“Where Angels Fear To Tread”

The New Moon In Aries ~ April 1st, 2022 ~ 11 Degrees Aries New Moon enlivens action oriented energy that motivates setting goals. Then doing whatever needs to be done in order to achieve them. This New Moon in Aries, on the heels of the Aries Equinox marks a rebirthing of the flow of life.Continue reading ““Where Angels Fear To Tread””

“Even As The Dawn Is Still Dark”

Full Moon In Virgo On 3/18/22 At 3:18 AM ~ 27 Degrees “Faith is the bird, That feels the light And sings Even while the dawn is still dark” ~ Rabindranath Tagore ~ That is what the message of this Full Moon in Virgo is about. That is what the power of the magnetic pullContinue reading ““Even As The Dawn Is Still Dark””

Catalyzing Love With The Lion Of The Leo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Leo at 27 degrees February 16th, 2022 at 11:56 AM EST This Full Moon in Leo is in direct opposition to both, the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius. This potent luminosity illuminates our path in order for us to carry through with our intentions and goals. The intentions we decided toContinue reading “Catalyzing Love With The Lion Of The Leo Full Moon”

Finding The Extraordinary In the Ordinary

The New Moon in Aquarius at 12 degrees February 1, 2022 This New Moon in Aquarius is like a song that’s hauntingly familiar held within a deja vu. Perhaps it’s the retrograde motion of Mercury or just the need to harmonize and get in synch with the timing of the rhythm and the particular melodyContinue reading “Finding The Extraordinary In the Ordinary”

The Voice Of The Soul That Sings

EVEN IN THE MIDST OF CONFLICT FULL MOON in ARIES October 20,2021 10:57 AM at 27 Degrees Powerfully dynamic is an accurate way to describe this Full Moon in Aries. The Moon’s opposition to the Sun/Mars conjunction in Libra forms a t-square to Pluto in Capricorn. A configuration that energizes this moment in such aContinue reading “The Voice Of The Soul That Sings”

What The World Needs Now

Is love sweet love Declares the New Moon in Libra On 10/6/21 at 13 degrees 25 minutes It’s the beginning where ends finally meet. Its the two halves becoming one. Libra New Moon conjunct the Sun is a Cardinal Air sign of action and connection via well organized thought. Relationships, marriage, business partnerships and evenContinue reading “What The World Needs Now”

The Morphing Of Mist Into Crystal

When the Full Moon in Pisces Opposes the Sun in Virgo September 20, 2021 This Full Moon marks a profound culmination that heralds in a transition. When Pisces Moon, the Sprit component diametrically opposes Virgo Sun it’s a relationship that transforms the ethereal and the earthy into being. The integration of making sense of matterContinue reading “The Morphing Of Mist Into Crystal”

The Elegant Humility Of Logical Practicality

The New Moon in Virgo ~ 14 degrees September 6, 2021 at 8:52 AM EDST A New Beginning moment is what occurs when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction. The New Moon is a meeting of Yin/Yang energy inviting us to reflect on what we desire or require in order to balance and harmonizeContinue reading “The Elegant Humility Of Logical Practicality”

Day Of Peace As The Storm Cycles Through

There was a Full Moon In Aquarius 8/22/21 at 8:02 AM EDST 29 Degrees. Albeit the exact moment of the Sun/Moon opposition has passed at the time of this publishing. However, we are still in the energy field of the Full Moon. Particularly since this has been a Blue Moon in Aquarius. Blue Moon, kindContinue reading “Day Of Peace As The Storm Cycles Through”

Looking Into The Heart Of Inspiration~ To Find Courage And Wisdom

The New Moon in Leo at 16 degrees On August 8, 2021 at 9:51 AM EDST The New Moon in Leo marks a breathing space. A point in time to bask in the light. To sense the warmth. To be encouraged by glimmers of inspiration. To ignite the flames of creative self expression. To beContinue reading “Looking Into The Heart Of Inspiration~ To Find Courage And Wisdom”