To Know What Matters

The New Moon occurred on 5/19/2023 at 11:53 AM EDT.

The New Moon is in the sign of the Bull, Taurus.

The Sun conjunct the Moon at 28 degrees Taurus offers a time to reflect and take stock as Taurus tends to. When the Sun and Moon are conjunct it’s the beginning of a new cycle. It’s an auspicious time to affirm an ongoing intention or set a new one.

Taurus indicates slow, steady and gradual progress. It’s about connection to the Earth. This is experienced through our connection to the material world. We perceive our experience of being on earth through our bodies. Pleasure, comforts, money and finance is the way we experience being here on Earth. As we experience all of life’s pleasures and pains it allows us to develop a sense of what matters to us.

When we are embodied healthy human beings we realistically know how to value and respect our own self worth along with respecting the self worth of others.

Taurus when it’s operating in its benign way, when all is well and Taurus feels safe and secure, life is good. Then Taurus imbues warmth and a love of feeling connected to the Earth. It is then that we can feel interconnected with each other. This also gets played out through the Taurus component of your birth chart.

In contrast Uranus, known as the Great Awakener is a prominent player at this time. With its lightening bolt of brilliance Uranus in Taurus feels held back and constricted while transiting through Taurus.

The effect Uranus in Taurus has is to stir things up, to conjure up adversity that questions what is no longer relevant and functional. This then allows the shaking loose of constrictions that impede progress. Uranus seeks to liberate and revolutionize which the peaceful steady Taurus energy just does not.

However these two adverse energies are working together to help bring a new consciousness and understanding about what matters to our world. This could be played out in the form of a changed perception about finance, money and possessions. Money does matter. Our own moral principles as well as issues around self esteem are within the domain of Taurus. These matters are part of the journey of Uranus transiting through the sign of Taurus.

We have Mars now at 0 degrees Leo, with its vigorous instinctual Fire in a sextile to the Sun/Moon /Uranus stellium in Taurus. It energizes the profundity of this moment in a favorably enlivened way. This is a vitally dynamic flow that activates and charges up the energy needed to get projects going into completion.

This is supported in a Saturnian tense but loving sort of way by the square the New Moon stellium forms to Saturn in Pisces at 6 degrees.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, constriction, boundaries and challenges is in the sign of Pisces. Pisces the sign of surrender, compassion and transcendence of boundaries. It’s a cosmic conundrum whose mission it seems is to produce further friction as a stimulant. To serve as a process to inspire our growth and evolution as we enter into this new cycle. To somehow trust that this moment is the teacher who seeks to lead us towards our destiny, as only Saturn in Pisces can do.

Then we have Pluto forming a square to the Taurus/Scorpio Nodal axis, as we are still reverberating from the effects of the just passed Lunar Eclipse. So here is a continual theme that requires letting go of the past so we can move forward. To be free of a time gone by. So to open a new door to learn what we must learn as we are here now.

It would be useful to think about and reflect on our relationship to food, money and resources since Taurus is about being embodied in the material world. Whereas Scorpio is about the exploration that allows there to be a clearing up of murky secrets. This then opens a pathway to allow clarity to flow. We move forward learning how to take in as we remember the importance of letting go.

The tension of Pluto in Aquarius pushes us forward. Albeit perplexing and uncomfortable as it may be at times, this theme is harmonized so brilliantly in trine to the New Moon along with the Mars sextile to the the Sun/Moon/Uranus in trine to Neptune. This allows the energy to flow. All these energies are playing well together. It makes this New Moon the perfect time to work out and work through all the changes that have been coming up for quite some time now. Now we have a way through.

Taurus, ruled by Venus suffuses our feelings of desire. Desires that must pertain to our real needs. That is what is becoming clarified at this time. This is triggered by Uranus in Taurus illuminating our consciousness towards a renewed clarity about needs vs. wants. The Uranus in Taurus configuration supports a collective urgency to innovate our relationship to each other via finance, food supplies, environment, justice and equality in a world that is ever changing. I believe this describes the best outcome for Uranus in Taurus as Pluto transits in Aquarius.

The configurations at this time continue to support this. This is not just about the Nodal axis squaring Pluto. We must acknowledge the powerful event of Jupiter changing signs and its ingress to Taurus on 5/16/2023 as Mercury had stationed Direct in Taurus on the 14th. These are some significant shifts in energy that have the potential to bring about benign circumstances on a personal and interpersonal level. With the slow steady movement of Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus perhaps this supports the ability and willingness of all nations to come together for negotiations to establish peace via dialogue.

This moment continues to carry the theme of the Taurus dynamic pertaining to earthy issues concerning food, money, resources, boundaries and territories. As Mother Earth herself is crying out to all of us to be conscious care givers and caretakers on this our beautiful planet.

So as the world continues to turn, as these planets and energies keep coming into play, there is some sort of proclamation that is being created. It’s the promise that innovative growth, healing and evolution must occur. This is what I believe is being stirred up via Mercury, Jupiter and the North Node in Taurus forming a square to Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Aquarius.

Fiery energies influencing cooler energies heeding the call to nurture and humanize. An uphill battle at this New Moon Cycle in Taurus. However, Taurus requires it. Remember Taurus wants to live in peace, comfort and beauty.

There is a beautiful silver lining to behold within this earthy New Moon. This is catalyzed via Neptune in Pisces trine to Mars in Cancer as Mars sextile the Sun/Moon/Uranus in Taurus sextile right back to Neptune. So many harmonic configuration with so many powerful planets and signs.

