.

Visionaries at this vantage point can project that in the midst of these rough moments we must continue to keep going. To acknowledge that we are required to work through it all as we continue on. Its such an act of love and respects to keep moving forward with as much clarity as we have in present time. To be grounded and focused in present time.

It feels like this Full Moon in Leo is a culmination that shines a light on our experience of being alive that begs our attention to, “What’s going on….? “ as Marvin Gaye has sung.

Let’s just keep on going!


The Full Moon in Leo through the signs ~

Aries ~ A time of learning some new ways of communicating. A newfound respect for others even when you don’t agree, like or understand. This newfound fascination and respect for the unfamiliar is actually a source of liberation and joy in your life. So just go with the flow and see what lies ahead as it unfolds.

Taurus ~ The ability to liberate yourself from the past and old patterns is quick becoming a pastime,(pun intended), that is fun. Letting go of the past is opening your life to much more wealth in the form of valuing yourself and your precious life, so much more every day moving forward.

Gemini ~ Perhaps all of your different ideas are beginning to become comprehensive to you in a way that holds many surprises. This is a welcome way for you to express your exhilaration as you behold a world of thoughts you never even thought you had. So start writing and playing with new ideas designed to set you free.

Cancer ~ There are sweet surprises and tense challenges that promises to open the door to a closed space in your heart.Time to open up that locked room and let the light of understanding and consciousness prevail.

Leo ~ Your bright warming energy is featured at this time of cold, frozen winter for half of the world. While the other half celebrates the brightness of the integration of the warmth of the Sun illuminating the Moon in your sign. Let yourself revel in the experience of folks recognizing the value you bring to those around you. Little does anybody know how you are utterly delighting yourself in the process.

Virgo ~ This is a fascinating time of change and transformation. Mercury your ruling planet conjunct Pluto gives you the ability to know what is required. To tap into your inherent flexible ability in order to know what needs to be done. It’s a powerful healing time for Virgo with so many opportunities to integrate the mystical with earthbound material reality. Keep taking care of yourself by breathing into your awareness and being present in present time. That is where your power lives.

Libra ~ There is some restlessness you might be aware if that is being triggered by a desire for freedom, change and liberation. This is brought to you by the influence of Venus your ruling planet in Pisces forming a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This opens you up to a new view and perception about money, finance and what you truly value. Venus in Pisces square Mars in Gemini could attract some interesting love interests as well, if you are so inclined.

Scorpio ~ Comprehensive connection to mystical thought is within your grasp , if you care to stay open to it. With Pluto the modern ruler of your sign conjunct Mercury in Capricorn sextile to Neptune in Pisces, opens an awareness to you that is giving you a deepened meaning and purpose for your life.

Sagittarius ~ This Full Moon is shining a light on your vulnerability and some places of wounding. This is being constellated via Jupiter, your ruling planet which is conjunct Chiron in Aries sextile to Mars in Gemini. This is inviting you to speak up and communicate when it is necessary to do so. This is in order to participate fully in discourse. By clarifying and stating your thoughts and ideas certain components of past woundings begin to heal as you reintegrate.

Capricorn ~ Be aware that any tension or stress you may be feeling right now is a sort of growing pain in the direction of bright creative play. Deep down, you know you love it while at the same time there are concerns about letting go of being in control. This moment is teaching you how to have both. Most importantly, it is opening your mind, body and heart to a new perspective on your life.

Aquarius ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday ✨🌞✨ This year promises to offer you the stability and grounding you need in order to proceed forward. To establish yourself in the community and the world as a team player. To bring into your sphere the relationships of collaboration. Collaborating effectively with others to create innovative business models that supports life. That supports your life. This is the moment of self realization when all the years of hard work, perseverance and practice pays off. So keep going in good health, wealth, prosperity and creativity!

Pisces ~ This is a powerful moment for you as fascinating notions of change and transformation become clear to you. This is a golden opportunity for you to enjoy a kind of clarity where your deepest desires can be realized. Actually, Neptune your modern ruling planet in harmonious aspect to Mercury and Pluto can be used as a launching pad for your ideas. As long as you allow yourself to feel into your heart and soul about it. Remember your heart and soul is where the feeling originates from. Those feelings contain the truthful guidance about what you really need. Your mind does the navigation of how to achieve it. What is particularly useful for you now at this moment is the presence of Mercury conjunct Pluto sextile your ruling planet Neptune. This is a good combination of planetary influences to help you realize what you need in your life now, in order to move forward.

So there it is!

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Let’s all keep moving forward ✨🌞✨




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