Transcending The Dichotomy Of War And Peace

When the Full Moon occurs it will be at 16 degrees Libra. It is characteristically and directly in opposition to the Sun at 16 degrees Aries.

This occurs on April 6, 2023 at midnight ESDT.

This Full Moon in Libra is a culminating point that emphasizes relationships. Libra, ruled by Venus is seeking to bring peace, harmony, balance and beauty through the awareness of the interconnection of all things. The relationships we form with others is in direct response to the relationship we have to ourself.

Sun in Aries is about life affirming urges towards selfhood. The keywords for Aries is I am. It’s the strong drive towards an instinctual need to survive, to live, to be born.

Aries is the Yang to the Yin relationship of the Aries/Libra opposition. However, with the Aries Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries it mellows the Aries Sun a bit with humble vulnerability. This brings a much more Yin quality to the Yang of Aries. Making Aries more receptive than usual.

As vibrant Aries illuminates and interconnects thru Chiron, the healing attributes of the “wounded healer” emerge. Not only is this energy activated via the Sun in conjunction to Chiron in Aries but it is expanded upon within the triple conjunction to Jupiter. This is quite exciting not only because Jupiter inspires expansive enthusiasm and optimism. The joy of Jupiter is also a conduit through which issues of truth and Justice are addressed.

Aries tends to be known for its blunt, to the point honesty. This is a good and needed quality. Perhaps that is why one of the Aries archetypal symbols is the God Of War. Even the God of War who also contains the archetype of the Hero is growing wearisome of never ending wars. From a perspective of the instinctual drive to survive, to live, it is a good thing to be growing weary of wars. “Getting over wars we do not need!” sings Yes

So this Full Moon in Libra is the birthing point that is hopefully marking an end to an era. An era that finds us right at this very moment at the tipping point of a tipping point.

Libra Full Moon works so well here. Simply because Libra energy seeks to establish balance, peace and harmony. This is set in motion through the compelling need to inspire within us courage, the heart that values integrity.

It’s actually quite fascinating since being on the edge or the brink of danger is Aries’s place of comfort. The sign’s reputation is to “go where Angels fear to tread”. The Chiron energy here keeps the ego of Aries in check. In actuality it’s a much needed benign influence at this time. Then we have Jupiter expansively optimizing the whole equation. A dynamic of powerful energies culminating at this turning point. Libra Full Moon shines its light on truth and beauty.

The vibrant energy of the Aries Sun in opposition to the Moon in Libra imbues our minds with some of these perceptions. It’s an awareness of truly valuing our collective comprehension of the law. So creating balance through the integrity of upholding the virtue of legal systems. That is just the beginning of the journey towards peace, balance and harmony.

This Full Moon in Libra is the start of a trend that values the courage to be honest and to celebrate the interrelationships and the solid reliability of structures that are built on evidenced based reality steeped in the beauty and truth of integrity.

Libra, whose symbol is the scales illustrates this metaphor. However, the metaphor of the scales requires a much needed literal search for evidence. Evidence is proof of validity and must be considered quite seriously.

Evidence establishes the congruent experiences that we all witness along with scientific facts. The alignment of these conditions gives proof of the reality of situations we must acknowledge.These truths, then, support a comprehension towards judgements that serve to restore balance.

Aries is such a vibrant life affirming energy currently being mellowed out by a sort of humility through its conjunction to Chiron. Chiron, who contains the metaphor of the “Wounded healer” fills the Aries Sun with an awareness of such pain.

The Chiron myth has told us that Chiron begged to be made mortal so he could die and be released from the pain. To my mind the relevance of the Chiron metaphor reverberates at this time quite profoundly. In that it teaches about mercy, compassion and letting go. Then the consciousness of the healed healer has the potential to actively birth the sort of awareness necessary to continue on. To surrender, heal and release into work and actions that supports a sustainable life for all.

Astrology gives us the ability to comprehend through the knowledge and awareness of the movement of the planets and objects how they influence our individual lives. However from an astrological, zodiacal point of view we may also understand the cycles of the periods of time that pertains to our development as a planetary collective of souls. To give meaning to events that affect our lives.

The planets constellated at the time of this culminating Full Moon in Libra actually gives insights that we understand are inspiring a new beginning. Paradoxically it’s a new beginning even in the midst of a moment of completion.

A new beginning that offers wisdom on how we shall be able to effect clear and strong ways to establish needed and necessary balance. To establish peace and harmony. To embrace the instinctual drive that supports life.

