New Beginnings As Shifting Sands Of Time…

The New Moon in Aries On March 21st, 2023 @ 1:23pm EST is at zero degrees Aries.

Zero degrees is the end, zero degrees is the beginning.

The Aries Equinox point heralds in the New Season of Aries. It is also the entry into Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. On the other side of our beautiful planet Earth, in the Southern Hemisphere it is the beginning of Autumn.

The Aries New Moon is the beginning of the Aries season . To understand this lunation cycle from another perspective, think of it as feminine intuitive unconditional love symbolized by the Moon meeting the extroverted conditional love energy of the Sun.

This conjunction marks the time and space for the Moon and Sun to implant the quality of the kind of energy being dispersed moving forward thru that sign. In this case fiery, Cardinal vibrant Aries.

This Sun/Moon conjunction inspires our inner being to be well integrated with our outer being. It is therefore an auspicious time to synchronize our direction moving forward.

At the time of this Aries Season, this New Moon is occurring as an energy kickstart for some game changing shifts in our consciousness. Shifts in consciousness that could manifest in realistic evidenced based matters of consequence. Beginning with finances, as we are once again being made aware of the vulnerabilities of our economic system. Our relationship to loss, gain and money. Recent events in the banking system once again is letting us all know about some of the shifts occurring.

This New Moon holds within it a particularly striking element. It is that the Sun/Moon conjunction in the stellium it forms contains Neptune, planet of transcendence. Planet of compassion. Albeit, if not navigated by a healthy ego or metaphorically by a skilled rider on the horse, then denial, delusion and confusion will result.

Always, it is healthier and benign to get on the transcendent side of the road going in the direction of compassion. Remember to let yourself be tempered with a nice helping of a good sense of humor in relationship to reality.

Then this would allow us to view this transit of Neptune at 25 degrees Pisces together with the Sun conjunct Moon conjunct Mercury in Aries as an energy enhancer. Broadening our awareness of how this stellium with these planetary combinations can serve to guide us thru Saturn’s transit through Pisces. One of the aforementioned shifts that holds the potential to influence some needed changes in our systems and consciousness as only Saturn and Pisces can do.

Perhaps Saturn in Pisces might not be the most tender, kindly combo. However at such a time as this, it could very well be that the solidifying boundary oriented stipulations of Saturn with the boundary dissolving power of the mystical spiritual energy of Pisces could be just what is needed. Pisces can shed some light on the experience of compassion, mercy and understanding required as the demands for the systemic structural necessities of Saturn are integrated. This can open the door towards the co-creation and the implementation of new systems based on sensible sustainability.

Sun, Moon and Mercury are in trine aspect to Pluto. Pluto who is on its way to Aquarius. At the same time Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aries forms a square to Mars in Gemini. Awaiting Mars’s ingress to Cancer. This is a most exciting new beginning time since this stellium in Aries is energized by the sextile it forms to Pluto as it shortly is going to make its ingress into Aquarius on the 24th of March. It’s like a flower delivery at the front door and a crisis in the backyard.

Mercury at 5 degrees Aries is fiercely curious sans caution. It triggers a kind of impulsivity towards being mindfully motivated with its desire to share and to listen. It’s the influence of Mercury in Aries that allows for its fascination to be transfixed on pensively pondering any situation presented for its own insatiable curiosity. This can serve to set up a modicum of intention towards understanding. With hope and prayer as Neptune in Pisces still has influence here. These two planets create a sort of activation sandwich via communication and consideration.

This holds the seed of a new beginning which is about to unfold. Bearing in mind that Pluto in its tiny but excruciatingly powerful way works secretly, in private to rid and clear away decaying obstructions.

We can only speculate that Pluto moving through the sign Aquarius will dynamically seek to establish a dynamic world that sustains life as it seeks to establish dignity and freedom for all.

Albeit, we are still reverberating from Pluto’s transit through Capricorn with its movement towards demolishing obsolete systemic cultural norms that have been losing their relevancy anyway. Particularly we are seeing this to be so in our global community where scientific and technological advancement has far exceeded a much needed and necessary integration into an evolved humanity. In other words too much technology not enough heart and soul. However, that will change because it must. The basic goodness contained within all humanity will emerge. It must be so.

Planet Mars at 28 degrees Gemini, Mars being the ruler of the Sun and New Moon in Aries, forms a square to the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aries. This is an influence of frustration, tension and stress. Its resolution and inspiration is brought about by coming to terms with the various incompatible components that are ultimately there to lead us towards the reality necessary to create a safe place of vibrant stability.

Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn forms an out of sign sextile to Sun/Moon/Mercury in Aries. Pluto is in the foothills of its ingress to Aquarius. It’s the mastery moment of choosing to work with the fierce creative motivation of Aries’s passion for life and to implant its wisdom to be used constructively. To creatively and with Aquarian ingenuity make room for the natural flow of life in all of its light and shadow to emerge. To find a new way, while the natural creature inclination is to hold on fiercely and a bit too fearfully insisting on holding on to the old status quo way. Change is good. It’s just not so easy.

Seeking new navigation tools, metaphorically speaking.

It is a decision, a well thought out choice to take the higher road as a motivation to deal with delusions, darkness and the shadow. It’s through this process that the “pearl beyond price” comes into being. Then we may all be the recipients of a hard earned miracle.

A vibrant enlivened collaborative community where conflicts are encouraged as challenging opportunities to be acknowledged and worked through. The courage and fearlessness of being present with the truth of our shadow. To openly acknowledge our fears, and vulnerabilities while understanding that it’s just one side of the coin. Just one component of being mortal and human. However, when steeped in trust, it is one of the steps towards discovering a new way to heal towards becoming a dignified ethical human being in a culture that supports sustainable sensible life.

Pussycats await people’s understanding of the shadow.

By naming and claiming the shadow of greed and the distortions of superiority which the late Tich Nhat Hanh refers to as “too much high self esteem.” However by becoming conscious of it as a place of imbalance, that awareness starts to open the breathing space needed in order to be alive and present in reality.

Then as anxiety is allayed we understand the significant necessity of valuing what is and not the illusion or delusion of what we wish or what we would want it to be.

Then, but just at that moment, give or take a few beats, then life in all its adventurous delicious vibrancy emerges. The coming transit of Pluto through Aquarius could possibly support such a transformation of the shadow into a humane supportive friend.

Mars is triggering growing pains at this New Moon moment while Pluto, the heavy planet of random acts of utter destruction is in the foothills of finding a new way to proceed. To implant in the consciousness of humanity the sensibility of seeking a new way that is much more about the whole of us rather than a very, very, very few.

This configuration of the New Moon conjunct the Sun in Aries is communicating symbolically and perhaps even materially, the fear and hesitation that precedes a stepping out into a new and liberating growth process. This is triggered by the semi square that it forms to Uranus in Taurus.

I truly believe the minor aspect of Uranus at 16 degrees in Taurus in semi square aspect to the Sun and Moon in Aries is beeping and signaling to us. It’s a hesitation that holds unknown possibilities to get us to move forward towards a whole new growth space.

All of the current aspects, particularly those with Mercury and Neptune involved, in its way is assuring us all that there is a voice, a heart and a sensibility that encourages the courage needed to step forward. To take a leap towards choices, shifts and changes that this amazing time we are living in demands of each of us.

After all this is just the beginning…..

The signs through the shifting sands of change at this New Moon in Aries ~

Aries ~ ✨🌞✨Happy Birthday! ✨🌞✨ What a moment of daring possibilities with a cherry on top, if you will. To be challenged is one of your favorite things. This Solar Return marks a time where you are being energized to move forward. To move forward into a whole new adventure of what the excitement of the shifting sands of this moment has in store for you. Relationships hold the key to some significant new understanding about yourself that can serve to liberate you in other ways. It has been a humbling past couple of years for you, however now you will begin to feel your fiery vibrant spirit give rise to a joie de vivre within you once again.

Taurus ~ Continuing with the theme of liberation as an encouragement towards change, this season for you marches on. However a bit of romance, a bit of money or both is here for you in either form or both. However, no matter which form or manifestation of Venus comes your way, be aware that it’s all here to serve you towards your inner awareness. This is how great changes and inner self love develops.

Gemini ~ A really good time to remember to breathe and think before you speak. With your ruling planet, Mercury in Aries, a meditation practice along with yoga or martial arts would make good use of this energy. Then you may enjoy all the curious adventures this moment has in store for you.

Cancer ~ Are you feeling Spring fever, dear Cancer natives. Such a Cardinal point of energizing activity. Have you thoroughly cleaned your house?!? No matter where we are in the lunation cycle, you are so deeply affected by it. Some yoga, meditation or even Pilates for your creative sensibility would work very well for you at such a highly charged time. Stay tuned, there is so much more to come!

Leo ~ Always a good time for you, dear Leo when we are in Aries season. The creative vibrant instinctual sexy Aries fiery spirit jives well with your own fervent brand of charismatic creative charm. And so as with Cancer, ruled by the Moon, so as your sign, Leo, ruled by the Sun, involves your personhood in every lunation. Therefore use this beginning moment to get a project that has been stagnant to get going. Likewise, this is an auspicious moment to formulate and make manifest a goal, project, wish or desire that you would like to birth into being moving forward.

