A Moment Of Resolution And Healing

7/13/22 ~ Full Super Moon in Capricorn

We continue on with Super Full Moon in Capricorn triggering enormous existential question forming conflicts and crisis through its opposition to the Sun. The opposition actually is the Sun illuminating through to the Moon itself. It’s quite amazing when you really grasp the power of that.

For this Super Moon the Sun in Cancer is in total opposition to the Moon in Capricorn. The Moon is orbiting so close to the Earth that it feels as if we can touch it. The close proximity of the Moon to the Earth’s orbit impacts and catalyzes energies in a more dynamic way. Hence, the Super Moon.

This Capricorn Moon/Cancer Sun dynamic emphasizes issues around authority, home and mother/father dynamics. It’s a good time to ponder and try to understand those components of our lives. To become aware of how authority/parental symbolism is an active role motivating our selves and the people in our lives.

While the Sun in Cancer forms a conjunction to Mercury in Cancer, the Moon in Capricorn forms a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. The dynamic of transforming through comprehending the structures of home/housing, mother/father is being constellated here. An awareness about who we are in relationship to ourselves, our community and our social standing. What is that about anyway? That’s a good question to ponder now.


Pluto, planet of transformation, in fact unmitigated transformation, has been transiting through Capricorn for many years now. It’s influence appears to be a severe tight holding on to old structures. In terms of peoples in government and other long standing institutions.

It’s the fear that comes up when authoritarian power and age old brittle, irrelevant social structures are failing. The clinging on to that which must change becomes ever more oppressive and invasive. The loud ringing voices of disagreements and demands echoing that the needs of people along with sustainably right uses of our resources must be heard. That is the dynamic of evolutionary change and transformation being constellated by this Full Super Moon in Capricorn.

Indeed, looking ahead with foresight and a bit of clairvoyance, this Capricorn Moon/Pluto conjunction in opposition to the Cancer Sun/Mercury conjunction is giving voice to something innovative that is genuinely new and sensible.

This moment is being brightly illuminated by the Sun in Cancer in opposition to the Moon in Capricorn.

There is a nurturing point of view, a truth that can be spoken of and understood now. At this time we are able to receive within ourselves the language needed to discuss and dialogue about things that heretofore have been hidden in plain sight.

This is the moment to feel into what in your life is unresolved that you now have the wisdom and understanding to communicate about and eventually resolve.

Speaking of which, we must include the influence of Mars in Aries forming a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Intensity of feelings and a need to stand one’s ground must be tempered by the awareness of how to manage anger. Particularly when one’s fear and anger are being triggered.

To hold oneself within the experience of one’s breath. Then to exhale, allowing the awareness of the truth that you are safe, you are courageously present to emerge.That whatever the conflict or upset is, it shall be understood and resolved.

To allow yourself to be soothed, refreshed and released. Then to know, to trust that all is well. That’s one way to deal with the intense feelings triggered by the conflicts and dilemmas that might arise.

It’s actually the influences of Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn along with Saturn in Aquarius, that is imbuing this moment we are in with much, stress, tension, rage and depression.

The voice of Saturn in Aquarius, the ancient ruler of Aquarius is in a fraught relationship of much friction and frustration to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus, the ultra inventive original, the modern ruler of Aquarius. Uranus stimulates change, while logically respecting that the seed of the new which is indubitably contained within the shell of the old.

So you can understand the restless discomfort, we all might be picking up on. Uranus in Taurus in need of coming to terms with the desirous intentions of Taurean’s need for peace, stability and comfort. This puts this configuration at odds with the inconvenience of liberation and invention.

However, do take heart, since at its core Taurus is connected to nature. Loves the natural environment. Something new emerging in that regard about respecting our environment and Planet Earth. So in the long run this is a good thing. In fact it just might be, just the thing needed.

