The End Is The Beginning ~ So Here We Are

New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred at 12:12 AM EDT on April 20,2023 @ 29 Degrees Aries

The Sun and Moon conjunct 29 degrees Aries, indicates this moment as a time of mastery. Mastering the energy vibration of Aries. The issues and topics pertaining to Aries include the assertion of one’s will with an inherent courage to survive and thrive. Aries energy imbues our lives with a vibrant healthy spirit to live life with gusto. Along with the resource of a strong physical constitution.

So the end of the Sun’s journey through the sign Aries has a completion component to it. At this time of the Sun Moon conjunction we find ourselves at an ending that makes this New Beginning even more dynamic. A door of consciousness closes while another one opens.

A short time later the Sun and Moon will ingress to Taurus. To seek the calm after the stormy raging battles. Yearning for a time of peace as we acknowledge the struggles and skirmishes we have fought through. Time to count our gains and cut our losses. To reflect on lessons learned, gratitude for our safety while at the same time just letting go of the defeats. Even those situations have something to teach us.

Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign is about establishing comfort, serenity and calm via stability. Money as a form of energy and a means towards that stability is a component of the Taurus dynamic. When dealing with what constitutes what is needed for stability and peace of mind, then the issue of our own values, virtues and creeds comes up. This is in the sphere of the Taurus domain.

It’s necessary to acknowledge that’ the dynamic of this New Moon is further catalyzed by the Solar Eclipse. The Solar Eclipse is when the Moon orbits exactly between the Sun and the Earth. That’s the astronomical description. However, in astrology the meaning goes deeper than that.

New Moon/ Solar Eclipse is indicated by the conjunction of the Sun and Moon to each other as both conjunct the North Node.

The glyph that looks like an antenna is the North Node

The Nodal axis is an angle formed when the Moon’s orbit passes through the Sun and Earth’s orbit. This forms a point of intersection which is called the Nodal axis. It is a dynamic of energy vibration that is recognized by astrologers as a point of evolution.

As the Moon crosses the plane of the ecliptic in a northerly direction it is called an ascending moon’s node. The North Node. The Moon’s ascension is the journey towards what we are here to learn.

During this Solar Eclipse the lessons are about topics related to Taurus. Finance, money, our value systems along with earth matters, food, supplies, safety, security, stability and peace,

That is what makes this New Moon Solar Eclipse so transformative. It’s magnifying the transition we are all making from the relaxed comfort of lessons learned via the familiarity of the past into the new.

The Moon coming between the Sun and Earth conjunct the North Node catalyzes our learning via expanding our understanding and scope of knowledge through new challenges being presented to us via the Solar Eclipse. Challenges that evoke changes that will support our growth and development.

It is necessary to be aware that there is also a South Node in Scorpio. To have a sense that during the Solar Eclipse it is also creating its own dynamic, tension and stress via its opposition to the Sun, Moon and North Node.

The South Node is the downward path of the Moon moving through the Earth’s ecliptic. The South Node represents descending motion. It holds the memory of the past. It contains the mastery of lessons learned. To trust that we hold what’s of value in our body memory, then to let go. To learn the lessons of the present moment via the North Node.

For then we have a sense of what we must move forward from in order to evolve. The South Node is 4 degrees Scorpio. The Scorpio energy is about the demolition of obstructions to growth. This can be unsettling to say the least. Despite all that, truly it’s the clearing away process that opens the space to enable the peaceful harmonious flow of life to thrive. To get the ground ready to make room for the energy of the North Node in Tauruss teachings to be heard.

The very awesome quality available to us during an Eclipse is that the Earth’s magnetic shield drops. Think of this as a veil being lifted allowing us access to other frequencies. There is much more to learn and know about this, however, what I do understand about it is that there are energy vibrations available to us that heighten our awareness of reality and our experience of being alive during an Eclipse. It’s as if the intuitive Moon energy in Aries which is mellowing the Sun’s rays in Aries is then dropping a veil. Then as we move through our lives on planet Earth we are able to embrace the new, either consciously or unconsciously.

For these reasons, this New Moon is a great catalytic time to set your new intentions moving forward.

Take a nice deep breath and acknowledge what would be the one thing that describes what you are aware of in your life now that you would like to change.

Through your inhale and then a relaxed exhale, allow yourself to become aware of a felt sense within you that is guidance on what is needed from you to create that change. It can be a word, a thought or an image. Let yourself know that this is a message from your inner being clueing you in to what you need in order to create the needed changes and move forward with your life.

To understand that this then can be transformed to bliss. The bliss of something solid that could be reassuring, gentle, nurturing and real. Being born out of your own experience of awareness.

