The Power Of Focus And Committment

Reflections on the New Moon at 5 Degrees Leo

On July 28, 2022 at 1:55 PM EST the Sun at 5 degrees Leo formed a conjunction to the Moon at 5 degrees Leo.

This New Moon in Leo evokes joy, fun and play driven by excitement and passion. The sort of energy contained within the creative life force of the Sun itself.

Leo Season contains spirited inspiration en route to heart centered creative impulses. The pings of childlike wonder, gambling and risk taking. Yes all in the same sentence. These are some of the many elements at the heart of this New Moon in Leo.

“Nous somme du soleil, We love when we play…”

It’s fascinating when we understand that the action of the Sun itself, is about developing a cohesive functional sense of self, aka a healthy ego.

Developing a healthy sense of self while functioning in a world of boundaries, challenges and limitations is the realm of the Sun in astrology. In a sense the fabulous experience of Leo is contained within the process of coming to terms with the father archetype and authority itself. This then clarifies the reasoning of why Leo is ruled by the Sun.

The conjunction with the Moon in Leo encourages the sense of love, comfort and safety that fires up and allows Leo energy to spread its wings .

For Leo, what matters is applause and approval from others. Everybody wants to love and know that they are loved. Then we know all is well. It is a basic human and creature sentiment alike. It validates the song, “what the world needs now is love sweet love.”

There are some fascinating transits aspecting this New Moon in Leo as well. To balance the bright, vitality of Leo there is an experience of tension, stress and irritating friction brought about by the squares and oppositions formed to the Leo Sun and Moon.

Challenging aspects that require a bit of patience, perseverance and introspection. This is a good thing. Holding the tension of the opposites, finding virtue and wisdom through dealing with the conundrums of uncomfortable adverse combinations is actually a useful way to clarify what’s important. To put in perspective, what really matters.

To begin with, the Sun at 5 degrees Leo, conjunct the Moon at 5 degrees Leo is in opposition to Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn. A powerful out of sign opposition. One that is inducing to labor and eventual birth, if you will, some life and death crisis’ that must be dealt with.

However, take heart, Mercury in Leo is bringing the activity of the mind to observe and perceive the effect of Pluto in Capricorn, particularly in its final degrees. Bringing forth a new understanding of what is needed to assist in the reformation that comes after the Plutonian demolition.

Mercury in Leo at 18 degrees is squaring the phenomenal triple conjunction of the North Node conjunct Uranus at 19 degrees in Taurus, with Mars edging closer to join them at 15 degrees Taurus.

This triple conjunction is about bringing into our consciousness something new based on the seeds contained in the old now ineffective structures. Once again, we have Mercury in Leo squaring this fascinating triplet, bringing mindfulness along with Leo’s brightly lit curiosity and creative love of projects into the mix.

Colored by the sign Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign. This is a good moment to literally rethink our value systems in terms of finances, morality and ethics in relationship to ourselves and others. Taurus is ruled by Venus so love, beauty, peace, harmony, relationships and money factor in quite prominently at this time.

Then there is the matter of Mother Earth, a very Taurean concern. The way I see it in this context is that it represents the Earth as a sustainable system that nourishes life.

The North Node, Uranus and Mars joining together at this time are evoking experiences personally and interpersonally as a collective within the global community. Constellating for us a serious rethink. To earnestly evaluate concerns being presented to us by events, circumstances and scientists.

To ponder with diligence the reality of our very existence, What really matters? What can we learn from this moment, personally and interpersonally? “Are we in it but not of it?” A good question to hold at this time.

Thanks to the square that is formed by Mercury in Leo, communication and dialogue can be triggered as a real valued thing. In my mind, it’s the most precious and valuable tool we have.

To communicate, listen and speak to each other is worth it’s weight in gold.

To really, really, really and truly hear each other. Such a challenging thing in square aspect. However, the square aspect Mercury in Leo forms to the Taurus triplet has a Saturnian element to it and brings to the equation the inconvenient blocks and challenges that make us stop, look and listen. Then to somehow work it through.

Leo, the Lion is open to discuss and dialogue!

Now the T-square constellated by Saturn retrograde (Rx) at 23 degrees Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus, along with how the Mars and the North Node connects with the square to Mercury and the Moon/Sun in Leo serves as the bridge. It’s a bridge towards innovation and evolutionary thinking that eventually will be rising into mainstream thought. It’s the beginning thought forms of the tasks and work needed in order to get it together, while everything is falling apart.

The now familiar feelings constellated by the various challenges and conflicts of Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus has become a familiar dance we are all learning to do in our own way.

This moment is teaching us the benefits of being centered, grounded and anchored to a task motivated by a goal. Quite often, in fact, that’s the kind of thinking needed in order to be free.

It’s the rerouting of our plans and routines brought about via an array of challenges and tasks which can be viewed as divine guidance. That in retrospect becomes the best plan forward towards making progress.