The profound influence of Pluto in Aquarius stimulates this very proposition. My understanding and interpretation of Pluto in Aquarius is about getting to the heart of the matter. Pluto is the detective, Aquarius is the awakener. Sherlock Holmes meets the Truth Seeker is what will be going on during this transit.

Pluto in Aquarius wants to kill the illusions so flimsily held together by fear and half truths. To clear away the delusions so that the space is cleaned away, free from the numbing decay of deadening deceit. It is interesting to know however, that whatever has brought us to this point astrologically has gotten played out historically. Awareness of that history is to be valued as a process in our evolution.

It is an act of love and respect to honor what has gone before us as ways, systems, structures and means to live our lives. To understand it to have served as a stepping stone towards the next rung of knowledge and evolution.

By acknowledging what has brought us to this moment we are consciously making a choice to shift towards a new way of being and living. Learning lessons from the past gives us the education to move forward.

To birth into being the subtle genius of pertinent connected systems and laws that resonate with the frequencies of a sustainable thriving life on Earth. This is what I believe Pluto in Aquarius is energizing us towards.

There are a few more bright influences being constellated at this moment that are helpful and inspiring to be aware of. Mars, who is the ruling planet of Aries, is transiting thru the sign of Cancer. Cancer, who is ruled by the Moon, mellows the fiery double edged sword of Mars. Then Mars forms a stimulating creative sextile to Mercury at 3 degrees Taurus conjunct the North Node. Collectively and with practice and perseverance we are all learning something new.

We are in a collaborative global moment of learning. A time of solidifying ideas through thoughts shared with each other, being spoken and expressed, respectfully. Ideas being communicated via healthy stimulating conversations.

There is a concerted common impulse that stimulates the skill of dialogue. When conversation and communication is respectfully shared it is a way for us to continue to establish the harmonics of multiple diverse and varied voices and ideas.

The profound and powerful sound of frequencies emitted by the planets themselves. Energizing our lives here on Earth. The balance created by the blending of our shared and varied harmonious or even dissonant blend of voices, ideas and thoughts.

Opening the door to a humanizing space that allows for the respectful sounding of differing points of view to co exist. In peace, with harmony and/or disharmony. To allow all voices to be heard and to be acknowledged. This moment of our evolution is giving us all the opportunity for all of us to come into balance. I believe in part that is what Dr. Carl Jung was talking about when he said, “You can’t heal what you don’t feel.”

To be heard is the freedom of being listened to and/or saying or playing it. Conflict and disagreement is honored and even welcomed as a way to create a whole new sort of colorful blend of musical ideas that inspires us to keep moving forward.

These two points, Mars in Cancer in sextile to Mercury/North Node in Taurus then forms a sextile to Saturn in Pisces. Saturn in Pisces then interconnects the whole thing by forming a trine to Mars in Cancer. Solidifying such a liquid process of nurturing, understanding, mercy and compassion into a comprehensively caring connection to be made manifest in a value system that values life through our connection to our Earth.

It’s fascinating how cohesive and exciting these energies are as they are creating through our lives, individually and collectively. It is brilliant how the interplay of the planets in dissonant signs so creatively and harmoniously supports getting through adversities. The hindrances and challenges that help us find a way to bring into being new, vibrant and exciting possibilities. Clarifying choices and opportunities that opens the door to celebrate this momentous new beginning.

This continuation of life at a new beginning point compliments of the birthing energies of Aries. All this with the harmonizing integrity of the light of the bright silvery culminating Libra Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Libra thru the signs ~

Aries ~ ✨🌞✨Continued Birthday salutations to our dear Aries friends! This is a celebratory moment for your sign. A deep healing coming about thru paradox. What a stimulation of energies. The vibrant resonance of your natural vitality being echoed through the deep healing teachings of Chiron. Opening you up to new horizons of self knowledge. Never stop challenging yourself to new horizons that will always serve to teach you about yourself.

Taurus ~ This is a charmed moment of cosmic inspiration as Venus your ruling planet is comfortably and happily transiting through your sign. So Venus your ruling planet in your sign conjunct Uranus in Taurus is in creative sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This encourages you to let it go a little bit. There may well be stress and tension caused by the challenges of life. However, even within most situations your grounded earthiness and continued perseverance will get you through always. Make sure you are taking very good care of yourself by taking the time to relax. Remember to breathe. Then trust your process moving forward.