Symbol for Planet Earth

The one thing the two do have in common, I will say, is their Fixed quality. Fixed signs are very useful for getting the “job” done. However, I’ve a notion that these two components have not yet agreed upon what that might be.

Enter, the Nodal Axis.

North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio

The sextile that the North Node conjunct Uranus in Taurus forms to the Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer is paving the way for a new understanding, methods and awareness of what is of value to us. Then as the North Node trine Pluto conjuncts the Moon in Capricorn, there is a tempering of the ambitions of Capricorn. The systems of ambition are replaced with a desire to include valuing what it is to be a human being.

This moment via the Nodal cycle of Taurus /Scorpio is the elixir of learning.

To be face to face with destiny is what this Full Super Moon in Capricorn is bringing our way.

And every moment is precious.

So keep going on your journey….

Full Super Moon in Capricorn thru the signs ~

Aries ~ This moment is a circus of ambition and high energy in contrast to an element of vulnerability that might rear its sensitive head. That sensitivity is what makes this such a powerful learning moment. So keep your eyes and your mind open.

Taurus ~ Consider this moment a bit of a respite from all the restlessness and shakiness you have been experiencing. In fact take advantage of this moment as an opportunity to look at your life from an alternative lens. Then let yourself dream about it.

Gemini ~ Love and relationships are bringing up the most important issues for you at this time. Take advantage of all the love and all the beauty you have in your life right now. Even if the lessons are challenging this moment is such a bright learning experience.

Cancer ~ 🎼🎶Happy Birthday Cancer 🎉🎶 This moment is for you and the awareness of ambitions realized, perhaps some long awaited dreams coming true. The benediction of this moment is the willingness to be aware of how things in your life are now. What is relevant, what is not and what is needed from this vantage point. Then use the waning Moon energy to plan on creating and bringing in the missing pieces moving forward.

Leo ~ You might find yourself being quite fascinated by all the challenges and inconveniences emerging. Take heart, there is so much growth, expansion and awareness coming your way. It will be like being in the world and viewing life from another sort of perspective.

Virgo ~ Being directed to own your very own ambitions. Of course to be tempered by the elegant practicality and logic of your Virgo nature. Are you not curious to see what will emerge when all the busy work is done? It will be good! I am sure.

Libra ~ This moment is your trigger point to take action. Any action you take at this moment can be done with clarity and good intentions. So just enjoy the river of clarity, this moment offers you. Even in the midst of so much chaos and confusion all around you.

Scorpio ~ This is a brilliant moment to reflect on what brought you to this juncture in your life to date. Become aware of what comes easy to you. Those are your lessons from the past. Then reflect on what is hard, what doesn’t come so easy. The things that do not come so easy are the very things that you must now learn about and master. And so you will!

Sagittarius ~ A somber moment, albeit, not your favorite modus operandi. Holding still during this powerful moment that we are all living through is actually its own adventure for you. So reflect, meditate and intuitively intuit the guidance that emerges from within you. Then set sail on your next escapade.

Capricorn ~ Your sign is the featured energy of culmination. So much is changing in your experience and understanding of your life right now. So go with the flow. Take your time to reassess what really matters and is worthwhile. Then let it all go and see what emerges. No matter what with the resource of your inherent discipline, perseverance and integrity, you will always get to where you need be.

Aquarius ~ This has been an interesting time of contemplating the desire for a partner, a relationship. Or to assess the relationship that you are in. There is a new way of being with others that you are in the midst of learning about. Whatever happens and wherever, you find yourself the gifts of the experiences of this moment in time are worth their weight in gold.

Pisces ~ You are the sweet song of mercy, kindness and compassion that the planet and all the peoples in it are needing. However, it would be beneficial to yourself and those around you for you to focus the power of that merciful healing on yourself. Always better to serve others after you have taken from the well to nourish and care for yourself first.

Well, there it is.

For a deeper dive into your Astrology map & some really good Life Coaching ~

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Happy Full Super Moon in Capricorn 🌕



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