Virgo ~ There is a strange sort of paradoxical inspiration that takes hold of Virgo during Aries season. Like an energy that should not work together but it does. So dear Virgos, use the self oriented Aries powerful acknowledgement of being alive to celebrate your own amazing aliveness. This is the season to let all the hard work and acts of service to be manifested in the celebration of Spring. The colors that will be coming, the longer days that will become warm days, soon as time moves on. Therefore, reflect with gratitude on all you’ve accomplished so that now you can know how to focus your energies moving forward. “So tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver-

Libra ~ So many lessons on love and dealing with the changes and transformations that life and relationships do incite. Truly this Aries season is rich in so much vibrant celebration. But go with the cautiousness that Taurus, which is where Venus, your ruling planet is transiting thru. This is a good passage for you since there is a lovely yin/yang that supports a pas de deux of sorts as the Aries season invites you to dance. Remember to dance, sing and create harmony, balance and beauty, even in the midst of so much change, transformation and shifting sands.

Scorpio ~ Always a joyful battle of wills with a hint of fun and games when Aries season comes around. Usually, Scorpio is quite private, loving the dimming of light. This Aries Spring season is a fascinating adjustment for our dear Scorpios. Yes, there is great juicy excitement and challenge ahead for you to unravel. Do let yourself be ensconced in all of the questionable conundrums about to emerge. Better yet, be sure to have the energy and clever acuity needed to unravel the awesome adventure of Pluto your ruling planet changing signs. This month just for a very brief moment into Aquarius. Then come 2024, Pluto will transit thru Aquarius for 20 years. What secrets of such great mystery will be uncovered then!?! During this New Moon in Aries season you might just find yourself in the mood for love, what with Venus in Taurus. This is dynamically in opposition to your sign. All in all, this should be quite a vibrant Aries season. However, in the midst of it all remember to focus on setting a new intention for yourself moving forward.

Sagittarius ~ Great harmony reverberates throughout all of your being when Aries Equinox and New Moon in Aries season is here. The fiery Aries energy fills you with the fighting instinctual life force itself. This Aries New Moon with all of its shifting sands is not only a good time to adventure but also a good time to implement your native philosophical wisdom. That component of your being serves you well at such a time as this, during so much shifts and change. It would also do you well to take the time to meditate and reflect at this new beginning moment, where to from here. Clarify your intention for the year ahead. This will be a very exciting one for you.

Capricorn ~ There is a fiery brightening up of your energy that is just part and parcel to this bright Aries Equinox and New Moon in Aries. It kind of goes against your somber, sobering grain, however it lets the light into that part of your room and that part of your life that needs some innovating and brightening up. So let the sunshine in, as it were. Then set your sights and your intention on one component of your ambitions that you would like to realize within the coming year. Then keep going!

T’was Father’s Office and Work Room from back in the day!

Aquarius ~ Awaiting with great enthusiasm, anticipation, dreadful delight and fearful fearlessness. All the contradictions at hand to help master and understand, what it could possibly mean to have Pluto, our favorite Uncle Conundrum visit our sign during the time of our lifetime. I dare say, what could it mean? What profound transformations might it bring? I believe with all my heart that it will take the inherent brilliance and genius of your sign, Aquarius itself, to work respectfully. To do so by honoring and making room for what it could all possibly mean. To brilliantly put to inventive use anything within the capacity of your capabilities to comprehend how to assist in the renovations Pluto clears the way to make room for. So good to remember at this Aries Equinox beginning season of the New Moon in Aries, to be brave. “Come young braves, come young children, come to the book of love, Respect your brothers and sisters, come to the look of love.” So sang Laura Nyro. I leave you with this thought and to remember to set your sights on what you, yes you my dear Aquarians are setting your sights on moving forward for the year ahead! Happy Spring! Happy Pluto!

Pisces ~ Last but never least. Remember your sign marks the end and therefore a new beginning. Some new beginning what with Neptune, your modern ruling planet being so joyfully conjunct and connected to this New Moon in Aries. It is truly a fiery, bright vibrant and creative year ahead. So from this place of so many new beginnings, what shall you set your sights on creating for yourself within this amazing year ahead? Remember that your dual nature means that you may set your sights on two things you’d like to manifest moving forward. Then write it down and if you may, journal about your experience of manifestation, through your creation in collaboration with Saturn, the planet of productivity which has begun its 3 year journey of moving thru your sign as of March 7, 2023. Now keep on, dear Pisces! Keep on!

Well there it is!

For a deeper dive into your astrology chart and some seriously good Life Coaching, please contact me, Pamela via email

Let’s make room for your shadow. To understand that part of yourself. This will then unblock the fulfilling potential that is the light of your life. To shine, to just let your life shine ~

Happy Spring!

Happy New Moon 🌚!

Love, ♥️


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