A new pathway towards a new view of our lives puts things in a more cohesive light. It’s just a frustrating experience dealing with everything that comes up and trusting that our various situations can get us there.

The motivations, needs and desires of one component serves to frustrate and challenge the needs, desires and motivation of another. That is how great art along with new effective relevant systems, structures and powerful positive original thought become a fertile breeding ground. This is how livable solutions are born.

So Just hang in there!

The necessary ingredient of movement forward is communication, respect and understanding. This Leo New Moon square Uranus, North Node and Mars accentuates the value of temperance colored by humor, original thought and play.

Creative self expression is Leo!

So be it dance, movement, music, acting, writing, drawing, painting, singing, sewing, design or sketching. Find a way to play and create, as we move forward through this intriguingly charming Leo season.

New Moon in Leo through the signs ~

Aries ~ Being caught between the “devil and the deep blue sea”. Calling into play your warrior nature as a need and desire to develop yourself as a healer, for yourself and perhaps others. This is a time to study and learn topics that hold the answers to some of the questions that weigh heavily on your mind.

Taurus ~ It’s a pivotal moment of revelations and transformations. You have developed the skills and flexibility needed to cope with the restless need to change. To let go even of things that once served you. This unto itself has been a monumental shift in your consciousness. So just keep on going with the flow. Even though it still might be unsettling. Eventually, in time you might just find yourself to be resettled in a most beneficial way.

Gemini ~ Enjoy the excitement and warmth of this fun Leo season. Mutable Air which is Gemini works really well with the Fixed Fire of Leo. So let yourself be social, have fun and play.

Cancer ~ With Venus in your sign the warm glow of radiance, balance and beauty is yours for the taking. Just do not overdo. Balance and moderation will keep you healthy, wealthy and wise.

🎼🎶Happy Birthday Leo! 🎶😌 Some fierce energy inspiring you to grow. This is the time to call on your Leo courage and heart as a mirror to see who you really are. There is a wit and wisdom to be gained as you stay grounded and centered in your core. Core is the English term for coeur the French word for heart. That is the energy you must call upon as you move forward into a brand new year at this most amazing time. Be encouraged to keep on!

Virgo ~ The logic and practicality of the Element of Earth with the flexibility of the inherent quality of mutability is up front and center. This is the time to call on those inner resources to move forward into this moment of new beginnings.

Libra ~ There is a vulnerability that might make things a bit awkward for you at this time. To call on your love of beauty, balance, peace and harmony to ease the way through. Most importantly be bone chillingly honest with yourself about what’s what. Then just focus and write down what you need in order to move forward into a new beginning.

Scorpio ~ Wow! What does it feel like to have Uranus, North Node and Mars in opposition to your sign? Allow yourself to flexibly become aware of your experiences now. There is much learning and new adventures to look forward to, but you must contemplate the components of your life that got you here in the first place. A consequence of the South Node in Scorpio. Then with gratitude and blessings let go of it all. Come through the door to a new beginning. It’s all good!

Sagittarius ~ Think of this moment as one big adventure. In all of the challenging occurrences for you personally and then interpersonally in the world, your love of learning about new cultures, philosophies and unfamiliar circumstances is a preparation to a new beginning. Be mindful, compassionate and caring. Then you can allow yourself to contemplate your new beginning from here.

Capricorn ~ It’s a real push-pull moment, what with Pluto continuing its transit through your sign. Perhaps, might I suggest some kickboxing or martial arts to work some of the stress out? Still and all, Venus is sweetening your journey to kind of sort of help you through the night, if you will. Think of how much you are learning. Contemplate the esteemed heightened position of self reclamation that can be yours, as the plot thickens and we all come out through the other side. The other side of this amazing moment in time. So clarify to yourself, what you need at this New Beginning moment. Then keep on!

Aquarius ~ This is a significant moment for you to put your life in order. Take this time to follow your natural rhythms along with the rhythms of the reality of your daily life. There is important work ahead of you, but it must be tempered with care about your health, your well being and your love of beauty, peace and harmony. Be encouraged to persevere, to get down and find your way through it! Even though it’s the same-old-same-old, you are still in the midst of a very beneficial new beginning. Keep going!

Pisces ~ A very auspicious moment ensconced in a sea of contradictions. Allow yourself to fully indulge in a deep meditation practice, while you can. This is a good time to follow your flowing, meandering nature into dreams waking and sleeping. All this while you make sure you stay grounded in the din of the daily day. That is the teaching and growth space for you at this moment. Staying grounded and centered in day to day living as you allow the time, perhaps in the night to revel in dreams. Then write them down, sing them, dance them or paint them. Having shared that with you, keep in mind that this is a new beginning Moon in Leo. So make a point to set a new intention moving forward.

So there it is!

For a deeper dive into your Astrology chart and/or some seriously good Life Coaching, contact me, Pamela via email

@ lotus77

Happy New Moon in Leo 🌚!



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