Fueling The Pump ~ Greasing The Wheels ~ Time To Move Forward~ Feeling The Change

How about you?

Deeply intense, it was on the 5th of May 2023 that there was a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Scorpio. It was exact at 1:34 PM EDT

The astronomy of the Lunar Eclipse is that it happens when the Moon orbits in the shadow of the Earth. The Moon appears to be partially shaded when there is a Lunar Eclipse. The energy is further ignited by the Sun being in opposition to the Moon.

Whereas, astrologically the eclipse is when the South Node conjuncts the Moon. This in turn forms an opposition to the Sun which conjuncts the North Node.

The Moon conjunct the South Node contains memories of past accomplishments, foibles and karmic blunders. No problem because we get to learn the lessons of our mistakes via the Sun conjunct North Node.

The Scorpio Moon hidden in the shadow of the Earth during the Lunar Eclipse serves to trigger an instinctual need to transform. It is compelled to do this by a metaphorical lifting of the veil. The South Node in Scorpio conjunct the Moon in Scorpio is a transformative dynamic. A time to go deep into the dark murky waters of our unconscious in order to create a clarified space.

To shine a light of revelation on well kept hidden secrets. Secrets we tend to keep from ourselves. When we allow ourselves to know what lies in the depths of the shadow within ourselves and throughout our society we bring the light of truth to the table. Then we know what’s what. When we allow ourselves to be aware of the past we have the wisdom and power to move forward.

As the Full Moon in Scorpio conjunct the South Node has taught us about inherited resources, then it’s the North Node conjunct the Sun in Taurus that teaches us how to appreciate those resources.

The North Node indicates what we are needing to learn in order to evolve and move forward with our lives. The Sun conjunct the North Node in Taurus imbues us with lessons about the need for stability. The Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node shines a light on our values, morals and ethics. Material objects, the finer things in life that inspires pleasure and beauty is Taurus.

Isabel Hickey’s keywords for Taurus is, “ I Have”. The image Hickey suggests is, “ The freshly plowed Earth of Springtime. Ready for the seed.” Taurus is about slow, steady movement forward. “Slowly but surely” with a strong will that won’t quit until Taurus prevails.

The Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node’s purpose is to inspire movement forward. Taurus contains the literal and figurative metaphor of the sensuous slow tilling of the soil in preparation for the seeds of new possibilities. The slow giving flow of the sweet delicious earth candy that comforts and nourishes.


There is a slow but sure steady movement forward with the Sun in Taurus as it conjuncts the North Node. It is stimulating our need for peace, stability, comfort and consistency, That is what this Lunar Eclipse is motivating. Albeit, it might not always feel that way.


Uranus conjunct the Sun in Taurus occurred on the day of the Eclipse and was heightened by its opposition to the Moon. A Little Rock ‘n Roll to stir things up a bit. Serving to stimulate perhaps some rude awakening, major mischief, or an aha moment to light the way forward.

On May 8, 2023 Uranus continues to conjunct the Sun in Taurus. However, Uranus forms a trine to the Moon in Capricorn, solidifying work related concerns in a harmonious way. At the same time it forms a sextile to Mars in Cancer. A duet of high energy focused on creating something new and wonderful that honors the need for a stabilized yet creative way to move through our lives.

Please stay tuned to New Moon in Taurus post on the 19th. Suffice it to say the spirited dynamic of this moment continues.

The Astrological current moving forward thru the signs ~


Aries ~ Mars in Cancer, Mars being your ruling planet, opposes Pluto in Aquarius. This heightens your passions and can function to fuel your fury. So remember to breathe in and breathe out. Be here now as you connect with yourself and what you love in your life now. To know that you can make something good become even better. Auspicious expansion what with Jupiter in Aries. A challenging time for sure. Nonetheless, do take heart that it is all in the name of growth and evolution. Within all these dynamic energies there is an oasis to be found for sure. It is there within the trine Neptune in Pisces forms to Mars….as Chiron continues its transit through your sign.