Gemini ~ This moment is such a smorgasbord of stimulating unusual influences for you. There is a great pinnacle of learning here for you now that you are at the heart of. Matters concerning money but mostly in the realm of how money serves you in your life. It’s about seeing these things through the two sided coin of which you tend to do by nature. Just allow yourself to know that each side has its own truth and it’s own falsehood. Learning how to remain centered and grounded in those truths and understanding the components of falsehood to be wary of. How to transform them into truth. Then, “to change that truth into love,” sang Stevie Wonder.

Cancer ~ This lunation cycle is an energizing invigorating moment for you. As the Full Moon lunation usually is for you. So much so that your activity juices run high thru the Cardinal qualities of Libra and Aries. This is a good time to continue to bring forward the projects you have already begun. To focus on your intentions and motivations, so you can devise a plan with daily doable goals each day. Then no matter what comes your way, you have the stability and structure of your daily routines that set you on your path to fulfill your wishes, dreams and desires into achievable goals.

Leo ~ It’s a mellow lunation for some but not for you. Already you are experiencing the revealing mysteries we will all come to know in one form or another. Yes, I am talking about Pluto in Aquarius. The beneficial thing to be aware of would be what in your life is no longer relevant or workable. This moment may make you aware of things that you yourself have not yet even been made aware of. Learn from it. Then let go. Do remember it’s about making way for something new. Something you have not even been made aware of. Gonna be ok. Just keep going…

Virgo ~ This is a harmonious Full Moon that beckons you to keep learning about your value systems. A time to know what is working for you that can be maintained. While at the same time be honest with yourself about what’s not working so can rework it. Ride the wave of Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Pisces to inspire your imagination. Then you can make changes that serve you on a deeper more practical and relevant level.

Libra ~ Such a great time to break through old beliefs and find out about who you really are. As in what resonates in your life now? Venus, your ruling planet in Taurus forms a sextile to cosmic Neptune, the higher octave of Venus which forms a sextile to Pluto in Aquarius. This then forms a trine to Venus. So much transformation and change about money, finances and your creative cosmic connection to yourself, your life and your relationships. This is not a solidifying moment as much as it is a time of being fully present via centering and grounding yourself through breath work. This will prepare you to surrender to what this moment moving forward is opening you up to. Think of this time as a beginning that is a preview of what’s to come.

Scorpio ~ A time of nourishment, nurture and even a bit of love. Your traditional ruling planet Mars is in Cancer. While Pluto is in Aquarius. A time to break bread with your brothers and sisters. These are energies that you must be able to learn how to handle and work with. This moment is a time to slow down so you can be open to all the insights you are gleaning now. A good time to journal, if you don’t already do so.

Sagittarius ~ This is a particularly significant Full Moon for you since Jupiter your ruling planet is in a triple conjunction with the Sun and Chiron in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra. This indicates that it’s a time for you to reflect on the relationship you have to yourself. What defines you? What makes you feel vibrant and embodied? Then how that changes in relationship. What sort of relationship would support your health, well being and vibrancy. This is a good time to reflect on these things as you continue to move forward during this amazing cycle.

Capricorn ~ A beneficial time to surrender to finding ways to assert yourself through nurturing warmly and even unconditionally those around you. Saturn your ruling planet in Pisces is inspiring such sentiments in harmonious aspect to Mars in Cancer. Then it all comes down to finances, your value systems and being open to new ideas, ways and concepts of moving forward with it all. Let this be an exciting time of learning, understanding and implementing new perceptions into your life.

Aquarius ~ Learning about money, finances. Learning about your strengths and vulnerabilities. Learning about love. Learning to trust yourself while in the midst of so much transformation and change. The key is to go one step at a time while using your characteristically detached mind to assess what is happening to you and those around you. Be mindful of what is in front you. Keep getting your affairs in order so you can keep setting your sights on your goals. Then just keep going.

Pisces ~ So much change and transformations in your life right now that has much to do with possibly feeling a bit restricted. The changes involved could lead you to ways of expressing yourself in a much more solidified way. While at the same time using your cosmic connection to consciousness in order to bring about some compassion and understanding to the world around you. If you don’t already have a meditation/breath work practice this is a really good time to start one. The energies of this moment are about learning to be in the world but not of it. So love the din and clatter of your daily life. It serves to anchors you to Earth. Then you can transcend and sail into the creative beauty of the ocean of cosmic consciousness. The suggestion at this time is to keep your feet on the ground so you can be in balance while you voyage through the cosmic sea of your dreams.

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Happy Full Moon in Libra…

Love, ♥️


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