As Pluto in Aquarius forms a square to the Nodal axis things may be perceived ever more intensely. Pluto as “wrecking crew” can bring a bit more urgency to our experiences. To somehow trust that it’s the kind of pressure and insistence needed to make sure we will get to the new thing. That would be the new conception, the new discovery, the new development relevant to the moment. To the time we are living in now. Pluto in Aquarius square the Nodes can trigger life changing events that just cannot be denied.

So breathe in and breathe out.

Remain mindful of where you are and attend to what the present moment is requiring of you.

It’s important to note that what makes this New Moon Solar Eclipse such a humdinger is that Pluto in Aquarius is squaring the North Node in Taurus. So it’s compounding an even deeper sense of frustration and friction along with advancing some new challenges.

Presenting predicaments that exposes us to the new uncharted territory that we must learn to navigate. That is via its transit through Aquarius. In light of that, remember that Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, transiting through Taurus is here to influence and guide this moment as well.

On the other hand, Pluto in Aquarius squaring the South Node in Scorpio will tear open the pieces of the past that we hold so near and dear. The challenge of the square gives rise to frustration and stress that requires coming to terms with the issues being brought on. The more pain and anxiety we experience the more we are being confronted with our own inability to let go. Not a bad time to seek some help or support to understand and integrate the challenge being presented.

Still and all, like the Phoenix setting itself on fire only to be reborn beautiful , bright and new, so we too may trust in the process of change and transformation . To be reborn into bright beautiful vibrancy. To experience a sense of renewal while recognizing a new found wisdom coming from within.

Speaking of Uranus as mentioned above, Uranus creates havoc via disruption whose ultimate goal is liberation and freedom. However, Uranus’s disruptions are in the interest of liberation, unlike Pluto’s demolition which is for pre-renovation. Uranus wants to bring to our attention that the seed of the new is contained within the shell of the old. To move forward from there.

During this time Uranus is conjunct Mercury Rx in Taurus. This is truly a profound blessing since it has the potential to stimulate and catalyze the power of communication.

There is a need to learn to communicate from a place of integrity. To allow the truth to be told. “The truth will set you free”. Uranus conjunct Mercury Rx in Taurus could be a catalyst to reveal information that brings to light what we need to know. To aid in stimulating a new way to dialogue respectfully via differing points of view.

Since Taurus is about matters of a material and Earth bound nature and we are definitely at a time when this is what’s up. Truly we are needing to be fully present and aware for a transformative reassessment of what is of true significance and importance, as we continue on.

Also of note, Mars transiting through Cancer. Mars ruling planet of Aries, the energy we are just mastering at this New Moon. This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, forms a trine to Saturn in Pisces which then figures into a sextile to the Sun and Moon at 29 degrees Aries.

We have Mars in the Cardinal nurturing sign of Cancer. It is in harmonious aspect to Saturn in Pisces where the components of discipline and perseverance are unwittingly yet necessarily imbued with compassion, surrender and service. These two energies, each in their own way shower this New Moon Solar Eclipse with the softening up of powerful energies into a harmonious mix.

There is a sense of how these planets interplay with this whole dynamic. Thus, imbuing this moment with the possibility of solidifying and grounding this time with the healing energy of vitality, trust and love. Even while Venus in Gemini is ensconced in challenges and frustrations brought about by the square it forms to Saturn and Pisces. Peace and love is the way.

We are evolving. And the word evolve has the word love in it. It’s a bit hidden but it’s there. Love as a beautiful energy that can neither be created or destroyed. We just must be present and aware of it.

So let us walk in peace and let us live in love as we continue on.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries at 29 degrees thru the signs ~

Aries ~ Aries you are the star, pun intended, of the show once again. But just for mere moments. Still and all, this is a time of reckoning for the Warrior. With Chiron continuing to transit your sign it is time to call upon the Spiritual Warrior, if you have not already done so. Perhaps the most profound challenges are yet to come. Challenges that contain the wisdom that are the pearls beyond price.

Taurus ~ ✨🌞Happy Solar Return🌞✨dear Taurus as we enter your season. Let yourself be filled with the awareness that it’s all ok. This is a New Moon, a new opening where you can begin to trust yourself and life itself. As Uranus has been transiting your sign, stubborn yet wholly persevering nature that is an inherent part of your journey is learning to let it go. Just a little. Yes, you are learning to move through the fluctuating dance of Uranus. Your life will never be the same. However, don’t let that stop you from focusing on what you want and need for your life moving forward. Always practice loving and caring for yourself and all will be well. Keep on!

Gemini ~ If you feel like you’re at the foot hills of a slow giving mountain it is probably because you are. What with Mercury your ruling planet Rx in Taurus, you find yourself a bit more earthbound than your usual airy self likes to be. Do take heart, this too shall pass when it stations D on the 15th of May, The slow, stubborn Earthbound Taurus energy is a good time for you to reflect on what really matters to you. Particularly as Venus is transiting through your sign. Allow the sweetness of the planet of love, peace and harmony turn you on to some new relationship possibilities. That could be fun.

