Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!

New Moon In Pisces conjunct Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces. All that water and mystical fog perhaps made manifest in your life as tears or misty flowing feelings. As the Pisces watery need for transcendence which requires balance might throw you off balance. This moment of Pisces with its Neptunian penchant for theContinue reading “Pisces, Pisces Everywhere!”

Full Moon In Virgo Opposing Pisces Sun

Microscopic focus, centered on issues related to health, work and service in direct opposition to the alluring, enthralling and at times psychedelic calling to seek immersion with pure consciousness just for the sake of its compelling fascination. Service performing service in honor of service indicated by the Virgo Moon. Consciousness seeking awareness and connection toContinue reading “Full Moon In Virgo Opposing Pisces Sun”

This Serendipity DooDah Of The New Moon In Aquarius

Arriving here perhaps not so fashionably late yet quite intact. Recovering myself from the fascinating challenges of the Zero degrees Leo Moon intensity. That was some powerful opposition I must say, as it triggered powerful forces in my own chart and my life personally as well as in the National and Global community. The affectsContinue reading “This Serendipity DooDah Of The New Moon In Aquarius”

Super Lunar Full Moon Eclipse 1/21/19

Leo/Aquarius dynamic interplay of endings and new beginnings. It was understood to be a “Super” Moon due to its proximity and relationship to the Sun and Earth. The event of the Moon passing directly between the Sun and the Earth is what makes it appear brighter and larger than it would otherwise have appeared toContinue reading “Super Lunar Full Moon Eclipse 1/21/19”

Reflecting Transformational; hopeless despair into practical life affirming reality

I wonder who am I when my quest for my own sense of self has brought me to this moment of understanding the gestalt experience of this non performance of an expected action. As I live in some kind of dream that I imagine would be more connected to the essence of who I am.Continue reading “Reflecting Transformational; hopeless despair into practical life affirming reality”

Post Full Moon Orgasm Week

Happy Sunday, July 29, 2018 A new week beginning within a waning Moon phase….. It is time to observe how the powerfully climactic energy of last weeks Full Moon phase has transformed the fruits of our well set intentions. It is time to become aware of the subtle and nuanced harvest of manifestations set beforeContinue reading “Post Full Moon Orgasm Week”

The Fearless Power Vitality and Spirit Of Mars

Being the fiery planet that conducts our vitality, energy and life force I see Mars, as a bright red luscious experience daring to be alive even in the face of adversity and the dark and gloomy pall of death…. ”Everybody dies, but not everyone lives.” I am not sure who I am quoting but itContinue reading “The Fearless Power Vitality and Spirit Of Mars”

Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents

Forever turning over and through the elemental flow of the power of water. Invariably marking the eternal cycle of change…. Neptune, the solvent of the Zodiac. The ruler of Pisces….the constant ebb and flow of the contraction and expansion of the moving current as it is perceived. Perpetually marking in its eternally slow motion wayContinue reading “Moving Forward Through The Oceanic Underwater Neptunian Currents”

What It Is, What It Is, What It Is

There are no ” white supremacists”. That term is not based in reality. Rather the term needs to be changed. I believe that they would much more aptly be called in actuality what they genuinely are ; “white ignorant racist bigots with delusions of supremacy”. Personally I don’t comprehend anything supreme about that. How didContinue reading “What It Is, What It Is, What It Is”