Conflict, Communication And Connection

BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON THE FULL MOON IN LIBRA 3/28/21, 8 degrees, at 2:48 pm EST Happy Spring! The juxtaposition of the brightly lit Full Moon in Libra culminating within the seedlings of the new astrological year sings of awakening possibilities. The New Astrological year heralds in the Spring season. The wondrousContinue reading “Conflict, Communication And Connection”

During The Cycle Of The Waning Moon

Learning to separate the wheat from the chaff. Loving The Waning Moon Cycle Through the culminating energetic wave of the Full Moon in Virgo the Moon enters its waning cycle The waning Moon cycle offers the clarity needed to focus on opportunities presented. This is the time when ideas, concepts and goals can be formulatedContinue reading “During The Cycle Of The Waning Moon”


The New Moon in Aquarius on 2/11/21 Now that we are officially well into the season of Aquarius, our energy veers towards finding innovative solutions to situations that we comprehend as unacceptable. There is in the making a creative push towards understanding conflictual issues involving others that is about a process of listening to others.Continue reading “STOP! LOOK AND LISTEN!”

Riding The Leo Full Moon

Wave of culmination in the midst of squares, oppositions and frustration. Keep in mind that using this Full Moon to reflect on your life’s journey in terms of what brought you to this moment is appropriate as Mercury is shedding its energy and goes retrograde on 1/31/21. To use the energy of this Leo FullContinue reading “Riding The Leo Full Moon”

New Moon 23 Degrees Capricorn 1/13/21 ESTi

The first New Moon of the year. The Moon being the Planet that motivates our soulful intuitive self is being energized by the rich blue earthy mystique of the sign Capricorn. This initiating new moon moment of possibility is conjunct the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s a cauldron of transformational possibilities that catalyzes theContinue reading “New Moon 23 Degrees Capricorn 1/13/21 ESTi”

A Moment Of Exhilaration

New Moon 23 Degrees Sagittarius Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020 Can reality be the new normal? The question above expresses the energy of this moment which is being influenced by Saturn at 29 degrees. Known as the anoretic degree, it indicates the end of the journey where we feel tired, empty and drained. It canContinue reading “A Moment Of Exhilaration”

A Culmination Of Mist Into Crystal

November 30, 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 8 degrees Gemini “Vague and nebulous is the beginning of all things, but not their end. Life and all that lives is conceived in the mist and NOT in the crystal. And who knows but a crystal is mist in decay.” These words spoken by The Prophet writtenContinue reading “A Culmination Of Mist Into Crystal”