A Door Opens……

It’s a New Moon in Aquarius At 1 Degree 32’ 38”

On January 21, 2023

NEW ~ is truly the operative word of this moment.

Aquarius by its very nature is the epitome of original.

Aquarius energizes innovative development that questions convention. To open the door to the unthought known that promises fresh discoveries in order to support humanity and cohesive community.

This New Moon contains the Aquarius Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn. Perhaps “all hell” is in the process of breaking loose.

Or not.

Pluto so close to its ingress into Aquarius stimulates and supports change and transformation in a profound way. Albeit, this is NOT an easy transition. Specifically as we bear witness to the resistance to change being clearly expressed globally.

The prevalence of an antiquated paradigm based on authoritarian power over others is rampant. However, the changes needed for humanity to become humane again and evolve is triggering many more peoples to become conscious and aware.

People know what is needed to create a healthy sustainable society and planet. This New Moon in Aquarius supports a shift towards that consciousness in a way that is the natural unfolding of a people-community-centered society. One that is slowly being birthed.

At this time Mercury at 8 degrees Capricorn in trine aspect to Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus is notable. With Mercury involved and Uranus being the Modern co-ruler of Aquarius, there is a better potential to open doors to the interchange of information.

Uranus, transiting thru Earth bound Fixed Taurus is in harmonious aspect to Mercury in Capricorn. Fostering a way towards dialogue and discussion. This is notable as Uranus in Taurus is triggering changing value systems. This transit has a reassuring component encouraging talking and listening. To disclose necessary information about the truth of what’s happening. This Aquarian moment supports that.

Ultimately, listening, talking and sharing is how we stay connected to each other. It is wise to do so since by our very nature we are social creatures. We are inter-dependent on each other.

It is frustrating and quite sad that often it’s only in the midst of great travesties and tragedies that we come together as a human family. With Aquarius’s influence taking center stage, supportive and consistent inter-connectivity becomes part of the solution as it begins to become a trend to do so.

This New Moon has elements of Aquarian idealism in harmony with Neptune via the Pluto conjunction. This combo influences and inspires feelings, thoughts and actions that go deep into the heart of compassion and understanding. We really do need this to be so, because the alternative would be irrational delusion. History has illustriously shown us how wrong that can go. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail as the healthier influence of Neptune sextile to Pluto conjunct the Sun/Moon in Aquarius succeeds.

Aquarius is a sign of fascinating influence because in modern astrology it’s ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. As a modern astrologer in the foothills of studying traditional astrology, I see that the dual rulership does make sense. Aquarius is able to delve into conceptualizations of original and unconventional thought and ideas as Saturn acts as a supportive anchor. Saturn serves to imbue Aquarius’s energy with a needed sense of duty and responsibility. Saturn’s inherent understanding and respect for the laws of cause and effect holds Aquarius’s “feet to the fire” of rationality and responsibility. This is a good thing. It serves as a system of checks and balances within the Aquarian journey.

Saturn the ruler of Capricorn and the Traditional ruler of Aquarius thrives in the solid stability of earth based reality. How else can there be the necessary and much needed peace, love and understanding if it is not grounded in present time. Time is in the purview of Saturn which actually works quite well with Uranian energy.

Understanding different and unusual ideas must be grounded in evidenced based reality.

I do believe that at the amazing moment we are living thru now, we are in the heart of a steady continuation of a much needed paradigm shift. It’s been happening for quite some time in response to many shifts. This Aquarius New Moon sparkles with the inspiration that contains the encouragement needed to keep pushing through to a better day.

This sort of balance of consciousness is what makes this moment so fertile with many possibilities. Ripe with potential that contains the seeds for a new comprehension of what needs to be transformed. The energy of this New Moon suffuses our consciousness with a much more integrated way of viewing life. A new understanding where we can entertain possibilities that we never imagined or ever thought could be. As long as it serves the good of all with integrity. At the same time acknowledging the unique individuality in all.

What makes things hopeful is the harmonious energy of the Grand Trine that the Aquarius New Moon/Sun/Pluto brings to Jupiter in Aries and then so wittingly to trine Mars in Gemini. Assertive communication is the key.

Telling it like it is in a grand way. Getting in touch with delicious, delightful energizing and resounding vigor that is ultimately motivated towards bringing harmonious relationships into being.

Relationships on every level that respects the I~Thou connection. Rather than the mechanist I-It combo. This is at the heart of the paradigm shift we are all hungering for.