Taurus ~ Happy Solar Return 🌞 to you, dear Taureans An energizing moment of unique thoughts, ideas and possibilities as Uranus is conjunct your Sun. Venus, your ruling planet is well situated at this time forming a creative sextile to North Node and Jupiter in your sign. There is a desire to embrace a new understanding of what you value. What are your ethics and morals. A good time to reflect on these things as the year progresses. This is further inspired by the trine Saturn in Pisces forms to Venus. Dream big, bright, vividly and with compassion and care.

Gemini ~ What with Mercury Rx getting ready to station direct on the 14th things might be feeling either super stagnant or topsy turvy. This is a very good time to just go with the flow. In all likelihood you are learning so much about your real needs as opposed to what you think you might want. No matter how you approach your life now this is a time of learning how to hold all the different sides of the same coin.

Cancer ~ A time of letting go of the past as you find your own voice moving forward now. There is a balance to be found in the yin/yang relationship as both Venus and Mars are transiting your sign. The Taurus season does serve to calm your nerves with its steadying intention veering towards establishing stability. Feel into what your experiences are so you can know what your needs are. Cancer ruled by the Moon is about subjective emotional experiences. When those feelings are accurately identified then you will understand what you need and strategize how to manifest it.

Leo ~ Your perspective continues to shift from yourself as center of the Universe towards a more inclusive view of the world and who you are in it. This shift facilitates some new creative purpose that inspires a solidified way of channeling your creative juices.

Virgo ~ This Eclipse season works harmoniously well with you. The South Node conjunct the Moon in Scorpio enables you to acknowledge your accomplishments to date. While at the same time the North Node conjunct the Sun in Taurus inspires you to take on some new projects with innovative intentions. You just might find a clarified understanding of how to set your sights on manifesting what you seek.

Libra ~ The most significant challenge at this time is to stay focused on love in present time. This is the case as Neptune in Pisces opposes your ruling planet Venus. However, that’s the most formidable component of this moment. Everything else is a harmonious and creative expansion of learning, growing and self development that supports you in your relationship to your self and with others.

Scorpio ~ The energizing tension and frustrations of this moment continues on. Its good to remember that it’s here to stimulate your growth and evolution. Pluto your modern ruling planet forms a square to the Nodal axis conjunct Jupiter which expansively increases the pressure to break free of whatever needs to be let go of. Mars, your traditional ruling planet forms a square to Jupiter and the North Node. A meditation practice along with beautiful rigorous exercise and movement is highly recommended to offer you a creative release and inner peace. Whether it’s martial arts or dance, do something to creatively release the pressure. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself or anybody else. Remember to focus on what you love, what gives you comfort, joy and bliss in your life now.

Sagittarius ~ Perhaps not the moment for wild adventures but a time to center and ground yourself on what matters. To actually clarify for yourself what gives meaning to your life. All this as Jupiter, your ruling planet is going to make its ingress to Taurus on May 14th. For a year. A time to connect with the earth, who you are in relationship to this beautiful planet. Along with your value systems, your ethics via finance, money, be it loss or gain in your life. A good time to seriously commit to a breathing and meditation practice. Some significant revelations could make themselves known to you at this powerful moment of transformation.

Capricorn ~ This moment is a splendid time to assess how you want to move forward with your life. What with much harmonious energy as Saturn, your ruling planet is sextile to the North Node in Taurus. Start by clarifying what is obsolete and therefore you are ready to let it go. Then focus on how you want to proceed as you are freed up of the past. This is a highly favorable time for relationships that support stability and sweet balance.

Aquarius ~ What with Uranus, your modern ruling planet vibrationally stirring things up in the realm of finance and earthly matters. This may stir up moments that feel a bit anxiety provoking . Rather like a wild ride. So hold tight, breathe in and breathe out. Allow yourself to be calmed. Your Aquarian sensibility works well with Saturn in Pisces. This transit allows you to surrender to a place of trust about everything. To let go while you are still doing the work. To faithfully, mindfully persevering supports you to keep moving forward, all with your values and integrity intact. Keep on working and developing. All is well.

Pisces ~ Neptune, your modern ruling planet forms a trine to Mars in Cancer along with a sextile to Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius. This is an excellent time for any creative endeavor. Both planets Mars and Pluto power up your creative juices so you can drop down into the depths of cosmic consciousness flowing within you. So be mindful, be present and enjoy!

There it is. I hope it was helpful and inspiring.

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