The Mindful Possibility Marches On

The experience of tensions mounting as the wheels of creativity, crafting of ideas and realistically executing them are put into motion. Earth/Virgo Moon and Air/ Sun in Gemini learning to take clues from each other’s frictional impulses. If these felt senses are heeded accurately enough through a focused intuitive motivated intention….miraculous yet simple solid structuresContinue reading “The Mindful Possibility Marches On”

New Moon in Taurus

Once the Aries warring nature has conquered conflict and reestablished individuation, well then Venus which rules the sign Taurus invites itself to a calm peaceful resting place of delight and sensual pleasure. Seeking nourishment and the sweet validation that life is good. Life is really good when money is consistently present. It serves to ground,Continue reading “New Moon in Taurus”

Waning Moon

Always a story waiting to be told as the Moon keeps on cycling through the ethers shining upon us and then concealed in its dark veil. Always touching us mysteriously with our shared electromagnetic fields as we continue on cycling through our lives. I offer a very brief note about being mindful to remember thatContinue reading “Waning Moon”

Full Moon in Scorpio ♏️

First level, the Scorpion itself….clinging to the earth flats, hungering to release its poison weapon that lies within its prehistoric tail. Seeking and searching out that orgasmic release, if not from some unsuspecting victim, then  it goes for its own body. It is the most primitive and destructive expression of Scorpio. It does seem toContinue reading “Full Moon in Scorpio ♏️”

The Full Moon in Libre; Illumination Of Beauty, Peace & Balance

The constant ever flowing energy of the lunation cycle at its full moon phase is the point of clarity pertaining to our purpose and our commitment to that purpose. Flowering, blooming  blossoms of  matters that have the potential to manifest goals realized or setting new goals to be decided upon. Clarifying purpose is at itsContinue reading “The Full Moon in Libre; Illumination Of Beauty, Peace & Balance”

The Fearless Power Vitality and Spirit Of Mars

Being the fiery planet that conducts our vitality, energy and life force I see Mars, as a bright red luscious experience daring to be alive even in the face of adversity and the dark and gloomy pall of death…. ”Everybody dies, but not everyone lives.” I am not sure who I am quoting but itContinue reading “The Fearless Power Vitality and Spirit Of Mars”

On This Day of Solar Eclipse & The New Moon

Reflect then on your hearts desire as informed to you by the energy of your Moon’s placement in your chart. There is a magical wisdom in the Moon eclipsing the Sun that holds the promise of manifestation for all of your needs wants and desires to be realized. With clarity, focus, discipline, practice and perseveranceContinue reading “On This Day of Solar Eclipse & The New Moon”