There is also the harmonious configuration of Neptune in Pisces sextile to Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius all connecting back to this New Moon Stellium of Sun/Moon/Uranus. My interpretation of these aspects are that its vibrational sweet frequency is inspiring the thought forms that peace and love is the way. How do we establish that?

Imagine the way these configurations shall inspire powerful symphonies and transcendently breathtaking creative expressions made manifest. All coming into being at this New Moon cycle. I believe this is one of the many potentials moving forward at this New Moon in Taurus. As the tune says, “If music be the food of love, play on, play on, play on, play on… “

The Sabian symbol for 28 degrees Taurus is ~ A WOMAN PAST HER “ CHANGE OF LIFE “ EXPERIENCES A NEW LOVE .

The keynote from Dane Rudhyar is, “Man’s capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations.” We are no longer aging in the way prior generations have. We are taking responsibly for our health and our bodies.

“ A more mature response to the new possibility of experience.” Dane Rudhyar explains in his book “An Astrological Mandala”. this is at this New Moon in Taurus. I believe this channeled image of the degree of this New Moon at 28 degrees Taurus offers some good wisdom at this time.

Now we have a harmonious interweaving of planets that allows our energies to flow. This suggests an “aha” moment. A time of illumination that shines a light on our collective consciousness. The door opens for us to do it with love.

A good New Moon in Taurus to All!

This moment thru the signs ~

Aries ~ Not only is this a New Moon but it’s made newer with Mars your ruling planet making its ingress to Leo on the 20th. That’s the day after this New Moon. Then the fun and games resume. With Leo it will be in a creative fun-loving sort of way. A good time for competitive sports if that’s what you love. There is a freeing up of your energy as this New Moon unfolds. Enjoy!

Taurus ~ There is a nurturing balance that can be found as this New Moon evolves. It’s a good time to find a balance between being out in the world and going within. As the Sun transits out of your sign and the Moon makes it way thru to another sign, Uranus in Taurus remains. Shaking loose old beliefs or attitudes that no longer serve you. So drink in the balance of Venus in Cancer trine to Saturn in Pisces. It will really inspire you to start your new Solar year right.

Gemini ~ Your time to shine is upon you as the Sun will enter your sign on the 21st. You will enter a new Solar year. So in the remaining days, for now ground and center yourself as the Taurean energies invite you continually to do so by “losing your mind in order to come to your senses.” More about that coming up, so stay tuned.

Cancer ~ Let yourself be taken in by the gentle sensuous flow that harmonizes with you now. It can be quite productive and/or quite relaxing at this time. With Venus transiting thru your sign it would be a good time to connect with your deepest desires and make plans as to how to live into them moving forward.

Leo ~ It’s been a push pull season of conflicting energies as Taurus energy tends to inspire in you. Get ready! As we shift into Gemini season you will have your most social party game ON! All is good.

Virgo ~ With Mercury, your ruling planet stationing Direct at 6 degrees Taurus, let yourself take a short break. Relax, and enjoy being on Earth at this amazing time. There have been so many energies working so congruently with you it is good to surrender to them and enjoy. However, get ready to get into full work mode as we move into Gemini season. An energy that creates some conflict yet energizes you towards your goals, wishes, dreams and desires.

Libra ~ This is a good time to find the balance between home oriented nurturing as well as accomplishing much in your professional life. Love, beauty and peace have their place however the emphasis at this New Moon is self care at home in harmonious relationship with discipline, practice and work.

Scorpio ~ At the heart of this moment is you. Perhaps you find yourself in a position of being called upon to impart wisdom to others. Everything in your life has brought you to this moment. So allow yourself the time to reflect. What in your life comes easy to you? Write it down. To know this will help with knowing the things that do not. It’s time for you to develop the skills and knowledge of what you do not yet know. Think of the things you are learning as your teachers. Let yourself passionately commit to educating yourself about things that don’t come easy. On some level you might even find this somewhat enjoyable in your Scorpio Sherlock Holmes sort of way.

Sagittarius ~ With your ruling planet Jupiter in Taurus until May 2024, it might be a bit of a challenge to realize projects and plans. However, your Sagittarius enthusiasm and sense of optimism is raised as we move into Gemini season on the 21st. There is the gift of new wisdom to be found in this moment. So breathe deeply and relish the slow steady sensuous movement of the energy of Taurus. It’s a whole other kind of adventure for you. So check it….

Capricorn ~ There is a lovely flowing balance to be found at this time between home and nourishment intertwined with discipline, practice and occupation. It’s a good time to explore how to carry this forward into a better understanding of how you approach home life with work and business.

Aquarius ~ is it heaven or is it hell? Time will tell. The most important thing is practice and flow. Breathe, and keep moving your energy forward to glean the powerful wisdom that is contained within all the challenges coming your way. Know that the whole world 🌎is going through some form of it as well. On a lighter note, 🎼it’s a good time to solidify innovative ideas and notions into good practice and right work. Success is near. Just keep on!

Pisces ~ This is a beneficial time to solidify your wishes, dreams and goals. The New Moon in Taurus that forms a sextile to Neptune your modern ruling planet along with Jupiter in Taurus helps you to make things happen. As in making what you desire a reality. Therefore it’s a very important time to know yourself. To know the difference between a real need or something you want. In the wisdom of Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” This is a good time to have your needs met. Just know thyself, as you know you must. Always love yourself as well.

There it is at last!

Please know, yours truly, is working on her timing in order to have these posts for you sooner.

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