Cancer ~ Continue to be mindful of watching your step as Mars continues to transit through your sign. The planet of physical vitality and forging ahead can be a bit much for your protective, laid back nature. Still and all Saturn in Pisces saves the day as it harmonizes with your watery intuitive essence of being. While at the same time the power of Saturn’s solemn need for structure supports you in rethinking how you would like to set things up. Be aware of what your circumstances are communicating to you in terms of something new. As this is a New Rising Moon use this time to clarify your goals and to set a new intention.

Leo ~ As you have gotten a dosage of intuitive Moon energy straight up via the Solar Eclipse, soak it in. This is a boon for you since Aries works very well with your sign. Use this time to courageously dream and imagine your goals moving forward. What projects are incomplete that requires attention so you can begin some new ones. There is a steady pace that this Taurus season can bring to you. Could be a good thing albeit at times it might just evoke some restlessness in you. Regardless, there is also a beautiful continuity that feeds your creative spirit with centering support.

Virgo ~ Innovation is the name of the game for you now. It works so well to help you push through any sort of challenge or blockage you have been coming up against. Mercury Rx in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus has your back, particularly as it’s sextile to Mars in Cancer. To make the energy of this moment even more beneficial for Virgo, Mars in Cancer is trine to Saturn in Pisces. The door to new possibilities grounded in creative intuitive solutions imbues your mind, body and soul with ideas that you now have the wherewithal to work with. This is an especially flowing moment as you apply your practical logical way of being to whatever you set your mind to.

Libra ~ Learning how to hold two differing sides of the same coin is a very important component of life for you. With your ruling planet, Venus, being played out through this Waxing Moon cycle along with Pluto in Aquarius square to the Nodal axis in Taurus, indirectly this is a significant time of change, transformation and deep inner knowledge. Take some time to do a deep dive from a place of loving reflection in quiet meditation to ask yourself what that might be. These are slow moving energies so take your time with whatever might come up. As you go about the daily routines of your daily living you will know. Then set your new intentions from there.

Scorpio ~ This New Moon Solar Eclipse which just occurred in late Aries, right in the foothills of Taurus your oppositional dynamic partner, is stimulating a need to let go of the past. Such a good time to do so. Particularly as Mercury Rx in Taurus slows down the busy din of the day. Therefore, this is a really good time to sort through your life. To reflect on your life’s journey as it has brought you to this point. The victories and the defeats, all valuable components of living that serves to build your character. Now, take a deep breath in and out. Then on a relaxed exhale, just let it all go. Now you are ready to think and move your life forward. It’s the reality of the circumstances of your life now along with the awareness of your current wants, needs and desires that is the key to setting some new intentions for moving forward. So just do it!

Sagittarius ~ Jupiter, your ruling planet conjunct Chiron the profound “wounded healer” in Aries evokes a sort of vulnerability that you might be experiencing. This requires some special attention that would support you to heal an old wound from the past. Chiron in Aries is the power of the Warrior Energy ensconced in the Wounded Healer archetype. For you it indicates expanding your horizons via your belief systems. To give yourself the time to love the vulnerable components of your inner being. That is where some of the answers to your deepest questions reside. To allow yourself to be still. Then let the wisdom of your inner being communicate to you. Then from that place set your new goals and intentions. As they are in alignment with you so they shall be made manifest.

Capricorn ~ On many levels this is a sweet mellow time for you, Particularly with Saturn, your ruling planet in Pisces. Along with moving into the season of Taurus it all works harmoniously well with Capricorn. This combination of time and planetary placements is giving you the opportunity to integrate the spiritual part of your life with the material side of things. As you experience this flow, set your sight on what is needed to complete old projects so you can focus on planning for the new ones.

Aquarius ~ So now you have a teeny tiny taste of Pluto, planet of change and transformation touching your life quite up close and personal. Not too bad. It’s an interesting dance with this devil, considering it’s just the beginning. I mean this is still the rehearsal. Good thing, since Aquarius have got to do it well. I know you will. Meanwhile, for now, do take the time to consider what you are going to set your sights on. What new intentions and goals would you like to acknowledge in this cycle moving forward. Remember to carry through projects you have been working on and continue to require your attention.

Pisces ~ The twelfth sign, last but never the least. This is your golden opportunity moment to solidify what you have until now only dreamed about. Saturn in Pisces might not be such an easy duo however your sweet cosmic flow of consciousness works well with it. You have the capacity to do some good things by this transit. Saturn supports focus on structure, stability, integrity and discipline. Saturn is about keeping it real. Saturn in Pisces as we are at the very beginning of Taurus season is the time when Pisces can manifest dreams and make them come true. So set your intentions moving forward.

I hope that was helpful and inspiring at this most fascinating time!

However, to get a deeper dive into your astrology chart and for some seriously good Life Coaching contact me, Pamela @




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