Super Lunar Full Moon Eclipse 1/21/19

Leo/Aquarius dynamic interplay of endings and new beginnings. It was understood to be a “Super” Moon due to its proximity and relationship to the Sun and Earth. The event of the Moon passing directly between the Sun and the Earth is what makes it appear brighter and larger than it would otherwise have appeared toContinue reading “Super Lunar Full Moon Eclipse 1/21/19”

Reflections And Conceptions Of New Moon Eclipse 1/6/19 In Capricorn

The image and the thought for the Sabian symbol for 15 degrees Capricorn is , “ In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.” The Sabian symbols are channeled communications given to Marc Jones which are interpretations for each degree of the zodiac. They were received in 1925 through the intermediary of ElsieContinue reading “Reflections And Conceptions Of New Moon Eclipse 1/6/19 In Capricorn”

Rhythmic Rituals Based On Reality

The Madonna nurturing the newborn, attuning to the instinctual needs of her baby and her own along with adapting to the necessities of the Present Moment. While being attuned into a rhythmic set of daily rituals that becomes a consistent safe space. Both mother and child growing and learning so to embody the precious andContinue reading “Rhythmic Rituals Based On Reality”

Reflections; Sun Moving Thru Scorpio

Something so life affirming, powerful and enjoyable when the sexy mysticism of sweet desire and seduction is a nuanced scent in the air. Something so delicious, fun and enjoyable when the passions of Scorpio find their expression via flirtation. The flickering of secretive desires coming into fruition as only Scorpio requires. This is the giftContinue reading “Reflections; Sun Moving Thru Scorpio”