All this while Mercury in Capricorn square to Chiron in Aries brings on questions strangely motivated by an uncomfortable vulnerability. This planetary combo serves us all quite indirectly as it somehow influences us to take responsibility for what we experience as undignified and weak. Perhaps the healing is in the awareness that our weakest link actually contains the link to our deepest most profound strength.

However, good that we have the sugar ‘n spice of Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius at 23 and 24 degrees respectively. Albeit, forming a square to Uranus in Taurus. However, this does have the potential to add a bit of enjoyment into the equation.

Look to where in your life you are bringing love to all the topsey turvey situations that abound. Opening up the new door that this New Moon brings begs the question, what really matters to you?

By bringing love, self awareness, courage and faith into the question, what matters to you can become crystal clear. Allow this New Moon in Aquarius to inspire you into the wonders of innovation that comes from a sensible view of your life.


~ New Moon in Aquarius thru the signs ~

Aries ~ Your vibrant fighting spirit is being implanted with concepts and ideas that are changing your tone. Imbuing you with a sort of wisdom that gives you a new outlook on life. An outlook that will benefit you in the long run.

Taurus ~ Allow yourself to have a kinder understanding of hard edged realities that continue to come your way. Definitely find ways to channel your feelings about some of these challenges through creative outlets. Please be reassured that whatever it is in this moment that is challenging you, will pass. Your knowledge and wisdom will abide.

Cancer ~ A new beginning for you filled with strange exotic impulses of creative change. Time to sort through what appear to be ruts that eat up your oxygen and instead to open up the doors and windows to new possibilities. This could be a time to make some changes that free you up to begin a more satisfying groove.

Gemini ~ This is a great moment to learn how to channel the aggressive impulses of Mars energy into brilliant words. Use this time to be present with energy that might even be keeping you up at night. Try to just breathe into it and express it by writing it, drawing it, dancing it, painting it. Even puttering while meandering will do. In the next few months this energy will begin to let up however take advantage of learning to work with it. You will. Then it will be of great benefit to you.

Leo ~ Let your creative spirit fly. Set yourself free from the past. Do this in order to enter a whole new beginning. This is a most satisfactory moment that triggers your creative potential. See what inspires you that is in your life now. Then follow it through. This is a fertile incubation period that promises to blossom successfully within the fullness of time.

Virgo ~ This is a powerful new beginning for you that can be quite inspiring albeit perhaps a bit unnerving. The key is to be mindful of where you are feeling weak. It’s in that awareness that slowly but surely you will find your deepest strength. Then you will have at your disposal the ability to make the adjustments needed in order to better serve you. As you are better served you may better serve others within a cycle of a bright new beginning.

Libra ~ A time to elegantly embrace the rigors of Saturn and Capricorn while innovation keeps knocking at your door. This might be a trying time and as in all things, this too shall pass. Keep on taking it in stride with all the grace, harmony and balance you can muster. Then in time little by little all will ease up and everything will fall into place.

Scorpio ~ Energized via this moment of transformative impulses. There is a kind of joy at this time that has some dissonance along with some haunting harmonies. Can you let yourself surrender to it? All while remaining quite grounded and focused in the here and now. Then allow yourself to reflect on what new project, goal, wish or dream you want to put your energy towards at this amazing new beginning juncture.

Sagittarius ~ This moment holds the promise of understanding what your experiences and challenges up to now have taught you. Now you can take that knowledge and move forward into this new beginning. So set your goals with the golden wisdom of how much courage, strength and grace is really contained within you.

Capricorn ~ Communication is the key since this moment might trigger some vulnerabilities to your plans. Take heart, since Venus is conjunct Saturn, your ruling planet, things cannot be too bad. In fact, this moment is a stepping stone into a new look at old values that no longer serve. Be open to reassessing what you really hold near and dear to your heart. What really matters to you? To be aware of the values that are in synch with your understanding of yourself and the world around you is what this time is about. So breathe into the awareness of what you truly value. It’s a practical way to move forward into a new beginning.

Aquarius ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday Aquarius! ✨🌞✨ It’s been a long hard few years so indeed this Solar Return is its own gift. Now to stay focused and keep the momentum going as you continue on. Keep going in good faith knowing you can trust your deep promise to carry on. As the poet Tagore so beautifully expressed, To sing even while the dawn is still dark.Remain true to your Aquarian values of creating a better world. All this while at the same time dedicating your time and love to your own beautiful, prospering healthy life. Keep on…..

Pisces ~ There is an expansion of consciousness opening up all around you that is making it quite fun to be you. So many changes that have slowly been happening are emerging in ways that could lead to some new doors opening up for you. So stay present and aware even as you are ensconced in ethereal cosmic consciousness.


Well there it is ~

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